The New Mutants

The New Mutants Summary and Synopsis

In this terrifying, action-fueled film based on the MARVEL comic series, five young people who demonstrate special powers are brought to a secret institution to undergo treatments they are told will cure them of the dangers of their powers. Included are Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage (Blu Hunt), who creates illusions from other people’s fears; Rahne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), who transforms into the werewolf Wolfsbane; Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton), who, as Cannonball, can fly at jet speeds protected by a force field; Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot (Henry Zaga), who absorbs and channels solar power; and Illyana Rasputin aka Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy). The younger sister of Colossus, Magik becomes encased in armor at will and wields a soulsword that amplifies her multiple superhuman and psychic abilities. Invited by Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga) to share their stories about when their powers first manifested, the five “patients” come to understand that they are in a class of people called mutants, who have historically been marginalized and feared. As they relive their origin stories, their memories seem to turn into terrifying realities. Soon, they question what is real and what isn’t, and it becomes clear that the institution isn’t what it seems. Now the question is — why are they being held captive? And who is trying to destroy them? The tension and horror mount in this white-knuckle thrill ride directed by Josh Boone and co-written by Boone and Knate Lee. Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves. The New Mutants Wiki

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The New Mutants Movie (2020)

The New Mutants Comments & Critics

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The New Mutants Movie Reviews

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- Hard watch3 star

Not an easy movie to watch. Acting is poor and the story just drags on and on

- slow and narrow compared to other mutant movies2 star

slow and narrow compared to other mutant movies ..why add the homo stuff ...meh

- Great movie!5 star

It was everything I expected and more! Great acting, great haunts, great action! Was worth the rent and now will be in my collection! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤘🏻

- 🚮1 star

Worst movie of 2020

- Eh.1 star

Not worth it. There are several good ideas that don’t get developed as it chooses , rather than establishing itself, to tie itself to a subpar franchise that has never lived up to its own hype save maybe two movies. A hard reboot is needed. Beyond that happening, I’m officially out of the X-men movies

- For me it’s a great movie.5 star

It is a very good movie if you are really a fan of THE X-MEN. I love how they made it as a horror movie.

- Seriously! Ugh!!1 star

Waste of money & time, do better

- Eeehhhh Boring2 star

Boring and predictable. It’s another unrealistic girl power flick.

- Horrible1 star

Do not waste your time. This movie has nothing, no plot, terrible acting and no sense. Stay away

- Garbage1 star

This movie is straight garbage

- Wasn’t horrible...but not great at all.1 star

This had so much potential...but was predictable beyond words and lacking in words that are hard to summon. The movie has apparently been reshot (hate to have seen the original) to the product it is. If I ranked comic book movies...this would be a cut below Wolverine 2 and a hair under the Green Lantern.

- Not as bad as the tomatoes say4 star

I hesitated watching this movie way longer than I should have because of the bad reviews. Is it scary, not really. Is it Avengers End Game, no. Is it a pretty cool movie involving mutants in the marvel universe that haven’t gotten screen-time, yes. Is the acting good.......... meh 😒but I don’t regret buying the movie. 4 star from me to help raise the average but more like 3 star movie.

- Disappointing...2 star

I have some pretty low expectations for movies... mostly I was looking for something that was fun or scary. This was neither... in actually kinda sad I bought it.

- Entertaining - worth a watch.4 star

See a lot of shade thrown towards this movie. It’s not a bad movie; it was entertaining. It wasn’t mind-blowing; however, a solid B-grade movie worth exploring, especially if you’re a Marvel fan.

- PC the new mutants2 star

PC the new mutants.

- Inappropriate content1 star

This movie was really bad. It had another whole story not related to the X men, and feels like you would be lied to, waste of money. This movie also has inappropriate content.

- It's Decent4 star

Despite all the negative reviews I decided to give this movie a chance. I'm happy to say that I enjoyed it and I'm glad I gave it a chance. It's one of those movies that I'd watch probably just watch once, but I'd still recommend it to friends.

- Ughh1 star

Reading all these bad reviews makes me not want to waste a dime watching this. Sad I remember the potential this film had.

- Studio fail1 star

Too many fingers in the pie. Totally ruined a good horror movie which is what everyone wanted. Crap directing, crap story, crap crap crap. The acting was by far the worst I’ve ever seen. College kids have done better with assignments. So upset.

- Great xmen film5 star

Great marvel film that makes references to xmen and has cut scenes from Logan. I loved the character development and storyline. Unfortunately it is one of the short marvel films.

- Could be a decent TV show1 star

Everything was forced, nothing seemed to happen naturally. Poorly written, disjointed script. Acting was so-so. Seemed like a long TV episode. Ended with no real resolution. The film maker clearly thought a sequel was a given. Wha whaaaa.

- The lucky #73 star

The New Mutants was better than 6 of the Fox X-Men films, but unfortunately lacked stuff that people can find in the 6 other X-Men Films. Overall if your in the mood for a one time teen watch; this is it

- I can’t wait!5 star

Hopefully I’m getting this for Christmas. I’m pretty sure all the people who wrote bad reviews on the film are HUGE die hard X-Men fans who were dissatisfied, or that they were just mad about the time of release and price—I don’t care about any of that. It looks fricking good and I cannot wait. Even if I don’t LOVE it I’m sure I would still give it a 3 Stars.

- I loved it!5 star

I would have loved to see it theatres, but I couldn't because of the covid restrictions. It was nice to see queer characters that weren't unrealisticly dramatic. I haven't seen many movies that show fear the way they did. It was an interesting perspective.

- Garage1 star

This movie is so terrible that I got super annoyed 20 minutes into it. Terrible acting, the plot is absolutely terrible, and the movie seems to be a lesbian commercial. That’s pretty much what this movie is, a lesbian commercial. I want my money back!!

- Horrible1 star

I wish I was able to read the reviews before purchase but Apple hid them until I rented, that should have been the first red flag.

- Trash1 star

You can’t convince me that this was good. Utterly Garbage!!!

- Amazing5 star

Love the movie

- Geeky and a tad scary3 star

Waded a few days ina row and it’s or a few fictional monsters .it’s mostly for fans of horror movies and new twist movie ,was ok for a last minute put together movie due to COVID

- I enjoyed it5 star

I don’t know why it’s gotten so much hate. I enjoyed it. I hope they make a sequel.

- Absolutely awful.1 star

This movie was so bad it caused me to google how to review it so I could prevent other from wasting their money. I don’t mind a cheesy action movies by any means. Given it’s supposed to be related to the X-men franchise I expected at least a mild plot or something that remotely made sense. This was absolute trash.

- It good.1 star

Starts out bad. Becomes tolerable. Ends disappointingly.

- Wasn't what I expected...4 star

This is outside of the "official" MCU... That being said, It wasn't half bad.. If you're not a comic nerd.. you might be a bit lost.. they did a decent job of "trying" to explain origins , but just fall completely short..Each one of these characters has a LOT more depth than was presented.. Might have been better to explore the nature of their powers and how it realtes to the characters themselves rather than backstory/flashbacks.. That kind of thing is best for a 2nd film... that will unfortunately never happen due to the structure of the first... sadly, ... a one off... I completely enjoyed the movie, as I know all of the characters present ahead of time as well as their back story.. didn't think Rhane was naerly agressive enough.. but she evolves over time.. it was fun to see the comics come to life..

- A solid end and great follow up to Logan4 star

While I wish they would have released this as an R rated version, to take better advantage of the content, I liked this movie enough to watch it twice during my rental period. If you’re a fan, you’re a fan. I’ve read reviews on countless sites and most mirror what I see here. I’m honestly unsure what people are expecting but I do think framing a movie like this against MCU behemoths will leave you sour. I loved the slow burn of this, although it was easy to spot Dani’s revelation early as a casual viewer. This is getting added to the collection for sure.

- Waste of great characters2 star

There was a reason this film took so long to be released. Not sure if the writers ever read any of the comic books, but it would have helped out with a better story. Not sure these characters will ever be seen on screen again.

- Awful1 star

Avoid at all costs.

- Solid, entertaining movie drawn more from source material5 star

Give it a chance

- New Mutants5 star

This is a great movie you won’t regret it. I just hope it’s the beginning of the next x-men series.

- Would not watch again2 star

This is not the new mutants. These are young adults who don’t know how to control their power or don’t really know what power they have. Lots of time wasted developing characters and not much on abilities. Some times I wonder do the studios even know who the audience is that consumes the content. Most people who watch mutant movies enjoy CGI, want to see the characters use their powers and see the villain fight against the characters. This movie missed the point but could have been really good. Felt like a slow moving horror movie. Little to no reason to spend the money.

- could have been great3 star

too bad about all the troubles it kept running into over the many setback release dates. makers kept changing their minds about what kind of movie it should be. started out as a horror. then they got scared that might limit audience approval too much. so they refilmed & re-edited it as a standard superhero action. then got scared that was too overdone, so reworked it as a drama. then realized that was stupid, and tried to make it all three ideas. but just meant they couldn't go far enough in any of those directions to stand tall in any one, and it just feels held back and muddy and nothing special. so much wasted potential. so many idiots in charge of movies lately.

- Don't bother1 star

This movie was WAY over-hyped. Bad acting, mediocre cast terrible sets.

- Honestly, Terrible2 star

I usually don’t write reviews, bcos who cares what I think, but I had been waiting for this film. For a long time... so I wanted it to be good, like a fan does. But unfortunately it is not good. I found myself cocking my head, like a confused dog, and to myself saying out loud “wait, what?”. It was that jarring. Literally. And early in the film too. For the record, I found the visual fx & sound to be well done, but the story was so poorly presented, it wasn’t even fun to watch the rest a second time. So I fast forwarded to just the few VFX moments and then deleted the whole thing. Who do you blame when nearly every aspect of a movie ends up this flawed? Lastly, the acting was uneven, to be polite, but their accents were cringe worthy. Show stopping. The kind of acting that is so unprofessional, it takes you out of the story and forces you to think about how much these people get paid, compared to people like first responders. You may resent all artists, for a moment. Some of the acting was that bad to me. Watch for yourself. Like this review, it’s just... not good

- Better than most Xman movies5 star

This has a lot better story than most xman movies, even has a teaching moment about fear. Lot better than it’s rated for.

- Nothing really NEW about it!4 star

New Mutants for all intent and purposes is just a wannabe X-Men movie! While nowhere near X2, X-Men Days of future past or Logan its still likable to a fault! Anya Taylor-Joy did show her continued range in acting more or less just don’t expect any Oscars!

- About this movie5 star

When I first watched this I thought it was ok but I watched it the second time it was better I love one of the characters in this movie ! But I think it’s a pretty good movie even though that it got bad raiddings

- I liked it...4 star

Worth a watch.

- Dont waste your money1 star

This movie was terrible, you think it will be good becuase its apart of marvel. No. It was written poorly and the story line is terrible. Its just over all stupid.

- I was dubious at first, but it’s great.5 star

So let me preface this by saying I had low low low expectations going in due to how long this movie had been in production hell, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was, it is a super hero/ psychological horror mashup, and it works! The problem I think some people have is that these characters are lesser known if you don’t know a lot about marvel comics, however they’re all acted well, and as true to the original characters as they can be. There are also some great links here that can be used to move into the X-men universe too since Illyana Rasputin is the younger sister of Colossus, the Essex corporation is mentioned which is a link to a Marvel villain the eugenics obsessed mutant Mr.Sinister, who in my opinion would be a great addition to upcoming X-men movies as well. Lockheed the wyvern is introduced which I thought would never happen so maybe we’ll eventually get a real Kitty Pride aka Shadowcat. So there is a lot of potential here that I for one want to see realized. Give the movie a chance, I personally went from seeing it as a Redbox rental to buying it.

- Terrible1 star

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. What a way to screwup the mutants movies. I love the marvel movies, but this one and Logan are so bad!!!!!

- Stupid1 star

This movie sucked I wish I could get my money back or my 155min back at lest but now I will take the boringness and weirdness of this disaster of a movie to my grave

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Drawing Flies - Solid Movie4 star

I enjoyed the comic as a youth and there are lots of good connections to the movie. I enjoyed it, they took more time with character development unlike most of the x-men Movies.

The6Lord - Worst movie ever1 star

This should of stayed hidden👍

Banger Burley - New5 star

I thought it was a excellent movie. 8/10

jgould6 - an “alright” movie3 star

Let’s not pretend it’s anything special or the worst film you’ve ever seen. *Props to Anya, she held this movie together. It’s an intriguing enough plot, the twist is surprisingly solid and the last act is quite fun. It’s an alright movie. There are worst ways to spend an hour and a half.

Epicmiatello - It’s okay3 star

But boring

kykexy - Give it a chance5 star

I loved it! It’s not your typical hero film. But really well done!

Manning2072 - Watching paint dry would be an improvement!1 star

There is such a thing as going to far with an idea, this went way past it and dragged it trough the mud 👎

Angry_movie_review - Garbage.1 star

Just another cookie cutter marvel movie for the idiot masses. Hard pass!!

Alvin James P Oogak - TNM5 star

Oooooh man I can’t wait for this to come out now.... 🥳🇨🇦

BrightBurnLover - Ehhhh3 star

So so it was a good plot but it took way to long to come out

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MikeLandter - Underrated5 star

As a X-men fan I enjoyed the movie

Daniel1639 - Terrible1 star

It’s not worth your time. No wonder they were afraid to release it!

movie2341 - Bad1 star

Silly and rediclous.

stlrs1626 - Good movie3 star

Was a good movie to say the least. Could have been better

VitalRose365 - Not Bad4 star

Its not so much a horror movie as its a regular x men with strong suspense elements related with characters that level each other out instead of playing favorites with overplayed characters everyone knows vastly well because of the years of repeated storylines. It would’ve made a nice three parter but unfortunately its not likely to happen.

Geno9999 - People reviewing this haven’t even seen the movie5 star

Stop blindly listening to critics and apple shouldn’t allow people who haven’t rented or bought the movie on ITunes review it.

Pyro/spyro - Bad1 star

Just don’t watch

fulavon - Why5 star

I literally have no clue why people don’t like this movie. Can someone explain what’s not to like. It’s a great movie. I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews, what’s wrong with them people.

Riffmachine - Fun and dark5 star

Some pretty awesome CGI, and some neat characters. I love that this borders on a horror movie. Not perfect, but I enjoyed it enough for 5 stars.

JDMoney691 - Trash1 star

I can see why it got pushed back so many times. Awful job all around!

Dr.WIz - What a Shame1 star

Entire movie was completely pointless. Trust me, this was painful to watch.

K-line - marvel horror movie3 star

only gave it 3 stars because I like horror, but its not very good.

DagdaBrew - Yawn......1 star

Leave X-men as is. Horribly unoriginal and laughably predictable. Go back and watch Dark Angel re-runs instead, you will thank me.

FQ Obama - Not worth your time1 star


MsThompson1984 - Terrible1 star

Terrible! Don’t waste your money or time.

Machokie - Bleh2 star

Not good.

keirchisholmlee - I was surprised5 star

This was corny. In a good way. To me this movie had an 80s high school romance feel, mixed in with some Stranger Things, Goosebumps, and... Please Like Me? I came prepared to hate this movie and I was very pleasantly surprised. Wish the next two would be made: Alien invasion and then hell? Whyyyyy Disney? Whyyyyy???

DustinSM - How to throw away $80 million1 star

Character development makes absolutely no sense. The plot is predictable, campy and uninspired. The written script is bad. The acting is bad (probably because the script is so awful) I love X-Men movies. Even X2 and X3. This was so awful the only way I could make it through was to make fun of it the entire time.

WarlordJames - Enjoyed5 star

I like the movie. I bored👍👍👍

StormyGormly - Horrible1 star

Absolutely the worst movie I have ever seen. Very disappointing. We waited and waited for something to happen, and when it finally does, it is so extremely ridiculous that you have to laugh out loud.

kevi17 - Mala1 star

Muy mala película, esperaba mas

NathanH83 - Crap1 star

Boring. Don’t waste your money on this crap.

DJ Kingsgold - So bad. Don’t bother.1 star

This was so bad.

juinkxri - GREAT!5 star

This movie was amazing. WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. seriously, especially during carona, this was a very good and action/fantasy movie to watch. WATCH IT!

BuckeyeSC - Boring and unwatchable1 star

Annoyed I spent $5.99 to watch this movie. Extremely boring

MGR1906 - Swing and a Miss!1 star

This movie was really bad. The plot was confusing, the tempo lagged. It was very hard to keep engaged. Other than the warewolf, i am still confused about the abilities of the mutants! I can't seem to understand how Marvel continues to Miss on X-men save for the first two movies, given the great scipts and characters already presented by the comic books. The borderline flirtation with child pornograpy scenes was another huge miss! Mavel you have and can do better!

NecroAether - Awesome!!!5 star

The only thing that’s garbage are the stupid negative reviews. This movie was amazing, I loved every second of it!! Peoples expectations of scary and or horror movies are WAY TOO high. You need to lower them to NORMAL levels. #moveonhoney

CrAzY_77 - Spectacular!5 star

Yes The New Mutants has more of a horror vibe, but only because of one mutant powers. So this makes sense that this movie would have it. Anyone who can’t see this wasn’t paying any attention to the movie. I really hope they make a sequel because I really enjoyed this movie. A definite must see!

medbiller - Horrible!!!!1 star

Oh my the horror of this film. I want my money back. Worthless.

jermz53 - PURE TRASH1 star

Nothing else to say.

Stonnovius1 - It’s good4 star

Solid movie in my opinion, good cast and story. Had low expectations thanks to the X-Men films, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

Gooofypoopy - Really bad1 star

This movie sucked I want my money back.

Jackdog100 - I LOVE THIS MOVIE5 star

I might be biased because I love the comics but I have to say this movie was truely enjoyable and very good.

uwreeeckme - surprisingly good movie5 star

i’m familiar with all the characters’ mutant powers (except moonstar), so it was unexpected that this turned out a really great movie which i enjoyed watching even though there are horror elements, but the movie is not meant to scare you at all

Jrs210 - The Sequel Will Be Better, But Overall Well Done3 star

Like all origin movies this one was in-depth and well executed. Yet, like some origin movies it was slow to pick up and sometimes confusing to follow if you have no background knowledge of these characters. I wanted to see a little more action but not all origin stories have that opportunity. The visual effects were very well done and the story line was well written. The actors did a fantastic job of bringing their respective characters to life. I think for a Marvel movie this one definitely felt more horror based which was very exciting for a super hero franchise to tackle in the way the that they did. The suspense was something I’ve never gotten to experience while watching a super hero movie. The plot was well executed and it left much to the imagination, but again if you didn’t know this story arc already it was confusing. Overall, I think most people who are super hero/horror film fans will enjoy this movie. However, if you’re an extreme fan of this superhero franchise or never heard of it before I think you’ll under appreciate the intricate workings of this movie. Lastly, the script was well written in my opinion, although some pieces could have been changed or altered.

Fuzzirican - 10-jillion% better than “Dank Phoenix” or “Snooze of Apocalypse”4 star

There are better movies but the premise and presentation made this fun! Plenty of stuff left unexplained (the Ending?) but there’s plenty of creepy teen angst & psychological trauma to carry this through.

Berkeley Rooster - Slow and Boring1 star

Slow, boring and weird. Don't waste your time and money.

namefull - Not even worth $5.1 star

Absolutely terrible. Someone was trying to make a quick buck. Don’t let the trailer fool you. Wouldn’t be sad if I never saw it again.

jeffroshi1975 - Meh1 star


Mac's-Mac - Essex4 star

Sweet setup for a New Warrior run that could fold into the real X-Force (not to be confused with Deadpool’s “X-Force!”) It would seem that Nathaniel may make his movie debut in the near future. How Sinister...

😘MMocha Honey - 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾1 star


Edgruth7 - 👍🏼5 star

I love it

Isuru_Wick - A fresh beginning5 star

This is a solid movie. They started from square 1 without bringing in any x-men non-sense. There’s not a whole lot of action, but a solid story with good action. I really enjoyed it

Billy7915 - Awesome!5 star

I’ve been reading The X-Men comics, since the 80’s and hate the X-Men Movie Franchise. The Wolverine movies were great and so was this. Don’t take reviews serious, from the homophobic morons and wanna be critics.

FourUnderFour - One Word....................5 star


memebras - The worst PG13 super-hero movie of the decade1 star

Nothing happens in the first 55 minutes, it’s that bad and boring it actually bored me to sleep several times. This is the third movie from this new director Josh Boone. How 20th spent 80 million and hired this inexperienced guy baffles me. It’s was like watching The Breakfast Club meets Teen Wolf meets Twilight. If you think Dark Phoenix was a pain to watch, this spin-off is a nightmare with The usual swearing and lesbianism from a teen pack pretending to be X-men heroes.

KevinnGlamorous_ - I looove magik YESSSSS 😍5 star

It was perfect sold in the way that if ur an X-men fan you’d love it !! ❤️

Jcsch - Movie LGBT2 star

I think everything was ok in this movie except the lesbian scenes.

ToeUpFmThFloUp - Really bad even for a rental2 star

They should have skipped all the inner-fighting, team building, fight the common event cliche borefest and just gotten to being the New Mutants.

O.Redd - Mutants,Bears and Powers. Oh my!5 star

I have been reading The New Mutants and X-Men comics since I was a kid in the late 80’s. I have such a special place for these characters. Sam, ‘Berto, Rahne, Dani and Illyana (as well as the other team members not in the movie) are some of my favorite characters ever. I just saw the movie (After waiting 2 years , a delay for reshoots AND finally being released a pandemic ) and I have to say , I LOVED it! It was so much better than the bs Fox tried to pass off as “X-Men “ movies ... I still can’t stand those after all these years. And while New Mutants didn’t follow the comic exactly , the casting was incredible. Their powers and action sequences looked amazing. The story was dark and horror tinged ... just like “The Demon Bear “ story arc it’s based on. It was creepy , fun and action packed all at the same time. People have ripped this movie a part with one complaint or another ( see any online comic forum to see what I’m talking about). I’m here to say as a life long fan of The New Mutants & the comic and horror movie genres ... it passed my test and exceeded my expectations ! I know these characters in and out and the cast and writers did a great job making them feel like their comic counterparts. The end fight really felt like the pages of the comic had come to life. That’s more than I can say about any of Fox’s other X-related endeavors. The cinematography, wardrobe and special effects team did their thing. The writers did a good job of helping you understand who the characters are and gave you just enough of their backstory to make you want more. From Rahne’s faith and Illyana’s attitude to Sams accent ...It really felt like The New Mutants! They got put to the test , passed and definitely aren’t the “X-Babies” anymore (As Professor X’s new class of students ... that’s what they were referred to in the comics, lol) I hope MARVEL considers bringing these characters over to the MCU. I would love to see their story continue. The only thing I didn’t like about the movie ... was that it had to come to an end!

5 star

miren lo que es este video de magik, el personaje de anya en the new mutants, lo vi 15 veces ya

5 star

@thesteelcage: Unfunny Nerd Tangent 108: The New Mutants

5 star

@Psychomanglor @imdownbadfr I felt the same way I actually thought the beginning was really good they went too far…

5 star

But it's also the New Mutants jacket and just a general X-Men jacket

5 star

@mplacko I love it's so ... Different. Pretty much all the MCU movies have been cut from the same cloth, ignoring…

5 star

@SyedAkbarTOI: #Nextstrain is the new #coronavirus variant first detected in #Brazil. It has already entered #Japan, and the #UK. It is…

5 star

the new mutants is just a movie about if willow and oz had a lesbian daughter

5 star

the runaways show is FINE it just wasnt for me (lyrica as nico is perfect tho) . . . illyana in the new mutants movie however 😐

5 star

@RyanOttley I've been reading through all the New Mutants. Im finally at the @sinKEVitch years, and this shit rules.

5 star

What we think about New Mutants in 40 seconds. Check out the rest of the movies and TV shows that we quickly touch…

5 star

¿Ya vieron The New Mutants?

5 star

i watched the new mutants for the first time. that movie was complete trash.

5 star

I've never felt such joy while watching an XMen movie so far. Maybe it's the whiskey, but enjoying New Mutants so f…

5 star

The new mutants was SOOOO TERRIBLE ! they should be ashamed of themselves

5 star

Me: What about that New Mutants movie? Patrick: Oh, the one they made into a horror movie? Me: Wait what?

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