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Academy Award winner, Russell Crowe, stars in Unhinged, a thriller that explores the fragile balance of a society pushed to the edge, taking something we've all experienced - road rage - to an unpredictable and terrifying conclusion. A divorced mother honks impatiently at a deranged middle-aged stranger at a red light while running late on her way to work. His road rage escalates to horrifyingly psychotic proportions as he becomes single-mindedly determined to teach her a deadly lesson for provoking him. Unhinged Wiki

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Unhinged Movie (2020)

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Unhinged Movie Reviews

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- Was this filmed on a GoPro? Junk1 star

This was so predictable and the film work was junk. So bad. Save your money, you can make a better movie w a camera from a yard sale.

- This movie blows1 star

I’d rather watch 2 hours of Grass grow than watch this movie the acting is actually hot garbage all b rated actors

- Russell Crowe is Dynamite!5 star

Unhinged is a searing thriller that sees Russell Crowe seek twisted redemption. This thriller crackles with suspense. Crowe delivers a powerful performance. Unhinged will keep you glued to the screen for its 90 minute run time.

- Not about Trump?!?3 star

I guess there are lots of lunatics out there. This film is not as bad, cinematically, as you may think. It of course has not much of a storyline. But it does go to show you how good director and good actors can take a very mediocre concept and make it at least tolerable. Unfortunately, the director has no sense when it comes to music. There is no score to this picture – just dull effect sounds fit for a dull soundtrack…not much art in the music score department.

- I should have waited...3 star

I wanted this movie to be good so bad (love Russell Crowe), I rejected the reviews and took the plunge. It was entertaining but not worth more the $10 I spent. Just wait, you’ll only want to watch this movie ONE time.

- Hilarious1 star

Funny movie. Really good jokes and a nice romantic ending. Russel Crow steals the show with his charming antics.

- Entertaining but don’t expect much.2 star

I laughed at most of the scenes. If you are a fan cheesy one liners this absolutely for you.

- Pleasantly surprised5 star

Was expecting it to be meh but it was pretty good edge of seat entertainment and kept you guessing enough.

- Illogical and Prosaic1 star

If you want to waste your time, you can always purchase this movie. The plot is prosaic and illogical.

- Edge of your seat experience5 star

Worth every minute!

- Good movie4 star

It was definitely a thriller I was anxious the whole time.

- Disturbing2 star

This movie could not come at a worse time. As of 2020 could not have been a worse year this movie does nothing to make you feel better.

- Already done. Bad1 star

I agree with the reviews that me toon this was just a mash up of Cape Fear and Falling Down but failed so badly. Wait for Red Box or do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time.

- Greatness5 star

Very intense and suspenseful In a year with theaters closed this is a great surprise to stream at home Best thriller in many years.

- Another Oscar for Russel Crowe5 star

An Oscar coming for Russel Crowe, lol.

- Not bad, full of suspense!3 star

I did enjoy it.

- Unhinged5 star

Unhinged is absolutely incredible! The entire movie you will be on the edge of your seats! This intense psychological thriller will have you wondering what else will this lunatic do while trying to diagnose his mental state!

- Unhinged5 star

Unhinged is absolutely incredible! The entire movie you will be on the edge of your seats! This intense psychological thriller will have you wondering what else will this lunatic do while trying to diagnose his mental state!

- my heart was racingggg5 star

so suspenseful!!

- MUST watch5 star

At least rent it

- Worth renting and watching3 star

This movie begins well and then devolves into an overblown series of hostile activities on the part of the deranged Russell Crowe. You can hate someone, but I think it’s unlikely that you could hate them enough to carry out the series of calculated activities that we see in this movie. Crowe is well cast and really looks and acts part. At times, he is deliciously malignant in his role, with facial expression and verbiage that add additional nuance and impact.

- Terrible2 star

Terrible premise, terrible script, terrible acting. I’d give it zero stars, but Russell Crowe and Austin McKenzie, even with the smallest part), did a good job.

- Excellent film5 star

So realistic road rage could certainly happen!

- Terrible!1 star

One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. DO NOT waste your time or money on this trash. I should’ve listened to the reviews I read before I went ahead and rented anyway.

- Non sensical character choices/actions make this bad.2 star

Too many illogical actions or events fail to allow this film to gain any steam.

- Terrible Plot1 star

One of the worst movies I have seen in the last decade. I love Russel Crowe but this has to be one of the worst films he’s been featured in.

- Pretty good5 star

Thought was pretty good. Road rage like this does happen often which many aren’t aware. Worth renting I think....

- Awesome!5 star

Great movie! Lots of action! I really enjoyed it!

- Too close to home for some5 star

Willing to bet most who gives this movie a bad review are guilty of this very type of act ...road rage/ speeding/ reckless driving is the next pandemic in this country. Everyone’s a tuff guy behind the wheel.of a 5000 lb projectile. Heard it said once that people chose their cars based on not who they are as a person but more on who they want to project themselves to be which inevitably spills over into how they handle themselves behind the vehicle. Little man big truck theory at play , skinny insecure man fast car. So on..… never understood the logic of spending 10s of thousands of dollars on street legal vehicles that can go 200 miles + an hour in a country that at most Legally only allows 75 tops. Food for thought.

- Unhinged5 star

Love how much hate there is in America so sad just wait when Biden shuts down America & millions loose there jobs then you all will be sorry or maybe you won’t

- CRAP!1 star

Absolute Crap! In this day and age to make a movie with this much violence and by such a well known actor is sorely a mistake!

- Good5 star

It was good.

- Flat out horrible1 star

Don’t waste your time or money on this.

- D.O.T.1 star

This was a message from the Department of Transportation,..thank you,...drive safely and use your car horn cautiously.

- Waste of time1 star

Typical cliche movie where the mother saves the child by a maniac. Bad acting, script,... everything. Don’t waste your time.

- not worth watching1 star

One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Very predictable and horrible acting. Starting Donald Trump

- It made my blood run cold, jot used to seeing Crowe play these roles, he was scary as HELL!4 star

I think Russell Crowe did a great job convincing me that he was a psychotic psychosis patient who had just escapes from some sanatarium and starts causing all kind of mess between the first movie we see that gets their home burned down on TV, the was o what he does to make the road rage lady pay for her impatience. Crowe was extremely believable and scary throughout the entire movie! It definitely made me believe all the characters were sitting in the room with us, and nobody used over-acting in any of the scenes

- Great thriller5 star

Excellent movie with great suspense.

- Not bad but.....4 star

This movie wasn’t bad… It was just over the top… None of this could ever happen if this guy did what he did in the public eye… But nonetheless it was entertaining… This is no any Oscar nominated movie this is your typical action horror elements cat and mouse type of movie.

- Unhinged1 star

Horrible movie all around!

- Don’t waste your money1 star

Horrible movie. No common sense used in this movie

- The worst1 star

Do not have waste your time and/or especially your money. Obviously someone has money to burn so they allowed these hacks to direct and produce it. You’d rather watch paint dry.

- 99staw5 star

Better than I thought!

- Not very good2 star

Movie is WAY to fake.

- Good suspense movie!5 star

Don’t pay any attention to the haters out there. They were expecting the Titanic kind of movie, but got this I guess. If you are looking for suspense this movie is for you, a roller coaster thrill ride to the end. Also for people complaining about the price, $19.99 is what an average newer movie cost. If you see a $14.99, that means it skipped the theater to have a On Demand movie. That is what that usually cost to see it really early, for rent or purchase.

- Horrible1 star

Just horrible.

- Love it!!5 star

One the best movie to come out this year!!

- I want my six dollars back.1 star

Spoiler Alert: At the end, the girl cut open Russell Crowe and 37 gladiators spilled out of his giant beer belly.

- What a letdown, Left me unhinged!2 star

This was horrible. How much more do I need to say; boring, stupid, unrealistic, down right AWFUL!! NOT WORTH 99 cents rental.

- Horrible1 star

The decisions made in this movie aren’t aligned realistically.

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breathing66 - Don’t waste your money on this1 star

What a stupid plot. The trailer is totally misleading. No substance, no story, no nothing. And on top of it a senseless raging and fat R.C... So mad I wasted my money and renting this B-movie.

Gum butt - Overall good movie5 star

This movie was good for the most part only thing I’d say I didn’t like is it being cheesy with the lady with her son. Other then that the movie was good I thought it would be bad! But it was really good!!!

Hokie997 - The only bad day you’ll have is yours if you rent it.1 star


ndbdjemjrjdnd - Lacking story1 star

They wanted John Goodman I bet. He knew better. Bad storyline, acting, script!

bendalton99 - Yup5 star

Seems reasonable. He's just doing what we all want to.

wellhamful - Awesome movie!5 star


AppDevDude - Unlikable and Uninteresting Movie2 star

Painful to watch. Someone else compared it to falling down. It’s not. This guy is not relatable and this film isn’t good.

Pana69 - Cool, tense until last minute4 star

Good movie, a good thriller keeping you tense until the end

Black keys? - Talk about a bad day.1 star

When two people have a very insignificant interaction all hell breaks loose in this cinematic thriller! Russel Crowe bigger than you’ve ever seen him before! Unhinged.....

Oww oww669 - Ah3 star

Was alright, predictable, wait till it’s free

23602 - This is how I get driving5 star

Now I know exactly how to act when I get road rage except it will be a happy ending for me.

Peter DKB - Russell Crap1 star

Dreadful movie. Literally the most annoying film ever made. Skip this one guys.

kiria134 - Going on5 star

Good good job u I like it

GraytScott - So dumb2 star

Don’t waste your money. So many plot holes. Feels like it could have been a decent movie but it is so poorly written it’s hard to watch. I know movies aren’t out this year so people are dying to watch anything new, but this isn’t worth your time. Watch anything else.

GOW!!! - Whoa , hope actress has a career after this1 star

Props for the actor , played road rage guy perfect. Actress , ufff they screwed you. Not only could you not apologies but to got almost everyone killed. On top of that hey ! You got a rear view mirror stupid ! Stop looking back. Movie was super annoying. With that actress. I wouldn't rent or buy.

BluRedBull - Modern Day "Falling Down"4 star

Makes for a good "night in with the wife" movie. Hope it makes some people think twice about being tough guys behind the wheel, because all this could happen in real life.

Mnjh1221 - Cheesy1 star

Waste of time

FourUnderFour - Pretty Good4 star

I had an amazing time with this film, my only complaint is that it was little predictable

Andre Taylor - Was $5.99 now $19.991 star

Get your stuff together Apple! As soon as I was about to purchase you increase the price.

TonyFromSyracuse - Nail biting4 star

So I was watching this and felt even though you have to suspend your intellect a bit regarding the inefectivenss of the police, I have to say this movie REALLY was firing on a cylindars as far as a action/drama movie. and some of the scenes of death were quite narly and grisley. Russel Crowes portrayal of a burly murderous man at the edge of his rope was powerhouse. anyways REALLY enjoyed this. ha ha also loved the ending....you will know what I am talking about when you get there.

RickStarPhotography - Insane flick!!5 star

Great movie! Rented it now i plan to purchase it! A. Must. See.

unequalfish - Worth it5 star

Russell Crowe is amazing and it great to see him in a movie again

BigOneXX - A waste of 2 hours and $61 star

Awful from start to finish. Reminds me of the comercial spoof where the teens try to decide whether to escape in the car that is running or hide in the barn behind the chainsaws......

musiking - Could have1 star

Could have used the money for a literacy program for youth. Waste of time and energy on this one. Terrible script, filming and acting. Barf!

MrsApple - Worth watching!!!5 star

This movie starts off with shocking action then slows just a little and then gets right back to it. I’ve seen it twice now:)

AndyNYCAZ - Tense and well done5 star

Crowe always good.

gjnoto - Amazing5 star

This movie was action pack thriller!It s not the same as the movie'falling down' like some reviewers say.This movie is about road rage .I recommend it!

D4n85 - Thin story1 star

This was bad. The thinnest plot I've seen in a long time

Sherree83 - Awesome!!5 star

Don’t understand all the bad reviews

Stoopdude - Intense!5 star

Great movie! Intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

egeek84 - Edge of your seat thriller !!!5 star

Wow wow wow what a good movie!!! Truly makes you think about how little it can take to send someone over the edge!

memebras - WOW! Excellent Thriller similar to The Hitcher5 star

Russel Crowe is AMAZING in this moving. He gained a lot of weight to fit the character. All it takes sometimes is to be NICE and apologize. Russell did apologize and expected one in return, but not only she refused but she was also extremely rude. Now why escalate a bad situation when you have a kid with you. She deserves a trophy as the worst mother of the year. I just hated the end, nothing happened to her after all the chaos she caused. People are so "Unhinged" these days, a simple apology can change the course of things. Great movie! Thriller Similar to The Hitcher and Falling Down.

Raskul4 - Another white man angry film1 star

Overdone formula of another white man at his whits end. This is a film for the whites who feel a lack of control in this current climate.

dpvt72 - Why is price $19.99 when it was $14.99 b43 star

Pre order price change. VUDU has it for $14.99. I’ll wait for it come down.

pholly - Good movie5 star

Don’t bother with these negative reviews, this is nothing like Falling Down. The plot is maybe 1% similar but it’s far more action and suspense while that movie was more of a drama, and their goals and actions are far different. I’m pretty sure those people only watched the trailer.

htownlatinboi - Intense5 star

Didn’t know what to expect. This rage he has inside, very real on how people in today’s times feel and can snap mentally. Russell Crowe did great playing a psychotic man that becomes unhinged!

AirJordanXX2 - Terrible1 star

I just watched this movie and is terrible. Don’t waste your time and money renting or buying

dimeslime2 - Dumb move Apple!1 star

You upped the preorder of this movie by 5.00 it was 14.99 come back to preorder it and it’s now 19.99. Bad business whether it’s your company or the production company.

Green Tee 🍵 - Terrible1 star

Don’t waste your time on this film. It’s terrible!

beast4453 - Unhinged4 star

This movie surprised me.

James Hoyt - You don’t wanna miss this movie5 star

Can’t wait to watch this Movie when it comes out

nebula101 - Falling down anyone?2 star

Ever see falling down? Well check that out...far better.

Kozanate - Already made2 star

Coming to a theater near you, a mash up of Cape Fear and Falling Down. Man is fed up and looking to teach us the final lesson! Can you be any more obvious?

5 star

@TeddyPersians: Fucking looney-tunes has hit Washington DC big time. This has to stop. This wasn’t peaceful protest. It was absolute un…

5 star

love the fact multiple ppl called me unhinged for 1) making a joke 2) defending myself from harassment 3) demanding…

5 star

@nfrstan: I’m not unhinged or unhappy, I’m just wild

5 star


5 star

@RussOnPolitics: @laurenboebert Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is the Michele Bachmann of Sarah Palins. Not only does she seem dumb as roc…

5 star

@alientyong: we're 20 mins into today's radio show and yuta has told like 5 unhinged stories

5 star

@RussOnPolitics: @laurenboebert Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is the Michele Bachmann of Sarah Palins. Not only does she seem dumb as roc…

5 star

@Frootyf16: @mn_ke_rry She has brought on every bit of ill will herself. I’ll never forgive her for standing in a third world country (S…

5 star

@therapistjl @fatboys3 @MapleBalsamic @Shandy556 Is this why the pillow guy was at the White House pushing for Kash…

5 star

@Azfarovski: I’m such a low maintenance friend. You can leave me be for months or years without talking and we would still be the same l…

5 star

@isiomanb: @channelstv There's no peace in Nigeria. There's no progress being made. And there's no harmony among us. So the pigeons refu…

5 star

@Cambino98: @CharlieWBrennan @ldrinkh20 thats fair but i feel like if anyone would eat a person it would def be the hyper rich and unhin…

5 star

Funni Carbi completely Unhinged

5 star

@Azfarovski: I’m such a low maintenance friend. You can leave me be for months or years without talking and we would still be the same l…

5 star

@seanhannity Do the Russians have a pee-pee tape on @seanhannity or @rupertmurdoch ? We ALL ...watched in live tim…

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