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Based on true events, in this military thriller, a small unit of U.S. soldiers, alone at the remote Combat Outpost Keating, located deep in the valley of three mountains in Afghanistan, battles to defend against an overwhelming force of Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack. The Battle of Kamdesh, as it was known, was the bloodiest American engagement of the Afghan War in 2009 and Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV became one of the most decorated units of the 19-year conflict. A small unit of U.S. soldiers, alone at the remote Combat Outpost Keating, located deep in the valley of three mountains in Afghanistan, battles to defend against an overwhelming force of Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack. The Battle of Kamdesh, as it was known, was the bloodiest American engagement of the Afghan War in 2009 and Bravo Troop 3-61 CAV became one of the most decorated units of the 19-year conflict. The Outpost Wiki

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The mission was survival...

The Outpost (2020)

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- Well done!5 star

Great movie! Well done to the actors directors and producers!

- Great movie and story5 star

The ‘Saving Private Ryan’ of Iraq/Afghanistan war movies - great acting, great authenticity, and surprisingly good cinematography. Don’t sleep on this movie

- My views5 star

One of the surviving soldiers actually played himself in this movie and a few others were in set so it’s as realistic as the real events

- Really great5 star

One of the best! This will touch your heart and give you a thrill. One of the greats! Must see.

- Hard to watch1 star

I am a huge fan of all war movies and especially ones based on true events. This was truly painful to watch. The acting is horrible. Watching Orlando Bloom try to play a 27 year old from Maine was awful. He gave him an Australian/southern accent - I’m from Maine, close to where Keating is from and let me be the first to tell you that accent was an embarrassing attempt. I wanted to love this movie because these men deserved an amazing portrayal of their story. They did not do this story justice.

- It's okay3 star

Not great, but not bad.

- Terrible1 star

Zulu, this ain't.

- Great movie5 star

Really nicely done, amazing story and much respect to all.

- Tdxcctvxf Hess5 star

Happy heft c ft c dts

- Wow5 star

Really good movie totally recommend 100/100

- Senseless3 star

Key moment is when one soldier asks another "What are we doing here?" and the guy answers "I don't know." Exactly.

- Read the book instead2 star

Any story like this is difficult to tell in the span of a movie without becoming a cliche. Unfortunately this one suffers from that fate. The desperation, determination, and incredible sacrifice don’t quite come through. Instead it comes off as if it’s on rails and just plods along going through the motions. It’s an important story and I’m happy the movie can call more attention to what the men of Outpost Keating endured. However, I’d really encourage reading the book instead because there is a lot left untold on screen.

- Horsepoo1 star

Shame these brave soldiers be honored with a better film. Save your money.

- The outpost5 star

Great modern war movie that was also pretty realistic !

- Loved this movie!5 star

I have read War by Sebastian Junger and Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. Both are amazing stories (besides this one) all taking place in the Hindu Kush mountains. The terrain is really crappy shale making it less than optimal for long patrols and especially for fighting, there is an abnormal lack of cover to hide behind and as is apparent from both the trailer and the first half hour of the movie, the terrain is so extreme in all directions that Camp Keating was just a complete tactical snafu and within the first five minutes on the ground you’d be able to tell that everything else there was either fubar or soon to be. The helo pilots not only wouldn’t go there in the day but the movie doesn’t tell that the crew chiefs were working their tails off because every time you flew in you’re flying into a complete dust out, sand kicking up into the engines and rotor wash. The fact that so many survived still amazes me. If you haven’t seen it you also need to see Restrepo, phenomenal movie and true story. Of course this is only a real specific tid bit but shoes the sheet detail this movie goes to. The MBITR shown is a Harris AN/PRC-152 the next generation of squad level communications. This is the radio in use with the military TODAY. The movie takes place in 2005 which was exactly when the military was switching over from the Thales AN/PRC-148. On top of that the movie was filmed in Bulgaria to simulate the closest environment as possible while considering actor safety. Great film on all sides, from directing to acting to producing and writing.

- Amazing5 star

A little slow but it was necessary to set up story line! Very emotional ending. Was beautiful.

- not believable but true?2 star

do they really keep all the ammunition far away from the various guns etc. thats all i'm hearing... bring me more amo! I might be clueless to the way military works but I'D certainly keep more amo closer to the weapons

- Don’t do it1 star

Really not worth the price of admission

- Good Film4 star

Everyone was great except for Orlando Bloom. Thankfully, did not have to bear with him for very long.

- It’s not working3 star

I rented it and it will not play.

- Patriotic! The real men of America5 star

Fantastic movie! A movie that makes you proud of America! Not for democrat consumption.

- Fantastic5 star

Best war movie of the decade. The acting and directing were brilliant.

- Great action, no story or character development3 star

If you want action, this is a decent watch because it's basically just one long action scene. But, there is little to no character development or storyline besides the one big fight. I didn't know any of the character's name by the end and didn't find much that had me thinking about this film once it ended. If we hadn't already paid for it, I would have turned it off 10 minutes in.

- A good war movie5 star

It was really good. The acting was excellent especially at the end. Compared to other war movies (American sniper, lone survivor, 1917, etc.) it isn’t the greatest but it definitely holds its own. It is long and can seem a little slow at the beginning but the battle scene is worth it. I recommend.

- Was hesitant5 star

but this was really well done and as difficult as it should be to watch.

- Wow wow wow5 star

The movie really puts you in Afghanistan, into the shoes of the ordinary soldiers who fought for each other.


This movie is worth your time to watch.What these men did at this outpost was Courteous

- Well done5 star

Excellent movie , it follows the real gun fight and even has an Original member as an actor. The battle sequences are awesome.

- The Outpost1 star

Language was so foul mouthed that I did not make it past a couple of minutes. I enjoy military and war pictures but this was pure gutter language that offended my values not to take the name of the of God and The Savior in vain. Come on Apple people, you have to be able to do better that this!

- Worth the watch5 star

I absolutely enjoyed this movie, the acting not the best at times, but combat scenes were fantastically done. I am glad this story has finally been turned into a movie.

- So true the soldiers played themselves5 star

A must watch... as real as it gets, they were doomed from the get go and like any American hero(s) they prevail everytime.

- Waste of money1 star

If you truly don't have anything else to do and just want to watch a movie go for it. The movie overall is pretty boring especially the shooting scenes which should be the best part, but after a while even the shooting scenes become boring. Best to just save your money.

- Thank You For Your Service5 star

Well Done. The bravery show by these men was captured perfectly. What a great film.

- Moving5 star

Fantastic and moving film. The Black Hawk Down of the Forever Wars.

- A must Watch5 star

Great Movie and definitely would see it again.

- Right up there with Pvt. Ryan5 star

OUTSTANDING movie. They did the men who were there justice, which Hollywood seldom does. I cried testosterone-laden man-tears, I salute the men who were there, and all who serve. And I tip my hat to the folks who made this while resisting the urges to Holly-screw it up.

- DayOne purchase!5 star

Had to buy it. Just as good a B.H.D.

- Awesome movie5 star

Must see

- God bless the US of A5 star

Great movie

- Mom l ohh3 star

Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbjbbbbjbjjjjjbjj ojjjjjjo j

- True story5 star

I love these kinds of movies that depicts the original story of our friends and neighbors fighting for our country awesome movie

- Wast of money2 star

Im a veteran and a huge fan of war movies. It may be worth a watch if your bored out of your mind and have nothing else to do but I do not reccommend spending any $ on this. You can tell by the writing and correct punctuation that the reviews are not actual people. The action was ok but the acting was terrible. If this were a documentary I would have accepted the bad acting and maybe given it another star but as a movie it's almost a waste of time. BTW, I don't write reviews so I'm doing this to help save you a little time and money. In my experience if the critics hate it, the people love it. In this case the critics love it soooooo......

- Top top top rated....5 star

This movie is a blast. Buy with confidence.

- Bootlicking garbage1 star

This movie is trash

- Masterpiece5 star

Director Lurie infused this film with his passion and admiration for the troops on the ground. Caleb Landry Jones delivers an Oscar worthy performance as MOH Ty Carter. As a veteran of OIF, I can’t say if the combat depicted truly represents OEF but the rocket attacks and the feel of being in a humvee with incoming fire felt very real and I found myself taken back to a time I’d rather forget. I applaud the cast and crew for telling this story of a forgotten outpost facing insurmountable odds.

- AMAZING5 star

Had me more into the movie than any other movie I’ve seen in a long time. This movie is crazy good, exhilarating, have you up in your seat, feeling like you’re actually there. Thank you for your service!! God bless America. This is one for the books for sure

- Bad1 star

Poor production value and cheesy/awful script prevented me from engaging in the movie

- Excellent5 star

Very good movie. My heart goes out to our armrest forces.


This movie looks like a bottom of the barrel DVD at walmart, but don’t be fooled it actually is a pretty great war film. The final hour of this film was so tense it reminded me of Peter Berg’s action mixed with David Ayers handheld camera work. I strongly recommend you watch this film it honors its heroes and brings a lot of depth when i didn’t expect much from it. 8/10

- Great movie - Thank you for your service5 star

In these crazy times it was important to pay honor to our troops and to give them a just portrayal. I think it is universal that we all love our troops and we should honor their sacrafices. This movie did just that. It was heartfelt with great acting. The story is OK but based on the true story but seeing what combat must be like is pretty amazing.

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Mr feedback 2020 - Excellent5 star

Great film and Great book! Definitely deserves several Oscar awards!!!!!

808_ohana - Great movie5 star

Great movie but an even better book (Red Platoon). 🇺🇸

Absarokee - Amazing Story5 star

A very touching story of men taking care of each other even when the odds were against them. The essence of the American Warrior Spirit, proud of being part of that exclusive club of men and women! - COL. U. S. Army (Retired)

trrrrrat - The outpost1 star

Pague alquiler y me dice que no puedo bajarle .que hago ? Sino regresar mi dinero .O donde escribo ???

mackljr - Awesome must buy.5 star

Intense !

harriwolf - Great film.5 star

I read the book which was absorbing,and this movie does not disappoint. Of course they could not fit everything from the book in the film, but the film made it all the more vivid. I think this is one of the best war films ever made. It brings home the humaness, the anguish and the courage of these soldiers in this battle.

Pelucid - Worth renting3 star

All in all, it’s a good movie. While the first half treats its viewers a little dumb with overly explains things, the second half does a better job. On a side note, I have NO IDEA what accent Orlando Bloom was trying to provide. Was it southern? Was he from Australia? Maybe his parents were British born?? I don’t know. But it almost ruined the movie for me. But overall, worth renting (not buying).

Eastlax27 - Outstanding5 star

Great film!!!

faustotorres3 - Amazingly realistic!5 star

Enjoyed it completely.

Cebridgman - Great Movie5 star

I was blown away by this movie. It’s probably the best war movie I’ve scene in years. There are some great performances by the cast and you really feel what it was like to be in the battle.

Aceyaloneus - Nope1 star

This movie reminds me of how bad hurt locker was, and leaves little to be inspired.

Hunterjumper22 - Spot on5 star

Rare to see Hollywood taking the time to get it right. So many films, so much time and money spent trying to replicate something that just can’t be duplicated.... This movie was about as spot on as I have seen it done. 🇺🇸

Dave3642 - Amazing movie; I am so proud to be an American!5 star

This movie depicts the sacrifice and heroism our men and women of the US Military. This movie was absolutely a must see for anyone who values the freedoms we enjoy everyday!

Archy13 - Archy135 star

This was a great movie. I was so pleased to see real service men playing themselves in the movie. That had to take great courage to do, after going through the actual hell during the battle.I can't think of a better way to honor these men for their service, than to give them that opportunity. It's a must see. Don on even hesitate to rent it. I would even buy it, in order to have a military history movie, with the actual soldiers plaing their roles. Today is the 4th of July & I want to say Thank you to all of the men & women that have given their time & lives, to keep our Flaf flying high. Home of the free & the Red, White & Blue. These colors don't run. May God continue to keep our soldiers safe & victorious!

heater540 - Great Movie4 star

Amazing story about a very tough battle. Definitely worth the watch! Enjoy

Cote11 - The Story was on Point5 star

The Outpost is a fantastic war movie. It will be tough for some of the Audience members to keep from weeping, and it will very tough for some audience members to understand the Soldier's eternal bond. The director did a fantastic job building relationships with the audience with all the real characters. That is very hard to do so I praise the efforts. The climax is fantatstic and the director makes you feel that the walls closing in on you with no where to go. From a Soldiers perspective, I give The Outpost 5 stars.

- -Anonymous - Accurate and moving5 star

It’s not often that films capture the nuanced relationships between men in combat in far-flung places. Thank you for capturing the wide range of emotional spectrum so many veterans experienced and continue seeking long after their service ends.

Nicholas Reisig - Great War movie5 star

Great amount of action and never a dull moment. A nice tribute to show the reality of what our servicemen and servicewomen go through to keep us safe.

ShaneRaf - Well filmed and very realistic5 star

Incredible combat scenes, probably the best since Blackhawk Down

Vader473 - Veteran Approved5 star

As a Veteran from the Afghan War this movie presents this war to a public that doesn’t know how it was. Restrepo being the only other movie to do so. On top of that they have actual soldiers who participated in this battle as actors. One of the best war movies I’ve seen and I wish there wasn’t such a thing.

yhhhduudud - Powerful5 star

Every veteran of the Afghanistan war needs to see this movie. Whether or not they served in combat or not, they need to see this.

Awal24 - Amazing Film5 star

Great film. Rod did an incredible job portraying the Battle of Kamdesh beautifully. Based on my military experience I would say this film was very well done and portrays the true sacrifice Soldiers make over seas.

wildcat the first - Terrible1 star

Slow as hell. Waste of money. I wish I could recover the time I waisted.

Mirth is King - The Outpost5 star

A film not for the timid or weak.

laneemma1234 - The outpost5 star

This movie is so good the acting is really good and it’s is just a great movie!

J2daAbner - The Outpost5 star

This is freaking amazing.. one of those rare movies that matches the book. Best movie of the year hands down.. the performance are INCREDIBLE!!

Scumset - Not up to par2 star

Bad acting all around and you’ll fine better combat footage on unrestricted youtube. Seems like the director may have toned things down out of respect for the highly decorated soldiers that died on that day.

WarMovieLover#1 - Great Movie5 star

The movie developed the characters so well, you feel their path through this movie. Didn't know that American soliders had it so hard on these remote outposts. God bless American souls lose defending the freedoms of others. Amen

PayWhoYaOwe - This is the war movie you're looking for.5 star

This is a great one. True story makes it all the more riveting.

Dezayas iTunes - Story of Courage5 star

Wonderful story of true courage and bravery; something that makes you think about how our soldiers put themselves at risk for freedom and liberty for all.

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