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The stakes are higher than ever for the time-traveling exploits of William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan. Yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, the now middle-aged best friends set out on a new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it. Along the way, they will be helped by their daughters, a new batch of historical figures, and a few music legends — to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe. Yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, the now middle-aged best friends Bill and Ted set out on a new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it. Along the way, they are helped by their daughters, a new batch of historical figures and a few music legends—to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony to the universe. Bill & Ted Face The Music Wiki

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Bill & Ted Face The Music Movie (2020)

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Bill & Ted Face The Music Movie Reviews

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- Worth it!5 star

I won't claim this was as good as the first film, but it was up there, with more of the feel of the first one, and much better than the second one. (I'm rounding up to 5 stars… Realistically, I'd say 4.5.) Not quite what I would have guessed or expected, but it's a good and satisfying end to the series. It was definitely worth my time and money. (I figured the $25 cost to buy right when it came out was still the equivalent or cheaper than watching it in a theater the first time and then buying it when it was released for home video.) Bill & Ted aren't a lot smarter in their older age, but they did a good job making the characters develop a bit more thoughtfulness and introspection with their age and experience. It's nice to see that you don't have to be smart to be a good person and to make a difference. It's also good to see how they handle the conundrum of knowing they're destined to save the world but having no idea how to pull it off, no matter how hard they try. I enjoyed Keanu Reeves' and Alex Winter's performances, as well as the rest of the cast. I like how they worked in Bill & Ted's daughters, Billie and Thea, and Rufus' daughter, Kelly; and those actors gave really good performances. We also see that the future isn't completely sure, perfect, or all-knowing; and the humanity we see there works well in the story. Really good film, and I definitely recommend it if you liked at least the first one. *** MINOR/PARTIAL SPOILER FOLLOWS *** After all the hype before this movie was released, about "The Song" that was going to save everything, I was really worried that they were going to try to actually have the song in the movie that supposedly saved everything. I thought that would be a huge mistake, since no actual single song could ever live up to that expectation. They basically did include it, but I was glad that they pointed out that it was never actually about the song itself. (What it WAS all about… I won't spoil, but it's not hard to guess, at least roughly. The fun is in seeing how it all came together.) So that wasn't disappointing, in case you're worried about it like I was.

- Thanks!3 star

This one was for us! Those who didn't grow up on Bill and Ted may not get it, but for the rest of us this was a real treat. Felt it hard to laugh at the guys, especially with the great movies they have made between the making of this one, but props for bringing everyone back! George Garland would be proud! Evil Bill and Ted were beyond hilarious!

- A bit disappointing...3 star

I love Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!!! I never really watched Bogus Journey, it was a bit too weird for me. I was sooo excited for this movie. So, we went to watch it was funny but I was disappointed. There was something off about this movie, it lacked the charm of the original. First of all, I don’t like all the supernatural stuff they added, it doesn’t fit with Bill and Ted. Then, some of the things were just sorta weird. It’s not all bad though. I liked Billie and Thea. I definitely did laugh in some scenes. So, watch it and judge for yourselves. Overall, some of it was funny, but it was mostly a disappointment. It did feel a bit rushed. They could’ve done so much more. But it didn’t quite feel like Bill and Ted.

- Eh2 star

I guess if you love Bill & Ted, this is your movie. This a 35%’er though guys. C’mon. Are the current COVID movies so bad this gets an 82%? Guess so. Wait til free on Netflix

- Keanu...why?1 star

This was just, just horrible. You can tell the quality you’re getting 20 minutes in.

- Total garbage...1 star

Why did they make this?

- Bogus1 star

Be excellent to each other and don’t let anyone watch this.

- Excellent!!!5 star

I was a teen when the original hit. I don’t agree with anyone that gives this 3 stars and under. I think they let their inner child die. This hit everything bull and Ted was and kept it faithful. It’s supposed to be a cheesy comedy that can also pull the heart strings and this does it! Thank you for finally showing us the movie containing the song that unites the world!

- I love this movie5 star

Bill & Ted the movie is the best movie ever on the wold now 100% you will love this movie you dot need your money back at all no more just but a iTunes card like $20 dallor one and your good to go on the movie because I am going to witch it with the gold group home family tonight it going to be the best movie ever now ok 🤣🤣🤣

- Not too bad4 star

Usually when they make a sequel to a movie series that’s considered a beloved classic with a nearly 30 year gap, usually the movie disappoints on several levels. Although not perfect, this movie did surprise me. My biggest complaint were the daughters and their overacting mannerisms from their fathers got a bit much. Other than that, I enjoyed it for what it was. To add, I really liked how they included “Rufus” played by great George Carlin. Bill & Ted wouldn’t be Bill & Ted without Rufus. Enjoy the movie for what it is and have fun.

- Meh3 star

Wasn't bad, wasn't good, not even that entertaining to be honest. Seemed like kind of a rip off of the first movie... gather musicians to save everyone, gather historical figures to pass a history class... If I could get my money back I would...

- Lame1 star

If you rated this above one star, you need help.

- At least the cast got their paychecks1 star

This is a total misfire. While it is nice to get a whiff of tB&T stuff, everything seems half-baked. Honestly, if this were a standalone film without the previous two, it would be a complete bomb.

- trash1 star

A pointless moneygrab remake. B&T should’ve stayed in the past.

- Not going to Rent for $201 star

No way!! $20 to rent a movie? Anyone with a half a mind shouldn't spend 20 bucks to rent it might as well just spend $5.00 more to own it. I think Apple is on some sort of drug lol. Giveing it 1 star cause of the rental cost lol.

- I didn’t hate it3 star

I can kinda tell you what happened in the movie but really if you wanted to guess having seen the first two movies you could probably guess. Bill and Ted haven’t yet produced the song that has been prophesied. And all of space time is at risk.

- Hilarious movie5 star

Love it and the price is amazing for complete anthology bundled

- Most triumphant5 star

I love this movie. It keeps the heart of what made the franchise great and adds a boatload of heart. It was also a most bodacious farewell to the most excellent dudes who taught us to be excellent to each other and party on.

- Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!!!1 star

If I could give this movie zero stars, I would. I was a fan of the first two Bill and Ted's, but the third one is plagued by Terrible acting and a poor plot. I Wasted money on this stupid movie and turned it off after 30 minutes. Don't waste your money or time on this bomb. #zerostars

- Be Excellent5 star

This is cheaper than going to a movie theater with your whole family.

- Back in time on this one!5 star

It’s fun to see the old actors play their role again!

- Awful1 star

Not watchable. I watched because i paid for it. Want my money and time back. Just awful.

- Z ;! C m5 star

No n cm C m C I

- A painful way to waste 2 hours1 star

I wish I had a timemachine of my own to go back and warn myself about how horrible this movie is.

- Not great2 star

Rotten Tomatoes got it wrong. Bought based on their rating, really wanted to enjoy it, and was sorely disappointed. Story was weak, acting was weaker. Winters needed a paycheck, but why did Reeves make this? If you must buy this, wait until it hits the clearance Wyld Stallyins last album.

- Sad1 star

So bad. So, so, so bad. Save your $20 and wait until it comes to Hulu, Netflix, or Prime. The Bill & Ted schtick was funny when they were high schoolers. On 50+ year old men it’s just sad to watch. The story was dull and predictable at every step. It was very disappointing.

- Hahahaha...2 star

You want how much to RENT this? Trailer is better than the usual. Save your money.

- Sadly it’s just awful1 star

Loved the first one. Liked the 2nd Wanted to love/like the 3rd buys is a useless waste of everyone’s time & money.

- Man it was the worst but still kinda good3 star

The first two movies was the most excellent, but it still had those classic cheesy jokes and second Bill and Teds, but also the story was way to predictable and a little boring, I waited so long for this movie, I say that you should wait for the price reduction, 20 dollars is not worth it, I did laugh and I was happy that death was back in the movie but I think the death scene was way to slow and boring. Bad movie but most excellent timeline. Be Excellent to each other, and party on dudes! 🤟🏻😁🤟🏻

- So good!!5 star

Waited a very long time for this movie. I think true fans will agree that Face the Music is as good as it gets! I loved the originals growing up and now my kids have become fans too!

- Sadly this was excruciating to watch1 star

Was hoping this would be great. Not sure how anyone gave it 5 stars. Save your time and money.

- Waste of money1 star

Dumbest movie I ever seen I want my $25 back

- 20 bucks for 4k video ?1 star

I understand that 4k video takes longer to download. But going from 5-6 bucks to 20 bucks just for downloading 4k is just ridiculous. Apple needs to have a 1080p version for 5-6 bucks and an option to download 4K at the higher price (maybe 10 bucks)...but 20 bucks is just nuts (especially when so many people are unemployeed in the states). I would HATE to download a movie at this price and hate the movie. That would feel like I completely got ripped off

- Wow, Terrible and not fun1 star

I knew exactly what to expect from a Bill and Ted movie and got nothing but a disappointing waste of time. This is so bad it wouldn’t have been released in theaters anyway

- Expensive1 star

Too much!! 20$ just for rent 👎🏼👎🏼.

- Save Your Money1 star

I’ve been a B.A.T. fan since I was little. But man, was this third installment horrible. I wasn’t expecting Oscar winning performances. I thought I knew what I was getting into...hopefully and Excellenlty Bogus Adventure but what I got was time wasted and disappointment. Robot - dumb. Teenage Daughters that act like Bill and Ted - horrifically bad. Jay and silent Bob would’ve done better. And I didn’t realize this was a women empowering movie, I thought this was about Bill and Ted. The Ending...... I don’t even have words. I was hoodwinked by all nostalgia and Keanu. Keep the money, just give me my time back. WARNING: Save your money. Save your time. I need to find a phonebooth, bring George Carlin back and remake the whole film. Party On Dudes!

- Great movie5 star

Great movie

- Totally awesome Dude!5 star

It’s Bill and Ted dude how could you not like this movie?

- Not disappointed , Station!5 star

Really enjoyed it had a good laugh 🤘🏼🤯🤘🏼

- Not Good....Just Not Good.1 star

Should’ve left it alone. I know that fans pushed for it; I was one of them, but the first five minutes were good and then downhill after. Too much going on. If they would’ve just focused on one arch instead of three it probably would’ve been better. Involving the daughters and wives into it took away from the movie. Should’ve just made the movie about the daughters with Bill, Ted and the wives being very minor role players.

- Please go back and redo not making this movie1 star

-10 stars 💔💔💔

- 🖤🖤🖤5 star

Awesome movie

- Mediocre and too expensive!3 star

I like that they made a new film for us fans of the first two movies. However, this movie was mediocre and certainly didn't justify the increased price. You shouldn't have taken advantage of us during these trying times. We will remember your greed.

- Fun movie5 star

Very fun movie to watch.

- You knew what you were going to see4 star

Don’t act like the bill and teds movies are oscar worthy. It’s a movie. Deal with your adhd.

- Disappointed1 star

Marathoned the old movies with my wife and she loved them because of their cheesy goofy humor and this was nothing like the old movies. It felt horribly predictable and lacked that goofy nature I’d known.

- So bad it’s good3 star

This whole film felt awkward and embarrassing and I don’t know why. There was not a lot of substance the whole movie. Also, Bill and Ted’s daughters were slackers even though their fathers are already slackers. We don’t need a second generation of slackers. It’s still good fun though.

- Terrible!1 star

Somehow they made Bill and Ted even dumber.

- G4 star

Fc cc g y FTC ccfcc CFC cc gf f FTC f c ft FCC gif FCC f g FTC gf tuff guy offgg FCC f gg

- Excellent experience dudes!4 star

Too bad that we had the bummer of the Coronavirus Pandemic or this would have been an Excellent experience at the Theatre 🎭! As we totally breathe the final act of Bill and Ted! Party on Dudes!

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.Liyajade. - Be excellent to eachother5 star

This movie was so good. Brought me to tears at the end. And it is well WORTH the money!! You will laugh and maybe even cry. With the most triumphant dudes ever! This film was well done if you are a fan of the 80s and 90s Or Bill and Ted. I’ve always loved Alex since The lost boys and Bill and Ted just made it better!! They did so great. Thank you Wyld stallyns for making this year better. You made my night and I’ve been going through some tough times. The best thing ever. Please do yourself a favor and buy or rent this movie!!

Milky Alien Ware - Blast From The Past5 star

A worth comeback on par with Blade Runner 2049 and Mad Max Fury Road in terms of old franchises making a long awaited glorious return. I had tears in my at the end. Funny, warmhearted, and B&T’s kids are fantastic. Worth buying.

ThisNicknameIsAlreadyTaken2020 - Don’t waste your money1 star

I loved the original Bill & Ted films, and have watched them dozens of times over the years. I was hesitant to purchase this film because, among other things, it looked a little woke (the RT “certified fresh” designation should’ve been a dead giveaway). Wow. I wish I had obeyed my initial instinct. This movie is boring, not funny, and a waste of money. Only part that was semi-enjoyable was the 5 minutes or so near the end when they go find Death. If you enjoyed the original movies and the perfect ending of Bogus Journey, stay far away from this mess of a film. If you like Ghostbusters 2016 or Oceans 8, however, this might be the movie for you.

Stunned Fan - Surprisingly good4 star

Reuniting with Bill & Ted was something I was looking forward to but I was stunned at how much this movie got to me by the end. It's just a tremendously amiable little movie that made me surprisingly emotional when it was all said and done. A fitting conclusion to what is now a most excellent trilogy.

BongoVonZipper - Awesome5 star

I’m guessing the bad reviews are from kids who weren’t around for the first two. Sorry you don’t get it dudes. Perfect end to the trilogy, exceeded expectations.

R7AA7R - Nope!1 star

Big Disappointment for Fans!!!!

branbo_13 - A5 star

Was a feel good movie/ sequel. Can’t beat the O.G., but 👍. The only issue is the credits. Movie is about music and the credits lack big time. And the fonts and video choices used. - Where was the awesome guitar and hype music? *Still good though!

Indianamusicstar - Best one yet!5 star

Ed Solomon’s writing has improved with time like a fine wine! Alex Winter😍 Keanu Reeves 🥰 my favorite of the trilogy and I really love the originals

Rijna L - Crying with happiness5 star

It was everything anyone could ever want in a sequel. It exceeded my expectation in almost every regard. The only question I was left with was why Chuck de Nomolos went back in time to kill Bill & Ted when he did in Bogus Journey. By introducing them to death, Bill and Ted got their bassist, thus completing Wyld Stallyns. Was Chuck actually a good guy pretending to be bad? =0

JamesT.Kirk - Another 20 bucks?1 star

Seriously? Theaters close and now we have to subsidize THEIR problem?

Leakingrye - Face it4 star

It was pretty good, enjoyed it. Yeah the effects aren’t the best and the story gets a little weird. But still entertaining

JENMARIAPA - Bill & Ted5 star

Sooo I’m reading some reviews and for those people who are saying things like “this movie sucked” or “they don’t know how to act” GET A GRIP. Tf you think this was a masterpiece?! No! This was a Bill and Teds movie! Watch the first and second and then this movie then you’ll understand why people of different ages loved this trilogy. Well, happy travels and remember, “BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER AND PARTY ON DUDES”.

chass06484 - Throwback memory5 star

I had some mixed feelings about this movie. But at the end. Walked away with a smile and with good Easter Egg memories. Starts off good then slows down then cranks up at the very end. Def worth the watch. Obviously you should buy it vs renting it for the price they are trying to rent it at.

Middlefan - Most Excellent5 star

29 years. Definitely worth the wait for old Bill and Ted fans. (Phew!) Not to mention this is totally the movie the world needs today. Most excellent dude!

GrumpyJedi72 - Be Exellent4 star

The end of one era and the beginning of another.

Ground_zero298 - Horrible. Seriously, it’s that bad.2 star

Can’t believe how bad this movie was. No plot, no point, horrible acting. Made no sense. Even when high. Waste of money. It honestly could have been a 20 minute movie if condensed to actual English. Can’t believe reeves went so low to do this movie. Total embarrassment.

FreshlySqueeeeezed - Feel good!4 star

Is it perfect? No. Did parts of it look bad graphically? Yes. But is it a lot of fun? Totally dudes. Thank you Keanu and Alex for giving everyone a reason to smile during this terrible year.

AvertX ignores Mac users - Disappointed and Confused1 star

I wanted to like this movie. I pre ordered it. I downloaded it and watched it the moment it was available. I made my kids watch the original to prepare for this movie - I’m a fan, and this movie, wow was it bad. I am seriously confused by people giving it good reviews, I’m trying to figure out how it is that I have such a low opinion of it and other people are saying the loved it. It was bad, full stop. It wasn’t just not good, it was bad. I regret spending my money on it, not because I need the money, but because it feels like adding insult to injury, spending money on a movie that was actively bad. It pains me to leave a bad review, but there were no redeeming qualities in this movie - wait for a reduction in price if you must see this movie, I believe you’ll thank me for this advice.

1..2..3... - Excellent!5 star

Such a great story and the characters were done just right! Party on, dude

I eat books - Lame1 star

As a child of the 80s I find it offensive that most good movies are being ruined for the sake of a generation that could care less. The world will never understand what it was like if you take these special moments in time out of their cultural context and try to recreate them. You cannot. It is their very nature that prevents them from being better or even just as good. Instead you put just one more drop in the ocean of tears of things that were once great and true.

zidane2015 - Terrible, woke cash grab1 star

Appaling production values, a garbage script, oh, and don't forget to infuse healthy doses of woke, progressive Hollyweird politics, because there isn't enough of that in our movies today. Utter crap and offensive to anyone who loved the first two.

GregVaroz - Totally Sucked Dude1 star

It would have been better to loose reality as we know it than for this movie to be made... dude!

RiskyRon - Excellent!!!5 star

Perfect sequel, does my childhood most excellent justice. However the version of the future will most definitely be dated by 2020 politics. He heh, yeah XD

Cracatoa - Garbage1 star

Bill & Ted: The Last Jedi basically.

WilliamMichaelRedman - Wish I would have bought instead of rented it5 star

Worthwhile pandemic entertainment. I would never have seen this at a theater, but its premiering in a streaming/home entertainment manner seems the perfect way a movie like this one would benefit the most. Kind of like the straight-to-Blockbuster days of old. Biggest bummer is there doesn’t seem to be an option to purchase it for the additional cost after renting it.

sandmanRD - Wow1 star

Watching this was like experiencing the writers progressing through a bout of writers block where they finally just gave up trying and just said, “end the movie.” Yet the studio still turned it into a movie. That just stops.

Superhero145 - Excellent!! sequel to the first 2 films!!!5 star

I saw this in a movie theater cheeper then 19.99 rental and 24.99 to buy also after a while I don’t care about the price anymore if you have a problem with it deal with it yourself don’t put it in the reviews section. but anyway what a blast I have watching this sequel I love every minute of it I felt many nostalgic references to the original 2 movie and I appreciate that I can’t wait to watch it again I highly recommend it to anyone who needs some bill and Ted in there life this is definitely worth checking out including the first 2 movies as well definite must buy!!!!!

mike&ash - Not Like Bill and Ted AT ALL! Come on!!!1 star

To say this was a bad movie would leave the wrong impression. To most people who can be entertained by shaking a rock in a can (see anyone who rated this movie high) it’s what you would expect from Hollywood. Basically, take everything you loved as a child, give it to washed up writers, cast it with poor performers and out comes this third installment. It should have been a fun movie to pay respect to anyone who saw the original on the big screen. Instead it was like taking a dump after a long road trip, but with a hint of politics (cause that’s what Bill and Ted were all about). Watch it if you want, but please have your rock in a can to shake if you try to claim it was a good movie.

KrombopulasMichael - Terrible idea1 star

Bad real bad

coultersucks - Fantastic Follow-Up5 star

What’s with the incels writing bad reviews because there are *gasp* girls who are *gasp* heroes in this film? And the stuff about bad acting from the female leads?? Have you people seen the original Bill and Ted? Lol don’t listen to the knuckle-draggers. This movie is aces.

Customqusar479 - I really enjoyed it4 star

So I watched the first two right before I watched this one and it was really good I was laughing throughout the movie I was glad they brought back old characters like death the princess all and all it was a great film so be excellent each other

Where is Otis? - Most Triumphant5 star

Great addition and conclusion to the trilogy. The chemistry between Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter is still there even after 30+ years. It’s also great to see William Sadler return as Death. New cast members are also a welcome addition to the Bill and Ted universe. A must-see for fans of the original and a great movie for people who just want to see something funny and light-hearted with characters that will stand the test of time in pop culture.

Donuts4TW - A Most Trumphant Conclusion5 star

While Face the Music is not as funny as the first 2, it does provide a most excellent conclusion to how Bill & Ted saved the world and has some exquisite scenes and characters that do make it non-forgettable.

Oakland Raider Nation - Not good2 star

It was really not good. They retconned the sons into daughters and Ted’s dad didn’t remember anything. The movie is very woke since in the future we have a council of women and one black guy in charge. Spoiler What doesn’t make a lot of sense is that the daughters go to 5000 BC to get a drummer for their band...who is a black woman in a snowy environment. How did they hear of this woman? Dave Grohl is in the movie and arguably the best modern musician much less drummer but they don’t snatch him. I guess it’s because he’s a white guy. Save your money and don’t watch it. You’ll be disappointed.

maga97822 - Terrible!!!1 star

What a terrible movie! The only funny part is the robot. Definitely don’t watch

Chewfaca - Tons of fun5 star

If you enjoyed parts 1 and 2, then Face the Music is a great send off. Loved every minute of this good natured film

cynsa - a freaking delight5 star

This was so charming. I was grinning so hard the whole time my face hurt by the end.

DVR415 - Bill & Ted1 star

Very disappointed they should have never made this film save your money 💵

foolery puppetry - Utter theft1 star

How much to rent a film £19 ?? Police

All up front - Bad, like really really bad.1 star

Besides thinking and feeling how old and unwell they both look, the movie was really really dumb and pointless. Like pick an idea and stick with it. AND the one daughter was so annoying you kinda ended up rooting against them lol. KR look like death and you can feel during the whole movie that no one really wanted to be there. Boy I hope they got paid enough to live off so we don't have to see them again, but not too much to encourage any more acting from either of them.

SideshowBrrrrr - Pleasantly surprised5 star

At first I was wondering how they were going to out-do the previous films, then it was dangerously leaning towards the meandering side, BUT I then remembered I was watching BILL AND TED!! It was then that I saw things come together, and I realized how great this film actually is!! So if you'd like to see Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan go out on a high note.. get this movie.

Cobeast48 - Not worth $205 star

But still a funny movie

zel2199 - Be excellent5 star

Loved the movie! It brought back great memories of laughter and joy especially during these crazy time. I suggest you sit back, enjoy and be excellent!

D.K.G. - Perfect for 20205 star

Loved it , please give the girls a spin-off

LL 5th - One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen1 star

It was so bad, I’m struggling to understand why they made it. I can only guess that it was a “thank you” gift from Keanu to his original costars.

wengel21 - Most Excellent Movie We Need5 star

Great characters, great story, been waiting for this movie for decades. I’m glad they released it to streaming! Allowed me to have a night at the movies with the family with in my own home.

Axlrules - Thanks for ruining my childhood1 star

Let’s make the protagonists of the movie not be the protagonists at all. Sequels that also try to be remakes can never ever be good. That’s the lesson here. Somehow this sequel destroying the legacy of what came before it hurt a lot more then I thought it would. Just awful.

Mewhirter - Fun Movie5 star

This movie was just plain fun, and that is exactly what I wanted of it. If you liked the first two then you will like this one, for sure. I bought it and will watch numerous times.

Bigodashow - I’m series fan5 star

Be excellent 🤘🏽

Loco12345678910 - Face the Music5 star

Better than expected! So funny and deal good movie!

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Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie images

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Bill & Ted Face The Music movie posters
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie posters
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie posters
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie posters
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie posters
Bill & Ted Face The Music movie posters
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