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When elderly mother Edna inexplicably vanishes, her daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam rush to their family's decaying country home, finding clues of her increasing dementia scattered around the house in her absence. After Edna returns just as mysteriously as she disappeared, Kay's concern that her mother seems unwilling or unable to say where she's been clashes with Sam's unabashed enthusiasm to have her grandma back. As Edna's behavior turns increasingly volatile, both begin to sense that an insidious presence in the house might be taking control of her. With RELIC, first-time writer/director Natalie Erika James crafts an unforgettable new spin on the haunted-house movie. When Edna—the elderly and widowed matriarch of the family—goes missing, her daughter and granddaughter travel to their remote family home to find her. Soon after her return, they start to discover a sinister presence haunting the house and taking control of Edna. Relic Wiki

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The best teacher is experience learned from failures.

Byron Pulsifer (2020)

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Relic Movie Reviews

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- Long drawn out boring film3 star

There are hints of horror but this would have been better suited to short film. It takes way too long to get where it’s going. Even then it’s underwhelming. It seems aging is becoming a popular topic for low budgie horror but this is a script they could have kept.

- Garbage!1 star

What a waste of time...

- Hey this is good4 star

Just here to try and bump the score up. Highly recommend this.

- Skip It1 star

This is not a go to movie for any reason. Wasn’t worth the 99 cents rental. You wouldn’t bother to finish it If it was free on a streaming service. Makes very little sense if any. Its very slow and Dull. basically nothing happens and the ending is nothing to wait for

- Relic1 star

The WORST movie ever. A total waste of time. Visually dark and slow moving with a predictable outcome.

- Had great potential2 star

Movie was ok for 99 cent would’ve been mad had I paid anymore . Could’ve been so much better, just wasted a good plot.

- Pisses me off3 star

how many insanely disturbing things havve to happen before this mother and daughter can get it through their heads that something is wrong? they overlook the creepiest most bizarre occurrences and move on like everything is fine. hate it

- Have Time to Kill?1 star

If you have one hour and thirty nine minutes to kill, this is your movie! One hour and thirty nine minutes of boredom. I like horror movies, but this is NOT! The cinematography is good and that is about all, however not worth one hour and thirty nine minutes of your time. Save your sanity and your money!

- Awful1 star

Waste. Of. Time. Do not recommend

- Horrible1 star

This movie was slow, boring, with a terrible plot.

- Ambiguous nightmare fuel!5 star

I haven’t had a nightmare for many years and this film gave me hardcore nightmares. The film itself feels very nightmarish, feels real but unreal, it isn’t too over the top and leaves you wondering what it was you just saw. I love it!

- Slow and doesn’t make sense2 star

I wasted 99cents and 1.5 hours on this. It may have been worth it for 25cents. The only good thing was seeing Jake Gyllenhaal’s picture on my tv screen as a producer on the “cast & crew” option.

- Huh?1 star

I’m glad the rental on this was only.99c+tax... NOT a horror movie...

- Instead of “Relic” title should be “Really Ick”1 star

so??? Was this movie made for those who require slow plots?? Or possibly “NO” plots??? I thought when I saw “Paranormal WASTE OF Activity”, that it was one of the SLOWEST, WORST, ??Horror???(can this or it truly be called Horror when the ONLY SCARY part is the fact that you’re “STILL WATCHING IT an Hour and a Half LATER?!?!?!?!?!?!’....... *Yaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnn... THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!! ONLY WATCH IF SCARY MOVIES “REALLY” FRIGHTEN YOU BECAUSE AFTER YOU’VE FINISHED WATCHING “Relic”, YOU CAN NOW TELL EVERYONE YOU’VE WATCHED A “?SCARY?” MOVIE.......... The only saving grace is that at least all 3 women were at least attractive enough to tolerate.... OH...... ONE FINAL QUESTION... The Daughter puts Mom in the Tub after she urinates on the floor, and she couldn’t see all the black gunk all over her chest, breasts, shoulders, etc...????? *TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS...... *”RUN!!!!!!!”. AAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

- Nope1 star

Looking for a scary movie in October? This isn’t the movie. Looking to jump and generally be scared? This isn’t the movie. Want to flush 7 dollars down the came to the right place.

- Horrible progression1 star

The story progresses to places that don’t make any sense. It starts off good then goes down hill half way though and then doesn’t explain anything.

- The Relic1 star

I thought with Emily Mortimer in it , that it would be worth watching.... nope!

- Just awful...1 star

This film is lacking the most important ingredient in any great movie...a story. From the start to it's ambiguous and meaningless ending you feel that absolutely nothing has happened. Some of the poorest writing and directing I've ever seen. Although it all starts with the story. A director can only do so much with such an awful script. And I'm reading that this film had some sort of hype at first. That's more laughable than the film itself. Somebody was comparing it to Hereditary, which is impossible, Those two films aren't even in the same league. One immense stink bomb...

- The Relic1 star

This movie was a huge disappointment!

- Surreal5 star

Those that have a one star review only have one brain cell. This movie is poignant and had me bawling my eyes out by the end. The gran actually has Alzheimer's and it accelerates as the movie progresses and by the end she is essentially dying from this disease. This is the debut film of the director Natalie Erika James who's own grandmother had Alzheimer's.

- Started off good then bad1 star

Started off good but last third of the movie was ridiculously bad nonsensical

- The Ending1 star

I liked this movie up until the ending. CRAP ENDING

- Worst movie1 star

This movie was unclear, and confusing. I can’t believe I just paid money to watch it. The end was confusing and awful.

- Very well done4 star

Pretty amazing film.

- Waste of time2 star

Doesn’t live up the hype unfortunately. Has it’s moments but definitely is a B-movie. Honestly wasn’t worth the time and can find much better movies to watch instead. All in all your better off watching something else

- It’s THERE5 star

I always love the fusion of domestic drama and horror. RELIC gives a lot of ominous and allegorical scenarios that challenges you as a viewer to find its true yet sad message. 8/10

- That black mold tho5 star

Not your typical horror movie. If you need your hand held to follow the plot or think horror is a collection of jump scares, save your money. If you’re a real fan of horror though, this is right up your alley.

- Relic1 star

Absolute piece of garbage waste of are money and time

- Relic is pretty weird4 star

Hey, I love (good) horror, and this ain't bad. Takes some imagination but a good audience fulfills a picture, and if you've got that, you'll get this

- Not Great2 star

Knowing what I know now I wouldn't bother although it's not a total disaster

- Creeping Horror5 star

If you’re into blood & guts and high body counts, no it’s not for you. Much more subtle creepiness and building sense of dread . I loved it !!

- Waste of time and money1 star

The dumbest movie ever

- Not good. Period.1 star

Not good. Period.

- Good5 star

Heartfelt and solid horror movie. Some of it a bit cheesy but some still gives me some chills. It’s like what you get scared about when you hear things before falling asleep. And some of the scenes I haven’t seen in other horror movies before. If you’re a true bump in the night and spooky mystery horror fan that needs a solid movie for a stormy night, I would choose this.

- Well...1 star

I don’t leave reviews much on movies unless they are really good or really bad...and well...this was bad. Waste of time? Yes. Anti-climatic? Yes. Dull? Yes. If stale bread was a movie this would be it. Trust me. Don’t waste your time. There are plenty of other things to entertain yourself with. Just plain dumb.

- Boring and too slow1 star

Too much unecessary scenes

- A New Horror Classic5 star

This is not a jump scare/creature kind of film. It is a human(ity)-centered-psychological-body-horror-haunting film. Watch this and observe that all of these can work alongside of each other & not be a contradiction but more of a reflection on life, loss, love, & death.

- Mum1 star

Terrible movie. no plot, and terrible acting. It’s like the writer gave a index card that said “mom” as the script and said “just go with it” because that is literally all that was said every minute of the movie. There was only one creepy part for a second followed by something unrelated and nothing was every discussed.

- God Awful1 star


- Sleeper1 star

Wish I could get into it but it was too nuanced for my attention span.

- Underwhelming2 star

Sorry, the hype was not real for myself or my fam. The acting and directing are very good, but the story doesn’t evolve into anything very interesting, and there are no rewarding reveals that explain why these things are happening . There are horror elements, but it’s ultimately very horror light.

- Wonderfully Creepy!4 star

Beautifully shot and lit! The score and sound design really pull this atmospheric thriller together. The storytelling is deliberate and paced well. This is not a movie for “jump scare horror fans.” This is a smart film and doesn’t spoon feed you plot. So put down your phone and pay attention! 😁

- Lame1 star

Super duper lame 😒

- Family drama with horror elements, not full horror3 star

So my problem with this film isn't the film itself. I can understand and appreciate the symbolism and subject matter. It was beautifully acted. But the fact that this is labeled and marketed as a full blown horror movie, this is more of a family drama. This was on my watchlist for a little while before it came out. It was hyped as one of the best horror movies of the year!!! I'm thinking wow, just like they said about Hereditary. I saw that at the very beginning of the buzz and absolutely loved it. Critics were right about that movie! I thought this would be the next Hereditary with the familial and horror connections. But the horror elements were symbolic only. Which is fine for some but in my opinion, not enough to be classified as a full blown horror movie. I needed more direct horror and jump scares, story, etc. All of the actors are great! Love Emily Mortimer. Just not what I hoped for!

- Horrible Slow Waste of Money1 star

Don’t bother.

- I didnt get it.1 star

What was the premise of this movie? Whatever it was i did not get it at all. The entire movie i did not understand what was happening or even why? Then the movie ended and i was like .. what the heck did i just watch? What happened to the old lady? Was her house haunted? Was she dead? Alive? I have no idea. So confused

- So bad.1 star

The trailer makes it look great. Spoiler alert: it is NOT. Save your time and money.

- A Slow-Burn Allegory4 star

Be warned that if you want a straight-up horror film, this is not for you. “Relic” is more of a family drama that shifts into horror in the last thirty minutes. I loved the attention to the greater themes at play and I felt there was a genuinely thrilling and creepy sequence that plays out in the end. I think the pacing does ultimately drag it down, but by the time the credits rolled I felt touched by the tenderness of it’s closing moments. If you enjoyed “Hereditary” or any of A24’s output I think you’ll find this is squarely in your wheelhouse.

- How We Treat Family5 star

Brilliant acting and cinematography, slow burn screenplay and a traumatizing realization of how we treat our own family when they mentally deteriorate and become unrecognizable. I went in expecting a horror film and near the end realized it was more of a statement, it became touching and heartbreaking as the film reveals its message. It won’t be for everyone but it was masterfully done.

- Boring1 star

So boring not one part was scary

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Brankley - Solid movie5 star

This is plot driven, unnerving, and satisfying. It’s original but covers familiar territory. Just enjoy.

OkeefeCassattKrugerWeems - Pretty decent4 star

Reminded me if It Comes At Night, and Hereditary, and The Lodge. Creepy and quiet and slow burn. Not the scariest or most disturbing I've seen, but it has a story and good acting and good effects.

Lindz2018 - Absolutely brilliant5 star

I absolutely love this film. This isn’t your average every day horror film. It’s more of a psychological thriller that creates a haunting experience. Also, it’s a fantastic look into family with alzheimer disease. To me this was brilliant piece of horror cinema.

c cxxixxxx - A bamP bAYt4 star


left888 - Not Bad Not Great3 star

But not great. This film started out slowkly, we knew what was coming, it had it's moments and it also wanted to fast forward through parts. Decent horrors films are hard to come by, a good scare is often repeated from film to film and this film is no exception.

Филька - Boring1 star

Yes, we are aware of dementia. Can you please never make movies like this ever again?

Another Sydney - So wnated to like it1 star

Disturbing and not in a "good thriller" way. - The music was too obvious, might as well have shouted "Boo!" instead. - the plot point, without giving away a spoiler, was in poor taste. A sophomore effort. - Great cast that are capable or so much more. I rented it. Wish I could get my money back.

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KenRsssssssssss - No Please Don't1 star

No way was that worth watching, SLOW and then try to rush some scary stuff at the end that was not even half way worth watching this movie for. HORRIBLE

OphiesDad - Terrible1 star

Save $7...move on. The vast majority of this film is painfully slow. The “climax” is a multigenerational spooning with ET (Grandma post “conversion”). Boo!

deomvx - ??????2 star

Well, the movie really had potential but just doesn’t deliver! The acting was good, the atmosphere creepy enough...but you aren’t given any clues as to what is happening...and left wondering what it is that you just saw! Waste of time watching this one!!

Rivermaker - Save yourself from the never explained mold person!1 star

Absolutely terrible ending. No resolution. No explanation. No satisfaction. Just a long, long walk to disappointment. If you want to waste 90 minutes trying to figure out what’s going on, this is the movie for you!

Adamkpl - Horrible1 star

Just wasted 6 bucks and 1.5 hours of my life on this horrible movie.

Longing for China - Such a great horror film5 star

I was fortunate to be able to see this at Sundance this year! It was one of my favorite films that I happened to catch at the festival. It has a slow build but it definitely scared the crap out of me and stuck with me long after the movie was over! Definitely worth the rental!

Fland12 - Haunting5 star

This one will stick with me for a while - great performances and a devastating ending. Worth the rent.

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