Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Summary and Synopsis

You ever hear the one about the cop, the blonde, the psycho and the mafia princess? Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is a twisted tale told by Harley herself, as only Harley can tell it. When one of Gotham’s most sinister villains, Roman Sionis, and his sadistic right-hand, Zsasz, put a target on a young girl named Cass, the city’s wicked underbelly is turned upside down looking for her. Harley, Huntress, Canary and Renee Montoya’s paths collide and the unlikely foursome have no choice but to team up to take Roman down. Harley Quinn joins forces with a singer, an assassin and a police detective to help a young girl who had a hit placed on her after she stole a rare diamond from a crime lord. Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Wiki

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Mind Over Mayhem..

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020)

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Comments & Critics

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Movie Reviews

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- Poop1 star


- Fun!5 star

This is a fun movie, and I love it. I'm not the type to buy movies when you can easily stream or rent, but I'm getting this one. It's just really fun, and awesome. I know people like DC to be gritty and blah blah blah, but you can have both. You can also just like a movie for being fun without all the broody man pain. This movie definitely proves that.

- Loved it!5 star

This movie is severely underrated and under-appreciated. Only the narrow-minded people are giving it bad reviews. There’s a lot of humor, heart, and emotion throughout the movie. It was fun to watch such different people come together and form such an unlikely team. It is definitely not appropriate for young kids to see, however. Only thing I would really change about it is the title; instead of calling it "Birds Of Prey and ..... Harley Quinn", it should've been "Harley Quinn and the Birds Of Prey". Really hopeful that we'll get to see Black Canary, Huntress, and Harley Quinn in future DCEU projects.

- Woke trash1 star

No plot, constant man bashing, terrible costumes, not entertaining on any level.

- WATCH IT5 star

The storyline is good, and while the acting could use some work and so could the feminist part of it, I thought all around It was a really nice movie. Periodt 👁👄👁

- Garbage1 star

Margo Was good, but compared to her first venture as Harlequin, this was horrible. The story came after agenda

- Never whatched5 star

K so I only seen the preview and it was pretty good but please someone anwser me !!!! Does the dog live till the end the German sheperd that Harley got

- This was a hit!5 star

I love this so much I can’t stop watching this and I love how they made Harley I can watch this over and over and not get bored🙂

- 3.53 star

Honestly still rushed, better acting but not impressed on how they did black mask.. Margot continues to do a very good job!

- I want my money back1 star

I am sorry to all the people that worked so hard on this movie. This movie was worse than the worst Cine-porn from the 90s. The stunt double was so obvious I couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not. It was all bad. No part of it was good.

- Amazing5 star

This movie had well written characters and fun music. Def buying for continued watching!

- A Lot Better Than I Expected5 star

I thought this would be cheesy and annoying, but it was a lot of fun to watch and some parts had me laughing my butt off. My kind of chick flick. I hope they make a sequal.

- Flabbergasted5 star

Omg I cant believe this set of eyeballs and cheeks had fantasied of this happening and like I don’t even believe I’m living right now,like is this real, I co-exists with unbelievable ness like this,mwah!!!🤫🤐🖖🍭🍬🥊🥋🎱🧸

- Get woke go broke1 star

Get woke and go broke their isn’t really anything else to say.

- More Margot Robbie♥️4 star

I love the outfit in the first movie so much more than any outfit she wears in this movie- no offense love💯♥️ it’s gonna be hard to match or top perfection and you were perfect in the first movie this was a good 90% I gave 4 stars as a symbol for room to improve! 🤗 be safe, I know the movie industry is vile and corrupt please take care of yourself thank you for your work!

- Give me back my night1 star

I spent 90% of this movie rolling my eyes. My eye muscles can win a body building contest. I was baked af by the end and it was still bad. Save your $5

- Horrible1 star

The entire movie is based solely on women’s empowerment and not the story. I thought the movie would have been funny, but it just pushed for the empowerment jargon rather then actual comedy and action.

- Nope.1 star

Tried way to hard. The fighting scenes were so forced and fake it was uncomfortable to watch. Mostly with black canary and huntress. Just seemed like black canary tried way to hard to be bad ass and totally missed. 😬

- Very entertaining and a well-written harley quinn5 star

Birds of Prey or Harley Quinn movie deserves to DC's best films at certain points this film is funny, well-written, action packed and most of all girl power again terrific. DC has made bad movies throughout the years but Birds of Prey is a expection of entertainment and fun.

- I Love It!!!5 star

Saw it Twice in theaters. I'm gonna add this movie to my collection. Let's be clear this is a Harley Quinn movie. Featuring the Birds of Prey. I think if they advertised it that way, then it would've done better at the box office. But I really enjoyed the story. It's simple but still intelligent. Goofy, endearing, raw and vulnerable.

- A little too violent...5 star

But otherwise a great film.

- Only got 78 because it’s a girl power movie!1 star

This movie is bad! It jumps around too much. There is only one real fight sequence and by the time it happens I just wanted all of them to lose! Is bad!

- Male fragility5 star

Seeing all of these fragile men complain about this movie persuaded me to buy it. If it pisses off guys this much, it must be doing something right

- Great!5 star

I just really loved it. It was fun and entertaining.

- Love!!!5 star

This movie was so good. I was entertained the entire time and having Harley narrate was such a funny and enjoyable experience. The girl power in this movie was AWESOME. Can’t wait to watch 100 more times

- Much better the Suicide Squad5 star

Loved this movie. With the hack job that was Suicide Squad, I was very reluctant to waste time with this but it actually was good! So far one of the better DC films that have been done recently. The cast was great and really worked well. Ewan has a good twist on black mask. The birds of prey character have a slight twist compared to comics but in all honestly was done in a way that really was pulled off well. Do yourself a favor and check this movie out, especially if the last few live action movies have left a bad taste in your mouth.

- Birds of prey5 star

I love this movie and can’t wait to see Harley again in The Suicide Squad

- Terrible...1 star

on all levels. Oh it had potential, but apparently nobody was able to raise their performance to a level that could be considered quality. Canary was the only character with any depth.

- Police Station Fight Scene4 star

The police police station fight scene just bothered me because there's no way no one would've shot Harley that entire time.

- Fantastic all around5 star

Fantastic film! I don’t follow the comics and didn’t expect to like it but Margot Robbie always steals the show. I have to say, though, all her costars were amazing as well, including Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina. The only men threatened by movies like these are the men movies like these are meant to reach.

- Amazing5 star

Amazing story , characters , and action. One of DCs best

- Boring1 star

The only thing i like it was huntress and the gave her only 10 min on screen

- Shocking Terrible1 star

I wanted to like this movie so, so much. But it’s just awful. Even reading this review is more time than this movie should spend inside your brain. Just... wow. You start to wish it was even worse (?) to drift into B-movie territory but it somehow walks a tightrope of boring/terrible while still trying too hard. That is the film’s most remarkable achievement. This film is deeply, deeply terrible with few redemptive moments or quality. Appreciate the ambition, but come on... cringeworthy level of awfulness.

- disappointed1 star

it's a shame to see what they didn't do with a beloved character. the writing was sub-par at best. story line and character back stories were poor. the women empowerment theme came at the expense of a solid idea... just like the rest... ghostbusters, etc..

- Why is this rated at 75%??????1 star

Dear rotten tomato people, stop taking bribes from studios to trick people with such flagrant positive reviews of horrible movies. You are becoming too predictable And yes, people are noticing. You’re only hurting yourself here

- love it5 star

love iittt

- A lot of fun5 star

Great popcorn flick. I did not feel like there was any “political” stuff shoved in my face at all. Men trying to make women feel helpless, happens all the time. Men taking credit for things women have done? History is rife. Just real stories combined with motorcycle roller derby, what’s not to like?

- Horribly stupid.1 star

The dialogue was idiotic. Predictable. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. This was a bad Saturday morning Super Friends cartoon with swearing.


Ya hacia falta ver mas a Harley Quinn y sin duda alguna Margot Robbie es un gran acierto para el papel, ella es Harley Quinn, aunque no tuvo el mismo impacto que causó el Escuadrón Suicida (2016) igual es bastante buena. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollet Bell, Rosie Perez y Ewan McGregor son perfectos en la película, la historia es algo simplona pero se ejecuta bastante divertida y emocionante, con excelentes escenas de acción, la banda sonora de la película es muy buena, y los colores de la misma son espectaculares, aunque hay varios fallos en cuanto al desarrollo del transcurso de la película, historia y guion, la película es muy buena y se merece 4 estrellas sobre 5, la película más entretenida del DCEU

- Ugh2 star

This movie was boring for me. I couldn’t watch the second half of it.

- I lie alot.1 star

Me thinky it really ok. I like movies and it a movie so me must like it. Tanks Hollywood!

- Amazing and fun!5 star

It may have been a bit predictable but it did a good job being fun and especially the music was amazing. Sonic was good to but PEOPLE (ToonOOF) NEED TO STOP ADVERTISING IT ON REVIEWS FOR THIS MOVIE WHEN SONIC IS IRRELEVANT HERE!!!! Can we just freaking agree they are both good movies and leave it at that.

- DC NEEDS TO STOP!!!1 star

This was a waste of time and money. Such a horrible story and acting.

- I haven’t whatched it yet5 star

I can see people being turbine and o just wanna say...........BRATS DEAL WHITH THE MOVIE GOSH DAMNIT


Great movie and i think put together well, hope more comes out

- Relax dudes5 star

I’ve never read one review that says, this is such a blatant show of masculinity and taken it seriously. Let the ladies have their version of Batman having to save people for more reason.

- Kinda love it3 star


- Not good at all.1 star

It seems that DC is attempting to create a moral to a comic movie. Smh Don’t wast your time or $$$ Scattered plot & bad dialogue

- "Fowl"2 star

WAY too much profanity. Long segments of "Boring". Stupid story.

- What????2 star

I wanted to like this movie....... it failed spectacularly.....very little to get excited about..... foolish, unbelievable fight scenes worthy only of the Batman tv series..... come to think of it, the only this missing from the final action conclusion was the superimposed graphics stating “BAM” with every ludicrous hit!

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Luc Presley - j"ai detester1 star

probablement bonpour les tres jeune adolescent

ian5ian5 - Fantastically fabulous for standalone film5 star

Great I loved it has excellent casting, directing and acting. I highly recommend this movie!

Queen Metalia - I love this movie5 star

Lots of action

Alvin James P Oogak - Best Movie of DC5 star

Birds of Prey is the dramatic comedy and funny movie to be honest. I like this movie, hopefully they make more spin off movies about Harley Quinn Great actor also, quite honest better than Squad Suicide

Charles || - Psycho Fun5 star

Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn to a perfect Tune. Not to mention the other Birds of Prey. Wow ! This movie will have you laughing all the way through along with some pretty good bang up scenes to top up its excitement factor.

mr fred1971 - Très mauvais1 star

Prévisible cucu Encore pire que je pensais

Colonel Miyagi - The worst movie i have ever seen in my Life!!!1 star

The worst movie I have ever seen in my life! 78% ... it's a joke! Condolence to all the actors who participated in this film. This is one of the worst achievements of this decade! Don't waste your money and your time!

blcksunn88 - I predict it to be really really bad1 star

I will not even watch this when it becomes .99cents, which it will be soon if you read some of the critics.

Tom Sellect - Harley Quinn5 star

Plus folle que jamais, elle vous en fera voir de toutes les couleurs 😂😂😂

Dockynes - Boring noisy movie1 star

Very boring with stupid dialogs, we lost the spirit she had in divide squad

Melissasuem - I have a new appreciation for Hyenas!5 star

This is a very entertaining movie, and empowering....which will no doubt OFFEND ALL THE PATHETIC MISOGYNISTS AND INCELS...but their opinions certainly don’t matter . Great characters...Was anyone else a little off put that the actually the man who for years has the role of Dr. C....Danny Castellano on THE MINDY Show? Even with his hair and tattoos and scars...he was familiar... but that transformation...who would of ever thought?? It’s amazing how much a persons hair, makeup, clothes , tattoos etc CAN COMPLETELY ALTER A PERSONS LOOK. ANYWAYS ITS BEEN A GREAT COUPLE OF YEARS FOR WOMEN...AND ABOUT TIME THAT THEY START PLAYING THE ROLES OF HEROES AND NOT THE HELPLESS DAMSEL IN DISTRESS! While it is NOT THE BEST OR MOST MOVING AND STUNNING movie ever made of is definitely worth the watch. Oh and what about BRUCIE? He was only on screen briefly...but the facial expressions, and his sounds..changed so rapidly...from whining to laughing, to scrunching his nose to growling to a new type of laugh and grunting, he must of made 8 different sounds...and how one second he could seem scary..teeth bared, growling..and a second later be licking Harleys face...and sharing a twizzler with her..LADY AND THE TRAMP STYLE...He was so intimidating and yet so GENTLE AND LOVING...a perfect guard pet... Now I want to go learn about them and see more!!

alrirmcmaocm - Ok for DC Comics3 star

Good movie and great actresses. Saw it in theatres and would rather have rented it at home. My personal opinion is it's as good as you expect a spin off; aimed for less action scenes and more for story time. I am bias to not liking spin offs, though. Especially when DC Comics is known for amazing action scenes.

jumy r - Don’t1 star

I know you’re bored in quarantine, telling yourself this can’t be THAT is, it’s actually worse. Unbearable, save your money.

the_CHossen-ONE - It was great5 star

It was very empowering for a woman to watch. I couldn’t get the plot right away which was good but later on it was kinda predictable but overall I really like the movie and would watch again

The Bionic Man - You kinda need to be exposed to DC animation3 star

There were a few times I thought this movie was going south due mostly to Network grade crappy series caliber fight scenes, I don’t understand how a feature film can’t do better with fight scenes but in the end the movie was very stylish and saved by a great portrayal of the main characters, if you have ever watched a DC animated movie you would get this movie, but I am sure there were people wondering what kind of movie is this, DC’s greatest weakness well deserved is a failure to transfer to the big screen a product for those who don’t know the ins and outs of the DC Universe

Fattaneh davoodi - :))5 star

harley quinn is a good hero in DC to make movie for her.

Venneyvans - ❤️❤️5 star


Sheldon.B - Critics Know Nothing4 star

I have to say one thing after reading a few critiques from the people who get paid to do so, your bosses need to replace you and in a bad way. I feel that to be qualified to critique a movie you need to know your stuff and don't freaking critique a movie without doing your research. A solid 4/5. For the critics who rated this movie as poor go back to rating movies like "Brian's Song".

Sunshine0262 - Garbage1 star


CEOofbeingunhinged - entertaining5 star

The movie is full of fun. Dialogue, actions and plot are solid and the actresses are amazing. Nice to see Harley Quinn as a three dimensional character.

Ojix - Fantabulous5 star

A new lens for the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, which was insanely inaccurate and only served as a 13 year old boys wet dream. Harley Quinn is back to her roots and it is fantabulous to see.

✌Jessie✌ - Refreshing change.5 star

While there are some issues with the film the issues are little compared to all the good. For one of the few times in the current age of superhero films we see women be represented fully in a positive light. It’s a story made for anybody to enjoy. It even offers light undertones to make female watchers feel heard, and make male watchers learn something new. This is not a movie of men vs women. This is this just like any other superhero movie. It shows the struggle on the most basic level. It shows the fight for validation, and the fight for respect. It’s the story of people finding their self worth, and deciding when it’s necessary for them to step forward to be the change that is needed. One of the best things is that this movie shows these themes apply to anything. As a powerhouse character can struggle with with this, so does other characters on a street level. It’s a universal thing, and shows a refreshing take on what a superhero movie can and should be. This movie has unfortunately been the victim of unnecessary hate by those unwilling to give a chance to a movie that represents the world better. While change is scare this change is needed, as it gives other well done things a chance. This is not Birds of Prey. This is just the beginning of the team, and by the end of the movie everything is explained on why all the characters were picked for his journey. Give it a try for yourself. I hope you’ll love I as much as I did, as this was a movie I needed for the current events that had been going on in my life when it came out.

Angry_movie_review - What did I just see?1 star

Dialogue, acting and music... pretty much everything was poorly conceived and sloppy. Garbage!

Marsha Moe - My favourite movie5 star

I thought that Margot Robbie was the best to play Harley Quinn and love the song diamonds. Also love how funny and powerful she was.

hgvak - Sloppy2 star

Harley was the best part of suicide squad but falters in her stand alone film. Contrived and poorly cartoony. Very disappointing.

Cooby Dooby doo - Best Comic Book Movie Ever5 star

yes ma’am

allikira - amazing5 star

great movie great action great actors

jgould6 - Don’t listen to negative reviews5 star

It’s meant to be a fun little movie and it nails that completely. Margot kills it as Harley, action is incredibly well done, well shot, well acted...not much to complain about honestly. If you hate women though, stick to Fast and Furious.

six.feet.under - So much fun5 star

This movie is so much fun. All the characters are entertaining, the actors are all excellent. Its not the best movie ever but sure its a fun ride and ill be watching it many times, so its one of my favorite. Just wish there was more of black mask and Zsasz. Ewan ROCKS HIS CHARACTER. Margot in Harley is always amazibg. Soundtrack is a killer. SO GLAD IT GOT AN EARLY RELEASE! They are so many quotes i love from this movie. Ewan is so goood, all his characteristics are on point.

Switchie32 - Fantastic!5 star

Saw this movie in the theatre! It was sooo much fun!

Quinn - A Lot of Fun!!!5 star

Great popcorn flick! Non-stop fun! Enjoy!

noah toth - Yes5 star

It is a good movie with a good message women don’t need a guy

whitezero59 - I’m craven after Bird of Prey3 star

Bird of Prey make me want to have Egg McMuffin and then take a crap. -_-

ricky753 - not bad3 star

6/10. a little bit boring but overall, it’s not bad. I recommend it, but it’s not something you should be overhyped about. it’s really like a normal film that I would watch on the daily... trust me I’ve seen about 50 similar movies like this, so it’s kind of boring. Overall, this movie is gonna grow on me the more I watch it.

Sally2578 - Umm1 star

As bad as Justice League was it was better than this pile of garbage and Justice League was terrible.

Michaelm10551 - Love it5 star

Seen it in theatres and love it. Can't wait for it to be on iTunes

tbublick5 - Fantastic5 star

I loved this movie because it was told in an interesting way, kind of mixed up like Harley, and it shines light on girl power. Would definitely recommend. 💖

Farting mom - Everything Harley!5 star

Scratch suicide squad. This movie is everything Harley. Margott Robbie brings Harley Quinn to life with this film. It did not let my expectations down at all. Absolutely fantastic 🦅

all lives matter levi - Just don’t bother3 star

Went in thinking it’d be interesting, but it was merely something that has been done before gift wrapped in a predictable feminism driven and boring plot. Was kinda fun and the villain was good. But not much to take from this one.

underdogs1 - Average movie2 star

Pretty bland movie. Poor acting and script leaves it lacking in any real substance. I would say wait for the rental.

Maddy006 - Loved it5 star

It was a really fun movie with lots of good action scenes and an amazing soundtrack.❤️

Garveyer - Fun5 star

Just fun all around. There’s no male bashing, despite what the fragile dudes hating on it want to say. Way more fun than Wonder Woman, absolutely terrifying villains, and great soundtrack.

Manning2072 - Yawn1 star

Just another male bashing feminist peace of garbage, I see now why is failing in the theatre 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Jucies - Uhhhh5 star

Don’t seem yet but still excited to watch it

Undrgrndkng - just okay3 star

there’s a reason it’s bombing. just another female only film that shouldn’t have tried so hard to alienate the bigger comic book male audience. gotham city sirens would’ve been better. oh well.

old as folk - not worth the price of admission1 star

uhhh yeah... that certainly was a movie.

WooHenry98 - It’s a Very Awesome Movie5 star

This Movie is perfect. The action, the characters, Yan’s direction and Margot Robbie’s performance are perfect.👍 As well as the Colours are so bright with the intense action within the movie.😁😍🤩

keepinguhonest - Wait for the rental1 star

Outstanding cinematography and art direction. The story however, and the film overall, was one of the slowest films I’ve seen in a very, very, very, very long time. A lot of potential. But missed the mark with the very long introduction which lasts well over half the film.

notworth_it - Awesome movie5 star

I just saw this movie at the theater and it’s just amazing and awesome. I recommend you to watch it

lol kitkat - Birds of prey5 star


jppepp - Not Impressed1 star

I couldn’t even finish the film, it just wasn’t as good as I assumed it would be. At all. Horrible plot...waste of time and money.

Alice shea - Not the Harley Quinn movie I expected3 star

Margot Robbie is fantastic in her role as Harley Quinn and the supporting cast bringing life to their characters is interesting to watch. I feel the script in its meandering narrative was a let-down.

dude hallenbeck - Great movie5 star

Super charming mix between Atomic Blonde and Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. Love the counter culture vibe and the actresses all nail their roles.

berryian - Loved it5 star

Take it as it is a great fun movie , better than I thought it would be after some of DCs other Failures

Hamish94 - Refreshing, not like the others5 star

Margot is awesome in this movie.

KatCanDoo - Fun and quirky5 star

It's pretty much what you'd expect for a Harley Quin film. It pokes fun at bad stereotypes and 80s lines.

Craigy1976 - Not Good1 star

This is niot the Harley Quinn movie you are looking for. The story was terrible. Acting even Margot Robbie cant save that. Just absolute insulting Trash.

Truth Teller 78 - Steaming turd1 star

Never felt the need to ever write a review for anything, but if this stops you watching it, I’ve saved you your time and your money. Worst movie I’ve seen in my lifetime. I can’t even give it no stars!

Wendo14 - Trust the low ratings posted1 star

The squad doesn’t get together until 1 hour 27 minutes into the movie. When I read the positive reviews I’m left wondering if the authors are making a joke. Don’t do it!

igkccccc22222 - Horrible1 star

Didn’t even finish this movie it was that bad. Such a let down

JayShoe Dog23 - 3 stars3 star

I mean it's not great and it's not that bad. A part of me should of waited till it was a 99c rental.

RonnyRockstar16 - 100% Non stop action with Harley Quinn's navigation.5 star

Margo' Robbie plays this part incredibly! Do not blink or you'll miss something awesome!

peanutt:P - Solid Film5 star

Birds of Prey is a good film, with great action, very interesting and new characters and overall a good story. I would recommend to anyone who is a DC comic book fan, the average movie goer or simply someone looking to watch a fun, easy going movie.

Zozman55 - Terrible movie1 star

This movie is barely watchable, i seriously question anyones taste that not only says its good but rates it more than 2 stars...

adhklfsddjkcdd - The movie I’ve been waiting for but didn’t know it yet5 star


gaydan96 - Watch It!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Great movie a shame it gets unnecessarily hated on!

TahneeCjd - BEST DC FILM TO DATE5 star

Amazing!!! Best DC film to date! Have lost count of how many times I’ve watched it! It’s so good! Highly recommend

Airwalk1975 - Big step up5 star

Really enjoyed this. Sometimes minor characters are the most fun. Go Bruce.

SenthuranV - SO GOOD!!!5 star


PMaccus - Terrible man bashing trash.1 star

First ten minutes include every stereotype you can dream up of terrible men. Empowerment is not reached through trashing everyone else. That only gets you to the gutter where all the bad stereotypes you portrayed reside.

rosiesiu - mwah5 star

i love women

https.harleyquinn_is_insane - Loveeeeee5 star

Margot is amazing 🤍 The best movie of 2020! Stan ! Watch 24/7 while quarantine corona, hehe

kkzia1 - MUST WATCH if you’re looking for a popcorn flick!5 star

After a few stumbles, DC is moving in the right direction and Birds of Prey is definitely proof of this! If you’re looking for a fun popcorn flick then this is the movie for you. It’s incredibly funny (special props to Ewan McGregor) and the chemistry between the characters is great! Quite a simple plot to follow with little connectivity, so you can watch it without having to watch any other DC films. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is very comic book-y especially the action scenes! Personally, my favourite DC movie by far and I recommend everyone give this movie a watch!

JDsutts - Period.5 star


ellieunicornxox123 - Worth Seeing.5 star

It’s the best DC movie I’ve ever seen in MY LIFE.

koalababie🐨 - BEST DC MOVIE EVER5 star

From start to finish it’s a wild and amazing ride. Can’t wait to see it again

norfolkowl - Thumbs up5 star

Between this and Shazam, things are looking up for the DCEU. It’s fun, it’s punchy, it’s Harley freaking Quinn. I ended up caring about black canary, which was unexpected. If you watch enough Supergirl, Arrow and Flash you figure that if you see another scream-power character iteration you’ll scream yourself. Now, if they could just figure out how to make their villains less one-dimensional… still, leagues better than the CGI-alien-god-monsters of BvS, JL and WW.

😃😀😂🤣😁😎🥶 - Birds of prey5 star

I went with my friends we didnt rly think it would the best but it was rly good but a bit crazy and weird but loved it

Tonybiubiubiu - Another lame DCEU movie1 star

I didn't expect too much from this movie, but yeah, it is as bad as I thought.

Bear Begins - Really!1 star

No wonder DC comics aren’t able to compete with Marvel. Such a poor film, really disappointing!!

erthjtrfeshgm - Favourite DC Movie5 star

Everything in this is done so well, the script, the acting, the visuals It's doing something a bit different to other DC movies, and it doesn't take itself as seriously as the dark knight etc., but it still has important messages about identity, power imbalances and female emancipation Also the soundtrack is just great

Knellism - Actually quite a good film5 star

I loved it. So much better than suicide squad. Really enjoyable well made film. Ewan is a superb villain and Margot is smoking.

ga?].^> - A uni EveSes4 star

Hi hi

rubywiththegoldeneye - Better than justice league5 star

Some fantastic moments in this film, great actors and decent soundtrack. Remember when Capt Marvel (decent film) got lots of bad reviews cause a woman was the main character..?

Vitez1 - Ned5 star

Wot ever, people criticise this, I say, is amazing film..

MisterVallance - Truly awful...1 star

I’m not a big fan of 1 star reviews, especially for blockbuster films as they are what they are, but this was a terrible, terrible film. It just tries too hard to be everything. Not as funny, cool, edgy as it thinks it is. Fight scenes were over choreographied & at times quite poorly done. The jokes, like suicide squad, just didn’t hit & weren’t funny. The plot was all over the place & introduced too many people that you just don’t need to know it will care about. I usually don’t mind films that jump all over the place with the timeline but again this felt like it was don’t just to be cool. If you liked suicide squad you may like this but if you didn’t then you’ll hate this as well...

JD Director - Brilliant1 star

Brilliant, great etc are reviews paid for by companies. This film is utter garbage and it’s place on iTunes at number 1 is obviously a con too paid for by the corporations. Don’t fall for it. Nobody is buying this garbage. It’s a very poorly made film.

The Purple Witch - Seriously?5 star

What’s all the fuss? This is a fab fun movie. Shut up, stop complaining and eat your popcorn, or whatever it is you’re snacking on.

Mickey 20VT - Have to agree, it is poor2 star

As others have said the film seems to start just before it’s about to end. Confused flashbacks that just don’t work and a cast that is second rate! As for having Renton as the bad guy??? Really???

makister ;) - Absolutely great5 star

Great, funny and deep movie, stunning looking and of course gorgeous Margot...

Bigflump - A Psychedelic scooby doo for spice girl fans3 star

It’s more of a psychedelic version of scooby doo for spice girl fans. It’s ok for a pizza night but it’s no Dark Night.

Elledeen567 - Movie is amazing!5 star

Everyone is so wrong about this movie it is amazing! Margot Robbie was so amazing she plays Harley so well and this movie and her deserve much more!💕

deanlicious - meh3 star

female Deadpool

Mikey82james - Margot Robbie is great but this film is just okay3 star

3 Stars worth a watch but not worth full price of £13.99 wait for a sale

Alex david johnson - Such a disappointment1 star

I wanted to watch this for months as soon as I watched it is was awful there is not one good thing in this movie it was slow please people who read this don’t waste your money Harley Quinn is not strong to have a movie to her self and we’re is dc going Shazam is childish and joker is absolutely awful Don’t ever watch this movie unless you have absolutely nothing to watch

Flicksty30 - Always disappointing renting a film that turns out to be terrible.1 star


I r a - Worst movie ever1 star

I am not sure how this movie can get any star. Total crap.

Hagakure2014 - Dc coming back4 star

This film was a really good addition to the DC franchise it had a bit more grit and grime to it and Harley’s character was playing brilliantly. The only downside was the main bad guy was a bit week but other than that this movie was an easy watch which kept you entertained!

ChrisAmbit - g2 star


Tesrgft - Good film4 star

Watched with the wife and she loved it

Andrew MacDonald - Not good!1 star

Very poor movie. Looking at Margot is about the only thing worth seeing in this picture!

IT45. - Warner Bros Please Put The Below Film’s On iTunes Thank You 🙂👍🏻4 star

Hi there Can you please put On to iTunes UK the Three films below In 4K Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition Length is 3Hr 2Mins 33Sec & Suicide Squad Extended Cut Length is 2Hr 14Mins 34Sec & Superman: The Movie(1978) Extended Cut (TV Version) Length is 3Hr 8Mins 35Sec Thank you 🙂🙂👍🏻👍🏻 & #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

Aqua rust brain - Not worth the hype1 star

Disappointing, watch the adverts they are the best parts of the film.

Lang-ster2323 - Bad, just bad1 star

Refund please!

MikeEwartClough - Rubbish1 star

Total waste of time. Couldn’t finish it - Dreadful acting, dreadful script - woeful. Mike C

Investigio - Quite liked it4 star

It’s no Wonder Woman but decent

The Pipes - Pretty Awful1 star

Was looking forward to this as had great potential but disappointed in pretty much all departments.

Bearlair - Poor1 star

Love the character and the actress but she’s a sidekick not strong enough to be the lead, some okay moments but it’s poor

-ag68- - Good5 star

Better than suicide squad. Still wish they could’ve made Gotham city sirens instead much better than birds of prey but hopefully a sequel including poison ivy and catwoman!

Mac7184 - Loved it!5 star

I just cant get enough of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Hard to imagine anyone else bringing that character to life now. A really good fun movie!

Sharoncbetts - Loved it5 star

Really enjoyable movie - Margot Robbie is excellent as the lead. Can’t wait for the next one!

doot67 - Very good5 star

Love this movie - Awful1 star

Oh god why did I buy this don’t

Dan 🧖🏿‍♀️ - Ignore the hate comments.5 star

You might think I’m a bot 💀but I’m not. The fight scenes were great and you can see everything that goes down. It’s not switching angle every second to make it seem better. It’s really good ngl

Hannah Bowkley - GIRL POWER!!5 star


Ecosself - Strong women not needing male lead approval5 star

Great film, comic book violence, so good to see strong women not needing male lead approval. Ewan McGregor is nuts.

Shaynecm - Had potential2 star

Had some potential a few laughs and awesome action scenes. Wish the story was more chronological and didn’t keep jumping back and fourth. Think they tried to copy deadpool and missed. Ewan Mcgreggor was a let down. DC have some awesome characters why they can’t get the universe to work like marvel can and an adult 18+ story arc. This Harley, the pheonixs joker. Devetos penguins and bales batman would be awesome.

stella bigbear71 - Brilliant5 star

Great film

sphere1978 - DC killing it... and not in a good way1 star

They had such a hit on their hands after suicide squad people went nuts for Harley and yet everything about this film just messed it up.. from the title and changing it half way through Cinema release to adding characters that no one wanted to see.. pointless plot and no real connection to the rest of the dc universe.. it’s like they trying to keep there films to the same standard of green lantern (sorry Ryan)

Sazz2909 - Best film ever!5 star

This is such a great film ever to dc, people don’t like it cause they think Harley Quinn shouldn’t have a film to her self and don’t like to see her without the joker well guess what it’s a great film, without the joker she does Amzing by her self also this film is the best out of every dc film,I love Harley quinn so much and this film is awesome 💕

iReview3r - A film with attitude5 star

Performance’s were uniformly good, and I really liked the ‘attitude’. Really good film. Really ‘colourful’. The only negative comments I have is that the ending felt a bit ‘obvious’. It become a bit of a ‘punch-a-thon.

IamRVP - I couldn’t finish it2 star

It’s that bad

Tys81 - Wast of money1 star

I understand why Mr J got rid? this could of been brilliant. but yet again DC lets it self down what a shame

BreadintheBone - Fun and lots of comic book references5 star

First, this looks like it was written and directed by a Harley Quinn fan. Or a bunch of them. She's crazy, athletic, fierce, but doesn't always win. It's very funny, and the Funhouse fight scenes are very comic book, even flashing back to the Adam West Batman fights. I like the twists on the characters: Huntress's utter lack of humour, Canary and her story, Renee Montoya and her toughness. In the comics, Black Mask is possessed by the mask, but he always has a strong weirdness to him. That's definitely in this (not the possession; the weirdness). There was a lot of silliness in the comics, with Black Mask, as well as the evil. I liked this film, and it made me laugh. Margot Robbie is a terrific actress, and obviously a comics nerd.

MrMJEsq - Don’t miss it!5 star

Highly entertaining and doesn’t take itself too seriously which makes it a welcome change from previous DC movies.

kikilouz - 😩1 star


I II III IIII V - This should have always been Gotham City Sirens4 star

This is a movie that should have always been Gotham City Sirens. Although it’s no where as bad as people where making out, it’s super enjoyable. The jail cell fight scene made the movie and we needed more of that - it does take a long time to get the story going but it’s enjoyable. It does lack well known DC characters but If you’re a DC fan, there’s a bit of fan serve in there for you - but definitely worth a watch!

Bean57777 - Fantastic film5 star

I’m a big Harley Quinn fan and this film is every thing I could of asked for!

ohitsdanny - Fantastic!5 star

Amazing visuals, funny, great cast and super fun!!

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Manuno77 - Funny5 star

Great movie another collection to my DC MOVIES

Abigail breastmilkkk - why does everyone hate this movie?5 star’s not even that bad....

Adriana M. Hillstrom - Sick of seeing this1 star

It looks so stupid & can't stand seeing an ad for it all the time. & the dumb girls face way too much.

SMSDDSMS - Complete waste of time and money1 star

Horrible movie... definitely in the top five p.o.s. movies I’ve suffered through.

Turtle_N7 - Dc movies keep getting worse!1 star

By far the worst dc movie🤮 straight 🗑

ksosneei - Boring1 star

Got boring very quickly

J. Blanding - Buying1 star

I am considering buying this film only because of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

iSis*NaMiNe - Loved It!!!!5 star

Great movie I absolutely loved it totally worth the $20 bucks

AniMajor - Pile of garbage1 star

DC = Dumb Crap

Y.W.H. - Not like suicide squad1 star

The story development wandering, character development is weak, the fight scenes lack planning and coordination. By the third act, you don’t know why you spent money watching this movie. If your expecting Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, you’ll be disappointed.

Yassssss9884 - An unexpected joy!5 star

I was really nervous about this movie, however I was left with joy, laughter, and a feeling of definite certainty. This movie is a wonderful rollercoaster. The cast are all really good, and of course Margot Robbie becomes Harley Quinn herself.

Jazzy6190 - So bad1 star

Don’t waste your money on this, the storyline was horrible and the movie altogether was just not what I was expecting.

Wal55455 - So very bad...1 star

Nothing like the first one. Totally not worth the $2.99 rental....wouldn’t even pay $.99 to see this if I would have known. Realize actors need the money, but how the hell did they sit thru this during the preview?

WhiskeyRum - I enjoyed it4 star

It may not be the best DC movie but it’s a lot better than Suicide Squad.

COGIC.WT - Not worth your time1 star

Boring storyline. I was hoping for better but here I am...disappointed. Glad I only rented it but still wish I could get my money back. I hope they don’t make a sequel. However, I do hope that Journee, Rosie and the Huntress has a movie together with a BETTER script.

jediwarrior1 - Terrible movie1 star

Harley Quinn was overpowered and everything just seemed forced. This is also what happens when you bring politics into movies

Useitformusic - Pretty good addition to the DCEU4 star

Loved the acting in the this! It was spot on. The movie is really fun and worth the watch!

Tayene Silveira - Fun!4 star

Fun from the beginning to the end!

starstar - FORGETTABLE1 star

This was without question the WORST sequel I have ever endured! Harley Quinn was so appealing in prior movie and is wasted in this film fiasco. Don't waste your time and money.

vvuh ug ihigf - Amazing5 star


linzzbee - Good5 star

This movie was a delight.

themesiah77 - Not good1 star

I fell asleep twice watching this. Not entertaining at all

lschwag - worst movie i’ve seen in a while1 star

don’t waste your $$

blackpinker - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star


Aaron LRJ - It was good enough4 star

It was alright, one of the best DC movies for sure... I like how they made Gotham look. It looks a lot like Los Angeles, which is my fave city ever and my home. Some of the action scenes could’ve been better, but it was still entertaining.

AG47692 - Hard pass - Suicide Squad was better1 star

Dear god, just tried to watch Birds of Prey cause it was only $2 to rent and it was so horrid we couldn't do more than 15 minutes lol. Suicide Squad was better and that’s saying something. Margot Robbie is just so annoying and narrates the whole thing. Literally the only good thing is the R rating. I really wish they would recast Harley though cause Margot Robbie is just the worst and is does not make a good Harley at all or fit the character😣

MakaiyaW - Terrible1 star

I thought this movie was going to be good but it was horrible

ejblackpanther - I love harlequin5 star

I think it’s a good movie

sisa_maritza - I liked it5 star

Not bad

E.Ep - Fun3 star

It’s a very fun movie even though it’s very dragged out in some scenes

TheMostUnclean - Worth Buying for $10 or Less3 star

Movie does have its flaws. Not very faithful to the source material and they made Zsasz into a bleach-blonde moronic henchman instead of a psychotic maniac. Despite this, Robbie is just really fun to watch. She really nails the energy of the character. Plus, the movie has some of the best choreographed action/fight scenes I’ve ever seen. So, just my honest opinion. Not some hate-fueled incel rant.

Paul&Aysh - I have no words!1 star

Poor script Poor acting Poor stunt work Simply doesn’t gel Even worse than Batman & Robin, enough said If you feel you need to watch this then wait until is available on the streaming services

Germaicanbacon - Wasted my time and money1 star

After watching Suicide Squad, which was a great movie, the expectation was this movie would be the same . I was wrong, the attempt on women empowerment and plot sucked!

Cdale1013 - LOVED IT5 star


nofo333 - Train wreck1 star

Just watch the trailers as the rest of the film is over the top idiocy. There was not one character that had any more depth than a beer commercial cast. Almost as bad as the George Clooney Batman movie, I shut this one off after twenty minutes.

sjrdragon - Unfortunate2 star

Barely worth the price of a rental. I was quite unfortunate in nearly every facet.

Add this awesome app! - Love it!!5 star

Black Mask is my fav batman villain and they did great by him! Loved Canary n Huntress, saw in theaters and bought it as soon an I could I LOVE THIS MOVIE

Knew & Used - best movie in a while5 star

i couldn't watch the last one. this one was great!

Nest Labs - 🎊 So much fun❕🎉5 star

Nothing but a blast, had to see over and over again!

whoseriouslylikedthismovie - Worst.Movie.Ever1 star

Between the narration and the acting, this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

img1nyc - The worst movie ever1 star

This the most boring, predictable, and stupid movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t waste 2 hours of your life on this.

img1nyc - The worst movie ever1 star

This the most boring, predictable, and stupid movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t waste 2 hours of your life on this. - Love it5 star

Awesome fun movie night . Worth every penny

TiMTiM2423 - The worst1 star

I miss the days when movies were actual movies. I don’t need political views pushed on to me in a movie especially when the movie is based off of a comic book.

Sunbeam96579 - Absolutely Incredible5 star

I’ve always been huge fan of Harley Quinn comics, and to see her played by Margot Robbie is perfection. She embodies the genius and chaos that is Harlem Quinzel, and the film’s script is hilarious. All the leading ladies were amazing and each brought to life in a witty and charismatic way. I wish I could give it more than five stars!

FJC509 - Pay no attention to the sad & little men who bash this movie5 star

Birds of prey is fun, violent and has a ton of heart. It’s not woke, it doesn’t hate men. If you like Deadpool, John Wick, Quentin Tarantino style of movies you’ll love this. Ima man and I have no idea why grown men are so afraid of this movie. It’s just a group of women kicking butt. That’s it, literally.

Socalblacknight - It’s alright!3 star

It’s alright considering it’s Quinn’s side of things. Watched the extras and gave a more detailed of the characters had much more appreciation. Give it a three star because I know the first Movie about a character that is over looked is hard to hook audiences hopefully if there is a sequel it hits 0 to 60 quicker.

omoises - Best movie5 star

Really funny and amazing fight scenes

. J . J . - Fantastic!!! Wish it was longer!5 star

This movie is amazing! “Emancipation” is spot on! The character development is extensive and explosive (literally)! Let’s be honest, the joker has been played out and strung out, Harley is fresh and GOLD! The reviews that say otherwise are just pricks that relate to the dopes that fall victim to these strong powerful woman.

SrDragonWolf - Good Action5 star

Good Action scenes like the comic books. But not a lot of the traditional outfits that Harley usually wears. Other than that the movie was entertaining and enjoyable. More Harley Quinn please Margot Robbie, very well done. Now, who ever said that this was worse than George Clooney is so wrong. George Clooney is the worst Batman in history and will forever be the most horrible representation of a Batman in film history.

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Images & Pictures

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn images

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Posters

dc comicsbased on comicwoman directordc extended universethe jokerbatmangotham city

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn posters
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn posters
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn posters
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn posters
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn posters
Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn posters
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