The Assistant (2020)

The Assistant (2020) Summary and Synopsis

The Assistant follows one day in the life of Jane (Emmy® Award winner Julia Garner, Ozark), a recent college graduate and aspiring film producer, who has recently landed her dream job as a junior assistant to a powerful entertainment mogul. But as Jane follows her daily routine, she, and we, grow increasingly aware of the abuse that insidiously colors every aspect of her workday, an accumulation of degradations against which Jane decides to take a stand, only to discover the true depth of the system into which she has entered. Also starring Matthew Macfadyen (Succession), The Assistant is "a powerful movie about the ways power enforces silence" (Vanity Fair). A searing look at a day in the life of an assistant to a powerful executive. As Jane follows her daily routine, she grows increasingly aware of the insidious abuse that threatens every aspect of her position. The Assistant (2020) Wiki

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Formula for success: under promise and over deliver.

Tom Peters (2020)

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- The worst😒1 star

Don't wast your time or money!

- Loved it!5 star

Had my attention from beginning to end.

- Garbage1 star

They should’ve paid me 99cents to watch this movie since I’m not gonna get this hour and a half back...

- Worst movie ever filmed1 star

So so bad. How a movie this poor can be made with Ruth from Ozark is baffling.

- Really, the trailer is the version to watch.2 star

I kept waiting for something....I will give it two stars For Garner as her sense of ennui was excellent...

- I can’t believe we watched the whole thing1 star

.99, what a rip off. Slight Harvey Weinstein plot. Not the trailer at all. NOT A THRILLER. This was the most boring film I think we’ve ever watched.

- Horrible movie! AVOID THIS!1 star

Don’t waste your $ people. Literally nothing happens. The producers, writers and actors ought to be ashamed of themselves for passing this onto audiences. It’s one of the worst movies my wife and I have ever watched. They should have paid us to sit there. They attempt to make this about sexual harassment but completely fail by having the girl go to HR with what amounts to ZERO facts. You’ve been warned. It’s sooooo bad.

- 99 cents and 90 minutes of our life wasted1 star

The preview for this movie made it seem like a drama/thriller. In reality it was just 90 minutes of our time wasted (although after about 30 minutes neither of us were giving the movie our full attention because there just wasn’t enough there to justify doing so). I know it was only 99 cents to rent so the money lost is not significant, but the time lost is.

- What was that.5 star

What a nail bitting, on the edge of your seat movie. Always wondering what’s around the corner. Just can’t wait til the second one comes out. It’s going to be great. Lol. Give me a break I wasted 99 cents on this blockbuster. It’s like what the heck was that. I even looked to see if it was a series and not a movie. Guess I’m a no brainer.

- Surprisingly well crafted4 star

Very slow moving, but so subtlety haunting and says SO much about the main character without really showing much. Very well acted, And for this Writer directors first film, who I think previously just did documentaries, it was really well written and directed. I was pleasantly surprised. If you like Character study films in any way, you’ll enjoy this.

- Worst movie ever!!1 star

I wasted 88 minutes of my life. If this is the future of film making then close up shop now.

- Worst Ever1 star

This was The worst Movie I’ve Ever seen, I rented this Movie Because I’m a fan of Ozark figuring with Julia Garner (Ruth) in it wouldn’t Be Bad but I was wrong, sorry it’s just not good at all, My opinion.

- Bummer1 star

Really boring

- Horrid1 star

Absolutely horrible.

- Bad1 star

Stopped watching this movie within twenty minutes. Story line is stupid.

- This is a movie about...nothing.1 star

Here’s the plot: An assistant goes to work one day. She works. She goes home. Literally nothing more to this movie. A movie about nothing. Seinfeld would be proud.


I kept waiting for it to get good , only becasue i was on an airplane did I wait so long. Seriously, the worst movie I have ever seen. Very very bad. I don't know how anyone could give this an honest good review.

- Super disappointing1 star

I always used to think “Everything can be a movie, everything and wow I can write a screenplay and it’ll just be about a persons day and WOW it will be amazing”. No dead wrong. Super terrifically terrible. Please do not waste your time. Especially if you have been an assistant or a slave at work this is just annoying.

- Zero1 star

You’ll never get this time back.

- Apple should show stars on iTunes1 star

Very important Subject matter could have been translated into a powerful movie, but alas it was not. Apple is doing us all a disservice by only showing rotten tomatoes, ripe with inflated critic reviews. The apple viewer ratings are a more adequate representation of the 1.5 hours you’ll spend waiting for something to happen.

- Save your time and money1 star

Pointless and EXTREMELY BORING. Save your money. Julia Garner was amazing though.

- Don’t do it!!!1 star

The worst Movie I have ever seen, I wish I could get that time back

- Do you like to be confused1 star

If you like a slow movie with no build up that goes nowhere you’ll love this movie. Rotten Tomatoes was WAY off. 🙄



- Zero stars!1 star

Possibly the worst and most boring thing I have ever watched!!!!

- Movie should not exist1 star

I normally never write reviews for movies if they are good or bad. However, today I had to on this movie. The assistant was a absolutely terrible waste of time of movie. The director should never produce anything else in the future. For anyone thinking about of watching this movie let me do you a favor and don’t. You can pay me 4.99, because my review is more exciting then this movie. Don’t waste your time.

- Worst movie5 star

This movie went nowhere. Kept waiting for something to happen. Totally boring. Waste of our time and money.

- The Worst Movie I have ever seen in my entire lifetime!1 star

This movie just plain sucked. My wife and I will never get this time back and recover from the disapointment from this awful movie. Please refund my money at once!!!!!!

- The Assistant1 star

Huge waste of time and talent. Surely there were more interesting, engaging ways to make the point.

- Waste of time!1 star

The movie drags on and on with nothing but an assistant doing her job. I kept dozing off it was so slow. I thought to myself “when is this going to pick up, or something happen?”, but it never did. When the movie ended I literally said “Are you kidding me?”. What the hell is the point of this movie? Watching paint dry would be more entertaining.

- Sorry, but no1 star

There is no point. Ending is horrible. Nothing happens. Doesn’t truly portray assistants in NYC.

- One of 2020’s Best5 star

The best thriller of the year.

- Waste of my time1 star

Do not watch this. I repeat, DO NOT WATCH THIS!! It’s a movie about nothing. Sooo boring. I think the reviews on here are better then the actual movie. Who wastes millions making this piece of crap?

- Echo5 star

Echoing another review: If you have a brain you will probably like it. That sums it up. Trigger warning for those that have gone through overt patriarchal trauma. Let me be more specific since that would be every woman: Overt patriarchal trauma in the workplace. It’s heavy.

- Slow2 star

The movie is slow. I felt like I was at work watching the dam thing... paper jam, office BS... etc. Ouch! Anyways, I wouldn't recommend.

- Horrible1 star

The worst movie I have watched. Complete waste of resources.

- waste1 star

This was the worst movie I ever saw. It was a waste of time and pointless. I kept waiting for something to happen but what happened was the movie finally end. Thank God!

- Worst movie ever1 star

Very telling how disconnected Hollywood is from their viewers.

- Kept waiting1 star

I kept waiting for something, anything...;but then it just ended...what a waste of space.

- BORING1 star

Don’t waste your time or money. Acting was good. Plot and dialogue was empty.

- Worst ever1 star

So slow...could not muster the motivation to continue watching after the first 10 minutes.

- Worst ever. Tomatoes are wrong.1 star

Nuff said

- Nothing happens for 1:20min1 star

Simply nothing happens in the entire movie. There is one point in the entire movie and nothing else happens.

- The Assistant1 star

Horrible, from start to finish. Non stop slow... so disappointing. Apple should offer a refund...

- Worst Movie in a Decade1 star

I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Can I give this movie less than one star? But only forJulia Garner. DO NOT RENT, DO NOT WATCH. STAY AWAY! BRUTALLY BAD!

- Arrrrrrgggghhh1 star

Felt like I was watching and waiting for water to boil for one and a half hours, then realized I hadn’t turned on the stove top yet. I feel really sorry for the person who thought this was riveting.

- Not worth even renting.1 star

A rip off. Slow to develop and ends abruptly at 1:21. Maybe for $.99 rental fee I would t have felt so ripped off.

- Utterly Stupid1 star

There’s nothing in this movie that can bring me to say anything nice about it. I get that it’s supposed to make a point about sexism in hollywood, but it just highlights that any idiot can make a film. Nothing happens other than you see an assistant go about her very mundane day. She noticed something wrong, and does nothing effective about it. I guess that’s to highlight the fact that if you are powerfull no one can stop you? I bet it wins an award somewhere to highlight how stupid hollywood really is.

- total ripoff1 star

Watched the preview, thought my wife would enjoy the movie. I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. The actors were like robots, 90% of the movie takes place in a small office, everybody spoke just above a whisper. I was robbed.

- Do not waste your money1 star

Unwatchable, just awful.

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Elduque7 - Don’t forget your cpap and biteguard2 star

This is the perfect film to lul you to sleep, anytime of day. Another review I read said you could watch a blank screen and get the same movie. I feel like that is close to accurate as the film is about the daily grind for someone proficient at work. Oh yes, that’s the movie I want to see over and over (Sarcasm). They just can’t put out entertainment in Hollywierd anymore.

Blake is 😏💁🏼😘😀👍🏻😂😆😀 - Worst movie ever1 star

Should get negative stars

Madjipper - Losing faith in Rotten Tomatoes1 star

I don't think i've seen a worse movie in my life. I really want to try to bring the star ratings down...please help me. 2 stars from users is too generous. Waterworld, Battlefield Earth, and that Robert Redford movie in a boat for 2 hours were much better than this boring drivel. I've never written a movie review before, and feel compelled to write to express my frustration that this was ranked so highly by RT. I feel conned that the movie producers got my $4.99 towards their gross revenue line item giving them the impression that this movie was successful. The only people who would like this movie are the pseudo-intellectual a-holes that wear scarves in the summer, wear glasses with no prescription, drive a Prius, and brag that they use Lime. Uggggggg!!!!!!!!!!

Sthditntnunfyhvfbhchjcgkbtewqwyncfbv - Not everyone’s cup of tea5 star

I work in the entertainment industry and this is exactly what it feels like working in a corporate environment day after day. This film takes a unique approach to the real mundane life of an assistant. I highly wouldn’t recommend this to an average movie goer as they may find it boring. I loved it for its realism and made me think of my past jobs as a production assistant that felt just like this film. I enjoyed it very much.

NataliaHcC - Ridiculously bland1 star

I dare you to not fall asleep.

love2shop1122 - someone should have warned us1 star

all time worst move i've ever seen, OMG how do they release crap like this? better question, how does Apple have the nearve to charge money for it?

BDAV488 - The Assistant1 star

The worst movie I have seen in my entire life. If I could rate it less than zero, I would...a complete and utter waste of very valuable time. To those professional critics that awarded ratings worthy of 91% Fresh Tomatoes...FIND A NEW CAREER! I actually felt bad for Julia Garner. Not for her character, but for her talent being associated with such a bad production. Sad. All that fell for the high ratings and watched should receive refunds plus compensation for our time.

Jazzy0215 - Stupid. Don’t waste your money!1 star

This movie was so boring. It’s as exciting as reading the dictionary. How stupid and boring.

jacewild - Boring2 star

Julia acting okay. The rest of the movie including script is horrible. This was low level thought and B grade production. There are better movies that express the movement.

b00kman - Just awful, endless, pointless1 star

Was suckered in by Rotten Tomatoes score. Like ‘The Road’ for office workers. Depressing, grim, unfinished.

mynicknameisty - Awful1 star

I really wish I could get my money back. Waste of time.

JFREE24 - Zero Plot1 star

Like watching an egg hatch and when it finally does, you see that there’s nothing in it.

Jonney Rocket - Horrible1 star

There is no story line to follow. It’s just her getting picked on as a new assistant and doesn’t make any sense. No climax and then ding just leaves you with just saying are you serious, that’s it?!!

MRHBIZ - Horrible!!! Top of my list for worst movies1 star

It was agonizing and hopefully forgettable.

Ipad7665544 - Terrible1 star

I wish I could give it no stars. I read another review that said you would be better off watching your iRobot or a blank screen. I agree 100%. Very little dialogue and long slow boring scenes. She was great in Ozark, but this was a terrible role for her. Hopefully she will get better opportunities, because she is a great actress.

budcole00 - My head hurts from it being beat in by the director1 star

I get it. Important topic. Zero subtlety. Could have been an 8 minute film and accomplished the same thing but actually would have been 100X more interesting.

LadyBugV1 - The Emperor Has No Clothes!1 star

Have you ever seen something that resembled a drop of paint mistakenly splashed onto a piece of paper? In fact, if you found the paper in your house, without hesitation you would crumble it and throw it into the trash. Yet before you get to it, guests come over and something inexplicable happens. You listen as others hail this paper as an incredible, revolutionary artistic achievement!! Drinks are passed around freely in celebration while you stand staring at that piece of paper, both stupefied and perplexed wondering what you missed. Finally in pure frustration, you blurt out, “But this is crap!!” and the shocked room goes silent. Enough said about THIS movie.

winknicole - Awful1 star

Terrible. So boring. Zero story line. Do not waste your time or money.

TMcJilton - Waste of time.1 star

Don’t bother with this movie. There’s literally nothing to it. No dialogue, no plot, no story, nothing. It’s just a series of empty scenes that leave you feeling robbed of your time.

I_AM_SAXGOD - If you want you see....5 star

If you want to see what life was like at Miramax then watch this. It’s great and depressing. Now I see how he got away with it.

PhilAce13 - Boring1 star

Never saw such a boring movie, in the last 40 years!!!! This is a scam from the critics!

Dr.FrankCastle - Rotten Tomatoes gets it wrong again!1 star

Horrible film.

birpster - secretary.1 star

there was no real plot.! All i seen was a young sect, got in trouble with the boss , made copies, and went home.!!

todd5888 - worst ever1 star

One of the worst, plotless movie ever. Total waste of time and money.

Klint2 - One of the lamest films of all time1 star

I’m not joking. This easily makes it in to my top 10 “worst film ever” lists. Rotten Tomatoes has this heap of hot garbage at 91% lol. Critics seem to only like a movie if it checks certain ideological boxes.

la vache qui rit pas - Bleak, Bleaker, Bleeker Street1 star

I am not usually the type who insists on happy endings and I can sit through the type of “a day in the life” French films that leave you with more of a mood than anything else and that only get made thanks to the omnipresence of Canal Plus - but this?! The film just struggles along until it peters out. We are left with no insight other than - yip, the protagonist will probably carry on doing this until forever... Even re-reading the news coverage of the Miramax/Weinstein company gives you more hope. A very honest film that doesn’t sugar coat anything but then I am also not watching the wonderful lives of workers working shifts at an Amazon warehouse for entertainment. Well worth missing.

Jpattskie - Like watching paint dry1 star

I would rather have spent the time replying to a tax audit than watching this movie. My displeasure was further intensified because the Rotten Tomato score was so high. I can't express how strongly you should not watch this movie.

nmellem - Waste of time1 star

It I could give this zero stars I would. Watching water boil would be more entertaining.

A's iPad Play - Impressive!5 star

The psychological thrill of this movie is trying stay awake for the whole thing. The movie is so dull that the only scary part was watching the protagonist handle used syringes.

KE828 - I just want to know why?1 star

There was no purpose to this movie. Nothing!! A complete wast of time. I can honestly say this movie had absolutely no redeeming qualities or meaning. Like you had to keep watching bc you felt there has to be something but noooo. Nothing!!

Pif88 - Waste of my time!1 star

This movie was a waste of time. I don’t understand how it got such a high rating.

dougksti - Great Actress - Terrible Movie.1 star

Great acting by Julia Gardner but it is a total waste of time and get talent. If there had been a plot it could have been 5 star but totally void of interest. Depressing to watch. Not entertainment.

Petersen Deephaven. - Not as enjoyable as watching paint dry1 star

It is so painfully slow that you think somebody is playing practical joke on you. Late in the movie she cooks a frozen dinner in a microwave. By this stage of the movie your are convinced they are going to force you watch the 5 minute cooking time without interruption. And if they did it would have been a step up. Who in their right mind would give this a positive review on rotten tomatoes.

mwj49 - Slow + boring1 star

This is just a bad movie (period). It's so slow, it has a poor plot, and it ends without warning or a conclusion. Generialy I like Julia Garner for her work in The Americans and Ozark, but this is a real disappointment. Don't waste your $$.

afvf - The worst waste of time in a long run1 star

Do not waste your money on this pointless cra...

Where'sTheMusic??? - Thank God I Read the Reviews1 star


SWeidman122 - It’s Not About the Watch, It’s About the Concept4 star

So many people are hating on this movie just because it’s slow. Well newsflash everybody, life isn’t always exciting. Sometimes it’s slow and painful — just like what this movie is depicting. It really lightens the subjects of not only the treatment of assistants alone but also women. Maybe if people saw the struggle that she’s facing they wouldn’t hate it. I get it that not everyone likes slow paced movies but is it honestly the worst they’ve ever seen based on the reviews? I can think of a lot worse. Try sitting down for 90 minutes and watch real life for once.

Rancherralph - Boring!1 star

At the beginning I kept hoping something would happen. But nothing. I’m sure the director was trying to tell a storing but the film was too slow. Boring boring boring. If you’re looking for a movie to fall asleep by, this is your movie.

Erclbx - Don’t get duped into renting.1 star

Watch a Weinstein documentary instead. Boring movie.

SimpleMagic - Yeah, but no1 star

This movie has nothing to do with #metoo (frankly, who cares anyway): this is a horrible re-make of the classic “Swimming with Sharks”, except the lead in this one is female. Watch the trailer for this one then go watch “Swimming”, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Then again, if you hate yourself, by all means, rent this today.

SamManandhar - What did I just watch...1 star

I appreciate good acting, genuinely. However this movie went absolutely nowhere and I find it hard to believe it scored 91% on rotten tomatoes. Sadly I can’t get back Hour and Twenty Seven minutes....

juststopplz - Reviews > Rotten Tomatoes1 star

Should have read the reviews first

wildcatalyst - I have a brain and it is a no brainer to see how poor this film is1 star

I have never written a review before but I was so incensed by the poor quality of this film, I had to put pen to virtual paper. There is no plot, only plot holes. The trailer is more than deceiving, it is criminally deceptive and that’s the audience being screwed over. I really wanted the film to be more but film makers let it slip away into the night with crushingly bad dialogue and storyline. Apple should refund its customers and the makers of this film should be held accountable for releasing this film during the COVID 19 pandemic when audiences are captive and seeking quality content. I thought Tiger King was the nadir of COVID releases...The Assistant digs further below the nadir.

HoySeBebe2020 - Craptolla1 star

The trailer it’s way better than the movie. Once you paid to see it, you have no option but to watch the movie. Vague story, sexist and disrespectful to all women. It’s practically put women like way back where they have no voice, or no position whatsoever to be strong and be equal. Very disappointing. The trailer leads you to something else.

Javlin23 - Waiting for Gadeau-DON'T1 star

I feel victimized and angry! I saw the 91% Rotten Tomatoes and instantly rented this movie. I spent the entire time waiting for something of material to happen - NOTHING. Maybe the critics thought this was genius but it isn't meant for mass consumption. I learned something - I do not trust the RT reviews anymore and realize now I need to look at their system. They show the critics ratings but upon checking it out there is the viewers ratings which can be the opposite of the critics. To be fair, they showed the stars but I didn't even look because I saw the 91%. Now I will just look at the stars and always read the reviews not matter what. Don't bother with this movie, it is a colossal waste of time. I still feel cheated out of $6

EJReiter - Horrible waste of time1 star

Do not believe the reviews, they were clearly paid for. I want my $5.99 back. This movie was simply an easy paycheck for these actors.

BBVD328 - Worst movie ever1 star

Unless you are looking to waste 90 minutes and $6 to rent this movie, don’t do it. Nothing suspenseful or exciting.

breiter406 - Horrible1 star

Waste of my life. Literally nothing happens. She is just an assistant with a crappy boss. That is it no plot, nothing happens.

Andrés Sánchez - Zero stars1 star

First of all, I absolutely support the ’me too’ movement. However, in my view, this movie jeopardizes the entire thing. Jane is portrayed as a novice assistant. Although she's recognized as a smart person, her behavior and the decisions she makes during the film are really poor of judgment. Overall this film is a complete waste of time & money. I have seen bad movies, but I don't think this one can be even considered a movie. I would have been happier spending $15 in candy crush.

LekkeM - Maddeningly dull1 star

I've seen bad movies before, but it's been a long time since I truly felt ripped off by one. This movie is like none I've ever seen, in that *absolutely nothing happens*. My wife and I waited for something to happen and nothing ever did. Its plot illuminates nothing. It's apparently trying to inform us about some fairly well-understood social truths, but all you need to do is read some articles about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and you'll be better informed. This is the most emotionally flat, uninteresting, slow piece of film trash I've ever seen. It's interesting to see how totally disconnected the Rotten Tomatoes score is from the audience score. I usually appreciate the critics' consensus, but in this case listen to the audience.

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The Assistant (2020) movie images
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