Irresistible (2020)

Irresistible (2020) Summary and Synopsis

Written and directed by Jon Stewart, Irresistible is a comedy about what happens when a small town becomes the main attraction for two rival political consultants. Top Democratic consultant Gary Zimmer (Steve Carell) sees an opportunity to win back voters in America's heartland when a video of a passionate farmer and retired Marine colonel (Chris Cooper) goes viral. After a long, hard day's work as a farmhand, Gary persuades the farmer to run for mayor. However, when the Republican National Committee counters him by sending in his brilliant nemesis, Faith Brewster (Rose Byrne), Gary is more than primed to up his game, turning this local race into a hilarious game of tug of war. A Democratic political consultant helps a retired Marine colonel run for mayor in a small, conservative Wisconsin town. Irresistible (2020) Wiki

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Irresistible (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Irresistible1 star

Steve Carrell is slipping. Maybe he should stick to his philanthropy work of bailing out looters and criminals by posting their bail money. He used to be my favorite comedy actor but seems to be distracted by politics.

- Bad!1 star

Very bad

- Really funny!5 star

Great cast, funny, surprising ending. Ignore the fake reviews from ppl who never even watched it. It’s $20, cheaper than a couple going to the theater.

- Never Again1 star

I will never watch anything that Steve Carrel is in again. Maybe the rioters he bailed out will become his fans.

- Jon and Steve Owe Me Money1 star

Yes, the movie was dry, dull, and yes, we saw the plot twist coming.

- Fun and enjoyed it5 star

A lot of fun and enjoyable political movie. With a funny twist.

- Loved it.5 star

Slow at first but the end makes up for it.

- Good view of our current corrupt system4 star

System is all about money. It has always been, & probably will be. This is a good eye opening movie. Not bias, just seems like fact.

- Funny & original!5 star

I thought this movie was great. It pokes fun at our entire political system. It doesn’t get lost in current events; it’s very light hearted. Great performances from the entire cast. To those reviewing a movie based on its original VOD price (without watching it)... now you’re able to rent it for $5 (or $2 at Redbox) and write your review based on the actual film.

- Jon Stewart?2 star

Sorry, not buying anything to support this jackalope...

- Excelent5 star

Excellent, I really enjoyed watching this movie.

- Horrid Lame1 star

Not a dam giggle! Can I get a refund please? Y’all playing with my money 🤬

- Everyone should watch this!!!5 star

Excellent movie that should be required viewing! A real summary of the issues in politics today! Well done!

- Waste of time...1 star

Waste of time... could not finish. Poor attempt at entertainment.

- Very Witty5 star

We really enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it.

- We b rittt1 star

We FBIbt end your

- Good Comedic Movie5 star

I can’t believe how many people are driving the reviews of this movie down because they’re upset about a first run movie unable to be in the theaters because of the pandemic and having to rent it for $20. They’d pay so much more in the theater once you factor in ticket, gas, and food. Either rate the movie itself or go complain elsewhere. Anyways, I actually watched this movie tonight. Honestly, it’s probably a 4 star movie, but giving it an extra star to try and offset all of the above. Jon Stewart wrote a fun movie about bringing politics to a small town. We kept waiting for the twist and without spoiling anything, we enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of Steve Carell, and his acting just gets better no matter what type of role he plays. The cast was stellar, and the story was better than I thought it was going to be. Definitely recommended if you want a fun comedy to watch.

- No star option??1 star

Carnell has solidified his place, mediocre TV star. Time to pull the plug on this hack, refund please.

- Hilarious4 star

Great movie really enjoyed it, highly recommend

- $19.99 is a purchase price, not a rental price2 star

Sadly, there are a good number of reviews here that say roughly the same thing: whoever is in charge of pricing for this film did not bother to cross compare other prices in this store. It is a demonstrable act of hubris and with any luck, the market is punishing them for their shortsightedness and complete lack of humility. I want to watch this film. I want to see the work of a director like Jon Stewart, but I refuse to acknowledge that it’s current rental price (and lack of a purchase price) is in any way fair. I can’t go to theaters and watch it, and now some greedy studio executive is going to price me out of watching it from home. Shame on you all.

- Fantastic5 star

This was a fantastic movie, and really speaks to everyone who is so tired of the political circus. $20 is well worth the price, considering you would spend more to see it in the theater. Be thankful we have something new to watch right now.

- Irresistible1 star

I apparently bought it twice in the iTunes Store because two play buttons show up but neither will play😡 I love the characters and really want to see it😢

- Great movie!5 star

I didn’t watch it but someone else gave a one star review who didn’t watch it and was complaining about the price, so this is to even that one out

- Irresistible5 star

This movie.... is great Don’t pay the studio $20 though. B00tleg it. Teach ‘em a lesson But give your respects to the great performances, and Jon Stewart’s hilarious script by checking the movie out anyway. And buying it once it can be bought.

- Lower the price1 star

I’m pretty sure this movie is not worth $20! to RENT. Get outta here. Stop being ridiculous, Apple.

- Thank you for funding Terrorism5 star

Steve, My business was burnt down by those you bailed out of jail. You virtue signaled that you hate America. For that i and Joseph Stalin give you five stars.

- $20 to rent?1 star

Apple honestly this is ridiculous. It’s really disheartening these companies taking advantage of this epidemic is such a way. I’ve never been on any streaming websites where I had to pay 20 for rent

- Not bad5 star

Rot in hell hick Repubs

- Reviews Can Confuse You5 star

I think Apple needs to adjust their ‘write a review’ policy. Please who don’t purchase/rent should’t be able to write a review. Before renting it I was doubting to rent it or not because of the comments. But now I can confidently say that movie does worth it to spend $20 especially giving the circumstances. If I go to watch this movie in the movie theater w my spouse I’d probably end up spending ~$45 - 2 tickets + Popcorn/food + drinks. IMPO It worth it to rent and spend a quiet Sunday evening watching this at home.

- Not worth $2, let along $20 to rent1 star

I was hoping for a funny movie to get my mind off of things, but if you always know where things are going and know the punch lines before they say them, how are you going to laugh? One third of the way through the movie I was wishing to get my money back. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie was no better.

- Good movie4 star

Targets political pundits

- What are you thinking?5 star

It’s ridiculous to write a review based on the cost of the movie! Some people actually want to know about the movie. We don’t want to read your stupid comments! If you don’t like the price don’t pay it.

- Slow2 star

This movie was a disappointment slow and boring, didn’t really pick up. Major bummer for two powerhouses that add normally funny that fell completely flat.

- sad I can not afford to see it2 star

I can not justify paying $20 for a rental. I know everyone is saying it has nothing to do with the film and that is probably true, but it is priced as if it were the holy grail or something. We don't have jobs and have to stay at home and now we can not afford movies. Nope, not acceptable.

- I don’t think John Stewart should direct1 star

I wanted to love this film, I like the concept but the execution is embarrassing. This movie should have spent way more time developing and story boarding. Casting looks good on paper but no chemistry with anyone, no heart, no real character building, just one scene stitched to another that assumes you care about the people. Very disappointing, don’t waste your time. 1 Star for concept but nothing else.

- Bruh4 star

If people wanna give it a bad review let them. It’s called an opinion. Not everything you like will be liked by others.

- Hysterical Antidote for the times5 star

Our whole family loved it - gets at what's nuts about our times with Jon Stewart's sane but hysterically funny voice, which we've really been missing. Yeah, $20 is a lot for a movie rental at home, but we had our extended family here and it would have cost 5x that to take everyone to see it in the theatre, and if this is the the new norm for this quality i'm okay with that...

- Exceeded expectations5 star

Brilliantly written, heartfelt and funny with an important message about the influence of money in politics.

- Nope1 star

20 bucks to rent this hollywood poop. Hahahahahahaha

- Just Okay3 star

The movie started out great but the ending was distasteful, had nothing to do with the movie and insulted older women.

- Don’t Rely On The Ratings4 star

Several people here rated this without watching based on price or their political bias. I saw the movie the day it came out and it was quite good. It pokes fun at both sides, but the real intent is to shine a light on ridiculous spending and the need for campaign finance reform. Steve Carrell and Rose Byrne are hysterical and have a great onscreen chemistry. A good watch whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or independent. $20 is quite affordable compared to going to the theater. If you didn’t watch it, you shouldn’t give a rating!

- Laughs!5 star

Just what we need now: a gem of a film that is full of laughs-and really amusing insghts into the way politics works.

- Solid political film!!!!!!5 star

STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PRICE PEOPLE IF YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY DON’T RENT the 19.99 RENTALS look it up why they are doing it then you understand. Anyway what a solid funny satire it is satire Rose Byrne and Steve carrell are hilarious but still the story felt solid overall I highly recommend it to people who like these actors or needs a solid laugh it a ok must buy!!!!!!!

- Not another liberal movie!1 star

Another liberal self righteous fairytale trying to make Republicans look bad as usual. How boring and predictable. Can Topher Grace play anything else besides being a liberals assistant? We get it, your a Democrat.

- Bail money for anarchist1 star

No way is one red cent going to anything Steve Carrel is part of.

- Good one5 star

I thought this was a good comedy/drama with insight into the way politics works in our country now. While what it says about our political system and media is pretty scary, what it says about people in the heartland is positive. I wonder if JS would have made the same movie if he was writing it now in the summer of 2020, with such division, intransigence and hate seemingly everywhere between citizens of the same country who should really be looking for common ground. The movie was entertaining and worth a watch. I don't like the $20 rental but that's a separate topic.

- He’s a clown.1 star

Never again.

- Yes to the movie and the cost is movie theatre prices5 star

WOW! Yes watch this movie! Pull your isolation buddies in front of the screen so the first release cost makes sense and enjoy! Thank you Jon Stewart - I have missed you! Worth every penny and I watched it alone!

- B movie actors for A movie price1 star

Steer clear. You can buy better movies for less.

- Could have been so much better2 star

All the right elements are here; Carrell, Byrne and Stewart but the script needed to be tighter. It was a good watch during quarantine but would have never seen this in the theaters. Wait until it’s cheaper to rent.

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alicereader - Delightful5 star

We loved it. It's a pleasing and interesting story that challenges stereotypes and makes you laugh. It's a light-hearted intelligent caper that promotes decency over villainy. The "enemy" in this movie is worth talking about. At one point in the story, I said to my husband: "Even Jon Stewart can't do age appropriate romance, I guess." So happy to be wrong! Thank you Jon and crew and wonderful actors!

emagreen - Watch to the end.5 star

This was incredibly well written and is an important remark on the state of politics.

User 7315 - Irresistible1 star

Warning: this clearly is not a PG rating! The language is consistently filthy especially in reference to sex. Only watched 20 minutes and then shut it off.

DonKnight - Kept me thinking about it after!5 star

Enjoyable. Worth the watch!

SeaDoo666 - Français French???4 star

Vous faites dur Apple!! Plein de films sont seulement en anglais! Aucun respect pour vos clients québécois? Jurassic pack juste en anglais.. c’est drôle il est en français partout sauf sur iTunes! En plus ici c’est pour Acheter le film! Netflix c’est du streaming! Quand ont l’achete en blu-ray, il est en français! Pourquoi pas ici?? Plein de gros titres comme ça! Trop lâche pour exiger aux distributeurs la version français Canada!!!!

Adalwolf9 - Disappointed1 star

The teasers for led me to believe I would enjoy this Jon Stewart satire. I felt like I was purposely mislead. I didn't finish this film and wish I could have my money returned.

Buckie999 - Awful1 star

This movie not only didn’t make a lot of sense, but it was dull, boring and dragged on forever....

SarahMarshall2934 - Disappointing1 star

Love love love Jon Stewart, this was not his best work

FCury - Nice twist4 star

Funny, truthful and eye opening.

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A+Chef - Whaatttt1 star

20 dollas to watch a film on my 20” tube at home? Hell naw.

4thelittleguy - Save your time and money1 star

Stopped watching it. Not sure who edited this film but they need to go back to film school. Some very awkward scenes that should have been left out. The overall theme of the movie was good, a good twist that you will not see coming until about 6/8th’s in. Will never watch it again. $20 wasted. If you can watch it for free such us on a plane or Netflix then it might be worth it.

77's fan - Apple is exploiting Covid pandemic1 star

Screw Apple. They are taking advantage of a crisis to put $$$ before ethics.

DragFan08 - $20 without 4K?1 star

No excuse for not providing 4K these days.

Funny and Smart! - Funny and Smart!5 star

It was great and SO right.

D.N.TN - Utter garbage1 star

This movie, if you could even call it that, is the same quality of stuff that comes out of the backside of the cows they are filming!

Jon21144 - Eh2 star

I usually like carrel and Stewart but this movie was awful. Dems are elitist and GOPers are evil. Not treading new ground with this take. It’s an oversimplification. Could’ve been interesting if they hadn’t settled on the easiest take, but that takes time and effort. And that twist? Ugh. Terrible. It fails at being irreverent and a meaningful criticism of politics. Go watch the Ides of Match. Whatever your politics are that was at least a good movie and scathing indictment of the political process.

anthony99206 - SCAM ALERT !!1 star

No movie is worth a 20 dollar rental no matter how good it is ! i'm sure i'm not the only one that thinks $20 rentals are a ripoff. this is price gouging at its finest !

Svenskky - dull1 star

relentlessly dull. don't waste your money.

jberg918 - Terrible1 star

It’s a terrible movie not funny at all at its 20 bucks to rent lol. Avoid this garbage

Oxwater - Ugh1 star

Promising cast - bad movie

Zepeda25 - Movie looks terrible1 star

Maybe I’ll watch it on Netflix but it didn’t even look interesting. Def not spending 20 dollars on this.

haooowuuu - This new rental modal is cancer1 star

I was going to purchase this movie, but since they are rolling out the 20 rental modal, I am gonna torrent this for free.

MataiNi - People are idiots5 star

This is to rate the movie, not to rate the fact you don’t like paying $20 to watch it now as opposed to in a few months. 🙄

MATTMMEDIA - 😂🤣😂5 star

I watched it 3 times. Hysterical. Worth the price tag.

Jerboythegreat - The voice of Jon Stewart5 star

In these difficult and incredibly polarized times this is a profound movie outlining the role of money corporations cynicism and political actors in our broken system. Well not a great movie it’s compelling funny and pretty true to our current situation

Huntleyj - $20 to rent is highway robbery1 star

Not worth it

Hguydave - $20 to rent?1 star

Hell no! High cost early release rentals are unwelcome. This does not make up for the theatre experience and should not become a standard. Hopefully the negative reviews make that clear to those that came up with this idea. It’s interesting how Netflix and Amazon manage to release quality content, pay actors better, and not charge extra or pull stunts like this. 🤔 For myself, I’m sticking with books till quarantine is over.

RuckusMayhem45 - Great movie! 👍👍5 star

Firstly, let’s get real here for a minute. The only reason this movie costs $20 to rent is because it was supposed to get released into theaters in May, and due to covid, got released straight to home this month for us to be able to watch. So stop giving poor reviews for a movie due to the rental price when there is a legit reason why this is being done. They’re already out a ton of money with this not being released to theaters and you want to complain for needing to pay $20 to have as many people as you want at your house watching it when you’d have to pay way more than that to see it in theaters with a group of people?? Give me a break. Secondly, it’s a great movie. Would have loved to watch it in theaters but I’m glad they still released it like this for us to be able to see it. Very funny throughout. I think a good, meaningful point being made with this film and I liked that. I love Steve Carell, so naturally, I had to watch this. He’s fantastic in it and the movie is great. So pay the $20 already and watch it! 🙂

ramensoldier81 - Meh1 star

A root canal has more excitement and energy then this film. It’s a mundane pedantic piece. I would not watch this film again if you paid me $20.

logan001! - Wonderful film5 star

This film has a tempered and very even quality that most bigger budget movies fail to achieve. Definitely would recommend if you’re a fan of Jon Stewart and Steve Carrell. Much like the daily show the writing is phenomenal, additionally the story is very solid.

hmj1972 - Price of rental-stop complaining5 star

For all of the jerks leaving comments about the cost, get over yourselves. I haven’t seen it yet, but here’s the deal. They released it straight to rental and bypassed theaters so we would have options of things to watch. It’s less than the price of 2 theater tickets. If you wouldn’t have seen it in the theater and paid that much, stop botching and wait for it to drop to normal rental fees. You can choose not to pay the new release price. No one is forcing you to watch it the moment it drops. I don’t understand the mentality of wanting everything for nothing. They could have held it for theaters to reopen and you would pay more to see it there.

Usafa00 - Wanted to Love This2 star

I wanted to love the film. John Stewart, Steve Carell are two of my favorites. It just didn’t do it for me. I appreciate the general theme of how screwed up our political and election systems are, but the execution wasn’t great.

ljmallory - Great Movie!5 star

I really enjoyed watching this. It’s very current, has a great cast and it has a great twist at the end.

George Karmokolias - Perspective5 star

All you people whining about the rental price would probably pay double to rent Black Widow if it was an option so maybe....maybe give it a rest.

JesterJohn123 - 20 dollars to rent yes5 star

You can not judge a movie by it being 20 dollars to rent, the reason why it is that price is because it is not showing in theaters, it is what they call Video on Demand, Directtv does it, many other providers do it. So stop giving this movie a bad review!

Doctorbow - No thank you1 star

$20 for a rental.... better chance at sell for $28.... if you go to the movies and the movie is bad at least you got out of the house... if you rent a movie for $20 at home and it’s not good then you just wasted 20 bucks...

Sksdjazz - Great movie with the heart of America sewn in!5 star

Great script about Americans taking charge of their political system. I almost hope this happens in real life.

Mr123456789101112 - Paul Reubens5 star

Give me a break people!!! Don’t give the movie a bad review just because you don’t want to pay 20 bucks! This is great, 50 bucks less than taking your date to the movie theater, and as a bonus, pants are optional!

JustMy2Sense - $20 rentals - I WILL ALWAYS PASS1 star

Knock it off Apple! Right NOW!

staten_stl - Excellent movie5 star

Loved it!

re01222 - Brilliant!5 star

As someone who ACTUALLY RENTED THE MOVIE.....let me just say it is wonderfully entertaining. A great eye opener about politics today - brilliant acting and lots of funny moments. This is not a story about a particular political slant, but rather a commentary on the system in general and how broken it is. I don’t think you will regret watching!

amclemore83 - Well Done Movie at a Great Rental Price5 star

Stop complaining about the “new released in theater” price point. Umm... the rental price is high due to the fact it is a theater movie and not a post released movie from already in theater at a discounted rental price. $20 is cheap compared to paying money for an entire family of tickets to view in a theater at around $8-$12/ticket. Have you no idea how this works? I find people’s idiocracy laughable at best. Great movie by the way. My family enjoyed it. Apple, just keep doing what you do best. Thanks!

SZiefle - Nope1 star

I won’t watch anything from Jon Stewart.

Im sick if this so much - What!1 star

Kiss my ass! $19.99 to rent??? Lol!! I don’t care if Jesus comes back in this film. Not worth it!

SteveBYdesign - Insightful, funny, and revealing about our election system.5 star

Leave it to Jon Stewart to write and craft such a witty tale, that sneaks up on you with it's depth and intelligence. Chris Cooper and Steve Carrel are perfectly cast characters, and are surrounded by a generous cast. For those intersted in a fun but startling look of how the politics of a small town reaches further that most of us know, this is a fun ride of a movie.

JohnAnatella - Awesome Movie5 star

Worth the rental!

mjl2021 - People, wake up5 star

This movie, under normal circumstances would’ve been released in the theaters costing between $10 and $15 per ticket. Because of COVID it has been released directly to on demand, therefore it costs more than a movie that has already had its theatrical run. I cannot believe I have to explain this. Apple doesn't set the price, nobody has lost touch. This is actually a good deal. Now, going forward, please review the movie and not the price.

SpaceIsOnly - Rental BS1 star

I get this is supposed to be released in a theatre. It's not in a theatre. That doesn't mean I should have to subsidize that problem.

OilCan1000 - Why $20 rental? Here's why...5 star

Let's be clear. A $20 rental wouldn't have seen the light of day without this current pandemic. This is in lieu of going to a movie theater (closed for quite a few of us still) and paying $12 per person to see the film. The studios must recoup the mandated revenue loss somehow. Like it or hate it, that's the jury-rigged business model they've had to implement, to maintain a chance of profit. Now, if you don't want to pay, that's fine. Wait a few weeks, and likely it'll be available for purchase at regular price, and $6 rental a couple weeks after.

chrisku - Garbage1 star

This movie a terrible. I was expecting more from Stewart directing.

Chapindad - Loved It5 star

This was a really good movie with a lot of laughs and worth every cent. The small town in the movie could be any small town in Wisconsin, Minnesota or North Dakota. The town casting was perfect including the German restaurant. It was really enjoyable and very entertaining. The characters were fun, and the movie had a nice surprise twist. I didn’t mind the $20 rental for a money that would have normally went to the Theaters and then arrive on iTunes several months later. I hope enough people appreciate what Jon Stewart did by releasing it this way and all the movie studios will follow the same model until COVID-19 is over. Disney has several movies I was going to go see and now the theaters are closed, so go ahead and charge me a $20 or $30 rental for the same amount of time it would have been in the Theater. Now I can see it several times in 48 hours in the comfort of my own house.

FDHNEZ - i wouldn't recommend it...2 star

ugh - stupid me paid $20 and i want a refund (: steve and rose are talented but the ending just ruins the whole movie.

Rj1138 - Fun Movie for the Times We Live In5 star

For me this movie spoke perfectly to the ridiculousness of our current media and political structure and how the system uses people, and how it could be used for the betterment of regular people. I loved Jon Stewart’s perspective on The Daily Show and if you enjoyed his voice there you will find it bright and exuberant here. Seeing Carell and Stewart work on a project like this together after all these years was worth at least a few of the best laughs, and as always a shout out to Chris Cooper for for putting in an excellent performance as always. I think everyone would enjoy this movie as it is fairly even handed politically, although told through a Democrat’s lens. The message of the movie is honest and humorous, trying to make the best of the world we live in. Also, I haven’t paid for the $20 rentals until now but I did for this one because I enjoy Jon Stewart and I wasn’t disappointed.

SuperE! - Jon Stewart monologue (extended play)5 star

Great thoughts on campaign finance and the role of money in politics—a long format of the Jon Stewart we remember from The Daily Show when he would make timely, passionate and thoughtful commentary on the state of the world. We need more of this, especially at this moment, more from Stewart, more from those who can help guide our country and our world through these troubled and traumatic days.

Iffyys - Lamini1 star

Stop ripping us off suckas

NoddaCritic - The Star is for the Price, not the Quality of the Film1 star

Wanted to watch, but I’m not paying $20 to do it. I might’ve bought it for that price, but rent? Gimme a break.

wildrevoltinghead - Pandemic3 star

really ??? $20 TO RENT IT !!! It's not worth it....

AnimalLoverCalifornia - $20 Bucks? Who's model is this?2 star

Looks like a good movie, but it seems like too steep a price for any rental. I can stream a premium channel for almost two months for that price. I can't imagine who thought $20 bucks was an acceptable cost. They should rethink this model. They'd certainly make bank at $4.....not at $20.

wslad - Nice twist5 star

Not what I expected. I say that in a good way. I set sort of a low bar. It blew it away. Worth a view for sure.

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Irresistible (2020) movie posters
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