Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection)

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Summary and Synopsis

Get 5 DC Showcase Shorts! Collection includes Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive), Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, The Phantom Stranger, and Death. Alternate storylines for Batman: Death in the Family only included as bonus content. Batman: Death in the Family Short: Trained as Batman’s protégé, Jason Todd brings a relentless sense of justice as Robin, who sets his sights on bringing down the Joker. But can Batman save Robin from a fate worse than death? Tragedy, revenge and redemption await in this groundbreaking DC film! Who will live? Who will die? Who will watch over Gotham? Also includes 4 additional DC Showcase Shorts: Adam Strange, Sgt. Rock, The Phantom Stranger, and Death. Tragedy strikes the Batman's life again when Robin Jason Todd tracks down his birth mother only to run afoul of the Joker. An adaptation of the 1988 comic book storyline of the same name. Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Wiki

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Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Movie Trailer

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie trailer coming soon...

The fate of Gotham is in your hands...

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Movie (2020)

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Comments & Critics

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Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Movie Reviews

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- Rip off1 star

Wow. The selling point was the Batman story line...way to rip off fans and viewers.

- Waste of Money1 star

I bought the movie and cannot say it was worth the money. You are buying bits and pieces of "Batman Under the Red Hood" with a few alternate ending storylines. To make you feel like you got your monies worth they added four Showcases, however not one of which is new. I am sorely disappointed.

- DON’T BUY1 star


- Misleading1 star

This is basically a clip show and not what it was billed to be. The actual Batman portion was about :30 minutes and then shows that are based on something completely unrelated to Batman. Do not waste your money and wait until it’s on a streaming service you already pay for or redbox. A total waste of money unfortunately

- This isn’t a feature-length movie1 star

This is an odd one. Here I was expecting a feature-length animated adaptation of the “Death in the Family” storyline from the Batman universe. What you get is a half-hour, flashback-driven chat between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent comprised of clips from previously released DC animated movies. The run time in the description is misleading, because after the credits roll there are totally unrelated shorts like Sgt. Rock tacked on. The bonus content includes alternate, what-if storylines that are completely unsatisfying. Why aren’t they after the credits instead of that other random stuff? I bought this at a discount, but I’m still feeling ripped off.

- Waste of money1 star

This in no way should have been titled Death in the Family. Its cut up footage from the Red Hood being narrated by Bruce Wayne. The follow on shorts are all obscure characters and none of them were good. Waste of money and time.

- Misleading1 star

Literally just a bad recap of Red Hood and some shorts. Total waste of $$$.

- Not worth it1 star

This is terrible just a recap!

- Bait & switch1 star

Misleading. I’m filing for a refund.


I thought I was watching the aftermath of Batman: Under The Redhood but it’s not. This whole movie are short films that have absolutely nothing to do with the trailer besides the first short film. Each one is about 20 mins such a waist of money.


This is just a recap of UNDER THE REDHOOD - which is one of the best DC Animated movies out there. Just go BUY/RENT that one. This seems like a cash grab.

- Don’t do it1 star

It’s not what was advertised

- Really? What a jerk move.1 star

Come on, it is a summary of the Red Hood.......but horrible. I wish I could get my money back.

- Old Movie New Title!!!1 star

If you’ve watched Batman: Under the Red Hood the DO NOT BUY THIS!! It’s 90% of UtRH and 10% filler. Waste of money.

- Buyers beware1 star

This movie isn’t worth one star!

- The Interactivity is Only on the Blu-ray Disc5 star

I am sorry to see all the negative reviews for the digital version. I opted for the Blu-ray plus digital out of habit. The truly interactive part is only available on the Blu-ray. The digital version gives you three more of the seven possible endings in the extras. Yes - they should have made that part clear for those who purchased only the digital version - that they wouldn’t get the full functionality and all seven possible endings available on the disc. That being said, I really liked the movie. Under the Red Hood is my favorite animated Batman movie and what brought me back into comic books after years away. Batman is my favorite hero/anti-hero followed very closely by Red Hood. There was a lot of uproar when Jason Todd was killed off in the comics. This gives you the what if he didn’t die and different progressive choices that lead to different endings. Some were shocking. Most were heartbreaking. I thought all were entertaining. I would recommend the disc, but I also watched the digital version and did not feel cheated but definitely wanted to see them all.

- Don’t Buy1 star

Just a recap of The Red Hood (which is GREAT!), and used as a Trojan Horse for other shorts for DC. Super disappointed -really wanted a real Batman movie.

- No choices1 star

You get just the best choices in this. None of the negatives and no ability to choose those outcomes. Where are the other options?

- Not Worth A Release1 star

This movie had HUGE potential! It could have been a stepping stone for their animated universe as they basically restarted it in Apocalypse War, but it’s 30 minutes of recapping Under the Red Hood. The alternate endings are sub par, and not worth the money spent on it.

- Would give 0 stars if I could1 star

This is just Batman recounting “Batman: Under the Red Hood”. It was such a waste of money!

- Total scam1 star

Complete crap, waste of money. It was a rehash of under the red hood. DC should be ashamed of themselves.

- Waste of time and money1 star

This isn’t the interactive film. Just a short recap of under the red hood with some extra added on. Wish I had saved the $15 snd bought the physical copy so I could get what I was actually looking for

- Nothing new...1 star

Why the cover is red hood but nothing new about that

- Lied to1 star

This was horrible. I’d ask for my money back but I don’t want go through all the bull crap just for 5$ rent. Just a recap of the red hood movie with extra scenes of dialogue of in between scenes. What a money grab waste of a film.

- Not worth it, save your money1 star

The first 28:24 of the movie is about Bruce having a “therapy session” with someone - (don’t want to spoil it). During the session, we can see Bruce detailing the events of “Batman Under the Red Hood” the other person but nothing else is shown. The rest of the movie is DC’s showcase of 4 other storylines which have nothing to do with the movie itself. Do not waste your money. It is a waste of time.

- Not the interactive movie1 star

A quick retelling of Under the Red Hood. Besides some additional scenes this was very disappointing

- Disappointing1 star

I did not realize this was just a condensed version of a previously released DC aninated movie, with a couple new shorts thrown in. To be honest, I recognized a couple of the other shorts as things I've seen before as well. I hope this isn't some new thing DC is going to be doing. Recutting previously released content, and selling as new. I'm definitley not going to be buying DC stuff day one anymore. I will be waiting to find out if it is actual new content.

- False advertising1 star

This is a mass up of different stories and not a death in the family only stay away, just reuses animation from Under the Red Hood for the first part which was death in the family everything after that is complete bunk.

- Am I Missing Something?1 star

I rented this movie but there are no choices there is just one short that is a recap of Under the Red Hood. The other shorts are boring. Do I have to buy the movie in order to get the proper experience or did DC pull a bait and switch? Also tone down the sexism guys it’s 2020. Very upset.

- Don’t waste your time1 star

Just a recap of other films. Nothing new. Not worth the time or money. Felt scammed.

- Not interactive on iTunes1 star

We were promised an interactive story with multiple endings, and iTunes hardly lacks the capability to allow that to happen. Still, all I got was one story that was a glorified clip show from Batman: Under the red hood. I’d be able to forgive that if I could at least gotten what I was promised, but I wasn’t. I had already heard the movie could’ve been better in terms of the stories not being as fleshed out as they could’ve been, but what happened here was basically theft. Don’t buy this movie here And iTunes, I want my money back

- Don’t rent movie1 star

They lied and don’t give you the option to view the alternative option of the story unless you buy it in full

- Don’t go digital1 star

Basically a narration of Red Hood with a few B-list hero stores attached. You only get the alternate endings if you buy a physical copy. What a waste of money. My advice? Hard pass.

- Rip off1 star

Embarrassingly Awful

- You can't access the alternate storyline1 star

Not even in the rental version. BS.

- Rip Off1 star

A new low for DC animation. No new movie here. Just a 20 min recap of a 10 year old movie plus other shorts that had been previously released. DC is no longer animation artists, they are now Scam artists

- It’s not what is advertised1 star

You don’t not get to choose the alternative time lines. You just watch a re cap of “Batman: Under The Red Hood” movie with Batman narrating it. A total waste of money. I regret buying it

- Worst DC Animated Movie1 star

Let me preface this by saying I never write reviews. After this hot garbage, I felt the need to warn others. This is billed as an interactive movie, but the digital version is nothing of the sort. It’s just a short retelling of the Red Hood story and other DC animated shorts. Totally not worth the money I spent on it. Skip this and save yourself the money.

- Worthless1 star

This is a recap of Red Hood - that is it! Nothing more - when the credits ran at the end, I was furious! What a waste of money

- Cash Grab/wish I read the reviews.1 star

Yup. That’s right. Like others have said the movie is only 30min long. And it has a bunch of other DC shorts attached to make it seem like a feature film. Also the bonus content is that same 30min movie cut into shorts with different endings.

- DO NOT BUY. I want a refund, tf😡1 star

This isnt even a movie. Read up the reviews before you buy. You will waste your money

- Rehashed footage2 star

Basically the editors cut up the Under the Red Hood movie and added about ten minutes of new footage. A couple ideas were interesting but not worth the time to even watch them.

- Bad1 star

Terrible version of Under the Red Hood. Waste of money.

- Complete ripoff for rental, Do not rent1 star

Are you serious? DC been promoting this for months based on the premise of the movie being interactive and you getting to pick alternate endings, and yet for $5 all I got was a lame sparknotes recap of a Batman movie from 10 years ago and some shorts staring some c-list at best characters. What the heck?! The least you guys could’ve done is included the alternate scenes here. Complete rip-off. This is why Marvel is still my favorite lol

- Waste1 star

Waste of money and time!!! Didn’t have nothing to do with what was shown On the trailer. I want my money back honestly.

- Eh1 star

It’s whatever

- 30 + years for this1 star

Com on. The DC team can do better than this. Not fair.

- Not interactive at all1 star

Very disappointed it was nothing like it was advertised

- Different Title1 star

It's the Redhood movie just different title why are they trying to rip us off that's not cool especially when we support you guys I'm done with DC. You guys are horrible I will never 👎 purchase anything from DC again.

- Muy cara para lo q es2 star

La película dura 31 minutos porque esto es un corto de la película real que sólo se puede comprar en disco en Best Buy

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joeschmoe28 - Just okay3 star

I got this on blu ray, but it was just okay. The alternate story lines were cool to see. They tried to match the animation of the original Under the Red Hood, but it was Also, they didn't get Jensen Ackles to return to voice Jason Tood/Red Hood and the voice actor they did get just couldn't live up to it. To be honest , after watching this, I feel they should have left the Red Hood untouched as the perfect gem that it is and not bastardize it for this.

Walsh420 - Happy with the reviews1 star

Glad I didn’t buy this, was going to sit down and watch it this afternoon for my day off but came to find this doesn’t have the interactions!

marc19961110 - Pas un film avec des choix multiple1 star

Publicité mensongère en plus que l’animation laisse à dérirer. À fuir

Novasuperkrosis - Can’t choose1 star

I can’t choose my choices waste of money I want a refund

The6Lord - Warning1 star

this doesn’t have the interactive story👎

Redd Henn - Disappointment1 star

Seriously! Cut scenes from the Red Hood! Why do i keep hoping DC will actually produce something worthy of batman?

schmidty1972 - Waste1 star

Pretty much the RedHood movie with Bruce Wayne commentary

Minioli1 - This is apparently so much more in physical media2 star

I’ve watched this first without knowing there was optional storylines. First time around, this was a decent recap of under the red hood. Then I watched reviews of people talking about the choices they made at the start of the movie and I realized I mostly got an on rails experience. Considering my apple TV can play games I think it’s unacceptable to not have the interactive story available. That being said, it’s not entirely bad and there is a lot of extra content so it’s mostly a reasonable deal.

Mattaman75 - Absolute rip off1 star

This is the first DC animated film that I regret buying. Death In The Family is a short - re-edited from the full feature Under The Red Hood. The trailer deceptively gives the impression it is a full feature. Avoid - buy Under The Red Hood instead.

Tonybiubiubiu - So Disappointed1 star

Just buy Under the Red Hood. Bascially old footage and combine with some other heroes' stories, not even Batman's stories! Ruin DC's reputation!

JasonUCS8L - How do I view the alternate versions?3 star

Watched the film but how can I view the alternate versions?

Edmundbleakley - 30 minutes of mostly old footage.3 star

I’m disappointed with this. they took an iconic story and mostly just used old footage to tell it. watch under the red hood instead.

SAILORbaby20 - Re named a old classic1 star

Batman redhood

@LastSaVageArrow - Disappointing1 star

No interactive endings. Short stories from random other characters. Disappointed

Jitsudave - Waste of time and money1 star

Half an hour of commentary on the story from Batman and the rest unrelated boring shorts Was really excited for this. Waste - Total Rip-off1 star

This is NOT a animated DC Batman movie. Like advertised. This is Batman having flashbacks of other Dc Batman movies. This is absolute fraud! DO NOT BUY! £9.99 rip off. I kept waiting for the movie to start & it never did????? I want a refund

AB2585 - Zero stars1 star

Disappointed big time. Not what was expected. A few short stories about random characters. Bought it first day and I haven’t even finished it cause I was that disappointed

Obio Phantom - No interactive mode... waste of money1 star

Literally just Bruce recapping the under the red hood movie with bits of Joker lines for about 30 mins and then goes to 4 short films and that’s it... waste of money

SamC1235 - Alternate Storylines5 star

I saw people saying it didn’t have the alternative storylines that it should have. They are there, they’re just hidden in the iTunes extras, just wanted to mention it as I saw people feeling ripped off.

Lord Maibus - Zero Stars1 star

This movie has no interactive options. If you want to watch Batman talking for 30 minutes about a movie 10 years ago. Save your money as the options for the 3 story lines never come up. It’s 30 mins talk. Credits. 4 dc Animated shorts. Waste of time and money.

Rob12s - It’s not death in the family1 star

This is a total con. This is not death in the family. This is four short films which barely resemble anything to do with batman. Not happy one bit that I paid £9.99 for this crap

Cliffepoos - Rip off1 star

It's a short re-hashing of "The Red Hood" without the action, followed by a series of very short stories of other DC hero's. I have seen at least one of them before in another "movie." Save your money, don't buy this con job of an offerring.

AJT16 - Does not have the interactive mode1 star

There is only one story, under the red hood repackaged with 4 crap shorts. Better waiting for dvd/Blu-ray to get the full experience if you want the interactive mode of the 3 possible choices.

grandmaster006 - It’s amazing not even out yet5 star

It’s good buy it I haven’t even seen it

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RobdoR - The wrost1 star

They use the same footage under the red hood and summarize in 30 minutes

ppaaauuulll - Buy the physical copy!5 star

The digital does not give you choices!

billyburgbk - Don't buy!1 star

It only shows 15 minutes of Batman from other movies as a recap. I want to call iTunes and get my money back. Such a waste! False advertising!

knower of things - Mislead1 star

The preview showed stuff that wasn’t in the short story at all. Just all filler. I thought it was gonna be a revision to Red Hood or maybe the same story with more. Who ever made this, sickens me. Refund.

elchamber - Bait and Switch1 star

I would have enjoyed it if the Batman portion of purchased wasn’t just a retelling of Under the Redhood movie. If you saw Batman/Under the Redhood, you saw this movie. Save your money.

Rōman Blaunt - Misleading Trailer1 star

The trailer showcases the original Under the Redhood story with alternate versions & makes no mention of ANY of stories. Renting this literally just gives you story summed up in 20-ish minutes by Bruce. No alternative versions. Just 4 other completely unrelated stories. EXTREMELY misled by the trailer & VERY disappointed!!

rickmeisterdude - Not what i expected1 star

Digital version not interactive 😅

Troylucas2 - Waste of money2 star

It’s a recap of Batman under the ref hood with Bruce telling the story to Clark I actually thought itt was them teaming up and lookin for robin And several depressing short stories Pass

Rimorchiatore - Huge Missed Opportunity1 star

Death in the Family is a rich and dynamic story with complex levels of subplots. This movie is a shallow superficial retelling of parts of it. This was a huge missed opportunity and a very disappointing short film.

Tax Ninja Big FOUR Style - It’s ok but buy don’t rent Bc iTunes extra are where u watch alt story lines4 star

But you need to buy not rent it to get alternative story lines, wish I knew that before renting

Xavier_NYC - That was disappointing2 star

It’s basically a recap of the other movie and it ends after 30 mins before going to other random short movies. Feel robbed.

cmcdonne2003 - Misleading1 star

I don’t even write reviews but to advertise a movie as one thing and then 80% is something else is very very misleading. I don’t care if it’s good or not I felt my money was taken. Refund refund do not purchase this crap.

Ags35byu - Scam1 star

This was some bull I thought I was getting a full Interactive movie but it just a ploy to get your money since they don’t tell you that interactive part only on physical and it just a shorts clips I very disappointed buy this what the world was DC thinking

Gabe2xs - Misleading Movie Rental1 star

I went straight to iTunes to enjoy the multiple options to the retelling of Jason Todd’s story’s. To my surprise I didn’t get the option to do such. That really hurts.

Joey1978 - Don’t buy thru Apple!1 star

If you bought it thru iTunes it won’t give you the options to change the story! Not cool Apple/iTunes! 🤬

Crashipadmini - Short clips2 star

Disappointed, it’s basically a collection of short 15-30 minute “movies” that have all been released in other things. Wish I would have known this before I spent the money. If you’ve watched most of the other DC cartoon stuff you’ve basically seen 95% of what’s here.

gonzo4877 - Do not buy!!!!1 star

Everything that was supposed to be in the movie is not in it. Warning

BSomers13 - Not sure what is going on here1 star

The entire short is just a recap of Red Hood. DO NOT RENT/BUY THIS IF YOU ARE WANTING TO SEE BATMAN. If you are interested in watching the other shorts, go ahead. Once again, this is literally just a recap of Red Hood.

TheFearedStorm - False Advertising No Choices Don’t Buy!!!1 star

Bought this movie and there was no choice. Not happy about this at all. iTunes I want my money back!!! Warning Do Not buy this movie!! No One is paying to see the shorts they want the movie with the choices if you can’t deliver then do not put out the movie.

FFSamurai - One version of Under the Red Hood and Four Unrelated Showcases3 star

Please note that this is a rental review and that buying it may be different. I knew, since it’s digital, the interactive element wasn’t in this going in. As such I looked forward to seeing four different ways Under the Red Hood could have gone down. However, though a cliff’s notes retelling of the original flick is here, the others are different DC Showcases (specifically Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, The Phantom Stranger, and Death). Though they are fine enough, I liked the Adam Strange one particularly, they’re not what I came to see and I’m not inclined to fork over 15 bucks to see if 3/4ths of what I came for is actually here.

67895677Rob - Waste of Money1 star

DO NOT RENT!!! This is a recap of the Red Hood and a few other episodes of characters nobody knows or cares about. Batman is only a 30 minute recap and nothing else. Complete false advertisement by DC.

Lil_king_men - Batman death of the family1 star

This can’t play with choose game boring l need but at Best Buy

HeatherLuis - Waste of money!!!!1 star

Very miss leading. Not worth the buy at all. Save your money.

ShadowFade - Click-and-Bait Switch ...1 star

I decided to rent the film, as I follow along and noticed there was no interactive mode in the film. All I got was 30 minutes of scenes from another film, then the rest of the hour was shorts.

Rater1f - No choice1 star

Was not able to make any choice to see the alternate storylines.

MaddogSquid - Ehhhhh2 star


antper84 - The actual movie is about 30 minutes3 star

and the rest are shorts of different DC cookies, very misleading. You also could not interact with the movie as stated.

JohnnyPolo73 - Robin Upstages Batman5 star

Well worth the purchase. The first one retells the Red Hood story, then you get to watch in the extras the three different endings. All of the other endings make it a unique retelling but really enjoyable.

Udontknowme1237 - Don’t buy the digital2 star

Everything that was promised in the trailers is not in the digital. Buy the actual physical copy to get the stories.

Bd667 - No Choice1 star

I was a big fan of the original movie so I decided to rent this one to see how the choices would play out. I got to the first point were I thought I would get to choice how the story would play out and nothing happened. Fast forward 20 minutes and all I got was a recap of the first movie. The rest of the movie was the shorts. I got no choice in seeing the stuff I actually wanted to see and what was promised.

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Images & Pictures

dc comics image superhero image interactive image short image

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie images
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie images
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie images
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie images
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie images
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie images

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) Posters

Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie posters
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie posters
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie posters
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie posters
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie posters
Batman: Death in the Family (Non-Interactive) (DC Showcase Shorts Collection) movie posters
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