The Hunt (2020)

The Hunt (2020) Summary and Synopsis

In this subversive satire, a group of elites gather for the very first time at a remote Manor House to hunt ordinary Americans for sport. But the elites' master plan is about to be derailed because one of The Hunted, Crystal (Betty Gilpin, GLOW), knows The Hunters' game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off one by one as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman (two-time Oscar® winner Hilary Swank) at the center of it all. Twelve strangers wake up in a clearing. They don't know where they are—or how they got there. In the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory, ruthless elitists gather at a remote location to hunt humans for sport. But their master plan is about to be derailed when one of the hunted turns the tables on her pursuers. The Hunt (2020) Wiki

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The Ultimate Human Hunting Experience..

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The Hunt (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Great Fun5 star

I saw a lot of negative reviews and therefore wasn’t expecting much so I was thoroughly surprised to find the movie so much fun. The Hunt should be viewed with the understanding that it is simple entertainment, it doesn’t require psychoanalyzing every line of dialogue for personal offense.

- Worth Watching Just for Gilpin's Facial Expressions5 star

It's not a great movie, it's not even a good movie, but for $0.99 it's worth it just to see what Betty Gilpin does with the trash script into which her character is dropped. Under no circumstances should anyone pay more than that for this dreck, though.

- This movie was pretty awesome5 star

Lots of laughs at the expense of the simpler parts of the right and the elitist mindset of the left. Not as far fetched as it seems if you read the one star reviews....

- Great movie!5 star


- Awesome5 star

Love the political jabs at both sides. Very funny yet very interesting. Full of action.

- Peculiar1 star

Never have I gone out of the way to review a movie with this one exception, rather disappointing and confusing.

- Good especially for its runtime4 star

Betty Gilpin is great, and the movie itself should have never been postponed. It’s better than a lot of movies in 2019/2020.

- Pretty good5 star

Pretty good

- Bingo5 star

Best movie of the year

- Lame1 star

Wait for it to come to Netflix. It’s worth watch on the toilet at best

- Entertaining Class Warfare4 star

I think this movie proves that Hollywood hates rich people just a little bit more than rednecks. Still a fun if not terribly smart movie.

- Fun5 star

Interesting how much hate this movie is getting, do people not watch movies just for fun these days? Does everything require some elaborate and beautifully articulated script to be worthy of praise geez. THE MOVIE IS FUN AND FUNNY. If you like action comedy and strong female lead. You’ll like it. Was a worthy rent.

- I FW It5 star

Don't expect much it's an overall fun movie to watch

- Classic5 star

Captivating and action packed! Great message(s) too. The casting is also amazing.

- Great movie5 star

A fun movie!

- Five Stars5 star

More then loved this movie and the action starting right away the action and comparing it to kill bill seriously amazing

- Terrible waste of time -1 star

Should never have been made.

- Don’t bother1 star

It sucked I wouldn’t even bother

- Unrealistically Funny and top acting.5 star

I feel people are putting too much thought into the politics and self-serving meaning in this funny and oddly twisted tale. Betty Gilpin (Crystal) was far and above the best pick for this part... Amazing work. Look at the movie as it is... Leave the world out of it, then I think you will see the unrealistically funny parts they all play so well. The "Statements" made in this movie were hilarious in there execution... And Gilpin's uncompromising role made the show worth watching.

- Crazy Garbage2 star

I'm seeing a pattern and learning that anything penned by D. Lindelof will be pretentious, and stupidly incomprehensible. There are no characters or caricatures; only plot devices. This movie = pointless. The mindless violence = entertaining. Please, don't waste your money on this rental.

- Terrible1 star

Not one good thing to say about this movie.

- Liked it!5 star

Pleasantly surprised!

- Mehh....3 star

It was ok... good but not great. Could’ve waited to see it on HBO or something like that.

- Pleasant Surprise4 star

I went in with very little research, didn't watch any trailers. I enjoyed this, not quite what I expected.

- Not what you think it is5 star

I went into this film thinking I was going to hate it for choosing sides. It makes fun of both Liberals and Conservatives and Betty Gilpin does fantastic in what I think is her breakout role. The film doesn’t waste anytime and the cinematography is very well done

- Awesome Movie!5 star

If you are looking for a good horror movie that is fast paced check this out. If you’re into purge style movies you can’t go wrong. It takes jabs at both party extremes but I feel the people really complaining really didn’t see the movie.

- So great! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

Every liberal and conservative needs to watch this

- 😒1 star

Seems like they ripped off hunger games

- Bad ending3 star

Movie started good until the last 15 mins just ruined the movie.

- Thought it was funny5 star

I hate to say I enjoyed it.

- SICK1 star

You people are SICK and the movie proves that Sadistic Pedo-Hollywood is bias Against the average American/ conservatives. They are calling to hunt people down, kill them for “sport” because they disagree with their beliefs. Shame on Apple for listing it!!

- Good film5 star

Lots of twists and turns. Good stuff, good action.

- Waste of time1 star

Stupid plot supported by bad acting.

- Dreck1 star

Absolute dreck

- This will be an off best classic!!5 star

.You definitely need to watch this movie. Betty Gilpin delivers a top shelf performance. This is like “Pulp Fiction” but better.

- Fantastic5 star

“I fell” laughing at that then to “you got the wrong one” was amazing better then I though !

- Great Action. Great Fun. (Finish The Movie)4 star

I am not going to describe my political or social beliefs. I just like watching movies. Try not to get turned off by the reviews from people who either did not watch the movie, finish the movie, or chose not to pay attention to the “why” of how the movie ended. With that out of the way... First off, Betty Gilpin definitely knows how to get things done. I loved watching her in action, and her character and her story was definitely the best part of this movie for me. It is indeed violent. The action is awesome. The acting is pretty decent. The writing is a bit cheesy (I did not expect anything else). It is at times funny. I really enjoyed the last 15 to 20 minutes. Stereotypes abound. One could indeed be offended by this movie when it comes to the very, very basic “why” of how it starts off. (This movie did not give me any time to feel offended and I knew what I had decided to watch.) When it comes to the story behind the action, missing the forest for the trees does not do the watcher any favors. This is a thoroughly enjoyable action (“horror”?) flick. I recommend watching it.

- Daaaaaaamn!!!!5 star

Very good!!! Wished it was longer with even more deaths and gore! The acting was top notch and pulls you in immediately. Hilary Swank was just amazing as always!

- Mahler 65 star

As a classical music fan, hearing Mahler 6 as the opening......automatic 5 star

- pretty inventive5 star

it would be funny if liberals were getting people fired for their political views that differ from theirs in real life.

- Satire at its best.5 star

Most of the people who gave it 1 star didn’t even watch the film. They were complaining about the price. Those reviews should be taken down as they can’t review a film they refused to see. Was the film gory? Yes. Was the film satirical? Yes. Is the film entertaining? I thought it was. Just a good ‘ol flick. Take a chance. You may actually like it.

- 🤮🤮🤮🤮1 star


- The Hunt2 star

Bad movie all around!! Purge was much better

- Very fun4 star

Reviewers are being too harsh on this film. Take it for what it is, an action comedy with a political backdrop. In my eyes, the movie plays out like Kill Bill, but I am not comparing the two. This would perhaps be the closest thing to what we’d get if Mel Brooks and Quentin Tarantino made a movie together. Sure, this movie isn’t perfect, but only a very few are anyway. If you enjoy, and can make it through either Mel Brooks or Quentin Tarantino movies, give this a watch. You’ll have a blast.

- Excellent5 star


- The hunt5 star

This movie is a good example of the far left out of control.

- Garbage1 star

Don’t waste your time and money on this trash, it’s horrible.

- Truly awful1 star

The worst movie I ever seen,not a good story,not good actors,noting is good in this movie

- Worth the $14.99...4 star

Premise of the film slightly reminded me of an SNL skit “Internet Comments Talk Show.” Definitely were a lot of cliches and stereotypes — which made the movie campy and funny. #notabot.

- Another movie boycotted1 star

Hollywood’s level of empathy to the fact that so many are hurting financially and emotionally right now is to charge an outrageous amount to just rent a movie... yeah so what happened to we are all in this together? I see where several selfishly stated that with their larger families this is a deal! Obviously these are families that are in a career in which they are still getting paid. That’s the only logical explanation for such a response. I will never watch this movie now as it leaves a bad vibe that the producers are gouging folks at such an unprecedented terrible time. FYI Apple didn’t set the price. It’s the same price on all platforms set by the movie producers. This would have been a fantastic way to allow access to movies we won’t otherwise get to see for months or even a year or more but greed and selfishness got in their way.

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pat the rat111 - So disapointed1 star

Very not what i supposed it would be

TASSHAH - Very Entertaining5 star

Simple straightforward Action flick. Highly recommended.

Babayaga 67's - 4K HDR PLEASE1 star

The rental was in 4K, why not for selling?

HyperNolan - C$14.99 to Buy in Canada4 star

That’s right - it’s C$14.99 to buy here in Canada. Funny coz this movie is only available to BUY and not available to RENT as of now. But I’ll wait for a couple of months to buy it when it goes down to C$9.99... or who knows it might be available on Netflix or Amazon Prime later.

hhytioop - The hunt5 star

Very good!! Im waiting for part 2!

Fatso-O - Highly recommend!!5 star


BigManWithBigSword - Weird fun3 star

Ugh, seems to be targeted for weirdo far left who like to use terms like “justice warrior” and “snow flake”, personally think this highlights what’s wrong with the US and polarizing left and right... but I do like me some republican hunting... they squeel real good... lol... good ending, the right person won in that world... if they hadn’t played into the stereo types as hard on both sides this would have been more enjoyable, especially in today’s climate...

MysticRainer72 - Entertaining4 star

I rented for the 19.99 price Enjoyed it Am surprised they canceled the release of this movie in November, because of school shootings in the US but they let JW3 show. Anyway. Enjoyed the movie will buy when it comes out

HilaryMae - Another $19.99 rental?1 star

Good luck making money on that iTunes; fools...

BillyIdolRocks - Way to expensive1 star

Especially to rent a movie. You're crazy if you say you spend that much to go to the movies. I spend $6.50 to go on Tuesday plus often get a free movie because of scene points. Can't wait to see the movie I'd never pay that much.

six.feet.under - Entertaining5 star

Very entertaining, a but funny and suspenseful. LOVED it. And really glad the home release rental is in 4kHdr. I would have rent invisible man if it was also in 4k. Maybe they will add it. But good job, main actress is on point, love the character and little twists * its 20$ rental cause its suppose to be in theatres, wake up dummies. And don't give a bad rating because of the price, urgh people are so lame. Then the movie here gets bad reviews on here when it doesnt deserve it.

chucky😡 - $20.00 really!!😳1 star

The 1 star is for the people that picked the rental price, I really want to watch this movie, it looks good but who out there is dumb enough 🤪 to pay 20.00 to rent a movie, give me a break 🙄

natt1906445 - Zero Star1 star


FMA80 - TheHunt5 star

Great movie! Not much of a story

14... - So good!!!5 star

Worth the $19!!!

Chipmunk21 - Great movie! Stop rating this movie 1 star because you don’t like the price5 star

The price has nothing to do with how the movie is! If you rent it on cineplex you can use scene points and it’s free or a lot cheaper. I watched it there for free. I had a bad day and I really enjoyed this movie. Lots of good gory/bloody scenes, lots of action and also lots of funny moments as well. I wasn’t too keen on the last 20 minutes or so of the movie but overall it was pretty entertaining!

Alannar406 - Price1 star

Lol to the people saying this is a fair price cause this is what you would pay to go to the theatre, y’all are crazy. I spend like $10 at the movies and most of the time my movies are free due to scene points. Just wait a couple of months and it’ll be released for same price to BUY it!

BentleyJae - Unfortunately1 star

I rented this as it looked interesting in trailers and I thought about going to it in theatres. Since recent events and the closer of theatres I thought this is a cool alternate way to still be able to still support the movie. Let me tell you the first half of the movie had me questioning what was even happening and what the story line was trying to portray. The hope for the second half dwindled with each moment watched. The whole political aspect was campy with a complete lack of nuance. The only reason I stayed was for the $20 I shelled out.

KhaleesiLeksa - I really wanna See it1 star

I really want to see this, but for twenty bucks? Can’t they just release it to BUY then I’ll pay that much or more but just to see it once my local theatre doesn’t even charge half of that, including tax

LockDoc666 - $19.99?!?!?!?!?!?!1 star

$19.99 for a rental?!?!?! What the hell?!

TJWS2731 - It’s still in theatres5 star

For those wondering why some movies are $20 to rent. These movies are still in theatres but due to the recent pandemic - motion pictures of decided to move the movie, extremely earlier to your home screen. I think $20 is fair considering what you’d spend in theatre.

Rueben306 - I dug this4 star

Betty gilpin is the bomb in “The Hunt” yo!!!!

Bad Natey - Saw in theatres5 star

It knows what it is and plays to its own strengths. It's a lot of fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously and that's what makes it wonderful. The performances are fantastic, the action sequences are great, and the comedy is over the top. Great film that exceeded any expectations I had!

LRcan - Expensive much?1 star

Why is this $19.99 to RENT this movie? Is that normal?

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alech - Don’t listen to the snowflake critics, it’s oddly funny!3 star

It’s a weird movie with gore and comedy. The guys expression to the jackrabbit and box turtle story was hilarious. I wish it had more character development and backstory.

Megansv - I love this film5 star

My favorite film of the year

kajjii - Dumb1 star

Not worth the buy at any price

Splat3333 - Awful1 star

I waited for months to see this. It was awful. Basically it stereotypes both liberals and conservatives and made both appear ignorant. The main character was the only one that was “smart” if you can call it that. The facial expressions she made were odd during the entire film. In the words of Hillary Swanks character “oops.” That sums up the entire movie.

Rich3296 - Complete Trash!1 star

Whoever at Universal Pictures decided this movie should be fired. All the cast that decided this was a good moving to participate in - should be put out of work for at least a year to consider what a reprehensible decision they made. I'd give it negative stars if I was able. Just pure garbage.

moviekrytic - The hunt-awful1 star


S13gmund - Funny, Violent, Light-Hearted4 star

I’m glad this finally came out for sale. There was NO WAY I was going to ay $20 to rent, but definitely worth the money to buy. Decent action. Nobody really lives long enough for you to care about. Overall, a pretty good lampoon of the divide in our country today.

PGT2104 - Take at face value, take what you will4 star

Honestly, just watch it for what it is. It's like anything else everyone is going to have their take on the meaning, if any, they find. The plot was good, not original, but good nonetheless. It does have some twists and turns but its an action movie. Don't take yourself too seriously sit back and enjoy it for the action.

Singames - Calm down5 star

No one is asking u to pay $20 to rent it. If u don’t want to pay for it for 48 hrs then wait u few months don’t feel bad for the ppl giving it one star. Just be patient

Vichenzoo6988 - We’re getting ripped off1 star

Don’t rent it.... it’s a great movie. But! Not worth the rent. Don’t let apple steal from you

Howard Household - Why can’t I buy this yet1 star

It’s been for rent so long you’d think blockbuster made it

16 HORSES - Be Very Very Quiet!4 star

To say The Hunt had a complicated cinema release would probably be the understatement of 2020! I’d say That The Hunt is a modern day Deliverance! The fact that President Trump didn’t like it made it great to me 🥴😂! Seriously though there are moments here that it’s understandable why certain people wouldn’t like this movie! But I see it as solid and while Hilary Swank won’t win the Oscar like Boys Don’t Cry or Million Dollar Baby she was the best performance here! Hunt this one down!

stoubin - Wonderful5 star

Truly wonderful

Saxyphone - Great Movie5 star

Tackles the radical left and “horrifies” the social-political aspect the left often takes. Great turn out!

shamlin29 - I really enjoyed it!5 star

Funny,Scary and crazy!

DaviLeon - Not a horror film!5 star

This was a total comedy honestly! Satire folks! I laughed so much. Can’t believe conservatives and trump were all against this film. It wasn’t even that extreme.... The Purge series was more crazy!

ripoffmovie - the hate this spews1 star

I could not even get thrugh the complete movie. cat puke writers.... I would give this 1/4 star if I could... I would like my 45 minutes back...

fefe1920 - 🤣🤣🤣🤣5 star

This movie was hilarious!!! It was good and had me rolling with the lead blonde chick!!! What was with the gimmick facial expressions she was making though??? (Before she starts to kill-especially when she was in the car ) She was crazy but smart!! it’s a good movie especially when you’re in a lockdown state😌

Lowrid3316 - AWFUL!!!!!!!!!1 star

Truly one the worst movies i have ever seen. Save your money for something else. If i could give it no stars i would.

Vincent_Vega_junkie - They already made this movie1 star

It’s called Surviving the Game & has Ice T, the rapper in it. Watch that. If I recall it wasn’t that bad. It had Rutger Hauer ( from Bladerunner, Idk the soelling & don’t feel like looking it up).

One Directioner😇 - Entertaining4 star

Gruesome but keeps you on your toes!

korn flake - Great movie!5 star

The ones whining about it are the real snowflakes. Deplorable's can’t handle ever looking in the mirror.

Psychomaniac13 - Look.... I liked this movie5 star

It’s so violent and gory I love it! Don’t come in here expecting a great story... or a story at all! Just people get captured and haunted down. One annoying thing is that it gets very political and it did get on my nerves. Other than that it’s just dark and violent... with a lot of plot holes.

AlMagasa - Bad movie1 star

Movie was bad. Killed off a lot of characters in the beginning and pointless plot.

Tulindadominican - Worth watching5 star

Action packed; awesome fight scenes

Eh123321 - The Hunted2 star

They’re gonna continue to leave these as $19.99 “Rentals” for as long as bored people keep spending for it. So stop and maybe they will too.

Murph090 - Junk1 star

Complete garbage

Blair Ravish - Riveting Storyline, Full Of Suspense5 star

The only people giving this movie one star are petty conservatives with an obvious bitter agenda. This movie, which is purely fiction, will leave you on the edge of your seat the entire time! This is a timeless action suspense thriller for the history books, and you’d be a fool not to buy it. You’re welcome.

Chaiden04 - Was very disappointed2 star

Don’t waste your time. Way to simplistic.

Cimmerian2 - Balanced, maybe net anti-liberal in its satire4 star

I’m a libertarian/conservative and all those conservatives saying this movie is against them haven’t seen it, or are fools. And it was pretty funny.

XingSanchez - I get it was a B movie, but no...1 star

I normally love a good B movie, but this thing was a straight, “F.” The dialogue hurt so much . I laughed maybe once. If I wanted to hear dumb dialogue about the political divide, I can easily browse Facebook.

Ice 21 - The Hunt5 star

This was a surprisingly good movie. The back lash this movie received that delayed it was not warranted. It made fun of everybody. It was funny. A little gore, and excitement. Recommend it to people looking for a shoot em up action flick with humor. If you are easily offended this movie is not for you. Other than that enjoy!😎

jcpole - Utter trash...1 star

This movie is complete & utter trash. For them to try to RENT this for $19.99 is unconscionable. Trust me, don’t waste your time & money on this garbage. This is one of the few movies ever made that actually has NO redeeming qualities.

Leebs906 - Boo1 star

Just plain crappy. The premise is good, the presentation is poor. Don’t waste the money.

frankrizzo45 - Don’t bother1 star

If things are going well in your life and you really want to suffer then watch this garbage.

Ahen15 - 50/50 and Spolier!!!!!!!!3 star

The most disappointing part is the fact that anyone you’re excited about seeing in the movie don’t make it through the first two scenes basically. Literally one person left standing the entire movie. What’s the point of having so many people. Meh I don’t know. Just wished for a bit more. Action scenes were good though.

Carlos_saavedra_ - Hilarious5 star

Coming from A Latino point of view this movie was very entertaining. I don’t see the issue here, just action packed fun.

$tealth21 - Great movie5 star

Good plot. Good acting and action.

Random name idk vans shoes? - Satire!4 star

So, I’m a left-winger, however I understand that this movie is meant to be a ridiculous and over the top film potraying the extremists on both the left and the right. I’m a huge fan of horror movies (all types) and this movie definitely gave me The Purge vibes which is lots of fun. Whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, keep an open mind when watching this film, it’s very entertaining!

st184rc - Great5 star

Let me just buy it already!!

Piebite - Stop bringing the star score down!5 star

Everyone, it is not iTunes’ fault that the price to rent is $20. Stop blaming iTunes and stop writing negative reviews on here!! If you have a problem, complain to Universal and stop bringing the star score down on here! All of you negative people are making it hard to find actual reviews of the movie!

yhhhduudud - Awesome5 star

The best movie I seen so far in 2020.

dmc22222 - Cigarettes are only $6 in Arkansas5 star

Wasn’t sure what to think about the movie due to all the hysteria but I loved it. The people that dislike this movie probably also don’t realize movies like Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, And Apocalypse Now are actually anti-war movies.

Brehndinn - Trailer doesn’t do it justice5 star

This movie is great and so action packed. Amazing fight scene and moments that make you laugh, great plot !

Anonymous7395 - Awesome5 star

Movie was hilarious and entertaining!

mlandsy - Surprised!4 star

$20 not bad when I don’t have to leave my house and cheaper then 2 tickets. My adult kids also watched it so I got y money’s worth! Surprising good.

Katie-26 - $20 to rent?4 star

$20 is very dear to rent. While I understand this pandemic is causing huge problems for the movie studios and industry I would rarther wait to buy the film Making it so dear to rent I beleive will be the counter productive as it will deter people from wanting to rent it

therealvermon1112 - Haven’t even seen this movie...5 star

I’m writing this review to combat the idiots giving a 1 star review because they aren’t handing you this movie for free. Watching movies is not essential, it’s a luxury and unfortunately if you can’t afford a $19.99 rental price, then you sure as hell couldn’t afford to go to a movie theater. Life is hard right now, but the people that made this movie have families to provide for too. They are already losing money from theaters closing and they sure as hell wouldn’t be doing themselves any favors offering you the movie at $2.99. So gtf over it and go watch your cousins Netflix or something...

Mr. B Daniels - Garbage1 star

Terrible performances by both the cast and director. Not much thought went into the script on this one. Wast of time in my opinion but at least I didn’t have to pay anything to see it.

I like to be unknown - It’s about time4 star

Finally a movie not pushing a left wing agenda. This movie was funny, had good action. This wasn’t the greatest movies of all time, it was nice to see a more right wing political push than always seeing the left perspective. I give it a 5 star since it’s very rare to see a movie like this and it was pretty good.

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