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The Secret: Dare to Dream centers around Miranda Wells (Katie Holmes), a hard-working young widow struggling to raise three children on her own. A powerful storm brings a devastating challenge and a mysterious man, Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas), into her life. In just a few short days, Bray's presence re-ignites the family's spirit, but he carries a secret—and that secret could change everything. A widow with three children hires a handyman to fix her house during a major storm. When not doing home repairs, he shares his philosophy of believing in the power of the universe to deliver what we want. The Secret: Dare to Dream Wiki

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The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)

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- What happened to the $5.99 rental4 star

Trying to rent movie rental vanished

- ill wait1 star

I willl wait......#$%^&*(O)

- Nope1 star

We are in this together?? I’ll stick with supporting those who are showing compassion for the hardship that many of their fans are having by releasing movies with the option of $20-$24 to purchase/own not just rent. I won’t spend a dime on this movie or any other movie these leading actors and producers are in just on the principle for their lack of compassion and greed. I can afford to rent $20 as I have been blessed to keep job security during this time and I pass those blessings on in my community, it’s about those families during this time that can barely afford their bills. Cut them some slack and start showing some compassion in your movie pricing options.

- No good1 star

Movie is not good. Don't drink the cool aid and don’t believe the lies the devil sells. False teachings. Demonic doctrine... read your Bible and stop letting the devil lie with the same trash he used on Adam and Eve. You’re human not the creator. Your words don’t create. We simply ask God and out of his Holy wisdom and sovereignty he will answer according to his purpose. Jesus Christ of the Bible is the only answer and he is the only way to happiness and true peace. You are worth so much because Jesus put a worth on you and he paid it with his own life for love out of you and me. Don’t drink the devils cool aid he’s lost the war but Jesus won the victory...

- Ugh1 star

Going in this looked like a Hallmark movie but the acting is so wooden and the points so preachy that by the end you scratch your head as to why you spent $20 for a rental

- Loved it!5 star

I wasn’t sure what to expect; but if you are in the mood for a heart warming, down to earth love story ...... this is your ticket!!

- Just a good Feel Good movie!!!5 star

Not great but good I would have gave this 4 and a half stars but whatever anyway this is a pretty good feel good movie for the family I even would say it felt like watching instant family at moments but it more like most family dramdys are today and it ok I do highly recommend it to anyone who needs positivity I highly recommend it must buy!!!!

- The Secret Dare to Dream4 star

Delightful movie. Beautiful People and scenery!! Relax and enjoy!!

- Waste of time!1 star

First off, if I’m paying $20 for a rental it better be a blockbuster hit! Not a piece of garbage that’s based on a belief system that’s complete and total BS. I was surprised to see quality actors in such a movie. I guess they just cared about a pay day!

- Accidentally rented it5 star

Accidentally rented it and to my surprise It was a great movie, will definitely buy it when available.

- YES!! —LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! 🎥 🍿5 star

I absolutely LOVE ❤️ this movie! —Just the uplifting shot in the arm I needed!!! ...And this big Dawson’s Creek fan has ALWAYS had a big crush on Katie Holmes, WHATEVER she is doing!!! Josh Lucas is wonderful. E —On the whole a terrificly sweet and mood lightening movie!! (—And, yes, I do now want to read up more on my old copy of “The Secret” Sorry! 😂)

- Great movie!5 star

Josh Lucas and Katie Holmes have an amazing Chemistry! Movie is heartwarming with Love, Hope and Faith. Good things do happen even when you least expect it. I give it 5 stars!

- Amazing movie!5 star

I loved every second of it! I have read the books and the movie really clicks and resonates with me! All the actors/actresses are so talented. I loved the story concept and it changes you for the better!

- No one is force to rent5 star

I understand the frustration of paying $20 to rent a movie to watch but do people forget the current situation where the movie makers are doing this? No one is force to rent any movie and maybe practice patience when it’s available to purchase. You pay an average of $10 for movie tickets per person but I rent this at home for 4 people to watch in the confort of our own home. We even watched it multiple times and save money on gas and snacks at the theater. I read this book about 6 years ago and my family enjoyed this movie. Worth it for us.

- The secret dare to dream5 star

Absolutely love this movie

- Feel good movie5 star

Looking for a good family movie with a feel good message. You’ll enjoy this one

- Amazing5 star

Loved this movie. Made our whole family cry laugh love. Incredible.

- Nice Break5 star

This was a great feel good movie. That’s a nice change from most of the movie available today. Everyone needs something to feel good about these days.

- It’s taking too long5 star

It’s taking too long to release it ITunes . I want to purchase it not rent it

- It’s an ok movie.. not worth $203 star

It was just an ok movie. It definitely feels like it was made for Hallmark. the acting in it isn’t bad.. it’s the story itself. my wife seemed to enjoy it but she agrees it felt like a hallmark movie.

- Great Movie5 star

If you like love stories then this movie is a must see!

- Loved it!!5 star

Yes, it is expensive to rent but how much would you spend for even two people to see it and that doesn’t include snacks and drinks. A very uplifting and positive movie that we all need rn!

- Worth the $205 star


- Really great movie5 star

I know this movie is based on the Secret book or doc but really it was just an all around good story. It was shot well, the actors played well, and the storyline was entertaining. 5-stars for sure.

- What do you not understand?5 star

This is an early release. How much would it cost you to take you and a friend to the theater? Hollywood is testing the waters, because going to the theater is something that is absolutely dying.

- It's Nothing Like "The Secret"1 star

Watch the original. Save your time and money on this one. Stressed out lady does no affirmations, no visualizations, no gratitude, no meditation. NONE of the things you would actually do to have the Law of Attraction work for you in your life are covered in this movie. One character has a positive attitude and that's it. The original "The Secret" movie had a profound impact on my life. It would have been so easy for them to throw in a scene about gratitude, visualization, meditation, affirmations, or ANYTHING that people can do to improve their life. Yet NONE of that was included. So dissapointing.

- The Secret1 star

I agree too expensive to rent. I want to buy!!

- Good4 star

I liked this movie because it promoted something positive during some tough times. I can see why some folks would call it cheesy and maybe so but there was something really engaging with the dynamic of this love story which involved the children and their voice in the matter. That doesn't always happen with adults, to actually ask the kids what they want when it comes to seeing their parents dating. Just a good film, not life changing but encouraging and much better than hallmark!

- Great Family Feel-Good Film5 star

At such a dark time in our world, this was a perfect release. A movie about hope and remembering who we are. It was predictable, but wholesome. Great chemistry as well. I see many 1 star reviews because of the price. I will gladly pay $20 to see a new movie. It would have cost twice as much, if not more, to have watched in the theaters.

- Great feel good movie5 star

Nice, light and warm movie.

- 🙄 haters gonna hate5 star

At first I cringed at $19.99 to rent not own ONLY because I want to own this film. I was able to watch it 4 times. Worth the price. Stay home. Watch the movie. Live your best life.

- Great!5 star

This was a good movie!

- Best5 star

Best show

- inspirational!5 star

The secret dare to dream was an amazing feel good movie. I had no problem streaming it at the comfort of my house. This movie was written so phenomenally! I had my rental for 24 hours on amazon prime, and i watched it three times! Every time I watched it I fell in love with the meaning and story even more! Family friendly and would definitely recommend.

- Very hallmark a complete waste of 19.991 star

Don’t waste your money.

- Tricky propaganda1 star

Mixing truth (The Secret) with normalizing Cheating. It's subtle, isn't it? Reap what you sow, people. Reap what you sow. Use the Secret AND be loyal to your spouse.

- Cash Grab1 star

Many now view The Secret as “that movie that came out years ago where people thought they could sit in their house and think nice thoughts and all their dreams would come true”. We’ve moved on, but clearly the producers behind the first film needed another cash grab. Nothing new here except the concepts from the first movie being woven into a film narrative. If you’re even curious, wait for it to show up on Netflix.

- Beautiful message!!!5 star

Love this movie! Great message about the power of positive thinking. I will be buying it. Well done!!!

- Dare to Dream3 star

The movie looks like it would have been good to watch, unfortunately the streaming experience SUCKED! Would pause for 2 -10 minutes or the sound would go away - finally at 26 minutes in it just never came back on. So I'm rating the experience, not the movie.

- The books are great and so was the first movie!5 star

My wife and I were watching this film together but then we noticed it caught our kids attention as well (lol) so we all ended up enjoying this film as a family : ) Don't want to ruin it for anyone but this is a great movie with a wonderful message.

- Chick flick but good5 star

Nice twist good ending / I liked it

- Wow...5 star

Every now a then a gem comes out of nowhere. This was worth $20 folks. Watched it with my 12 yo son and 9 yo daughter. Kept all of our attention till the very end. There is hope people, just believe.

- Simply awesome!5 star

Amazing movie! Definitely recomendable!

- AMAZING5 star

It spoke to me in so many ways. Congratulations! To me the movie is a success!

- Great movie5 star

Well acted and good story. Worth the price. Great to have some new options to watch.

- Loved it.5 star

As a big fan of The Secret, i didn’t know what to expect. I am so happy I took the dip. It was a great movie, touching, too.

- Boring1 star

Soooo boring

- Very cute, relaxing, great acting5 star

I haven’t seen Katie Holmes in any movies lately but she was great in it, very natural and oh my gosh, Josh, he is still the same guy I remember from Sweet home Alabama. It’s a movie for a relaxing night or at least for me:)

- Too expensive4 star

I’m not paying 20 dollars for a rental. When will this movie be available to buy?

- Great movie!5 star

It is a great movie.

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lilizach - Why so expensive???1 star

Never seen such price for a rental. As much as I would love to see it, that price is for buying the movie not rent it. Disappointing that itune is doing that.

AbbyzDreamDayze - Not worth it2 star

I was really hoping for something electrifying for the rental price. I was very disappointed.

Sybelle4321 - Multilangue??3 star

Cela fait 2 fois que je loue un film dans la section multilangue mais au final est dispo seulement en anglais! C'est frustrant!! Le film est tres bon par contre!

Bay Happy - Loved it - feel good movie5 star

When I see value in something I will Pay the price and I really enjoyed this movie. It was cheaper than going to the movies and I watched it twice:)

Red Shaker - RIP1 star

Not paying that much to rent a movie!

Mick7263 - Very disappointed1 star

I watched the “original” The Secret. It was the best, the remake is not as good without Abraham! Why they were taken out is beyond me. Now you want $19.99 to rent it... starting to feel like just a money scam.....

Beth229 - Let’s see....1 star

$19.99 to rent... I think not. That’s a purchase price for a decent movie.

Ketchancookem - Ahhhhh.......nope1 star

Rental-rip, no-go

kassie52 - good movie4 star

loved it

DanaLeeanna - Wonderful Storyline!5 star

Absolutely loved this movie. The storyline is very good. This movie is warm hearted and romantic.

no-lab - WTF1 star

I remember when the first books and inspirational videos appeared and I can’t believe this was made. Might at as well phone Dionne Warwick and the Psychic Friends Network.

Syl1103 - Looks great but...3 star

Looks like a great movie but at that price it should be a purchase, not a rental. I’ll unfortunately have to pass.

Mufsalnic - The secret dare to dream3 star

Looks like a great Movie to watch , but i would pay 19.99 to buy , not RENT it , so no !!!

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

-  star

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Skye Mc - Super uplifting movie5 star

I really enjoyed this beautiful movie. So inspiring, makes you feel really good, and reminds you that no matter what is happening in the world, you get to choose how you respond to it and what you create for yourself. The messaging is actually pretty subtle and not over the top at all. Very very sweet and lovely film!

Swellt6 - Just what my family needed5 star

A feel-good, upbeat, and light movie that’s exactly what everyone needs in this pandemic. Intimate portrait of a family and beautiful landscape. Overall, it was visually stunning and emotionally fulfilling.

Britneyfan54 - Magnificent5 star

Another WonderFull Film, From An Astounding Director. This Film Felt Genuine And Is Far More Than 2 Dimensional. This Movie Displays True Heart And Soul 💖💖💖💖 I Will Be Purchasing This, The Second It Is Available For Pre-Order❣️☀️

Kid2588 - Incredible Film Adaptation for Secret Lovers5 star

This feel good and uplifting story is the perfect reminder of the power of our thoughts! The screenplay brilliantly interweaves the principles of The Secret into characters that are not only relatable, but endearing. Josh Lucas steals the show! I highly recommend it to anyone and hope this film inspires a new generation of secret fans, helping them manifest the reality and world that they truly long to see!

VB1007! - AMAZING Movie!!5 star

A must see! This movie was so motivational and inspiring. It’s a must see for everyone especially in these crazy times. Looking forward to watching it again and again!

8seconds - Ouch1 star

I wasted $20. I wouldn’t do the same.

mike_check91 - Loved it5 star

Loved the movie from start to finish! Super cute and I love the characters. Definitely recommend for everyone to watch.

Temple13 - Great Feel Good Movie!5 star

This movie could not have come out at a better time for us. The pandemic, people losing their loved ones, jobs, homes, and the need to just know that if we just hold still and have faith, it will all work out. It was uplifting and heartwarming, Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas had amazing chemistry and made this movie truly wonderful. A must watch for those of us who forgot to dream for something better.

SoCal Horror Guru - Right time for this film5 star

MyGirlfriend read this book when it first came out and got me interested from the documentary. I was curious what this film would be like and honestly it exceeded my expectations. It was good wholesome entertainment for 90 minutes in a world filled of divisivenessAnd negative energy. I think the secret about The SecretIs that it’s so simple. Each each person can control a lot in their life rather than letting life control them. Highly recommend!

Hemingway 38 - Josh lucas !5 star

Josh Lucas is one of my favorite actors ever... this movie is sweet but WOW yet again he’s such a star and subtle and wonderful!

Corey Matthews - Good summer feel good film5 star

Nice to see Katie Holmes back and you can’t help but imagine her character in the movie essentially being a grown up Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek. Josh Lucas is always good. Fans of the book will love the film. And actually a good, clean movie to watch with your kids (ages 8+). Totally worth the $19.99 rental. This was supposed to be released in theaters in April this year before the studio had to pull it with theaters closed. Glad they took a chance and made it accessible for the masses at home.

El picuco - Feel good movie5 star

I’m so glad I saw this. It’s so easy to focus on the negative these days. Watching this was a nice change. This is a beautiful story with a positive message. Great for the whole family.

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The Secret: Dare to Dream images
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