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Two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly perfect rental house may be spying on them. Before long, what should have been a celebratory weekend trip turns into something far more sinister, as well-kept secrets are exposed and the four old friends come to see each other in a whole new light. Alison Brie and Dan Stevens star in this unnerving and sophisticated debut thriller from Dave Franco (NEIGHBORS, IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, THE DISASTER ARTIST). Two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly perfect rental house may be spying on them. Before long, what should have been a celebratory weekend trip turns into something far more sinister. The Rental Wiki

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Secluded getaway. Killer views...

The Rental (2020)

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- I liked it5 star

What’s not to like in a movie with Jeremy White? The only reason I watched it was to see him and he didn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see what he does next 💜 Oh and the movie was pretty good too.

- Gem of a thriller.4 star

This movie was a little bit of a build up for me. But it introduced the characters enough and the suspense was great. Definitely worth a “rental.” Lol. Okay but anyways great little thriller. I went into it with low expectations.

- Kept us on the edge of our seats5 star

Absolutely loved the movie! Kept us on the edge of our seats. The house they rented was huge and beautiful! We’ve also watched it twice. The beginning was a little crappy. But other than that it was a great movie we thought. We love Randall Emmett production movies! And of course the love of his life Lala from Vanderpump Rules! She is why I started checking out his movies. Haven’t been let down on any of his movies yet.

- Better than expected4 star

We rented this movie thinking it was going to be mediocre at best, but it was actually very well made and very intense at times. We weren’t crazy about the ending, but all in all, it was pretty good!

- Garbage not worth your time1 star

The plot was horrible! Super not scary at all!

- No subtitles Spanish1 star


- Not worth it1 star

This is the worst movie ever. Waste of money and waste of time. Could’ve been doing something better with my time than watch a movie go nowhere. I had to give one miserable star in order to right a review.

- Off. Klmccfcc French1 star

R cr. Really ffl. Cr cr C cc FCC rdd Fred Red r o rdcfr life Farrah was cr f Red ccr crccLccc

- Very Over-rated2 star

A B-grade horror flick with a mildly interesting characters. The plot is really poor overall, although the twist at the end is mildly interesting if not predictable. Reminded us of Dusk To Dawn, where the entire meh movie exists for the interesting premise at the end.

- Horrible1 star

A perfect example of one of those movies where nobody acts or does what anyone in real life would do. I liked the premise but the acting and movie itself was laughable

- Watch 13 or 14 Cameras on Netflix2 star

Read the title. Same concept.

- Big bad white guy - NO SPOILERS1 star

The writing was awful. I hated this movie. Really quick to jump to assumptions and think the white guy is the bad guy. Get over yourselves. This is a problem today, people are too quick to think they are being discriminated against, when in reality they’re not. If that chick had an open mind and didn’t think every white male was out to suppress her, bad things wouldn’t have happened. I hate current society way of thinking, it’s pathetic.

- Pretty good4 star

It’s was solid, the ending could’ve been better and tied up some strings to pull the movie together but other than that it was a great movie

- Great movie!5 star

The movie was terrific! It’s not a boring jump scare like every other movie out there and it keeps you wondering.

- Don’t!1 star

Waste of time and money. Absolutely terrible

- Save your money2 star

Enough said.

- Shower head5 star

That shower head camera took pervert to a whole different level

- Entertaining3 star

Enough to rent

- Good4 star

Movie was decent. I would’ve liked if they got further into the plot twist though. Once that happened, the movie goes pretty fast. I didn’t go in with any expectations, but it worked for me.

- Not Good1 star

This movie was not as good as I thought it would be. The las 10 minutes is the climax of the entire film and even that was not very good.

- I enjoyed it more after my second viewing4 star

The atmospherics are haunting thanks to some solid cinematography and outstanding score. There is a familiarity to the plot as it uses classic suspense thriller set ups to tell the story–but I found much of this feeling fresh. The small cast was believable and worked well together. This is definitely worthy for pandemic viewing.

- Movie5 star

Great movie it’s worth a watch don’t read the reviews you have to check it yourself and won’t be disappointed

- There is no story here -- Spoiler alert1 star

4 unlikeable people go on a couples retreat -- random annoymous guy has bugged the house -- then everyone gets killed - Random guy then goes and bugs another house -- The end -- Not well scripted, acting is OK, plot fits on one side of a book of matches, not cleaver, not suspenseful, not scary --

- worst1 star

i turned it off. uninteresting plot. too bad. trudy from madman

- Blah.1 star

Even the Wiki summary of the plot was boring. The actual movie was worse.

- No story1 star

There basically wasnt a story and became very predictable.

- It’s a good movie5 star

Stop the complaints on here about what you expected. It’s a good movie with a simple plot with a good twist. Worth the rental but doubt I’d buy it.

- Don’t waste your time1 star

Good idea. Poor script. Boring.

- Great Movie5 star

I really like this movie I would rent it again

- Finally!!5 star

This movie is very well-acted and beautifully filmed. Couldn’t have asked for a better cast. I just wish it was longer and had better closure at the end.

- Empty, but Different3 star

This is a different horror film than we’re used to seeing. It’s an independent, short, and simple horror/thriller. I might call it mumblegore since it relies on naturalistic acting of 20/30-year olds and a low budget. It follows a pair of couples staying in a rental house, when they realize something strange and creepy is happening. The film has some things I appreciate like characters blatantly calling out racist characters’ microaggressions and a plot that subverts expectations. However, the film is weak in its motivations and the sense of emptiness it carries. There’s not much going on and some plot decisions are strange and frustrating, in a sense that it ruins parts of the movie. Overall, my favorite part of the film was probably how interesting the montage scene is.

- Average2 star

Not really original. Same bland suspense/thriller type of movie. Ending was kinda interesting. 😐 I don’t know🥱

- Don’t....1 star

Movie is trash, i was very disappointed with this movie. Could of been better

- Starts and ends nowhere1 star

What a waste of time and money. This film tells no story, it raises many questions that all go unanswered. Thoroughly unsatisfying.

- maybe a 6/10?2 star

the acting was really good. of course because of the main characters & their resumes. but the movie was pretty boring, nothing was really suspenseful & the "suspenseful" parts were over as fast as they started..

- Literally one of the worst movies1 star

Slow. Boring. No suspense besides the music. Pointless. Don’t waste $7 on this “movie”. Get yourself a coffee instead. You’ll thank me.

- Not Sure What They Were Going For3 star

Overall I liked the majority of the movie, but felt the first hour was good at setting up the plot and then the last half hour was rushed killing with a bad explanation of what was going on.

- How Can Writers2 star

Make a filme this terrible?

- Saw in theaters3 star

Wasn’t a bad movie but could’ve been better. First hour is slow and drawn out and the suspenseful parts were good but fell short.

- A waste of and hour and half.1 star

This movie really went no where. Wish i could have that hour and half back. Don’t waste your time.

- Watch 13 Cameras instead1 star

Good acting but very little happens and when the showdown with the low grade killer comes, there’s no fight. Super lame. This movie has already been done better - save your money and watch 13 Cameras

- terrible...1 star

I had high hopes but come on man its exactly the same as The Open House on netflix, and i hated that movie too, but somehow in some way The Rental turned out WORSE...

- Thumbs down 👎1 star

The movie is based off of a interesting concept. Makes you think with today’s technology... just who is watching ? 👁 👁

- Don’t rent it trust me on this1 star


- Pretty good4 star

I liked it! Worth watching

- Decent, not memorable3 star

Very little payoff. The buildup was decent, but there was almost no point to the climax and the motivations of characters made no sense. Would not recommend.

- A refreshing take on horror4 star

This is the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” should have been. A terrific work of suspense and horror complimented by terrific acting, well shot cinematography and a eerie soundtrack. There are no cheap thrills with this film. It builds for the first hour then pays dividends for the last act (even through the credits). On this budget, Dave Franco earned my respect and I will look forward to his future works. I sure hope it’s in horror. A tight 90 minute enjoyable experience. Bravo! 👏🏻

- Stupid1 star

Waste of $6.99. Wish i read the reviews before renting. The movie has no payout at the end. Last 10 minutes everything is rushed with no explanation

- Yeet1 star

Watch outpost that’s better

- Unexpected thrilling thriller4 star

All I have to say is I felt the movie was thrilling enough to not regret rental price, would have spent fortune in the movie theatre. A hot shower scene doesn’t hurt& nice directorial debut for Dave Franco

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austintylerl - Pretty lame2 star

Crumby ending. Especially for a hollywood veteran

Ratchison55 - So Suspenseful!5 star

Great job by Dave Franco keeping me on the edge of my seat all movie. A must watch! The best part is I got to see Jeremy Allen White(Lip) from Shameless kill his role. Best movie I have watched this year. The ending was soso is my only complaint. But, I get what Dave was going for. Movie of the year so far. Nice to grt out of my head for an hour and a half!!!

Kobe & Stan the Man - Thrilling but left with questions unanswered3 star

Pretty good movie but fell short with a hammer guy ending. Felt rushed with no explanation of who or why. Worth a rent but not a re-watch.

fupaloop - Answer the question3 star

Is it a Rental?

Rodolfo12mec - What?2 star

Good concept but no ending no explanation, no story development, all I needed at the end of the movie was “why” and “who”

808_ohana - Good enough for a $6.99 rental3 star

Entertaining movie BUT......I wanted closure 😂

A's iPad Play - The name says it all.1 star

This has the superficial look of a decent movie and the general idea behind it is a good idea but the movie is awful. The characters motivations are unconvincing at best and the story is a burning pile of overacted cliches. The title “The Rental” is not referring to the house but to the quality of the movie as it would never be called “The buyer.”

kdkkkvk - Good first try3 star

The cinematography in this movie is amazing but it lacks a real plot. Honestly worth the watch but so long and tedious.

zch673 - No1 star

Predictable, dumb, terrible ending. I can't believe someone made ANOTHER one of these weekend get away murder movies. No.

corben77 - Twist ending was no twist and no ending2 star

We were entertained, but not satisfied. Glad I did t buy the movie.

Evinn - Good for a director debut, but the ending?3 star

Im a avid fan of this genre, and i must say, there was a mix of good elements here. The broken couple moments, the cheating, the lying. That will keep you interested, but the ENDING. There was no explination or motive to why the killer was doing this. The writer got lazy here. I would have even accepted, that he was an old HS friend who wanted to take the company, or a jealous ex, or even the caretaker, but just to have a crazy person who just does this....highly unbelievable. Maybe thats what makes it even a little wierder and even more successful, is that this movie will rial you up because of the ending. It will def leave you wanting more. I dont know if thats good or bad.

Privatebarb - If you’re into cliffhangers3 star

I give it 3 stars because it started off a great movie with a great plot and story, but it ended horribly. I am glad it was a $6 rental.

Harper Clancy - Ridiculous1 star

I thought of several unique and satisfying endings to this movie durring a quick bathroom break. This was absolutely absurd... unless the Writer had a personal vendetta with Air B&B and wanted to affect their business, who knows? It makes no sense. A serial killer with this MO would be profiled and hunted. I never do reviews, but this was so thoughtless, and actually had potential only to be AWFUL, I had to warn you. Anyone who highly reviewed this was paided to do so.. The theater would give me another ticket to see something at least 2 stars. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

_fahqme - Meh4 star

It holds you and grips you till the very end, but what you’re left with is an interpretive ending that leaves you stumped and somewhat terrified.

Smitty 68 - Excellent — and scary!5 star

This one had me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommended.

ErikArvizu98 - Predictable but fun5 star

THATS all lol

Beer&ashot - Predictable2 star

Predictable and a little corny. Hope for more but it’s everything you would expect. Nothing new, you’ve seen this 100 times. It may kill an hour and a half of serious boredom for you but that’s about it.

K.J.LUVSMUSIC - Very pridictable plot - with no true ending3 star

It entertained me, but I wouldn't recommend. It's extrenmely pridictable and then actions happen with no explanation. It's almost as if the director got bored with thier own movie and decided to just end it and wrap it up. Kinda like when you buy a nice present and instead of having it nicely gift wrapped in a box with a beautiful bow and ribbon, you shove it in a used gift bag with leftover tissue wrap.

trendingboys - ICF CHEAP1 star

As always ifc movies are cheap and boring

tv com - Save your time and money...1 star

To help you save your time and money on this crap, let me help you... The owner of the property did not bug the house. He gets beaten up by Josh and the killer kills him first. Michelle gets killed next then Charlie. Josh then gets killed and Mina runs off the cliff at the end because it was dark and she didn’t see where she was going. The killer then removes all the cameras in the house and moves on to his next victims. There is no explanation who or why the killer is doing this so, eh... Don’t bother with this snorefest of a movie.

theproducermx - Ending?3 star

Not good not bad, it was ok for a rainy Saturday evening.

SnyderHamza - Decent4 star

Ending could of been more thorough

Ginowoolf - Excellent mix of drama and horror5 star

This film was amazing! It blended tense relationship drama with a unique horror twist! Definitely worthy of a sequel! Great acting and taut directing!! Definitely a fun and scary watch!!! Enjoy!!!

mjc65896 - Eh it was okay4 star

It was ok. I enjoyed the leading up to, but the end to me fell flat. Disappointed in the ending.

Ian Robert McKown - Expected more with the hype3 star

I know it’s quite en vogue to not give the audience all the answers...but this really didn’t go anywhere

Pfunk81 - Do yourself a favor and rent “The Rental!”5 star

This movie was EXCELLENT! I was not disappointed! Dave Franco did a great job with this film! I wouldn’t be surprised if a Part II was made, and if so, I’m gonna see it!!! Five and a half thumbs up! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤙🏽

Joseph Mans - Ummm...1 star

This is literally the same movie as that Emily Ratajkowski movie w Aaron Paul. Welcome Home. How can they get away with that??

AppDevDude - Not bad3 star

Not great. Wish it had ended differently.

mklani - Reggie the French Bulldog Deserved Better1 star

That’s all.

Richmoves - Capable handling of a familiar plot.4 star

OK, it's not the most original script, but Dave Franco handles it well and shows promise as a good Director here. 🎥

RainDrop920 - A Unique Thriller5 star

Awesome cast and really potent ending! Good job to director Dave Franco.

JeffreyFry470 - So good5 star

Essential summer viewing! #mumblegore

mark2003 - Again?1 star

This is one of those movies you can fast forward the first 45 min until the crazy owner comes to kill them. Followed by 30 min of jump scares. Once a week one of these comes out, save your $7

Fland12 - Scary, twisted fun5 star

Good to have an old school slasher this summer

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