Trump Card (2020)

Trump Card (2020) Summary and Synopsis

A specter is haunting America—the specter of socialism. At first glance, this seems incredible. The twentieth century is seen as the century in which capitalism defeated socialism. Socialist regimes collapsed around the world. Today socialism is confined to failing societies such as Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela. Yet leading candidates and media figures are enthusiastic about moving America toward socialism. They have a raft of proposals for doing this: Medicare for all, universal basic income, free college, and the Green New Deal. This movie will expose the ideology and tactics of the new socialism. It will explain the temptation of socialism—an age of abundance in which we all get something for nothing—and show why the socialist society is a mirage. Socialism produces deprivation, conformity, and tyranny. More than a critique of socialism, the movie will also make a moral defense of capitalism and show how capitalism, not socialism, is the best way to have prosperity and social justice. Narrated by Dinesh D’Souza and featuring eye-opening interviews, dramatic recreations, and comical animated illustrations, this film will be a timely, riveting, and entertaining look at the biggest issue dividing America today. Trump Card is an expose of the socialism, corruption and gangsterization that now define the Democratic Party. Whether it is the creeping socialism of Joe Biden or the overt socialism of Bernie Sanders, the film reveals what is unique about modern socialism, who is behind it, why it’s evil, and how we can work together with President Trump to stop it. Trump Card (2020) Wiki

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Beating socialism, corruption and the deep state...

Trump Card (2020) Movie (2020)

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Trump Card (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Trump card5 star

Trump 2020 Democrats can’t handle the truth they don’t care who they elect just look at what they have lying joe Biden

- Convicted felon grifter1 star

‘Nough Said.

- 49% of all new income going to the top 1%1 star

While we see 49% of all new income going to the top 1% in this country, we still have people like Dinesh D’Souza trying to make a buck by spreading his usual propaganda and stroking fear in every righter wingers heart and & mind. It’s rather pathetic but it’s their last ditch effort to continue the divide between the have and the have not’s. Our middle class is now non-existent and if you think that is a recipe for healthy democracy you are a absolute moron.

- More brainwashing1 star

...since they’ve succeeded with brainwashing 30 percent , of America’s population, they thought they’d give the rest of us a go. Manipulated facts to downright lies.....this dreck is Pure Propaganda. Films like these were also popular in prewar Germany.

- Open your eyes!5 star

A must watch for anyone who truly cares about this country. The people in the reviews calling for it to be removed demonstrate exactly how real the issues discussed truly are. Thank you, Dinesh!

- Truth5 star

The great 18th century preacher Charles Spurgeon said, “Long ago I ceased to count heads. Truth is always in the minority in this evil world.” Thank you Dinesh for speaking truth and being one of the last true American patriots left standing.

- Worth the watch! Highly recommend!5 star

Don’t believe the negative reviews from those that haven’t even watch this yet! Check it out! Great watch!

- Cult propaganda1 star

Terrible and dangerous during times of unrest. Irresponsible propaganda.

- Propaganda1 star

Total nonsense spewed out from a morally bankrupt party.

- Trump 2020 🇺🇸5 star

People refuse to see the truth!

- Trash1 star

Created by a man who went to prison for tax evasion and was pardoned by the tangerine Toddler this is a steaming pile of garbage and propaganda

- Should be called “Dump trump”1 star

This isn’t a documentary. It’s fake news.

- Awesome5 star

Dinesh does an excellent job of interviewing and exposing the truth and the deep state corruption of the democrat party. He uses logic and research to bring the truth to light.

- 👎1 star

No thanks

- Fascist1 star

Truly horrible propaganda. Lies and deceit. “Law and order” really means subjugation and control over people who do not espouse right-wing views.

- Absolutely not.1 star

Showcasing a lack of humanity. This movie is a joke.

- Lies1 star

Trump is the worst president and you people need help if you can’t see the real truth. Americans are idiots

- More propaganda1 star

Another movie that proves friends of Trump (literally someone who Trump pardoned for using a straw donor) will always push a position of “Look over there!! The democrats are so evil and corrupt!” If you want to keep listening to conspiracy theory’s this is your movie! Btw, keep enjoying The Blaze and Fox News; I bet they reviewed this highly!

- Apparently ANYONE can make a movie1 star

Garbage in and garbage out.


this should not be on here SHAME ON APPLE

- Documentary?1 star

This kind of garbage is a hindrance to the progression of our species. This is no better than Russian propaganda. Well worth watching for a good laugh, however!

- Biased iTunes1 star

Paid for movie...very slow download...of course! 😂😂😂

- Truth5 star

Of course, the ones that don’t like this are the ones that are brainwashed by the left.

- Great Eye Opening Movie5 star

This movie is definitely eye opening. I read the book “1984” when I was in high school and there are many parallels to today’s mainstream media and government that give you only the narrative they want to know to be truth.

- T-R-A-S-H1 star


- Obama’s Failed Administration5 star

This Movie is amazing! This is why people want to vote for President Trump. President Trump fixed Obama’s Failed Administration. This really is the cure to prosperity and equality. The bad reviews are triggered liberals who’ve never seen this movie and got fact checked on their mistake! Socialism has killed millions of people and it’s a system that’s never worked. Read your history and be educated, this isn’t propaganda. Propaganda is something the Liberals promote your scare Americans and steal our money.

- A Must See if you are undecided5 star

This is not about glorifying Trump. However, it does explain things that our mainstream media does not and recognizes his accomplishments. They refuse to acknowledge Trump’s record on getting things done. They have compelling interviews and admit that the democrat party of today is not what it once was. People are moving toward socialism, which always fails.

- Great and educational movie5 star

The only reason this movie has 1 star ratings is because they were written by liberals who watched the trailer and looked at what it was about and decided it was enough for them. Its a great movie

- garbage1 star

D'Souza is a felon, a convicted liar, somebody making money on conspiracy theories and somebody that mocks school shootings. the worst kind of parasite of society. Eventhough i am against censorship, i hope nobody watches this garbage.

- A propaganda film filled with lies and half truths1 star

It is propaganda for his Dear Leader. Pathetic.

- Garbage1 star


- Excellent survey.4 star

Excellent survey of many issues, however, does little justice to any. The runtime is padded with unnecessary re-enactments when there would have been volumes of actual video to show and more depth to explore in each target area. If anyone is saying propaganda, the they probably didn’t watch the movie. If they did, I challenge any of them to do any serious research on any topic outside of NYT, VOX, WP, CNN, etc. Great movie, but like a 101 survey course and each of the topics could have a 400 level movie of its own.

- Trump Card5 star

Love it! 👍

- Excellent5 star

Once again Dinesh nails it! A must watch!

- Propaganda Garbage1 star

Its like a cop interrogating an accused an feeding him with what he wants him to say. Its like a staged event.m. Distorted fear mongering.

- Great movie!5 star

So much truth...we are living in crazy times. Glad someone is shining the light on the leftist loons. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

- Full of misleading concepts.1 star

He should have read more about the subject before shooting this movie.

- Uneducated1 star

If you don’t understand how political propaganda works this would pull you in because it plays like it knows what it’s talking about. Unfortunately if you already know even a little about propaganda and or really anything discussed here you know how much bs this really is. Sad this is aloud to stay here, it’s basically slightly higher budget clickbait.

- More Trash1 star

Thought we could get through one election year without this guy’s fear mongering popping up. Guess not.

- Garbage1 star

Cuba and Venezuela are dictatorships not socialist states..

- Junk Food For Simple Minds5 star

There are a lot of people out there who can’t be bothered to care about stupid things like the environment, about science, our air or about really basic common sense; this movie was made for them! Until now, they had to suffer through movies with more than one plot arc and that is just mentally overwhelming. Well, not anymore. This movie boils down every conspiracy theory, every illusion of grandeur, and every pro-trump fox news ego jerk into one incoherent pseudo documentary. Now, your racist uncle, idiot brother, or excommunicated family ‘Karen’ will have a fresh source of not peer reviews “information” to troll libtards on twitter. For just a $15 cash grab, idiots can keep their brains off and avoid inconvenient thoughts and cheer for their favorite president, cast as a hero saving America despite objective reality and despite the fact he cant tie his own shoes. Learning is stupid, so dust off that GED, throw it on the pile of our already burning democracy, and watch your favorite nice orange man shout your favorite inside words while fake smart people tell you how right you are.

- Horrible1 star

Lies, poorly presented.

- Dump Card1 star

Insane that people can watch this through with a straight face. Crazy that people eat this up like it has any semblance of fact.

- Dark to Light - A Must See5 star

This is a much watch. A great glimpse into what is going on. This election is a decision between USA capitalism and extreme socialism. Make the right choice. Watch this movie!

- Total propaganda BS1 star

Get the F out of here with this garbage. There’s more truth in one of those stupid alien autopsy “documentaries” than this dreck.

- awesome5 star


- Interesting Information5 star

Like all of his documentaries, he brings forward information that would take significant effort to research. I am surprised and indeed shocked, at some of the revelations that he provides. Additional research, if you take the time to do it, verifies the content of his documentaries. Those who would set aside the information provided as falsehoods clearly have not done their research or are biased.

- The truth of how dirty democrats are5 star

Great documentary a lot of stuff the main stream media will not tell you a must watch. This has all been fact checked all is true.

- Foolish trump supporters1 star

Wake up cultists

- Facts, facts, facts5 star

Left wing politicians have sold their soul to radical Islam and have been orchestrating a revolution. The US will fall as the Roman Empire, as social engineering and corruption in Education, Media, District Attorneys, High Tech, etc is run by sociopaths bought and owned by “Barbarians”. Trump is the only hope to keep the Republic, some are drone zombies but many are awake.

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per$on314 - Trash1 star

Clearly no idea what he talking about

KSalt77 - Socialism is not communism...1 star

Um... I think the director/writer is confused. Socialism was actually not that popular in the 20th c. Even the countries talked about were almost all communist... which is different from socialism. Very confused

A+Chef - Waste of Money & Time1 star

Politics aside....What a joke.

dd_singh - #truth5 star

Great watch, facts and not politics.

S13gmund - Not so much a documentary as a Trump ad4 star

Well put together and produced. Unfortunately, there are no undecided voters left, so maybe a wasted effort.

AlexfromCali - Trump Train5 star

This movie collectively assembled where the Democratic Party is and the threats that pose to conservative Americans.... A must watch for those that trust in Dinesh D’Souza’s work and seeking truth! I love this movie! Support the Trump Train!

Take Scalps - I never trust convicted felons1 star

This movie is filled with as many lies as one would expect from a convicted felon

pheffer8 - Say What You Want...4 star

The people on here saying “Apple shouldn’t have this movie”, “DeSouza is a criminal”, etc. really are proving the point of this film. However you view the world and American politics, this is certainly an important must watch for all Americans, or any person who believes in freedom for every individual. A great lesson in the slow burn of how corrupt our government has become. Great observation in how media controls the way many think, and how easy it is to control people. A little hokey in some of the animations, but overall excellent, organized delivery and important information the legacy media ignores or obfuscates. We all matter, no matter our skin color, sexual orientation, religion, etc. It is way past time people admit the truth and stop with the “right wing conspiracy” excuse. Wake up, or we really will be under control of fascists.

paulrus - Worthless1 star

Apple should not be hosting fascist propaganda on their store.

Illnoiz - Terrible1 star

This man peddles lies and half truths to drive fear into decent, god-fearing conservatives. Unfortunately, grifters like him have left our great country devastated from partisanship. If you are a decent, god-fearing conservative, please keep in mind - he was forced to resign as president of Kings College after having an affair, he was convicted of a felony for campaign finance violations. Naturally he created Trump Card, which boasts of the greatness of the person who pardoned him, Donald Trump.

Kfulton402 - A Must Watch!5 star

This is a great documentary that chronicles history and clearly explains the current events. Please recommend it to all of your family and friends.

anandishak - Propaganda garbage1 star

This is pure and utter garbage. This sort of disinformation is why so many people are confused about the world they live in. Hitler level propaganda. Pure, complete biased, non-objective propaganda

Philip John Basile - Way far right trash1 star

This movie is hot garbage propaganda.

Mjb12345678 - Great movie about truth!5 star

Enjoyed every minute of this Documentary! Really exposes the truth of all the hidden agendas that the left has.

Peloquin1981 - Embarrassing1 star

Dinesh is a sad excuse of an “expert”, and he can’t help but make an utterly embarrassing “documentary”. Like everything else coming from the right side of the aisle, this is just another collection of lies. Don’t waste your time.

Misspettyfuk - Hysterical!1 star

The best comedy of the year! Q Dummies will love it!\

hellourme - Great Movie!!!5 star

Good vs Evil = Capitalism vs Communism/Socialism = Trump vs Biden

onewhogotaway92 - Hm1 star

I bought this movie and it made me wish we could have more socialism. Weird.

------nursr amy - Speak the Trutn5 star

The lies are coming out.... thank you for making this truthful documentary... Wake Up America!!

Nenenette31 - Truth5 star

Just the facts to the far lefts presumptive injustice.

Knewmania - Garbage1 star

This is a disgusting spin from the conservatives. Brain washing at its worst.

CindyWH 3604 - Trump Card5 star

President Trump: “we were born free, we shall remain free.” Mr D’Souza outdid himself with this documentary. It really brings home we have everything to lose without President Trump being elected to a 2nd term and allowing this country to become socialist. (Communist). Anyone still uncertain about who to vote for needs to see this.

biachsmacker - Biachsmacker5 star


anwbqqq - Worse than “Triumph of the Will”1 star

Fascist propaganda touting talking points that were disproven decades ago. Cool if you hate democracy and human rights, I guess

kraem ballz - Perfectly said5 star

Gives you a good look in to what socialism would look like in America.

P Re - A Wake Up Call to Americans5 star

“Trump Card” makes dozens of compelling arguments that the Democratic Party and the media have been taken over by the radical far left, and Islamists who aim to destroy our constitution and our country from within. The most jarring reality is that radicals from Iranian proxies have already infiltrated the US Senate, their “crown jewel”, in the form of Ilhan Abdullahi Omar. The film documents that Omar and others on the far left are undermining our democracy through the balkanization and division of her constituents and others who will listen. The movie makes the case radicals from Iran view Democrats as very stupid and useful idiots who are being used as a vessel to destroy America from within. The reviewers who say this film is garbage and filled with lies I suppose don’t want you to see it, with good reason, D’souza make a very good argument for capitalism over socialism and the latter’s inevitable failure. I think people should be aware of this filmmaker’s valuable point of view as an immigrant from India where socialism has failed. D’souza claims that Donald Trump may be the only firewall to prevent the United States from socialism.

docray1961 - Trump propaganda by a convicted felon1 star

Lies and propaganda. Red meat for the cult.

Luchita29 - The truth is clear5 star

I am a Latina conservative citizen, When I arrive I didn't know much about the USA history, after read several books and watch documentaries I realize I couldn't be a Democrat. I love how D'Souza is incredible ingenious to make a point. He didn't need to expend a lot of money into hollywood people. The truth will set you free!!! D'Souza doesn't just say what he thinks but goes to the sources and let them tell the truth. Very good movie, so happy to pre-ordered.

matwebstar18 - Powerful5 star

Great work. God bless the USA

Philh68313 - Typical5 star

I thought you had to purchase this before giving negative reviews but apparently not

CplDoyle - Laughable how gullible people are5 star

Those shouting neonazism clearly have missed the lesson in history class that the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) as well as the vast majority of totalitarian governments all started waving the moderate to radical left flag. It’s a simple case of “blame the other side for your own crimes”.

fupostmates18288272 - Utter garbage1 star

Garbage and lies just like trump. You will enjoy this movie if you are racist and do not care for anyone but yourself. 0 stars if i could.

Mr. McKenny - Again with this absurdity?1 star

An embarrassment for all involved and all who believe the nonsense.

Tucutdutctufiyfiyfyfiyfiyfiyf - Fantastic5 star


JC1986 - Trash1 star


RCOworld - Filth1 star

Should be banned and reported to the authorities.

MrDior84 - Trump Card is a MUST SEE film!5 star

Dinesh D'Souza exposes the dangers that face the United States of America under the likes of the Democratic left who idolize socialism and all it's tenants. All pillars under the Democratic party such as gender, race, sexual orientation and social status are highlighted and explained how the left uses each one of them to advance their quest for ultimate power. There are many parallels to similar obstacles that the great President Abraham Lincoln faced as a freedom fighter in abolishing slavery, and the endless attacks that President Trump faces today. Religious Freedom, Respect for Life, Second Amendment Rights, Voter Integrity, Free Enterprise, Capitialism and all the crucial facets that make America great are under direct siege from the far left and it's radicalized agenda. The Socialist and Marxist ideologies have taken over the Democratic party of our time. Dinesh presents a well documented and researched film to expose these direct threats to our individual rights and freedoms as American citizens. It is our patriotic and moral duty to stand up and fight for this nation with every fiber of our existence. We must not allow this grand nation under God to fall victim to Socialism and Marxism. It is with sincere gratitude to Dinesh D'Souza for releasing this film and having the courage to shine forth a great Light on the darkness that is the Democratic party, the "lying voices" mainstream media, Hollywood, The Deep State, Antifa and all the like. God bless America and God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

Puddles90405 - The wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.1 star

Give me a break. Y’all are so stupid.

draggun007 - Great Movie!! Very Credible!5 star

Everyone should watch this before voting to at least get a balanced view of what is not being shared in the media. I challenge anyone watch this and to fact check the claims said.

MacStatixx - An immigrant loving America5 star

A legal one at that. Exposes the lies of major leftist like Michael Moore, The Biden family, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and many more establishment members. Although it does not go deep enough, this documentary uncovers many enemies our 45th President of the United States of America Donald J Trump has to fight not only on a daily basis but a minute by minute basis. I’m surprised a coward, knee bending company like apple would distribute a film like this. At the very least they deserve credit so credit where credit is due. D’Souza is a ballsy guy, and this is a worthy viewing.

🇺🇸Plaga🇺🇸 - 👍5 star

Worth watching.

Ed5411992 - Joe Biden!!!1 star

Worst movie ever!! Dump the Trump!!!

Doranne - A must watch!5 star

I just finished watching Trump Card. Every American should watch this. Excellent work, Dinesh D’Souza, as always, bringing forth the facts and explaining them so well!

Earl Wayne Poleski - Might as well throw your money in the street1 star

Better way to burn fifteen bucks.

Biden624 - The Truth Will Set Us Free5 star

This movie is what every single American that cares about our future and the American Dream itself needs to watch. Dinesh describes the current state of America as a “Cold Civil War of capitalism and free market vs socialism” and he nailed it right in the head. This movie thoroughly explains the truth behind democratic socialism and the path it leads to for the people. WATCH THIS MOVIE!! You won’t regret it.

Dukeatron - Trust this!5 star

Shows that capitalism and freedom are awesome, and Hillary Biden and the deep state or should I say Islamic state are trying to secretly buy our freedoms without actually paying any citizens...Vite Trump!

will work for money - I love it5 star

Trump 2020

Xerodyne - Straight trash1 star

An educated person can see that clearly.

A.Roddick - Master Orators: D’Souza & Carson5 star

You have to admire the intellect and patience of those such as D’Souza and Ben Carson. It’s so difficult to maintain your temperament throughout a "dialogue" with someone whose unable to see reason or would rather shout and scream before listening to the facts

randall11 - A must see5 star

Every person needs to see this movie!

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