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Writer-director Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) has crafted a Little Women that draws on both the classic novel and the writings of Louisa May Alcott, and unfolds as the author’s alter ego, Jo March, reflects back and forth on her fictional life. In Gerwig’s take, the beloved story of the March sisters – four young women each determined to live life on their own terms – is both timeless and timely. Portraying Jo, Meg, Amy, and Beth March, the film stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, with Timothée Chalamet as their neighbor Laurie, Laura Dern as Marmee, and Meryl Streep as Aunt March. Four sisters come of age in America in the aftermath of the Civil War. Little Women Wiki

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Little Women (2019)

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- Wasted1 star

Boring ...

- Great5 star

Good film

- Awww5 star

Went and seen this at the theater. Loved it. So sweet and loving. You go Florence Pugh.

- This movie is awful1 star

This movie is awful. In my opinion Greta can neither write nor direct and the editing of this movie is all over the place. If you can figure out what the plot of this movie is without having read the book (like myself) then I applaud you. The constant cuts to the flashbacks is jarring and seems to make no sense with the rest of the movie. All of the girls in the are one dimensional while also coming off as entitle spoiled brats. They claim to be poor yet their house, food, and surroundings seems to be more indicative of being more lower-middle class or just middle class. The language and some of their actions don’t match up with the time period this is supposed to be set it by any means. Also the actor who plays Laurie is dreadful in every role I’ve seen him in. Basically watching paint dry would be highly more interesting than this movie. Avoid at all costs.

- Awesome!5 star

Greta Gerwig did an awesome job with this adaptation, the acting was also incredible and honestly just a fun and light-hearted movie to watch!

- Love it5 star

Really love it

- Men Know How Strong Women Are4 star

This production was different, not better. It diverged from linear storytelling by interrupting with flashbacks. Quality acting, beautiful sets, & lush costumes. Greta Gerwig was wonderful, as was the actress who played her mother. However, some of these talented actors seemed miscast, which made their behavior/personality come off as inconsistent. It A beautiful film effort; with a script laden with emotion. If the director intended to improve upon this classic story to convey a stronger feminist message, it was unnecessary.

- A real gem.5 star

Such a fresh take on an old story. The performances, the music, the settings. All a delight.

- Not sure what to make of it?3 star

I agree with the reviewers that have stated the 1994 movie is far superior. The acting was great in this film, but it felt like they time jumped a lot. That is to say that some of the speech and overall behavior of the characters were in the right time period but then would jump to 2019 in the most politically correct ways which felt very out of place. I didn't like that. I found it jolting and disorienting. I don't understand why it was titled Little Women if it doesn't follow the book? Are these plot lines actually part of the story? I don't remember a lot of them. I feel like it should have been titled differently because with the title Little Women you expect it to follow LMA's story closely and I feel like there were an awful lot of liberties.

- Absolutely Despise This Remake!!!!!! To the 10th power1 star

I’ve watched both the 1949 and the 1994 version witch happens to be my favorite. I find that all the “little women along with their mother “ are the fakes version of the characters they are portraying. I love each and everyone of these characters with their complexities, but on this new version they destroyed each and every character. I’m trying to make a new “women’s movement version” of little women they made a forced, annoying, even nauseating characters that are as deep as a pot hole on the road and as annoying. I think these actresses are good actors in other movies but in these roles they portrayed they seem like beginners, think were done a great injustice in wasting their talent in a terribly bad script. Shame on the rewriters and producers for doing such a bad Job!!!!! I’m sad, I’m trying to pretend I never saw it.

- Not need for a remake1 star

I was disappointed of this new version of the movie it change the classic to a prime tv show of this days, it was like watching a 2019 common series with a change of clothing and scenery, I know it was remake for the new generation but I prefer the original book version that I fall in love with.

- Beautifully done5 star

Great Gerwig is a genius. This story could not have been told any better. Timeless piece, and makes you feel every possible emotion. One of my favorite films of all time.

- It was just amazing5 star

It was a very nice film and had sad and funny moments. It’s just full of amazing actors and how they all just make you feel these emotions. Well, like alway Saoirse Ronan was amazing, you could tell she always just embraces the her characters so well. It’s about time she deserves an academy award! Thanks for this amazing work of art

- Not good.1 star

I wanted to love this movie, but the jumping around in time was hard to follow and did not lend itself to endearing the March sisters to the viewers. The 1994 version is far superior and will always be. Chamlet was a terrible choice for Laurie and I never got the sense that Jo and Laurie were best of friends. So sad, because it was beautifully shot and the actors were great.

- The best5 star

This movie is so beautiful. The relationships between the sisters is so relatable and very pleasant to watch. The romance was played well. Not over the top but also not underwhelming. This was my first time watching Little Women. The ending was beautiful and it made me cry. When Jo hugged her book in the end I knew it was for Beth. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

- A Masterpiece5 star

Every second of this film was beautiful. I laughed and cried. I never wanted it to end. I felt like I was transported into a new world. I may not know the book, and I lot's of people probably hate that. But sometimes you have to enjoy the book and the movie in different context. Long story short, go experience it for yourself.

- Incredible5 star

Beautiful cast. I loved this movie and them!

- Surpreendente!5 star

Fiquei inicialmente temeroso quando aluguei o filme. Agora posso dizer QUE FILME MARAVILHOSO! Não sei como não ganhou mais estatuetas no Oscar Awards. Surpreendente sob todos os aspectos do início ao fim.

- So boring1 star

It’s amazing that these famous actresses who are otherwise so talented could ruin a movie so badly. I couldn’t even finish the movie all the way through. I had zero emotional investment in these characters, and the timeline jumps just added to it. They were horribly cast in so many ways. Thank God for the version with Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder - I must watch it now to cleanse my palette of this watered down version that ruins each character with every passing scene.

- A masterpeice5 star

Wow, what a great film! Even though it's been redone to death, it was a fresh take. The attention to detail was breathtaking and the acting was amazing across the board. Love love love!

- love love LOVE this movie5 star

greta gerwig is an absolute genius with her use of color/lighting and the way she accurately portrays sister relationships. saoirse is fantastic in this movie and the scene where laurie confesses his love for jo is so raw and well-done. i loved this fresh take on little women and i highly recommend!!

- Inspiring movie5 star

I loved this movie!! I just turned 13 and it really made me feel confident. This movie isn’t just great for girls but I think boys would enjoy it too!! 😁👍🏻I can’t wait to watch it again at home!!!!!!!

- Great job!4 star

I like how they made Jo or Saoirse Ronan the main character. I own the book and it has a quote of something Jo said. It reads, “I’ll try to be what he loves to call me, ‘a little woman’, and not be rough and wild; but do my duty here instead of wanting to be somewhere else,” said Jo, thinking that keeping her temper at home was a much harder task than facing a rebel or two down South. -From Little Women. Nice! I think it’s great they made her strong at heart and brilliant at mind. Recommended to those who like the book and stand up for women stories. (Changed it up a bit but I liked it. Great talent)

- Little women5 star

Loved it!

- Beautiful5 star

Hesitant to watch but I’m glad I did.

- A movie to be remembered5 star

My favorite film growing up was Practical Magic. It was about sisters and family and it’s very nostalgic for me. It was the film of my childhood. This film is the film of my adulthood. When I watch it in twenty years it will flood back the memory’s I have experienced will watching it just as Practical Magic does. This film makes you long for and remember the days when you didn’t have a care and life didn’t seem to have an end. I’ve never seen the previous makes of Little Women. And I don’t want to. This is the Little Women I will watch again and again. And cry at again and again. This review carried on way to long just go watch the film and smile.

- Review TK5 star

This was a lovely film.

- Just simply phenomenal5 star

Best film I have seen in a LONG time!

- Seriously?1 star

What is the point of remaking this a fifth time,seriously. These movie makers need new original ideas

- Thursday April 9, 11:53 pm5 star

It was a beauiful movie. I am going to watch it again. Not Hollywood and thank goodness for that.

- It’s just the most delightful and sweet movie of 20195 star

Great screenplay and directing by Gerwig. Incredibley emotional and character driven movie. A decent piece of art for those who are obsessed by this magnificent industry!

- Yes5 star


- Well acted and worth watching5 star

I had not seen any previous version of this movie. (Unless you count Clueless) I thought the actors and actresses in this movie were believable and the cinematography was beautiful. The costumes were beautiful. I saw the 1994 film on cable a few days later. I enjoyed both movies but I felt that the 2019 version had a better flow to the story telling and acting.

- I watched, and watched and watched...1 star

...and waited, and waited and waited for something to happen but it never did. Having wasted my money, I decided I wouldn’t waste my time as well. Somehow I managed to watch one hour of this disappointing film before I turned it off and put an end to my torture.

- Thank you for not price gouging!!5 star

Thank you for keeping your price appropriate.

- Beautifully done but Not my favorite3 star

I love the ambitation, music, customs. Great acting as well. I still prefer the Winona Ryder's 1994 version. That 1994 version is told as it was cemented in my 9yr old mind when I read it first.

- Nope....1 star

I have watched every version of Little Women and this is my least liked of them all. This beautiful classic has been ripped apart and put back together in such a fragmented, non linear way that the viewer never understands the beauty of the original story....that of growing into your true self and talents based heavily on the lives of the Alcotts. Pretty sure Louisa May Alcott is turning in her grave seeing what has been done to the book that made her famous. The actress playing Amy is poorly cast with her deep manly voice, Saoirse also miscast with blonde locks, blue eyes for Jo and too mumbling. Emma Watson would have made a good Meg, if they had directed her better and kept the storyline closer to the novel. Overall avoid and watch the earlier version for the true spirit and charm of this beloved classic.

- The original was better3 star

Although, I do love to see some of the new actors/actresses, the old version was much better. The ease of that version and following along in order, plus the actresses/actors were much better chosen. Laura Dern is a wonderful actress but does not fulfill the part of Marmie as well as Susan Sarandon. Aside from Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson and Meryl Streep, the remainder of the cast seems ill fit in there rolls. The original, chose the right actor/actresses for the parts and they brought those characters to life. I wanted to love this movie but couldn’t.

- Terrible Adaptation2 star

This was a terrible adaptation that did not do the classic story justice. The biggest thing wrong is that the movie is not in chronological order. It is hard to follow, and you don't see the characters grow and develop. Also, some of the casting choices are questionable. Not worth your time-if you want to see a good version, watch the one starring Winonna Ryder.

- WE STAN!5 star


- One of my favorite films.5 star

It’s fun. It’s lively. I love the choices Greta makes as well as how interesting it all comes together. It breathes new life into this classic tale.

- Amazing!!!5 star

A must see movie!! If you love Little Women you will love this remake. It’s classy, modern and so AMAZING

- super boring1 star

redone to death, husband and I stopped watching after 30 minutes, and I am the fan of Little Women of all times. I guess there's a limit as to how often you can tell the same story.

- Weak2 star

Despite Gerwig's ferocious attempts to strip the fantastic source material of it's signature charm, some light does manage to shine through this mess in the form of those plot points left unchanged.

- Ehhh2 star

Boring. Does not compare to the original.

- Boring1 star

The 1994 version is so so much better. The actresses in this version don’t fit their roles. There is no heart to this film and it doesn’t do the great novel justice. Don’t buy this, watch the 1994 version.

- A true gem5 star

A wonderful adaptation of a book from my childhood. Love all the actors, great chemistry all around. Outstanding!!

- Flashbacks2 star

I hate that they did all of this in flashbacks. You had no emotional connection with the characters. I thought all of the people were miscast. I love Timothee Chalamet but he just was wrong in this part. It’s Little Women not Call Me By Your Name. Bizarre direction that was totally out of character for the time.

- Meh2 star

I've seen all of the versions of Little Women and this was the most vapid version. Most of the acting was horrid with two exceptions, Meryle Streep was great, and there was a scene with Ronan and Chalamet in the field that was really good. Otherwise, the film was very weak in a lot of areas. The cinematography was nothing special, the sets and costumes were good. But, overall, not the most passionate version of these films.

- Beautiful, poetic, & enamoring5 star

I was introduced to Louisa May Alcott’s characters of “Little Women”, through Greta’s beautiful adaption of the novel. I have never quite related to a film as I have done with Little Women. I don’t know if it’s the characters, the actors, the nostalgia for childhood, the comparisons to it’s adult counterpart, or just the little women themselves. It was a cathartic experience to see in the theaters & I can not wait to feel the emotion of it every time I revisit. It had a way of not only making you reflect on ones own past, but almost reliving yours alongside the characters as they do. I’ve seen it thrice now and every time has been just as enchanting, if not more, than before. Brava ! To the whole cast, thank you for this collaborative beautiful work of art.

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Bette 14 - Little Women.1 star

Long and boring. Skip it.

Jane Monheit's fan - No Diversity.2 star

In today's age, you would have thought that they would have cast a mix of black, oriental, brown of straight, lesbian, transgender ladies.

keynote18 - Little Women4 star

Good to watch a warm movie about people. The movie was interesting, enjoyable, back to basics kind of a story.

Gillytots87 - Loved it!5 star

Really enjoyed Little Women. The acting was excellent.

Lilypadyvr - Meh!2 star

That sums up this film. Meh! I do prefer the original version with Ryder and Claire Danes.

Coopiekids - Slightly boring especially for teens.3 star

Slightly boring and really no where as good as the original.

O-N-E-H-E-R-O - Lacks charisma2 star

The movie has a few good parts but, overall lacks charisma. The direction feels shallow compared to earlier iterations of the novel. Missing the real and raw emotional factor that should permeate characters.

poodiegirl - Little Women5 star

Absolutely LOVED this movie. I read the book as a child probably 10 times and I could watch this movie just as many, which is why I bought it. Heartedly recommend this movie, 5 stars, two thumbs up!

The Hempel - Hallmark for the Poor1 star

Made for an US-American Disney audience. Unbearable

bEAn ;) - Love this!!!5 star

A wonderful story that was well depicted.

CEOofbeingunhinged - Beautiful5 star

greta gerwig is a genius, i absolutely adore this movie

MandaIXO - Phenomenal5 star

This film is absolutely amazing!!!! I saw it twice in the cinema because I couldn’t wait to see it again! It is a beautiful story of love, friendship and what it means to discover who you want to be, by creating your own path. A remarkable cast and director!!! If I could give it a 10/5 I would! Watch it now! :)

Un cinéphile - Piste française ?5 star

Il n’y pas de piste française ?

sarahrosewall - BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING5 star

this movie had a sixteen year old bawling in the movie theatre. Greta Gerwig enhanced how impactful and beautiful Little Women is.

Koukilechat - little women5 star

il n’y a pas de version française tel que mentionné ! que se passe t’il? svp corriger le problème merci !

Davy98200 - Favourite movie5 star

This movie is great 10/10 recommended

KarenManagerHair - amazing5 star

way better then I anticipated

Lfgroleau14 - The perfect feel good movie5 star

This is for sure going to be my holiday movie from now on. It’s amazing.

hhhhfddfghyf - Amazing movie5 star

I just loved this 🎥 it was very well made, and fun to watch

👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - Good movie5 star

First :D

pusheen honey lover - Liked it4 star

It was beautiful! I was just having a bit of a hard time with telling the difference between past and present. Otherwise, it was incredible! It just shows that women are more than what men think and that girls never EVER change!😂 The part when Meg burns her hair and they all start going bonkers got me ROTFLing in the cinema!

KittyCATYGW - I HATE THIS THING 😾🙄😑😡😤1 star

Terrible so boring 🥱😭

sally with a batty - Best movie5 star

This was a great movie I love it! ❤️💜

CMR1987 - Unpredictable and loving story5 star

I thought this was beautifully done. All of the actors done their role so well. ❤️

Charlie/0425 - Little Women Review5 star

This movie is fabulous, it shows you lose, heartache, happeness and what it means to be a human and love each other! Would recommend to anyone of any age.

Janetteann - A good adaptation3 star

Enjoyed this movie but it did not quite live up to the hype.

by alexsandi - Brilliant!!!5 star

This version of Little Women has to be my favourite. Was captivated from beginning to end. Outstanding acting by all involved. Absolutely loved this movie and highly recommend. Oh! And have some tissues handy!

Gordon Morrison - Hate this1 star

It was just talk and no point

Tiffstar2305 - Feel good great PG film5 star

This was old school - with a fresh take. I loved it, and I expected to hate it. Walked a way with a smile on my face. What a lovely film.

Excited 😀 - WOW5 star

I completely understand why this has won so many awards, it was brilliant

Iris2000🦄 - Amazing5 star

Loved it best movie ever

Beeeeeennnnnio - Little women5 star

Do you even NEED to know why it’s amazing? Just watch it. You won’t regret it

💪👌🤟🤙 - Amazing5 star

The best movie ever nothing will compare

Mahona - Stunning movie5 star

This movie brings a new vibrancy to this classic story. It’s full of energy. Saoirse Ronan is masterful as Jo. Florence Pugh delights as Amy. Timothée Chalamet sparkles as Laurie. The rest of the cast is wonderful with Chris Cooper’s performance especially touching. The movie is visually stunning. The score is exquisite. Congratulations Greta Gerwig!

lettersnnumbers - Loved it5 star

I loved this movie, was such an emotional roller coaster and kept me entertained throughout the whole movie!

horselover528 - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G5 star


Taelor Leigh - Incredible Incredible Movie5 star

The best adaptation of little women I’ve ever seen! The directing is phenomenal and the movie is as heartfelt and touching as the gorgeous source material. The acting!!!! I have no words it was magical. If you skip out on this movie I feel sad for your loss.

crying irl - amazing5 star

perfect everything

Nat.AR - Sweet5 star

A beautiful story told so nicely. So natural and free and full of emotion. Was very moving. A terrific cast, so full of talent. Absolutely beautiful to watch.

please read this !! - beautiful masterpiece !5 star

this movie left me complete tears! greta did an amazing outstanding job from the cast to the different filters for past and present. this movie was honestly incredible and i will definitely buy it to watch over and over! i recommend this to everyone and all ages!

court3000 - Lovely movie5 star

Really enjoyed this movie

little women fan #1 - Honestly the best film I’ve ever seen5 star

I fell in love with the book and watching the movie just made me love it even more. I recommend fully you won’t regret watching it!

GS123ABC - Brilliant5 star

I really enjoyed the film what a fantastic adaption.

DanAmy - Lovely modern remake5 star

Loved this and my girls loved this

Sharoncbetts - Beautiful5 star

Simply Devine

Rass Greenham - i was great in this5 star

Took this film on short notice, think I did a fantastic job tbh. Films alright itself, accidentally left my hydro flask in some scenes hahaha whoops but i think it adds character. Watch it, enjoy it, sorsha ronininin is fantastic and florense pooh is pretty good and i mean emma stone is always fan dab E dooz E. 10/10 Would Smashford.

bizzielond - The best5 star

Totally, totally in love with this film. I know I will never ever get bored of watching it!

Gwyd the Squid - A work of genius!5 star

This is one of the greatest film’s I’ve ever seen - and might ever see!

Jgrghvdgbhsdbdet - AD5 star

if it isn’t added then this is discrimination!!!this has to have audio description!!!

Rightist he - 19943 star

The 1994 version is better. Yet this film does have some great performances from the leading women. Timothy does feel abit miscast. The story takes a while to get going and the last hour is the best part

littlekarah - Better that the original by far!! That is hard to accomplish.5 star

Lovely movie. Highly recommended.

benrusholme - Excellent5 star

A classic story retold with exceptional editing.

hbb83 - Best adaptation yet5 star

Even if you’ve read the book and seen all the other films, go and see this one anyway. Really beautiful version of a classic.

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skyybky215 - 45 mins of my life I’ll never get back1 star

I have no idea what everyone is talking about. This movie is beyond boring and no need for it. I barely made it through the first 45 mins. My partner and I could not possibly imagine what we would get out of it. Like who cares? People must have been real desperate to find this entertaining

Mrk821 - Beautiful movie5 star

This movie is brilliantly written and just simply beautiful. It takes a story written over 150 years ago and makes it relevant even today. The acting is amazing and the film never lags. I just sat for a few minutes after it was done and thought. One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.

Anthoni - Brilliant Update on Little Women!5 star

I wasn’t really sure if the new version would be as good the 1984 version. But, boy was I wrong! I felt the flashbacks brought an emotional feel to the film, especially during the Beth March scenes. The ending added a very nice touch, more than the 1984 version. As for the cast, Saoirse Ronan and Timothy Chalamet were just perfect as Jo and Laurie. 👍🏻

zidane2015 - Trouble sleeping?1 star

I just couldn't get to sleep at night. Then I found this movie. Now I sleep fine. Thanks Hollywood!

22Tay - Reincarnated Little Women5 star

You can’t compare this to the past remakes. This is it’s own. While the directing and storytelling is different from the past the characters feel like the characters you grew up with. So proud of this movie, not everyone could pull something like this off.

Janie Momma - Perfectly amazing!5 star

I am a 70 year old romantic who has always thought classic romances were unnecessarily tragic. This is perfect, absolutely perfect. Janiemomma

Mw1184 - Ehh2 star

I really was looking forward to this... but was disappointed after seeing it. The 90’s movie is way better. I hate how this one goes back and forth from past and present. Laura dern was just way to happy, susan Sarandon played the role much better, along with the rest of the 90’s cast.

Brit917 - Absolutely perfect5 star

I adored this film. Greta does it again.

Logangaiser - one of my all time favorite films!5 star

this film is really amazing! the acting is phenomenal, the costumes are beautiful, and the script is beautifully written! plus the cast is perfect! i love this film!

Ben Kenon - Or Just Write A New Story1 star

Little Women did not need a woke, meta, 2019 #MeToo version. Or any new version at all. This book has been made and re-made to death. If you want to change the story, just make a new movie with new characters not based on a 150 year-old novel about traditional gender roles, the centrality of religion in the family, and Victorian-era American values.

mjw716 - Emotional, nostalgic, INTELLIGENT5 star

Gerwig is on another level of intertwining memory, nostalgia, compassion, complexity & EMOTIONS. Both lady bird & little women are whirlwinds of beauty 💞💞💞💞

🤓😝😜🤪😛😋 - AMAZING!!!5 star

This is the BEST movie I have ever seen in my life! I especially loved the whole flash back thing. The actors were phenomenal! This movie was truly incredible. BEST MOVIE EVER! I have to disagree with everyone who wrote a bad review on this movie. Jo, Amy, Meg, and Beth were amazing! I preordered it the day after I saw it and have been counting down the days until I can watch it at home.

daisyrosetulipp - Love it5 star


izziemeister - Love it5 star

I saw this movie more than once and I’ve been dying to own this movie and I’ve been doing some research on this.

MJMJ93 - Awesome!!5 star


lucia was here - greta gerwig5 star

the story was put across as if it you were there

A Past User. - *Sigh*2 star

I was really looking forward to this movie; but it had no heart at all! And it didn’t feel like a movie but rather a bundle of events. The 1994 version had way more spirit. This movie was just BLAND.

Superhero145 - Best adaptation for little women hands down!5 star

I got to be honest I wasn’t interested seeing this movie at first but with great reviews I had to check it out and you know what I loved it such a great story ,cast, score etc I can’t stop thinking how great this movie is I highly recommend this 2019 adaptation because it deserves to be watched from everyone it a definite must buy!!!!

Emily 72020 - ❤️💕5 star


JulieMcculloch - Wonderful 12 Times Over5 star

I fell in love with this film. It was my daughters first adult movie with me, she is an only child but has never seen anything more than a animated film. With how much she enjoyed it in mind, we booked presale tickets to Into The Wild. She’s also started watching some Jane Austen dramas in the same vein as this with me, and we really enjoyed them. Thank you for a lovely mother daughter bonding afternoon, a performance by Saiorse Ronan that was an absolute treat to watch, and a touching screenplay that stresses the importance of girl power.

Jackmtome - Best movie of the year5 star

Hooked from beginning to end.

faith hom - Amazing.5 star


jnusser - Eh2 star

I was expecting a lot more. This has nothing on the 1994 movie and soundtrack. This movie isn't bad, but wasn't impressed.

Schleich lover horse lover - Best! But...4 star

OMG This is one of the best movies l have EVER WATCHED! Switching between the beginning and middle was a little confusing because l have not read the book yet (l am only 10)😆 But l just LOVED LOVED This movie! L-O-V-E-D LOVED!!!!!!❤️😃❤️😃❤️😃❤️😃 Definitely watch this movie if you are a fan of little women or not! Great for kids and adults!😊😃😆 WATCH!

1D musi - Masterpiece5 star

Better than the original

moonlighttommy - Flawless5 star

Sure, their have been a few Little Women remakes, but this is unlike any of them. The dialogue, the structure, the acting is phenomenal. Saoirse Ronan gives the best female performance of 2019. And Florence Pugh is one to watch. Do yourself a favor and BUY this film.

420dabber420 - again1 star

did we need this?

howard3426 - Absolutely brilliant film making.5 star

This is seriously one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. The acting is impeccable from the whole cast and the story is beautiful told.

eitkfbeh - New Favorite5 star

I was in love with this movie. The connection between Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan was amazing. This movie had me in tears , gave me laughs and made me smile. Definitely recommend this movie. I have already preordered it!

Flutesoccer⚽️ - OH MY GOODNESS!!5 star

i went to go see little women yesterday and i was in awe!! it was absolutely stunning!!! a great cast, great music, great scenery, great script. it was never dry or boring and made it seem more like an adventure than a boring old old-timey tale. i can’t wait for it to come to buy or to see on netflix, i will definitely watch it a 1000 times! 10/10 recommend

odsVirginia - It was just amazing!!!5 star

It had all great actors that played there characters very well. And it was a very thought out movie. A must watch!

AvaDavaDietz - Well Worth the Watch!5 star

The movie had the same wonderful plot as the book and movies before it, but the little twists and the ending made it special. I loved it and would definitely recommend it (especially to little women fans!).

SCanetti - Extraordinary Film!!5 star

I absolutely loved this take on the little women, as I, myself - grew up with the 1994 adaptation of the novel. I would say that this (2019) film was probably one the best adaptations I’ve ever seen!!! Each of scenes well described within the novel and touched briefly within the 1994 movie really came to life in the scenes by the descriptiveness and emotions within each of the well produced cast members. I found pretty the entire cast to be such grand presentations of the March family as well as timothée chalamet playing Laurie/teddy I thought he did amazing in this film! Definitely one of greats I would say! Most pleased with this style and the foreshadowing to past scenes was well created and I loved every bit of it! Watching this production gave me good laughs and tears and honestly I would say felt like I was firsthand at and with the cast while watching the movie! Brava to the cast members what a well versed showing the school & printing the book - Overall adapting the novel to this film & picking such great cast members [each of actresses and actors within the film fit perfectly for the characters roles] so eloquently was most enthusiastically perfect to view within the audience! Will definitely recommend to anybody who loved the novel will love this new adaptation of the film!

Gamer holdem - Nope 👎2 star

This is not 1 of the better remakes. Rent the 1 with Susan Sarandon it’s a lot better

Raven's Gate - Boring2 star

Overall, the movie was pretty boring and I found the girls annoying. The ending was also confusing and didn't really make sense.

J2daAbner - Why?1 star

This is one of those uncalled for remakes. Like why even bother? It’s pretty awful.

Skimtheocean - Bravo to Greta Gerwig4 star

I will say Greta blocked a beautiful film and has an eye for laying out the scenes. However, I still hold a candle to the 1994 version faithfully. Winona brings dimension to Jo and shows a wider range of emotions than Saoirse even though I’m such a fan of hers in Brooklyn and Ladybird. Florence Pugh earned a lot of praise but I felt she was dry and flat where Kirsten Dunst was much more animated. I’m sorry Susan Sarandon is Marne and that’s that.

willaclare - Just Spectacular5 star

Wow. I cried, laughed out loud, and held hands with loved ones throughout this movie. Greta Gerwig chose a fantastic cast and the story is even more beautiful than I remembered!!! There is a deep sincerity and genuinity to the multidimensional characters and a timeless sweetness about this film. It is definitely one I plan on watching again and again over the years...

TheRecklessLoveofGod - Laurie’s not as big of a player as I thought5 star

I’ve seen the original, I’ve seen almost all of them actually, but none are as brilliant as this one!! Though the fact that it goes from present time to past time to present to past is slightly annoying, the movie was well done! Timothée was an AMAZING Laurie (better than Christian Bale might I add) and Jo was done brilliantly too. They also made Laurie look like less of a player in this version. The one I recently watched with Bale in it made Laurie look like he just wanted to do one of the March sisters and he didn’t care which. But, overall, this movie was a beautiful and emotional masterpiece that has never been portrayed so perfectly.

Smk200 - Timeless classic5 star

I love this story! To be honest, I was in the middle of the book so I have’t read the whole book yet. I have read the abridged version. But from what I saw, the book and the movie was so touching. My heart broke with the different characters depending on what they were going through. I teared up and laughed out loud several times watching this movie. I watched this specific version today at the theater and I loved it so much I decided to purchase it by pre-order. I think this is the best adaptation yet. I love their costumes too! Amazing!!! I love the older time periods pieces! I think Louisa May Alcott & Jo and I should switch time periods. I think she would have appreciated this present time more. If you love ‘Little Women’, this is the movie adaption to watch!

dpsmile - “Though she be but little, she is FIERCE” Shakespeare5 star

I’ve seen every “Little Women” movie including the BBC version and read the book. BEST version so far! WATCH IT!

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