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Ava (Jessica Chastain) is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival. A black ops assassin is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong. Ava (2020) Wiki

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Kill. Or be killed...

Ava (2020) Movie (2020)

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Ava (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Quarantinetastic!!!5 star

Strong women roles are hard to come by! Angelina had the market cornered for a while. Nice to see Jessica handle business. Decent story, A-LIST cast - $7bucks and my couch is definitely more comfortable than a theater seat!

- Oh h5 star


- Horrible1 star

Wast of money I love the actress but the move no

- Ava2 star

Wanted to like this movie, but pretty weak and, at times, confusing plot. Very reminiscent of the Jennifer Garner movie "Peppermint" (which was a much better movie.) Jessica Chastain is an outstanding actor bu, the supporting cast for the most part was really sub standard. (Chance should stick to rapping or get an acting coach for sure..OMG) They came off almost as student actors. Could have been a good movie. But alas...that is just my 2 cents

- How could this not be a 5 star movie!?5 star

If there isn’t a sequel, I’ll be upset! Amazing cast, amazing plot, killer ending for a part two!

- Ok I guess1 star

It’s ok. It’s another most powerful woman in a world where guys can’t fight or shoot. Yawn

- Very good5 star

It was a very good movie

- Love Jessica Chastain / Not SALT2 star

seems to be trying to be like SALT (Angelina Jolie) or Anna (Sasha Luss) - a femme fatale heroine / super spy but it's just a weird assassin movie. Didn't really understand the plot but overall it was OK - Jessica definitely carries the movie. Colin Ferral is a little washed up and Chastain does a great job - she just had a bad screenplay.

- Hey3 star

It si not

- I liked it4 star

not as bad as most of the reviewers say but not classic either.

- Horrible1 star

I thought this would be better considering who all is in the movie but it was very difficult to watch. The acting waa very disjointed and the fight sequences were not believable. Don’t waste your money.

- Bad1 star

Pretty bad

- I Stopped Watching2 star

I like all the actors in this one which is why I gave it two stars. Regrettably, the story, the acting, action sequences are in my opinion, lacking. Jessica Chastain usually is wonderful in whatever she does. We know she can act and do it very well. So for this one, I don’t know who to blame. One word, terrible.

- Good action movie but with problems!!!5 star

I like these types of movies after a while especially really love the John wick franchise but this feels like it was good not great Jessica Chastain is perfect casting for the character but it is the same nothing new which that not bad but they could do more if they think of doing a sequel which it kinda set up I do highly recommend it to action movies fans and anyone who like movies like the John wick franchise it definitely deserves at least a couple views and must buy!!!!!!

- A nearly complete disappointment1 star

Jessica Chastain may have had fun playing a character that is outside her upscale, intellectual norm, but for the rest of us, this is a schlog. Ridiculously over the top fight scenes and not a likeable character in the whole story results in a hollow, tedioius movie that left me literally, sad for having wasted my time. One brilliant moment; the title sequence which summarizes her character's past, had me hoping for a clever story but that wasn't the case. Throughout the movie, characters speak so on-the-nose exposition with no subtext or wit. Where's the fun? Where's the tension? Gena Davis overacts and Colin Farrell mumbles through blunt scenes with Chastain's character half-in half-out of her Boston accent. John Malkovich, mercifully, is restrained until his (spoiler alert) obligatory yet ridiculous fight with Farrell. No matter what was shown, it made no sense for such men to engage in this dust-up. I can't believe this script drew these actors to this project. It's so trite and thin, and the direction so vague, that we could call out every turn of the story in our sleep. Save your money, but most importantly, save your time.

- Hmmm5 star

They should of called this AVA Wick LOL

- Avoid1 star

Very bad. Terrible acting, plot, editing... Avoid at all cost.

- excellent!5 star

Wow! finally a female caracter whows how to fight!

- Pretty good action/assassin movie4 star

Wasn’t expecting much from 3star reviews but turned out to be a decent plot line with good back story character building, and good action.

- Horrible1 star

Waste of time. Worst movie ever. Plot isn’t consistent. Not even that much action. It spotlights her family issues rather than her skills as an assassin. One star because acting is good. Forewarning: this movie will piss you off.

- Great film!5 star

I know, maybe a little generic but the drama in it, is great! Watch and enjoy!

- Ava5 star

Strong emotional twists to a worn out genre, but still great because old stories can still be fresh when characters and depth are added.

- Believe the hype this is BADDDDD1 star

We wanted to believe it couldn’t be THAT bad with Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich and Colin Farrell. Sadly for those great actors and anyone who spends any time or money on this movie, this is undeniably bad. The script is a mess, the cinematography is so laughable, the scenes are stiff and unbelievable. It feels like what would happen if you or I were given some actors and a budget and told to make a spy thriller with ZERO filmmaking experience. Seems easy, turns out it’s not THAT easy. This has to be really embarrassing for everyone involved. Woof!

- Great popcorn flick4 star

Great movie! Hope there will be a sequel!

- Umm 😐3 star

It wasn’t as bad as a lot of the reviews. Having said that, it’s not as good as I’d hoped for. But I did enjoy it to a degree. If I had to do over..I’d wait till the rental was cheaper.

- Why so many bad reviews5 star

This movie was dope plenty of room to improve but every movie has that AVA told its own story and was entertaining people want to complain but can’t name a perfect movie and any movie has room to be better so I say ignore the naysayers the action alone in this movie was worth the price of admission

- Good movie4 star


- Is It Too Late To Get A Refund?1 star

Despite an impressive cast, Ava really ran flat and dull to me after 30 minutes into watching the movie.. Disappointing and INSTANTLY forgettable!

- Ava1 star

I really like Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell but this movie was horrible. Too much mellow drama mixed in with this action movie. The scenes with Jessica and Malkovich and Geena Davis were just unwatchable goo that I would fast forward through.

- another female Femme Nakita4 star

This was a pleasant film compared to all the horrible b- movies that have filtered to Itunes. People there is a reason you dont scar the center of the face of a character. Its worth a rent, but its no as good as ANNA or Salt.

- One of the better post-covid releases!5 star

Lately new movie releases have been really disappointing. So despite the great cast in Ava, I was skeptical. But I was pleasantly surprised! This is actually a really good film. There’s a lot of character development and although it fits into the action/thriller category, it explores the emotional side of the characters. If you’re uncomfortable with emotional storytelling, this is probably not for you. But I’d say give it a chance and keep an open mind! Sometimes it’s nice to see something different than a mindless action movie.

- Good entertainment 📺5 star

Had never heard of before watching but gave it a try due to the actors involved. Exceeded expectations and truly impressed.

- Horrible Movie1 star

This movie was a total waste of time and money. I just lost an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back. I’ve never even rated a movie before until now. I had to write this just to let everyone know so they didn’t waste an hour and a half of their lives as well.

- Action and storyline5 star

This has more depth of character and has more complexity in the forces driving what she does and why. If you want a kill joy movie this has that but more; let her in ver pain speak to you.

- New Movies take time to adjust too5 star

I absolutely loved this movie. Not just for the incredible lead. Jessica was amazing! The best part wasn’t her though. I’m in love with the artistic vision and style on a very old very out played idea was executed. I loved seeing a strong women be strong through and through. Keep these coming please!

- Good acting, predictable plot, good fight scenes4 star

GREAT acting, particularly by Jessica Chastain and John Malkovich, ... VERY predictable plot that could have had more sub-plots, twists and turns and alternate endings or a better ending to allow for future releases / versions 2, 3, ...

- Stay away...among top ten worst movies ever!!1 star

This is a total waste of time... you will regret every minute spent watching. The characters are bland and acting is flat, script is boring and pointless, songs are forced pointless into the movie. This sequel is really really not worth it.

- Oh well2 star

I wish they didn’t show the whole movie in the trailer! OMG!

- So good5 star

Who Rates these !! Such a good movie , Good story! Great cast ! Action ! My Group loved it !

- You can nap for free1 star

The lead was unconvincing as a killer, the story was boring, cliche montage of good girl gone bad. 30 minutes in and I was done.

- Embarrassment1 star

...Which is what an embarrassing project renders...

- I enjoyed it5 star

I saw a low Rotten Tomatoes score and went in with low expectations. To my surprise, the movie was very entertaining.

- Nice4 star

Very entertaining. With the lack of anything new it was a fresh relief.

- Excellent5 star

Love Jessica Chastain!

- Laaaaammmmeeeee2 star

Can we please stop making these half a#sed action flicks.

- Deceptively good cast lured me in.2 star

What a cast! But what a terribly weak, made for tv style movie. Total waste of time, to be honest.

- Ava review1 star

Watch Anna instead.

- So sad...1 star

Had high hopes... crushed lol The dialogue scenes were scenes from a bad Lifetime movie. And the action scenes frankly, and i'm sorry, but they were LAUGHABLE. It seemed like slow motion, & the CGI smoke & explosions were bizarre. Bummer.

- This movie is terrible1 star

Absolute garbage Save your money

- Good actors but horrible script.1 star

I cant think of any way this movie could be worse. I stopped it about 75 % of the way to post this. If you approach this as a the psychology of trained killed, mixed with addiction and family problems then it might work. However its not an action film. I don't know how these actors took this script. Then again in 2020 I can see why. I am surpirsed George Clooney is not in it. Its not a guy flick. It belongs on Hallmark cable channel. Oh well, I got hosed on this one. Given these great actors have all made such amazing movies this is shamefull. Should not have an R rating. Can apple refund my $ ?.

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ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - well1 star

srry but the acting was bad. Also how fast this movie went from collin farrell being tuff guy 280 degree whimp. had high hopes it was a flop

Dougb69 - Seen it all before!1 star

Female assassin, think Salt, Anna, Hanna, Atomic Blond and you’ve seen it all before. With the exception of Hanna all of these are a mish mash of the same thing where you’ve seen it all before. Not original, nothing going for it apart from the cast but even then they have been shortchanged. Leave this well alone so save your money.

CNthinks - Rent don’t buy. Jessica is awesome but the plot is a mess.3 star

Jessica is rock solid again. The problem is with the average storyline, the weird audio, the disjointed locations. Everyone keeps popping up around the world with little rhyme or reason. The soundtrack tries to be funky and dark, but just doesn’t match the visuals. If it didn’t have Jessica in it, I would probably have stopped watching it. She saves this mess of a movie. Rent don’t buy the movie.

endo1234567890 - Español estéreo please5 star

Español estéreo please

christianbailey - Seems to Wish it was Homeland1 star

Even from the opening credits... would have been better if it litereally just copied the opening creidts, but trying to have its own take on the brilliant Homeland opening credits, just made it obvious what we were in for... an extremely reductive TERRIBLE verison of Homeland, even with some lousy family history to try to rival the brilliant family history of, Homeland. Is she bi polar too? Eek. Oh of course, a drug addict. A liability, like Carrie Matheson.... Uh huh... Did no one notice they pulled this from Homeland, and altered a few things? Does it matter? Jessica Chastain even seems to wish she was Clarie Danes, which this film brngs to light even more so what a special actresss Clarie Danes is, and brings to light the limits of Jessica Chastain. Terrible script first and foremost, and the director should stick to his day job, or should find one. PS the producers, casting... whomever- I'm sure Geena Davis is thanking you for helping her career now completely go down the drain. Before it was almost down the drain... but thanks to the brilliance of uh AVA she can kiss it all goodbye. The movie that made its audience say, "Is that Geena Davis? Oh no!!!!!!!!" And just to make sure there is full accountbility here- Who n the hell did the lighting and the cinematography? Wow. Could you make women look worse, and literally. see the layers of make up on every single actor, every single actor... both genders? Jessica Chastain Producer- think of reimbursing your customers. These times are way too hard to be wasting our money on keeping you richer. And yes, I did see the La Femme Nikita John Wick weirdness stab situation but, it also didn't hide the fact that it was attmepting to be a smart Homeland-like script. It even has a Sal pulling for her. He He. Good lord. And Colin... do you try to pick the worst movies possible? You succeed at that. You have beome Queen of Bs Colin. Queen of the Bs. Actually it’s so bad it’s not even worth the comparison. Homeland should do a movie though. It’s really fantastic. This Ava thing is just stupid.

Jonathan mathiau - Entertained4 star

This movie was good. I can’t understand the bad reviews... I’ve never even written a review. Also. It’s 1.90 at Redbox. Not sure what you’re thinking iTunes. I probably wasted my time writing this because iTunes won’t allow it lol.

Hugetaxifan - Not a good one1 star

She doesn’t fit for the job . Terrible movie

whiplash439_ps3 - Superb action flick5 star

Loved movie from beginning to end. Fight scenes were well done with great choreography. The punches, kicks, slashes, and throws all felt visceral and meaty like they really connected and you could actually see the action. So many other action movies follow the BS shaky cam formula that seemed to start many years ago with the Batman begins trilogy. Good mix of family drama thrown in there as well, plus a few other elements, but this movie was definitely geared mostly towards the action/adrenaline junkie. So many big name stars in this, and I’m happy to report that all the characters were well played. Phenomenal acting.Movie was dark,and a little depressing, but definitely a fun ride.

Berkeley Rooster - Boring B-Movie!1 star

Nice scenic shots. Otherwise, the movie was predictable. unbelievable, and unexciting. The actors couldn't save it. Don't waste your time and money. Had the potential to be a great movie but the script needed much more refinement.

Alldaron - Kinda boring and very predictable.3 star

This has all the hallmarks of a cliche movie... main actress having a crisis of faith, going against the grain, being targeted, having emotional issues and then killing everyone. Like really?! And worst of all, it feels like everyone was acting, this was a school play being performed for parents and friends. I get the director wanted to convey emotion, but too much of the slow motion camera pull-out while the actor holds the “stare of despair”. Major missed opportunity.

FreshlySqueeeeezed - Wait for Netflix or 99c2 star

Very mediocre. Such good actors but there’s nothing here. 2 stars is only because Chastain is my celeb crush. Don’t tell the wife.

I eat books - What?1 star

Whoever cast the main actress as an action hero should be fired. Then fire the writers who can’t write even in a formula. Then fire the action and stunt coordinators because they can’t choreograph a single good scene in a whole movie. And last fire the director. Because the camera angles and the dialogue reveal his immense incompetence.

J Bronco - Not the greatest film2 star

Good action. Poor plot. Overall story is effectively poorly developed.

memebras - Poor attempt on a female a John Wick1 star

This is a very poor attempt of a female John Wick. Chastain plays a conflicted alcoholic assassin who finds herself a target following a botched job. The alcoholic-hitman story line has been done hundreds of times. The 'troubled-assassin-with-a-heart' story line has been done to death and this film is a mixture of both, unfortunately delivering a flat performance. Ava is a predictable, dull and cliched affair that brings nothing new to the action genre and Chastain fails to bring any emotional depth to a character carrying lots of baggage. The fighting scenes are deplorable.

nyctelecaster - keep it simple3 star

I’m a fan of Jessica Chastain’s work and when I saw Colin Farrell and John Malkovich were in ‘Ava’, I really had my hopes up. I loved the opening credits that gave Ava’s backstory and the first 20 minutes Ava lived up to all my expectations. That said, after the first 20 minutes the film sputtered by addressing too many peripheral sub-plots- some so underdeveloped they could easily been left on the cutting room floor (see Joan Chen - ’Toni”). If the filmmakers committed to a hitman (hit-person) outlasting their shelf life, Chastain’s charisma would have easily kept the film on point and riveting. Cliche? Yes. But without the overthought subplots Ava could have been a classic.

holmcph1 - dont waist your time1 star

she kills more specieal forces singlehanded than dolph lundgreen and rambo together.

dk4co - Barely entertaining.2 star

Good cinematography and acting. Storyline could be much better.

nature23 - Lol1 star

There’s a lot of great movies out right now. This is not one of them. Very boring.

StoryDelver - No fun2 star

No satisfaction. Almost a morality play, which isn't bad, but it isn't an action flick in the normal sense.

calvin and r - Great movie5 star

Great movie

Zandanbond - waste my money1 star

I am a tremendous fun in Jessica Chastain’s work, but this film was -0 star, not just because of her, but mainly due to how this film directed and editing. I do not think this film is even worth watching for free.

bullpat - Terrible1 star

Poinless boring movie

Kobe & Stan the Man - Been there done that1 star

Same ole story with nothing groundbreaking, acting was surprising bad from such great actors. Unnecessary fouls language, unbelievable fight scenes. Too overtop for me personally. Common needs to stop acting.

Sherry's31 - Wow 🤩5 star

Jessica chasten is an incredible actress 👏👍✌️what a performance. Such a bada.ss!!! I have never seen her in a bad movie. Awesome💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼🌻👏👏👏👏👏

Imaginary_leo - Amazing!!!5 star

I absolutely love the actress that plays in this movie!!! If you’re a fan of the movie proud Mary then get ready because you are in luck for a treat!

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