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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Summary and Synopsis

In STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, the riveting conclusion of the landmark Skywalker saga, new legends will be born—and the final battle for freedom is yet to come. WARNING: SOME FLASHING-LIGHTS SCENES IN THIS FILM MAY AFFECT PHOTOSENSITIVE VIEWERS The surviving Resistance faces the First Order once again as the journey of Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron continues. With the power and knowledge of generations behind them, the final battle begins. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Wiki

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Every generation has a legend..

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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- The only thing worthy was the CGI.1 star

No plot that made sense, terrible script, this was not even a movie full of Easter 🍳; just a bunch of fried nonsense that put his last movies on a pulpit and this one thrown to the jury. Verdict: it sucked.....Watch West World if you want to see and Abrams production that was worth the watch.....I was extremely disappointed with the last Star Wars installment.

- Awesome...loved it. Great job ...Rey is so beautiful5 star

Finally.. This time they got it right. The tone was perfect and the way it flowed was spot on. The overall feeling was a uplifting and fulfilling experience with this film bringing an end to the Jedi saga......or not! Rey at end on the home plant of Skywalker Or the aunt and uncle .... Great job

- So bad.1 star

That’s all.

- Abrams and Johnson Destroyed the Franchise!2 star

Amateur-hour in the writing deapartment. This has to be the most contrived entry into the series with enough plot holes to drive a jumbo jet through. George Lucas can rest easy knowing that he's no longer responsible for the worst trilogy in the series anymore! Who knew that all of this time, all that was needed was a 9-1-1 call to save the galaxy!

- Awesome5 star

People need to watch the whole saga to understand this movie or it’s just pointless to watch this movie if you haven’t, it’s still a great movie to watch.

- Not a good movie1 star

This trilogy is so terrible, when will Star Wars make good movies again?

- Love this movie!5 star

A lot of people say this movie is bad but for me it’s still good no mater what!

- ...1 star

This movie and the sequels should be removed from canon. It is dumb and stupid and it ruined the Skywalker saga. Kylo Ren I think should have been the villain instead of retconning Palpatine’s death.

- Not my Luke1 star

I don't know who Mark Hamill was playing in this series but it sure as hell wasn't Luke Skywalker. The boy who lost his mentor, his hand, fought Vader (twice) and the Emperor and still had hope that he could save his father - even as the Emperor was killing him. Whoever this character was, (one bad thought by his nephew and he goes all Vader on him, threw away his dad's lightsaber, and acted like a jerk) - it wasn't Luke. This was more like some weird fanfic that had just saw to the deaths (literally and figuratively) of the characters I love the most. The new cast can take a hike.

- A mess of a trilogy2 star

When I saw force awakens I liked it Then last Jedi happened it ruined my childhood Now rise of skywalker took that body of my childhood puting it in a grave and setting it on fire After watching all of the sequel trilogy it's clear that Disney did not have a game plan for this trilogy most fans can agree that this trilogy was all a joke and they retcon all of the original trilogy characters and destroyed the new characters arcs If George Lucas didn't sell lucasfilm to Disney things might be better

- Fall of Star Wars1 star

Sad Sad ending to a truly monumental movie series, should have got zero stars - poor writing, poor directing, poor production by Jar Jar Abrams - thank goodness the Star Wars fan universe now has The Mandalorian, which hopefully Disney will be smart to keep Jar Jar far far away.

- Best Star Wars Movie5 star

Great Entertainment

- Best movie5 star

I love it

- A5 star

I very much enjoyed see these characters for one last ride/ show down. Yeah, there are problems I have with it, but at least we got something. The Last Jedi set it on this path, but that’s fine. It was still enjoyable to watch.! - Episode IX, that is!

- I like it4 star

It’s not bad when you watch it, I didn’t like how they forced a lesbian thing at the end but it’s all right

- A disappointing ending to a beloved saga2 star

When I first saw The Rise of Skywalker, it had the benefit of my low expectations due to the less-than-stellar critic reviews, but today, I am going to have to be much less kind to it than I was then. This is unfortunate for me, as I am a Star Wars fan who would genuinely like these movies to be good. “Rise” is simply another disappointing Star Wars sequel in the same ridiculous vein as The Force Awakens. It’s concerned merely with not offending fans, undermining the setup from previous films (in this case, the actually quite brilliant Last Jedi) in order to follow a familiar plot trajectory. While it has its moments, it is primarily defined by a meaningless, hollow story centered on cameos and family lineages, as well as the backdrop of a dull, meandering fetch-quest plot. It simply has nothing to say that other Star Wars movies haven’t said better.


This movie had the perfect ending. Loved it !

- A good ending4 star

A fun time with good action. Gave me everything I wanted.

- Great movie - I don’t understand why people hate it5 star

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan through and through, and The Rise Of Skywalker was a great film with good acting and a good storyline. There were many plot twists which I personally think was pretty cool. Definitely better than 7 and 8. But all in all, don’t listen to all the critics/rotten tomatoes or the good reviews and go see it for yourself. I recommend it.

- Sad1 star

You can tell who the real Star Wars fans are and who are the fake ones in these reviews. This movie is honestly sad and offensive to anyone who loves this franchise. May Star Wars rest in peace it was fun while it lasted


This movie is excellent, don’t listen to these people who say the movie is awful and that it “ruined the saga”. These people obviously don’t know what they’re talking about, they just hate stuff that is good, I guarantee half of these people who write these bad reviews haven’t even watched the movie.

- Mildly entertaining2 star

The dialogue is forced in the levity scenes so much that it’s awkward. Additionally, the main characters have no chemistry and some just don’t know how to act.

- This is horrible1 star

It’s so bad I don’t even know why I bothered watching it

- Love this Series2 star

I love this series. I watched the first Star War in Philadelphia when I was in Army. I can not recommend this Episode for purchase. Peace.

- Great5 star

It was great and surprisingly it was better than Ready Player One

- Best Movie Ever!5 star

I think the movie was amazing it has everything a good movie has to have. I don’t recommend it if you haven’t watched the other movies.

- A sad attempt at a Star Wars film1 star

I watched this film hopeful and with an open mind as I had heard mixed reviews from friends, but mostly avoided opinions as I wanted to see for myself without any prior notions. Here's what I got out of the film: Confusion with it's bouncing from one scene to the next before you could comprehend or digest what had happened, which only piles up throughout the film leaving you basically in the dark by the ending. Annoyed by dumb and irritating dialogue from characters such as Finn unnecessarily screaming "RAYYYYYY" every few minutes, poor attempts at comedic relief from Poe, and one quote by a background rebel soldier who justified Palpatines return to the entire resistance by saying "cloning, technology only the sigh had access to," meanwhile there is literally the prequel film Attack of the Clones, and an entire animated series The Clone Wars... that's all I'll say about that. And mostly disappointed with the film ruining any stakes it might have built by bringing back items that were previously destroyed, and too many people that were or should have been killed on screen and resurrected, or the implied deaths that turned out not to have happened at all. Here's the list that I can remember. Kylos helmet crushed to bits in a symbolic scene from the last Jedi is just repaired for seemingly no reason as he hardly ever if at all wears it in this film. Anakin's lightsaber, which was symbolically form in half and blown up by ray and kylo, just, is back now, for some reason. Guess nothing really breaks in Star Wars anymore. Then we have the scene where ray and kylo are fighting over a pod trying to get away "with chewy on board!" (Big stakes and tension) when ray, in what should have been a huge character developing moment, accidentally blows up the pod with force lightning. Big sad, chewy is dead and ray has to live with the fact that she lost control and killed him. SIKE he just WASNT ON THAT ONE OOPS BAD CALLOUT yay everything's fine who cares. How about when kylo for some reason instead of shooting ray from his tie fighter he tries to ram into her but instead Ray takes a wing off and kylo crashes in a violent fiery explosion. But then he just walks out without a touch of dust on him and not a tear in his robes. Then there's the well done goodbye scene for C3PO when he agrees to reset his memory to give the heroes a chance. But nope! The goodbye scene is completely thrown in the garbage a little later when they just bring his memory back. Kylo dies again and then he doesn't Ray dies and then she doesn't I'm getting tired of writing but I think I've made my point. Also the "force Skype calls" as people are calling that BS where now items can teleport from anywhere in the universe immediately, is a real film killer as it makes no sense, it's never been seen or spoken of before and only happens in this film because we were too lazy to figure out a reasonable way of driving the plot forward. The film stinks, also palpatines death was anticlimactic and unreasonable.

- Amazing, I cried!!5 star

Thank you Disney! It was different but amazing! 6 out of 5 for sure!

- Worse than last GoT episode1 star

The plot, acting, writing, and story was truly awful. It was hard to see my joyful youth experiences just thrown away by this horrific display of modern day movie making. Disney, I expect to make bad movies, but George Lucas should never have signed off on this script. Just plain bad.

- Star Wars5 star

A fantastic movie

- Why would anyone buy this?1 star

Probably one of the worst Star Wars films in awhile....truly a mess slapped together. There was nothing at stake...I never felt like any of the characters were actually in danger....and I could care less if any of them died. Then we’re supposed to believe Kylo Ren is redeemable after he killed his own dad? Ok... Palpatine comes back because Snoke was supposed to be the main villain. They spent billions to make a sub par trilogy with no cohesion...

- :(1 star

An ending that felt like a new jurassic world movie (cheap, rushed, soulless) rather than an actual star wars movie. such a waste

- Great Movie!!!5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. I never really listened to the critics because it’s all based on your own preference.

- So Bad1 star


- Sad1 star

Disney has ruined this franchise. Pay no attention to those who say you just don’t get it, these movies are a lazy, effortless ending to what was a great story.

- Not what I waited 40 years for...3 star

Five minutes into the movie I expected to see The Three Stooges slapping their way across the screen. Give it back to Lucas and start over from scratch.

- It's all right3 star

Not as bad as people say, not as good as people say. It was fun-ish. A hot mess of nostalgia.

- I will always support Star Wars5 star

Amazing end every Star Wars movie has been good and this one is

- Better That The Last One4 star

Fast paced, frantic, funny, lots of action. I’d say JJ did a fantastic job trying to redeem the last movie. The emperor scenes were crazy cool

- Star Wars rise of sky walkers5 star

Love it

- they ruined it1 star

They made the movie PC and they ruined it. They should just make mind blowing movies!!!!


MONEY MARCH 9 25 (2021)

- A good end to a Saga5 star

I loved it! Had a few boring moments. But over all it was a good movie and I loved how it ended the series, and all the nods in it. Enjoy! And may the force be with you!

- Cinematic Drunk Driving2 star

They crammed what should have been two seperate films into one instantly forgettable manically paced mess. Between the Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker this Sequel Trilogy has been the Cinematic equivalent of Drunk Driving.

- Better than TLJ2 star

(Spoilers I suppose)This is a really bad movie, but it pales in comparison to Rian Johnson’s disaster The Last Jedi. This film makes no sense whatsoever and even mostly defies common sense. (Star Destroyers unable to fly) As everyone knows, the Emperor is back, but this time it doesn’t seem like he knows what he wants to do. Does he want to take over Rey or Kylo’s bodies? Does he want to reestablish the Empire? How did he survive being thrown down an elavator shaft and being blown up? If the Prequels established one thing was how brilliant Palpatine was. In the Prequels, Palpatine managed multiple plots to achieve a Sith Empire. In this film he is bumbling and defeated easily by a girl who has had sparse training at best. Rey of course, can do everything, although she at least gets some training (from Leia?) this time. Most of the film is wasted trying to get the “heroes” to the Emperor when a better story would have spent more time developing characters. Finn apparently CAN use the Force, but this is not developed. Poe is pretty much the same as in the TFA. We get ton of new characters, but no clue why we should be invested in any of them except they are good and Palpatine is evil. The ending features Mistress Palpatine defeating grandpa and then a corny celebration and group hug. There are CGI explosions galore. Rey in the end decides on a new last name which is sure to offend old time fans. In the end, this explosie diarrhea of a mess is less offensive than the “so bad I will ever watch again” Last Jedi. This film is just a really bad Star Wars film whereas TLJ is a unmitigated disaster. TRS really is a badly organized, written, scripted and even visualized (the Emperor’s cave is so murky you can’t make much out) film and is ultimately a failure. The actors do a good job with shit material. Still better than TLJ.

- Disappointing conclusion!2 star

Thank goodness I didn't have to pay for this movie. I don't know much that I can mention without massive spoilers, but just know that this conclusion to the series is just kind of an underwhelming moment. It is, however, a full star above The Last Jedi! But seriously all of the directors, producers, all of the main staff, just fire everyone and get it over with please!

- A fun time!5 star

Action, fun, and excitement, made me feel like a kid watching Star Wars again!

- A barely satisfying and often disappointing end3 star

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, while visually dazzling, thrillingly paced, action-packed and entertaining enough to get by, is marred by an extremely convoluted plot, constant retcons of not only its predecessor but somehow also itself, and way too many underdeveloped characters. This final installment of the epic nine-episode Skywalker Saga does just enough to satisfy somewhat, but largely underwhelms in its execution. The action, visuals, music and performances carry this one. 6.5/10 Personal Notes: The film is damaged by its baffling sense of need to undo the last one. The Last Jedi wasn’t perfect by any means, but I don’t listen to a small and vocal clan of ungrateful geeks. I actually enjoyed The Last Jedi a lot. So to see Lucasfilm cater to whining fanboys instead of trying to please them by building on ideas previously set up in a satisfying way is greatly disappointing.

- Not as Bad as They Say4 star

I came in to the theater knowing full well that the reviews from fans and critics alike were awful. I was ready to hate it as soon as the lights dimmed. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. The movie isn’t bad. Certainly not great, but certainly better than TLJ. It had no pointless sequences (looking at you Canto Bight), no annoying and pointless characters (Looking at you Rose and Jar Jar). Many locations in the movie are shot beautifully. Action sequences were alright, a little shaky cam at times, but not what I’d consider excessive. Rey and Kylo Ren’s story arcs get completed - for better or for worse. Personally, I liked it, but I know many people do not. Overall, I’d give this movie 3/5, but will rate 4/5 because I watched with family that enjoyed it more to see the original cast have their arcs wrapped up.

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Cpt.Oliver - Disappointing New Trilogy1 star

Luke, Han and Leia should have had screen time together, mist opportunity.

malek bear 216 - Not the best not the worst4 star

It’s not the best film but not the worst film . Some stuff are injoyable but some stuff is bad

Blindcell - Please Stop!!1 star

Stop making these movies!! you destroyed any childhood memories i had of the franchise. I get it Disney is all about the cash. Why didn't you buy the Jerry maguire IP. Its an old movie but falls more in line with the disney motto of "Show me the money" Please do not buy any more franchises. Just to milk every last dime out of them as you crash and burn them. As far as this flick goes. The writing is just junk. But that goes for all of these new star wars flicks. while you are watching the movie it doesn't make sense from one movie to the next. From one scene to the next. its just bad. This coming from a horrible writer (look at how poorly this review is written) Not a fanboy either. Just like good stories. its not here.

Rubin573 - Star Wars-Rise of Sky Walker5 star

I’ve already purchased this

Reed Boucher - Great fun finale4 star

A vocal minority hated the sequel trilogy. They aren’t bad. This is a good finale. Could it have been more? Of course it could have! Every movie in existence could have been more. But if you love Star Wars and you ignore all opinions and reviews you will love this movie.

TACSTACSTACS - Yes it’s awful do waste your money!!!1 star

This movie is about as lazy and as brain dead as you can for story telling. We’re the last to movies bad? YES. This is much worse!!!!!

Kool Daddy! - What a sad ending...1 star

Disappointing ending that proves Disney had no actual plan for this trilogy. It’s amazing how they have managed to tarnish the Star Wars brand so much in just a few years.

General gagnon - Rise of the plot holes1 star

Seems like the core focus was milking nostalgia and retcon the last Jedi. Plot holes are too numerous to mention starting with an abysmal unoriginal ending that doesn’t make sense. 1 star for Babu Frik the best alien created in this mess of a trilogy. Disney should’ve kept George Lucas drafts instead of tossing them in the rubbish bin...

Minioli1 - Ok way to spend 2 hours bad way to end a saga.2 star

This movie retconned the last one, was mostly illogical and seemed to pull convenience out of it’s rear end so often the story was made laughable. If you want to enjoy star wars, watch the mandalorian or clone wars.

Firestorm3 - Absolutely Awful1 star

Just ignore, it’s a plot hole filled pile of crap

JDanials - No thanks1 star

“Rise of the box office”

not very col - Not cool1 star

Not cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

jaecameron - Good bye, old friend.1 star

Yeah.... no.

Tye 1980 - Star Wars deserved better.2 star

I’m not sure how the company that made both Guardians of the Galaxy movies could put together something that utterly wastes its potential as completely as this series did. At times it can look and sound the part.... but it’s like a chatbot that fails the Turing test after 2 questions... just shallow and empty and gimmicky and utterly careless.

Pixie_Devil - Still not over how upset this made me1 star

I saw this movie three months ago on opening night and I’ve been upset, to put it mildly, about it every day since.

Hoth genral - Great ending to the Skywalker saga5 star

Loved it for what it was, a great Star Wars movie!!

Jackaboy lit - This is a awesome movie5 star

This is awesome movie

Ninjastarr85 - Ties everything up perfectly5 star

It’s really hard to please everyone. I think JJ did his best and it turned out really well. Exciting and satisfying with the fan service. The previous 8 movies get their love and this concludes everything nicely.

/b/lair - Riddled with plot holes, ruins the original movies1 star

Not a fan of this new trilogy. Force Awakens was a large inspired-by A New Hope. The Last Jedi wanted to dismantle TFA and the previous six films with some egregious filmmaking. This spent two-plus hours trying to undo all of TLJ, and also inadvertently destroyed the original movies with a lot of their sudden decision making. I have no tolerance for movies that completely unravel the moment you apply a little bit of thought to it.

Jello8776 - Phenomenal, big improvement5 star

Definitely the best sequel episode. Closed the saga off the best they could!

stuandcathi - Amazing5 star

Considering what JJ had to work with after the disaster that was The Last Jedi, it was truly great on an epic scale. Don’t listen to the haters, if you want good old fashioned entertainment, go see it, again and again and again.

GoblinPumpkinKing - More please.5 star

Exciting and fun from beginning to end.

Jamie Bacon - Thank Goodness.............2 star

Thank goodness we now have the Mandalorian!

spencer_eh - Great movie5 star

Stop comparing this movie to other movies. Not everything has to be compared to the original trilogy.

Manning2072 - Definitely not great...2 star

It was ok but to say great is a stretch, it’s a watch once and never again movie.

ti_will_music - The best of the trilogy.5 star

The first 15 minutes, are very fast paced but the storyline is great. I loved it.

Radjarad - Great film5 star

I really enjoyed this movie! Go watch it all I’ll say Your welcome

webhandle - Not Star Wars2 star

Decent action, great acting, some humour That lands, and a interesting yet choppy story line, but it’s handling of Star Wars lore and Star Wars internal logic is tragic. It’s a OK movie, but a terrible Star Wars movie.

Thegeneraljay - Great flick.4 star

Great show major effects. ☝️

markchech - Everyone is now a critic5 star

I saw this movie over the weekend and was actually thrown off by the horrible reviews. I was actually expecting a terrible movie but was greeted by an amazing movie. I think what we have here are old school die hards that will always be critical of anything released after Return of the Jedi. One that all think they are movie producers and directors. What do you actually know about plots? lol I laugh when I hear some basement nerd talk about plots and acting skills. Anywho, go enjoy the movie and don’t listen to the negative reviews.

tayup - Disjointed mess of a trilogy1 star

The last three movies make the prequel trilogy look like pure genius. It’s really tough to imagine they went into this with a plan other than to try and make money out of an established property.

MaxTO - Loved it !5 star

Just saw this last night and loved it ! The move was far better then some of the reviews would lead you to believe. The movie also ties into the Darth Plagueis story line of a Sith Lord who learned how to beat death itself. I can’t wait to watch this again

Marc447 - its great5 star

Much better the second viewing! better than the avengers.

teentitansgobestmovie - 100%5 star

This is definitely the best Star Wars movie and best movie of 2019.

Ricky Tracko - 9/104 star

one of the best movies of 2019

Death adder57 - Crap1 star

All these fans are not real star wars fans. Its a shame this movie was even considered. The plot holes this movie has the crap they filled it with id watch any movie in the world before id watch this again.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Better than I had new hoped...5 star

Forget the critics. Unsure if they ever saw the first film in 1977. Driving down the road on vacation in Florida and seeing a billet reading “Star Wars” was the best thing I had ever seen. This series is NOT the best. None of the films were. Critics are complaining about the dialogue, the sets, the acting. Did you ever watch the first one? HORRENDOUS! To a 5-15 year old kid, it captured our imagination and held onto it. This film completed a story. Like Jedi did. Now let’s move on and enjoy the next saga. Hopefully with some amazing story telling. If you don’t like this film, I’ll tell it like it is. Shut it. It means you aren’t a Star Wars fan of old but a millennial. All ready to whine and complain about stuff we already know about and accept. So deal with it and enjoy this final Skywalker tale. Excellent.

ShadowSquadron OptimusPrime4me - Perfection Made into Film5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It does a lot to validate the sequels for me and it is pretty good at wrapping up the entire 9 films. The force is certainly with this film.

Cactus KC - Sad illogical conclusion.1 star

Montage of irrational stories, shallow characters, abysmal plots, and absolutely not in line with the first series. I’m glad this series is now over.

Dude123455334 - Amazing5 star

Loved every second of it. The critics are wrong.

Ccm924 - It’s just a space opera. Enjoy it!5 star

Loved this movie. It’s not supposed to be real life. It’s just for enjoyment. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. Can’t wait to buy it on iTunes.

terminizer - Good but certainly not the best Star Wars movie.3 star

This movie is better than last Jedi in my opinion, but falls short on storytelling and character arcs. There is good action scenes tho.

RetroGratts - Don’t Listen to the Critics4 star

Does the sequel trilogy make any sense? No. Did I hate The Last Jedi? Yes. Was The Rise of Skywalker a bad movie? Not at all! It’s a dumb space adventure! I laughed, I cried and most importantly, I had fun. Trust me... I wish this was as good as the original trilogy, but it’s not. When you accept that and just enjoy the movie for what it is, it’s actually a great time. I walked away feeling disappointed that this trilogy didn’t come together as I thought it would, but I guess it is what it is. I’m still a fan, just lowering my expectations going forward. I hope you enjoyed the movie as well! After all, that’s what movies are there for. :)

Mr sad face😿 - Trash1 star

Hot garbage in a can

geromia - Good👍5 star


UndisputedVoiceOfReason - Play 'Free Bird'3 star

When bands have a 35 year back catalogue of hits, most of the audience wants to hear the hit songs, not any new album. After 9 films, I think there is getting to be fatigue of the same tropes, scenery and paperthin plots. I get it, like the last Seinfeld, one wants everyone to be brought back one more time for the finale. Alas, there is so much of playing of the old hits, there is little time really for meaningful character development or new ground. A plot more aimed for children in my opinion.

Youraveragemarvelmovie - Alright3 star

The first 10 minutes of the film was wonderful as it answers a very important question from the last two films... ... but it then goes down hill from there Any scenes featuring the first order were really the best scenes of the movie

Awesomemoviereviews - Fantastic5 star

Excellent Star Wars movie.

Undrgrndkng - lame1 star

finn and poe are the worst

prefesinal reviewer - Love when jar jar takes over5 star


Rick40 - Against the Grain5 star

I know unlike most from my generation (I saw the origianl as a 9 year old) I actually loved this movie The Last Jedi was ok , I loved the The force Awakens , I feel alot of my generation have an issue with a female lead in this trilogy and hide behind other frivolous resons to dislike it . Any way I for one loved it .

Wendo14 - Loved it5 star

I heard so many bad reviews that I was a little bit reluctant to watch this movie. As a Star Wars fan from the original release of the film back in the 70’s I loved it. It was over 2 hours long and I think that was the perfect amount of time to end the story. To include everyone/thing would have been to long.

Radiodaddio - Rental?3 star

How about a rental for those in lockdown etc?!

Riley2703 - Increadible5 star

This movie is absolutely phenomenal, as it is now my favourite movie all these negative comments are just people who don’t know how to appreciate something. They connect this movie with the old ones very well as there is a lot of nostalgia. And memory’s that this movie brings back! Highly recommend!

JimJamz21 - Excellent ending to the series5 star

A great way to end the series. We loved it.

mr. isaac and his review - Wow just wow5 star


rosgreg - good as the first5 star

42 years later and as good as the first one. what a great trilogy

Reawithenita - Rise Rey Rise5 star

I think my opinion on rise of Skywalker is that I think the journey was very exciting and questions were well answered however I think the simple scenario of Rey’s parents being ‘murdered’ is silly... We hardly found out who they were and what there part of the story was and how they were connected to the Palpatine’s/Skywalker’s. I overall I think it was a very good movie and... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

MJ449 - I’m a Star Wars kid but...2 star

It’s sad to see what’s become of the story I grew up with as a kid. A story of the ages has been wound up as a social experiment for the ‘woke’ rather than just concentrating on what made the originals what they were. Star Wars sadly to me died when George Lucas ejected and gave away the rights. Very sad to see what has become as a slow death for something that was so great.

Go Jurassaic World 2 - Best movie of the whole saga5 star

Most exited film to see. Watched the trailer every day. When I walked in the cinema I was going crazy.(SPOILERS) when Rey stabed Kylo I was shocked. And I loved it when Lando’s fleet arrived. And by the way do not listen to imdb or rotten tomatoes.

That Mono Guy - Biggest Disappointment1 star

What a mess of a film, such a hodge podge of fan service ideas, that don't make any sense. If you want any key important details, you best be sure you have to read a Visual Dictionary or Novelization to understand what's going. Biggest disappointment in history.

FlammingWarrior - Good not Great3 star

The epic grand finale of Star Wars? Much too small time and confused. Smells of a harried u-turn after VIII. Half the film is busy undoing the The Last Jedi, and the rest is busy playing boring tricks on the viewer (Chewie, anyone?) Don’t get too invested, view it as over baked fan-fic, and you’ll probably enjoy it. But, not as much as IW+EG.

11Joshy11 - Can’t Wait5 star

I’m a Star Wars fan and unfortunately I couldn’t see this episode when it was released at the cinema, I so can’t wait until it’s released and made available from Apple.

TheForceIsWithJesse - Damn, I love Star Wars!5 star

I saw it 8 times in cinemas, I really wanted to go more. This film brings it full circle in the most beautiful ways, while still leaving the future in the imaginations of the viewers. Ben Solo is the shining light the galaxy needed. If you love it too, come listen to Star Wars, Go Figure podcast, we’ve discussed this film at length and will continue to after its home-release.

reagancate - AMAZING5 star

I cannot express how much I loved this movie, ADAM DRIVER AND DAISY RIDLEY killed it and made me feel so much in every scene. This was one of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking Star Wars movies for me, but I loved it!!

_Poky - Fun, fast, fan-friendly5 star

There's a lot of divided opinion out there and young people exspecially love to get on the hate-bandwagon to make themselves feel superior. Apart from a few narraitve issues, it's a fun, fast and fan-friendly. People complain about too much "fan-service" but if you are a fan, do you not want to be serviced? I loved all the callbacks, winks and nods to the other films. Also, people complained that it retconned The Last Jedi. Well, it kinda did if you look at it cynically, however, really it develops the story and characters beyond The Last Jedi. The biggest cryiticism I have is how they rushed Palpatine's return and the lack of any explanation. They could have easily had a three minute flashback to catch us all up on how Palpy got to where he was, rather than relying on books and comics to fill in the gaps. I saw the film twice in cinemas and loved it both times. Well worth the purchase on iTunes to complete the set.

Y2krashman - bad1 star

Another entry in the not-at-all Star Wars, DiC Star Wars trilogy. There’s no continuity, no justification for the return of deceased characters. (The high rating on iTunes is extremely suspicious, and suggests that Apple is anything but an honest company.)

dog of doctors - Fully sick not gonna lie.3 star

Pretty specify film, lies the bit with the laser swords. Fully epic!

RileyJHarris1-19 - Just awful.1 star

Imagine calling your big grand finale ‘Rise of Skywalker’ and you kill off all the Skywalkers and let Palpatines granddaughter take over the name.

trlpenkdedenoe - Very Amazing5 star

This is an amazing movie and extremely exiting. I really recommending to watch this movie.

nathdonn - Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker smashed by Avengers Endgame.3 star

I was five when my parents took me to Star Wars back in 1977. I saw Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi for their original cinema releases. While I really liked The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, these movies were well and truly put to the sword by Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Bad luck JJ, the Russo brothers beat you with better quality movies. It’s not such a bad thing it makes the original Star Wars movies that more special and nothing holds a candle to them.

not lu-la - Opening To Star Wars Is Psychological Music 2012 VHS4 star

1. Walt Pisney Home Video 2. Disney's Fast Play 3. Paying (2013) 4. Walt Pisney Pictures 5. Walt Pisney Pictures Percent

Doesntworkatall999999 - It’s star wars5 star

all star wars movies get 5 starts. simple

Fireshark733 - Great ending in a saga that changed the world5 star

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker has action, thrilling cliff-hangers, and, of course, the classic Star Wars vibe. A great conclusion to an epic saga. Not to be missed.

panda081217 - Best Star Wars movie yet5 star


tjffykugyukftyjfmghvuyk - Reee5 star

Ya yeet

Down Under Man - A Satisfying end to the Saga!5 star

The Rise of Skywalker is a very big movie. Not just the fact that It was a box office hit, but the fact that it was a massive story to bring all these characters New & Old together into a massive conclusion. J.J Abrams does a great job at restoring the franchise to its roots and keeping up the legacy of Star Wars.

Adam Farrer - A great end to the Skywalker Saga5 star

You couldn’t really ask for a much better ending than this. It was an emotional roller coaster of a film. My only criticism is that it could be a little longer to give more time to certain aspects of the film.

Mitchell6292 - Was okay3 star

If your a Star Wars fan don’t have high hopes was average they could of done so better. Force awakens was the only good film in this saga.

El Benji - Second worst1 star

Still better than The Last Jedi

Dark_Lord_71 - Should have been so much better1 star

A disappointing finale to a trilogy and a saga.

D Fuss - ✅4 star

Like all blockbusters lately, it is kinda hectic. I watched it, enjoyed a lot of it and now, that task is complete.

Brandynandy - Preorder the movie but1 star

I thought it would be out by now on iTunes if it doesn’t come out I guess it will be a waste of money

Lightningbolt777 - A perfect ending5 star

This film was incredible from the cgi to the story. There were no slow points of the movie. Big recovery from the last Jedi

nbb hbhxb xb cjcbcbb jcnnn - Coolest movie ever.5 star

I like Star Wars.

Lia.Eliza - One of the best movies I’ve seen5 star

As this is the last film of the saga, I was super excited (and sad) to watch this in the theatre. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen with many great messages behind it. A great way to end the saga.

Gftgdhjhfgdh - Great movie5 star

I thought this movie was great. Yes, there were some flaws but nothing that would compromise the whole movie. All the people who think this movie is bad because it doesn’t match the original trilogy, are just not adaptable to change.

lllooy - Hegina leavtion1 star

IT WAS AWESOME!!! me and my family enjoyed it at the movies all though i didnt feel so comfertble about the beging it was kinds lout but it was soooo good my fav part is when they went to this island with the big waves and stuff it was so cool :D 😍😍👍🏻

Alexandra. J - It’s not bad, but not great.3 star

A satisfactory end to an epic saga. I feel Carrie’s passing had a lot to do with changes to the movie which made it what it is.

Its-benny - Amazing5 star

Awesome movie 🥰 don’t know what all the negative reviews are about. It was beautiful cinematography and emotional in some places. Absolutely loved it

Lil Daynker - Uninspired and bland2 star

The final instalment of the star wars series has been disappointing. The story was ridiculous and I often found myself bored with too much dialogue. On the upside the effects and music was good, but those are the only positives I have.

Dayestar - Mandalorian1 star

Thank you Disney for giving us baby Yoda, Mando, Gina and IG-11, before you brought out Star Wars Ep9. 5 Minutes of the Mandalorian was better than 2 hrs of this recycled dribble. Great CGI and the best dialogue is delivered by Chewy and R2D2 hence the one star

bodhythebest - The best movie 🍿5 star

I think it’s good😀😀😀😀😀😀!!!

greenninja2o - Really good5 star

My brother hates Star Wars because he watched this now he loves it best movie hopefully they make more

pizza grenade - Thank you its5 star

Thank you for not making this movie sad like last Jedi

BNGBOY - A fair way to tie things off.5 star

Way too many armchair critics. It’s a movie and was tied off nicely. Just enjoy the two hours for what it is and let’s look forward to the next chapters.

jembot - Perfect5 star

I was there in 1977 for A New Hope, and have eagerly awaited each of the original series, prequels and sequel series. The Rise of Skywalker is a stunning, thrilling and beautiful end to the Skywalker Saga. It’s perfect...

Sid160273 - Brilliant5 star

Fantastic- really good.

Jacksamusmaximus - Excellent Film5 star

Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker: Review The epic conclusion to the Skywalker Saga is here and I could not have been more excited walking into the theatre. This movie absolutely works for me. The emotional weight this sequel trilogy has put on your shoulders is 100% payed off and you feel as if you have earned the right to be amazed. After the extremely divisive “The Last Jedi”, I think this film can reunite fans once and for all. Kylo Ren’s arc in this movie is mesmerising, seeing Finn, Rey, and Poe all together on the same mission is amazing. Not to mention the magnificent return of Lando Calrissian! Do not listen to Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, listen to me. This is not only my favourite Star Wars film, it is one of my favourite of all time. 9/10 Excellent

Craigy1976 - Waste.1 star

Im sad o say this movie is lacking in intergrity, Its embarrassing and NOTHING is explained. The Bad Guys actually win. Rey steals The Skywalker name and thats ok? Nope. This is not a movie for a Star Wars fan. It could be worse than the last one. Its 53% from the CRITICS on RT.

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Anonymous7395 - So bad2 star

Didn’t watch this in theaters but decided to buy it and it was so so bad. Wait for the rental if you want to check it out but I hope Disney have the reigns to future Disney movies because this new series has been so trash.

tesssss 😜 - amazing!5 star

an amazing comeback after the last jedi. beautifully done movie, little flaws. the duels, the twists and turns in the story, amazing. all characters are so supported in the story, and you can really see the friendships and such that have been developed between the last jedi and the rise of skywalker. despite what people say, this is maybe my favorite of the sequels, although force wakens did blow me away as much as this movie has.

CrimsonBl7 - Paid positive reviews1 star

It’s weird that none of the positive reviews for TROS don’t even explain why they liked this movie. What a terrible movie that erased everything from the last movie. R Johnson should have made TROS. I would have liked to know what he’s going to do with Rey character. And what was going to do with Luke after killing him off, or who the new villain was going to be. Instead we got Jj Abrams sequel to TFA where Rey finds out who her parents are, and Finn gets Jedi powers.

tvtvtvf g dcrvf - What is this1 star

The plot makes no sense I thought the characters are trash the ending is terrible the fans are going to hate this

Fletch F. Fletch - Laughably bad1 star

The little kids on here seem to love it, but anyone that has watched the original series of films know that the new trilogy of films are all derivative, poorly planned, contrary to what Star Wars was supposed to be about cash grabs. They have nothing new to say and they clearly had no larger story to tell and it shows. Plot holes abound and even the expert special effects can’t cover them up. If you’re easily dazzled by high production values and don’t mind the way the original characters are so badly treated (it’s basically an original trilogy character snuff film check list) or that the original themes are completely ignored or copied poorly, then the new trilogy should make you happy enough. If you were hoping the final film was going to right wrongs and have it make much sense then you’ll probably be pretty disappointed. It doesn’t even do an adequate job of explaining plot threads or character arcs introduced in its own trilogy so it shouldn’t be a surprise that anyone hoping to find satisfying closure for the ones around since the 1970s will feel like they got full hand slap in the face. There is a reason why each new film of this trilogy earned surprisingly less than the entry before it, and this is the worst reviewed live action Star Wars film of all time. The final shot featuring two characters in ghost form is like a cheesy Hallmark movie.

SmokedoutSoto - Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker5 star

Loved this movie!

Flightguy2014 - Great effects, lousy story1 star

Easily the worst of the SW stories, with a ludicrous and incomprehensible plot that does nothing plausible and serves only to fill almost 2.5 hours of screen time and provide Disney with a much-needed cash influx. Proving that JJ Abrams is an over-rated hack director with no idea how to tell a story, TROS ricochets from one scene to another with little concern for logic, character motivation, or even a clear focus of what The Force can do. If you must experience this abortion, save yourself money and borrow this from your local library when it becomes available. Better yet, watch the original series on DVD, or even the prequels, and forget that this movie, and its idiot twin The Last Jedi, ever existed, because true fans will forget both as well.

Captain David Quartermaster - Loved it, it’s great, but not perfect4 star

It’s much better than the last jedi, but it lacks originality. Still a great time and a fun way to end the saga!

Zeekenasty - Star Wars the rise of skywalker5 star

I thought it was great! Great storytelling, the whole movie had a good pace, comedy wasn’t too ridiculous like the last one.

kdcarver - Overwrought2 star

In a nutshell, JJ Abrams ruins another franchise. The actors perform as best they can with a script that is too long and tries to cover too many bases. The inclusion of an old menace seems contrived and without any creative spark. The only truly interesting arc is the connection between Rey and Ben. Too bad. It could have been more.

I Love Berries - Waste of Life1 star

No plot, ruining the franchise, terrible conclusion, unwatchable

Julesjaj - What’s not to love??5 star

I really like the movie you should definitely watch it!

Slppp - Best JJ could do after Rian J Ruined it4 star

Best JJ could do after Rian J Ruined it

T.Burkles - Simply Bad2 star

I thought I would give this another try, but it’s just bad.

boba fetsssss - Boba fetssssssssss2 star

I don’t like this new trilogy

Zerowingx - Another reason to switch to Star Trek1 star

What’s with the two women at the end kissing that seemed forced.....Awaken 🤣

rykincr - Pretty bad2 star

Feels like a carton on the worst way possible.

new and fresh and weird - Gets better each viewing for me5 star

I was lukewarm (no pun intended) on this film the first time I saw it. It gets better each time. If that was the plan, then masterstroke move by Abrams and Lucasfilm. Like it’s predecessors there are a few things that I wish were different, and I also consider it a 3rd place finish for the new trilogy. That being said, so much of it is well done and leaves me wanting to more from the new heroes in the future. Some of the best action scenes I’ve seen in a Star Wars film and some of the best humor too. This one will stand the test of time and be loved like Return of the Jedi.

BigMinnesota - Not up to expectations!2 star

As a life long Star Wars Fan I was disappointed in the writing. I feel they missed an opportunity to make a classic. The plot and writing killed this trilogy!

12412377 - Yer great5 star

This is a really good movie I got some things that I did not catch the first time I saw the movie

birdfeather123 - Why1 star

Honestly just why, the way it was ended didn’t bring anything to the skywalkers but it still brought everything to palpatine

Jared Kozal - A Beautiful Ending to An Epic Saga5 star

The Rise Of Skywalker is a thrilling, epic, and emotional conclusion to the Saga that I've cherished for almost my entire life. It honors all that came before and carries on that eternal spark of hope. I absolutely loved it! The Rise Of Skywalker features groundbreaking new developments, heartfelt tributes, and a message that is true to the soul of the Saga. There are cameos and callbacks to all nine films that delighted me, and the story just feels right. After watching it (especially that perfect final scene) my heart is just full. With one key exception - which I thought the film more than justified - The Rise Of Skywalker builds on everything that TLJ established. That's especially true of the Rey-Kylo relationship, which was one of the things that I loved most in TLJ and stands at the heart of this movie. The character of Rey, in particular, is incredible. I'm in awe of her after watching this movie. If the Skywalker Saga were truly going to end, I can't imagine a better way. This is Star Wars. I love these characters and this story. And like the Force, they will stay with me. Always. Thank you, Star Wars, for one last adventure ... for now!

mcew7176 - Extra Star for looking nice2 star

Otherwise this is a terrible movie. The new trilogy got off to a shaky start, Rian Johnson rescued with the near perfect Last Jedi. This movie chooses to build off neither TFA or TLJ and just delivers a pile of worthless forgettable gutless boring stupidity. It’s so bad that diminishes my enjoyment of previous Star Wars movies and my trust of JJ Abrams. However it looks gorgeous and has some very striking visuals.

82_lively - Nice end to a trilogy5 star

Not sure about everyone else but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, much better than The Last Jedi. This final chapter to this trilogy had my attention from beginning to end. Def worth checking out

XIV SSF - Garbage1 star

Every character interaction was completely irritating.At the end of the movie all you do is shake your head in disappointment.

Bobmeowrhi - Silly, not in a good way2 star

I always kind of wondered if JJ Abrams was a hack. I enjoyed his film Cloverfield and a few others, but ever since Star Trek Into Darkness, where he retconned the Star Trek 2 plot and basically just redid it with different actors, I began to wonder, “Is this guy a “good” director, as I originally thought, or a talentless hack?” After Star Wars 9, I’m thinking more the latter. For all the praise he gets, many of his films now consist of taking the storyline of other, better films, and jury rigging them into slightly different plot lines. Look no further than his much more lauded feature in the Star Wars myth, episode 7. It’s Star Wars, A New Hope, with different people and a different setting. It even has a new Death Star, just planet-based. Ultimately though, my biggest issue isn’t the sameness of the story, compared to other outings, it’s the absurd length JJ goes to erase episode 8, and the culmination of the film. I won’t go into too much detail, as others have done well with that. I’ll just point out that when we first see the stupidly sized “dark Star Destroyer” fleet (how did more ships than existed in the entire Empire get built secretly without anyone noticing?), the equally-stupidly sized Rebel fleet, and the Emperor “force-lightning’s” the entire rebel armada, I was noticeably rolling my eyes in the theater. Bottom line, it’s just a dumb movie with a terrible plot that feels like it was written by an army of 13 year olds who saw the original trilogy exactly one time. Maybe that sums up JJ’s level of writing.

💛Princess💛 - My Thoughts4 star

I say I give this a 4. I give this a four because I love the way the movie was shot and all of the continuity of it is straight good I love it. I wish I could give this a five but finding out that Rey was a Palpatine kinda doesn’t make sense I mean I wish they give little hints of this from the last movie and just straight put it in the movie like how can we know reys parents are part palpatine as well. I think JJ Abraham’s did good for the movie I think for me the story was a little misunderstanding and I didn’t like the ending I mean I love the romance part but I wish he didn’t die I mean he could have lived and have his punishment as In helping the resistance but overall good and love the actors they did great.

Magnum Avatar - A frantic mess of a film that never had a chance..2 star

One has to wonder how this sequel trilogy so thoroughly disappointed so many. So many others have accurately addressed the issues with these films.., I’ll say that there are those of you who enjoy this film and for that, I envy you. I couldn’t get there. I’ll speculate for a moment that perhaps this film was doomed from the beginning as there appeared to be far too much direction from the administration at Disney giving notes to alter the course of the films. Perhaps the directors and writers truly didn’t have a planned story arc for the trilogy as many have surmised. Bottom line: there are those of you who will like this movie no matter what someone like I write and that’s ok. I personally didn’t care for the apparent lack of character depth, growth, or story logic. I don’t believe this film could ever succeed due to where the story led up to this point.

S13gmund - Disney destroyed my childhood memories1 star

I didn’t see this in the theater because I was wary of the bad reviews and still felt jilted by the abomination that was The Last Jedi. Unfortunately, I fell victim to nostalgia, and my kids fell in love with Star Wars after a trip to The Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, so, against my better judgement, I purchased The Rise of Skywalker. I feel like a worse parent for having done so. This movie was so bad, the dialogue so inane, the plot so lacking and devoid of coherence and passion, that I would much rather have spent the $19.99 to pay a hobo to repeatedly stomp on my balls while urinating on my face. It was so bad that I literally got up in the middle of it and walked out, abandoning my wife and kids to suffer the indignity that is Disney’s rape of a beloved and culturally significant IP. I can’t deny that Disney really hit it out of the park with the entire Marvel Studios collection of films. I mean, they essentially started from square one and built an interwoven tapestry of brilliant storytelling, superb casting, mind-blowing special effects, drama, comedy, and thrills bringing together a cast of dozens (even hundreds) into a coherent cinematic dynasty. I would have felt comfortable knowing that Disney was taking the helm of this iconic series. Boy... Was I wrong. You F$%ked it up Disney. Shame on you.

Just Remco for today - SITH rules again.1 star

She killed him like he wanted it. But also killed thousands of people with him. If that isn’t a Sith Lord.

A Dedicated Directioner - Baaaad1 star

The only good thing is that it's better than Last Jedi

chase kp - Offensively bad1 star

A horrible production and a total waste of time.

Dannyb1234566 - Better than TLJ but still bad1 star

I think the honestly tried to fix the damage done in the last movie... but they crammed waaaaay too much into this one. And Luke milking the alien and slurping down green slop just can’t be unseen. :(

Que2340 - Disappointing2 star

This movie could’ve (and should’ve) been great. But instead, J. J. Abrams decided to completely rehash Return of the Jedi and add some really stupid plot twists to go with it.

Gil619 - Fall of the Skywalker1 star

Pretty much that’s what the title should be called. Pretty much there’s no Skywalker family that are alive just that girl who’s Palitine granddaughter. Which is what those fan base wanted. A movie should never be told by the fans, it’s up the George Lucas. He should have told his story and ended it the way he wanted. But hope the smart people don’t buy this digital or the Blu-ray when it comes out. Save your money!


It’s very bad

Korben Adams - Best newest starwars movie ever5 star

Don’t believe theses other hating cowards that hate the movie. The movie is absolutely amazing. Ignore the negative haters. 🤩🤩🤩👍

R7AA7R - Terrible Ending1 star

It’s Game of Thrones all over again. Why the Rush!! Guess Disney has a lot to look for giving priority to future productions targeting Disney Plus service. ☹️

Siciliy_T - Meh2 star

Didn’t want to inflate Disney’s box office numbers so I waited until it was on ITunes. The whole experience was meh. Not enough character development. Too much plot leading to too many plot holes. I almost turned it off on three different occasions because it was just boring. Visually, it was beautiful. JJ tried to pay tribute to older fans which I genuinely appreciate but if he really wanted to impress us, he would have brought back Anakin in some way and given Luke a substantive plot-line. I know JJ initially didn’t want to do all three films but I think the whole trilogy would have been much better had Disney thrown a ton of money at him to convince him to do so. Instead, we were left with one movie that was pretty well-liked and felt like Star Wars even though it was a New Hope rehash. It was fun, tense, and seeing Luke at the end gave us hope and a sense of excitement because we wanted to see what he’d become. A middle movie that ignored all of the interesting questions and excitement that The Force Awakens left viewers with. A final movie that tried to fix everything that The Last Jedi did wrong while at the same time never getting a footing of its own. Not blaming JJ - he had a steaming pile of crap to work with after The Last Jedi. Blaming Disney for completely alienating the fans that grew up with Star Wars and wanted to see a Jedi Master Luke. We wanted to see some of our characters remain relevant. Issuing in a new era does not mean the the old era has to go away. In life, new and old work together. Killing off all three of Han, Luke, and Leia wasn’t necessary. It just alienated the generations that grew up with those characters, had emotional attachments to them, and didn’t have those same attachments for the new cast. We probably could have developed an attachment and love for them but you were too busy killing off the characters we did love. Killing all three off was distracting to say the least. At the end of the movie, I just wondered how Disney could end one franchise so well (The Avengers) and another so poorly. Essentially, this last trilogy rendered the prior six movies completely irrelevant. None of it mattered. They should have taken their time and done everything necessary to land the ending and undo the mistakes of Ep. 8 - even if it meant episode 9 had to be two parts. I’m sure Disney interfered with the final product and thus we’re given a movie that just passes by and leaves you feeling nothing.

nick1991mac - Not a fan of the new trilogy1 star

This movie barely had any action. How do you mess that up? It is STAR WARS? Just boring characters, grainy cameras, soap opera drama, forced political acting. Boring. Skip. The only good actor/character in the film is Finn. Btw the movie makes zero sense and really has nothing to do with Star Wars. Stick with the spin off movies like: Rogue One, Solo, and the new Disney shows.

NHL NBA - Please4 star

Please lower the HD price for this movie.

yousefg08 - It’s Amazing5 star

There is no need for am explanation.

j_sole32 - When you put your agenda into a beautiful story1 star

When I first watched Star Wars as a child, I believe it gave many (including myself) a sense of being a part of our future. The story alone in its purity gave many the inspiration to imagine and create what society thought impossible. Why did you all have to go and ruin it. You can see hints of politics and personal thoughts of those who had a hand in all of this. Yet, Star Wars was a voice for brought many together. No thanks.....I’m done.

gentlewaves - Mandalorian is better than this1 star

Rent it & watch for yourself, then decide. To us, there where too many scenes, dialogue, editing, stunts, special sith effects, continuity that could have been so much better. Which is unfortunate, because the puppetry creations and some scenes & effects were Star Wars worthy. This movie felt like a cheap tv special, rushed together, which is sad, because the “StarWars” magic disappeared and so many veteran crew & cast worked on this film. Also, the movie kept spooling 20minutes before it ended! Watch The Mandalorian instead; that series has upheld The Star Wars Legacy and kept the magic alive.

2 plate - Visually good BUT1 star

It visually is good but so many plot holes that it ruins everything and changes the whole saga. And the kylo and Rey kiss was forced and shouldn’t have happened.

Drew Pitchford - Fitting conclusion5 star

Closes out the sequels in a great way. Skywalker saga done - can’t wait to see what’s next.

Jakehhunter - Terrible Story line4 star

As we move into a new era of film, we move with a generation with no tie to the past greatness of story telling and originality. We see these movies with substance not pertaining to thought and creativeness but abundance of CGI and quick fun.

brett hedges - I LOVED IT5 star

No one can tell me different. The use of Leia, Luke, Rey, Ben, all the characters. Almost perfect! It was sad when Ben died but it was understandable and made sense for the plot and i never thought Rey was a mary sue but it was good seeing her being related to someone and it is really poetic. I also LOVED the ending! She deserves to be a Skywalker! 🤍🤍

GraduatedFilm - Don’t do it.1 star

This movie is laughably bad. Don’t give them the money to keep making more of these atrocities. Go watch Empire instead.

NBGam80 - Best movie of the new trilogy.4 star

I felt that Abrams did the best with what he had to work with, after Rian Johnson took a hatchet to the story JJ set in Force Awakens. (TLJ was a horrible movie). All things considered, this movie was a fitting end to the new trilogy. It filled *enough* plot holes that I could feel comfortable with it. The only thing I disagreed with was Rey’s choice of name at the end. IMO this was the best movie of the 3, but this was hands down the worst trilogy of the 9.

5 star

@YahooEnt: C-3PO performer Anthony Daniels didn't want to be in #StarWars — then became the only actor to appear in all 11 movies. Here'…

5 star

@YahooEnt: C-3PO performer Anthony Daniels didn't want to be in #StarWars — then became the only actor to appear in all 11 movies. Here'…

5 star

@JeGutter: C-3PO performer Anthony Daniels didn't want to be in 'Star Wars' — then became the only actor to appear in all 11 movies. Her…

5 star

Contest: Win 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' on Blu-ray Combo (3 Winners) - TheHDRoom

5 star

C-3PO performer Anthony Daniels didn't want to be in 'Star Wars' — then became the only actor to appear in all 11 m…

5 star

C-3PO performer Anthony Daniels didn't want to be in #StarWars — then became the only actor to appear in all 11 mov…

5 star

@starwars: Force connected! Get Star Wars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker only Digital now & watch it tonight: …

5 star

Deleted Scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Reunites Darth Vader’s Helmet and Kylo Ren…

5 star

@reeseburton @PolarPhantom1 @lastcrusadeleft Rise of Skywalker was fully JJ Abrams shit show. Chris Terrio does not…

5 star

Storytelling is changing. Keep up with the trends. #21stcenturyfilmstudent⚡️ #mustread #mustthink #postcinema…

5 star

@sithmando: the rise of skywalker was the most powerful star wars movie. so powerful in fact that it made me resent the entire sequel tr…

5 star

@starwars: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is on Digital TODAY! ❤ this tweet to unlock a special bonus clip + get a reminder when the B…

5 star

@adamdriverse: Adam Driver’s side profile in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

5 star

@adamdriverse: Adam Driver’s side profile in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

5 star

Melhor definição possível. / Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker via @YouTube

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Images & Pictures

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Posters

space opera

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker posters
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