The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector Summary and Synopsis

David (Bobby Soto) and Creeper (Shia LaBeouf), are ‘tax collectors’ for the crime lord Wizard, collecting his cut from the profits of local gangs’ illicit dealings. But when Wizard’s old rival returns to Los Angeles from Mexico, the business is upended, and David finds himself desperate to protect what matters more to him than anything else: his family. David Cuevas is a family man who works as a gangland tax collector for high ranking Los Angeles gang members. He makes collections across the city with his partner Creeper making sure people pay up or will see retaliation. An old threat returns to Los Angeles that puts everything David loves in harm’s way. The Tax Collector Wiki

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Payback comes with interest...

The Tax Collector (2020)

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The Tax Collector Movie Reviews

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- Beautiful5 star

Great movie

- Great Movie5 star

This movie was better than I expected. Good story line

- Pfffff2 star

Just...just not good. Bad acting, had a couple scenes of good action. Really wanted to like it but couldn’t wait till it was over. Two stars bc I’m nice.

- 11111115 star

the message was clear in that movie good production already know who are the mere mere Mexicans

- Nope!1 star

Don’t waste one penny on this. I’m easily entertained and this is extremely boring and a major let down!

- Trash2 star


- Disappointed2 star

I had high expectations for this film from the trailer that was released. The build up of the movie was great but after the big shooting scene I wasn’t satisfied with the film. Could’ve ended way better and could’ve done a better job of the filming with the main character as well horrible acting!

- Eh4 star

Picked up in the middle. Didn’t care for the beginning or the end. The main actor wasn’t compelling. Could’ve been much better. Maybe a directors cut.

- Can this kid just go away1 star


- Not good, not bad...2 star

The storyline is good, the director’s execution is bad, Shia is not believable as the Creeper character, maybe he was doing the director a favor for the movie but he should have hard passed on this.

- Must See!4 star

I really liked this movie! It’s bloody for sure👍. I liked the story line and of course it was well written. Soto, Lopez, Shia were solid in this movie. I really liked Shias character.

- Not worth it1 star

Do not waste your money!

- Misleading...1 star

All the trailers for this movie advertised that Shia LaBeouf was going to be in the majority of the movie but he wasn’t... I feel like they used him to sell this movie and it was a real let down... the acting sucked really bad from all characters except Labeof’s... I do not recommend buying this movie...

- It was ok!3 star

Could of used more action more chaos it was really rushed not enough of Shia I wanted to see him be unleashed!! But it’s a ok movie to pass the time!! I loved Shias character he’s still so sexy and crazy!!

- Waste of money1 star


- Really good movie4 star

For those that lived and been surrounded by this lifestyle, this movie reminds me of the classic movies like Blood In, Blood Out & American Me...The only complaint is the main actor. It would have been great if the leading role would have more of not only an intimidating presence but also a more deep and gritty voice. As for Shia LeBouf, he definitively had an outstanding performance as a supporting role playing cholo!

- Really Grewat Film5 star

We have all seen or heard the rumors of what I assume is the Mexican Mafia and their control of the prison system and the tenticles that reach beyond the walls. This movie rapidly describes what it is or might actually be like with brutal class. Its brilliant in its descriptive content, and outcome. The loyalty of family and honor comes shining through, with an ever present sledgehammer of family love. I liked that the main character rose up to save his family above his family. You have to watch to understand. Its worth the rental price! GO FOR IT!

- A total loss of two hours1 star

What did I just watch!?

- Love this movie!5 star

I totally, didn’t expect Shia to play a roll like this. He did an awesome job.

- Creeper 😍5 star

...even if he wasn’t the main character. Still a good movie.

- Extremely violent5 star

If you want to be entertained, and see an extremely violent movie, this is the one for you. If not, you won’t like this. Anyone voting this movie poorly based on Shia acting like he was Latino is ridiculous.

- Very entertaining...4 star

Can’t understand the bad reviews. It’s an entertaining movie with a good portrait of LA latin suburbia and the criminality within. Shia’s acting is great.

- Rent before buying.1 star

This film is FILLED with Plot holes. Throughout the whole movie David Ayers keeps you wondering what is actually going on. Shia SHINES of course. But the writing and acting were sub par. This film felt rushed and poorly edited. There is much needed character development for this film. I’m glad i rented.

- Dope Movie5 star

Sold Chicano Gangster flick!!! Best Shia LaBeouf performance ever!

- Bad version of Sicario3 star

Not a bad movie but also not a great movie. Wanted more Shia in it and not the boring main character. Still worth the one watch.

- Brutal watch2 star

Expected more considering how good end of watch was.

- Promising start but ...2 star

It felt short right in the middle. Shia’s promising role also felt short. Story builds good and just unfolds in a few minutes. Everything becomes easily predictable. Had high hopes ...

- 💯💯DON’T READ THIS **spoilers** PLEASE READ THIS💯💯5 star

The biggest mistake in this entire movie (it is perfection) except for when Shia (Creeper) is killed..... completely ruined an opportunity for a sequel........ (lets be honest, the main mexican gangster actor person is not really good.. his performance was pennies in comparison to Shia.) This will probably always be a movie I wish they would have made a sequel out of... idk Shia should have been THEEE MAIN ACTOR!!!! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!?!?!?? SHIA please make another movie like this, please... for the love of God I need another movie like this where homeboy doesn’t die.....

- Waste of money1 star

This was the worst movie I think I’ve ever watched. The acting was terrible, down to the casting. I mean George Lopez as a gangster? Really? Just a terrible movie, I ended it before it was even over. I should sue Apple for my $7 back.

- It should have been longer!2 star

The movie seemed too rushed, creeper needed a bigger role, I would rent and not buy it!

- Heart pounding story line5 star

Love how Family is David’s main priority. Could have loved a different ending, but this isn’t a fairy tale...

- good good5 star

it needed more action scenes but still good...

- Terrible movie1 star

This movie was wack maybe if COVID wasn’t happening it could have been good, They would have had a more thought movie 👎🏽👎🏽

- Worth every dollar5 star

South central Los Angels represent! I wonder where all the one star ⭐️ are from. I can assure you that emotions will be all over the place. It’s very easy to understand the plot of the story.

- It was actually great5 star

Great performance by all actors , my boy Shia LaBeouf did a great performance I really thought he was raza

- Rent or buy?5 star

I rented this and loved it. Thinking about buying it because I loved it so much. I think both actors did a great job. I would love to see more LA gangster movies like this. Shia did an amazing job! I’ve never seen him in a role like this and just wow! I think we all forget the talent this man has. And with that said, I think I just talked myself into buying it lol.

- Good movie5 star

Wish Shia did more action in the movie

- Bad1 star

Really Bad Movie Cast, play, nothing coherent in this movie. Overplay the ganster or gansta caracter I’ve got u ... 😂

- Awesome movie!5 star

This is a good entertaining movie. A lot of stuff i didn't see coming!!!

- Waste1 star

Advertised as an action / gang movie never pays off all of the action is in the trailer . Weak movie with lame story

- Great story poorly executed2 star

The movie was very promising in its trailer. The theme of the movie had good potential but the puzzle pieces seemed forced in place. Shia Lebeouf’s character Creeper seemed like a good role and I was excited to see him act however, well I don’t want to give away spoilers. It’s good for a Friday night manly movie night but not for Saturday night blockbuster movie nights.

- Good Actually😂4 star

TBH I reall started to watch it because I found out Lana Parrilla was going to be in the movie. But it turned out to be a good movie.

- Disappointing1 star

Had expectations like "Sicario" or something. First half is like a documentary "a day in the life of a tax collector". The second half is...some mafia/gang action. I don't want to spoil anybody but...see yourselves.

- Ugh1 star

Wait till it comes out on HBO or somewhere. Not worth the 6 bucks

- Meh3 star

Listen, it wasn’t worth the rental fee. In fairness, if I caught this on a subscription app I wouldn’t hate it. And I didn’t hate it. It’s just not very interesting. If there are “B” movies, this one is a “A-“ movie. Not quite a B but close.

- Trash1 star

I looked forward to this movie only to be the worst movie I have ever seen🤦🏻‍♂️

- Amazing5 star

I loved it!!! Great movie. I honestly thought the movie was intense!!! Hope they make a second part. Sad creeper had to die..

- Garbage1 star

The movie sucked, the end!

- Terrible terrible movie1 star

Terrible ending, it needed more Shia.

- Great movie !!!5 star

Finally a movie on Mexicans and it was so good !!

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johnlw2 - Needed to be longer2 star

Without giving much away the movie needed to be way longer. Needed better character development and I felt like something was missing. It’s a good movie to rent. Honestly, it should’ve went straight to netflix and i would've given it another star. Not a terrible movie but should’ve been better.

William Zavis - Basura1 star

This film is a waste of time. Watched better student films. This director has wasted the time of the actors and actresses as well as anyone who watches.

l-o-b-o - Ok2 star

I was expecting more ... pero no bueno

BongoVonZipper - Weak1 star

Zero character development, felt like watching a 90 minute music video.

Kaplan's Music - Just bad. Not good bad either.2 star

Save your time and money.

GodsNu - Ok5 star

Had fun

natce722 - Terrible!!!1 star

I’ve given it one star only because they won’t allow me to rate less than 1 star. The narrative was terrible, the acting sucked and why did it cost $5.99 for such trash??!!! DON’T waste your money or your time.

MeMeMeAndYoudfg586 - Just terrible1 star

No story, cussing, RANDOM.

bootyliciousbubblegun - Bummer1 star

I’ve seen better acting on tik tok. No cap

Rand The Russian - Awful.....but really it’s a awful1 star

One star is generous. It’s so bad I took the time to write a review.

MA93! - Crazy5 star

Definitely got to my emotions, thought this movie was great.

cgclark - Oof1 star

Not good.

TTMolina - Shia was freakin Grreat!!!5 star

Movie was so good. Omg, a must see!

[email protected] - Great movie5 star

Great movie

TainoNoel - Great plot - ok execution3 star

The movie was great from the beginning until the action kicked off, they was kinda fast and all over the place, then the end back to being good. So I liked the movie, but the action parts could have been more in depth. Overall worth the rental price.

jsufurir - Mediocre2 star

No real flow to the movie. Shia got a big tattoo for nothing, in my eyes. He was portrayed to be the main character and was far from it and then killed off almost instantly. The other actor was okay not anything to write home about. Expected a lot more out of it.

Obn0R2k2 - What a bad film - do anything else besides watching this1 star

So much to unpack. First, reviews giving it 4 and 5 stars are paid reviews or bots. Second, terrible story that is super rushed. Third, very little character development. Fourth, why is Shia even in this film? Fifth, so many stereo types way over played.

Lotrboy89 - Had to watch it twice5 star

Watching this movie the first time was a bit of a ride for me. Be honest, I didn’t really like it. But when I watched it a second time, understanding more concept and motives, it’s a really good movie. Shia Labeouf is an underrated actor, and people who say this is brown face for him clearly don’t understand what acting is. That is acting. Cheers to all who made this film, it’s a deep film and the acting is great. Awesome flic.

Padrino9186 - Wait until it’s on tv1 star

Notice all the good reviews came out on the same day...they’re fake Movie started decent and then turned so unrealistic and rushed that it made the movie stupid. Not a single character was fleshed out whatsoever and the second half of the movie was super cringy “gang fights” and the lead character using the jujitsu moves that he learned in a single lesson from earlier in the film. And Shia wasn’t the lead like the trailers make him out to be.

Joejhorn - Worth the money4 star

Took my mind away from my problems for awhile - worth it!

TamDelight - Soooo Freaking Good!!5 star

Oh my! This movie is so good! Kind of brutal but chileeeeeeeee I highly recommend!

Ffgda - Fake telenovela!1 star

Worst movie I have ever watch. Good thing I only rented. Wow! I thought I was watching some fake telenovela but not even. Even the bad telenovela is worth watching, they don’t have the budget but they have great story. NOT WORTH IT!

E from LC - Just bad1 star

Bad acting, bad storyline, bad music score. It really looked like a low budget movie.

BobbyJams - Terrible1 star

What an absolute waste of money and time. This movie tries to be epic so hard the whole way through and it’s so typical and the acting is horrendous by everyone.

E.F.Moore - Worthy5 star

Would love to see another

RiosEstrella - Love it ❤️5 star

I thought it was slow in the beginning! But the middle and end was good. I will buy it. Watch it again.

Anthax1 - Wao!5 star

Best movie I’ve seen in years! Str8 gansta! Bloodiest!!!!

Ronin 5150 - The director dropped the ball3 star

This was a decent movie not great not unforgettable but decent. If you’re a fan of Harsh Times or End of Watch like I am this is not nearly as good as those. Shia in all honesty was the best part of this movie.

Xander08907060 - Movie was bad ass!5 star

Shia was great along with an amazing cast! When is the sequel coming out?

lefty-2184 - Could’ve been better3 star

This film started out great and would’ve been great but it’s ok instead because you first kill off the best actor in the movie before it’s even close to being over. The actor is Shia labeouf.

craigg12 - Director should have stayed in high school1 star

Crap... bad acting, bad writing ... just bad

Twitch user - Disappointed at Shia labeouf/ Good movie though!2 star

Honestly expected way more out of Shia leabeouf but the movie was pretty good itself.

Jgoods08 - Decent3 star

The movie built up really good for about the first 50 minutes or so. After that the tempo of the movie just felt rushed. I was really into it for a while but just felt that they ran out of time. If it had been about 30 minutes longer I’m sure they could have ironed that out.

nyctelecaster - almost mediocre3 star

Shia LaBeof was captivating and most the cast was believable. But I felt the story was far fetched, predictable and bordering on mediocre. Aside from the Shia LaBeof performance, 'The Tac Collector' wa not a memorable movie experience.

Polar.Bear. - Worth renting4 star

Good gangster movie, violent, choppy at times. Wouldn’t buy it but a nice rental. Hoped for more from Shia and played creeper role pretty good. Story could’ve had more depth, felt thin.

Jaysus777 - Worst film of 20201 star

Horrendous script, laughable acting. I cant believe this is a david ayer film.

I_Will_End_You - Nice5 star

Good movie

한정이 - Crazy you5 star


Hhahgd - Dont watch1 star

If your expecting something like training day with denzel Washington then dont watch this cause it anit near as good as that. Shia labeluf dies halfway thru the movie, the action wasnt really action. Movie got weird as the guy got more satanic with the human sacrafice and the wnding will just leave you irritated not even worth it! Id give it half a star. Shia labeluf career going downhill

Ronnie Van Hagen - Not bad!4 star

This wasn’t that bad of a movie like the reviews claim it to be. Reminded me of End if Watch

oh my glop - THE TAX COLLECTOR5 star

I mean, this is a joke and I don’t want to really see it bc I don’t want to waste my money soo u can just Watch the trailer or whatever

HelloiamJesika - Lame2 star

It could have been so good. But it was cheesy

MoyXdxD - Todo bien menos Anuel 🤢5 star


Devinair from Ny - 🔥🙏🏾🚀3 star

Great Film with Different Characters and a cool plot. I would have love to see Creeper do some major damage in this film. David and Creeper’ Brotherhood was dope and the family origns was a plus.

AirJordanXX2 - Horrible movie. Wasted my money1 star

I don’t recommended this movie. Don’t waste your money

Dorian Leiva - I dislike Shia1 star

I dislike Shia LaBeouf.

SalvadorGarcia1 - Very good movie highly recommend5 star

Strongly recommend

CCResendez - Liked it5 star

Pretty good. Wish creeper didn’t get killed

Aherre - Awesome movie!5 star

Great movie to watch, haven’t seen a movie this good in years.

Gbera310 - Better than expected5 star

I honestly wasn’t going to watch it the day it came out given the ratings were pretty bad but my boyfriend insisted, honestly I’m glad I gave in. This movie was bad as f***. I’m from LA so I understand the culture. Shia did a great job. I had to watch it again the day after cause I really liked it.

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