After We Collided

After We Collided Summary and Synopsis

In this second installment based on the worldwide bestseller After, we follow Tessa’s intense breakup and its aftermath. Will love overcome the past? Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever. After We Collided Wiki

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Can love overcome the past?..

After We Collided Movie (2020)

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After We Collided Movie Reviews

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- fun fluff.5 star

I love this movie so much because it makes me nostalgic for being in college. It’s fun. Nothing more.

- Not good but not bad4 star

While it’s con-deluded premise and sub-plot are too boring or regrettably cliche. After We Collided is a slight improvement upon the After trilogy, it never has any necessarily “good” points and the plot is as thin as paper, it still lives up to its (however small) potential. Taking even smaller roles and bringing them onto the screen more characteristically. Overall, the second-installment in the franchise is better than the first, but not the best rom-drama out there.

- Disappointed 😑4 star

Good movie but could have done without ALL the sexual content every five seconds! I think it was a good movie but would be better if they kept it in the pg-13 era.

- Absolutely Love5 star

My absolute favorite love story!!! The books are great the movies are great just 10/10 recommend!

- Love ❤️5 star

I’ve watched this a million times and will continue! ❤️❤️❤️

- Idk5 star

I am to young to watch this so idk why I’m doing a review but other people say it’s good so here’s a five star review teehee

- Just married2 star


- 💓5 star

I love this movieeee

- Love5 star

Can’t believe it cost that much I really want to watch it so bad and I can’t wait. I loved the first one and I want to watch this with my crush so badly.

- MAKE A THIRD5 star

always going to be my favorite movies

- Great!5 star

Better than the first!

- The ending wasn’t bad5 star

Watching this was totally worth my time this was amazing. The ending make you want to watch more in

- Wow!5 star

This was just amazing! I’m speechless 😍

- Amazing5 star

Love it and I need part 3 and it’s also so good

- How did this get a 0% by Rotten Tomatoes5 star

I am about to watch this movie but the 0% by Rotten Tomatoes almost makes me not want to buy it. I will give it 5 stars since the first one was good in my opinion.

- Amazing5 star

Loved it. Can’t wait for the next movie to come out.

- really bad1 star

i read the books and even bought them but this movie was not it. i might have to say the first one was better. they wasted so much time and effort just to give us this. i couldn’t stop laughing simply because it’s cringey. they really got dylan and candace to be part of this movie just to make them look bad 😭. well i’m waiting for the next ones and i hope they don’t make this mistake again.

- good4 star

it was good at first but there are some cliché scenes, the first one is better.

- Skskskks1013 star

The first one was way better in my opinion

- Worth itt times a million5 star

Great movie cant wait for the next (wouldnt watch with someone you dont feel comfortable watching sex scene with)

- NOPE1 star

The first movie was much more then this, terrible acting, too cheesy!

- AMAZING5 star


- Loved it5 star

Definitely was not disappointed I can’t wait to for the next one.

- Amazing5 star

So Much better then the first one!!!! I loved it!

- LMAOO1 star

worst than the first. hardin acting like a 5 year old throughout the movie, just makes him unlikeable. i was actually rooting for the sprouse twin.

- By remm5 star


- So disappointed I wasted the money.1 star

I read all the books and even the stuff on Wattpad. I feel like the people who rated this 5 stars didn’t even pay attention. The acting seemed forced and the story line was a mess. There was no real development of the characters at all. Like no context as to why Hardin went off on his dad, no understanding as to the relationship of Tessa and the Vances, nothing really going on when Hardin was in the UK and it was all just slapped together poorly. The trailers or released scenes were the best parts. This just fell flat. I hope they don’t make a 3rd movie.

- Truly the worst movie I’ve ever seen1 star

That’s it. That’s the review.

- this movie👏🏽😍5 star

Omg I lovedd this movie so much. It’s so relatable. I’ve literally watched it three times already!

- Not enough stars to rate this movie!!!5 star


- MdC1 star


- Favorite Movie Series5 star

I loved the first movie and I loved the second one!!! Going to buy it right now!! Can’t wait for 3 &4!!! I made my husband watch the first two with me!

- Omg buy it!!!!!5 star

Love it

- Related5 star

It’s an amazing story to something that reminds me of my past and I relate so well to they’re story. Absolutely amazing

- Loved it5 star

Overall one of the best sequels i’ve watched this movie is so good i am completely in love although it is a bit pricey to me it was worth it:)

- Hessa💞5 star

Way better than I expected😘

- Yes it will5 star

Not your typical love story Set apart from ALL the rest

- Love it5 star


- Better5 star

Sooo much better! The fight scene between Molly and Tessa was hilarious

- Hahahaha1 star

0% hahahahhahahahaahhahahhahahahaha

- Loved it4 star

As someone whom read all the books, I can say it could have captured more but I loved it! 😊

- Love 😍5 star

Great love story with relatable characters.

- Story plot is all over the place. Read the book first.2 star

I was very excited about this movie when they announced it after the first and I really did like the first. Wasn’t too happy with how they changed the story in the first but this second movie was pretty true to the book, only thing is they skipped around to much and didn’t really give too much context to each of the big parts and didn’t explain anything! I love the after books do not get me wrong but the movies have really disappointed me and I’ve read all these books three times. I’m really hopeful that the third will give more context to the actual story instead of just showing what happened then start the sex scenes without any build up or explains what needs to be explained to understand what is actually happening in the story. Sad to say but my overall review it just felt that they only really put a lot of effort on the sex scenes more than the actual plot of the books.

- AWC5 star

Just perfect. I can’t wait for the third

- So bad...1 star

The first movie was bad, which baffles my why they made another crap movie. This movie is just so bad on so many levels. Waste of time and money.

- Bad review😒2 star

This movie was not worth the money it had a bad story line, no character development. Terrible ending!😬😔

- Loved it!5 star

I can’t wait for the next movie, I loved the books and was glad the movie was similar to the book and some of my favorite lines and scenes in it.

- 💍5 star


- So so good!!!! 10/105 star

This movie was so good. If you read the books, it’s everything we wanted. If you didn’t but you saw the first one, you’ll still love it!! It had everything normal romance usually doesn’t have honestly. The full out emotional, fight scenes were so good. The intimate scenes were spot on. The actors were amazing especially Hero and Jo!! It was just incredible. If you love this series, you should love this movie. Obviously, there’s little things we selfishly want or would change but that’s every movie. Go see it now!!! It was 100/10. The acting, the story, the wardrobe, the fight scenes, the emotions, the intimate scenes, the chemistry, the love, all of it!! Did I say chemistry......🔥🔥🔥 best onscreen chemistry I’ve ever seen and trust me, I watch a lot of movies. Are you still reading this? Why? Go watch now!

- Title5 star

It’s pretty great :)

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Brittanyy_g - Love5 star

Absolutely loved this movie!

megannn124 - Everything I wanted!5 star

The first movie captured me and this movie did the same. It did may have seemed rushed at times but it did not fail. I hope there’s a third movie!!

syoss2002 - Yoss185 star

Loved it

Love one direction biggest fan - Amazinggggg! 💜💜5 star

It was amazing it was more true to the book which I love of course it’s never gonna be close like the book but it was more like it this time was definitely worth the wait hero/jo were amazing in this so happy can’t wait for awf/aeh 💕💕

ogpapipanda - Pop culture porn1 star

Whatever makes money. Family values and showing movies that teach a life’s lesson definitely not here.

Liliancolbee - 10/105 star

The passion doesn’t go unnoticed from the fights, love and everything in between. As a fan of the book series, this movie is the real deal.

ash1735 - Enjoyed the whole movie4 star

I wasn’t sure if we were going to get a 50 Shades of Grey movie and I’m so glad we didn’t. I saw a realistic relationship that has its ups and downs when there are real issues to work through. It followed the book but much less toxic and no repetitive fights. Relationships that young and especially first real loves can have their problems because both parties are still growing up and I think this screenplay captures that essence.

emily.kwasna - After and After We Collided5 star

I just LOVE this Movie!!! After is my favorite but this one is definitely my #1 favorite!!! Hopefully there is a Part 3 !!!! I am so obsessed and hooked on this movie! 😍🔥🥺🥰

14yr - Ew1 star

This is the straightest and one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen. The plot was boring and the character have no flavor

LSkars - Expected more.2 star

Being such a fan of the books I was extremely disappointed. Seems like the focus was more on the sex scenes rather than the emotions and growth the characters go through. Every scene felt rushed and passed on, literally felt like rollercoaster with no time to process anything. I hope 3 & 4 are more in depth like the books.

Cheergirl074 - BEST MOVIE EVERRR5 star

This is literally the best movie ever. A little inapropro but its still so so good. I highly suggest if you love romance or dont and just want to watch a good movie.

Tony 2Toes - Please5 star

Please sit on my face 😍

TheQueen24/7 - WATCH IT5 star

I LOVE IT😍 Part 1 and Part 2 I Love Them Can’t wait for part 3 (I think there is gonna be one)

A_Tbts133 - Pretty good5 star


Dez05 ! - 😍😍😍5 star

OMG I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Truly adored everything about it! Can’t wait to see the others! ❤️

Loca Dani - Bad, sexy and hot5 star

This movie is so much better than fifty shades of gray!! It just hot and sexy!!! The music is fantastic too!!

isksisnd - Love5 star

Honestly my favorite movie. Even my boyfriend enjoyed watching it! I can’t wait for the 3rd!

leandra parsons - AWC5 star

I love this movie so much I can’t even explain it 😭😭❤️❤️❤️

labelmepink - Better then the first5 star

This story line and film is great!

showerscene - After We Collided5 star

Absolutely amazing!!!

LarQ1 - Must watch!5 star

AMAZING!! more true to the movie and all the performances are incredible !!!!

Lalaj311y - Love This Movie5 star

All I can say is I enjoyed this movie!! Can’t wait for more!!!

Omg my name is stephany - 5 Star All the WAYYY5 star

I highly recommend you watch this movie! It was so good and overall made me cry. They are just meant to be together. :’)

Mrs. Turcios - Loved it!!5 star


lexiwilly - AWC5 star

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!😭😭🥰🥰🥺 (Highly recommend)

LJHV032816 - Thank you ANNA Todd!!!5 star

Amazing movie! Yes it was rushed but that’s only because they have fit a large book in two hours! Praying someone decides to make this book series into a tv series!

Rating Reporter - After We Collided5 star

Best Movie Ever!!! I can’t wait for the next movie “so excited.

lovethemovieafter - Love the movie !!🤩😍5 star

Best movie !!! Recommend

Kyeshia Hayward - Amazing!5 star

i seriously love this movie and the first😍😍😍

Cami_afterfan - HESSA 😍😍5 star

Forever my favorite! After & AWC. ♥️♥️

gwynnneth - OUTSTANDING!!!5 star

It was worth the long wait. I recommend this movie. Waiting for 3&4 and Herophine together (in real life) lol

Biggieebre - Not good1 star

Compared to the first one which felt had a story and I liked but this is definitely not what I expected. Transitions are bad , it feels like this is the “teen” version of fifty shades. I hope they get better :/

asanuma1111 - Awesome5 star

Considering there was a lot more left out of the book, I think this was done well.

shawniesmendussy - :,)))))5 star

i loved the first one and the second didn’t disappoint 😭❤️

MglpA - Love it!5 star

Perfect! Just like the book!

shinerivers - awc5 star

love this movie so much. time to re-read the book now. i’m in my feelings 🥺

Kimmybieber1996 - Loved it!!5 star

Loved the movie!! Felt like this one was a lot closer to the books. It was nice to see the second movie rated R! Overall I felt Hero & Jo did great & had perfect chemistry❤️

zinaharv - The best!5 star

Roger did an amazing job on this film! So much from the book and the chemistry is just amazing!!! 1001% recommended the After movies & books to everyone!!

Ratlers - won’t regret it!!!5 star

i loved it and i can’t stop watching it! it was everything and so much like the book!

pmily - Thank goodness4 star

Thankfully this movie is like the books which made it 100000000 times better than the first one.

arkemjk - entertaining!4 star

I’ve watched the first one, which I believe is available on Netflix, and this movie was pretty entertaining. it’s your typical teen love story, but packed with drama and never really boring at all. with Dylan sprouse joining the sequel, his character keeps an open window to a third possible movie spicing the series up. it’s definitely a watch if you’re curious in watching it.

kenzsss - THE BEST5 star

This saved my 2020!

Phucker-up - Wow4 star

I’ve been waiting for this movie since the first release date! So worth the wait! It did not disappoint! It stayed in touch with the book an gave it heat the first one lacked! Can’t wait for the rest of them!

beautifully chaotic mess - Honesty5 star

I haven’t watch it yet, since I live in America, 🤦🏻‍♀️ But, I will say this I read the series when it first came out on Wattpad and was totally prepared to pay up to $40 to buy it so that I could watch it. Paying $15 is so much better. I will edit my review after I watch AWC, it will stay at 3 stars until then. 10/03/2020 EDIT: I have since watched the film. I stand by my rating. I’ve read plenty of books to know that it’s never going to be the same as the film or tv series no matter what, with the exception of some. They’re we’re many scenes that didn’t make sense that we’re in the film. I won’t do spoilers but something was off the chemistry wasn’t there and certain characters were not as expected as they were portrayed in the WATTPAD versions or the book published versions. It was a good film I won’t say it wasn’t, but it wasn’t what I was expecting do to all the hype. I’ll stick with the books. 10/23/2020 Edit: I have since rewatched the film and processed everything. I did love the film, I was just upset that so many things were different as I always am when having read the material before it becomes a film. They have their reasons for filming how they did I’m just glad we were able to have the film. I also will be changing my rating now that I have processed. 10/25/2020

Gaming Mom of 4 - 🤯🤯🤯5 star

What can I say besides this movie will blow your mind and leave you wanting more!

Somer Abramson - After we collied5 star

The best movie of 2020. Better than, The first one. I love it my favorite movie ever. I recommend everybody watch it. I can’t wait for the next two movie to come out

Rachel Liz - Can’t stop watching!5 star

This movie is soooo much better than the first one! I was very skeptical at first but this movie is very true to the book! I love it so much! It made me cry and it made me laugh! As a lover of the book since 2013 I’m very happy with how to movie turned out!

mmmarissy - Good, good, good4 star

Loved that this was truer to the book! But also considering how much content is in the book, the movie plot did feel like there was too much and felt choppy because of how much they tried to cover. The scenes didn’t seem to flow into one another. I also felt that the cinematography and how they edited the first movie was a little better than this one! Even the soundtrack seemed more thought through for the first movie than it did for this one. The first movie was so dramatic and emotional and then all of a sudden we jump to a more comical/funny version for the second movie. Even the sex scenes didn’t seem as steamy/dramatic as the intimate scenes in After. Doesn’t seem super consistent! Which makes me sad, but also loved this movie for different reasons! The characters were more true to the book characters and you got more character background. Excited to see what the new director does with the third and fourth movie! Hopefully it will be a mix between the first and second movie.

Kendra1243awsome - After We Collided5 star

This movie is beyond what I expected (in a good way)! I’m so in love with it and I can’t wait to see what comes for the next movies in the sequel!

brucewayne19 - Worst Movie Ever1 star

I’m sorry but this movie has bad dialogue with terrible acting performances that not even the main protagonists, who lack chemistry, can save it from being one of the worst movies of 2020.

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