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Donnie Yen reprises his role as the legendary Wing Chun master in the grand finale of the revolutionary martial arts series. Following the death of his wife, Ip Man travels to San Francisco to ease tensions between the local kung fu masters and his star student, Bruce Lee, while searching for a better future for his son. From the action visionary behind Kill Bill and The Matrix, witness the heroic sendoff to the saga that inspired a new wave of martial arts movie fans. Following the death of his wife, Ip Man travels to San Francisco to ease tensions between the local kung fu masters and his star student, Bruce Lee, while searching for a better future for his son. Ip Man 4: The Finale Wiki

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Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)

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- Chinese Communist propaganda on high...1 star

Wow take the most woke American made film or TV show. This makes it seem centrist by comparison. Stupid story too. Kid is a trouble maker. Send him to the USA. Thanks. Of course by the end there is no place like home. Acting ranges from serious for the Chinese to corny goofs for anyone else. Making it feel very uneven. Fight scenes are good. Visuals can be pleasant. Just too much agenda to wade through.

- Still great4 star

The fighting is still amazing and the story bittersweet. The characters are cartoonishly over the top. The racist sergeant, the evil rich white guy and his hysterical Karen wife, and the spoiled cheerleader are so over the top it’s almost funny. Still I enjoyed the film but it does have a noticeable anti white undertone which is honestly, at least historically, somewhat deserved. It’s a shame to think that this kind of portrayal is what regular Chinese people might think about me as an American. Still I love Donnie Yen and the film is entertaining and has a decent message about the importance of family and community even if I was uncomfortable with the portrayal of the antagonists.

- Propaganda. Racist Film.1 star

The film is clearly intended to reinforce anti-American sentiment. What a shame to make such arrogant use of such a great franchise.

- Entertaining Escapist Martial Arts4 star

I was expecting a moderately entertaining action film, however this one holds together quite well with excellent acting, a lightweight but fun story line, and enough eye-candy martial arts to keep it upbeat and fun. It’s well balanced with a complex plot with several subplots interspersed with skillful action sequences that don’t go on too long, like in some other movies. I don’t have much experience watching martial arts films, but this I found to be good entertaining escapism, obviously not to be taken seriously.

- Great movie5 star

Well done written . Highly recommended

- Don’t bother2 star

More SJW influenced spam

- me5 star



The martial arts in this film is good, but it pales to insignificance. This is 100% a propaganda piece that is entirely unsuitable for any young minds. You’re crazy if you let your 13 year old child watch this, unless of course you’re living in China and want him to hate America and Americans.

- Not worth it1 star

If you like the first 3 movies then you will hate this. Horrible story, cheesy dialogue, rough editing, crap acting.

- Great movie!5 star

Love it! All of it! The movie doesn’t portray all whites as racists. However I bet the racists whites are giving all the one stars here. And they give high rating to mean girls!

- Awesome5 star

Typical Trump voting American getting his ass handed to him! Perfect!

- Great movie5 star

It’s a great movie. White people are just hurt they weren’t portrayed as the good guy. Plus it has Bruce Lee in it hehe. I highly recommend it.

- Good old-fashion butt whuppin4 star

I liked the move. I've seen all the Ip Man movies a couple of times. The fight choreography is great and the story is once again solid. Most people living today don't have a personal context to the immigrant experience in the US. As far as this movie, many haven't understood the impact of WWII, the Korean and then the Vietnam Wars on the American psyche. Fighting wars against the "yellow man" meant that all Asians were treated as enemies to be defeated and, if nothing else, mistreated. This movie's back drop portrays that experience. While the story sets a reflection that is at odds with the ideals we believe America was, it isn't preachy. It just doesn't shy away from cost of the American dream either. In telling the story of a hero, IP man succeeds in making the world better for those around him and those that have come after him.

- Doh...1 star

Huge Donnie Yen fan...the first Ip man was amazing a true classic ...the second one was ok...the third was just not good ...this one was horrendous... I get it he is older but...it’s just not a good movie Donnie Yen clearly was the only one Who cared and is the only shining light in this movie everyone else was just bad and campy...

- Vitriolic and distorted anti US propaganda1 star

I am not some sort of ultraconservative extremist, just a regular guy. But even though previous Ip Man films made a big deal of demonizing foreigners, Ip Man 4 is so extreme that I have never seen a movie that presents such a distorted version of reality. In this film Americans - both adults and teenagers - a wildly prejudiced against the Chinese. There is a hugely corrupt government agency working with a hugely corrupt military involved in such things as taking a Chinese civilian so a Marine sergeant can beat him half to death on a military base in full view of an entire company of recruits and have it recorded on film. And this is followed by bragging that the US is superior in all things and that Chinese are "an inferior race". A half-dozen high school boys beat up a chinese girl? I don't want to go on. This film is clearly designed as propaganda intended to be shown to millions of Chinese in order to provide a false picture of Americans and to make the Chinese people hate Americans. It is one gigantic lie after another. Over recent years China has ramped up its expansionism - far beyond what any American is aware of. A huge part of this is international loan sharking that has forced a huge number of developing nations to hand over its infrastructure to China (roads and railwys in Uganda, Kenya and Zambia, the Philippines entire power grid, and much more). It represents a massive takeover. And there are many other things. This film is part of the package designed to fuel Chinese aggression. There has only been one other film that I have deleted and hidden in iTunes - and I have over 1,400 iTunes movies in my library. Ip Man 4 is the seond one. Again, I am not a right wing fanatic. I am as moderate as they come and definitely not a fan of Fox, but this film is so offensive that I am astonished that the average iTunes and RT commenters think it's great.

- Ip man5 star

Bad ass movie

- Horrible disappointment1 star

I bought this because I really enjoyed the first 3 movies in this series. But this 4th installment is a huge disappointment. First there's the "false advertising" trailers/ads that imply there will be a fight between Ip Man and Bruce Lee. There is not. The Bruce Lee character has only a minor, cameo role with one fight scene largely cribbed from prior Bruce Lee films. Second, although the story is primarily in San Francisco and several characters speak English, the large majority of the film has characters speaking Chinese so you have to read the closed captioning if you don't speak that language. Finally, and most importantly, the characters are unidimensional unrealistic white and black hats with no character development beyond setting up unrealistic fight scenes (compared to the more realistic ones in the first 3 movies, IMHO.) A real waste of money. Wish I hadn't bought it. Wish I hadn't bothered to watch it.

- Rotten tomatoes is broken !1 star

Movie is crap

- Great Movie5 star

I’m seeing a lot of people reviewing this movie that have paper-thin skin. Fact of the matter is this movie portrayed sentiments that were expressed around the period in which the movie takes place and are still expressed today. I understand some of you have a hard to coming to grips with the racist history of American culture, but it’s there and will always be there. Sooner you accept that, the better you can enjoy this movie and others.

- The enemy must be hated5 star

Before he is fought. All Chinese are one family. Self confidence is the most important. E Pluribus Unum. Courage is most important when surrounded by your enemy. Out of many one.

- What a waste1 star

I enjoyed the other installments and even several of the spinoffs. I wish I hadn’t watched this installment.

- Thanks5 star

I was going to wait to buy this on physical media but then I saw all the snowflakes complaining about how whites were often very xenophobic against asians in that time period and are portrayed that way in this film. Still are to a degree. Quick, name a bunch of movies where you actually see an Asian man kiss a white woman. Yeah that’s what I thought. So now just because so many cry babies can’t face up to mistakes of the past so they won’t be repeated in the future I’m buying this right now. And I’ll still buy the physical copy later. And maybe some for friends.

- Racist-Shmacist: Get real5 star

For those reviewers who called the movie “racist” and “white-bashing,” you need to learn some actual, factual American history. The only “real” Americans are the ones who met Columbus, et al when they came ashore. Deal with it! The movie is a fitting conclusion to the Ip Man saga in every way. It faithfully presents other perspectives on the Chinese, the development of Wing Chun, and Ip’s relationship with his son. The style and level of drama - as well as great martial arts choreography – are true-to-form, excellent…IMO.

- Propaganda Piece1 star

I never write reviews but I hated this movie. I’ve enjoyed other IP movies but this was over the top blatant propaganda. I have no idea why it’s rated so high. It was just cheesy. With everything going on in society/the world now this felt like a Wuhan slap in the face...

- Great movie for martial arts5 star

Great movie with historical facts of racism but goes to show you that you need to overcome them and enjoy each other. Action icon Donny Y is great. Humble man IP man is an example of teaching others about life.

- Disregard other snowflake reviews5 star

Great finale to close out the series. Well crafted with sentimental values connected to family, honor, and responsibilities of a martial artist. Absolutely worth the watch as well as all other predecessors in the series.

- Worst of all Donnie Yen movie1 star

The movie is so bad I don’t even know where to begin. It wasn’t just the worst of the Ip Man series, it’s worst out of all of Donnie Yen’s movies. I loved Donnie Yen and I have loved the Ip Man series thus far but this is so bad I think I have to re-evaluate my life choices. It is so racist that I’m embarrassed at how this story portrayed the Asian vs white culture. I feel that it’s so racist the screen writer, director, and pretty much anyone involved in the project must be racist just to have worked on this. Donnie Yen, what happened to you? This is an action/martial arts movie. Bringing in society’s problem is not going to make a better action movie. You know what does make it better? ACTION!!

- Critics love this because ...2 star

While I love marital arts, I do not believe this movie is a fair representaion of all the people in America. The fact that China thinks we are all racists is proof that they should probably look at themselves first before throwing shade on us. Although they will not due to the fact it is a communist regime that controls them and the media. I gave it 2 stars because Donnie Yen is in it and the coreography was pretty good. Otherwise, another hit piece on the US.

- What happened to the languages?1 star

IP Man 1 - 3 had Spanish Stereo and subtitles... IP Man 4 doesn't .. please fix it

- English dubbed1 star

How come this movie is not dubbed in English like the rest of the ip man movies?

- Racism1 star

Racist ass movie.

- CCP Propaganda1 star

While all of the Ip Man films have some ethnocentric propaganda elements, this last one is over the top ... it just becomes offensive. The film simply hammers the theme of how racist, hateful and brutish Americans are over, and over and over. The portrayal of the USMC is particularly disturbing, offensive and ridiculous.

- Ok4 star

Nice movie!!!

- Propaganda movie2 star

It is very decently filmed Chinese propaganda movie.    China tries to move attention away from horrible crimes against their own people, protests in Hong Kong, Uygur concentration camps and complete censure in internet and TV. So they film series of movies where they portrait people from UK or US to be same as Japan occupation force... Cheap.   Film wise - I liked music and choreography, but it is close to cartoon, how no man in China except Ip can fight. They all are always soundly defeated. Why? What is the point of this humiliation?

- Why can’t I watch the movie1 star

I’m trying to rent it, but it’s not available anywhere to rent! What the heck man

- Propaganda film1 star

This is a ridiculous propaganda film against America. Every single Westerner (including military) is portrayed as racist. Don’t waste your money on a propaganda film.

- Terrible1 star

Really bad

- Accurate Portrayal of Chinese treatment in that era5 star

It’s the IP Man we all know and love; unfortunately people like to try to ignore exactly how horribly the Chinese and other ethnicities were/are treated in America. If your only complaint about the movie is because your feelings were hurt but honesty, I suggest doing research about America’s history.

- Awesome5 star

I recommend this movie if you really love Ip man this is something you must watch.

- Great movie5 star

Really accurately portrays the racism that asians went thru in America during the 1060s

- No English language version available1 star

I didn’t notice that till I rented the movie, disappointing

- I hoped for better3 star

I’ve watched the entire ip man series, And I must say this one is a disappointment! As all the Chinese are good and the white people are the villains Truly bad timing, especially considering that the Chinese virus That has come from there, has decimated Half the world

- Disappointed!1 star

Awful, not what I expected. Weak and overstated political attitude.

- Not at all like the other 31 star

I could not wait for Ip4. I could not be more disappointed. It’s a completely different type of film; almost campy, B type movie feel. In every other movie as he goes to fight I had the feeling of “oh boy! You’re gonna get it now!” In 4 it just felt like “please don’t hurt him”. It was actually sad to watch him fight vs exciting. I’m sorry to say that I think Rocky V was better than this.

- Great5 star

Great way to end the Ip Man series!

- Chinese propaganda1 star

Translation: White men bad China men good. Anti history, anti white, anti American, anti Marines, anti acting, anti fight scenes, anti cinematography. Writen by emperor Xi of the communist party, produced by the democratic party and directed by Nancy Pelosi. I wanted to give it a minus star but not possible give me my $5 back! & get China out of movies.

- Awesome!5 star

Same excitement as the previous Ip Man movies. I love it.

- Love this movie5 star

Great movie all movie of donnie yen from 1 and 4 i have it you guys must watch from the first to finale its great i hope you still have up coming movie

- cool movie!5 star

cool movie!

- Worst Ipman.2 star

This movie felt rushed and was just overall bad as a stand alone movie and definitely compared to the previous Ipman movies.

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Tayson3166 - Amazing end5 star

This is one of the best ip man movie and a great ending

jpkhayat - Ip Man 45 star

Just an amazing movie. 5 stars!

Och.laddie - Worthy successor to Ip man 1 and 24 star

This isn’t a great film in terms of acting or effects - mediocre there. The story is ok. But if you like Ip man you will be thrilled by the fight scenes. This is a Chinese movie so lacking “polish”. Like martial arts? watch it!

va3lim - Must watch5 star

Good story & good fight scenes

richard the dragon creighton - Ip man 45 star

Ip man rocks this movie blows my mind Donnie yen is fantastic as ip man as a fellow martial artist I truly love this movie so sorry it’s the last in the series if you are after great fighting and action this is the movie for you right up my alley 10 out of 10 keep up the great work Donnie Richard the dragon creighton

Ricky Tracko - 10/105 star


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sjrdragon - Fine Ip Film5 star

China has offered a counter narrative to USA propaganda films since JohnWayne’s Green Berets

Hylo McAvery - Hate crime movie1 star

This movie is basically a huge bash on white people by portraying all white people as being extremely rascist.

adbnyc - Great movie5 star

Very much enjoyed the final movie. You will too.

Bleach271 - Wow5 star

Seen them all love them all

Berkeley Rooster - Good Movie!5 star

Very enteraining.

Karlito-DJ - Absolutely amazing5 star

What an amazing way to finish the series! Ip Man 4 is amazing.

Joel_conga - The best movie5 star

The best actors Donnie and Scott uffff

Hydronnnnn - Perfect5 star


Grasli - Anti American2 star

I wanted to like it but why the China vs America angle.

Kick buttakiss - Best one/sad one5 star

Love these movie said that it’s the last one and love the actor and having Bruce lee. Also there is a sub version just have to know how to turn it on.....

ndn624 - ADD AUDIO LANGUAGES1 star


Chuck812 - The best so far5 star

I’ve loved the IpMan movies since the first one. This one is the best. People complain of the white man against the Chinese stereotype but in those days that’s how it was. We even locked them in concentration camps during WW II. This is a semi biographical series and I’m sure there was some embellishment but overall these movies do what they are supposed to. Entertain us and hopefully teach us a little about life. I was happy to see the time spent on Bruce Lee in the series.

LTPug - No English dub verson1 star

This is sad, I don’t speak Cantonese and I am dyslexic. I rely on English dubbed movies to help me enjoy other cultural movies for other countries. Why this IP man is the only non English dub version is frustrating. I hoping they will end up adding it, but feel I just wasted my money. 1 star cause I can’t understand it.

Browntofu - Closure5 star

After watching Part 3, I thought it was a great ending and was satisfied with its closure for the trilogy. I was disappointed at first when I heard they were doing a part 4 (money grab), but after viewing it...I was wrong. This movie has that same emotional tie-in with Rocky Balboa. Ip Man is old and is trying to make amends throughout the movie. The story is a great last journey for this character with a heart-felt ending. No more is needed.

ArrozKl - Slap in the face1 star

I can understand IP Man 1 for its lack of Spanish audio, but 4 not having Spanish shouldn’t be happening.

iCr013 - Spanish5 star

Audio and subtitles in spanish please

_Messi 13_ - Awesome ending5 star

Great movie action packed kinda sad the ip man series was great

Raycastillocrow13 - English version4 star

Will they have this movie on English

Soldado boricua 1986 - Wing Chun5 star

I love these movies. I did not expect a fourth installment!! Can’t Wait!!!!

Soldado boricua 1986 - Wing Chun5 star

I love these movies. I did not expect a fourth installment!! Can’t Wait!!!!

Ip Fan 1,2,3 - Ip Man is Legendary5 star

Growing up loving martial arts movies and by chance stumbled upon this franchise before the third one was released. I remember watching the first one and my jaw dropped when Ip Man fought ten black belts at once. I was blown away, and fell in love with this character, portrayal, and the storytelling and writing. It really is hard to wait until April for this!! But don’t give it a bad review because of that please. Donnie Yen, you and Wilson have truly created a masterpiece here. It’s near depressing that you will not be making another one. These are my favorite martial arts movies of all time. And this fourth one was incredible. Amazing fight scenes and emotionally gripping!! You have touched my heart and life with these movies. THANK YOU.

StoryDelver - Write something new!1 star

Love that these artists are making movies together. Fantastic skills and amazing to watch. But the writing needs a major upgrade from the current novice/white belt writing approach. Getting really tired of the stupid western fighter stereotype getting the Chinese MA beatdown. Was entertaining about three movies ago. Now just boring and insanely, stultifyingly, numbingly predictable.

easboy001 - Expected 4/7/20, really?!1 star

👎🏼 love up man but to own it till April 7 lol

im man 4 - 97888808995 star

Ip man 4

Erik Jamin - What’s up with the long release to own?2 star

April 2020 is a really long time for a movie that got released on december 2019. Should release it sooner because I haven’t had a chance to see it in cinema and it’s already gone now. :(

gingychum - Ip man for life5 star

I love watching the movies and I want to learn wing Chun because these movies inspire me to learn it

AngelPirate - Long live ip man!5 star

Ima huge fan of mix martial arts and I gotta say he was the best.

caferecuador - Amazing5 star

Best movie of martial art of the year, very touch

meatwagon69! - IP man5 star

Best one yet

blacklaser - Spanish language please5 star

I like English version but, I need the Spanish language too please.

walker ciane - Fire5 star

Can’t wait

1040779DLT - Good movie5 star

Watched it in theaters amazing movie will buy it

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