Force of Nature

Force of Nature Summary and Synopsis

The legendary Mel Gibson stars in this edge-of-your-seat action-thriller that explodes into action during a violent category 5 hurricane. As disgraced cop, Cardillo (Emile Hirsch, INTO THE WILD) races to evacuate an apartment building, he comes across Dr. Troy (Kate Bosworth, SUPERMAN RETURNS), and her retired detective father Ray (Gibson). When a murderous gang of thieves arrives to rob a wealthy tenant, they must join forces to battle the criminals and escape with their lives before the entire city is deep underwater. A gang of thieves plan a heist during a hurricane and encounter trouble when a disgraced cop tries to force everyone in the building to evacuate. Force of Nature Wiki

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Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.

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Force of Nature Movie Reviews

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- Lowest bidder1 star

This was a terrible movie filmed in a cheap motel. My gosh we’re these “actors” starving? This must have been written and directed by a junior high drama club.

- Force Of Nature1 star

Taking a dump is a ‘force of nature’. So is this movie.

- Pete M4 star

I thought it was great I liked Puerto Rico as back drop. Mel was great. Everything else was good

- 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼1 star


- Not even worth .99 cents.1 star

Terrible. Just terrible.

- Awesome movie!5 star

Mel Gibson still has it! Loved this movie! We recommend watch it!

- Action and darkly humorous5 star

Enjoyed and recommended for fans of Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth. Has good back stories for characters. I don’t want to add any spoilers here. I’ll just say, if you like some action with a storyline, it’s more than worthwhile.

- Just watch it.4 star

Watched this during movie night with my wife and we enjoyed it. I love movies and this is worth watching.

- No story1 star

No story

- Action Packed Fun Movie5 star

Unique Story Line. Don’t listen to the reviews here. This is a fun movie to watch

- Garbage1 star

Wow this is awful and very hard to sit through it all

- mediocre3 star

too many obvious deficits in character's performance. Female cop becomes inept when faced with alterdcations. People whe are trained in marksmanship can not hit a barn door!

- Story was pretty bad2 star

This could have been a really good movie but the story was too chaotic and nit very good for the caliber of actors it has in it...

- Why Kate why1 star

This is a terrrrrrrrrrrrrible movie. Silly and stereotypical. Don’t waste your money on this one.

- Don"t rent1 star

Wow...Poor old Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth...such a terrible, boring, cheap film. Really disappointing.

- Mel Gibson1 star

I wouldn’t even watch it! Main reason is because Mel Gibson is in here. Gibson a Blatant anti-Semite. A piece of trash

- Mel is Becoming The new Nicolas Cage!1 star

If Mel keeps making trash like this he will dethrone Nicolas Cage as a GUARANTEED STINKER! This was so painful to watch and I had to give it one star so I could rate it! DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR CASH ON THIS HORRIBLE MOVIE! 👎👎👎👎👎

- Waste of Time - Worst Movie This Year1 star

It was a lot worse than expected.

- very predictable and slow2 star

It's not what you expect from Mel Gibson movie.

- Top Notch5 star

Love it - great action flick!! Will watch again.

- Force of Nature1 star

This movie SUCKED!! Don’t buy or rent.

- Total Letdown1 star

This movie looked like the perfect storm of ages lethal weapon-ism and a natural disaster flick. Mel is in the flick for like five minutes, but it takes you back to his off the wall great action flicks. Rest of the movie lacks depth and any really focus. Multiple sorry angles that don’t work and are pointless. Don’t bother, best parts are in the trailer.

- Wait for 99 cents rental to watch it2 star

This movie shows that a bad screenplay cannot be fixed with good actors. Very predictible and boring for an action movie. If you are desperate to watch something new because you have watched every single movie and want to take a look at this one that's fine, but you have been warned.

- Mel Gibson5 star

It’s no Patriot or Braveheart but it’s Mel Gibson! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

- 5 Star Movie5 star

It’s not the best of Mel Gibson but being were in a pandemic and nothing is really at the movie theater minus well entertain yourself and pay 6 dollars and have a good ole time.

- Terrible movie1 star

The previous make the movie loom like you are about to see the best action movie ever... what a joke!!! The movie don’t really have a lot of action scenes, the characters spend most of the time talking and talking and talking like if there is nothing happening around them. Mel Gibson character (a police man) that is now sick does not make anything really relevant as a character, just kill one person and then get kill is the middle of the movie. In conclusion this is a bad semi romantic movie trying to be an action movie. I want my money back!!! Jajajjaja

- Painful1 star

Seriously I couldn't make it through the whole movie. Storm comes, suddenly they're in an apartment complex and each apartment they have access too getting guns and things they need, the bad guys chasing them. The old German guy the Natzi, the crazy beast in the closet that attacks them and no one asks what it its, shut it off half way through and gave up. There was no saving this film. Sorry I blew $6 bucks and an hour.

- Awful1 star

Absolutely horrible in every way. A pitty to see Gibson sell his name for a fast buck. See it only if you want to contribute to the Mel Gibson Retirement fund.

- Hot trash1 star

Trite rehashed recycled garbage.

- Garbage1 star

Don’t waste your money... could not even finish the movie. $5.99 wasted.

- 👎1 star

Not worth the money used to make it. This movie is exactly why this man should no longer be a working act

- I liked it5 star

Mel Gibson knows how to make a good movie

- Why Mel? Why?1 star

Terrible movie waisted on a great actor. Save your hour and a half, knit something instead.

- Horrible1 star

Don’t waste your money. The story line wasn’t good and the acting abysmal.

- Awesome Movie!5 star

This movie was a non-stop action thriller! If you’re old school and remember a time in cinema when every villain depicted wasn’t a caucasian heterosexual corporate CEO you’ll enjoy this. If you’re a snowflake millennial your time will be better spent throwing paint on a George Washington statue. I give this 5/5 yarmulkes!

- average3 star

nothing special, but good enough to rent.

- And it was filmed in my country....1 star

This film is a total waste of time, money, etc. It is so bad I had to watch in FF until the end to at least see scenes of my beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. The film is trash.

- Everything Gibson does turns into gold5 star

The man has quite the Midas touch. Why can’t the rest of Hollywood be half as inspired in this guy. I’ve loved his work since Mad Max, and it just keeps getting better.

- Terrible waste of money1 star

I don’t know if it was the immediate jump to racism or the ploy against cops but this movie lost me with its agenda from the beginning. Tried to let it get better but it was just bad. Waste of time and money

- Brutal.1 star

Mel Gibson is a personal favorite. Braveheart. The Patriot. Lethal Weapon. Signs. Mad Max. Conspiracy Theory. So many amazing movies. Force Of Nature is NOT one of them. I would rather eat my own legs than watch this movie a second time.

- Enjoyable Film Anchored By Mel4 star

As a film fan, I have watched thousands of films over the course of my life and there are some films that are truly memorable and then there are ones that just not well done and a waste of a greenlight. The ones in the middle are mostly entertaining, quality production values and reasonably well acted. This film, in my opinion, is one of those middle films. I bought the blu-ray on eBay and added the digital that came with it. Enjoyed it for what it was!!

- Terrible acting1 star

Need I say more.

- Wait for cable!!2 star

I still haven’t made it thru the entire movie... third attempt and still fell asleep. Predictable and unbelievable. This coming from a guy that loves any movie with action and violence!!

- Cheesy - wait for it to roll into Netflix1 star

This movie was a major let down; at the time I rented it was 4 stars and continues to decline. Mel Gibson is truly at his worst. Don’t pay to rent this. I wasted $6.

- Waste of Money1 star

The movie starts out okay, but after about 15 minutes in, it seemed like they had a change of Directors because it went completely down hill fast. We somehow managed to stay with it until the end (out of morbid curiosity) but both concluded that this was the worst movie we’ve seen in a long long time.

- I like Mel Gibson but come on...1 star

I like Mel Gibson’s movies and while I thought this movie will be mediocre, I figured Mel being cast will make up for it. Boy was I wrong. This movie was just awful from the get go. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing and I’m not even that picky. From the beginning, every character who was introduced was extremely annoying. No story, just completely devoid of anything substantial. Not even a good action flick. This movie is just noise. Seriously Hollywood, why?? How dumb do you think your audience is?

- Mediocre at best2 star

Horrible script with a good cast. Unfortunately, the cast isn’t enough.

- Forces of nature1 star

Horrible acting. Horrible script

- Mel Gibson...why? Did you owe a favor?1 star

Aside from Mel, bad acting...bad dialogue...bad plot...horrible ending. This had to be a student film. No redeeming value. Absolute trash.

- Enjoyable3 star

3 1/2 I love when actors/actress do these type of movies. You getting this fun, possibly over the top action movie. A simple throw down movie to enjoy. For those still wondering, this isn’t a bad or terrible movie. It isn’t mind-blowing or award winning. It’s a take it for what it is, fun, sort of action movie. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with Emile Hirsch or Mel Gibson, so this was a win win for me.

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1227me - 1227me3 star

All right movie would be better if they didn't film the whole movie in a run down rental.

Botha ks - Good movie...entertaining!4 star

Was good show...enjoyed very much....

gpsunseen - Not as good as1 star

Not as good as

Plouffe002 - Booooring1 star

What a waste of money......

hrichy - Wah that was rough...1 star

The trailer made this movie look pretty decent and hey, Mel Gibson is worth watching. But we could hardly finish the movie it was that bad. Bad writing. Predictable...everything. Weird flow. My husband and I are still joking with one another about just how BAD this movie was. Don’t waste your time!

D-Uncle - Worst movie I have ever seen!!!1 star

This had to have been the worst movie I have ever seen. At points I wasn't sure if it was trying to be sarcastic or serious.

SeaDoo666 - Français? French?3 star

Mettez le en français!! French version please!!

Mooshu28 - Mel is great as always5 star

Mel is great as always!

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Motoman83 - Bad real bad1 star

Mel must be desperate

barf12345 - Don’t waste your time or money1 star

Terrible plot and acting. I want my hour and a half back!👎

Laguna Niguel, CA - Cheesy. Not Good. Movie has so many "roll your eyes" moments.2 star

Cheesy. Not Good. Movie has so many "roll your eyes" moments.

Rex the rockstar - Seriously... Just don't.. It's bad1 star

I don't understand the good reviews.. This thing is Reeeeeallly bad. I'm trying to save you here. Ok, buy it then... You're not gonna like it. I wan't my $9.99 back along with my hour and 32 minutes.

Supercuervo - Save your money2 star

Predictable rushed movie If you are bored rent it

lovelykareli - Highly recommend5 star

Of course I only watched this film because my all time favorite actor Emile Hirsch is in it! This movie does not disappoint a must watch! Action beginning to end!

tiny ng III - Engaging, fast5 star

Great movie. Ignore woke critics.

JordanWagner - Blown away5 star

Wasn’t expecting this to be much, but ended up being blown away by this incredible film. Love Mel, and the rest of the cast. Such a fun summer movie. It seems we’ve gotten away from fun and intelligent movies like this.

branbun1 - Excellent5 star

Perfect Fun Thrill Ride

QuickResponse24/7 - Tuff Times5 star

Great movie to watch love Mel Gibson worth the watch👍 America let’s get over this cob-19 mess we got this stay together United like lethal weapon Mel Gibson and Daniel glover making us laugh and cry but hero’s at the end ....

kizersiuze - Mel Gibson movie3 star

Good movie... not great... but good ... one time to see ...

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Force of Nature movie images
Force of Nature movie images
Force of Nature movie images
Force of Nature movie images
Force of Nature movie images

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Force of Nature movie posters
Force of Nature movie posters
Force of Nature movie posters
Force of Nature movie posters
Force of Nature movie posters
Force of Nature movie posters
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