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Uncut and uncensored from the visionary mind of Brandon Cronenberg, Tasya Vos invades the minds of others to make them carry out high-profile assassinations. But when she encounters a strong willed host, struggling for control reaches a violent pinnacle. Tasya Vos, an elite corporate assassin, uses brain-implant technology to take control of other people’s bodies to terminate high profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment, Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her. Possessor: Uncut Wiki

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No body is safe..

Possessor: Uncut Movie (2020)

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- Trailer was better3 star

You can definitely see the influence of Christopher Nolan on this film, but the film itself falls short of a good to great film. I’m sure some of Leonardo da Vinci’s pupils weren’t all great artists and that is what I think the movie wants to be, a masterpiece but it ended up being a forgery.

- Painful1 star

Go watch clothes spin in a dryer. Better use of your time than watching this.

- Boring, no character1 star

The characters have no personality, despite some cool effects this movie is unwatchable.

- Deeply Disappointing2 star

Long and tiresome in places.

- Awful1 star

Seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I can't believe how boring it was. The last 30 minutes I must have checked to see how much time was left at least 10 times. The plot, if you want to call it that, is stupid and pointless, the characters completely lack any personality, there is zero tension, and I'm pretty sure Cronenberg only made this film so he could have something to loosely structure the sadistic murder scenes around. Those seem to be the only thing in the movie with any thought or enthusiasm put into them. I'm glad this was only .99. But I'll never get that 2 hours back, or the 3 minutes I spent writing this stupid review.

- Don’t waste your money1 star

I bought it and I regret it. This is a movie I will not be watching ever again. I give it a one start because I cannot give zero .

- Ugh3 star

Great acting but fails to deliver for me.

- It’s worth the rent3 star

Very inventive, mind bending, not as much horror as I would have liked to see but great ending. A solid movie that is unique enough to over come some of its flaws.

- Psychological Creepshow5 star

Worth the watch if you are into psychological, freak-show style movies. If you are more the blood-and-guts gore fest type of moviegoer, fret not, plenty of it in this movie for sure. It is a blend of both and inherently disturbing to say the least. No spoilers. Was worth the watch.

- Watchable.3 star

It is not memorable but it has an interesting premise.

- This isn’t Blumhouse or Pg-13!5 star

You should know by now what your about to see! It’s brutal, shocking, and lingers! A film you discuss among other people who view film in the same manner! Probably the best I have seen this year and most graphic in a while! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Wild ride!5 star

A true thrill ride. I loved it.

- Great Trailer5 star

I loved the two chromatically placed sythesized notes that get repeated. I like the foregone conclusion that it only takes a small thought to lose control. Of course, I suppose if one has a big thought, it's all it takes to gain control. So small thoughts vs. big thoughts seems to have a clear winner, winner, chicken dinner. I think this movie is probably about as cool as a night in Nome. Not Rome. Rome Nome. Yeah.... like those two cool notes. Similar enough in certain respects, but different in some crucial others. Maybe not entirely unlike these, the characters, driven by an Avatar playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The same but... not. the. same. Whoa. This great trailer gets five great starz.

- State Of Affairs5 star

Very good reflection on the current headspace of careers, technology, and interpersonal relationships. Definitely worth a watch if you’re into the weird and exploitative side of cinema.

- Andrea Riseborough4 star

The few films I’ve seen with Andrea Riseborough I’ve enjoyed, if not only for her haunting charismatic presence and her unusual beauty (Mandy, Crocodile -Black Mirror) This hallucinatory mind bender of a film is a perfect vehicle for her talents. I’m nit-picking, but I gravitate towards meat and potato writing, Billy Wilder style, so I found “Possessor” a little unsatisfying to my personal, possibly narrow tastes. But the film was captivating and all the performances were first rate. Kudos to Jennifer Jason Lee for saying the line “I barely recognize myself”. I didn’t realize it was J.J.L until halfway into the film. I’d recommend this film to everyone.

- Deep4 star

The film is not a masterpiece. It has its flaws, it’s not perfect as no film is. But, it is extremely well done. It definitely is not a movie for everyone. It’s extremely, extremely gory and violent; this is not a happy movie. I found it interesting how even though the movie takes place in the year 2008 (but in a different reality where technology and society are slightly different from ours), the film addresses race and police, the opulence and power of the wealthy, the ever increasing invasive ness of technology in everyone’s life. This movie is very deep, with metaphors, symbolism, etc. if you watch it and don’t think past the surface, you won’t understand it. I’d recommend watching and then reading about it online. It explores so many things, even gender and sexuality. I would really like to see a sequel.

- What a Film!5 star

Directed by Brandon Cronenberg. Starring Andrea Riseborough (Birdman), Chris Abbott (First Man; Girls), Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight; Weeds), & Sean Bean (LOTR, GOT). Inception on steroids with a distinctively Cronenberg touch re: body horror, Possessor, takes a fascinating dive into the mind-body connection as manipulated by corporate interests and sci-fi technologies. Uncut, indeed! This film has many graphic sequences containing blood, violence, sex, & explicit nudity. Their shocking nature and trippy execution also imbues the scenes with a current of dark humor as the viewer is left in disbelief at what they just witnessed. With solid performances all around, one could tell the actors were excited by the audacity of the script and the questions the film raises with regard to murder without consequence, homonculean identity play, and data mining for corporate gain. Aside from some plots points that became needlessly complicated (i.e- set up for the interpersonal motivations cloaking and driving the big hit job), the film makes smart use of its running time (1:44) by staying with the more visceral elements of lethal brain play and eschewing heavy exposition. The film packs a punch, a knife, a gun and stays with you. Enjoy!

- Meeeh3 star

Not sure why this is rated so high.

- Ugly movie1 star

Soulless characters doing ugly things for no other reason than the director’s own fetish to see graphic violence. Shooting a child in the head after unloading a clip in his chest, showing his head explode... No thanks.

- Moronic.1 star

I had to stop 30 minutes into the film. Life’s too short. There’s nothing compelling here. For the first half hour this appears to be about a murderous woman incapable of feeling regret in any coherent sense of the word, and yet there’s a meaningless ten minute diversion into her family life (replete with saccharine background music). During this time we learn that, oh by the way, she doesn’t feel regret in any coherent sense of the word. Then there’s a review of her previous killing in which she’s asked why she used a knife rather than a gun, and her answer reveals that...wait for it...she can’t feel regret in any coherent sense of the word. There’s simply nothing here to grab hold of. There’s no reason to care whether she successfully murders someone else. I suggest the writer and director consider whether the audience matters. If not, then well done.

- A big slow burn of bad2 star

I barely made it through this. the initial intro was excellent and I expected it to fit this mold throughout the film; sadly, it did not. The monotony of trying to build the characters to something similar of the first act never develops. It winds into messing with your mind trying to be good sci fi. it had some great gore scenes and potential; however, it never really seemed to go anywhere and what little was explained just exited my memory when the credits ran. For some, this slow boring take may be appealing, but this is not good sci fi nor good.

- #don’tkillseanbean4 star

Overall it was a good movie and I love the premise of this film. I wish there was a better ending. I didn’t feel like it resolved at the end. None the less, the killings were brutal.

- Eh3 star

Cool city shots with unique cinematography. Overly gory with unnecessary nudity that doesn’t add much substance to the overall story. Is it worth the watch? Eh... throw on The Great Outdoors and have a lovely evening.

- Very cool feel4 star

Such an awesome/unique style. More story would have been perfect. Maybe I just wanted it to be longer/deeper? Even if she developed a meaningful relationship with one of her “assignments” that made the job different than all the rest so that there was more depth and internal struggle and revealed more of her actual character. I didn’t get enough of the main girl to fully understand her

- Snooze Fest1 star

Boring. Boring. Boooooooooooorrrrriiiinnnng. Even the sex scenes were boring. No, no, please....kill me and pull ME out.

- All mood, no substance2 star

I've seen a lot of people compare this film to something done by Brandon Cronenberg's father, David Cronenberg. The primary difference is that David Cronenberg always littered the weirdenss with genuine humanity and story. This movie feels a lot more like a premise than a finished film, and the "gotcha" moment with Jennifer Jason Leigh is telegraphed and revealed so subtly that its importance really doesn't even register. The primary problems are as follows: 1) we are never given a reason to care about Andrea Risebrough's character. She's an assassin who seems like something of a jerk to her husband. Certainly, their relationship issues seem to stem from her job and not from the husband. Jennifer Jason Leigh's character is kind of the representation of that sentiment. 2) the stakes of failure don't seem believable. We're told on several occasions that if Andrea Risebrough's character reamins in the dude's head for too long, then she'll suffer brain damage. Then she stays in his head for far longer than she is supposed to, and she wakes up without apparent brain damage. 3) Simply put, there were far more interesting stories to tell in this world beyond a body-hopping assassin struggling to commit suicide in her last host. You would think, with a description like that, that such a statement couldn't possibly be true. The story we get is an incredibly slow mood piece about an assassin who takes over a guy's body, but slowly begins to cede control of that body to the original host. That COULD be interesting, but not if nothing happens to progress the story for multiple 10-16 minute segments of imagery. We could have gotten a movie on the dangers of a company that invades human privacy to mine data for advertisements, an idea that Possessor hints at but never developes. We could have gotten a movie where the guy and woman partner up within his mind to take revenge on the obviously corrupt agency that she works for. We could have gotten a movie that focused more on the dynamics between the man's girlfriend and her family. We get none of that. Instead, we get smacked in the face with repetitive imagery and editing that tells us over and over again that Andrea Risebrough's character is losing control of her sanity. And then we get a petty cool conclusion that hasn't been earned because we've come to care about none of the characters. Shocking to me that this movie was reviewed so positively. It COULD be good, but it's just unfinished. It's still just a premise, not an actual story.

- Check it out4 star

Saw this at Sundance and it was wild! Packed audience, interesting premise and some gore that had the audience groaning. LOL

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5 star

is the version of POSSESSOR available to stream (on any of the usual VOD spots) in Canada the uncut version?

5 star

@BookishPlinko i watched POSSESSOR UNCUT lit af last night and, wow. WOW!

5 star

Possessor (2020) Varð fyrir smá vonbrigðum með þessa en það er meira sökum hárra væntinga en að hún sé eitthvað slæ…

5 star

@iamchrishello What did you think of possessor? I felt like it was 2 films smooshed together . Not seen uncut so do…

5 star

@BabsVan Possessor! And make sure it is the uncut version!

5 star

Tonight's #featurefilm is Brandon Cronenberg's Possessor Uncut. I'm excited to watch this one. Highly anticipated.…

5 star

If you've watched Possessor Uncut, would you kindly drop your opinion of it under this tweet?

5 star

@JerryisjustOK Just watched POSSESSOR Uncut. Also watched SCARE ME yesterday—loved them both. Finally getting back…

5 star

@daashney hmm, Possessor [uncut] comes to mind.

5 star

@A_Scannaer_Dark: ここ最近見て良かった映画。『Bad Trip』(2020) 『ビルとテッドの時空旅行 音楽で世界を救え!』『アンカットダイヤモンド』『Virus 復活の日 』(1980)『Ms. 45 天使の復讐 』(1981)『斬、』『VIDEOPH…

5 star

Possessor Uncut de Brandon Cronenberg

5 star

@codestealer I haven't even seen possessor not uncut — that's his son, right? Recommend?

5 star

@chumunculus Have you guys seen POSSESSOR uncut yet?!

5 star

@BDisgusting Possessor : Uncut Sea Fever

5 star

is the amazon prime version of possessor the "uncut" edition? I can't figure out how to stream the movie right

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Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
Possessor: Uncut movie images
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Possessor: Uncut movie posters
Possessor: Uncut movie posters
Possessor: Uncut movie posters
Possessor: Uncut movie posters
Possessor: Uncut movie posters
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