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Al “Fonzo” Capone (Tom Hardy) is a ruthless businessman and bootlegger who once ruled Chicago with an iron fist. In an effort to retain his fortune, he hides away millions of dollars in a place that only he knows and everyone else is dying to uncover. In this harrowing and true untold story of his life, Capone will stop at nothing to protect himself, his family and his money. The 47-year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia and comes to be haunted by his violent past. Capone Wiki

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We all pay for our crimes in the end...

Capone (2020)

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- Slow But Steady2 star

Tom did well enough in his portrayal of the decaying crime boss, but the overall storyline was about as weak as the dying character he was playing. However, for a few bucks as a rental, along with the short run time, it is worth it for an evening’s entertainment.

- SAD SAD SAD1 star

Honestly if I could give zero stars I would and I don’t do reviews this is my first one. If your anything like me and are a HUGE fan of old school gangsters this is so disappointing. The whole movie is him completely out of his mind and having accidents in his pants like literally there’s 3 scenes of him crapping his pants smh. I’m convinced whoever put this together hated the guy like way to piss on his grave. Anyways don’t waste your time on this one you want amazing old school gangster watch Boardwalk Empire you’ll be in love!

- Absolute garbage1 star

It is a complete mystery to me why those responsible for making this disaster would believe that anyone would find it entertaining. Capone, who is suffering from syphilis-induced dementia, is peeing his pants, defecating in his bed, lashing out and hallucinating. That’s the plot. Avoid!

- Bad movie1 star

Bad movie

- Waste of time1 star

Capone was very disappointing. It was boring, hard to follow and the mostly good actors had poor performances.

- Worst movie I have ever seen,ever.1 star

Though a big fan of Thomas Hardy, this was unbelievably bad. After the first 30 minutes of watching some demented old man soiling himself I figured sooner or later something else would happen but no it was pretty much more of this demented old guy soiling himself. Hard to imagine what anyone was thinking with this. Truly the worst movie I have ever seen. Really.

- Terrible.1 star

See it’s free now on Prime still I would not waste my time. Straight terrible.

- Just a crappy movie1 star

Love Tom hardy ....this move was really bad was just so crappy

- BAD1 star

Turned off after 30 minutes, lame story line not worth the dollar rental fee.

- Tom hardy is worse than the sharks in Sharknado1 star

Impressively bad. I would have preferred my 99 cents go to fund anti-vaccination campaign.

- No plot no climax no sense1 star

Horribly boring. As I watched, there was a constant look of confusion on my face. For one, I didn’t know what the hell I was watching, what the hell the point of it was, and why I was continuing to watch it. Don’t waste your money! Wait for Netflix or HBO or something like that to waste your time on this movie.

- ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.......1 star

What a total waste of time! I want my 99cents back!

- Drama3 star

For what it was I'd say maybe it will give you an idea as to how Capone lived our his days in Florida, who knows? Kind of felt sorry for the guy since it would seem his past came back to haunt him.

- 👎1 star


- Kill me now1 star

This movie was incredibly horrible. Like it seems as if They made an active effort to make it the most terrible movie that’s ever been made. I thought it had promise, Tom Hardy is usually pretty good in anything he’s in, but this was on another level of terrible. It’s not even worth $.99 that it’s for rent right now for I feel like they should’ve paid me to watch it. If you don’t have anything better to do and are interested in torturing yourself with a nightmare then definitely those movies for you otherwise don’t waste your time on this trash.

- Awful1 star

No story, no acting... just an awful movie.... total waste of time and money

- Capone1 star

Terrible total waste of time an money Can’t give a minus rating

- Couldn’t believe it!1 star

Horrible movie, I mean I expected more from Tom Hardy ,but wow. I could believe he excepted this role!

- Spoiler alert1 star

First of all this movie was awful, poorly directed by josh Trank known for such movies as Chronicle and the Recent Fantastic Four, a failed attempt that helped to bring down 20th Century Fox studio. This kind of movie making is fine for a 99 cent rental, at least they made a buck. This could have been a great Capone movie, if it was when he was a crime lord. But instead the movie starts when Capone was let out out of prison due to poor health and dying of sexual transmitted disease at 48 years old. The movie has a lot of bad editing and the ghost scenes with Matt Damon fooled no one, there was absolutely no surprise there. This should have a no star rating, but I feel generous. One star people!

- Capone1 star

This movie is horrible in som many ways. Poorly wirteen adn directed by the very same person. Slow, plodding, directionless in its story and point...never really developed a narrative direction. You coudl almost see the actors deperately tryintg to film thier scenes wondering what was the point and how is their scene going to fit into the the telling of this story. If I had not been able to rent it for on $.99 I ouwld be evne more unhappy.

- Why Tom Hardy?1 star

Hardy did a fantastic job of portraying the gangster in his later years and his decent into madness. That said, this should have never been given the green light. Just an all around terrible film. Think slow burn, but painful because it never goes anywhere. This film feels and watches like Capones Syphilis.

- Horrible1 star

I knew going in this was about Capone in his later years suffering with his disease but was hoping for a good sub plot of at least some good flash backs (not while suffering psychosis) All the acting is superb of course Tom Hardy delivers but the directing & more important the writing is straight Trash.

- Horrible1 star

Grunts, mumbles and disturbing scenes. Just a hot mess. Nordic1000

- Quite simply, the worst movie ever1 star

If you think that you’d enjoy seeing Al Capone grunt, mumble, babble and crap his pants for 2 hours....this movie is for you. Otherwise, throw $5.99 down the toilet. You’ll be much happier.

- Yawn2 star

Shot well, great costumes but story leaves much to be desired. An interesting look into the end of his Capone's life, but watching his decline is tiresome.

- What was the point?1 star

I was very excited about this film. I love Hardy, and I find the time period and story of Capone interesting. I was especially curious to see how they depicted this closing chapter in Capone’s life. I went in expecting nothing... But then I saw the film, and it crapped the bed worse than the main character. There is zero point to this movie. There is nothing interesting about any of the characters (even Capone, who by default should have been the most interesting), there is no real story. Just a very long waste of time.

- Worst Movie ever made1 star

I like Tom Hardy a lot, but this was the absolute worst movie Hollywood ever made! I want my $5.99 back for renting it!!!

- Phenomenal acting3 star

Amazing performance from Hardy. I would argue it’s his best performance. Movie isn’t that great though. Sloppy storytelling and awkward dialogue

- Pedorrera de impacto al final, no sirve1 star

No es pelicula de accion, le destruyeron la fama de Capone en esta pelicula

- Terrible1 star

An hour and a half of crazy old man with no climax and basically a disappointing ending. No answers, nothing interesting. Save your money and watch something else!

- Waste of money...1 star

Too expensive for this boring story...

- Empty.1 star

Good cinematography, boring story (if illustrating ones decline) is worthy. Good if you would like to better understand the final year of someone’s life suffering from neurosyphillis. Good performances in a pointless movie. Not worth $10 rental. A movie solely dedicated to ones decline. Save your money.

- Worst movie of the year1 star

Honestly please don’t waist your time, most boring, most worthless waist of time. The movie takes place when Capone is an old man in retirement, so it’s not the goodfella type your hoping for.. not worth it...

- Capone1 star

This movie was lacking in every possibly way.

- Misleading Synopsis, Terrible movie!!1 star

The synopsis for this film that we read on iTunes is terribly misleading!! The film almost had nothing to do with his money or exciting monster life. Instead we watch Hardy drool on himself for two hours *roll credits*. Hardy is a phenomenal actor, the story was nonexistent. I want my 10$ back.

- Terrible1 star

This movie was awful. I wish I could get my money back! The movie is about Capnone going mad and loosing his grip on reality. His day to day madness, that’s it, nothing to see.

- Not good1 star

This movie was just like Judy. Focus on an irrelevant point in his life.

- Dont do it!!1 star

Tom Hardy rarely makes a bad movie but this one was pretty boring. Guess some of that is on me. I should have read up on it a little better.

- Not worth the time or money.1 star

You know a movie is bad when you spend almost $10 to rent it, and you can’t sit through the first 55 min. I thought it would be worth renting with such a talented cast, plus I like movies based on true stories; however, it was boring and painfully slow. Save yourself the money.

- Disjointed. Uninteresting. Boring.1 star

Thought this might be an interesting prologue to the Capone saga(s). It started off promising and quickly spiraled into a disjointed, slow moving, and poorly written escapade of Capone’s supposed crazy thoughts. Not at all interesting... same “what if” Capone had millions when he died that can be found if Googled.

- Tiresome!2 star

Watched as long as I could take it and then turned off the streaming feed. The story line did not have the back story that keeps the audience engaged.

- Gross1 star

Watch this if you enjoy watching a guy pee and poop their pants. It’s so painstakingly long and gross. I love Tom Harding but this was so not fun to watch.

- hard pass1 star

seemed great from the trailer but def not worth your time.

- Another $15 down the drain.1 star

Horrible acting, slow and underwhelming. Vagueness for zero payoff. Save yourself the pain. Save yourself the money.

- don’t waste your time1 star

Simply put! You have the most notorious gangster of all time, and you only make a movie about the last year of his life? What about the 47 years of his life? This movie should be free. While I love Tom Hardy’s acting (and he was great) I’m really surprised he took on such a stupid plot. This movie had so much potential, very very disappointing. One star just off the attempt, maybe if you give me the other 75% of the movie YOU LEFT OUT you’ll get the other 4 starts! Dummies!

- Stupid1 star

It’s not entertaining to watch a person in the last year of his life. I wish he went out in a blaze of bullets

- Who Doesn’t Love Tom Hardy?1 star

Truly one of the best actors of our current generation...and not even he could salvage this mess of a “film”. Run away and don’t even bother when it’s on Hulu. Absolutely terrible.

- one review said this is a work of art...1 star

.... and so is the drawing of a flower by my 3 year old neice

- Good idea, terrible execution.1 star

Tom Hardy totally crushes any role he takes. It’s an insult to his talent that the direction and storyline of this movie is such a dumpster fire. Tom still did an amazing job within the confines of this absolute cinematic horror show, as did all of the actors. If you rent this movie with someone, let’s hope it’s because you hate them.

- Horrible movie!1 star

This is one of my top 5 worst movies I have ever seen! I couldn’t even tell you what the point of telling this story was. Absolutely awful!

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Nabehouu - Zero stars1 star

What a horrible movie. I want my money back!

[email protected] - Total CRAP!1 star

This is the crappiest movie I’ve ever seen, in more ways than one, bar none. Don’t waste your money or time watching it. It doesn’t even deserve one star, but what can you do?!? ZERO.

Queenie22t - Hard to follow2 star

Was very hard to follow.....could have been a great film. But something went wrong.

Kamz5 - Not worth it1 star

Wait until is on Netflix

Grammacol - Capone1 star

Why are there no zero stars? This was NOT a thriller and I couldn’t wait for it to end. Great actors were wasted on this crap movie. I’d really love my money back!

flashback in time - terrible show1 star

this movie dragged on and on was glad to see the end

PixelWolf695 - Absolutely Terrible1 star

The movie took forever to get to the point and was boring the whole time.

so very disappointer - Don’t waist your time!!1 star

What a disappointment! I’ve never seen a more terrible movie in my whole life!! A total waste of time and money!!! If I could give 0 stars I would!

left888 - Terrible1 star

We love Tom Hardy and the story of Al Capone conjures thoughts of machine guns and baseball bats. Al was as ruthless as they came and his story is of brutal atrocities. Yet the producers decieded to tell the story after he was released and suffering VD so severe it was fatal. Besides early onset dementia and Al mistakenly shoots one of the gardners, the only other bad deed committed by Capone was his repeated action of crapping himself, whether in bed or at the table. This film stinks much more then his soiled under garments, it stinks cause this film is just terrible!

scotchcollector - Absolute garbage1 star

Your time is better spent watching your toilet flush.

gfsegg - Terrible1 star

The movie was confusing, had no real plot, and was a waste of the cast at hand.

andykim - Horrible1 star

Absolutely horrible I want my money back Just plain bad ..

Undrgrndkng - yikes1 star


MrPanzerTime - It had Tom Hardy5 star

I like Tom Hardy.

Bingo Pyjama - A cinematic mess1 star

Confusing and poorly directed. Josh Trank peeked with Chronical. Great cast wasted.

Satchmocoltrane - Terrrrrrrrible1 star

I feel like the scene of Tom Hardy pooping the bed was a metaphor for this entire movie. Absolute wall to wall garbage.

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Gunsblazing - Why?1 star

Waste of time and money. How a mythic figure and promising story line could be reduced to this is bafflng. Bad acting. Horrible film making.

Tbertran - Gave up after 40 minutes1 star

I’m a sucker for gangsters movies, especially the old school ones. I’m Tom Hardy’s biggest fan. So, boy, was I excited to stumble upon this movie! “How come I didn’t even know that movie was ever made?”, was my first thought. The reason is, because it’s really not good. It’s not awful, the cinematography is decent, actors are okay, soundtrack is fine. But after 40 minutes I asked myself “why am I watching this? Do I care what happens next? No, I do not.” Watching an old man go mad isn’t on my list of worthy entertainment. Not on any list in fact. You’d think that the fact that the man was Al Capone would increase the worthiness, right? At no point in the first 40 minutes did I feel that man was worthy of watching him grow old. Sure, he’s got a nice house in Miami and a good looking wife way out of his league. But he’s really just a grumpy old fart who craps his bed. Now, how does that make for worthy entertainment? You don’t know? Me neither. The fact that Hardy would take that role brings him a couple notches in my book.

IIJBII - Wasn’t for me2 star

The acting may have been great but it wasn’t for me. It’s more of a unique perspective on the subject. Not what I was expecting.

DLGRAINGER - Not worth seeing2 star

Story line was weak and went no where.

Nicole r. - Terrible movie1 star

Don’t waste your money

Kane Review - Capone2 star

Don’t waste your time.

jermz53 - W.T.H1 star

This movie blows donkey balls. What an absolute WASTE of good film

calebmpr - Underrated!4 star

This movie has not been given the credit it deserves because not many understand the meaning behind it. This movie explores Al Capone’s final year of life in exile as he is suffering from dementia, and I really liked how this film puts you in Capone’s state of mind experiencing things from his perspective. The hallucinations of Al Capone’s past haunting him I found effective. The performances by Tom Hardy & Linda Cardellini were my favorite. People have complained of how Tom Hardy talks in this movie, but understand he’s portraying someone suffering from a disease that takes a toll on the brain, slurs your speech, and takes control of your body, so it only made sense for him to act it out in that way. Capone is a Thriller I really enjoyed. I would say check it out for yourself.

soprano716 - Not what you expect1 star

Not worth the time let alone the money

"Holder of The Light" - Disappointed1 star

Very disappointed in this film.

heritagecharter - Mesmerizing5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It’s probably the only thing I’ve watched that actually made me forget what’s happening right now and actually paid attention to it, I’m typically only half watching something now. On first watch, my eyebrows were raised, didn’t really know what was happening, that’s intentional, and I both loved and was puzzled by Tom Hardy’s performance, also probably intentional. Watched it again and was absolutely mesmerized. There’s a lot of nuance to all performances, loved Linda Cardellini, her reactions tell a lot, and Matt Dillon, but especially Tom Hardy. You can tell he was once feared and vicious, but also playful and maybe childlike at times. Here, he’s both those things and so much more. You’d never see this unless you really paid attention. Loved the way the film moves and sounds, that rolling thunder, that rush of water, and the mixture of genres. I suspect some of the negative reviews are from people who just aren’t into feeling uncomfortable right now or need something familiar, and I totally get that.

Head Maroon - Uh, no....2 star

I was very disappointed in this film. As much as I enjoy Tom Hardy’s films, this was not one of them. He could not save this mess of a film. Two stars for Hardy’s attempt at Capone and Linda Cardellini’s performance as his wife.

77's fan - Yawn1 star

Nothing new that hasn’t been in about ten other Capone movies before this one.

ellen the felon - Amazing5 star

Tom hardy, Noel fisher, they're absolutely great! This was a great flick. Would definitely recommend!

JB True Talk - Ridiculous1 star

Why would we want to see Capones sad downfall I’m not talking about a shootout. Wow!!! Unbelievable waste of time, film and a great actor!

FUZZY4201 - Worst movie ever!1 star

Trailer seemed like he went out in style...that was far from the case and what a depressing movie

J. Edger Hoover - What the heck did I just witness.1 star

Had to turn it off 38 minutes into this movie.. that was probably 30 minutes too long. Tom Hardy’s stuttering incoherent rambling performance was better suited for a depends commercial with all the body fluids he leaked ( true ) during the the time i watched.. Capone is rolling over in his grave.

TomR310 - Worst Movie Ever1 star

Honestly this was a complete waste of time and money. I won’t ever get those 2 hours back. I never write bad reviews but this really has to be one of the worst movies ever made. Whoever green lighted this movie should be fired. The topic they were aiming at could have written itself. Who could ever screw up a movie named “Capone”? It should have been named “Capone’s Final Days”.

Abby Nallan - noel fisher.4 star

noel fisher.

noel fisher stan - noel fisher5 star

noel fisher is absolutely phenomenal in this. he made the movie. watch it for him.

Me :0 - Capone4 star

To see Capone in the last years of his life, is just something we’ve never imagined! But watching this movie, there were moments that had us giggling, cringing, and just sad for Capone! It’s a must see, especially if you want to see Capone in a different light!!

bscausey - Don’t Waste Your Time1 star

Which i could have the time back I spent watching this.

Mr. Loiter - Save your money1 star

Not worth it

Buttercup Kelley - Don’t waste your time or money1 star

God, I wish I had read the reviews before I completely wasted $14.99 on this piece of garbage. I love Tom Hardy but there was nothing he could do to redeem this horror show. I had to fast forward through it just to see if there was a point to it. There wasn’t.

BCFA14 - Artsy...2 star

Not what I was expecting. This movie is a guesstimation of what it would be like inside Capones deteriorating syphilis brain. I was hoping for factual events not fantasy. Can’t tell what was real or fake. Tom was great, as always, just not the flick for me.

Shanah25 - Can't believe1 star

Both actors, director etc in total are really not good😓😓sorry am being honest ✌️

Bvchnvchnb - Ppp4 star

Poop pants

ForrestBondurant - Quite clever5 star

This is an arthouse film, not a Hollywood movie. If you are watching this expecting a Hollywood mobster movie you will be disappointed. Capone is about the mental decline of a violent man who is haunted by his past and who cannot differentiate between what is and isn't real. The movie is as unstructured as Capone's mind is, and as someone who cared for people with dementia I found Hardy's portrayal to be mindblowingly spot on and heart-breaking. The movie is a reflection of the chaos in Capone's brain. If you are not good in, or don't care for, analysing storytelling techniques and visual clues, and just want a popcorn movie, this also might not be for you. I found this to be a very clever film. When you get what the director was doing and the lightbulbs go off, which took me a few viewings, it's actually quite amazing.

LoganTheSmirk - Great acting, just okay movie3 star

I’m a big Tom Hardy fan & even a bigger gangster movie/book fan, so when I saw both of these together it immediately peaked my interest. The film is greatly acted by Hardy, he really plays the version of Capone extremely well. If you were hoping for the typical rise of a crime kingpin this movie is not for you. What we get instead is a story of a mans fall from the top of the crime world to live out his final days with failing health physically and mentally. Even though to many it’s justice for what he’s done, it’s still hard to watch. It’s worth a look but after that you can forget it existed.

lucan79 - Awful...1 star

Ugh...awful. If u wish to sit a few hours watching a sick man poop his pants while mumbling, this is your movie.

derftrop - Horrible movie1 star

Probably the worst movie I have ever watched......... no question

Boshprimusik - No action1 star

You know if is a mob movie there is supposed to be action here. It starts very slow and it really doesn’t tell you about al capone

Natosha Dooling - Terrible1 star

This movie was awful and a waist of money the actor did an amazing job but didn’t look Italian🙄

Woodford - Not sure if it was bad or really, really bad1 star

But it was definitely bad

BostonBrea - Disappointed1 star

I really was excited for this film, truly disappointed. Didn’t even finish it; shut it off that’s how bad it was

bobschnee - Capone1 star

So boring! Could of gone so many places with the movie but at least they were consistent tryi g to make a completely pointless and did I say boring.

LetMookieDance - Misleading trailer2 star

The movie is interesting though I’m not really sure what it means apart from using Capone’s story to examine the horrors of dementia. That said, the trailer is misleading. Not a ton of action here.

holmcph1 - i love the guy1 star

but please Tom dont do this again! maybe some critic can find some interesting angle on this movie, but if you just want to watch a good movie, stay avay from this!!!!!!!!!!

Kov67 - So disappointing!!!1 star

I was so looking forward to seeing this but it was just awful and all over the place.

kavan83 - Rigth actor5 star

Tom Hardy is playing very well and amazing but the story is weak and not enough.

NBGam80 - Not the Capone movie you’re looking for.2 star

I know my mob movies. I’ve seen them all. Read all the books. All the documentaries. I’m a bit of a mafia history buff. Heck, I have a picture of Al Capone hanging on my wall in my home. This is not a mob movie. At all. You’ve been warned. They made a Lifetime movie, and attached Capone’s name to it, to sell tickets. If you’re looking for anything deeper into Capone himself, or that next classic gangster movie ... you won’t find it here. While Tom Hardy did a good job w/ the acting portion, I’m not exactly sure how hard it is to grunt, and mumble the whole movie. He certainly didn’t speak that much. This movie isn’t about Capone. This movie is about his wife, and how his illness is affecting everyone else ... oh and missing treasure. I found the pacing of this moving to be slow, and tedious. It was worth a watch, as Tom Hardy does the movie justice. Unfortunately, the movie is also boring, and worth forgetting. It should’ve went to Netflix instead. Talk to me when they decide to make a prequel. There’s a lot of history surrounding Capone; This isn’t the story people wanted to see. First Gotti. Now this. They’re both let downs.

Corey Matthews - Complete bust, not worth your time or money1 star

A slow moving travesty. I realize there isn’t a ton of new content out there right now but, and no offense to the masterful Tom Hardy, how does this get made? Take a chance on ARKANSAS, which just released last week, Is a way more enjoyable film and at a friendly price...or even re-watch a classic. Don’t give Capone a thought.

dda4121 - It’s Tom Hardy5 star

I’d buy and watch ANYTHING with this man. I mean Alfie Solomons, come on.

ccb1983 - Next to Covid-19, biggest letdown of 20201 star

Read the title

nyctelecaster - prepare to switch gears...4 star

I was expecting a DePalma style Capone and had to switch gears - this film is about a hellish decline into madness via neurosyphilis with the viewpoint of a delusional Capone. Confused and overwhelmed, Capone stumbles through his present reality as a burden and a pathetic character. That said, despite the great performances, the successfully portrayed hallucinations and the totally unique viewpoint on Capone's life after prison for tax evasion, this viewer bought in, stubbornly wanting more of a popcorn movie.

This_is_Larrio - THIS IS A WORK OF ART!5 star

Maybe its the virus or maybe director industry blacklash. This movie deserved a big platform release at Cannes or some other festival. all performance were great, especially hardy. Best he's been. It's a complicated story, the degree of difficulty if high. And for some reviewers and critics that's where it fails. I think it absolutely works, and works on so many levels, it's a work of fine art... unfortunately I can see people (reviewers) not getting it because it doesn't have a clear or direct story arc (it's a study of the mans mind). But all of it holds together for me. There's is greatness in the film. And whatever doesn't work is just petty and industry BS.

Kylo aye - Awesome Movie5 star

A really good movie by Josh Trank, what a comeback. Amazing performances, especially by Tom Hardy. Bravo!

dbarks - Terrible!1 star

Please don’t waste your money on this terrible film!

Jnoah2261 - Terrible1 star

Aside from a great acting performance from Tom Hardy, this movie has the makings of a Lifetime Movies production. Just a poorly written, boring, yawn-provoking piece of garbage...Don’t waste $10

Most Creative - Great but...4 star

Ok without a doubt Tom Hardy did great as he always does in his films, but for someone as notorious as Al Capone was I was expecting a little more than just sadness, this was a very sad movie in my opinion. I get that it was based on his last year of his life when he was sick, but they could have added some of his upcoming to highlight the type of man he was.

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