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In STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, the riveting conclusion of the landmark Skywalker saga, new legends will be born—and the final battle for freedom is yet to come. WARNING: SOME FLASHING-LIGHTS SCENES IN THIS FILM MAY AFFECT PHOTOSENSITIVE VIEWERS The surviving Resistance faces the First Order once again as the journey of Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron continues. With the power and knowledge of generations behind them, the final battle begins. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Wiki

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Every generation has a legend..

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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- Star Wars no longer makes any sense to me...1 star

I was one of the first people to watch the original Star Wars, way back in 1977, the day it opened in the bay area. Cut school and saw the first showing at the Century 21 theater in San Jose.. This was a day or so before the hype kicked in and there was no line. A day later, the lines streached out into the parking lots... Now in my 60's these movies no longer make sense to me and I cannot follow the instant action and lack of story... I waisted $20 on this movie and now it will be stored on my iTunes library, never to be watched again... At least I have the entire universe and I have enjoyed the animated more than the movies for many years now... Can't believe I wasted $20 on this... Mark Hammill looking like a washed up old drunk, the computer generated ghost of Carrie Fisher.. I'm glad it's over, so they say...


Ok. So I notice iTunes Doesn’t warn you but Prime does; some scenes might be hard on the eyes for photosensitive viewers. I wish there was a warning on iTunes for this because it is correct and the Eggxicle scenes are hard on photosensitive people. Kay. I warned ya.

- Star War Rise Of Skywalker5 star

This by far was my favorite movie of them all I liked how they kept you guessing at the end what was going to happen so many movies go straight to what is going to happen but this one you thought was going to go one way than all of the sudden it went another way and when she used the name Skywalker at the end for her last name was so fitting because both Luke and Leia Where like a family to her they gave her their light sabers they trained and helped her so much And even Ben helped her. I keep watching the last 20 minutes of the movie Over and over. FAN-TASTIC


The critics are crazy! This is the best Star Wars movie!

- Terrible1 star

Plot terrible and not original. Copy of return of the Jedi

- This the WORST Star Wars movie ever!1 star

What the hell is this

- Not the best3 star

🤔😐😑🤷at least better than the last Jedi

- Corporate Abomination1 star

There is a reason George Lucas formed his own personal company. Disney proves the corporate committee model is death to art. This film is the cinematic equivalent of schizophrenic word salad. They won't even release a comic adaptation because there's nothing to adapt, no coherent story. If you like Star Wars, avoid. Disney's trilogy was a failure, and so there's no reason to accept their "canon" as canon... Legends is the real Star Wars with HEART; Disney is just exploiting their purchase of what is de facto in the public domain. It's also Lucas' fault for treating his ART all these decades as though it were PRODUCT. Real Star Wars exists in the eyes of the beholders, the fans - and they have more knowledge of the "lore" than Disney and even, it seems nowadays, than Lucasfilm itself... the fans' stories are better. Star Wars - in reality! - is an entity of the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Disney Star wars is a quick and myopic cash-grab scheme - the same hyper-capitalist spirit behind oil and meat companies whose practicies contribute horribly to global warming. Apparently this never occured to The Committee. Don't encourage these Robber Barons - don't give them your money, ignore their junk.

- Missed out for a chance for a great ending2 star

Ending was good. But it could have been way better. Should have stopped at 6

- Garbage1 star


- JJ couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together1 star

Big mess

- Terrible1 star

If your planning on getting this movie don’t. It ruins the the first two squeals. As a huge Star Wars fan, I was really disappointed with this movie and episodes 7 and 8

- Bad1 star

It doesn’t make sense. Kind of like why they made the sequels. This movie made me appreciate the other movies more. In fact, don’t waste your time with the Sequels. The Force Awakens was ok, but this and 8 are pretty bad. This movie could’ve been better if Rian Johnson didn’t crap all over the trilogy. Abrams should’ve done all three.

- The Best Star Wars film since the original.5 star

Now this is the Star Wars movie I have been dreaming of watching for so long. Arguably as good of a trilogy finale as the Return of the Kin back in 2003. Now this isnt “as good” of a movie, however it delivers all the thrills/chills, excitement, sorrow and extravaganza of an epic finale. The beginning sets the tone for the majority of the movie, opening with Kylo Ren slaughtering a whole collage of natives on a red planet, looking for a secret compass which we learn to be called “a wayfinder” not necessarily the most creative name for a simple compass, maybe it should be called the “sith finder” which brings us to the exciting sequence of Ren fleeing to a dark, spooky and rather stormy planet called exogul, the setting of the planet puts us in a bit of a thrill ride, its nearly blacked out, and there bolts striking the ground every 5 seconds, he enters a giant cave to find the late & rather half dead emperor palpatine. His voice echoes in the background, and even in kylos head as he tries to speak to him, Ren is even more ruthless & cruel than ever. He has dethroned his own supreme leader to become his own master, just to find out palpatine “made snoke”. He finds him, ren is tempted to kill him, but not before the half alive emperor unveils a fleet of star destroyers that stretches across the whole planet, it is “the Final Order” an army made to end all worlds. This is fun, this is how you start a movie by putting fear and chills into our souls but leaving us with an open mind. At this point we have a full understanding of where Ren stands in the line of evil, he never truly wanted to turn back to the light, he just hated being mentored and being given orders. The movie than shifts to Poe & Fin aboard the falcon receiving news about a mysterious spy in the first order, who informs the resistance of the sudden news of palpatines awakening, we than find Rey (Daisy Ridley) who has an idea of the fore coming events that lay ahead, she foresees her past and her future as if they were being tied together for a climatic confrontation, She remembers her parents leaving her, she also sees visions of becoming an empress to palpatines sith klan, which brings the biggest curiosity of the plot and leaves us guessing for all of the first half. Rey eventually guides all her fellow comrades, poe(Oscar Isaac), fin (John Boyega), BB8, Chewy & even C3P0 on a journey to find a wayfinder leading to the planet exogul. Now this is the kind of casting we haven't seen in a Star Wars film since the original trilogy, all the main characters being together for the first 3 quarters of the movie, in this film it works very well, the characters all have great chemistry being in the same search party for they all crack jokes, share sorrow, and even mock each other for that matter. The movie centers on Rey learning her place in the force as she fights her own battles of good and evil, she has constant visions of Kylo Ren, like the bonds in “last Jedi” except this time abrams puts it to better use, they are able to exchange or take objects from eachother and pass over to the other ones world such as necklaces and lightsabers, we eventually get a lightsaber duel between them and its very stellar how the backgrounds transition from one to the other. Ren (Adam Driver) has his mask back, he looks older enough to not be timid about who he is and where he stands, Ren enforces a cat mouse chase that lasts halfway through the movie and its a fun thrill to hang onto, there are many confrontations between them including his ship charging at Her from ground level, and an eventual lightsaber battle that is taken place on the remains of the old death star on a planet with water waves roughly 100 feet high. It is in my opinion the best lightsaber duel in the whole franchise. He will stop at nothing until he has Rey in his possession, to the point where he slowly unveils the truth about her identity which she doesn't know of yet and the reasoning for her parents death, and when she and we all find out, its a plot twist that i will say...leaves us with our jaws hanging out. Unfortunately i cant spoil the surprise here but you will feel the same as me when you find out for yourself i assure. There are quite a few re-intros in this movie from the old times that not only bring significance to the screen but they don't feel forced, both human & objective we get a chill of their presence, we see small appearances from Lando Calrissian (Billy dee Williams) who i thought should have had some more screen time, he brings the same charisma as Harrison Ford did in Force Awakens, speaking of him he is also brought back into this movie for a 5 minute scene that i sill say brought some tears of joy and sadness. Seeing the death star after 30 years, eventually we see late Luke Skywalker for 5 minutes who prepares Rey for the challenge of her lifetime and the climatic ending we been built up for, confronting palpatine in exogul and getting there with...not the falcon, but lukes old X wing which seemed buried in the sea for decades, but somehow still works, and finding the way there with an eventual wayfinder. When we see the late but anticipated departure of leia and (carrie fisher) it is not only heartfelt but it impacts every character in the movie, even Ren. She has died with dignity, in the wake of hopefully reuniting with her son again. It is also done very well, again not forced like the rest of the movie. Abrams is a magician, he had so much to work with in this crucial finale and he is able to effortlessly tie everything together and make it all feel natural, however it seems as if he scrapped most of the material from Last Jedi and made his own sequel, which feels it has taken off from Force Awakens, weighing the pressure of pleasing the dissatisfied fans of the Last Jedi, which i still thought was great, to bringing back the triumph of his original installment 4 years ago, id say he has done a magnificent job.

- Horrible1 star

One of the worst Star Wars movies

- A basket of tropes and cliches3 star

This movie feels like a masterfully crafted quilt of tropes and cliches. That goes for plot, directing and visuals.

- Rotten Tomatoes got it wrong5 star

I liked it. The RT guys are a bunch of snobs.

- Well...3 star

I liked it the first time I saw it in theaters, but when I rewatched it, it got worse. Let’s start with pros. I really enjoyed how Rey acted more like a light side force user as opposed to a bratty teenager like she was in TLJ. I loved Reylo (though I did not ship them before). I also think the animation was stunning. I find it very impressive how they handled the Leia situation, and thoroughly enjoyed all the cameos and of course the majestic John Williams music. Palpatines return was a pro and a con. It kind of ties the whole 9 movies with a bow to make it seem less like 7-9 are their own separate series. However, it made the ending extremely similiar to the episode 6 ending, which brings us to the cons. Palpatine was just an easy and lazy fill for Rian Johnson’s plot holes. Rey needs parents? We ran out of bad guys because we killed snoke and phasma? Snoke needs a back story? PALPATINE! Also, I know from other sources that Reys dad was a failed clone of palpatine, but a good movie should not need other sources to complete the story that they failed to tell in the movie, and I don’t know why they did not make it 3 hours long and take the time to explain all the plot holes. The Rise of Skywalker had the same ending as episode 6, with the villain saving the hero then dying. And also, they should have had Ben live to avoid the similarity. The lesbian kiss was super pushed and unnecessary. Also, I feel like there was slightly more cursing which disappoints me because George Lucas originally made Star Wars for kids. I also think the ending was too similar to that of Avengers Endgame, with the “I am inevitable” and “I am all the sith” then “and I am iron man” and “I am all the Jedi”. And then all the Rebels coming in was a cheap move. They didn’t do that in the last Jedi and NOW they come? I feel like adding lando should have been in an earlier movie. Also, the other new characters diverted the attention from the main 3, barely giving them a chance to get further developed. Finn and Poe were pushed off to the side while this film mainly focuses on Rey and Ben, but still, Finn and Poe are forgotten. This whole movie is a lame scavenger hunt for a wayfinder that looks like a green sith holocron. There should have been force ghosts when Rey needed motivation. Also, the Rey vs Kylo Ren saber battle desperately needed suspenseful music. I still do not understand why Rey buried the precious sabers, and she should have said “Solo” as her last and I do not think she should be a Skywalker because she is a palpatine, but because of her romantic connection with Ben, I think solo would have been fine. There was a lot done wrong in this movie and I hoped for an epic conclusion to my favorite movie series but Disney let me down again, however, any Star Wars fan should watch this for a fun action movie.

- It could have been better3 star

The entire sequel trilogy is s a missed opportunity. Instead of getting the original cast back together. We never had even 1 scene with every one together. This last movie was Ok. It needed Hayden Christianson to come back in the end to save it.

- Garbage1 star

Look at title it says it all.

- Star Wars is better than Marvel4 star

I am a true Star Wars fan who is rating this. Even though it’s ratings were awful it was not a bad film. I did not think it deserved it rating I think it should have got rating around 70 percent tomatoes. Overall I think it has a slow begging but a great end. I also saw younger Star Wars fans liked it more than old ones.

- Formula Movie1 star

Typical. Try to boil down Star Wars previous successes into a formula, so that they can make lots of money. Because recycling past stuff is easier and safer than making something great.

- Poor storyline2 star

Maybe 5 good ideas

- Awesome5 star

It was awesome and amazing movie

- They ruined episode 7-95 star

(Spoiler alert)The evil Kylie ren terms good and kisses Rey that ruined 7-9!!!!

- I loved it.5 star

Most of the fan boys that have this film a negative review, do so cause they are caught in all the books or they had a different take on how the whole thing would finish. The fact is is that it a a very good movie, with all, except for Vader, coming back to reprise their iconic roles. Making Luke the Yoda character and having Leia present was a real love letter to the franchise. Just sit back and enjoy the end to a fun series.

- Better than I expected4 star

Not my favorite, not my least favorite. It’s better than I expected because JJ Abrams even admitted that not everyone was going to like it so I didn’t think I’d give it a 4 star. Palpatine coming back to life was a strange idea but overall the actual movie in my opinion at least is an unpopular opinion.

- I can’t believe all the hatred5 star

The critics are so wrong.I love this trilogy

- They should get on a couch3 star

A lot, too much, daddy and mummy issues going on in this film. The best CGI doesn’t save a movie if the story is one dimensional.

- AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This was the best Star Wars movies I’ve seen! Great movie! Should be coming out with more not ending it!

- Um no.1 star

Wanted to like this. Felt like it was thrown together at the last minute. Felt rushed with no effort in the writing and dialogue. The first movie felt like a giga coaster while this one felt more like a monorail ride with strobe lighting. Predictable, generic and forced—pun intended.

- Pointless Movie1 star

Sadly, there is now a long list of bad Star Wars movies. This is contender for the worst one.

- Can't make up for mistakes1 star

The Last Jedi was so God Awful is spills it's sewer smell all the way into this movie. Saw it one time and the nausea causes a long lasting residual sickness that drives me to avoid all things Star Wars. So disappointed this is where the story ends.

- Perfection5 star

Haters jumping in late wouldn’t understand

- Actual trash1 star

I was really pulling for this, even after horrible reviews started coming out. The story is incoherent; there are no stakes and no consequences; it’s hard to even care about any of the characters. Action choreography and CGI aren’t substitutes for actual filmmaking. I left the experience feeling utterly indifferent, save the slight sense of having been conned by Disney.

- ...5 star

I have not seen this movie yet so I hope it good👌

- Star Wars trilogy ruined.1 star

Well, they made their money’s worth. At least they’re happy.

- Bad1 star

Just bad. “What’s your name?” “Rey...Rey Skywalker” doesn’t make you a Skywalker. She’s a Palpatine not a Skywalker.

- What a disappointment!1 star

So much social engineering and attempt to tell us how traditional roles are supposed to be changed in lieu of feminism. Bad acting, stupid “comedy,” no character development and sloppy CGI. This could have been done so much better. At least I didn’t pay full price.

- Awful1 star

The sequel trilogy was once promising with The Force Awakens. That wasn’t a perfect movie, but it set things up for a satisfying trilogy. That went out the window with The Last Jedi. Now we have JJ Abrams trying to right the ship with gratuitous fan service. The Emperor, Star Destroyers, planet killing weapons, redemption of the anti-hero, a big space battle. None of it works. The movie just jumps from one place to the next to the next, with a plot line so thin you’d need a magnifying glass to see it. Bland protagonist Rey who is followed around by Finn yelling her name for half the movie. Poe stumbling around like a nitwit. Leia very clearly computer generated. Mark Hamill acting like he didn’t want to be there, but was contractually obligated to be. Sigh... a waste.

- READ THIS, HATERS!!!5 star

There are two factors you HAVE to put in play while watching this movie: 1. Carrie Fisher died unexpectedly right before shooting this movie 2. Rian Johnson made The Last Jedi the movie HE wanted, so Abrams had to make it work into the trilogy When you put those in play, you’ll see just how good of a job they really did and how much it contributes to the Star Wars franchise. Besides, it was impossible to please everyone in this situation. If you’re confused, just read the novelization. It covers everything.

- i hate disney1 star

this is literal hell

- BEST Star Wars movie made5 star

I love this episode!! Rey is my favorite character in the movie. I also like the Mandilorian so if you like this watch the Mandilorian on Disney+. I understand it's far-fetched but it has good characters and effects!!!!

- Fantastic spectacle!!!!!5 star

I loved pretty much every minute of this film. The action and effects are awesome and the soundtrack is the best yet. Did a real service to Carrie Fisher. To hate this film is a crime. Solo yes but not this.

- Made for kids1 star

Horrible, ruined franchise

- This movie is just dumb.1 star

Did JJ even watch the old Star Wars movies? Or did he just make this by misremembering Harry Potter and throwing in some bad movie tropes? So stupid.

- Tried too hard2 star

KISS. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

- Ruined by lesbian kiss, lgbt activism, and woke politics1 star

Ruined by lesbian kiss, lgbt activism, and woke politics. A commentary on the politically correct culture killing a movie and saga.

- Okay I just saw Star Wars the rise of skywalker4 star

I just wanna say the film was okay but it did have some issues like Kylo ren didn’t die that was a pretty disappointing scene because let me give you an example like in Avengers infinity war thanos won and in Avengers Endgame thanos lost Do you see the difference between them Rey had to fight him in force awakens in 2015 to 2017 with Star Wars the last Jedi to 2019 with rise of skywalker what’s the difference but what if That happened if the Avengers films they hade to defeat thanos in every film to 2012-2019 But the film was a little bit disappointing but the film gets a 7/10 it was okay but yeah the opening or you can call it world premiere it wasn’t as big as Avengers Endgame But the rise of skywalker was disappointing.

- Best newest starwars movie ever5 star

Don’t believe theses other hating cowards that hate the movie. The movie is absolutely amazing. Ignore the negative haters. 🤩🤩🤩👍 it’s better than all you haters so shut the hell up

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Manweardrwss - How to destroy Star Wars1 star

I don’t understand why people hate the phantom menace, this movie is uninteresting. Rey start a way to the dark side but come back to the force. She kill the emperors in a totally stupid way. Kilo Ren become good by the force of love... it’s Star wars or the carebear? Rey and Finn are a joke. The episode 1 to 6 build a serious universe. Now, It’s the carebear universe.

Why's The Rum Always Gone - Bruh1 star


rkiefer - We’re are the space suits3 star


TACSTACSTACS - Yes it’s awful don’t waste your money!!!1 star

This movie is about as lazy and as brain dead as you can for get for story telling. We’re the last two movies bad? YES. This is much worse!!!!! Much worse!!!!!!!

Gal1802 - Not as bad as SW fans say it is.5 star

No it’s not that bad, in fact it’s a beautifully well done masterpiece. If some parts don’t make sense for you, as a Star Wars fan I suggest you keep watching the movies over and over again until you understand why some things in this movie are the way the are. It makes sense, all you have to do is think outside the box and connect the dots. 👌🏼❤️

Rubin573 - Star Wars-Rise of Sky Walker5 star

Cancell my purchase. I only want to rent. I want my money back. Cancel it now.

not-so-sure - Worth watching4 star

At times this movie dragged a bit and it seemed like the writers were at times confused where to go next, but we did enjoy the movie. My favourite Star Wars movies are still empire strikes back and rogue one.

ABDee_7 - Cool Movie5 star

Great Movie. Takes you on an outer space adventure following Rey and her crew. The Classic intricate story + the action makes it a movie worth watching.

AFORasome - Movie took to many turns3 star

I’m sad this the finale, and they don’t even know what they were creating, how was this made by J.J Abrams, he would put a better thing like everyone from the classic Star Wars movies are already dead, except for chewy, What in the World Star Wars. Plus it should have said, Star Wars, War in the stars

HandyAndy45 - Rise of Skywalker5 star

i am not sure what film people have been watching because it couldnt be this 1. I agree a lot of the things that should have been answered werent but that doesnt make this a bad movie!! It reminded me a lot about Return Of the Jedi but it was very satisying with how Palpatine was done away by Rey so just on that point i give it 5 stars!!

H2008 - A masterpiece5 star

Great purchase!

JamTrini - Even the prequels are better than this2 star

I refuse to include these three films as canon. A convoluted plot that takes you on a whimsical journey. What was the point of Snoke anyway. Would have rather see the return of Jar Jar Binks as a Sith Lord to at least tie in the prequels to this arc. They should have stopped at Rogue One. The best movie that Disney made since acquiring the rights to this franchise.

GAGA's Applause - I couldn’t even finish it1 star

Never really liked Star Wars to begin with but this was the worst I’ve seen. Plays like a fanfiction

Robofthewest - Better than my low expectations3 star

The first of this trilogy whetted my appetite with nostalgia. The middle film was a rude slap in the face. I had given up on this franchise. Got to say that this was a pleasant surprise. Even with the plot holes, backtracking, and similarities to moments in the original films, my wife and I really enjoyed this film. Surprise, surprise.

Helpful App Reviewer - Unbelievably Bad1 star

This movie was so bad, even the actors looked embarrassed. It was hard to finish. Clearly they needed to make easy money, don't waste yours on this. It's sad to see Star Wars go out this way.

iwantanewHouse - i waited 43 years for this?2 star

i think i would rather sit through 6 hours of deleted senete scenes with jarjar doing a filabuster than sit through this again. i actually fell asleep in the middle. as someone that wrote thier 1977 xmas thankyou letters on star wars stationary, i would say, it is a movie, only a nerf herder could love. so very glad i just rented it.

Elexis L. - In Love😍5 star

I’ve been watching Star Wars since I was 4 months old. It’s been my whole life and this final movie was amazing. Although I am slightly biased because I love Adam Driver (aka Kylo Ren)😂. I do have criticism about the movie but because of my love of kylo ren/Ben solo, I will give this 5 stars. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Also please watch the kylo ren fight scene on YouTube with Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ in the background. It is 110% worth watching😂

Phil Dunphy - Disaster1 star

The second worst Star Wars film ever behind Attack of the Clones. And one of the worst films of 2019.

Cpt.Oliver - Disappointing New Trilogy1 star

Luke, Han and Leia should have had screen time together, mist opportunity.

malek bear 216 - Not the best not the worst4 star

It’s not the best film but not the worst film . Some stuff are injoyable but some stuff is bad

Blindcell - Please Stop!!1 star

Stop making these movies!! you destroyed any childhood memories i had of the franchise. I get it Disney is all about the cash. Why didn't you buy the Jerry maguire IP. Its an old movie but falls more in line with the disney motto of "Show me the money" Please do not buy any more franchises. Just to milk every last dime out of them as you crash and burn them. As far as this flick goes. The writing is just junk. But that goes for all of these new star wars flicks. while you are watching the movie it doesn't make sense from one movie to the next. From one scene to the next. its just bad. This coming from a horrible writer (look at how poorly this review is written) Not a fanboy either. Just like good stories. its not here.

Reed Boucher - Great fun finale4 star

A vocal minority hated the sequel trilogy. They aren’t bad. This is a good finale. Could it have been more? Of course it could have! Every movie in existence could have been more. But if you love Star Wars and you ignore all opinions and reviews you will love this movie.

Kool Daddy! - What a sad ending...1 star

Disappointing ending that proves Disney had no actual plan for this trilogy. It’s amazing how they have managed to tarnish the Star Wars brand so much in just a few years.

General gagnon - Rise of the plot holes1 star

Seems like the core focus was milking nostalgia and retcon the last Jedi. Plot holes are too numerous to mention starting with an abysmal unoriginal ending that doesn’t make sense. 1 star for Babu Frik the best alien created in this mess of a trilogy. Disney should’ve kept George Lucas drafts instead of tossing them in the rubbish bin...

Minioli1 - Ok way to spend 2 hours bad way to end a saga.2 star

This movie retconned the last one, was mostly illogical and seemed to pull convenience out of it’s rear end so often the story was made laughable. If you want to enjoy star wars, watch the mandalorian or clone wars.

Firestorm3 - Absolutely Awful1 star

Just ignore, it’s a plot hole filled pile of crap

JDanials - No thanks1 star

“Rise of the box office”

not very col - Not cool1 star

Not cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

AnnaaSoleseis - Good bye, old friend.1 star

Yeah.... no.

Tye 1980 - Star Wars deserved better.2 star

I’m not sure how the company that made both Guardians of the Galaxy movies could put together something that utterly wastes its potential as completely as this series did. At times it can look and sound the part.... but it’s like a chatbot that fails the Turing test after 2 questions... just shallow and empty and gimmicky and utterly careless.

Pixie_Devil - Still not over how upset this made me1 star

I saw this movie three months ago on opening night and I’ve been upset, to put it mildly, about it every day since.

Hoth genral - Great ending to the Skywalker saga5 star

Loved it for what it was, a great Star Wars movie!!

Jackaboy lit - This is a awesome movie5 star

This is awesome movie

Ninjastarr85 - Ties everything up perfectly5 star

It’s really hard to please everyone. I think JJ did his best and it turned out really well. Exciting and satisfying with the fan service. The previous 8 movies get their love and this concludes everything nicely.

/b/lair - Riddled with plot holes, ruins the original movies1 star

Not a fan of this new trilogy. Force Awakens was a large inspired-by A New Hope. The Last Jedi wanted to dismantle TFA and the previous six films with some egregious filmmaking. This spent two-plus hours trying to undo all of TLJ, and also inadvertently destroyed the original movies with a lot of their sudden decision making. I have no tolerance for movies that completely unravel the moment you apply a little bit of thought to it.

Jello8776 - Phenomenal, big improvement5 star

Definitely the best sequel episode. Closed the saga off the best they could!

stuandcathi - Amazing5 star

Considering what JJ had to work with after the disaster that was The Last Jedi, it was truly great on an epic scale. Don’t listen to the haters, if you want good old fashioned entertainment, go see it, again and again and again.

GoblinPumpkinKing - More please.5 star

Exciting and fun from beginning to end.

Jamie Bacon - Thank Goodness.............2 star

Thank goodness we now have the Mandalorian!

spencer_eh - Great movie5 star

Stop comparing this movie to other movies. Not everything has to be compared to the original trilogy.

Manning2072 - Definitely not great...2 star

It was ok but to say great is a stretch, it’s a watch once and never again movie.

ti_will_music - The best of the trilogy.5 star

The first 15 minutes, are very fast paced but the storyline is great. I loved it.

Radjarad - Great film5 star

I really enjoyed this movie! Go watch it all I’ll say Your welcome

webhandle - Not Star Wars2 star

Decent action, great acting, some humour That lands, and a interesting yet choppy story line, but it’s handling of Star Wars lore and Star Wars internal logic is tragic. It’s a OK movie, but a terrible Star Wars movie.

Thegeneraljay - Great flick.4 star

Great show major effects. ☝️

markchech - Everyone is now a critic5 star

I saw this movie over the weekend and was actually thrown off by the horrible reviews. I was actually expecting a terrible movie but was greeted by an amazing movie. I think what we have here are old school die hards that will always be critical of anything released after Return of the Jedi. One that all think they are movie producers and directors. What do you actually know about plots? lol I laugh when I hear some basement nerd talk about plots and acting skills. Anywho, go enjoy the movie and don’t listen to the negative reviews.

tayup - Disjointed mess of a trilogy1 star

The last three movies make the prequel trilogy look like pure genius. It’s really tough to imagine they went into this with a plan other than to try and make money out of an established property.

MaxTO - Loved it !5 star

Just saw this last night and loved it ! The move was far better then some of the reviews would lead you to believe. The movie also ties into the Darth Plagueis story line of a Sith Lord who learned how to beat death itself. I can’t wait to watch this again

Marc447 - its great5 star

Much better the second viewing! better than the avengers.

teentitansgobestmovie - 100%5 star

This is definitely the best Star Wars movie and best movie of 2019.

Radiodaddio - Awful1 star

I lasted 45 minutes and couldnt watch anymore of this rubbish. Should have left the whole thing alone with the original movies.

dumbbumfart - Disgrace to call this Star Wars1 star

I just hated the whole thing

Craigy1976 - Waste.1 star

Im sad to say this movie is lacking in intergrity, Its embarrassing and NOTHING is explained. The Bad Guys actually win. Rey steals The Skywalker name and thats ok? Nope. This is not a movie for a Star Wars fan. It could be worse than the last one. Its 53% from the CRITICS on RT.Once again this movie just like thhe last 2 make NO SENSE

Heath Adams - Appalling1 star

I don't even no where to begin explaining how many things made no sense at all in this garbage film. I just wish I hadn't begun watching it. Awful.

Spartanwarrior97 - Star Wars5 star

It’s good movie I grow up watching Star Wars

Kevin Reese - Rise of skywalker1 star

Sucked like every Disney Star Wars movie

ola1213 - It's OK I guess3 star

Definitely not one of the greatest star wars movies but at the very least it is the last one of the six saga (hopefulley) P.s. out of all three new ones I liked the most the first one (The Force Awakens)

ArtXXXXX - Worst in the Galaxy1 star

This is the worst movie this galaxy has ever seen, and maybe distant galaxies as well. The best part of it was the plain black screen after the credits.

Shreksaphone - Okay3 star

It pretty much has the same plot of all of the other old movies other than that it was pretty good

DanczWiffWolvz - Average At Best2 star

Dozed off twice, nothing special to see here.

razorgiggs - Star Wars has been ruined!1 star

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than the SJW nonsense of the last movie (episode 8), we are presented with this irrational, illogical conclusion. I’d love to tell you to save your rental/purchase money and not watch it, but as a Star Wars fan I know you’re going to anyway! Looking back now, whatever I thought of the prequels (episodes 1-3) at least they made some sense. These last three films (episodes 7-9) have felt like a repeat and recycling of the old material. The revival of past heroes, now in their old age, has not been pretty to watch. Their personas neither impressive nor believable. My overall feeling is the franchise has been ruined and it’s hard to understand - big money aside (which I presume he didn’t need) - why George Lucas sold the rights to his genius creation. Introducing Star Wars to a new generation? Perhaps, but you didn’t need these films for that, his work already stood the test of time. The only good thing to come out of this has been a genuinely awesome female Jedi in Daisy Ridley. And that’s about it!

lh1975 - I'm going to miss it!5 star

Thank you Star Wars, for being such a fun part of my life. It's something I'll always appreciate and be glad about. Ep 9 is stunning, and a great concluding ride.

moonlight68 - Enjoyed it4 star

I enjoyed it. Worth purchase

Rick40 - Against the Grain5 star

I know unlike most from my generation (I saw the origianl as a 9 year old) I actually loved this movie The Last Jedi was ok , I loved the The force Awakens , I feel alot of my generation have an issue with a female lead in this trilogy and hide behind other frivolous resons to dislike it . Any way I for one loved it .

Wendo14 - Loved it5 star

I heard so many bad reviews that I was a little bit reluctant to watch this movie. As a Star Wars fan from the original release of the film back in the 70’s I loved it. It was over 2 hours long and I think that was the perfect amount of time to end the story. To include everyone/thing would have been to long.

Riley2703 - Increadible5 star

This movie is absolutely phenomenal, as it is now my favourite movie all these negative comments are just people who don’t know how to appreciate something. They connect this movie with the old ones very well as there is a lot of nostalgia. And memory’s that this movie brings back! Highly recommend!

JimJamz21 - Excellent ending to the series5 star

A great way to end the series. We loved it.

mr. isaac and his review - Wow just wow5 star


rosgreg - good as the first5 star

42 years later and as good as the first one. what a great trilogy

Reawithenita - Rise Rey Rise5 star

I think my opinion on rise of Skywalker is that I think the journey was very exciting and questions were well answered however I think the simple scenario of Rey’s parents being ‘murdered’ is silly... We hardly found out who they were and what there part of the story was and how they were connected to the Palpatine’s/Skywalker’s. I overall I think it was a very good movie and... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

MJ449 - I’m a Star Wars kid but...2 star

It’s sad to see what’s become of the story I grew up with as a kid. A story of the ages has been wound up as a social experiment for the ‘woke’ rather than just concentrating on what made the originals what they were. Star Wars sadly to me died when George Lucas ejected and gave away the rights. Very sad to see what has become as a slow death for something that was so great.

Go Jurassaic World 2 - Best movie of the whole saga5 star

Most exited film to see. Watched the trailer every day. When I walked in the cinema I was going crazy.(SPOILERS) when Rey stabed Kylo I was shocked. And I loved it when Lando’s fleet arrived. And by the way do not listen to imdb or rotten tomatoes.

That Mono Guy - Biggest Disappointment1 star

What a mess of a film, such a hodge podge of fan service ideas, that don't make any sense. If you want any key important details, you best be sure you have to read a Visual Dictionary or Novelization to understand what's going. Biggest disappointment in history.

FlammingWarrior - Good not Great3 star

The epic grand finale of Star Wars? Much too small time and confused. Smells of a harried u-turn after VIII. Half the film is busy undoing the The Last Jedi, and the rest is busy playing boring tricks on the viewer (Chewie, anyone?) Don’t get too invested, view it as over baked fan-fic, and you’ll probably enjoy it. But, not as much as IW+EG.

puggs67 - Can’t Wait5 star

I’m a Star Wars fan and unfortunately I couldn’t see this episode when it was released at the cinema, I so can’t wait until it’s released and made available from Apple.

TheForceIsWithJesse - Damn, I love Star Wars!5 star

I saw it 8 times in cinemas, I really wanted to go more. This film brings it full circle in the most beautiful ways, while still leaving the future in the imaginations of the viewers. Ben Solo is the shining light the galaxy needed. If you love it too, come listen to Star Wars, Go Figure podcast, we’ve discussed this film at length and will continue to after its home-release.

reagancate - AMAZING5 star

I cannot express how much I loved this movie, ADAM DRIVER AND DAISY RIDLEY killed it and made me feel so much in every scene. This was one of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking Star Wars movies for me, but I loved it!!

_Poky - Fun, fast, fan-friendly5 star

There's a lot of divided opinion out there and young people exspecially love to get on the hate-bandwagon to make themselves feel superior. Apart from a few narraitve issues, it's a fun, fast and fan-friendly. People complain about too much "fan-service" but if you are a fan, do you not want to be serviced? I loved all the callbacks, winks and nods to the other films. Also, people complained that it retconned The Last Jedi. Well, it kinda did if you look at it cynically, however, really it develops the story and characters beyond The Last Jedi. The biggest cryiticism I have is how they rushed Palpatine's return and the lack of any explanation. They could have easily had a three minute flashback to catch us all up on how Palpy got to where he was, rather than relying on books and comics to fill in the gaps. I saw the film twice in cinemas and loved it both times. Well worth the purchase on iTunes to complete the set.

Y2krashman - bad1 star

Another entry in the not-at-all Star Wars, DiC Star Wars trilogy. There’s no continuity, no justification for the return of deceased characters. (The high rating on iTunes is extremely suspicious, and suggests that Apple is anything but an honest company.)

dog of doctors - Fully sick not gonna lie.3 star

Pretty specify film, lies the bit with the laser swords. Fully epic!

RileyJHarris1-19 - Just awful.1 star

Imagine calling your big grand finale ‘Rise of Skywalker’ and you kill off all the Skywalkers and let Palpatines granddaughter take over the name.

trlpenkdedenoe - Very Amazing5 star

This is an amazing movie and extremely exiting. I really recommending to watch this movie.

nathdonn - Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker smashed by Avengers Endgame.3 star

I was five when my parents took me to Star Wars back in 1977. I saw Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi for their original cinema releases. While I really liked The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, these movies were well and truly put to the sword by Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Bad luck JJ, the Russo brothers beat you with better quality movies. It’s not such a bad thing it makes the original Star Wars movies that more special and nothing holds a candle to them.

not lu-la - Opening To Star Wars Is Psychological Music 2012 VHS4 star

1. Walt Pisney Home Video 2. Disney's Fast Play 3. Paying (2013) 4. Walt Pisney Pictures 5. Walt Pisney Pictures Percent

Doesntworkatall999999 - It’s star wars5 star

all star wars movies get 5 starts. simple

Fireshark733 - Great ending in a saga that changed the world5 star

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker has action, thrilling cliff-hangers, and, of course, the classic Star Wars vibe. A great conclusion to an epic saga. Not to be missed.

panda081217 - Best Star Wars movie yet5 star


tjffykugyukftyjfmghvuyk - Reee5 star

Ya yeet

Down Under Man - A Satisfying end to the Saga!5 star

The Rise of Skywalker is a very big movie. Not just the fact that It was a box office hit, but the fact that it was a massive story to bring all these characters New & Old together into a massive conclusion. J.J Abrams does a great job at restoring the franchise to its roots and keeping up the legacy of Star Wars.

Adam Farrer - A great end to the Skywalker Saga5 star

You couldn’t really ask for a much better ending than this. It was an emotional roller coaster of a film. My only criticism is that it could be a little longer to give more time to certain aspects of the film.

Mitchell6292 - Was okay3 star

If your a Star Wars fan don’t have high hopes was average they could of done so better. Force awakens was the only good film in this saga.

El Benji - Second worst1 star

Still better than The Last Jedi

Dark_Lord_71 - Should have been so much better1 star

A disappointing finale to a trilogy and a saga.

D Fuss - ✅4 star

Like all blockbusters lately, it is kinda hectic. I watched it, enjoyed a lot of it and now, that task is complete.

Brandynandy - Preorder the movie but1 star

I thought it would be out by now on iTunes if it doesn’t come out I guess it will be a waste of money

Lightningbolt777 - A perfect ending5 star

This film was incredible from the cgi to the story. There were no slow points of the movie. Big recovery from the last Jedi

nbb hbhxb xb cjcbcbb jcnnn - Coolest movie ever.5 star

I like Star Wars.

Lia.Eliza - One of the best movies I’ve seen5 star

As this is the last film of the saga, I was super excited (and sad) to watch this in the theatre. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen with many great messages behind it. A great way to end the saga.

Gftgdhjhfgdh - Great movie5 star

I thought this movie was great. Yes, there were some flaws but nothing that would compromise the whole movie. All the people who think this movie is bad because it doesn’t match the original trilogy, are just not adaptable to change.

lllooy - Hegina leavtion1 star

IT WAS AWESOME!!! me and my family enjoyed it at the movies all though i didnt feel so comfertble about the beging it was kinds lout but it was soooo good my fav part is when they went to this island with the big waves and stuff it was so cool :D 😍😍👍🏻

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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panda sick - Really good movie5 star

This an epic ending to the saga. Bring back the Emperor and Reys family

Dandys Rule - Perfect Conclusion5 star

J.J. Abrams did an excellent job tying up all the threads that ran through decades of Star Wars movies. Except for a brief and unfortunate nod to political correctness at the end, this film is a real pleasure to watch.

Marietta Dave - Bleh! Plan a time with your family to NEVER see his movie1 star

The story line never gets its legs, they just keep tripping. The first ten minutes is 12 second overly simplified strung out comic book “vignettes”. Then it gets worse. The parts of the story that make ANY sense are abandoned. The logic of the story line is cut over and over. New characters are revealed, but never get explained. Established characters are followed, but then abandoned. I defy anyone to tell me - with any degree of clarity - WHAT IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT?!?! One minute the story is about Rae (or Poe, or Ben, or C3PO). But before you understand what you think the narration wants you to pick up on, you are jumped to the next scene. Oh, and the story line is almost identical to Episodes 3 and 6. Ah! I guess I expect too much. I gave this one star because the special effects were good. That’s it.

Billy DTK421 - Simply put, they wrecked it1 star

Sad end to the final third. Disney wrecked the story when they took over the final act.

blow mr - Rise of skywalker5 star

I loved it!

Horrible SW Movie - I am stunned1 star

Absolutely the worst Star Wars movie I have even seen. I had to make myself watch it. Nothing worked or flowed. Very disappointed

JinxRose - Better than what some are saying if you’re open minded4 star

I really enjoyed this movie. Leading up to seeing it, I marathoned all the movies and tv series in chronological order. Watching the movie, some things I think could have been improved but overall it held a lot of nostalgia. I’ve grown up with Star Wars and I just appreciate the Skywalker family and storyline getting resolution.

Joejawg79 - Fitting Conclusion5 star

I watched the movie with low expectations due to all of the negative reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Let me be clear: I’m a huge Star Wars fan and cannot understand why so many critics and so called “fans” panned the movie. It was my second favorite movie of the Star Wars series after “Empire Strikes Back”. It was well done and a fitting conclusion to the Star Wars series.

Kurtosis - Multiple trilogy directors = jumbled vision, plot, & style1 star

This final movie in the trilogy makes it clear the series really needed the unified vision of a single director & writer team for all three movies from beginning to end. There were some ideas in here, like the return of Palpatine, Rey's ancestry, Kylo's character development, and others that needed more consistent development throughout the trilogy. Unfortunately, each movie had different director/writer teams who did not appear to share the same overall vision. The on-screen result is a disjointed and sometimes self-contradictory story, as if the writing teams are fighting each other to steer the story in different directions. Important things were hinted at in Force Awakens, only to be explicitly denied in Last Jedi, only to be explicitly confirmed in Skywalker. Huh? Additionally, pacing is too fast and much of the dialog feels almost slap-stick. Overall it felt like the director/writers of the third movie were desperately trying to course-correct back to a plot more worthy of Star Wars, but simply ran out of screen time to do it. They needed two movies to accomplish that but only had one left. Instead they ended up with a shallow and self-contradictory plot, sloppy character development, and an absence of philosophical and psychological depth. This series could have been absolutely brilliant with, say, Christopher Nolan giving it the Batman Begins/Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises treatment - a modern take on an old concept, with philosophical and psychological depth. But alas, twas not to be. Oh well, maybe we'll get another chance with an Admiral Thrawn trilogy sometime in the future.

bambino10000 - Nothing Makes Sense..1 star

This one is just as bad as The Last Jedi. Kathleen Kennedy ruined the Star Wars franchise on purpose for her own agenda.

JM💰💵 - Terrible1 star

After how bad the last Jedi was there was no way this movie could even be decent

Gavan Journey - Meh2 star

This movie wasn’t atrocious, it was actually rather fun to watch, but when I thought about it afterwards, the silly plot, disjointed connections, and bland characters bring the movie quality down by a whole lot. This is what happens when you don’t begin with the end in mind. Disney made a huge mistake by not writing an outline for this trilogy. Each film is so different that they all step on each other’s toes. There are a lot of things that I could point out about what I didn’t like about this movie, but suffice it to say I’ve loved Star Wars all my life, and this ending left me sad and disappointed.

Rich~~ - Made for its target market3 star

This movie was made for its target market not the elderly fan base. They do not care about “Cannon”. They want Political Correctness with female leads and particular ethic groups selected. No Indians or Inuits in Space who knew? Once the Hollywood PC box was ticked (interesting no LGBTQ sex stories though) they added the mandatory CGI explosions and crashes to ensure the ADHD generation will not get bored watching on their cellphones at 2x speed. Episode IV hit its Mark and so has this one. Those who have grown up with Star Wars May feel cheated but then Darth Vader has been replaced in Disneyland by Kylo Ren too. Merchandising is still just as strong.

Michael Brian Schaffer Kaunley - The was the movie I took my dad to see!!!!!!!5 star

I'm buying when it comes out on DVD!!!!!!!!! I hope J.J adams the director makes more star wars movies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heavyD208 - Some of these other folks were having a bad day4 star

I’m sure nobody will read this, cause I waited till this movie went on sale. Honestly, Star Wars nerds what happened to you? Think about it, why would Disney knowingly mess this up? It was very entertaining, also took a turn or two that I didn’t see coming. Honestly, I think it’s just human nature, people don’t want to accept creative license. Nobody liked JarJar Binx or the Ewoks, but they are part of the saga. So, to the naysayers, go ahead and hate so you can have an unfinished movie collection. This movie was exciting.

Schraederbrau - Hot garbage1 star

Just awful, it gets worse every time you think about it. The movie is one terrible retcon, followed by video game style fetch quests. JJ should not be allowed to direct or write more beloved properties, he can help cast, that’s it.

action movies fan - Star Wars the rise of skywalker5 star

This movie was a great Star Wars movie

Brooks Hough - Barely able to finish this1 star

The “Final Three” have been a large disappointment to me as far as story goes. FX and Lore yea they have that in spades. They lack any since of compelling story. They seem to rush from large action sequence to fan favorite play and back again. This film is really no different and possibly worse. The actors in these films are, in my opinion, doing their best with bad scripts.

jamesbondjr. - Should’ve never been made1 star

The sequel trilogy is trash. First one was decent. Then Rian Johnson killed Star Wars and it just couldn’t recover.

mlths - Awful Storyline1 star

The Force Awakens was great. The Last Jedi was trash. The rise of skywalker was awful. Should have just made Snoke or Kylo Ren the main villain and not brought back a character in which was never introduced in the previous two movies.

Déjàvudog - Just terrible1 star

A horrible way to end the saga... the script was terrible and the whole movie seemed cut together from hasty decisions.

Octarium9182 - Pretty good!3 star

This is a decently filmed Star Wars film! (Please note there are incoming spoilers. Stop reading right away if you haven’t seen the movie yet.) Review: I wish Kylo didn’t die at the end. I was so glad when I found out Chewy didn’t die. Sad to see the general die. I love the scene where it seems hopeless, then a LARGE HECK OF A GROUP comes to save the day. Good film, but, still, kinda weird.

oahwlwvshqns - Trash1 star


Pugsssss - Very entertaining4 star

I thought it was very entertaining, will it win an award? No, but it was a nice 2 hours spent.

Paperback Writer - The iTunes Store on theApple TV says it’s 4K HDR but it’s not. The tile is wrong2 star

All of Disney’s movies are only in 1080p

Mr. Iowa - Mainly Boring1 star

Paid $3.99 to rent it and felt cheated. Biggest waste of resources (talent / money) I've seen in a long, long time (& I'm pretty old). Who ever is responsible for this movies must have wanted milk toast max.

hq197 - THANK YOU,1 star

Rain Johnson, your 'legacy' [curse] will be on full display, bloody *&^%@$! It wasn't bad enough that you ruined one movie in a beloved franchise, but to ruin another movie in that same franchise by absentia, is incredible! Kennedy & her acolytes have made a mockery of the franchise. Absent direction, souless production, unintelligable writing, and I thought EP: 1, 2, and 3 were bad. This is an insult to all fans. You should have written LANDO IN FROM THE BEGINNING.

starwarfanforlife - Loved it5 star

I thought it was really good. The actors did great and although the ending wasn’t my favorite I still think the movie was overall amazing. Definitely worth the watch.

Xboss57 2 - It Tries Too Hard2 star

This movie had potential to be decent, but it tried way too hard to fix The Last Jedi, and the movie was full of bad pacing and a rushed finale. Also there are like three things that are used to drive the plot, but none of them are revisited which is really annoying. Watch it if you're a Star Wars fan because it still is the conclusion to the Skywalker Saga, but if you aren't, don't bother with this one.

Mr Smithee - Use the remove this from your Library1 star

Incredibly bad.. even worse than the movie Sucker Punch...which is what you feel you got when viewing it.

just some book worm/dragon - It’s like they we’re checking off the list given to them by Disney2 star

Every single scene had a plot point or a “meaningfully” conection/ emotional “growth”. Every caricter had lines that i had herd atleas 5 times before. ; Felt like every caricter was a robot in a disny ride. they would jump from planet to planet like thay had a teleporter.

nachbecerra - Terrible1 star

Awful movie!

chjbhfbvhbfggfgbbfggf - Awesome movie5 star

One of the best Star Wars movies so sad the saga ended

#20/CL - TERRIBLE!1 star

Disney has RUINED Star Wars! This movie is actually 2 movies crammed into 1 movie. It was rushed, no plot! It was so boring and predictable! Disney has forever ruined the Skywalker trilogy.

MisterBFW - Tries to do two things, fails at them both.2 star

On one hand the movies tries to be nostalgic with Chewie, Princess Leia, Lando, and the Millennium Falcon, which just comes off as campy. Fixing a drone shouldn't be like fixing a shortwave radio in the 70s. Then the movie goes into a total different direction with the powers of Rey, Kylo, and the Emperor. Rylo reaching through space to grab a necklace off Rey's neck, The Emperor use of force lighting, and Rey's seemingly mastering as the skills of a master Jedi in what little time she spent with Luke. Its just too much.

JMP.UT - The Redeeming Film of the Franchise!5 star

I LOVED IT!!! I like soooo many hated the last film. I only went to see this in theaters because I felt the need to complete the series. Needless to say, I had very low expectations. J.J. Abrams saved the final trilogy and the modern franchise as a whole with this film! Thank you so much for wrapping things up and making up (as much as possible) for the last film. I have now purchased the last film (which I refused to before, because I don’t think spending on horrible directing and writing deserves my money), so yes Disney, you made more money by fixing things here. Ray’s charter is so much more real and relatable! I love it! You feel with her and follow her with a desire to see good come from all that has happened. She lives up to what a Jedi is and should be! The acting was so much better than episode 8, because J.J. is back! Thank you for not destroying my childhood and love for sci-fi! Please make more like this!!!!

Samfrommi - Satisfying Conclusion5 star

People need to relax and enjoy the movie.

Scottb7722 - Fantastic5 star

Anybody who thinks that this movie was ruined or terrible are pure idiots. I thought they closed it perfect

DocGolf72 - Awesome5 star

I honestly can’t believe how anyone could ever rate a StarWars film as “aweful” or give this movie anything less than 5 Stars. These movies inspire imagination and create dreams. Bravo

GOT YO - Story & directing much better than 7!5 star

Great movie, love it! The story and directing was much MUCH better than episodes 7. Sure there are really stupiud moments and elements (such as the socialist inclusion of the lesbian kiss at 2:07:37). The droid quarkiness and humor is also completely botched (can anyone do better than George Lucas?). Lots of disapointing diversiona from the real George Lucas story, but what's too be expected from Disney-Death? Can that corupt company do anything good of themselves?

Lycan7rop3 - Some Fans are Toxic.4 star

Been on this earth for over 40 years, Have seen a lot of fan clubs..And The star Wars Fan base has to me the most toxic.. whatever their superficial reasoning is for hating this film..its just that. The movie and last entry into the skywalker series was a blast! It had some pleasant surprises and had me on the end all movie long.. iAs a movie goes, it was entertaining and explained a lot but at the same time left me with a lot more questions, but as sci-fi goes, thats how It's supposed to be, at least in every good sci-fi film. Give it a chance and watch this, or support the industry and buy it, god knows the industry needs it now. Rogue one is still, plot wise and just over all awesome sauce remains my all time favorite,right next to Empire and Attack of the clones! If I had the extra funds i'd buy Rise of skywalker for sure!

KC Wells - Star Wars only has a limited attention span1 star

This was one of the most dreadful and boring movies I have ever seen it felt dated and overbearing and 30 minutes into it I wanted to gouge my eyes out terrible script terrible acting shamfull casting and just downright stupid if I could give it 0 star rating I would

Lance sara - Horrid.1 star

SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Btw rian johnson and JJ Abrams the whole thing was a mess. Story made no sense but for some it was good because it looked pretty. Give me a break. The movie sucked. But sure it was pretty. Just made ZERO SENSE!!!!

the blue brothers - It was ok3 star

I didn’t like the some of the character development. They made it too much like the Return of the Jedi in the end. Also it was really annoying when the republic keeped on almost winning but Darth Sideos keeps on disrupting all of it. And they should of had Lando in chunks of the movie instead of just 3 or 4 scenes. I really liked the redemption part with Ben and I was awesome to see Han Solo one more time. But JJ Abrams did say that there would be stuff that people wouldn’t like and stuff people would like.

MoyTagz - Awesome5 star

I like the movie and personally thought it has a good ending

Jashmusician - Way more fun5 star

Way more fun and better than Last Jedi. Though I like Last Jedi, too. This one wraps it up like a boss.

ardougherty - I can’t believe people hated this movie5 star

Y u kill ben tho

DontGetClash - Amazing5 star

An amazing movie with heart felt moments to make you cry. A movie where there is some to branch off of and a movie for closure. Amazing.

swiftitoff - AMAZING5 star

My favorite star wars movie ever!!

Misha.F - Ok?2 star

I mean, I guess it’s over now and we have closure but these last 3 Star Wars episodes just about ruined the series. What a waste of great material. It wasn’t the characters, it was the incoherent story.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
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