The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island Summary and Synopsis

Judd Apatow (Trainwreck, Knocked Up & The 40-Year-Old Virgin) directs Saturday Night Live breakout Pete Davidson in a bracing comedy about love, loss and laughter on Staten Island. Scott (Davidson) has been a case of arrested development ever since his firefighter father died when he was seven. He's now reached his mid-20s having achieved little, chasing a dream of becoming a tattoo artist that seems far out of reach. As his ambitious younger sister (Maude Apatow, HBO's Euphoria) heads off to college, Scott is still living with his exhausted ER nurse mother (Oscar®-winner Marisa Tomei) and spends his days smoking weed, hanging with his buddies and secretly hooking up with his childhood friend Kelsey. When his mother starts dating a loudmouth firefighter, it sets off a chain of events that will force Scott to grapple with his grief and take his first tentative steps toward moving forward in life. Scott has been a case of arrested development ever since his firefighter father died when he was seven. He’s now reached his mid-20s having achieved little, chasing a dream of becoming a tattoo artist that seems far out of reach. As his ambitious younger sister heads off to college, Scott is still living with his exhausted ER nurse mother and spends his days smoking weed, hanging with the guys — Oscar, Igor and Richie — and secretly hooking up with his childhood friend Kelsey. But when his mother starts dating a loudmouth firefighter named Ray, it sets off a chain of events that will force Scott to grapple with his grief and take his first tentative steps toward moving forward in life. The King of Staten Island Wiki

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Alfred Sheinwold (2020)

The King of Staten Island Comments & Critics

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The King of Staten Island Movie Reviews

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- Literally, Terrible1 star

Painful and poorly written, not the actors fault.

- BS1 star

I hAte it.......... SIKE kids it’s real good

- The KING5 star

The best movie I have seen in a long time

- Pete Davidson arrives4 star

It’s pure Pete antics. Get it

- is this guy secretly 141 star

stay out of comedy man. i dont want those new york comics hurting your feelings too bad.

- give ‘me a brake5 star

1) he’s not an actor 2) he’s a comedian 3) it’s his first movie 4) no first movies for comedians are a smash. Just chill out

- Disappointed1 star

This movie could have been so much better. Such a disappointment

- It’s a great movie.5 star

The vibe of it isn’t anything of excitement, but if you envelop yourself into the characters and feelings within the storyline. It’s an incredible movie. The feel of it almost reminds me of Euphoria, it very much could be the reality of some people, the familiarization of being overlooked or judged because of choices made that were driven by sadness and fear. I’d recommend it.

- Abridged1 star

Watched for about 30 minutes and had know idea where the story was going and do to it’s disjointed presentation, did not care.

- Kinda predictable5 star

Besides being kinda predictable, I enjoyed it because I got to see more of Pete Davison’s personal story and was made very well.

- Terrible1 star

What a disappointment. I thought it would be more reality based but it’s got actors and actresses in it. Depending on the age of the viewer, it is a terrible example of role modeling. They smoke pot, there is a sex scene, much swearing and mindless low end conversations. All in all a complete waste of $5.99. So glad I didn’t buy it.

- Yytyyyyyyyy3 star


- Awesome5 star

Great movie

- surprising4 star

this movie was a pleasant surprise...for those parents of young adults, its an eye opener, and gives hope to the human condition.

- Don’t waste your time1 star

16:23secs into the movie I realized how stupid under directed movie this is ... it is a sad excuse for a movie. Just don’t do it.

- Funny5 star

Funny throughout and good story line. Much better than expected. Rent or buy it

- Real5 star

I loved this film. For one, it felt like a film. Watching it reminded me of the first time I saw Garden State or Outside Providence. Two things make this film special. 1. If you know some of the individual actors’ background stories-then u know. I write this on 9/11/20—- PD, I’m so sorry for your loss, no words, only respect—-2. This is still a great film even if you don’t know those background stories. It is funny and sweet and every actor is perfect (!!!!) for their part. Just an awesome film.

- This app is awesomd5 star


- Rent price is just crazy, esp w/all that’s going on5 star

Rent price is totally crazy. The story was strong and realistic! Was emotional at times and laughed at other times.

- Incredible5 star

I waited to see this when the rental was cheaper. It would have been worth the $19 or whatever it was when it came out. Incredible case. Judd Apatow knocks another one out of the park.

- Just like you5 star

Since i havent seen the movie yet im rating you guys as 5 star fools for acting as a member of the audience of something you werent there for..

- Very funny5 star

This movie was very funny and hilarious and heartwarming I haven’t laughed this hard in years one of the best movie of all times!!!

- One of the best5 star

This was easily one of the best movies I’ve seen all year, it had comedy, it was relatable , it was romantic, but I overall love that this movie was Pete Davidson’s vision that became a success. And I also love that Pete tried to relate his character to his actual self. Much love and respect for this film and Pete Davidson.

- OMG stop complaining u little bit**1 star

He complains to his mom, he complains to his girlfriend , he complains to anyone who will listen. I now officially hate what’s his face for stealing 3 hrs of my life

- Watched it last night5 star

I thought it was really good

- 👎🏽2 star

Not so good boring movie

- Hilarious5 star

To the people saying it wasn’t funny. Idk they must not have my sense of humor. I thought it was hilarious, a lot of it reminds me of my family 😂

- Really hood5 star

I am personally a big fan of Pete and his work. This movie is really good at capturing the decision of if Pete didn’t do comedy.It is a great movie.

- The King of Staten Island Review5 star

9/10. Great movie, great performances givin by great actors. Recommend a viewing, with the price.

- Gets better as it goes on ✌🏽Good Actors4 star

Pete is really a great actor, very natural. Don't judge by SNL !

- Great movie5 star

Enjoyed it

- Amazing!!!!!5 star

I’ve been waiting for what feels like FOREVER to purchase and download this!!!!! I rented it and fell in love. Now I’m buying it... It’s amazing!!!!

- Great movie I'd say5 star

The fact that anybody would pay over $20 to see it in the theaters so find the rent price reasonable since everything was shut down. If you get dry humor then you'll love this movie. Has an interesting storyline with it being mostly like an Autobiography, he said in an interview. He brought up his friends and family in the movie, casted the best actors and well directed by Apatow. Recommend

- stream thank u next.1 star

imagine supporting this 💀🤢

- Truly great film5 star

There hasn’t been a movie that’s hit me quite like this one did in a long time. I loved it.

- Epic Fail1 star

Role where he plays essentially himself and still cannot make it funny or interesting. Just a bunch of stoners hanging out talking & doing dumb things while chronically stoned. And the dysfunction created for everyone who ares about the main character resulting from this. Pretty much the whole movie. Plus he has daddy issues. The End. Just watch your adult stoner buddies for free. But don't get stoned. For 2 hours. Yup. That is this movie.

- best movie in a long time5 star

captures late coming of age because childhood trama.

- NYCTelecaster5 star

You are the app, you tool. Your morbid unsatisfactory life shines through with each misspelled word & idiotic grammar use. Good movie!

- We get it, you’re dad died in 9/111 star

Is there anything else you can play? I’m about tired of you repeating the same song. My uncle died in ICE detention where’s my SNL offer or movie?

- Bad.1 star


- Good movie5 star

This movie was very good from start till end.

- I loved it!5 star

Great cast! The story is beautiful! 10/10

- 5/55 star

Awesome movie!

- Best thing to happen during quarantine!5 star

This movie helped me more than I could have ever imagined. The story line is something we can all relate to even if the situation is not the same. Watch and you won’t be disappointed. I haven’t stoped thinking about it since I rented and bought the minute I could. I will also purchase on DVD. Truly one of my favorite movies!

- Thumbs up for me5 star

I thought this movie was great and funny, just by the style of the movie, it was real and not something fake.

- Really slow2 star

Cmon Judd.

- Judd, C’mon man!1 star

If this was $9.99, you’d have doubled your sales! Have you lost touch so much that you forgot who your audience is? At least make it able to purchase at that price! Seriously you’re basically gouging your fans. It’s been a month so please stop bleeding your fans in isolation. Judd you’re becoming what you used to hate.

- Unwatchable2 star

Snoozefest 2020

- Great5 star

I loved it. Those who didn’t like the movie are just salty.

- Pointless1 star

Why do people think this guy is funny? There is no there, there.

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podmorek - Re Rate4 star

This should not ba a 14A movie Other movie streaming apps have it R Rated

drjwmist - the most boring movie ever of the year! 🏆1 star

Do not rent or buy this crap.

EmilyMollieMorgan1024 - Don’t do it1 star

Has anyone ever thought : Wow I’d really like to watch a movie about Pete Davidson and his life? No. Don’t waste your time. Oddly enough I did like all the characters just not fond of the story line.

multimick - Highly recommend5 star

Such a good movie, such raw and real feelings of grief in Pete Davidson. Filled me with so much emotion as he plays himself and shows true details and aspects that went on in his life and copying with grief.

pdhillon35 - Great movie!5 star

Great storyline, moving character development, and unique pacing/cadence. Ran a bit long but the quality of the show makes up for it.

Violet09<3 - Amazing!5 star

I loved this movie so much! It’s a beautiful story, and Pete did a wonderful job😇

penny_notwise - This was a fantastic movie and here’s why.5 star

Pete Davidson is an amazing person and a great comedian. This film not only has comedy but it also touches on mental health. I think you should watch this film because it is the BEST borderline personality disorder representation in any film I’ve seen. As someone who has BPD I found this to be incredibly touching.

Pkargsuxhdb - M5 star

No nnn

adamquinnn - Ol billy red nuts5 star

Bill burr is incredible!

Trent Tony - Worth the price!!!5 star

Probably the best movie I seen in a long time!!

annoyed 0101 - I enjoyed it!4 star

A little long, but the movie was quite good. I liked the story, characters were very likeable.... interesting to see Pete Davidson as the lead. He did a good job

Thegeneraljay - He coulda have been better. Lol4 star

Good work b

Satchmocoltrane - Not worth the $201 star

Pete Davidson basically plays himself. Bill Burr kills his part though. This movie is a 99 cent rental at best.

GoblinPumpkinKing - Very cool.4 star

Not gonna win many awards, if any, but I loved it.

19Rosey04 - 🌺5 star


carastatenislandny - King of Staten Island5 star

Loved the whole cast. Heartfelt, funny. 10/10

604 Iceman - Great movie!4 star

Bill Burr hits a homer!

Lindz2018 - Rent for $19.99 ? Nope!1 star

Don’t waste $20.00 just to rent this.

saltyboi666 - Incredible!5 star


Alvin James P Oogak - Great Comedy Guy Actor5 star

I rather buy it right now instead of renting the movie...

thatlocalghost - Vulnerable, hilarious, heartfelt5 star

I absolutely loved this film. It's such an honest portrayal of the complexities of grief and how it affects how you move through life, as well as an great depiction of mental illness. This movie was truly one of a kind,, and Pete Davidson was vulnerable, hilarious and real. Please watch this.

Blokker - Don't waste your money on this.1 star

This movie is just crap I can't believe we watched this. I would recommend everyone save the 20.00 buy something better.... You will thank me

BillyIdolRocks - Thumbs Down1 star

Just the fact that Pete Davidson's playing in it is saying something. He's not funny, he's not a good actor.

Rexx0rz - Fantastic!5 star

Enjoyed every minute! 👍

forme - Awful1 star

judd the director has lost all the good will he’s earned a decade ago. Waste of time.

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dihu. - M saw zaa a4 star

B. mhm;bu Ch HBr

you bish177 - Ariana Fans Are Pressed5 star

The only people giving it a 1 star are Ariana’s fans here to ruin Pete’s movie. It’s honestly very good, really got me thinking about my own life. It made me cry, made me laugh, but most of all made me grateful for my dad. This movie was amazing.❤️

Zachkoz - Crazy1 star

No one should ever have to pay 19.99 to just watch a movie.

Phouse81 - Awesome and Funny5 star

I have always wanted to see what Pete Davidson could do, and this movie is great. I think it’s pretty much because he was playing himself, but I hope this means that we can expect to see him doing more things. This is a really solid movie it’s funny, tragic, and has a lot of heart. The characters are great, and it’s rewatchable.

Breezybree314 - Amazing Moivie5 star

Plot, timing, back-story, realistic yet dark firefighter family dynamic....wish there was an option to buy because this would be played again and again.

Bo Brymer - The King of States Island5 star

“James killed the grim reaper to become The Grim Reaper. Obama’s nose needs a touch of red to be a spitt’n image Wall Street editorial. Tight..

aapliphne33 - WTH1 star

I am amazed by how many people think this movie is anything other than total garbage.

ghkfcf - Thuggish5 star


Fair y - Funny5 star

It was a great distraction, I found it as good as juno.

KatieDidds - I wanted to like it...3 star

But ended up becoming totally disinterested in the character.

TBEMONEY1 - Best ever5 star

Best picture thus far if this year no doubt!!

Ariauna - Sucked1 star


Hummerboy666 - Fked in the head1 star

Pete get help. That’s how your going to honor your father. Lol. God bless your old man. Too bad his kid turned out to be 💩

diner3 - Daddy Issues!1 star

Sorry Most of Us have them. Get over it!

SBParamedic - 20 to rent1 star

Lol not worth 20 to rent, I’d buy for 20.... good luck apple

JustGreatPshhh - Kings of $$1 star

Drop the price and I’ll watch it and give it a real review!

Explosion1217 - $20?1 star

I would totally watch this movie but I’m not paying $20 for it.

Rashondra J - Hilarious with heart5 star

Loved this movie...I’ve watched it so many times. The story is honest and relatable and the cast is amazing. I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed more!

352618 - Not what I expected but better5 star

Thought it would be mostly comedy but they surpassed that with the ending it was more! This movie is a thumbs up. I don’t mind the $19.99 price I would’ve spent well over that at the movie theater.

Lemon Owner - Lay off the drugs1 star

$19.99?!?!?! “THANKS A LOT _________ !!!” (insert name of whoever is president @ the time you’re reading this)

Fricarte - Overpriced1 star

I would have bought this but I ain’t spending $20 for a rental! That’s crazy!

TrollNikki - Great5 star

i enjoyed this movie, although it wasn't a comedy

Amie Alice - Funny5 star

Good movie it was funny. It was 20 to rent but that’s because it’s suppose to be out i theatres and they aren’t Open due to Covid so 20 bucks to rent it I said and she ran it would be to go to the movies and actually watch it so I didn’t mind the 20 bucks.

I'm not sure what my name is - Hi5 star

I haven’t seen this yet, I just got bored and wanted to write something. Hello!

Clover the Goat - Forgettable3 star

There were some decent laughs, and it was entertaining enough that the three of us watching stuck through it, but the writing was kind of clunky and certain characters, like Pete Davidson’s mom, were under-developed.

TangledInTexas - Worth the $$$5 star

This movie was so good. It’s light hearted and comical. Easily my favorite movie from 2020.

Miami BBM - What a let down.1 star

Movie was pretty good. But was such a dead end.

scliame - Hello!5 star

Where is my review that I keep writing and keep posting over and over again?!? I’m just being real here. Welp... anyway.. I liked the movie.

Vicrose18 - Waiting for lower rent price1 star

Okay, it usually costs about $10-12 USD where I live to purchase a movie ticket. This is a little over-priced for me.

Mambastatus - Rent? $20!!!1 star

Hells nahh! I’ll wait till it drops...

Jdhdfj - Amazing5 star

Funny movie

mimimudd6 - 😂phenomenal5 star

good job pete

grantsrants - Crazy1 star

Why 19.99 rent lol not worth it for this movie

Fruitpunchedhomie - Hilarious5 star

Great movie!

Field-light - $19.99 to rent!1 star

Whatever genius came up with this idea needs to be fired! Will wait to find a f_r_e_e t-o-r-r-e-n-t of it online now. Thanks.

Dustino22 - What a letdown1 star

Except for Steve Buscemi’s tiny side part that paid homage to his history as an actual firefighter, it was mostly trash. I kept expecting the characters to arc well. They did not. I also expected the comedy to improve. It did not.

Jay McFly - Funny as hell5 star

Great flick

cheryls nickname - Just what I needed5 star

Movie was excellent! Pete keep going on The Howard Stern Show!

htownlatinboi - Great5 star

Pete did a great job. Movie was semi base on his life and well acted and done.

dubilir - Great movie night5 star

Hits all emotions great watch

broodingboy - Watch out4 star

Watch out Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Dave Chapelle, Chris Farley, and John Belushi! Comedy has a new name!! With acerbic jocularity mixed in with raw sensuality, Pete Davidson makes George Clooney and Will Smith look gunshy when asked to take lead. Nothing short than a cinematic triumph!

GrumpyJedi72 - 20 rent...4 star

Personally love because it has my sis humor I personally do not like 20 rent thoughWhy not just make it $20 to buy for $25 to buy other movies have done this universal goddamnit

foolery puppetry - 19.99 rental ?’!’1 star

19.99 to rent ???????????

Nick Parkinson - King of Staten Island Review5 star

I loved and enjoyed this film. Judd Apatow did a phenomenal job at this movie and should deserve an award. Pete Davidson played a great character and was very funny. I just wish it was a movie original on a streaming app or the price to be dropped down to $5.99. But overall great film.

catfoodninja - Not bad5 star

Was surprised at how good it was !!!

Likyoon#1331 - Boring & slow1 star

It had its funny moments. Very slow moving. Better than I could do though lol

CARRIGE - Wanna See But Not To Rent For $20.001 star

Wanna See but $20.00 to RENT To much make It 4.99 to Rent & Possibly $19.99 To BUY Not Gonna Spend $20.00 to have it for 2 Days Thats BS

spynewz007 - Pretty good, though not great!4 star

Definitely a good film—though it’s actually more of a drama with a lot of funny moments. Pete is good. While all three of the main women characters: Maude Apatow—and especially Bel Powley and Marisa Tomei—are great!! A lot of fun gags underneath a very serious story about a young, emerging adult and his loving, long-suffering mother trying to move on amid the deep scars of major loss. Apatow wrangles Davidson’s real-life Staten Island world into a complex, funny drama utilizing his typical, capable guiding hands.

ilovetlj - AMAZING!5 star


awesometowntx - The Soundtrack Even Sucked1 star

You have to go pretty far for a Judd Apatow film to be completely horrible on all accounts. This waste of time went above and beyond that call with the worst lead actors, pointless storyline and managed to walk away with one of the worst soundtracks in history. I’m very confused how Pete Davidson is considered an actor and landed this part. He made the entire movie an endless bad middle school party where you can’t get away from that one annoying dude that’s liked you since 1st grade.

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slacker image family drama image firefighter image

The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images
The King of Staten Island movie images

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The King of Staten Island movie posters
The King of Staten Island movie posters
The King of Staten Island movie posters
The King of Staten Island movie posters
The King of Staten Island movie posters
The King of Staten Island movie posters
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