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Secret-service agent Vic Davis (Ryan Phillippe) is on his way to pick up his estranged son, Shawn (Jack Griffo), from his college campus when he finds himself in the middle of a high-stakes terrorist operation. The daughter of a Supreme Court Justice is the target and this armed faction will stop at nothing to kidnap her. Vic quickly realizes that there's no one coming to rescue them and must now use his entire set of skills to save her and his son from an incredibly dangerous and lethal situation. Secret-service agent Vic Davis is on his way to pick up his estranged son, Sean, from his college campus when he finds himself in the middle of a high-stakes terrorist operation. His son's friend Erin Walton, the daughter of Supreme Court Justice Walton is the target, and this armed faction will stop at nothing to kidnap her and use her as leverage for a pending landmark legal case. The 2nd Wiki

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Family comes first..

The 2nd (2020)

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- Awful1 star

My sons forbade me to chose another movie, for 1 month, until they forget it was my fault that we watched this horrible one ... 🤬

- Best movie during COVID-195 star

When is the sequel??????

- Stupid but fun1 star

It’s not that it wasn’t enjoyable - if you turned your brain off. But don’t expect anything that makes sense. Parts were cute.

- 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼1 star


- Save your money1 star

Awful movie. Low budget trash.

- Terrible movie1 star

I pay to watch the movie since the lead character is well known but I was wrong, one of the worst movie ever, wish I can get my money😢

- waste of money1 star

I couldn’t finish the movie.

- Love it!5 star

If you like action movies, it’s a great movie and you should watch it. I loved it! Great storyline. Liberals will hate it. Here’s a taste of your own medicine. Proud to see a movie about second amendment right.

- So BAD1 star

I lost an hour and a half of my life. Would have been bad if it was on basic cable.

- Not good in any aspect1 star

The dialogue is rough, the production value was very low, and the action sequences were weak. It is the same plot arc that we have seen a bunch of times but with the twist of trying to abolish the 2nd Amendment. In the days of action movies like John Wick where bullet counts and reloads are a deliberate detail, paid heavy attention to in production; this one didn’t have a single reload that I saw. Most of the weapons were obvious rubber duckies, which for safety reasons is understandable. But, better fakes would have raised the production value a little in my opinion. The most painful part was the scene when Ryan Phillipe’s son was shooting at the driver. On a delegate building, the sniper was aimed at him and magically within seconds, Ryan is on the roof fighting her. Timing doesn’t even come close to checking out. I loved Ryan Phillipe in Shooter but even his decent skills with proper weapons handling and hand to hand combat couldn’t save this film for me. I went into watching this movie with very low expectations but was still surprised at how poor the fight scenes were executed. Some of which were hard to watch they were so bad. I hate to say it but, the trailer was the only part of this movie that was actually decent.

- I Want My Money Back1 star

There should be a negative stars option and I Want My Money Back.

- Just Horrible1 star

This may have been the worst movie I have ever seen. Will not get that time back. May God have mercy on their soul.

- Save your $ and your time1 star

This movie was TERRIBLE. This movie is worse than those 90’s cheesy action movies.

- If you like 80s Segal movies...1 star

..this is a perfectly acceptable use of time. For everyone else this will literally make you cringe and ask for your money back. Everything is bad. I mean terrible dialogue, sloppy acting and a script with the kinds of holes you can drive a ‘64 Impala through. Just don’t do it...

- Yech! Amateurish C-League Production1 star

This is the second of this style of unprofessional iPhone/GoPro production I've seen recently. It's as if a new breed of Hollywood digital wannabes are getting funded (at a 10th of the needed budget) to pump-out garbage. It's embarrassing to watch quality actors like R. Phillipe or Ron Pearlman serve-up their reputations to "legitimize" these unacceptable spews of digital junk. As always, just because you can commit visuals and audio to a digital video file doesn't mean you're a director or a producer. Wow.

- For the ladies1 star

My hubby wanted an action film, and I caved for my highschool crush Ryan Phillippe. It was the equivalent of Monica finally going on a date with Chip (FRIENDS), some things are better left alone.

- Save your money1 star

I needed something to watch while indoor biking. This was awful. Save your money it will be on a channel like Netflix in short order.

- Wasted money1 star

Bad acting and not so scary bad guys

- Easily the greatest movie ever filmed!5 star

Love this movie! And I am not just saying that because I play the Russian guy. It's fantatic. As if 'Die Hard' and 'The Matrix' had a love child. Film lovers rejoice! Film makers, you can stop now. But if you do choose to continue your futile efforts, I am available.

- Bad acting1 star

Ryan is a good actor but this movie was horrible. The acting was really bad by everyone.

- Great movie about those that sacrifice for us5 star

We loved this movie! Action packed, political, and corruption in politics. Shows the lengths those who serve our country go to, to protect us citizens.

- Couldn’t even finish watching it. Horrible.1 star

You are better off watching a rerun of any network televisions action show than this. Bad writing, bad acting, bad directing. It looks like something a bunch of teens did for a school project. Trust me, I’m not picky. This is not worth your time and money.

- Sound doesn’t align1 star


- If you enjoy Good Cheese5 star

My 5 stars do not mean this film is flawless like some Christopher Nolan merger of art and adrenaline. Oh no, the art level of The 2nd is more of a dogs playing poker kind of craftsmanship and taste level. But - if you enjoy a well paced schlocky action film where you can chug drinks and yell heckles at the characters on the screen, than this film delivers all that you need. And it is very entertainingly watchable.

- Don’t waste your time1 star

This movie is so bad. I haven’t seen Ryan Philippe in awhile and saw it was an action movie, so I was excited. Turns out everything is cheesy, dumb, and no real action. Some of the fakest scenes and bad acting I’ve seen.

- Run!1 star

The casting, dialogue, and acting contributed to possibly the worst movie I have ever watched. The storyline had promise that remains unfulfilled.

- Terrible waste of money1 star

Don’t waste your time or your money. Terrible acting, bad dialogue... just all round rubbish.

- Do not bother.1 star

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. There is nothing positive to say about this. The story is weak or not existent, the characters are totally flawed. The father looks younger than the son, the judge and the judges daughter have no relationship. No one seems to care about the continuity, story or order of scenes. Very poor quality. Just another excuss for mindless violence. Apple I want my money back!

- really bad1 star

i even liked the guy in Sniper but omg i think my kids could have made a better movie with their phones.

- This is really really bad...1 star

Wow...I wasn't expecting much but I think I could have made an all around better movie...actually I’m positive I could have. Jesus, what a rip off.

- Ouch1 star

Could not finish the film

- Steaming Pile of Garbage1 star

Everyone involved in this owes the world an apology.


This movie is absolutely horrible on every level. I am not picky on movie quality - I can watch a bad movie but this is beyond that.

- Haha5 star

Movie it self isn’t anything special, but Liberals will hate it so 5 stars from me

- Horrible Movie!1 star

I liked Phillippe in the Shooter series, but this movie was just horrible. It’s not that Phillippe was the problem with this movie he just couldn’t carry it off even if he wanted to given the apparently low low budget and questionable supporting cast. I really hope he doesn’t go the way of Bruce Willis and do every stupid action movie they offer him just for a paycheck. Though I had sadly paid to rent this movie, and I fully intended to get my money’s worth, I just couldn’t beat it and stopped watching before it was over. Do yourselves a favor and watch the Shooter series instead, this movie was D.O.A.

- Disappointed1 star

The preview was gripping but there was a lot of room for improvement throughout the movie. Acting and fighting looks very scripted and needs to be more natural. I’m sorry to say that I felt like I was watching a filmed play. Though I appreciate the effort because I couldn’t direct or act in a movie, I can’t recommend this movie due to the quality expected by audiences.

- The worst movie ever ! Is it a comedy ?1 star

We laughed so much at how bad it was ! Will ask for a refund ! This was supposed to be the Top movie on iTunes ... pathetic but funny.

- Probably the worst movie I've seen in a long time.1 star

Horrible writing, terrible acting, I couldn't get through 15 minutes of this disaster. Save your money.

- Yikes!2 star

The story line could have been promising but the acting was bad across the board. Also a lot of plot holes and confilcting information... The bad acting and story problems were relentless and hard to avoid. So bad it almost seemed as if done on purpose! By comparison, Sharknado had better plot and acting and that's a spoof.

- Do not do action movie1 star

In the first action, you can feel that the film is gonna so bad, actors, action scenes. Total disaster. Forgot even the ending at the hospital is sh....

- Amazing5 star

I don’t know the wandering road, but this movie will fade into oblivion. Love for that which is unwanted will always fade.

- If the makers of Water World and the Pontiac Aztek had a baby, this film would be it.1 star

If the makers of Water World and the Pontiac Aztek had a baby, this film would be it. Ryan Phillippe is an otherwise talented actor – he should have charged them double what he got for this abomination. Do not walk away from this film – RUN!

- Wow, talk about low budget and crappy acting1 star

I thought I was watching middle school movie. Can I please get my money back?

- Boring1 star

Movie did not hold my attention

- Terrible1 star

This movie is not worth a penny to watch. Trailer looks much better than actual movie. I should have read the reviews before I purchased it. It seems like low budget amateur production. I would not recommend it .

- Waste of Time1 star

The writing is painful to listen to. Cinematogrophy looks like it was shot on 8mm cameras. Casting besides Ryan Phillippe is downright nauseating. Action sequences look like they had no direction, and they had no professionals to help with any of it. Due to the lack of "industry level knowledge" the scenes are drawn out so it's easy to say that the editors are not industry level either. At best this is a college film project with no understanding of how to "frame" a scene in order to allow transititions that would tell a story with direction. If the budget isn't there don't spend all the money on your lead. 12 minutes in I stopped the movie, and got a refund for the movie. Oh, btw, when the title of the fim is "The 2nd", it's exhausting to have to listen to the actors constantly repeeat the "title" of the movie over and over again when it's not written well or delivered well. All the reviews are trustworthy. Don't waste your money. Finally, the music is in your face and terribly edited. Goodness, gracious, who thought this movie was ready for primetime in 2020? If I ever see "Momentum Pictures LLC" produce a movie again I probably won't waste my time.

- One of the worst1 star

Seriously, this was a poorly directed movie. Definitely a C movie. I would’ve been ok if I paid a buck but $6 down the drain

- 10 out of 5 stars5 star

The best action movie of all time. Every film class should study this masterpiece and learn as much as possible. Great writing, great acting and a great time.

- Jack Griffo steals the show5 star

Jack Griffo does a fantastic job in this movie , should be a breakout movie for him!!

- Zero if I could1 star

Horrible movie. Ridiculous simple plot. Worst performance I have ever seen from Ryan Philippe. The casting of his son couldn’t be more ridiculous. Looks like it was filmed on a GoPro. Philippe has definitely hit dead bottom with this. What a waste of 6 bucks.

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Zulu7619 - A 100k budget film?2 star

This film has more downs then ups I’ll make a little list, horrible camera movement and angles, story line is a little wonky, audio production was crap from some gunshots to lip syncing. It’s like 70% went to the visual affects team which did good and the actors. If it was a higher budget than 100 K then that’s just sad how it turned out.

TBMN - Yikes1 star

Where to begin. So many holes and bad acting and completely unbelievable. Too bad.

cl in pdx - Really bad1 star

Can't believe Philipe was in this, hope he made a lot of $. All the acting except Phillipe was terrible. The action scenes were dumb and almost funny. Preview MUCH better than the movie.

Mrs.Cakepop - A terrible joke1 star

People who make YouTube videos on iPhones and people with bad WiFi connections get a better amount of entertainment than this terribly acted out movie with off timing dialogue, corny stunts/action and acting. This is sad. Also seems very forced and a touchy topic of the second amendment during this time of quarantine, agenda much. Please stop with these movies and make something decent, waste of production money. Not even worth renting.

jjstipe - Wish I hadn’t rented it1 star

I stopped watching after about 15 minutes is so bad

Stephro221 - Please do not watch this crap1 star

Acting - bad Dialogue - bad Plot - bad Entertainment value - Even a movie that ranks as bad in the above can be entertaining. But nope. Not entertaining. Ryan must feel sad to have to live in Reese Witherspoon’s shadow. And this is just sad.

Scripterrs - Don’t waste your money or time1 star

Awful script, the only good thing about it is the trailer.

Rollerburn - Terrible1 star

Trailer looked promising. Movie was a full disappointment. Worst movie I have ever seen to date was open water. This took 1st place. Don’t waste your time. Terrible.

mfernandez3 - Horrible1 star

Such a lame movie. Fight scenes are weak and unrealistic, acting is worse. And just a stupid ending. Don’t waste your money.


No pensé jamás ver una película tan desastrosa actuación ,efectos y lo más desastroso el director.deben darla gratis NO LA VEAN!!!!!!

Jay P - Yikes1 star

C action movie. In these times I would hate to frown on someone making money, but the action scenes were pretty bad to watch, wondering if this one was on the shel and just released to fill the queue using these Covid times.

Jconnected - Bad1 star

Really bad made movie. A wasted the rental money.

Tomace01 - Absolutely JUNK worthy1 star

From the very moment that will be started, you could already tell that the quality of the movie and actors involved was worse than a “B” movies worst that Friday night popcorn like to watch. This is what happens when you have less than stellar actors trying to produce their own movies. F

louie992 - Soooooo bad!1 star

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything decent to watch during the rona. This one has the worst CGI and acting of any I've watched lately.

JT102030 - Good action movie5 star

I enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining and action packed and kept out attention all the way thorugh. It's worth renting.

Nizar| - Disaster1 star

I’ve seen a lot of good movies made with a low budget. This is not one of them.

Steglingtons - Tragically terrible1 star

So bad, my wife and I boo’ed the closing credits - we were ready to throw rocks at the screen, and we watched it at homely a brand new t0” tv. Casper Van Dien peaked with Starship Troopers, we all know this, but this performance? A cardboard-cutout of a plank of wood on wheels would’ve been more believable. Ryan Philippe - I’m sure his mailman won’t even make eye contact after this u-bend clogger. The 2 kids? They should’ve been begging the bad guys to kill them just to get out of this Thomas C Crapper of a movie. This went down like a bucket of vomit. Don’t waste your money - go spend it on something more useful like a 2020 events calendar

Preacher25 - Was this filmed with a gopro2 star

Terrible dialogue, poorly developed story -- Ive seen better production value on youtube videos

MaddogSquid - Disappointing2 star

Was this a weekend film project??? Acting??

Welsbacher - No... Just No1 star

***Little Bit of Spoilers in Here*** agree with other reviewers, the acting is bad. Ryan Phillips does a fairly decent job despite what he was given. But the story writing was horrendous and no amount of good acting could make this movie good. Cheesy action scenes, one where they're fighting and the guy stops and to say a cheesy line and leaves by vanishing behind the doorway. He eventually comes back. It's dumb... and really bad writing. Worse is the ending, because there isn't one. Not for the judgement on the 2nd amendment and not for Ryan Phillips' character. In the end we're left with "who are these guy that just showed up out of no where?" There's 2nd amendment under tones in here. It was as if the writers and producers were confused with issues on gun laws. They're bad but in order to make a good movie we need guns and violence. You could clearly see the conflicting messages in it. Dumb movie, dumb writing, and cringe worthy acting.

👿😡😤👺👹 - Santos1 star

Ryan has fallen hard to b celeb status

fk3020 - The 2nd5 star

በጣም አሪፍ ፊልም ነው !

allmangw - Quintessential example of directing gone wrong2 star

There’s a lot to be said about how much control a director has over the quality of a movie. And this movie is lacking leadership on all levels. I wanted to love this movie. I support the second amendment wholly. But I cannot get behind this movie. The premise was so promising and the cast was more than capable. Ryan (the main actor) is freaking Bob Lee Swagger in the series the Shooter for Pete’s sake. If you’ve watched that it’s surprisingly good. The level of accuracy and detail makes it an entertaining show even for someone who is trained. But this movie missed everything. It felt forced and disingenuous. The most convincing role was the wife of the main character. She was in the movie for all of 60 seconds. Ryan was an energetic fighter and brought his talent to the screen but overly close shots and awkward directing ruined any chances this film had of catching traction. The emotion was poorly developed and I didn’t feel invested in the characters life or their struggle. The action was poorly thought out in all. The son is clearly a judo trained fighter and brought a talent to the screen in that. Also, the graphics were terrible. A great movie is a movie the audience can relate to in some way. This movie lacked anything but the emotion to protect our ones family or others but failed to establish the emotion. This film is worthy of a local film festival in its current state. I highly encourage the financiers of this film to consider remaking this film correctly with a skilled director. I would want to see that film. Sad to say I own this mess.

trendingboys - Poor1 star

Poor Acting Couldn’t get pass 5 mins

SurfDog81 - Fun action flick!5 star


Jeddahwe - Almost Good2 star

Good story, casting and acting ruined by some of the worst directing ever ...

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