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Adapted from Jack London’s beloved literary classic, The Call Of The Wild vividly brings to life the story of a big-hearted dog named Buck, and John Thornton (Harrison Ford), the man Buck must learn to trust. Abruptly uprooted from his pampered lifestyle in sunny California, Buck finds himself in the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon. As the newest dog on a mail delivery sled team during the turbulent Gold Rush days of the 1890s, Buck has left behind a once comfortable life for one of hardship and survival. Life again changes dramatically for Buck when he meets Thornton, a loner-turned-adventurer, and it’s clear that the two are destined to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Navigating through an environment that is as unforgiving as it is spectacular, the journey profoundly transforms both man and dog. With its unique blend of intense live action and cutting-edge animation, The Call Of The Wild is a visually stunning experience featuring realistic, emotionally authentic characters. Buck is a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life is turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Yukon during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. As the newest rookie on a mail delivery dog sled team—and later its leader—Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime, ultimately finding his true place in the world and becoming his own master. The Call of the Wild Wiki

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Based on the legendary novel..

The Call of the Wild (2020)

The Call of the Wild Comments & Critics

The Call of the Wild Movie Reviews

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- I’m surprised Harrison Ford would go on these adventures again but fair enough3 star

The Adventures of Man and their dog trope can do well for the soul cinematically! While Call of the Wild had plot holes 🕳 that a dog could lick himself in 🐶😂, but I give it credit cause after the whole plane crash a while back it was great seeing Harrison Ford do this type of movie!

- Bad CGI, bad story bad script1 star

This has no relationship to the Jack London story. It’s a movie made by committee for 8 year olds. But then they decided to try to make more money with a con that it is a drama. It’s not. The whole thing was one executive’s vote away from being a talking dog movie. It would have been better if it was.

- Amazing5 star

Haters are so wrong. By insulting CGI you’re basically dissing the whole story!! You’re just whining because of animation, which, in the REST OF THE UNIVERSES OPINION, is FANTASTIC!! Idec you guys don’t understand the blood sweat and tears put into this movie. So what if it wasn’t filmed in Alaska?!? Do y’all think that marvel made Thor ragnarok with an actual place somewhere far out in the universe?!? Heck nah. You need to quit focusing on what you think is bad about it and focus on the beautiful story and SPECTACULAR CGI. THE SPIRIT WOLF THING IS FLAT OUT GORGEOUS. I HAVE NO WORDS THE CGI IS BOOTIFUL. HATERS OF HF JUST SAYIN HES STINKING INDIANA JONES SO SHOW SOME RESPECT BRO HE IS AN AMAZING ACTOR. I just realized I did a lot of that in all caps. And I ain’t talkin Steve Rodgers.

- Bad1 star

Very bad

- CGI4 star

Heck of a lot of cgi / Good narrative though

- Call of the Wild5 star

I read the book when I was a young child. I, personally, loved this movie! I watched it two and 1/2 times. Wonderful family movie and most movies about books seldom follow the true story line of the book. This was just good fun!! JH

- Wonderful5 star

Heart warming: men, dogs and adventure in the far north, CGI dogs just make it more believable, no problem watching cartoon dogs, no foul language, no smart ass children, a few woman actors but none of them stupid and yappy, lots of wonderful happy, endlessly faithful dogs. Kill everyone, save the dogs.

- Don’t rent1 star

A CGI Dog??? What the hell is the director soft in the head? I watched 10 minutes and stopped. Very disappointing!

- Not worth it2 star

Althought the CGI is pretty good, I just couldn't empathize with either the dog or the other characters. Lacked the soul of the book

- CGI!? disappointed1 star

this story deserves more authenticity. another example of 2020 american movie crap

- Fun4 star

I enjoyed it. I only wish they didn’t use a CGI dog. Less spectacular action for a real dog. Lassie come home!

- The CGI dog is awful.1 star

I had to turn this off after 5 minutes. The artificiality of the dog is so genuinely awful it destroyed any desire I had to watch another minute.

- I loved this moive5 star

It was the best movie ever I cried at the end

- Bad CGI1 star

Bad acting. So disappointing

- Awful1 star

I knew after the first 10 minutes that this movie would be terrible; the CGI in this movie is some of the worst I’ve seen since at least the early 2000’s, which robs the movie of any emotional investment. Only thing that halfway saves this is Harrison Ford; what I don’t understand is Homeward Bound did amazing things with real animals, and that came out in the 90’s. So this movie in 2020 has no excuse to use CGI animals.

- Great clean movie5 star

must be getting bad review because no profanity and no nudity

- Fake and forgettable1 star

I didn’t care for this movie at all! Very surprised Harrison Ford would star in such poor movie. He’s one of my favorite actors but this movie just stunk! The CGI’d animals look very fake and the story was slow and forgettable. Don’t waste your time!

- Horrible Movie1 star

Not worth the $4 to rent, even while in lockdown. No acting, unless you count the animatronic dog. Totally unrealistic and lame. Don’t waste your time!

- I love dogs...2 star

I have always loved a good dog story, too bad this wasn’t one. Just good story with no actual dogs in it.

- dog lover5 star

ok this movie is soooo good and these people dont know what there talking about they need to watch it and be quite because these people did so hard on this movie i will give it a rate the rate is 100000🤩🤩😂 because the movie is so good i cant stop watching it

- CGI dog doesn’t work2 star

Average story. Average plot. But I found the CGI dog to be too distracting.

- One Of The Worst1 star

I’ve never walked out of a movie before it finished, but I have thought about it a couple of times. I’m an easy audience. But I did hit stop on my Apple TV only about a third of the way through this movie. It was horrible. Cliché, fake, corny and silly. Everything the book isn’t. Do not waste your money!

- Call of the wild5 star

Awesome movie

- Pass the Buck1 star

This was the worst movie I have seen in recent memory. We last about ten minutes shaking our heads.. Jack London's novel was wonderful. The movie was just one continuous CIG of a plastic computerized Buck. He should have bitten the producers right in the . . . but, why be so critical? This movie did to a great novel what the movie version of Polar Express did to the best Christmas story in years - plasticized it and made a good actor look stupid. I can't imagine what I'd write if I had wasted two hour watching.


Absolutely loved this adventure movie. Harrison Ford and all the cast did a great job. And those who talked about the CGI, I thought they did well. MUST SEE

- Awsome movie5 star

Don’t get why people don’t like it. It has action adventure, drama. Great acting.

- Surprisingly Heartwarming4 star

Thought I wouldn’t like the CGI but I quickly got used to it and it didn’t bother me. My wife and I really loved the movie.

- I would recommend4 star

I liked it Ywah the dog looked really weird but the story was really nice. I would recommend it

- Loved it.4 star

Read Jack London's books in my youth. Maybe this movie didn't capture the grit, mud and blood in the book and the CGI dog just plain blasphemy to a hard core book version Call of The Wild London fan, I was able to work my way around it. Maybe London would have appreciated someone taking the time to make a movie out of his book.....maybe he wouldn’t. Was there a cheesie scene or two? Yeah. Who cares. I liked the movie.

- Reading the Reviews says it all!1 star

I haven't seen the movie yet, only the trailer. Trailer didn't look all that good with the cgi. But when I read these reviews, it says everthing. Those who did rate this 1 or 2 stars clearly saw the movie and the 5 star appears to be someone who was paid to write them, every single one of them sounds alike.

- Try and get over the “terrible” CGI5 star

It’s an enjoyable movie for all families during this tough time. It’s simple, a story of man and mans best friend.

- Dinero perdido1 star

No pude verla se paro muchas veses seguidas hasta que me decidí a quitarla pero me quede con ganas de verla iTunes esta fallando en algo

- Worst movie ever.1 star

Why change the characters up. I want my 45 min back .... that was all I could stand

- Idk I loved it5 star

I thought it was really good of course the book is significantly better but I liked the movie

- Nice5 star


- Love the ending4 star

This movie made me cry because the adventure and the way they connect together was beautiful 😢🙏. Pity that is not shown on how his son died. Love it 😍

- For Kids Only1 star

Not a movie that the entire family can enjoy, maybe great for kids, but hard to take serious on any level.

- Horrible CGI1 star

I was forced to see this with a friend at the local theater, it was god awful

- Lame2 star

Not as advertised, meaning the trailer leads you to believe that there is an adventure involving Harrison Ford as lead role. The dog is animated and is personified and was painful to endure. The story is lame and acting is meh. This movie concept is confused and not thought out. I don't ussually write movie reviews but this needed it.

- Horrible!1 star

This movie is awful! It is not family friendly at all. Full of violence and a ton of scary scenes with wolves and mean dogs. The animation was cheesy and the story line was boring and weak. The movie took 30 minutes to watch because we had to fast forward it so much!

- Worse Movie1 star

The worse movie that I ve seen in years. Read the book, skip this mess.

- Watch Togo2 star

Buck starts off comically unreal. Think Scooby Doo. The clear CGI undermines the story leading for the rest of the plot to regain the viewers’ trust. Save your time. Watch Togo from Disney instead.

- Heartfelt4 star

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie . Buck pulled on the ole heartstrings . My one complaint is I wished fords character and Buck spent more than together

- Objection To Manipulation Of The Wild !3 star

Always liked Harrison Ford, but certain aspects of this movie are disappointing and not for the reasons most commonly mentioned. No objections to the CGI, I thought the scenery was beautiful and most of the acting was good. I was annoyed by the script and the fact that the vested elite interests (often from destructive and inhumane industries) seem to have quite the influence over Hollywood. For example, this was the most stupid statement in the entire movie: “Doing the work of a sled dog brought Buck confidence and joy. Now… he belonged to a pack.” Sorry, but NO K-9 team LIKES PULLING A SLED that can weigh up to 400 lbs carrying exploitative humans, equipment and other supplies. Humans have inflicted this torment on dogs for approximately 9,000 years! They force dogs to run many miles per day in snow and ice that can reach 60 degrees below freezing. Dogs endure this abuse to the point that their paws become cut and bloody on the bottoms and many dogs die from a condition called “Aspiration pneumonia” which is likely caused by inhaling their own vomit. Now you tell me… do you think in reality… that sled dogs feel “confidence and joy” from pulling a sled for humans?! Dogs run in packs in the wild and yes, they do always have an Alpha male, a leader of the pack. However… they run in packs ON THEIR OWN TERMS, running FREE in Nature and NOT subservient slaves to mankind. While I’m on the topic of that which vexes me, I have the following irritation with the film industry in general. There is a constant push throughout almost all movies (family movies included) to psychologically and emotionally link the topic of LOVE with the topics of loss & death. This theme repeats constantly with so much frequency, is it clearly NOT an ACCIDENT but rather… premeditated, manipulative programming for the unaware masses. Other than the aforementioned, The Call of The Wild was an exciting adventure.

- dont listen to the haters5 star

dont listen to the people who are writing bad reviews because this movie was so good and i think if you juss love dogs and a good adventure then this is the movie for you :)

- Not bad at all5 star

Big whoop, so the dog is cgi, did a pretty good job! Great Adventure!

- Great to watch with my kids!5 star

My kids aged 4, 7, and 9 and I all really loved this film. I recommend it!

- Ignore the negative comments5 star

This movie is NOT bad.

- Loved it!5 star

A good dog movie can’t go wrong. High energy, good story, worth the watch.

- bad cgi2 star

Bad CGI “superdog” movie. The dog looks so fake it ruins the movie.

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137,$2 - !!1 star

No good movie

Fujimag - The Call of the Wild5 star

Loved this movie, ignore Rolling Stone reviewer! Critics are wrong so many times. Worth the rental or purchase price!

Ash312157 - Bro1 star

You took a Canadian song in ur trailer and u said “ an American story”

Candureactor - “The Call of the Wild”1 star

This is not a movie that I will soon forget. That is the one compliment that may be bestowed upon a movie as bad as this one; the strokes are so broad, so imprecise, so laughably and unintentionally comic, that the movie is not forgettable. The writers of this movie—and apparently everyone who worked on it—have evidently never been north of the California border, and even then, not at such a northern latitude in the wintertime. Throughout the movie, nobody wears hats, gloves, suitable winter coats. This is winter in the Yukon Territory! It was regularly -40˚C (-40˚F) there this winter! Ou est tu, hypothermia? Frostbite? A chill? Moreover, have you ever seen a dogsled? Let me revise that; I haven’t seen a dogsled, except in a museum. Have you ever seen a dog? These filmmakers haven’t, and they haven’t bothered to do any research either. The fact Buck catches and then proceeds to let a rabbit go wouldn’t fool anyone under the age of ten very easily. And what about the movie’s so-called logic? (That is logic beyond the fact it isn’t very cold on a sound stage.) How, on a boat from Alaska, can Harrison Ford—I mean, his character—make it to Dawson City, YT, CA, faster than a mail-delivery dogsled, one that has supposedly made record time, I might add. Dawson City is landlocked, and we are later shown that the river is frozen mid-winter, which it clearly is when Ford and Buck start out. I will not even try to even begin to address all the other states of insanity this movie goes through, or its various other anachronisms, as it makes viewers consider—very hard—where suspension of disbelief ends and the high cliffs of reality are. (The answer they will arrive at is “somewhere in the first act.” By the time the movie ends, you’ve already landed and been impaled on a rock at the base of those cliffs.) Additionally, this film’s use of Karen Gillian and Michael Horse—or, perhaps, non-use would be a better description—is criminal. The casting department must have been kidnapped from a better movie. I would have liked to see the film where those two had bigger rôles. Actually, I would have liked to see the film where Harrison Ford wasn’t co-star to a CGI dog that behaves like an animal from “Looney Tunes.” This movie is best appreciated by young children—ten and eight year olds would be skeptical of this film’s verisimilitude—but I wouldn’t subject them to it. There are so many other great movies for children, from big studios like Disney, and smaller independent ones, that it isn’t worth it, no matter how you look at it. —0.5 stars.

Debunker13 - Buck has more humanity than Ford.1 star

Video is a waste of time, and money. Ford is a good actor, but way past his prime when it comes to action flics. To make it even worse, the majority of the movie is shot in a studio and much of it is on green screen. It looks and feels CG.

advasg - Bad1 star

It was boring and the dog was more human than dog

Manning2072 - Boring1 star

The dog looked fo fake, story was boring

Tofia Sparklymane - Yess yes5 star

I went into this movie completely unsure but I came out in tears. I cried so much (partially cause I’m an emotional wreck) it was really good. Touching story. It did bother me a bit that it wasn’t a real dog but at the same time I don’t care about those details. I liked it and recommend it!

Out of many - Not worth ca$6.50!2 star

Too “Long”. The Dog is more “Human.” Had to FFwd, was getting “Boring.”

kittyperfection - Fantastic!! Fun! Clear entertainment!!!5 star

Absolutely love this movie! Great story, it was clean, acting, production, directing, music... fantastic!!! Well worth the money- and everybody can enjoy!

Ryguyjr - Call of the wild5 star

It’s amazing the animations are amazing

offtopic - Good, clean fun5 star

Family movie where a man and his dog can conquer anything. CGI made things a little unrealistic but to enjoy a movie without swearing was such a joy. Turns out the whole of Hollywood is not a cesspool of filth. At least not all of it... Thanks to whoever made this.

Sh*$house - A very bad movie...1 star

Please take my advice....DO NOT waste your money on this movie! It has to be one of the worst films I have watched in a long time. Horrible acting, horrible animation, horrible script, horrible directing etc etc not believe the 5 star reviews. Clearly someone paid them, or they have mush for brains, I’m hoping for their sake someone paid them. Truly a sh*$house movie as we say in Australia...Goodbye

Odiousvermin - Nice but not wild3 star

Jack London's brutal tale is softened here into a charming adventure story. It loses emotional weight through the (understandable) decision to use CGI rather than actual dogs, and by the disappearance of the charismatic Omar Sy half way through the film. Nonetheless, an enjoyable movie.

Tamsinrs - Oh So Lovely5 star

This was so nice 10 out of 10, a classic - loved the pupps

zaine walberg - This is great4 star

Wow. Impressive .nice and beautiful movie. Dog was fun

Wet shoes - Feel good movie5 star

Thoroughly enjoyable movie. A great watch for a lazy Saturday night.

ram3672was - Beautiful5 star

Just loved it , love Harrison, live the Dog, fantastic graphics, visual eye candy, great story, especially for right now, thank goodness 👍👏

Janetteann - Great Movie5 star

Really enjoyed this movie. Fabulous effects!

Jezmcc - Great5 star

Great movie

ducatiboytroy - Loved it!5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. Worth watching.

simonmeli - what a fantastic moive5 star

Love this movie. It is a must see of the year.

lettersnnumbers - Great movie to watch as a family5 star

Loved this movie, so heartwarming and the effects were great, love movies like this where you just want to keep watching to see what’s going to happen next!

elly07 - Magnificent5 star

Loved this movie.

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read'emandweep - No resemblance to Jack London’s classic1 star

Do not waste your money. This is a barely recognizable rendition of Jack London’s heartwarming adventure story. The emotion is stripped away by cgi. Harrison Ford is good as usual but can only do so much with a ridiculous, cartoonish dog that makes us feel nothing. The storyline is there but presented in a disjointed, awkward fashion. All in all the movie is an unsatisfying experience that left me with nothing but regret for time and money wasted.

jordanrivera909 - Unfortunate COVID-19 Box Office Casualty5 star

Regardless of other reviewers opinions on CGI of the animals, the backdrops are spectacular to show what Alaskan frontier was like and still is today. This movie will definitely be more appealing to people who love their dogs and heightens the human understanding of never knowing a dogs background and experiences during their time of ownership. Makes you appreciate why some dogs have different behaviors than others. If you need a good wholesome family movie and the parents want to have the kids watch a dog movie. This is a go to. My only regret for this movie is it launched just as quarantines went into effect globally, making its box office numbers look like a disaster. It truly was a good movie and I give it full marks for being a decent attempt to visually recreate the novel from Jack London.

StoryDelver - It's a cartoon, and a sad joke1 star

First, a digital dog is an insult. Second, why gut book? This plot is an insult. Harrison must be really strapped for cash to participate in a film that both spits in the face of both dog lovers and one of America's great writers, Jack London.

zeekieman - Call of the wild1 star

Don’t waste your time or money! I was truly disappointed 🙁 Read the book it is beautiful story

NorthstarDad - Worst CGI I have ever seen1 star

Honestly, irrespective of the story or the fact it is Harrison Ford, the CGI dog is so horrible that you cannot take this movie seriously. Avoid.

Said Alharthi - Nice family movie5 star

If you have the right set up this movie is amazing to watch with super picture and sound and I never thought the CGI dog was any issue enjoy

Adrian x men - Amazing Movie5 star

Harrison Ford did a get job as an actor in this film. The story was great and emotional. The setting looked beautiful and stunning. This movie is great.!

stevensayala - <33 star

Entertaining and heart felt film. However, the film is very flawed. The film’s villain, or antagonist is very underdeveloped. A lot of the shots are obviously green screen which is something that bugs me. But, great movie for kids! Adults will also feel the warmth the film brings, but notice the flaws

Craig248 - Wonderful5 star

Movie brought me back to my childhood.

Maykel83 - Maykel5 star

Good movie

JeffH. - Worth watching!4 star

Me and my daughter watched this movie tonight. It’s not the best movie that you will ever watch, but it’s okay. Worth watching once. I would not buy it.

Knvrednopljvczwqetuom - Amazing5 star


Filpo01 - Great family movie!5 star

Great movie to watch with kids. Recommend 100%.

Bettie M - Grandmom Boop4 star

I am a mother of 3 as well as a grand-mother of 3! This movie is an awesome movie for the entire family to enjoy! Whoever doesn't like this movie is just a miserable soul, and absolutely do not like animals ... GET A LIFE!

Novarian Enchope - “SKCUS” ylno drow eno1 star

Stupid story line full of mis information and fake history. I hope they at least paid the dog Buck who’s acting was far better than H.F or the mailman that dragged his girlfriend through th worst climate and made her find the thin ice while he followed from a safe distance. What a complete waste of money, time and energy. Just what I’d expect from leftist liberal deadhead morons.

User lalalexic - Amazing heartfelt movie5 star

I’m a sucker for movies that involve animals this move was very well done and had me go through a roller coaster of emotions. This film had made me appreciate animals even more.

EN23boston - Heartwarming5 star

Lovely story and great effects. Kinda sad ending, but we all loved it!

Nicholas becerra - Terrible CGI but fully entertaining dog story that deserves to be told3 star

Iam not a fan of Dog movies but love dogs in real-life so yeah The Call of the Wild is entertaining and pouched by a worthy Harrison Ford and the CGI was garbage. Much like when the lion king remake exactly that CGI syndrome so this movie is descent and effortable.

Baylorbred - Great movie for all ages!5 star

Great movie for the whole family! I’ve seen twice already when screening before taking the kids a a perfect movie night when stuck inside now days.

sabrina926/A - Really good4 star

I personally never read the book but I am going to however this was really good movie so good I am planning to purchase it.

king_warrior503 - Good movie5 star

This is a beautiful movie that I never seen

TRK02 - Don't let the negative comments keep you away.....5 star

... From this film. And don't be put off by comments abbout the CGI animals. So what? Did the CGI take away from the story? NO! Did they really film in the wilds of Alaska? Duh, NO! Neither the designed scenery nor the designed animals were a negative. The story was great and faithfully followed the wonder and drama of the book. No, it was not a literal following, but so what? It kept my attention throughout, and I loved it! Best seat in the house - I was the only one in the theater, and it was GREAT! PS: I think even young kids would enjoy it - 6-, 7-year olds, depending on the kid. Definitely a family movie (IMO)

GooieGreen - Don’t bother1 star

Why they decided to mix CGI and Live Action is beyond me. Aesthetics alone make this a clunker, and the retelling of the story is lifeless. Just read the book and hope for a fully animated version down the line that does the story justice.

I eat books - Fake reviews1 star

When you see misspelled words and ridiculous claim like “I seen it twice already in theaters” you know the movie is so bad they had to pay people to leave reviews. These are always bad.

Billy Blamks - 1 Star Only :(1 star

What Will Disney Buy Next? MGM?!?!?!?!

Race Eiland - Depends on if you answer The Call5 star

I have seen the movie twice in theaters and have already pre-ordered it in iTunes. I absolutely love the plot and development of the story throughout the movie. I think it is a must watch especially for those who appreciate nature or want to watch a movie for the whole family.

Carlos Daniel Rivas - Your own judgment5 star

If you have seen it be quite it, if you haven’t seen it and wants to watch it but you are doubting if is going to be good or not, just rent it and make your own judgement. Don’t let people take control of your own decisions, be like Buck😌🔥👌🏽 I personally think is an amazing movie, I haven’t read the novel and probably I will never read it but I loved the movie I watched it in the movie theater and I’m definitely going to buy it

jamesmc70 - Absolutely awful!!!1 star

Don’t waste your time. I don’t think the creators bothered to not only read the novel but they didn’t even bother to read even a Jack London short story. Absolutely terrible with a topping a of wokeness. Then you throw in a digital dog-are you freaking kidding me!!!! As awesome as Harrison Ford is, he couldn’t save this movie. If you’re expecting it to maybe even throw a bone at the book, don’t bother!!! Horrible!!! They should be ashamed but I’m sure they’re not! Terrible movie! Not just the dog is digital-they even did piss poor animation of people-are you telling me they could find a second rate minimum wage actor to be a minor character? Jack London would beat the crap out of whoever thought this was a good idea! Terrible!!! But I’ve gone on long enough.....or have I? I don’t know how to possibly convey how offensively awful this movie is!!!!!

5-Star Barber - Not great, but pretty good!4 star

Harrison Ford is my favorite actor of all time. And i read this book in high school. So i really wanted to see it, aside from the All CGI Buck. But there is no way a real dog could have expressed the emotions of Buck, and once you get used to it in the first half hour, the rest of the movie is quite enjoyable. Don’t listen to bad reviews and just enjoy it. Great family movie👍🏻

crazy for turtles😝 - Never watched it but think it’s good5 star

I’ve seen other reviews that are good So ima say it’s good to I am watching it soon

Connall-e - Amazing!5 star

Nuff Said. Acting, CGI, and everything was awesome. And Harrison Ford did great as always.

OdinRider - Wonderful movie!!!5 star

I read the classic as a child and I enjoyed this movie very much! If you liked A Dog's Purpose, I think you will like this movie very much. I don't feel like the animation tweaks hurt it at all!

batmanfan765 - Such a good movie!!!5 star

Harrison Ford plays John perfectly! And Buck is so cute and hilarious! I recommend this movie to anyone that is seven years an up!

Anthoni - Lovely Film for the whole family!5 star

Great performances, and the cgi was done brilliantly. You will love every minute of it!

BR HOG - Great Animation4 star

Saw this movie with a friend. I was very impressed with the animation parts of the movie. Although, the expressions they had the animals doing was a bit over the top and too humanistic. But, it was still an entertaining movie.

B.E.R is my life - Great movie5 star

It was an amazing movie with amazing graphics that do look like Alaska I have been there myself.

Undeckedemu - Good5 star

Loved it

Tboerio - Yes Harrison Ford!!!!5 star

Love the movie really awesome and epic! Harrison Ford is never bad in a movie. It was just as good as raiders of the lost ark!

KadenGlenn - Very good5 star

Went and watched it last night and it was amazing.

mrscaptnchaosjr - Best movie I’ve seen in a long time!5 star

I can’t wait to see it again! Well done!

FourUnderFour - Great Adventure!!5 star

I definitely recommend you watch this!

THE BIG ZAN - Not for me2 star

I didn’t really like the movie at all.

5 star

@DrewTurner73: This is a rubber ball round. The police call this "less lethal". We keep them to scare off wild animals when in the woods…

5 star

@DougGreenAuthor Call of the Wild

5 star

@DrewTurner73: This is a rubber ball round. The police call this "less lethal". We keep them to scare off wild animals when in the woods…

5 star

@DrewTurner73: This is a rubber ball round. The police call this "less lethal". We keep them to scare off wild animals when in the woods…

5 star

Watching "The call of the wild"

5 star

@DrewTurner73: This is a rubber ball round. The police call this "less lethal". We keep them to scare off wild animals when in the woods…

5 star

@MikeCarlton01: Yes, it’s a long read. But it’s a beautifully written cry for action on climate change.

5 star

@ReturnToFreedom: Call for a fair share of resources for wild horses. Oppose surgical sterilization of wild mares. Urge Congress to shut…

5 star

@ReturnToFreedom: Call for a fair share of resources for wild horses. Oppose surgical sterilization of wild mares. Urge Congress to shut…

5 star

@eIihal ahh this is from strange empire ! where her character has a whole WIFE apprently !!! but she is also in the…

5 star

@ReturnToFreedom: Call for a fair share of resources for wild horses. Oppose surgical sterilization of wild mares. Urge Congress to shut…

5 star

@DrewTurner73: This is a rubber ball round. The police call this "less lethal". We keep them to scare off wild animals when in the woods…

5 star

@MikeCarlton01: Yes, it’s a long read. But it’s a beautifully written cry for action on climate change.

5 star

@thebrownhijabi: fully this. the "uk racism is subtle" line is a WILD reminder that that doesn't mean its SUBTLE it means its normalised…

5 star

Buck stood no chance against a man with a The Call of the Wild review

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The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images
The Call of the Wild images

The Call of the Wild Posters

based on novel or bookgold rushdogsled dogsyukon19th centurycgi animation1890s

The Call of the Wild posters
The Call of the Wild posters
The Call of the Wild posters
The Call of the Wild posters
The Call of the Wild posters
The Call of the Wild posters
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