1917 Summary and Synopsis

Sam Mendes, the Oscar®-winning director of Skyfall, Spectre and American Beauty, brings his singular vision to this World War I epic. At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers, Schofield (Captain Fantastic’s George MacKay) and Blake (Game of Thrones' Dean-Charles Chapman) are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers—Blake's own brother among them. At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers. 1917 Wiki

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Time is the enemy..

1917 (2019)

1917 Comments & Critics

1917 Movie Reviews

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- Crazy good.5 star

I hope you were lucky enough to see it in a theater.

- Absolutely Fantastic5 star

I love war movies, not because they are entertaining, but because they make me so grateful that there are individuals that are willing to sacrifice their life and/or limbs for others and for their country. Within the first 15 minutes, I was wondering how this movie didn’t win all the Oscars it was nominated for. The one-shot feel of this movie keeps you engaged and wanting to know what happens next. The new must watch.

- Total Let down1 star

Terrible, total let down of a movie. Frustrating characters made me angry at their shear stupidity and terrible decisions. No bravery. No courage. British soldiers should be embarrassed by the weak representation. No emotion in the end except I was glad it was over. Dont waste your time on this total let down of a movie.

- This movie is Snoring2 star

I was so bored, I snored...... only gave it 2 stars for having Sinestro, Rob Stark, and Doctor Strange.

- EPIC!5 star

Worth it! I love everything about this movie.. ❤️❤️❤️ Welldone!

- Boring1 star

Thought it would have way more action for a war movie. It had awesome effects.

- Worth the Rental5 star

If your into war movies or not it’s a great story. Goes back to a different generation of people, they were selfless and dedicated.

- World wars5 star

I loved it because it told me about the war. But I passed out 😵 because all of the people who are dead 💀 and so much blood!

- 19175 star

Honestly one of the best war movies available. Packed with action. I love it and I can’t stop watching it🤩

- Overated1 star

I have seen so many bad movies in my life but nothing truly compares to this. I hate this movie with a passion. It put me and all my friends to sleep. I will literally stop at nothing to make sure no one watches this movie.

- Bore Fest 😴🥱1 star

Don’t know why this got so many good reviews, but I regret spending the money on this movie. Boring and no action.

- Cinematography was Incredible5 star

One of my top 3 War movies I’ve seen. Really well done. Will watch it several more times.

- Incredible movie5 star

Loved it

- Phenomenal Epic - of Old and New Cinema5 star

I loved this film about two young heroes set out to do the right thing in order to save 1600 men, one of whom is one of the leading character’s older brother. The film is intense, exciting, and most of all beautiful. This film explores honor, integrity, and sheer determination. More films should be like this. I enjoyed the film immensely the first time I saw it, but liked it even more the second time. If you’ve already seen it then you know why I say that the middle of the movie broke my heart.

- Save your money.2 star

Not a bad movie but missing a lot of action nothing really exciting just all about delivering a message and that is it. It hardly has any fight scenes doesn’t really show the German army. Only watch it if you like British accents other than that nope. Save your money because you’ll want it back after. I’m shocked that this movie has such good reviews.

- Seriously slow movie2 star

Over hyped movie for sure! Pretty slow and almost pointless. Filming was great but just not what I wanted to see.

- Amazing5 star

Movie made me cry more than twice, beautiful highly recommend to anyone.

- It’s not what you think it is2 star

1917 so short of a title, catchy name but no much of what you expect, acting was great but it’s should be called THE LETTER

- First review... wow5 star

Gosh dang what a wonderful amazing film I just watched. This is the only time I’ve felt compelled to write anything about any movie. Thank you to all involved makings this. Masterpiece.

- This is one of if not the greatest movies of all time5 star

I don’t even k ow where to start. The cinematography is absolutely incredible. The acting is so good. The emotion of this movie is real. It has followed me ever since I saw it. It’s so memorable and I’d definitely buy it

- Masterpiece5 star

Phenomenal and exciting movie

- Great movie5 star


- Watch this one5 star

This movie was so good. Saw it in the theater and I couldn’t leave my seat for more snacks

- Anxiety5 star

I almost had a anxiety attack. Great movie.

- What was all the fuss about?3 star

The first 30 minutes was slow and rather boring. At the end, I thought... Ok, that was nice, but what was the point?' Very anti-climatic. If you want to get a true representaion of what the war was really like, watch Peter Jackson's`They Shall Not Grow Old,' which was based on the memories of his family members who had participated in the war and contains actual footage of the conflict. In some cases, it's almost too gruesome to watch, which accurately depicts the realities of war. That said, it's a much more enjoyable film to watch.

- Wasn’t my type of tea2 star

Didn’t like the movie, if I’m wanting a war movie I want action war scenes and more, this movie was literally all about delivering a message, built in a story could have been a lot better and more appealing.

- Boring1 star

Fell asleep. Way too slow for me.

- Not Bad3 star

1917 is one of those films where everyone ( reviewers) follows the leader. 1917 is a good movie, Deacon ( D.P)did a nice job, but not his best, the direction was good, but not his ( Mendes) best and the story was good but not great. One standout however was the acting, now that was 5 stars across the board.

- Pretty Good4 star

It was pretty good but I definitely don’t think it deserved the hype it got. There was not enough action for a war movie to me, but the action that was there was good, and the suspense kept me in the edge of my seat the whole time. There were a few jump scares, such as the explosion of the tripwire in the German bunker, so those were enjoyable. One other thing that deserves a shout out is the continuous shot method which is cool because the story never stops and switches to another point of view or something, it focuses on Blake and Schofield. I would give it 3.5 stars, but that isn’t an option. It didn’t get the extra 1.5 stars because I was bored a lot of the time. Overall good movie, just doesn’t compare to movies like Hacksaw Ridge or Saving Private Ryan which is hands down the best war movie of all time.

- Wow5 star

People don’t like this film? It’s no Saving Private Ryan. It’s better. The way the scenes are shot, it’s like it was a continuous shot. This movie is a must see for anyone. For Lance Corporal Alfred H. Mendes

- Meh1 star

I’ve seen combat,..and watched a few movies based on first hand accounts of war,...Saving private Ryan was very well done,..lions for lambs, down fall, Jacobs ladder and so on,....but this is ?!,...I don’t know,...for me it was flat,...seems the focus was on the novelty of “ hay lets shoot this as one continuous shot “ it didn’t work for me,...but movie making is hard,...I give high fives for trying something different though.

- A SAM MENDES MASTERPIECE...”1917”!5 star

“1917”; the epic film based on a true story told to a young Sam Mendes by his grandfather, Alfred Hubert Mendes, MM, 1st Rifle Brigade-British Army is truly a monumental cinematic masterpiece! The viewer is drawn into the film and is taken back in time during the “The Great War” or World War I. All of the emotions and horrors of trench warfare is re-created perfectly thru the “one-shot experience” of this incredibly well-directed expose of human conflict at war. The sequences are purposely filmed to provide the viewer a totally immersed experience into the world of the unknown fate of the brave British soldiers on an ordered mission sanctioned without failure. The film epitomizes the true meaning of determination, bravery, ultimate courage, and the quest for VICTORY! Just as the Allied forces had defeated Germany during this bloody war; the film carries the same level of intensity to defeat the enemy and claim victory in the human sense!

- War depicted as it should w5 star

This will go down in history as one of the great films of war

- Disappointed1 star

Hardly any action. All it is about is a messenger boy.

- Beautiful visuals but does lack character depth4 star

Beautiful visuals but does lack character depth. I will be buying and watching it again

- Amazing5 star

The movie gives you a great perspective view of what transpires. I appreciated this movie from beginning to end.

- A visual masterpiece5 star

Don’t understand the idiots calling this a terrible movie. Don’t listen to them, they’re the morons who expect every war movie to be explosions galore and gunfire every single second of it cause they’re idiotic Michael Bay fanboys. This is filmmaking at its best. Amazing direction, suspense every second, and absolutely breathtaking cinematography. It’s not meant to have character development, it’s not meant to have action every minute. It’s all about the immersive experience. And it’s among the most realistic portrayals of war that I’ve seen. The “terrible acting” claims haters make are ridiculous. They have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about and are trashing every component of this film because it wasn’t all action for them. Such retards.

- 19175 star

Amazing movie. Seeing as this was shot in one take really makes you feel a part of what was something big.

- Just Boring1 star

This movie was awful. Although the cinematography was done well, it coud not make up for the lack of story and character. There were no battle scenes. I though this movie was going to be about WW1, instead its about a couple of guys walking from one place to another and their boring banter. Don't bother watching it. Much more, dont pay for it.

- Raw. Amazing5 star


- Okay, not great3 star

Disappointing. With all the hoopla over how great this movie was, we were expecting much more.

- Best movie I’ve ever seen hands down5 star

I should start by saying I’m a young girl with literally NO interest in war movies or even serious movies for that matter. My parents dragged me to this and I was so blown away by this film from start to finish. I can’t even explain how perfect the acting and cinematography is.

- Amazing!5 star

One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Keeps you deeply attached to the storyline THROUGHOUT every second of this movie.

- Terribly Underwhelming2 star

Why this movie received such high ratings will be the mystery of mysteries until the end of time. It was okay but it am certainly should not receive the accolades laid upon it. It was.....”meh”. At the halfway point, I wanted it to end.

- Beautifully filmed5 star

Good story, better visuals, amazingly well put together. In my top three war movies of all time, along with We Were Soldiers and Saving Private Ryan.

- Amazing movie5 star

This movie had what felt like a “real” feeling to it unlike other wildly successful war movies like Saving Private Ryan and Platoon. This movie was shot in a “one shot” format and doesn’t leave the main character(s) which adds to the feeling like this is more of a documentary that was filmed by someone there rather than a film made in Hollywood. And the soundtrack is as good as the movie. This movie was also based off of true events which just adds to its awesomeness.

- Absolutely amazing!5 star

This was one of the best movies I’ve seen about “The Great War”. What was so fascinating is the fact that it’s pretty much 1 continuous scene from start to finish. It’s like they started filming & never stopped. Highly recommended! 👍🏻

- A boring drama shot well2 star

The title is misleading. This could be about any 2 people in any war situation. If you expect action you will be disappointed.

- Terrible1 star

This movie was terrible and totally boring. I was shocked it was nominated for oscars. The story and acting was nothing special. I guess a sure fire way to have a hit is cast a bunch of no-name actors. Hard pass

- Masterfully shot film! Epic!5 star

Sam Mendes did an incredible job directing this film. 1917 is beautifully shot in a single shot style that makes you feel even more involved in the action. You feel an almost first person fly on the wall kind of view for the entire film. It works incredibly well for engaging the audience and making you feel the tension during certain scenes. The choreography looks great and shines in 4k! Highest recommendations and a must have film.

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StarAction - A Touching Story4 star

Those of you who want to see explosions and body parts flying across the horizon stay away, this is not for you. Yes, this is a war movie but this film is more about love, compassion, sensitivity and loss. The acting was absolutely superb. The story was touching. The music was angelic.

Irishman74 - Worth Every Penny5 star

This was a phenomenal movie. Period.

GuyQC - Pas disponible en doublage français2 star

Bien dommage que ce film ne soit pas doublé en français. Il est seulement sous-titré. Apple se permet de l'afficher comme étant un film multilingue en français, c'est bien navrant. Je trouve très décevant qu'Apple n'offre pas beaucoup de films et de séries en français.

Nipinik - 19171 star

Je l’ai acheter pas de piste sonore en français...très décevant pas pouvoir visionner en français

Tom Sellect - Francais?1 star

Pas de piste sonore en Francais ?

Juliaevelyn - YES5 star

Best war movie

vhytfyf - Awesome5 star

Yass I. loved it

Andrew west vlogs - Filming5 star

The filming was so cool!!!

Karamia54 - Mind blowing5 star

I have no words. Really, this is such an outstanding movie. George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapmen left all other actors this year at the starting gate. Don’t understand why they were not nominated for best actor & supporting actor. Sham really because they acted. A must see movie.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - 4 scenes. It is amazing!5 star

For us it seems like only 4 breaks in filming. As you cruise into the first 15 minutes, you feel a tension.... scientists believe it’s because we are so used to active style film making with different angles, shots, and breaks. Here, Faces becoming pale before your eyes, planes flying in ‘real time’ as your heroes walk and talk... fights, real human angst followed by realization then with resignation to their fates... Wow 🤩 This is one film you’ll never see the back of someone’s head talking to who the camera is focused on and realize it’s dubbed in as the voice doesn’t match the jaw movements. It’s not a thrilling film but keeps you poised on edge of wonderment as you realize what an amazing feat has occurred here. It’s as if two hours of their lives were shared in a moment with you as you walked and lived with them. Language is a bit surprising as they acted a bit more proper back then (so my grandfather said... perhaps the directors grandfather knew a different batch of soldiers). Not for kids but I think they might get bored anyways because of the filming style.... not enough sponge bob action but real human interactions. This film doesn’t deserve an Oscar for the film but for how it was filmed. It is AMAzing!


A race against odds and time with lives at stake all to deliver a message, this epic story reveals honour and sacrifice in the face of terror.

Lysias*Malachi - Awesome Movie.5 star

Tense. Emotional.

ur mom is really gay bro... - BEST FILM I HAVE EVER WATCHED5 star

The film is literally recorded so i looks like it was took in one shot. They won best film in the golden globes for a reason.

The6Lord - This was freakin epic5 star

and really intense

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Ryan ettner - Unreal5 star

Amazing filming. Best war movie of recent

Amr !199¡ - Not what you would think1 star

It is totally not worth it at all! A very overrated movie 🎥

Jfresh241 - LOVED IT!!!!💯💯🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽5 star

Cinematography was brilliant, a must buy!!

Chravis with a Ch - The Best War Movie5 star

Most war movies have cringe acting and unrealistic fighting and scenarios. This movie had neither. The one shot filing made this movie so much better. There were never any over the top Hollywood scenes. It felt realistic. I can’t stress that enough. Everything that happened felt like it was portrayed appropriately. Nothing was over exaggerated like most modern war movies. It was literally perfect. I have nothing negative to say about it.

60sBatfan - Did Not Live Up To The Hype.3 star

1917 is an "OK" War movie, but it is far from being "Movie Of The Year" material. The story of two men on a mission, who failed to deliver in time to have the desired effect. As WWI stories go, ANZACS, Beneath Hill 60, Passchendaele, Flyboys, Gallipoli, Aces High and Zeppelin were better.



John03crv - wow...so good! maybe better then saving private ryan5 star

I had no idea how good a WWI movie could be, hard to top this blockbuster!

_zachpaul_ - The Stories They Told...4 star

1917 is based off of stories that Sam Mendez grandfather had told him about time he spent serving in WWI. Technical achievements aside, it all bottles down to story and it’s not only a simple story but one that is cared for so well. We follow two soldiers who are tasked with getting a message to the 2nd Devans who are pressing their attack on the Germans after the Germans instigated a “strategic withdrawl”, but they don’t know they are walking into a trap and it’s up to these two soldiers to alert them, this film follows the journey. From first frame I was attached to these two soldiers, I wanted to know as much as I could about them and their heart to serve. As the movie progresses you see their willingness to lay down their lives in order that 1,600 men’s lives would not end for no reason. Such powerful execution. The fact that it’s structured as a one shot only compliments the story even further. Sam Mendez does a great job not rushing anything but letting it play out in front of you just like it would have! This film is a technical achievement. A Tough but beautiful movie.

zustiizth - One of the Greatest WW1 movie out there5 star

Wow! This movie is a blessing to the world. Everything about it is so beautifully displayed.

Schnider Phoenix - Simply The Best5 star

Perhaps the best war movie made to date. Especially after seeing Peter Jackson’s film “They Shall Not Grow Old”, this film places you in the action. Great cast and fantastic cinematography.

Nicholas becerra - 19175 star

This war epic is a masterpiece throughout Sam Mendes used one take throughout the whole movie which was clever but neverthless this war movie will not be forgotten I loved it.

Englandsglory12 - 19175 star

A brilliant film truly worth watching very nail bitten am I so exiting and also sad my grandpa was in ww1 he must of gone through hell respects too the fallen 💕

strikevet - Strike5 star

Outstanding movie with unmatched cinematography and believable story line. This is the best movie that places the viewer in first person filmed to date.

keefharing - Generic Old war Movie1 star

It was pretty good but Parasite was better and deserved to win the Oscar....yawn

ConnorDe - A masterpiece5 star

If you are looking for a modern action film with cliche dialogue and characters this is not the film for you. The film uses long takes so the “boring” scenes that aren’t normally included in action films are included so the audience can learn about the war torn world of the Great War. I don’t want to ruin anything about the film so I’ll just say this. The scenes in the film were beautifully created. At one point when I was watching the film, I realizes that I was watching the greatest war film I had ever seen. It does not stay away from uncomfortable truths about war.

charley petty - 19175 star

Such an inspiring movie I loved it definitely one of my favorites

ud44t5s654"43)76$)tgjgc - Incredible ride5 star

Should have been best picture

Angel del toro - Phenomenal movie5 star

Should of won best picture for sure !

BrandonGonzalez - Best movie I seen I can’t wait till own it on Digital download5 star

The best movie I seen about the world war 1 and I happy I saw this movie it was best one out there to see right now

Wow-weee - 💣5 star

This movie was BOMB no pun intended 😂

AJColon - Very good4 star

This was a good movie could have been another saving private Ryan. However, the movie was to short and moved fast and the time line seemed off and left questions at certain points. Regardless it’s good and worth buying or renting.

GooieGreen - Cinema Gold5 star

So much more than a war movie. A brutal film that runs headfirst into danger and keeps gaining momentum until the very end.

Ryan N Peyton - PHENOMENAL5 star

I absolutely loved this movie and couldn’t believe it didn’t win Best Picture. Incredible story, beautiful acting, great music, cinematography was perfect. Just so well done and I have to say it’s my favorite war movie. And I’m super critical of war movies. I can’t see how anyone doesn’t give this 5 stars.

Aubrie29 - Loved it5 star

I was skeptical about it at first then when I began to watching I fell in love with the story and the actors

Manuelmaster - ........1 star

I had high hopes for this movie. It did not deliver. Super sloooooooooowwwwwwww.

Ninja 9999 - No action1 star

Talk too much

Buttstuff is nice - also fire5 star

this movie was also fire

dscottmoody - Boring and dole2 star

Not much action or story

@therealSparkleTOES - 10/105 star

I could watch this on repeat

Haleyluvdog - Excellent5 star

I loved this movie it never had any pacing issues and always felt somewhat to extremely nerve racking. In addition the camera one shot approach really sold it. The only part that somewhat baffled me was when he was taking out the sniper and got grazed or what not.

Megax108 - Greatest film ever created5 star

As a man who enjoys war history and books. I love war movie films about World war II, Vietnam War, the war in Afghanistan, and anything related with war or sieges. This was the best film i have ever watched in my life. This is the only related World War 1 film i know. The story and the history behind it, so simple but executed and shot perfectly. Best film i have ever seen, im gonna buy this when it comes out on blu-Ray.

wildformusic - Ocscar Worthy5 star

This is one of the BEST movies I’ve seen in MANY years. I am generally not a war movie fan but this, 5th is movie has it all. Great directing, musical score , special effects, you name it. Not sure though how it will translate to a device or TV. It is a must see at a theater! One word of caution, those with neurological conditions could be affected by the ‘one shot’ direction of this movie. The main item that makes this movie do great, gave me a migraine and nauseous. But it was worth every minute!

boss Gavin - Best movie of 20195 star

This is the perfect war movie and the one shot ness made it a lot better. Easy 11/10

steaz236 - Incredible film5 star

Probably the best war movie I have ever seen. Had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. SImple story but portrayed beautifully and with perfect directing and cinematography.

Steve Kanaly - 4 star4 star

Loved the way it was filmed in one continuous shot. Reminded me of another saving private Ryan movie though.

Vanferstad - Thrilling WWI movie5 star

Ah, the suspense. Paints a vivid picture of the horrors of ww1. Must see.

hbfdgjkjhg - 19171 star

This movie is boring there is no action

thisguymike18 - 19175 star

What a movie! A true movie with an excellent message

tre825 - Fantastic movie but flawed pre-order date5 star

iTunes may have an error on that pre-order date. December 31st, 2020????? The movie is fantastic though on my top 3 of 2019

therealgeazy - Masterpiece and Incredible Technical Achievement5 star

This is by far the greatest WWI film, and by far the best war film I’ve ever seen. Simple story yet executed so well. The “one-shot” perspective really puts you into the shoes of these two characters and makes you feel like you’re following them the whole time, seeing and feeling only what they are. Amazing sequences and an outstanding musical score. 10/10 in my book👌🔥

Matthew Leal - This movie it was very good movie.....5 star

I went to Cinema 6 in Stephenville, Texas to see This movie 1917 (2019) was about True story about World War I was taken place in Europe and The story was compelling. Seemed to be showing realistic scenes of World War I. It’s very Good movie, great acting, very exciting, and entertaining. This movie is 1917 (2019) kept me on edge from start to finish. The trench scene was great just like as if you where runnng with them and I really enjoyed watching this movie 1917 (2019). Very Good movie and makes you feel part of the history. Very Good Performance, Good and exciting movie, entertaining, Good story and they did Good job on this Drama/War/History/Independent Cinema movie. I did enjoy this movie is 1917 (2019). I would highly recommended this movie to everyone. I enjoyed this movie and looking forward to buy this movie.

41Austin - W O W5 star

this movie was fantastic in every aspect and I look forward to seeing it many times again. The cinematography is fantastic and the way that the director shot the film was like no other movie I have seen before. Tremendous work and I recommend everyone see this movie

Mklhjplomgd - 19175 star

This movie is everything you could ask for and the idea of a one shot type film style is incredible and definitely made the whole thing even better.

thejdhull - A truly great film5 star

This is one of the best films to show what was is like. The sadness, the frailty of life, the randomness of it all. Very inspirational. Required viewing in my book.

christinaw143 - 19175 star

this movie really makes it feel like you’re there with them. the cinematography is also amazing and really interesting to watch.

JackInfinity203 - Masterpiece!!5 star

1917 was a cinematic masterpiece from start to finish! The directing, the acting, the story, the suspense, the soundtrack, and most importantly THE CINEMATOGRAPHY was excellent!!! I can’t name a single bad thing about this movie. Go see it, this movie has got to win Best Picture!!!

the blue brothers - Trailer was awesome5 star

This movie looks so good, I hope my dad will let me see it🤗

Alan McRea - Pure cinematic genius.5 star

Superb. This film is pure cinema. This film is why we go to the movies. This was art at its finest. And next to Saving Private Ryan, it's the greatest war film I have ever seen. Outside if Saving Private Ryan, people compare it to Dunkirk. I loved Dunkirk. I am a Nolan-obsessed geek. He can do no wrong in my eyes. But this was better. Far better. There is one particular scene, at night where flares are being shot off, that moved me immensely. I'd never seen anything so magnificent and yet so scary on a movie screen before. It's just... I wanted to see it again the moment it ended. Buy it. See it now. And see it in IMAX. Please.

Girgsydbugfh - the best movie i’ve ever seen5 star


foster1234567 - 👏👏👏👏5 star

Amazing movie

5 star

@blessmepadre Ты ж так крестьянина до инфаркта доведешь, а он потом к тебе с ружьём придет и устроит 1917.

5 star

@Indian_Index: Became part of Tata group: 1917: TOMCO (Hamam, Moti soaps, sold to HLL in 1984) 1909: IISc 1941: Tata Memorial Hospital…

5 star


5 star

1917에서 전쟁터 못지않게 조마조마했던 순간은 스코필드가 애기 만질듯말듯 할때였음... 아니 씻지도않은손으로 애기를??? 제발만지지마만지지마하면서 혼자 마른침 꿀꺽삼켰다

5 star

@BFI: Writer Anthony Burgess was #bornonthisday in 1917. This April we release #StanleyKubrick's adaptation of his dystopian novel, A Cl…

5 star

Watching the movie "1917" and all I can think is how beautifully it was shot and how eerily in suspense it keeps th…

5 star

@dusttodigital: Remembering Rufus Thomas, born on this day in 1917 in Cayce, Mississippi. Here he is performing “Breakdown” at Wattstax…

5 star

@ZDFheute Alles wiederholt sich! Die Kämpfer werden krank, wenn der Krieg beendet ist, gehen sie nach Hause, um ihr…

5 star

11.ボージャック・ホースマンS2 12.ザ・ルーム 13.ボージャック・ホースマンS5 14.ナイヴズ・アウト 15.1917 16.キャッチミーイフユーキャン 17.ロングショット 18.ボージャック・ホースマンS3 19.6アンダーグラウンド 20.ミスト

5 star

@PerrineST: 24 avril 1917 - bataille du Chemin des dames. Juan Branco : « Coucou, je peux aider à faire des petits tas de papiers admin…

5 star

@VmkMadhan93: My Favourite Movies Genres wise Action #Terminator(James Cameron) War #1917 Mystery #TheDaVinciCode Robbery #OceanEleven…

5 star

@Indian_Index: Became part of Tata group: 1917: TOMCO (Hamam, Moti soaps, sold to HLL in 1984) 1909: IISc 1941: Tata Memorial Hospital…

5 star

@MTanguma: “if speech is not independent and untrammeled, if the mind is shackled or made impotent through fear, it makes no difference…

5 star

@nwalks: Dunkirk and 1917 are boyfriend twins

5 star

@FFRF: On this date on 1917, Anthony Burgess was born in Manchester, England. The author of 50 books, he is best known for his novel A C…

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