Bloodshot Summary and Synopsis

Based on the bestselling comic book, Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force –stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not – but he’s on a mission to find out. After he and his wife are murdered, marine Ray Garrison is resurrected by a team of scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine—'Bloodshot'. As Ray first trains with fellow super-soldiers, he cannot recall anything from his former life. But when his memories flood back and he remembers the man that killed both him and his wife, he breaks out of the facility to get revenge, only to discover that there's more to the conspiracy than he thought. Bloodshot Wiki

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Being a superhero is in his blood..

Bloodshot (2020)

Bloodshot Comments & Critics

Bloodshot Movie Reviews

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- Worth only 2 stars!2 star

Great action. Decent fighting scenes. Nice explosions. Story was lame. Still a Vin Diesel fan.

- Really cool5 star

This movie was really cool and action packed, it is totally one of my favorite movies and it is totally worth it to watch

- Good movie!5 star

Good, entertaining and great movie!

- Bloodshot was ok3 star

Movie had some good action but was boring at times and could’ve had a better story.

- Action Movie Returns!!!5 star

Action movies are not supposed to be “great works of art” they are meant to entertain, and this movie delivers! It’s like Robocop meets Matrix meets Terminator all in one. Good story... characters to root for....and identity politics are no where to be found, at least not if your being honest with yourself. And of course Vin Diesel always makes any action movie worth watching!

- Blah, predictable1 star

I should have tried harder to find a better movie to watch

- Hmmm...5 star

Much better than I thought it would be. Exciting and PEV fun.

- Oh yeah yah!!!!1 star

Vin Dingel be killin dis son. He gone brine 9 Oscars from dis son! I give it 5!! Five poops! 💩💩💩💩💩

- Showcase4 star

If your looking for a deep movie experience, this is not it. Move along. This movie is more of a showcase of near future tech. Things on the horizon. No not Star Trek technology. No moon bases, warp drives, or laser guns here. But tech for helping a person walk, exo-suits, nanotechnology, digital manipulation, merging of man and machine etc.

- Great movie5 star

Love the plot and the layout of the movie, hope more of the series comes out

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎1 star

This movie makes 2015 Fantastic Four and The X-Men movies look good.

- Bored1 star

Started off as a good movie but as a USMC vet it was nothing but junk. BORED

- Rent only3 star

Average action movie with attractive women & cool fights, but semi slow & boring in between action.

- Wait till it's in the budget bin3 star

It's an okay movie, but nothing spectacular to pay a premium.

- Too stupid for words1 star

Cannot express the depth of dumb, the soul killing idiocy. Beyond bad, beyond camp, IQ=0. A total zero.

- Shut It Off1 star

I don’t care for Vin Diesel, and it was just torture watching this movie. From the unrealistic military aspects (22 year veteran here) to the terrible take on the source material. I shut it off within 30 minutes. Guy Pierce what were you thinking, you’re so much better than this.

- Bloodshot5 star

all i can say its hat

- :(3 star

6 inches is a lot :(

- Good not great! Could have been 6 *.4 star

Premise was great. Storyline could have been better. Some big holes to start off the movie. Opening sequence which is rebooted several times was seriously lacking. SpecOps Soldiers don’t prosecute a target by themselves when working as a team. Real soldier would never put his weapon done but would have taken the shot immediately. Taken out his brain stem so the terrorist couldn’t pull the trigger. Otherwise, storyline was good. Ex-Wife angle could have been developed more to flesh out the story as well as background on KT.

- Movie version a great action5 star

Happy people a must have mallet today

- Great Movie5 star

I really enjoyed the movie. I watched this movie on an LED TV and I thought the picture quality was amazing. I do have a dolby atmos sound bar and I appreciate sony for making it put in serious work during action scenes. I think the storyline wasn’t necessarily put well together but I did get entertained anyway.

- Fat Diesel1 star

It’s a poor mans John Wick with a Fat & Furious Vin Diesel. Story, action, and casting are a C- at best.

- Great Action Movie5 star

Really enjoyed this movie. Love action films, and thought the acting and storyline was great. Would definitely watch again or a sequel.

- Great Story Plot4 star

The whole movie was great overall, I just feel like everything happened tooo fast, you really only got true character development from Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) everyone else they just expected you to pick up on it fast and go with it, but the action was very good, and the story was still pretty good! Hope there is more

- Another good movie with Vin4 star

This is an oasis of good entertainment in a dessert of bad movies this year, the PROFESSIONAL critics are inept and sophomoric! This film has NO POLITICAL AGENDA so is panned by the elite BUT sentient viewers will enjoy this movie.

- Unexpected4 star

What a solid action film. Even knowing where the journey was going, I was presently surprised with the outcome. A part two would be welcomed.

- Wow5 star

Great movie!

- This movie has a little bit of everything5 star

Overall this was a good movie. It has Syfy, Romance, action and CGI! Without being too far off the boards.

- Good entertaining action movie4 star

That’s it, just like the title says. If you like action movies then this will deliver. I’m not somebody that looks way too deep into all aspects of a film, and needs to write some in depth critique. Just watch the movie.

- Good4 star

A man making movies men. The movie is not the greatest but it is good

- Great rental4 star

If you’re looking for a good action movie with some twist and turns definitely rent this. It has the classic Vin Diesel attitude with great videography. Lots of cool futuristic tech ideas. I’m not sure how you could give this movie a bad review if you’re looking for action adventure.

- Good entertainment5 star

Pretty original in concept. His best acting which is just good compared to most but I was very entertained. Loved Wiggins.

- Awesome movie5 star

Great original movie that’s not a franchise...yet!

- I mean it was ok3 star

Wasn’t the best movie but still entertaining, I’d still watch if you’re bored

- Meh.2 star

The concept was there but it wasn’t executed well AT ALL.

- It it what it is5 star

Sub to my YouTube Pineapplepen21

- A review1 star

This is a fantastic movie. The best movie. One might even say a perfect movie... if they were high as a kite on some really bad drugs. This film is a mess. It’s a cross between Momento, Matrix, and honestly this movie is so bad it doesn’t matter. Anything else is better. Some money was spent on the visual effects and they do look good. This film actually does look good. But the writing isn’t just bad it’s lazy. VD does better acting when he is the voice of Groot. The rest of the roles are decently cast but between the writing and terrible direction the actors don’t give their best performance. This is a B movie at best. Sadly with just a small amount of effort it could have been absolutely amazing. Even at the 5.99 rental price I feel ripped off. I want my money back.

- Help there’s a sequel to this movie5 star

It had me off my sat and right into the movie and 3D or 4D affects were unbelievable and soo matched my favorite so far really great movie and thanks for a great movie Sincerely, Melissa.Stall 05/04/2020

- Terrible2 star

Not worth the money. One of Vinny D’s worst.

- Fake reviews to reel you in1 star

Fake reviews to reel you into this Idiocy.

- ugh2 star


- Ok4 star

Not bad like the Assistant but not good like Fast 5.

- Mediocre at best1 star

I wanted to like this movie. It reminded me of a future groundhogs day set in the future with a twist. Could have been so much better.

- Best movie ever5 star

Best movie I have seen in a while

- Wow.5 star

Great story plot, great action, plot twists, you name it. Good movie.

- Great Story4 star

There could have been slightly more action but really good concept and story. I hope they keep it going. It’s like Matrix, Robocop, and captain America had a child. I definitely enjoyed the film and if they make sequel, it has potential to be better than this film.

- Worth the watch5 star

I seen a lot of bad reviews and I was concern not watching it but I gave in and it was a good film great action it was worth watching! Be open minded!

- Repeats itself all the way through3 star

If you are in instant replays, over and over again, then you will like this one. Frankly, I fell asleep twice, skipped through half of it and still was able to figure the movie out when I woke up. Expected more from a Vin Diesel film... Found this one to be rather boring , repeat, boring, repeat boring...

- Hit with it’s best shot4 star

The 9th Fast and Furious has been Quarantined till next year So this Vin Diesel flick will tide over! Not his best but also not his worst either Bloodshot was sketchy and ridiculous but also entertains with engaging melancholy moments! You may get blood on your face 🩸!

- horrible1 star

worst movie i’ve ever seen. i hate vin diesel now all the homies hate vin diesel

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Patbghyt - Très bon !!!5 star

Très bon film d’action avec des petits détails intéressant jamais vu!!!!

Alvin James P Oogak - ENJOYED IT5 star

Interesting good movie

joeschmoe28 - Boring2 star

Bad directing makes what should have been a fun, action-packed, super powered Vin Diesel movie a very boring watch, except for the last 30 minutes which is the only reason I didn't give one star.

SeaDoo666 - Très mauvais1 star

J’ai décroché au milieu du film! Effets spéciaux mal fait! Histoire ordinaire! Vin diesel à eux du succès dans les fast and furious! C’est tout! Ont crois pas aux autres personnages qu’il à incarner!

six.feet.under - Boring2 star

Vin “ white tank top “ diesel’s acting is boring as always. The action is even boring, dialogues are ridiculous at times. I really wanted a fun watch but i couldnt get into it 🤷🏼‍♂️

Charles || - Excellent Movie5 star

I have to say this is one of the best action tech movies to come out for a while, not sure why it got low ratings.

not-so-sure - We enjoyed it5 star

Lots of action

silverfox_original - Do Not Miss5 star

This is a fun romp movie. It is notably well cast with memorable fights scenes (Eiza Gonàles), (Sam Heughan & Vin Diesel) and humourous (thank you Wiggins) just to name a few superb scenes.

Rodthebod1989 - Horrendous1 star

Title says all

CJJR1997777 - Terrible1 star

See for yourself

wjhill - Great ride5 star

This was an excellent movie. Another example that the critics don’t always know. It seems they decide by flipping a coin.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Typical but better than expected4 star

It’s Vinney D... let’s not make this movie any bigger than that. The giant robot and I am groot claim to fame man is not the worlds greatest actor. But he can grunt and string many words together and you believe he is the next Matt Damon. This film has action and enough pizazz to keep your interest in this Covid season. With the amount of movies now cancelled and delayed, this film could be nominated for best picture at the oscars! I only got sleepy through one portion of the film so that had to mean something! Stay safe and healthy all! Maybe we can get some of those nanoids vin d has to cure the virus with a bright light... unlike the person who suggested that idea

Sassy Zeus - Great!5 star

Love the action and the CGI scenes! I liked the plot, too! Highly recommended!

Angry_movie_review - Facepalm1 star

So... so bad.

E. Spence - Good movie to rent4 star

If you like Vin Diesel movies, this one will meet the standard. It will be due to rent May 4 or 5th. To be fair, that is when I would say give it a shot. Unless you are looking to fill in a digital Vin Diesel collection you have been working on this it not something you wi8ll watch over and over to justify the buy price.

CharlotteLeahB - Just amazing5 star

This movie is so good just watch it it’s incredible

Jane Monheit's fan - Good movie4 star

Can use to test your TV. The tunnel scene, the first fight scene, really can show how crappy your TV is.

xbanco - Waste of money1 star

When the trailer was better then the actual movie 😤 spent money on this thinking it would be good don’t waste your time or your money.

Jake1999982438 - Good Fun!5 star

Great action flick. Entertaining and visually amazing.

Revnolt - Great Movie5 star

Great movie, had a lot of fun watching it. Don’t understand all the negative reviews.

MysticRainer72 - Trailer spoiled2 star

This movie would have been much more impactful if the trailer didn’t spoil the plot twist

saussichien - j ai dormis volontairement a la moitié du film1 star

quand la dame ma demander mon avis a la sortie du film (avant première) je lui répondu en riant que c était Nul Nul Nul .... ca remonte a loin le dernier mauvais film que j avais vue , mais quand je dit mauvais c est vraiment mauvais! l histoire... rien d original les effets spéciaux... ca va mal vieillir les scènes d action ... oui il y en a une qui est pas mal ( au début) les jeux d acteur et d actrice ... ho non pitié humour ... façon Avengers mais c est raté et le tout avec une pseudo morale a la fin !!! mais qui ma fait rire tellement mauvais

ricky753 - Undrgrndkng1 star

I totally agree with you. everything you said were on point. there’s an artificial point for this to fail. this is a movie is a fail for obvious reasons. this movie won’t intensify. let’s not take this as a compliment.

bhugvgvuvuvu - Chris5 star

Great comic book movie

Undrgrndkng - Ruined Bloodshot1 star

Waste of time but producers will claim it’s failure was due to current international circumstance. Disappointing for Bloodshot’s debut.

Geelongboy - Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse.1 star

Q: What do you get when Vin Gasoline is in a movie? A: Garbage.

Amandarin88 - Disappointed2 star

Very average

Micky rowe - Entertaining3 star

While not a brilliant film it definatelly filled in the gap of requiring entertainment on a winters day.

DanczWiffWolvz - Not much worth praising.2 star

A woefully average movie.

ApeHunter2019 - Vin Diesel is back!5 star

Great flick. Was surprised.

SlimFishStix - I Ejoyed it4 star

I think the movie is definitly worth a watch, the story is decent, and anything that wasnt perfect is just minor and easy to overlook. The fighting and CGI was done well.. to my opinion. Overall a good movie. But everyone is different.

Bbbbbbev - Bev1 star

Saw it at the drive in and sorry to say it is not a good movie. I was surprised how bad it was. Barely any story & relies on poor quality CGI for effects

S. Sener - Bloodshot1 star

Horrible move, story line and acting. Worst movie I’ve seen for sometime. Come on mate your better than this!

JessieJoey - Sam Heughan5 star

Sam is awesome is this movie this character is far removed from his other day job and he plays it well.

Slinkstar - 👌5 star

'Bloodshot' is an entertaining blend of action and superhero movies.

Baldydafydd - Please stop making children’s films!1 star

It’s been a habit for quite some time release a cert 12 gets more bodies in! Mmmm but the adults wait for the 15 cut so you end up destroying a film very sad!

Cheftastic - Please don’t waste your money!!!!1 star

To say this film is bad is an understatement I can normally watch most films and find something to enjoy but this was just shocking for all the same reasons as every other negative review it has and deserves 🤬👎

Dream manifested - Interesting story3 star

Interesting story that kept me watching. It is not Vin Diesels best movie and i think this would work well as a series. Enjoyable to watch though, worth a watch.

capmax62 - Bloodshot4 star

Was a bit put off by reviews, but to be honest, I quite enjoyed the escapism of it all, if you like Vin Diesel, your going to like this movie, action/ violence/ killing, all wrapped up in a half decent story, I for one was entertained, especially in these difficult times, watch and make up your own mind, don't be influenced by bad reviews, decent film ( trust me 😇 ) 💋💋💋💋

Alex david johnson - Hated hated hated it it it1 star

It was a major disappointment

Wye Photography - The title should be...1 star

...not Bloodshot but Bloody Shit.

123Delboy - Dont bother !1 star

I cannot believe Vin Diesel was desperate enough to do this film, yeah ok he usually only does simply action films but what a pointless, dull and badly acted story this was - one of the worst films I have ever seen for a long time !

sphere1978 - A gap filler at best3 star

If your finding you’ve got nothing to watch and want to just watch a film with nothing to think about then this is for you.. if your a vin fan you’ll love it as he can’t wait 10 mins before he’s got his vest top on.. the mistakes in it are probably some of the worst I’ve seen “London” I mean come on really?? Everything about that one scene was wrong police, cars, location... but all in all a bit of fun..

woody hello - Insulting spaff1 star

They couldn’t even shoot in London.

Ccunningham100 - No matter how desperate you get....2 star

...... don’t waste your money on this movie.

Shaynecm - Boring and flat1 star

The films storyline doesn’t hold your interest and is lacking but had potential. Vin Diesel doesn't have the acting range to bring the story alive and is clearly using Dom’s (Fast and Furious) wardrobe. By halfway I was looking at Facebook waiting for the credits. Defo a rent and not buy to see for yourself.

Glen Bulb - I love an action film, but.....2 star

This was barely tolerable. Vin Diesel’s ‘acting’ was exceptionally poor. The actions scenes were very entertaining. The ‘East Sussex’ and other UK scenes were very, very obviously NOT filmed on location (to a laughable extent). I generally like Vin Diesel, but this was not good.

txdidydufu - Wrong genre1 star

Wrong genre

Jimmyboy41 - Pretty good4 star

Action packed ,don’t look to much into it like others do .if it entertains u ,as that’s what your paying for, great

wripa05 - Ok if doing the ironing.2 star

If your looking for a action adventure that does not copy other films and has a great story line then this is not for you. If you want some action limited storyline so you can do other tasks then great once its 7.99.

£££ drown the drain - Crap1 star

Worst film I’ve seen glad I rented it no stars for this

Robbie knows best - Had potential to be good2 star

I was expecting more from this movie, good story just told badly! Has the potential to be so much more, was obviously made on a cheap budget. THe London scenes were very much not London, so why make it London? It didn't add to the story and only took away from the movie

DJBigeye - average nothing new3 star

BIt if a recycled story of Ghosts in the Shell. Average action movie with good casting.

Mik813 - Not as Bad as Reviews4 star

Tbh I was really looking forward to this movie, and was very sceptical of the reviews. I decided to purchase and watched with my wife, which we both quite enjoyed it. Had a few over the top scenes but don’t most movies these days! Overall an enjoyable action packed Vin D film. I would recommend movie if you can just justify £13.99 uk.

worthingaj - There’s pants, then there’s the whole underwear drawer1 star

Just terrible. Unenjoyable in the extreme. Can’t suggest you avoid it enough.

Smee.81 - Good escapism5 star

It won’t win any oscars, but I enjoyed the film.

IT45. - Thank You 🙂👍🏻5 star

Thank You 🙂👍🏻

anthony176 - Bloodshot4 star

Don’t go listing to most people writing reviews on this movie it’s a good film I enjoyed it it has got storyline

carefulsquid - Robocop kind of.2 star

I don’t know what country they filmed the ‘London’ scenes in but it looks very South American. They didn’t even bother to change the number plates on half the cars. There is a good film in here sadly poor direction poor edit choices make this less than great. In the right hand this would have been a really solid 4/5. It’s televisual and a bit amateur. I can’t forgive the odd camera angles and pacing is off. It had the feel of a 1990’s cheap action flick.

Richie2892 - Great Movie!5 star

Don’t get the bad reviews as this was a great movie. So much action, great storyline and the actors are perfect for their roles. Highly recommend!

Mr TiCkLe TuMmY - Belongs on Netflix2 star

At the time of writing this review, it is still £13.99. If you love silly dumb action with no real substance then this will be worth a purchase if it ever goes to under £3.

Nick Carew - Bloodshot3 star

Not amazing but also far from great

Joe125cc - Poor at best2 star

Went into this with high hopes after hearing vin say that this was the start of a new cinematic universe. It’s not. Utter trash - poorly written and poorly acted. I would be shocked if this EVER got a sequel....

TheHaywardHouse - Banging5 star

Great film!!

Jean-Mimi93 - No surprise2 star

Typical Vin Diesel.... no surprise and always the same type of acting! Really good effects, absolutely brilliant. Perfect movie to kill time during the lockdown.

Tomd904 - Pretty ok4 star

Not bad at all, harsh reviews. Story is a bit MEH but it’s got action and lots of it if you like that. Sounds good on proper speakers.

The_Zulu - Good film, could have done more with it.3 star

I have seen many films, but this one is your typical Vin Deisel macho BS, there is some really bad acting scenes. The idea behind the film is good, but could have been done better and it could have gone into things deeper. I did however find it entertaining and an escape from real life for a short time.

Budgie424 - I personally loved it.5 star

i thought it was great, a good action flick. i would recommend watching it if you love sci-fi. would definitely watch again.

McBullitt - Lazy3 star

People have been waiting for this film for years and they have been given a lazy script, lazy/shocking dialogue that at times doesn’t make sense, areas of London that look more like South America. You don’t need a budget to write a good script, good dialogue. The action is great but that’s about it. This movie is just a bunch of good action sequences with badly written dialogue/exposition in between. Still, way better than Justice League.

immobius - appalling1 star

simplistic crap: great for unsophisticated 11 year olds, or Americans

Test2134 - don’t rate 1 star just for itunes extras4 star

it just doesn’t change the film.

Roquan58 - Bloodshot5 star

This is great fun....I really don’t get the bad reviews if you like action movies, which you can clearly see this is from the actor and title you can’t help but enjoy this movie. It has decent action sequences and a few good twists, enjoyable couple hours👍

AliKenobi - Superb5 star

Absolutely superb, refreshing after so many churned out marvel movies.... regardless not to spoil the plot I went in blind but this movie is Call of Duty Black ops 3 with the punisher who has wolverines healing..... that’s it Hoping we get a sequel shame this release before the global pandemic shut down theatres. Buy it and support the movie if you want a decent action film that made me want vin diesel as the terminator after one sequence then get it. Honestly brilliant

Real Supremacy - Dreadful1 star

Watched from start to finish. I will never get this time back!!

babyboibohnson - I was so excited for this1 star

But it was just another big disappointment, just the worst acting and writing, it even tried to be funny at some points but just failed entirely, for the love of god just don’t watch this movie

Boe bohnson - Wow1 star

This was sooooo bad, yikes, such failing attempts at comedy

nakedheat2 - AMAZING5 star

Excellent movie. Just watched it last night in the cinema. Ready to pre-order and enjoy it at home . Vin brother you rock 🙌🏻🙌🏻💙

AussyMan3000 - Bruh1 star

Trash dog

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mjc65896 - Awesome5 star

Had everything a great action movie should. Good story (pay attention and you won’t be confused). Tons of action, good CGI, and fun to watch. Was entertained the whole time.

Wildman67 - Excellent5 star

Loved this Movie, Excellent Action and special effects! Well Done 🎉

Mr.Castro 19 - Good Movie5 star

Good movie, Good CGI, Good Action, Good Acting, Good Story,

Sunshineaboveall - Good movie5 star

Surprisingly good movie with awesome special effects and great performance from vin diesel

Superhero145 - Best non marvel or dc comic book movie yet!!!5 star

It been a while for a great comic book movie that not a marvel or dc film vin diesel delivered an excellent performance same with his co stars with tons of great action scenes that make you feel like you reading a great comic I highly recommend it to comic book fans it a definite must buy!!

dscottmoody - Fast forward lol1 star

Had to fast forward to enjoy it

Fast Eddie63 - Enjoyable4 star

Good movie. Yes it is another comic book movie but at least it is not Marvel. I enjoyed the story and hope for a sequel. The CG was good, acting good . I thought the movie could have been a little bit longer but it actually worked well.

Long_D_7790 - Great movie5 star

The movie was great and the way they use CGI was good. The story is a little crazy, have to watch two times to understand everything. Vin did a great jobs ones who hate the movie are the ones who have Vin as a actor. Gotta give the man his do’s. He nailed it.

Jluis3 - Not bad, Good movie!4 star

Great movie no... but definitely a good movie with great action scenes!!

Azuniga21 - Bloodshot1 star

Very bad movie. dont buy it or rent it

BushcraftNinja - Move along1 star

Not worth one minute of your time.

Billy7915 - Cool5 star

Great movie, just wish I wasn’t $200.

nc302 - Not worth the money!2 star

I gave it two stars just because it’s an action movie, other then that it’s boring.

Rockabye0 - Bloodshot5 star

❤️❤️❤️Loved it❣️❣️❣️

Twitch user - Awesome5 star

Awesome movie!

Zelotes1 - Opinions5 star

From the reviews, Opinions are obviously a dime a dozen. Watch the movie and decide for yourselves.

drdaveg - Very good5 star

Really was and I watch just about everything, good enough acting, amazing action, cool premise. Get this movie you will like it!

CelyP. - Great but took a while..4 star

This was a really good movie, the problem was it took to long to get going. I wish it wasn’t $20, but it is what it is. But, if you are a fan of Vin Diesel watch it. I will say if it gets a sequel I’d be down to watch it! 👍🏼

jkeitz - Excellent Comicbook Adaptation5 star

As a Bloodshot fan, I really looked forward to this movie and it did not disappoint. Great action, witty dialogue, and the finale sticks the landing. I really hope the Chinese Coronavirus doesn’t derail the potential of a franchise here!

Dgelwin - Great Movie if you like Action/Sci-Fi5 star

It's a pretty good action sci-fi and a great way to kill some time. I see quite a bit of SJWs bashing the film in other reviews simply because the lead is a white guy. But they have nothing better to do. As for the film it's a solid film and pretty enjoyable.

Ravenrwd - Great action Movie5 star

Movie was a lot of fun. Hope it gets a sequel.

Route66 - Another WHITE man chosen as a SUPERHERO1 star

Why another white man as a SUPERHERO? - when the FK are we going to see HISPANIC, Latino, Cuban, Puerto Rican etc become a superhero. I've not seen a superhero flick in years due to the Jewsih , Anglo or Black producer hangup not hiring HISPANICS as lead roles. WAKE THE FK UP AMERICA- HISPANICS ARE SOON TO BE AMERICAS MAJORITY RACE. HISPANICS SURPASSED BLACKS fifteen year ago as the second biggest majority race and YET THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTED IN MOVIES except for convict roles. HELL ASIANS are more widely used in films today yet 3/4 of the world speaks SPANISH. GET WITH THE FKN PROGRAM RACIST PRODUCERS.

christopher peniche - Love it5 star

I like the concept and the action pack that this movie brings 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏻

rebelndisguise - Lackluster, but w/COVID-19 I’ll take it!3 star

The concept was very unoriginal. But in an era where all new content seems to be on pause, I’ll take Vin Diesel stumbling thru a knock-off X-Men meets Diesel in every other movie he’s been in, any day!

ThunderbuttNLeadfoot - Not good1 star

If not for the FF movies, Vin would’ve been acting in more of these low grade B movies. Sure they must’ve spent a lot on CGI for this movie but still it’s still not good enough for the big screen. Lots of bored people who are stuck at home because of Covid-19 will regretfully wind up watching it anyway.

DJ D8A - Bloody mess... 👎🏼1 star

I really hoped I would like this, but as I suspected, it was horrible. I want to like Vin Diesel, but he’s just a bad actor. His best role is Groot.

Blaize135 - Dominic terreto5 star

I wonder why Dominic terreto is played in so many movies

storytellerstudios - Pop Corn Fun5 star

Well worth the purchase as you get what's expected from a Vin Diesel action/sci-fi movie. The plot is a bit better than expected as things are not what they initially seem. Nice action sequences and a decent script. Enjoyable!

Really!!!!!! - Terrible1 star


Korben Adams - Bloodshot rocks!!!!!!!!!!5 star

This movie was amazing I really enjoyed it, vin diesel did a great job acting as ray garrison. Really good job guys. This movie has really stunning moments and amazing special effects. I loved this movie. Screw all the haters and the rotten tomato critics you all just don’t have any sense of how good this movie is. Screw you haters

JSharpe92 - Amazing comic book adaptation!!5 star

Highly recommend this movie!

toniiiyii - Recommend5 star

Awesome movie just finished watching it loved it Especially K.T don’t Under Estimate He

QuietStorm2011 - Good Movie!4 star

Entertaining & Action Packed!

Judy Hartley - Action packed5 star

Lots of action, twists and turns. And Sam Heughan... its got Sam Heughan playing a gum chewing bad guy! 🦖🐸

Betty TX - Love It!!!5 star

I actually got to see this in the IMAX theater and it was amazing a really shame they closed the theaters I would go see it again and I am buying it now. I hope once this is all over that they put it in the theater again!

Hopkins1188 - Hell Yeah5 star

Loved it! And unpopular opinion alert......couldn’t be happier with vin diesels performance!!

nyctelecaster - a waste of time1 star

Even during the virus era when the bar is pretty darn low, this ridiculous, utterly worthless film couldn't hold my attention. SAVE YOUR MONEY- SAVE YOUR TIME. Re-watch Robocop ... By the way, why do "action films" like this dead turkey have an onslaught of non-stop music. It's annoying!

Bigdaddy0099 - Great origin story movie set up for the next5 star

This was a great origin movie and a good set up for the next ones to come!

Photag216 - Actually quite liked it!4 star

I actually quite enjoyed this movie. It had action and was a lot of fun. It’s not Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it held its own. I guess I wasn’t expecting too much, but either way, I had a fun time.

Sexy Lites - Bloodshot and Valiant Comics5 star

This was one of the first comics I read that wasn’t DC or Marvel. I am happy Sony is using an other publishers for movies. I hope this becomes a huge success. The story was great, the action & effects was top notch. I hope they make a sequel. I also hope Sony realizes they got Gold with Valiant Comics. Would love too see XO Man-O-War, Rai, Ninjak, Shadowman, Quantum & Woody, and Archer & Armstrong movies.

Enforcer X - Great Action flick!!5 star

A nice Super hero action flick starring Vin Diesel. Truly loved this movie.

Hoodedace-007 - Great movie.5 star

It was a bit different from how the trailers showed the movie. But I really did enjoy Bloodshot. I like Vin and Guy Pearce. Was the last movie I seen in theaters with my family before the shut down. I look forward to going to the movies again in the near future.

NCJim2010 - I liked it, reminded me of Iron Man 3.5 star

It had the dude from Iron Man 3 and reminded me of the same powers from AIM. That out of the way it was an entertaining flick. Due to the Coronavirus I was the only person in the theater watching it. Sad because it was a decent action flick. I read the comic as a kid, it was different for sure. If you are looking for the comic it might be better if you had never read them. In the end it met expectations and I enjoyed it.

AA-ron Hinojosa 😂 - Looks awesome!!!5 star

This movie looks good I haven’t seen it yet because my theaters are closed due to coronavirus but can’t wait to see it when it come on my iPhone/ iPad 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

FourUnderFour - Great Work Vin Diesel!!5 star

This was great! Great action sequences and funny characters! Just as good as Robo Cop! I definitely recommend you watch this!

Zerowingx - Better than every other movie that’s been out5 star

Just like riddick I see this becoming a trilogy 🍜

Nicholas becerra - Action Packed but boring as hell waste of time3 star

Save your money and watch something else Vin Diesel is terrible as Bloodshot what I have in mind is to dense and action packed i think the CGI is horrible and stupid. Don't expect F9 to be Vin Diesel's masterpiece.

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