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Sam Mendes, the Oscar®-winning director of Skyfall, Spectre and American Beauty, brings his singular vision to this World War I epic. At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers, Schofield (Captain Fantastic’s George MacKay) and Blake (Game of Thrones' Dean-Charles Chapman) are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers—Blake's own brother among them. At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers. 1917 Wiki

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Time is the enemy..

1917 (2019)

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- honestly a masterpiece5 star

I didn't particularly know what to expect going into this movie. I would love to say, from a movie nerd like myself, it was WONDERFUL. I only wish I saw it for the first time in theaters. The score is beautifully done, major props to Thomas Newman. The cinematography is something I've never personally seen before and it was so well executed. Although not "action-packed" like one would expect from a war movie, I believe this film was accurate and more real than any I've seen so far. GREAT acting, great story-telling, overall 10/10 would recommend. If you're someone who doesn't enjoy "slow-burn" type movies, I don't know if this is the one for you, however if you can appreciate history and good movie-making techniques, this is a must watch!

- Great movie5 star

I liked the movie and it’s in my top 3 war movies like The pianist, and Saving private Ryan.

- Great scene setting and solid story5 star

The way the set have been done for this movie, and the "one-take camera" style give this an interesting variation on the standard combat film. The story is not earth-shattering, but it is satisfying. It's cool to see new approaches to the classic war film. Dunkirk had. a unque approach too, and I loved that, but 1917 I think will be less polarizing. As a weird aside --- as odd as it may sound, this is a good movie to watch while on a treadmill, because a lot of it takes place following walking/running characters in a third person view :)

- Average and overrated2 star

Sure the visuals were nice but this is an obvious and inferior rip off of Saving Private Ryan, not to mention Band of Brothers which is one of the best WW2 series ever made. I rented it and still felt ripped off, didn't care if the main characters lived or died, it was just not compelling at all. If the depiction of the British is accurate for WW1 I am not sure how the Germans lost.

- Great movie5 star

The story was good and it was a suspenseful journey. I loved how it was filmed. Really brings you into the film. Definitely worth watching!

- Oky movie, expectations conflicting3 star

Like the movie mainly because it’s History. The Conflicting come because I assumed it was a “Saving Private Ryan” high octane type movie. Is this the movie or directors fault by all mean “No” not at all but overall good movie well scripted and good actors/actresses.

- What a joke!1 star

Seriously, what a crap movie! First, and I challenge you to pay attention, the dude travels MAYBE 1 mile. Such a nothing burger!!!!! I am shocked people like this!!! There is zero drama, zero action, zero script and for a whole mile of walking....it is a joke!!!!!!!!!!

- Great movie5 star

Great movie, I highly recommend it

- Perfect Movie 💯5 star

1917 is very nice.best movies in 2019

- Great5 star


- Bland2 star

Brought into the hype and rented this movie. It didn’t live up to expectations. There are tons of better war movies.

- Excellent movie!!!!5 star

Best movie I have seen in a long time!

- AMAZING5 star

i have watched this movie five times now and it gets better and better. the cinematography is absolutely amazing. sam mendes did a great job. one of the best war movies i’ve ever watched. i also cry every time i watch it.

- Nice picture3 star

I like the way the movie was filmed, but I’m not fan how it ends. Could have more emotion on the ending. Recommend!!!

- Perfection5 star

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie this good

- Yo if yk5 star

Is not the best but worth watching it

- Best War Movie since Private Ryan!5 star

My father in law and i bond over war movies and we both loved this movie so much! Our hearts raced and even though we knew it was a movie, we were so concerned with the characters survival that we found ourselves yelling at the tv.

- A great war movie..5 star

The best war movie i’ve watched since the Spielberg/Hanks days. Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Pacific. 1917 stacks up to these film/series. A great story and a captivating watch from beginning to end. The main actor’s role is amazing. He crushes it.

- absolutely brilliant5 star

i don’t normally enjoy war movies, but this is an exception. wonderful actors and stunning visuals! would highly recommend!

- Great Movie5 star

Best war movie that’s been released in years. The filming is incredible.

- Mmmmm, very nice5 star

Nice very much is

- excellent5 star

very good movie.

- GEORGE MACKAY!!!!5 star

This has quickly become my favorite movie of all-time. I have watched it about ten times now. The direction by Sam Mendes and cinematography by Roger Deakins are both absolutely incredible and well deserving of all the praise they have received. I feel like the acting in this stunning and emotionally moving film has not been properly recognized. George MacKay gives such an outstanding performance from beginning to end. Although I have no military experience of my own, I feel so connected to George’s character, Lance Corporal Schofield, because of his flawless acting. It is so effortless and natural for him and I am just mesmerized by his skill. I see and feel every emotion in his eyes. When he breaks talking about how difficult it was going home to his family, it kills me every time! His devastatingly numb expression in the truck following the events at the farmhouse, as though time has completely stopped around him. Just breathtaking! Dean-Charles Chapman is also perfect in his role and I love the performances given by Colin Firth, Andrew Scott, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Richard Madden in much smaller roles. I am also obsessed with the emotive, raw, and gorgeous score by Thomas Newman. I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH and look forward to watching it as many times as I can :)

- Excellent movie5 star

You must watch this movie. Excellent story!!

- Wow factor5 star

The screen play was amazing

- Well done5 star

I really enjoyed this one. Constantly moving along and visually made you feel how awful war time must look and feel. The actors were brilliant in this one.

- Great movie5 star

5 stars

- Top 55 star

If I made a list of my favorite films of all time, this would undoubtedly be in my top 5

- By Bloody Awful!1 star

While the visuals are quite good and interesting, the story line /plot is awful and disorganized, and the ending is a bit of a letdown. It's like a marathon mission run to nowhere with moments of boredom and dullness to the point that I was wishing I was watching Dunkirk; never again will I trust the Brits to deliver a war time story; absolutely pathetic; just glad my rental fee was free!

- Wonderful5 star

Great film.

- Great movie5 star

Best war film of the year!

- Wow5 star

Really great movie the one shot method was great and well put into a great perspective

- Expertly Made5 star

Absolutely, unquestionably one of the best war movies based around the World Wars that I have seen. Tells an amazing story, full of excitement and puts you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Every bit of this movie is brilliantly made! HIGHLY recommend!

- Good cinema photography yet very predictable…a bit ridiculous2 star

The movie looked great! And, that is about it. Plot was very evident and wife called the ending like 7 minutes into move. Oh, and if you are a in the military or know battle field protocols and tactic…it is ridiculous…over all the movie is about a C maybe a C+…the blatant disregard for any tactical logic makes it rather annoying indeed.

- Spectacular5 star

I am not really a war movie fan, but this film is fantastic. Every aspect is top notch: cinematography, editing, acting, writing, scoring. Simply superb.

- Great5 star

They did everything right with this movie. Wish there were more films like this.

- Don’t buy this movie5 star

This is not IMAX movie Do not donate your money to iTunes

- Did you see CATS?3 star

Probably not. But huge budget, novel approaches - all kinds of fuss - everyone hated it. Similar story here - one shot - tons of set-building - everyone loves it. I didn't.

- Good cinematography and that’s about it2 star

No acting, no characters, and a highly implausible plot — with a few details that show how the screenwriter(s) have little idea of what war is like in real life. Stupefyingly predictable and boring.

- Really good5 star

Much better than Harley Quinn - just saying. I should’ve bought this and rented birds of prey instead of the other way around. This was filmed so fluidly and very consistent. Was really great to watch. Sad movie but good movie. Definitely recommend.

- It was ok.3 star

It was a lame effort compared to Saving Private Ryan. If you need to kill two hours then it will do just that. I found myself bored.

- Great movie!5 star

Definitely a good film. Give it a watch.

- Must see!!5 star

I may be overhyping this a little but I just love these types of movies!!

- 19175 star

masterpiece of a film all one scene was amazing. the shots were great the war was great

- Held my attention4 star

Was an interesting look into that past, fictional story but portrayed the hardships of this work and weird fighting style of trenches in the middle of no where. Well done, good scrip, would have been crazy amazing if it had been a true story based on actual documented events.

- 1917 entertaining war movie5 star

This war epic is a masterpiece throughout Sam Mendes used one take throughout the whole movie which was clever but neverthless this war movie will not be forgotten I loved it.

- Incredible5 star

I watched this film at the theater and purchased on Apple. Amazing film! Watch the extra features to appreciate the making and the story behind this movie.

- Movie great! Rental bad. No extras.2 star

I love the movie. I saw it in the theater and wanted to see it again on my 4K TV. But I expected to sit through all of the extra features (during this quarantine). There are none with the rental, so I regret renting it on iTunes.

- Not worth the hype2 star

Ana alright fantastical movie with interesting scenery, interspersed with absolutley ridiculous action sequences. More than a few times my wife and I raised the B.S. flag on it- too many "aww, no way!", or "what the?", with the suspension of disblelief completely lacking. Would not recommend this movie.

- Love War movies but hated this one1 star

This movie was dull. Nothing kept me engaged. I would not recommend.

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GuitarClassical - Like watching a movie based on a video game3 star

Contrary to popular opinion, I thought this movie was just fair. It reminded me of one of those video games where you go through tunnels or mazes and shoot. Watch for the booby trap! Jump over the pit! The cinematography looked over-worked to me - again almost video-game like. Three stars is generous.

bEAn ;) - Incredible5 star

The film is absolutely spectacular and well done. The smooth transitions, effects, and the phenomenal acting brought this story to life like none other. I highly recommend this movie!!!

Pokemon boy n momma - Love this movie5 star

It a great movie

Papi12345653 - Well made and realistic4 star

Loved the fact it wasn’t another Hollywood CGI hit movie with terrible script. Feel like you’re there living the realistic experience.

Tom Sellect - FRANCAIS5 star


AlexThibodeau - Best movie ever5 star

People complaining because it isn’t dubbed in French... It’s not meant to be watched in French guys! Anyways, most emotional and atmospheric movie I’ve ever seen and the best production I’ve seen. Shout out to the crew!

StarAction - A Touching Story4 star

Those of you who want to see explosions and body parts flying across the horizon stay away, this is not for you. Yes, this is a war movie but this film is more about love, compassion, sensitivity and loss. The acting was absolutely superb. The story was touching. The music was angelic.

Irishman74 - Worth Every Penny5 star

This was a phenomenal movie. Period.

GuyQC - Pas disponible en doublage français2 star

Bien dommage que ce film ne soit pas doublé en français. Il est seulement sous-titré. Apple se permet de l'afficher comme étant un film multilingue en français, c'est bien navrant. Je trouve très décevant qu'Apple n'offre pas beaucoup de films et de séries en français.

Nipinik - 19171 star

Je l’ai acheter pas de piste sonore en français...très décevant pas pouvoir visionner en français

Juliaevelyn - YES5 star

Best war movie

vhytfyf - Awesome5 star

Yass I. loved it

Andrew west vlogs - Filming5 star

The filming was so cool!!!

Karamia54 - Mind blowing5 star

I have no words. Really, this is such an outstanding movie. George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapmen left all other actors this year at the starting gate. Don’t understand why they were not nominated for best actor & supporting actor. Sham really because they acted. A must see movie.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - 4 scenes. It is amazing!5 star

For us it seems like only 4 breaks in filming. As you cruise into the first 15 minutes, you feel a tension.... scientists believe it’s because we are so used to active style film making with different angles, shots, and breaks. Here, Faces becoming pale before your eyes, planes flying in ‘real time’ as your heroes walk and talk... fights, real human angst followed by realization then with resignation to their fates... Wow 🤩 This is one film you’ll never see the back of someone’s head talking to who the camera is focused on and realize it’s dubbed in as the voice doesn’t match the jaw movements. It’s not a thrilling film but keeps you poised on edge of wonderment as you realize what an amazing feat has occurred here. It’s as if two hours of their lives were shared in a moment with you as you walked and lived with them. Language is a bit surprising as they acted a bit more proper back then (so my grandfather said... perhaps the directors grandfather knew a different batch of soldiers). Not for kids but I think they might get bored anyways because of the filming style.... not enough sponge bob action but real human interactions. This film doesn’t deserve an Oscar for the film but for how it was filmed. It is AMAzing!


A race against odds and time with lives at stake all to deliver a message, this epic story reveals honour and sacrifice in the face of terror.

Lysias*Malachi - Awesome Movie.5 star

Tense. Emotional.

ur mom is really gay bro... - BEST FILM I HAVE EVER WATCHED5 star

The film is literally recorded so i looks like it was took in one shot. They won best film in the golden globes for a reason.

The6Lord - This was freakin epic5 star

and really intense

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lokiito8 - Beautiful graphics1 star

Theirs no action or war at all!

Smitty 68 - Blown Away5 star

I don’t believe I have ever written a movie review, but I am compelled to now. I was absolutely blown away by 1917 — the story, the sets, the music, and, above all, the jaw-dropping cinematography by the legendary Roger Deakins. Masterpiece.

hbjh b - Good but not great4 star

Good story but it needed more action to be great

1489826 - It was ok3 star

1917 wasn’t bad. The cinematography was fantastic and some of the war scenes are great. Had some pretty stupid moments like a sniper missed the main character like 5 times when he was out in the open then when the main character shot back he hit him immediately. Or when he jumped of a waterfall and then it was immediately slow moving water. Music was also really good

El Critico de las Peliculas - Awesome Movie5 star

Rent or buy it ASAP

BondR84 - Wow!5 star

So well put together, everything from the story capturing your attention over and over, to the more than beautiful camera work. I’ve never scene anything like it. The filmography reminded me of the beautiful “Revenant”! Can’t wait to watch it a second time through.

GianniFederico1 - Amazing!5 star

A great movie

Wilbur II - Crazy good.5 star

I hope you were lucky enough to see it in a theater.

hhp96 - Absolutely Fantastic5 star

I love war movies, not because they are entertaining, but because they make me so grateful that there are individuals that are willing to sacrifice their life and/or limbs for others and for their country. Within the first 15 minutes, I was wondering how this movie didn’t win all the Oscars it was nominated for. The one-shot feel of this movie keeps you engaged and wanting to know what happens next. The new must watch.

JRustyW - Total Let down1 star

Terrible, total let down of a movie. Frustrating characters made me angry at their shear stupidity and terrible decisions. No bravery. No courage. British soldiers should be embarrassed by the weak representation. No emotion in the end except I was glad it was over. Dont waste your time on this total let down of a movie.

LSU to BCS Victory! - This movie is Snoring2 star

I was so bored, I snored...... only gave it 2 stars for having Sinestro, Rob Stark, and Doctor Strange.

JckXXvI - EPIC!5 star

Worth it! I love everything about this movie.. ❤️❤️❤️ Welldone!

cire__1 - Boring1 star

Thought it would have way more action for a war movie. It had awesome effects.

Rymarsh - Worth the Rental5 star

If your into war movies or not it’s a great story. Goes back to a different generation of people, they were selfless and dedicated.

Isabella Adulte - World wars5 star

I loved it because it told me about the war. But I passed out 😵 because all of the people who are dead 💀 and so much blood!

Seth Schraut - 19175 star

Honestly one of the best war movies available. Packed with action. I love it and I can’t stop watching it🤩

Sean98Dubs - Overated1 star

I have seen so many bad movies in my life but nothing truly compares to this. I hate this movie with a passion. It put me and all my friends to sleep. I will literally stop at nothing to make sure no one watches this movie.

t_strudel - Bore Fest 😴🥱1 star

Don’t know why this got so many good reviews, but I regret spending the money on this movie. Boring and no action.

MSteinbeck - Cinematography was Incredible5 star

One of my top 3 War movies I’ve seen. Really well done. Will watch it several more times.

awesomebartley8 - Incredible movie5 star

Loved it

Penguin2222 - Phenomenal Epic - of Old and New Cinema5 star

I loved this film about two young heroes set out to do the right thing in order to save 1600 men, one of whom is one of the leading character’s older brother. The film is intense, exciting, and most of all beautiful. This film explores honor, integrity, and sheer determination. More films should be like this. I enjoyed the film immensely the first time I saw it, but liked it even more the second time. If you’ve already seen it then you know why I say that the middle of the movie broke my heart.

Ed5411992 - Save your money.2 star

Not a bad movie but missing a lot of action nothing really exciting just all about delivering a message and that is it. It hardly has any fight scenes doesn’t really show the German army. Only watch it if you like British accents other than that nope. Save your money because you’ll want it back after. I’m shocked that this movie has such good reviews.

vemotorsports - Seriously slow movie2 star

Over hyped movie for sure! Pretty slow and almost pointless. Filming was great but just not what I wanted to see.

JoseV356 - Amazing5 star

Movie made me cry more than twice, beautiful highly recommend to anyone.

chosito12 - It’s not what you think it is2 star

1917 so short of a title, catchy name but no much of what you expect, acting was great but it’s should be called THE LETTER

hleeis206 - First review... wow5 star

Gosh dang what a wonderful amazing film I just watched. This is the only time I’ve felt compelled to write anything about any movie. Thank you to all involved makings this. Masterpiece.

heirogliphics - This is one of if not the greatest movies of all time5 star

I don’t even k ow where to start. The cinematography is absolutely incredible. The acting is so good. The emotion of this movie is real. It has followed me ever since I saw it. It’s so memorable and I’d definitely buy it

laumarie115 - Masterpiece5 star

Phenomenal and exciting movie

Sir2826 - Great movie5 star


iam_kenps - Watch this one5 star

This movie was so good. Saw it in the theater and I couldn’t leave my seat for more snacks

Peturrrdd - Anxiety5 star

I almost had a anxiety attack. Great movie.

FredBluhm - What was all the fuss about?3 star

The first 30 minutes was slow and rather boring. At the end, I thought... Ok, that was nice, but what was the point?' Very anti-climatic. If you want to get a true representaion of what the war was really like, watch Peter Jackson's`They Shall Not Grow Old,' which was based on the memories of his family members who had participated in the war and contains actual footage of the conflict. In some cases, it's almost too gruesome to watch, which accurately depicts the realities of war. That said, it's a much more enjoyable film to watch.

yogibear555 - Wasn’t my type of tea2 star

Didn’t like the movie, if I’m wanting a war movie I want action war scenes and more, this movie was literally all about delivering a message, built in a story could have been a lot better and more appealing.

Roml_007 - Boring1 star

Fell asleep. Way too slow for me.

Jay Mancini - Not Bad3 star

1917 is one of those films where everyone ( reviewers) follows the leader. 1917 is a good movie, Deacon ( D.P)did a nice job, but not his best, the direction was good, but not his ( Mendes) best and the story was good but not great. One standout however was the acting, now that was 5 stars across the board.

Junkfood is da bomb - Pretty Good4 star

It was pretty good but I definitely don’t think it deserved the hype it got. There was not enough action for a war movie to me, but the action that was there was good, and the suspense kept me in the edge of my seat the whole time. There were a few jump scares, such as the explosion of the tripwire in the German bunker, so those were enjoyable. One other thing that deserves a shout out is the continuous shot method which is cool because the story never stops and switches to another point of view or something, it focuses on Blake and Schofield. I would give it 3.5 stars, but that isn’t an option. It didn’t get the extra 1.5 stars because I was bored a lot of the time. Overall good movie, just doesn’t compare to movies like Hacksaw Ridge or Saving Private Ryan which is hands down the best war movie of all time.

theDevilsEnemy - Wow5 star

People don’t like this film? It’s no Saving Private Ryan. It’s better. The way the scenes are shot, it’s like it was a continuous shot. This movie is a must see for anyone. For Lance Corporal Alfred H. Mendes

Letsgodiving - Meh1 star

I’ve seen combat,..and watched a few movies based on first hand accounts of war,...Saving private Ryan was very well done,..lions for lambs, down fall, Jacobs ladder and so on,....but this is ?!,...I don’t know,...for me it was flat,...seems the focus was on the novelty of “ hay lets shoot this as one continuous shot “ it didn’t work for me,...but movie making is hard,...I give high fives for trying something different though.


“1917”; the epic film based on a true story told to a young Sam Mendes by his grandfather, Alfred Hubert Mendes, MM, 1st Rifle Brigade-British Army is truly a monumental cinematic masterpiece! The viewer is drawn into the film and is taken back in time during the “The Great War” or World War I. All of the emotions and horrors of trench warfare is re-created perfectly thru the “one-shot experience” of this incredibly well-directed expose of human conflict at war. The sequences are purposely filmed to provide the viewer a totally immersed experience into the world of the unknown fate of the brave British soldiers on an ordered mission sanctioned without failure. The film epitomizes the true meaning of determination, bravery, ultimate courage, and the quest for VICTORY! Just as the Allied forces had defeated Germany during this bloody war; the film carries the same level of intensity to defeat the enemy and claim victory in the human sense!

xavixavi0088 - War depicted as it should w5 star

This will go down in history as one of the great films of war

Destroyer 2605 - Disappointed1 star

Hardly any action. All it is about is a messenger boy.

Sammydoodle97 - Beautiful visuals but does lack character depth4 star

Beautiful visuals but does lack character depth. I will be buying and watching it again

Moses Q - Amazing5 star

The movie gives you a great perspective view of what transpires. I appreciated this movie from beginning to end.

ilistentomusic(obviously) - A visual masterpiece5 star

Don’t understand the idiots calling this a terrible movie. Don’t listen to them, they’re the morons who expect every war movie to be explosions galore and gunfire every single second of it cause they’re idiotic Michael Bay fanboys. This is filmmaking at its best. Amazing direction, suspense every second, and absolutely breathtaking cinematography. It’s not meant to have character development, it’s not meant to have action every minute. It’s all about the immersive experience. And it’s among the most realistic portrayals of war that I’ve seen. The “terrible acting” claims haters make are ridiculous. They have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about and are trashing every component of this film because it wasn’t all action for them. Such retards.

Saltyspatroon - 19175 star

Amazing movie. Seeing as this was shot in one take really makes you feel a part of what was something big.

GofortwoinarowBruins - Just Boring1 star

This movie was awful. Although the cinematography was done well, it coud not make up for the lack of story and character. There were no battle scenes. I though this movie was going to be about WW1, instead its about a couple of guys walking from one place to another and their boring banter. Don't bother watching it. Much more, dont pay for it.

athenalol - Raw. Amazing5 star


LOMSTEAD - Okay, not great3 star

Disappointing. With all the hoopla over how great this movie was, we were expecting much more.

Inaworldofpeeps1999 - Best movie I’ve ever seen hands down5 star

I should start by saying I’m a young girl with literally NO interest in war movies or even serious movies for that matter. My parents dragged me to this and I was so blown away by this film from start to finish. I can’t even explain how perfect the acting and cinematography is.

AGoudy022 - Amazing!5 star

One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Keeps you deeply attached to the storyline THROUGHOUT every second of this movie.

5 star

@Sean_Nerny 1917

5 star

@Dimitarisascrub @VerminSupreme @LPNational @DNC @Jo4liberty 1am is October 1917 Moscow time!

5 star

@JOONSJJK: in case you need it here’s yoongi saying he loves you

5 star

woojers have started shipping and i fully plan on watching 1917 with mine on

5 star

北朝鮮音楽『将軍様 縮地法を使われる』ほか3曲(カタカナ歌詞・漢字併記) @YouTubeさんから

5 star

@ksjhourly: he loves army so much

5 star

@LaRazon_Bolivia Zar, que proviene del latín caesar, -ăris, en femenino zarina/zariza, era el título usado por mona…

5 star

@9piyo_piyo6 リプライ失礼致します! この度は【スクワッド賞金ルーム】の確定枠を頂きたくリプライさせて頂きました🗽 ⦿チーム名 : Maihime ⦿代表者ID : @Shiro_1917 ⦿コピペ用 : Shi…

5 star

@Gil_Brandt Saving Private Ryan or 1917. Dunkirk is also good.

5 star

@OficialWos: Cierren ciclos, dense la oportunidad de ser felices.

5 star

@9piyo_piyo6: @_Aml_Oz はじめまして☺️ チーム名 森の愉快な仲間たち 代表 @Forest_pass51 コピペ Forest_pass51 自慢のできるメンバーなので私も全力で頑張らさせていただきます\( ˆˆ )/ メンバー表は後ほど追記…

5 star

@SimnTolomeo2 @Garcimonero AMLO... Nadie le gana a AMLO

5 star

@Osaka_Kaiyukan: ペンギンたちの水中給餌の様子。 よーく見てみると魚をかならず頭からつるんと飲み込んでます。 魚のヒレやうろこがひっかからないように飲み込みやすい方向から捕食します。 #ペンギンまみれ #…

5 star

@ricardo_de_anda: On this Memorial I choose to honor my Grandmother - Mama Juanita - a Mexican refugee who found protection in Texas in…

5 star

1917 - 9/10 I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this film as much as I did and was thinking it was gonna be yet ano…

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