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Director James Fox’s explosive documentary is being hailed as the most credible and revealing film ever made about the long-standing global cover-up and mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon. Including shocking never-before-seen testimony from high-ranking government and military officials, NASA Astronauts, and riveting footage, the timely film includes bombshell reveals about UAP incursions at nuclear weapon facilities, and the monumental events behind the NY Times’ recent disclosure of UFO videos and The Pentagon’s classified UFO program. Providing eye-opening evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe, Senator Harry Reid says, “The Phenomenon makes the incredible credible.”Former Senior CIA Officer Jim Semivan, calls it “The most important documentary of the year.” Dr. Jacques Vallee says “70 years of secrecy has led to this. The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs.” Lue Elizondo, Former Director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), says "The Phenomenon sets a new benchmark for disclosure and is the most accurate and informative documentary ever made about UAPs.”Narrated by Peter Coyote (E.T), the film includes Senator Harry Reid, President Clinton, John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff for Clinton and advisor to Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S Department of Defense Senior Intelligence Official, Christopher Mellon, NASA Astronauts, Governor Fife Symington, Dr. Garry Nolan, Dr. Jacques Vallee, who was portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and more. This documentary examines unidentified aerial phenomenon. With testimony from high-ranking government officials, and NASA Astronauts, Senator Harry Reid says it "makes the incredible credible." The Phenomenon Wiki

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The Phenomenon Movie Reviews

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- Great Work5 star

I love documentaries, this was right up my alley and kept my attention.

- Worth your time!5 star

Crazy stories and very convincing! Only dorks who have no life and have enough time to look up all of this information know that this information is already out there…

- Pleasantly surprised5 star

Bought this on a whim and ended up really finding it much more enjoyable than most UFO documentaries.

- Must See UFO Documentary of 20205 star

This is one of James Fox's best UFO documentaries. Very informative. I really enjoyed this documentary! Wish it could of had its theatrical release! I have always been a believer of UFOs. I highly recommend seeing this film.

- We have a right to know5 star

I believe every bit of this documentary. Our government is good at covering up. It’s our human rights to know the truth

- Very well done5 star

Can’t recommend this documentary enough. If you’re at all curious in UFOs, give it a watch.

- The truth is out there, it’s in here5 star

Hands down the most credible and sensible argument for extraterrestrial existence and cover up I’ve seen.

- James Fox MasterClass5 star

It may not a beginner’s UFO documentary (covers some pretty complex topics) however .. I do think that it was Genius, Powerful, and overall a fantastic documentary. My words to James Fox would be, job well done sir!

- Must see5 star

This should be on our news nightly/weekly and discussed openly. Especially what the kids from Zimbabwe experienced. It’s scary and important.

- Honestly you can find this stuff on Ytube2 star

No reason to spend money on this -- its well done but not particularly compelling

- Compelling5 star

Recently watched on JRE, and this raised many questions.

- Great UFO movie to show non believers5 star

I found this film awesome and I actually know most of the stuff they covered but my two friends who are non believers said this made them question their beliefs!!

- Pedos1 star

There are two people (podesta and Richardson) that are both involved with child pedophilia .. not the type of people to trust

- Originally Bought this on Amazon — Whoops5 star

Amazon charges $3 more, and has no bonus content. I watched this movie twice, so far, on Amazon. I'm about to watch all the extras I've missed there. I'm trying to get as many people to watch this as I can. This movie is THE most important documentary to the human race currently out in this godawful year. Everyone needs to see this.

- Wow5 star

That was interesting

- Amazing!5 star

So well done with immense care, passion, and heart. A good primer for those new to UFO/UAP’s, and plenty of new stuff for the seasoned veteran. The most powerful part is definitely the kids at the end...And Make sure you watch all the way through the credits!

- Perfect timeline leading up to today’s information5 star

This is the go to documentary for anyone either just stepping into this arena or for people like myself who have been steeped in the UFO Lore for years. This puts all the greatest hits in one place and makes it very easy to keep score of what incidents happened and when. Thank you very much Mr. Fox look forward to your next venture.

- Fantastic5 star

Great film! A new standard of filming on the subject. Good history to refresh and some stories I haven’t heard. Interview with Sen. Harry Raid was fantastic! Didn’t disappoint!

- I BELIEVE!5 star

Outstanding! Phenomenal! Couldn’t take my eyes and ears off this documentary. I’ve always been a believer but this made me believe even more!

- Cannot recommend this film enough!5 star

By far the most comprehensive documentary about UAPs to date. I see a bunch of reviews saying “there’s nothing new here” and that’s just insane. There is so much new information and never before seen interviews and evidence. Definitely check it out.

- Why only Democrats in this video?3 star

You have to ask yourself, why is it only Democrats shown in this video for "authencity"?

- Amazing5 star

The best UFO UAP historic documentary EVER!! An incredible account of 100% real unexplained phenomena with all the supporting testimony. Mind blowing interviews with goverment officials and first hand witnesses. Disclosure has begun. James Fox did an incredible job!!

- Aliens5 star

I don't believe they have visited the earth. But, the children they interviewed in part of this movie saw something. They didn't look or sound like they were making up any story. I've never seen several of the interviews in this movie and I have followed stories of UFO's and Aliens all my life. I still believe another planet is just too far away for them to even get here. Even traveling at the speed of light.

- All really covered before in other documentaries1 star

This documentary doesn’t offer any thing new with its content which is already available in the public domain

- Perfect5 star

One of the best documentaries on the subject ever, if not the best. Very, very well made. I watched it twice.

- An eye-opening documentary5 star

This is a fantastic documentary because it sticks to the evidence. And the evidence will blow you away.

- Moving5 star

Hands down the best documentary on this subject, realized Mr. coyote was the narrator, so I was definitely in.

- Makes you really question things and who we should trust5 star

Compelling evidence from credible people throughout the film. Well done!

- Must watch5 star

Very good

- Best UFO Documentary I’ve seen5 star


- phenomenon.....4 star

The narrator. Did a really good job. I would've liked. For them to take all the millions. That's the United States government. Has spent on this project. And invested. it .on space.x.and blue origin. and NASA..

- Excellent, well produced doc5 star

Really well done. Many stories of encounters and sightings by totally believable witnesses.

- Nothing New1 star

Everything in this documentary is already all over the internet. This film accomplished nothing and is also quite boring.

- Great Introductory Documentary5 star

It’s a great documentary for those that have not been aware of the UFO cover-up. For those of us that have known these stories, it’s nothing new, however it’s a well organized documentary which slowly cranks up the heat with the climax at the end. Great push for full disclosure; I hope they continue to crank out more documentaries and not let the government wait things out until people lose interest.

- 🤣🤣🤣1 star


- Great5 star

I loved this. There was some forage and things I didn’t know at the end of the movie.

- Pretty darn good4 star

Some of the same stories we know and a few not so known ones. Overall, it was good.

- Lots of great info5 star

I’ve seen many of these and there were a number of historical documents and interviews which I hadn’t seen. I very much enjoyed this production.

- Ironic1 star

I completely agree we’ve been visited and that the US government is aware. Yet, it’s hard not to take note of the politicians highlighted in this doc. All proven liars. More distraction.

- Wow5 star

James Fox has done it again. This is a must watch for anyone residing on the wet rock we call earth. It will open your mind and make you question reality.

- Nothing New3 star

It's an interesting watch. However, there were no new revelations. They should have devoted more time on and provided more information about the exotic metals. The underwater craft...

- Old ancient aliens episode1 star

The whole thing is lazy... it has only old material, it is sensationalist and it even gets political. Garbage!

- A Compelling History of UFOs5 star

The Phenomenon is a well-made, compelling look at the history of UFOs beginning at the turn of the 1900s to the recent Pentagon revelations. For anyone new to the subject, many of the accounts are likely to be jaw-dropping. For the well-read on the subject there are still plenty of interviews, footage, and exploration into the phenomenon that warrant a look, including many interviews and audio from government officials and witnesses that I’d never heard before. From a production standpoint (a low point for many films in this field) James Fox has made one of the finest UFO documentaries out there. The sound design, editing, and voice over (by none other than ET /film legend Peter Coyote) is top notch. The most compelling and emotional moments (for me) are the cases with the school children describing a mass sighting. Some of their descriptions of the events is absolutely chilling and some of the best content in the field. I’d recommend this as essential viewing for everyone considering the evidence presented and what that means.

- Absolutely amazing documentary5 star

This documentary really brings out info that's not being told and it's criminal were being left in the dark. Highly recommend everyone watches this!

- Everyone needs to watch this5 star

Well done. A wake up call.

- Brilliant Documentary5 star

The truth as presented here is plain and simple. We’ve been lied to.

- Very Interesting!5 star

I have been following UFOs and related events since the 70s this show retold many of the classic events but they had more eyewitnesses and a deeper dive into them up to the recently declassified Air Force videos definitely a must see for any fan of this “Phenomenon”

- A Must See5 star

James Fox is an excellent filmmaker and now he’s back with The Phenomenon. It covers the history of well documented ufo cases as well as the US government’s ongoing investigations. The interviews & recreations make for a compelling documentary that everyone should see.

- Game changer5 star

Not sure why more people don’t demand disclosure from the govt. contact your local representative today. Excellent film, James is a leader in his field. He’s on the Mt Rushmore of film makers in this field.

- Horrible fear mongering1 star

Documentary is terrible. Involves members of TTSA which are known for spreading fear and disinformation surrounding UFOs/UAP

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TomZeee - Excellent overview of the UFO topic5 star

Well made and tailored to people who may be new to the topic or are overwhelmed with the amount of low quality/garbage information on the topic. This movie is well researched, every case referenced is credible and can be researched/followed up on. I highly recommend watching this film.

Bilalv87 - Must watch5 star

I know believe we are not alone in the universe.

Love Hauntings - Awesome!5 star

Anyone interested in UFOs should watch this. It’s great to see more politicians, military personnel & police officers talking about this stuff. Hopefully, more come forward with info & stories. This should be a much larger concern for all governments, everywhere.

Blindcell - Well Done4 star

Very well done!

vdubbs93 - Eye opening5 star

Yup. Always knew aliens were real. This confirms it.

TheOmega1996 - Parfait pour s'endormir.3 star

Comme documentaire, ça été un bon somnifère pour m'endormir, mais j'avais hâte que ça finisse lorsque c'était rendu que l'agenda de Greta l'enragée, religieuse pro-écolo, était inclus dans le documentaire.

Anne in Windsor ON - Excellent5 star

Well done.

elyse displayed - The phenomenon5 star

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JFGAD - Great watch!5 star

I truly enjoyed watching this documentary. Every minute raised my interest more and more. It was also educational with the older cases that i didn’t know about ( i’m 37 years old ). Really credible from beginning to finish.

TMM26 - Must watch5 star

Credible people through out

Malp81 - Fantastic.5 star

A seminal work.

Debster from Down Under - A world view changer!5 star

Incredible! Brilliantly researched. A must watch.

Budchunk - Wow !!5 star

Credible, high ranking people speaking openly about their experiences and the continuously odd actions of officialdom. I've not seen a more transparent, complete case for these types of phenomena. I've always wanted to believe that there is other intelligent life, but (for me) there's never been enough clear, reliable, first hand accounts and demonstrable evidence..... UNTIL NOW !! ..... 5 Stars

dunnycan75 - The Phenomenon5 star

Best UFO doc made to date

17LJH - Strong Delusion1 star

Operation Mockingbird example

Anth_james_ - A must watch.5 star

If you've ever wanted to see an intelligent, grounded and serious documentary about UFOs, then this is the one you need to watch. It's brilliantly told and pieces together a credible, historical account of the phenomenon dating back to the 1940s. It provides some of the most reliable cases and witnesses from around the world. It's about time the cliché of cartooned 'little green men', X-files music and condescending looks of superiority by the uninformed come to an end. If you watch one film on the subject, make it this one!

Mr F'n Serious - Excellent5 star

Finally, a documentary about the the U.F.O question that you could quite happily and seriously show to serious people knowing there are no cringe moments. Obviously a labour of love to bring forward what we all need to know. Just excellent. Thank you.

James_54 - It's a legitimately well put together historical account5 star

This is a well researched, well documented account of a history of phenoma occuring that many don't want to entertain and seemingly some would like to conceal. This is not activitism in film. It's presenting opinions and insights from individuals closest to the phenomena themselves in a structured, honest and well thought out way.. Would highly recomend.

Zs_99 - Making the unbelievable, believable!5 star

An incredibly well documented film with unseen footage and evidence that has been brought to light. There is a lot that we don’t know, but things have been getting dripped out slowly to the public. If you are skeptical, I highly highly recommend you watch this, have an open mind and then come back and re assess. The stories that are told by very very credible people, high up in the government, the detailed descriptions of these encounters - they all seem to add up and correlate with one another. Hands down the best UFO documentary I have seen. Done very professionally and with great sources to back up the evidence! We are living in exciting times - keep the information coming!

Tones2006 - Excellent introduction and beyond5 star

One of the best documentaries on the subject. Just watch it.

Shaws57 - The Phenomenon5 star

What a fantastic piece of work. Well done James Fox. It’s been a labour of love but wow it was worth it.

Fruity shortie - Steadyeddie.5 star

The Phenomenon does cover some old ufo footage ect in parts but there is a lot of new material.It ranks with un acknowledged it’s certainly a very interesting documentary even for ufo initiated.There is considerable evidence ufos have visited this planet for thousands of years which would negate the review comment about advanced species having no reason to visit Earth really study the subject.

jibberty - Phenomenal viewing5 star

This is very very convincing. Worth watching even if you are a sceptic.

A Dog Called Dave - Undeniable Facts, Undeniable Credible Witnesses, Undeniable!5 star

The most credible UFO film ever made, top-secret material, impeccable witnesses, military pilots, astronauts, state governors, high ranking pentagon officials, scientists. Never seen before video, the film takes us on a journey through UFO history, it has the feeling of being unofficially authorised by the Pentagon with access to some of the most sensitive documents and high ranking military and government personnel. This film is the most sincere and factual documentary ever made on the subject. Disclosure has started.

Tony Vercetti - Great Review of the UAP issue5 star

This is probably the best documentary out there that covers the history of UFOs 1947-2020.

Danny Simba - A history lesson you won’t have had at school.5 star

James Fox’s documentary brilliantly covers 70 years of historical UFO sightings and events highlighting commonalities and links to nuclear activity and the bombshell fact there was indeed a cover up of the issue. It brings us up to date with recent Pentagon revelations all backed up with expert witness testimony from high ranking government officials, former astronaughts and military personel. This film is a must watch and an eye opener for all of humanity.

tcole84 - Same old1 star

They have taken bits from speeches to paint their narrative. Bill Clinton went looking for info on aliens and stated “if there was any, I couldn’t find it.” Any technically advanced species that can transverse billions of light years wouldn’t waste their time coming here.

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fan of superhero movies - Best documentary EVER!5 star

"The Phenomenon is meritorious. It makes the incredible credible.” Former U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “The most important documentary of the yearand the most accurate examination of the world's greatest mystery.” Jim Semivan, Former Senior CIA officer, member of the Senior Intelligence Service "The Phenomenon sets a new benchmark for disclosure and is the most accurate and informative documentary ever made aboutUAPs. The film will help the Pentagon’s new UAP Task Force in its efforts to inform the U.S government about the reality of this enigma” Lue Elizondo, Former Director of thePentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) “The rapidly increasing number and quality of land and space-based sensors is making the UAP issue impossible to avoid. I can’t think of a better way for people to begin educating themselves on this long-neglected issue than watching “The Phenomenon.” The film provides a badly needed remedy for the unwarranted stigma that for too long has prevented government and academia from taking this important topic seriously.” Chris Mellon, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, U.S Department of Defense "This brilliant documentary provides us an eye-opening panorama of one of the most challenging issues of our day, the UFO enigma.The scope of its powerful coverage of never-before-seen credible interviews and events is absolutely ground-breaking.” Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., Co-Founder, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science “The most compelling film ever made on the subject.” Governor Fife Symington “The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs. 70 years of secrecy has led to this.” Dr. Jacques Vallee, scientist and UFO researcher, portrayed in Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind “The definitive examination of an enduring global mystery. The most powerful evidence…incredible stories told by credible people. This film will land on an unsuspecting Earth with the force of an alien invasion.” George Knapp, Investigative journalist “Masterfully presented, The Phenomenon is a comprehensive overview of UFOs that the public should not miss.” John B. Alexander, Ph.D, Retired Senior Army Officer, Los Alamos National Lab

a7892 - Best ufo documentary ever!!5 star

The most credible and revealing ufo documentary ever made!

Dixie 'Recked - Incredible Documentary!5 star

This is undoubtedly the most important documentary of our time. It's implications touch on every part of humanity. First step is to demand full disclosure from governments around the world.

@Gaiapunk - Outstanding World Shaking Documentary5 star

This is hands down the best doumentary on real ET visitation yet produced! Mr. Fox and collobarators have done fantastic service to the public with this project. The source materials are compelling and presented in a way that is both easy to follow and also revelatory. From top miliatry whistleblowers to modern and historical encounters this movie leaves little out. Please share this film, the truth is out and it's coming to light.

workharder - Best UFO doc of all time5 star

James fox has delivered a true masterpiece with The Phenomenon. The film shows the history of the UFO enigma starting from the 20s all the way to modern day. The cinematography, production quality, case studies, narration, sound and music are absolutely stellar! Fox must’ve spent years making this movie to achieve this level of perfection. I bought the film for 20 bucks and got the three hours a bonus footage and glad I did. The additional content is well worth it. Typically I am underwhelmed by ufo docs this is the first one that truly surprised me. Don’t even think, just get it and enjoy and discuss this incredible piece of history.

VideoMan99117 - Eye Opening5 star

If true, ground breaking. A lot fo information disclosed here. A must watch!

5 star

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5 star

My skeptical cousin after telling him to watch The Phenomenon and Unacknowledged. We’re making a difference y’all

5 star

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