Mulan (2020)

Mulan (2020) Summary and Synopsis

Acclaimed filmmaker Niki Caro brings the epic tale of China’s legendary warrior to life in Disney’s Mulan, in which a fearless young woman risks everything out of love for her family and her country to become one of the greatest warriors China has ever known. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country from Huns, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. She is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. Disguised as a man by the name of Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her innermost strength and embrace her true potential. Mulan (2020) Wiki

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Experience can only be gained by doing not by thinking or dreaming.

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Mulan (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Trump 2020!1 star

$30 for a chinese movie is insane! AMERICA FIRST! Trump 2020!

- Original animation far superior2 star

Like most of the recent live action remakes Disney is hashing out these days this is all style over substance. While it might look beautiful it lacks the charm of the original animation and be forewarned there is no music in this, and personally I didn’t find myself warming to any of the characters even Mulan so sadly this film was a big let down.

- Great movie!5 star

This movie is actually pretty good. Not sure what the bad reviews are for. This definitely worth checking out. 👍👍

- Worse than the original!1 star

The animated version is so much better.

- What did you say?1 star

Wild Issac , these movies cost so much because all those involved demand to high of a salary, they don’t work as hard as us regular people ( they don’t even come close) yet they demand outrageous paychecks. We don’t need Hollywood, they need us. Oh , and yes $ 30 dollars is way to expensive, this movie is on a digital file which a lot less expensive than showing it in thousands of theaters across the country. The movie should cost no more than $15 , because it’s new. But Disney is so greedy and cares so little about robbing their customers, they actually know that most of their fans would buy any old crappy movie they make as long as it’s got their name on it. Just like all the other live action remakes, the animated version is far superior. These live action remakes are a cash grab by Disney, they know there is a lot of suckers out there.

- Hong Kong Police + Boycott1 star

Isn't the boycott bc the actress public;y supports police brutality? Go with the old animation for kids, higher quality -- though there is no ethical consumerism

- $30 it's not bad considering theaters are CLOSED4 star

It's funny watching folks complain about the price of a movie that had it's theaterical release cancelled. Newsflash: if you could take your family to theaters to see this you'd spend well over $30.

- Yes, $30.4 star

The movie went straight to Digital because of a pandemic. So yes, it is $30. The movie is generally good. Gives a good message to little ones and especially little girls. The controversy surrounding the movie is bad. Very bad. The movie itself, is good.

- Not impressed1 star

How can someone cannot tell he is a woman? With such long hair. In the animated version, the very first few thing she did was to cut her hair. Hahah

- Loved it!5 star

I loved it.

- Great Movie for Family Night!5 star

This movie had it all. Amazing action scenes, edge-of-your-seat drama, and lots of humor. We bought the movie for a Friday night movie night and my teen kids were amazed that it was so much better than the reviews led us to believe. A bunch of cheap-skates are trying to spike the rating.

- No.1 star

Disney has seriously lost it this time.

- Ripoff1 star

Are you out of your mind????? 30 bucks for a bad movie??

- Mulan? I think not.1 star

This movie completely misses the message of the original. Instead of a woman being as strong as a man with her wits and intellect this movie basically says man stronger unless woman have superpower. So dumb and so bad. Not to mention missing vital characters from the original including the original love interest who was cut because he apparently didn’t appeal to SJW women and feminazis enough. You can thank the director for that. Also the chick cast as Mulan also disgracefully agreed with the Chinese governments handling of Muslim Chinese citizens who are beaten and pretty much put into concentration camps. Absolutely disgusting. Also the writing just blatantly so bad. All in all watch the original and don’t waste your time with another one of Disney’s lazy remakes of your childhood animated classics.

- Ridiculously Overpriced1 star

This is insanely overpriced on its own and does not have the same draw as a Marvel or Star Wars film to justify its astronomical cost. It is in a completely different category on its own and the illogical overpricing move by Disney makes absolutely no sense at all. What’s worse is if you are already paying the Disney + subscription fee, you don’t get any discounts either. I’d suggest skipping it. The cartoon is already on Disney+ and is superior in so many respects. Plus you have the added benefit of not paying $30.00 to see it.

- Nope.1 star

Not the time.

- jaw vanished5 star

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. my jaw hit the floor so hard, bro u don’t even know. love the feminist vibes in this guys. and i like how they downplayed the romance, bc this is mulans story. not a love story. fav movie of the year.

- change4 star

yeah you should change it to like 15$ or something

- 30 dollars?1 star

No. Especially for a movie praising a police force akin to the SS with Uyghur's being forced into “re-education” camps.

- $30??!2 star

It wasn't even that good!

- ITunes reviews are Garbage1 star

I have never watched this movie... but here I am allowed to review it...... Reviews from people who rented or purchased thru iTunes only.

- Hacked1 star

Don't rent

- Review on movie not price5 star

This movie is wonderful. I love the message about the importance of family. You can not compare it to the cartoon. You need to watch it like it is it’s own thing. It is worth seeing. No musical numbers but that didn’t bother me at all. Well written and I liked seeing little hints of the cartoon in it. I would pay $30 if it came in a combo pack but not just for the digital copy

- ☹️1 star

Too expensive rn

- Pandemic sheer boredom purchase , but OK3 star

This is one of those impulse buys you later regret, but the available original movie content is becoming scarce. I have no connection to the original and this version stands by itself adequately. I do hope other production companies release straight-to-demand. It’s the inevitable future whether or not they agree with it now or not.

- MULAN!5 star

love Mulan!!!!!

- GotMyChickensAtWalmart1 star

I did and I’m not paying 30 dollars to watch a movie that you can watch for FREE on the web, (that’s where I watched it and it’s a good movie) but 30!!!!! Is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much (30 a’s lol) so yeah BOOLAN

- So good5 star

This story is still so needed today, the message about self-love and accepting ones true self regardless of what others think speaks loud and clear. I was so inspired coming from a 39 year old male.

- Incredible5 star

Great movie for Dads & Daughters to watch together. Extremely entertaining.... even more so than the cartoon!

- Never seen a movie cost $301 star

For $30 I better be seeing what’s really at the South Pole. Probably will never see this movie and I’m ok with that

- I want my money back1 star

I had no intentions of watching this movie, but my wife accidentally hit the 'Buy' button when browsing the movies on iTunes, so we thought we might just as well watch it, now that we own it. Thirty dollars and two hours of wasted life time later I really wish there was a 'Return this item' option. Hardly anything in this movie makes sense. The entire thing is completely dumbed down for a popcorn audience, the character motivations often do not make sense (why did the black witch sacrifice herself to save Mulan?). I could go on and on, but I'll now have to google how to deal with anger management issues about having wasted thirty bucks.

- Sell out to China1 star

Disney has sold out to the Communist Party. Should not buy or rent. Your endorsing bad behavior. Movie was horrible. Actors are in a line of work that they have to speak in a way that is going to enlarge their wallet the most.

- Hilarious1 star

Everyone is annoyed about the itunes price of 30$ yet not the movie itself? The movie itself should be what is getting the low ratings. First, it doesnt follow any of the original story line and plot. Second, honestly, if you did not see the first one. It's a bit confusing entirely. Third, I understand they were trying to go a different route with this "new" adaptation but it's so hard to follow that it's unwatchable. With all that said. Charging the 30$? how insulting.

- Soulless Remake2 star

This was my least favorite live action remake from Disney so far. Taking out the musical numbers and Mushu took out a lot of what made the animated version so fun.

- Love it5 star

I love it a little over my price but I love it so did my family my sis and bro and mom and dad but the price can go lower pls

- How do I give negative Stars for this insult to consumers and viewer?1 star

Not only a not worth the time it also thanks people who place others in concentration camps. Please stop doing business in China Disney.

- Terrible Movie1 star

Don’t buy this movie. It’s not worth your $30 because you can find something else way better to watch or watch the original Disney version! Stay away!!!

- Greedy Price - Awesome Movie5 star

Don’t believe the haters. This movie has a great message. A little cheesy but beautifully filmed. Awesome music. Great story. Too bad Disney is trying to push people to their channel. Enjoyed the movie but $30 is sad and disappointing.

- Does not stay true to original (actually rating is 0 stars)1 star

This movie was terrible, everything we loved from the original is no where to be found in this movie. If you are looking for movie that has terrible storytelling and horrible cheesy action sequences this is the movie for you. Disney really mailed this one in. Watched this on bootleg because Disney is not stealing my money on this garbage. If Mushu was dead he’d be rolling over in his grave. This movie should look in a mirror and ask “who is this terrible movie I see, staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show the movie i could have been inside”

- Looks good... but2 star

Disney, you are already a multi-million dollar company. Why are you still charging 30 freakin bucks for one movie? It’s the same with Nintendo. Both of you, stop cash-grabbing! Also, I bet that you both don’t pay your employees as much as you should, when they’re doing the work. Just a random thought that ISNT FAR FETCHED. 😐

- Terrible1 star

Trust me, you don’t want to watch this movie, save your money for something worth while...

- I like it5 star

30 is a bit much but I like the movie

- Mulan 🗡5 star


- Not even for rent and the price so high!?2 star

This is crazy why would you charge $30 for a movie?! And why is it inlet up for buying and not renting?! Besides why waste your money on a remake when you can just watch the original. But still it should not be 30 dollars that’s crazy 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

- The two stars are for cinematography only2 star

What a horrible way to leave the Mulan legacy. The movie is full of badly performed and written jokes, a whole thing where Mulan is actually a witch, and poorly executed deus ex machina. Terrible. Terrible.

- Overs price & Nothing Special1 star

You should sell Disney To Marvel MCU will be much better.

- This is not the Mulan I know1 star

$30 to watch a live action Dragon Ball? No thanks Disney

- Utter embarrassment1 star

When I was little my grandpa had lung cancer and I remember when I was at his hospital bed standing next to him he told me to never touch a cigarette or else I would be the one with cancer.I look back on that now and realized it didn’t matter because this movie gave me cancer anyway

- F Disney1 star

30 dollars

- Absolutely horrible1 star

Nothing close to the original. Super bland and characters are not relatable whatsoever.

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HilaryMae - Great film5 star

I really enjoyed this film; great to see after Disney's bastardization of the chinese history of the real Hua Mulan. It's not a Disney movie copy, so don't expect it to be one. This is more in line with the chinese culture, traditions and their history and it's such a shame so many immature and childish people in the comments are disrespectful of the legends of other cultures. Seriously, a lot of you actually think Disney wrote this story...has no one an education? Mulan was not a disney character; grow up and research. I really enjoyed it on the pirate site, but here, ....I won't spend $34.99 on a film.

M15N0M3R - This price is ridiculous1 star

That's how you know it's Disney: it's at least $10 more expensive than other new releases. Honestly a sub-par movie. Most of the live action remakes have been a miss rather than a hit.

JaydeCrystal - What happened to Disney?1 star

No magic, no dragon, no ancestors, no cute grandma...very disappointing way to spend $30+ dollars. Once upon a time did a better job of Mulan and I wish I had just bought the original cartoon now. Don’t pay for this people....

pedro-peter-pierre - Made in Xinjiang1 star

You know what didn’t appear in the film? A disclaimer stating that no Uighurs were hurt or abused in the making of this movie, although the usual disclaimer about horses not being injured was.

-Capt_Jack- - Why so expensive?1 star

Usually Disney movies are already expensive at 25$ but why 35$ for that one???

ketchankookem - Why?1 star

Unnecessary live action remake of the animated original.

Dreamcatcher10 - Piece of trash1 star

Glad to see that this CCP trash was a failure. Don’t support this garbage.

Manning2072 - Is every China related bad now?1 star

This movie made me want to 🤢 so I did 🤮 not good not even bad just terrible!

Yoga_Namaste - Great family movie!5 star

My kids loved it and so did the parents!

Mr heartrob - Worst actress and movie!🤮🤮🤮1 star

Waste of my precious time!! 🤬

AmazingWoman/Genius - Bad, Bad, Bad, Movie1 star

I spent $35 to watch this movie and it was a big disappointment. Can’t believe Disney actually made this, such a disappointment.

Oscar JM OXD - Man....2 star

I’m not gonna be biased, because I know that many people have opinions of the actress. I will be reviewing this as a movie. This film really dives far too deep into becoming a traditional martial arts film. As a film that’s supposed to be PG-13, I expected more of a darker tone, instead to trying to be like a 60s martial arts film. The results were not what I was looking for. The production design is stellar, and the music is well done, but everything else falls flat. This is easily one of the worst Disney remakes. Disney, please make more original films or make remakes of underrated films, like Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

🌟💫🌟 - Love this so much5 star

I love the changes they made. Perfect nod to the classic animated movie with all the same morals and beliefs. Made me tear up at the end! Very well done. Also love the fact that Ming Na Wen (the OG Mulan voice) and her daughter were extras in the movie. Perfect little detail!

Jane49 - Worst movie ever1 star

Really a dishonour you the original film

Vita0911 - Really Enjoyed this Movie!5 star

I know a lot of people compared this movie to the original. Why not? I get. But for me personally, I really enjoyed this movie (maybe better than the animated version). I appreciated the work that went into to make this movie amazing. Totally worth the price.

WWFix - Unfaithful2 star

The acting was unconvincing and they took the struggle out of the story.

Anonymous727;@ - Nope, didnt like it1 star


Och.laddie - $35? Filmed in Xinjiang1 star

C’mon! It will be free in Disney+ soon

No Love - Horrible1 star

Some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Did not like this movie at all.

ChiaraX09 - I love Mulan5 star

I have already watched this movie in the theatre. But I still buy it because of the Extras. It's a really great movie for everyone expecially for children.

LoveSailorMoon&Cardcaptors - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star

I am happy to heard that Mulan (2020) is here on iTunes. I love how the director kept the Chinese heritage to the core.

Mikreh - A Beautiful Film, Please Give It a Chance.5 star

This Film Is a Beautiful Adaptation of the 1998 Classic. Like Maleficent(which was a success), this film contains no songs, Crickee, Grandma Fa, or Mushu, But Definitely Still Contains Certain Elements & Musical Pieces From The Original. The Cinematography, Acting, Costumes, & Music Are Astounding. Definitely Give This Film a Chance.

Edmundbleakley - $35? hahaha no1 star

someone is taking advantage of people during this time with that price and I wanna know who. thats not worth it.

jubei88888 - Obvious paid reviewers1 star

Movie is ‘meh’, 5 star reviews obviously paid for and not genuine. Did we see the same movie???

Whiting1289 - Don't even buy it.1 star

The movie was made with actual slave labour of an ethnic group that China is actively trying to genocide. Basically buying and watching this is unironically and literally like buying and watching a movie made by Nazis.

Craigy1976 - What a piece of Propaganda TRASH1 star

Disney filimhg near concentration camps, sterelizing women for population control. Im disgusted as for this movie, its trash. Watch the cartoon version. At least that is charming and fun and one of Disneys best.

SmileyBernice - Mulan2 star

$34.99 for the movie that has been badly reviewed? I will wait for it to be available to everyone on Disney+ without the price tag.

T################# - Dubious1 star

Dubious ethics around production and a price that’s so dubious it can only be called a rip off. No thanks!!

Avinonyx - Marvel Movies are better than this and its only 20$1 star

The reviews are bad and the price is not right.

Dallas Adam - Bad re-imagination of the original1 star

This movie had such potential but like most of Disney new films they are just hoping on the nostalgia train of the original films and they are just poor imitations at that. The acting is ok and some parts of it are just plain awful and the story line is worse if you can imagine. I don’t blame apple for the price of the film it’s what Disney have set it at and apple as to set it at the same but in saying this it’s still a lot of money for just one movie.

pikachuuu____ - Dishonor on Disney.1 star

I was really hoping to like this movie but man, it was awful. There is no emotional connection between the viewer and the main character as you would with the original Mulan film. The ‘chi’ although is a big part of Chinese culture, in the film it made it seem like she had magical powers which gave her a better advantage during the fight scenes. The original Mulan built her skills up from nothing and became an amazing, strong warrior. Anyway I can go on and on but I’m going to cut it short and tell everyone to save on the ridiculous price that Disney had the audacity to put in place. I want a refund 😭

Gypsysoul2 - Poor1 star

It’s ‘ok’ certainly not worth that price. Leave this one until it comes down in price. A lot.

QYYING - Brilliant MULAN5 star

I watched MULAN for 3 time in cinema and every time had different feeling. I was inspired by the inner power of yourself. Look forward to MULAN 2 if it will. YIFEI is such a talented actress! Love her performance!

TT 34k - Mulan5 star

Fantastic movie

Stueyjunior - Fabulous5 star

Best movie I ever watched.

Jeff Homan - DA Man5 star


Tap40 - Cool5 star


V.K.0825 - Exhilarating, fast-paced film5 star

Great casting, excellent stuntwork, magnificant cinematography

NDRA17 - Mulan5 star

Best movie

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StvEvans - Sooooo good!5 star

Loved this movie so much! At first I was like eh, the acting was very lackluster. But I kept having to remind myself this was a live action and not a remake of the animated movie. So I gave it a chance and kept watching it, I kept getting goosebumps and I teared up and cried like a lil b**** lol. Sooooo good!

Umakethecall - Good movie5 star

Live-action can’t be like the cartoon version. They took beauty in the culture and highlighted it the best they understood the story and history. It was moving and touching. Overall a delightful movie.

Crucian2209 - Great Movie5 star

Great movie without sacrificing the authenticity of heritage. Seems like everyone wants to laugh and make a mockery of other cultures. The movie told a story and told it well with a different perspective. My teenage kids loved it. And I loved the fact that the chick kicked butt. People with no height depth or culture will look only for the shallow laugh. It was well made and the characters where strong, especially the lead. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

The725916353791):82):!&-91); - My life🧘🏻2 star

I have rever seen the 🎥 but I have seen the tralier and I think 🤔 it’s good so fare

irod89jr - Well done!5 star

I can see why some people dislike it. The Chinese style martial arts sequences, and the removal of a talking dragon was bound to have that effect. However, cinematically it was well done, and the action is as great as you could get from a Disney film. Having grown up with the original, I can definitely appreciate the accuracy to the original tale. My 5 war old daughter absolutely loves this movie as well, and hardly even noticed Mushu’s absence.

W5LIAO - Stand with Hong Kong1 star

Whitewashed CCP trash. Idk why they even casted emotionless LiuYiFake.

zzlawrence - Garbage movie1 star

Garbage movie

Johnny R. A. II - Great movie5 star

This was great, respected the animation very well. And stayed true to the true story of Mulan.

Conservative FI guy - Communist propaganda1 star

Boycott Disney for their support of communist

Kondeki - Lolol1 star

I’m not interested in your garbage de-makes, but maybe your pals in the Chinese prison camp might. To call the Communist Party Chinese though is a bit inaccurate, as everyone well knows that Taiwan 🇹🇼 is the real China.

I hate the isel of dogs - Why did they change it1 star

Just watch the old one

Cheukiey - absolutely worth the price5 star

@Disney could you please release more extras? cant wait to see more details behind the scenes😍

sjrdragon - Quite Good5 star

The movie is quite entertaining. I appreciate that Disney released the movie. The additional charge is reasonable given the uniqueness of the challenges confronting the movie industry. I view the added cost as supporting the men and women that create and support the industry.

FaceBookReview - Amazing5 star

A great movie!

ZipheREOD - Just wait. Def not worth $30.1 star

They left everything out. Why would the kids want to watch this? Pushing the Chinese communist propaganda. They left out the singing, and all the best parts of Mulan. This is a major miss for Disney. My kids, teens now, made it half way through turn it off then switch to the original and sang along.

bignad714 - No Way!1 star

$29.99 is Disney crazy! I’ll wait for it on Disney plus.

ShaunZangenberg - Disney is trash1 star

$30 really?

Chrystal霂 - Awesome5 star

nice scene nice acting best mulan

ronram2020 - Very good movie5 star

Very good movie

punkin1112 - Nope1 star

Who is stupid enough to pay $30 to watch this movie.

billwinthrop07 - Poor movie does not make up for humanitarian issues.1 star

The poor quality of this movie does not make up for the acceptance of China”’s forced sterilization, and abusive behaviors undertaken by the CCP. Shame on Disney.

Nicome1 - Powerful5 star

Powerful movie with a powerful message

Pinkly15 - Not Gonna Happen1 star

Way over priced

LucianWinters - They ruined it.1 star

If they would've charged $19.99 from the start, I'd have already bought it. But since they want to screw people over, even if it ever drops in price, I'll never buy this movie. I'll wait until it airs on a tv channel or something. Liberals always talk about being for the little guy, yet one of the most liberal company on the planet loves money grabbing. Hypocrites...

Blackjack097 - No1 star

Why so expensive

Whoa Cuz - Terrible...1 star

Just terrible, a waste of time save your money...

anykt - Love it5 star

Love it so much 💞💞💞

Tiểu Thư Thúi - Boycott1 star

Boycott this ccp movie

chenz1022 - BS1 star

same as title

Benett Langley - $29.99?1 star

Walt Disney must be struggling during COVID 19?

beeforyuuth - love it5 star

expensive but worth watching

allenoftx - Overpriced!!! DO NOT BUY1 star

This is terrible! Way overpriced! Never pay this amount for one movie!! Price gouging!!!

icantwait48 - Don’t waste your time, energy, or money1 star

Chinese politics aside, don’t watch this travesty. I feel like the jacked-up price is just because they knew people would refuse to watch it, but wanted to encourage hate-watching it instead, since apparently that’s a thing? (I’m not sure who would put themselves through that, but if they do so voluntarily, I’d give them help.) I don’t know if that explains the price, but either way, I’d rather finish the poorly written Twilight series. Or even better, just watch the original film on Disney+. This particular rendition is the reason why some remakes are a bad idea: there’s always potential to either be an improvement or a disaster, and this reimagined tale was unfortunately the latter.

Kehnakai - 30 dollars ?!1 star

Nope , not paying 30 dollars for that movie . Watched it earlier at a friends house and while I like watching a few of the scenes the movie overall was a gigantic disappointment . Disney has lost touch . It should have done what it did with Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin but for some reason thought completely ruining it would win points over in China where it is seriously flopping .

Suddenrush - Missed the Target2 star

This movie didn’t meet the expectations. The animated one was great. The premise of the story is great. But this version missed all the greatness of the original animation. Check it out on IMDB. I’ll wait until I can rent it for $6 or perhaps forever.

docotton - Ripoff cost..!!!!1 star

$30 bucks is stupid! Disney trying to rip us all off again. No thanks!!!

AirUPSer - $30.00????1 star

What a joke. Not only is the movie poorly acted, the CGI is far from good. Disney has joined with the great devil, which is China, and should be given no respect. Disney is now no better than trash.

J.Town87 - Mulan1 star

$30???? Nah.

dscottmoody - Nothing like the cartoon3 star

Don’t expect it to be worth the money

Consumer App Reviews - Put the whole family to sleep2 star

I gave this movie 2 stars because I’m a nice guy. Honestly though, let me just dive Into this super awesome critical review. Mulan had several moments of greatness. Just kidding, it was very average. A waste of $30!

endo1234567890 - Español estéreo please5 star

Español estéreo please

watermelooon1116 - It’s very Good!!5 star

It’s a real life version of Mulan! ✌️

susan-sun0923 - The best Disney movie ever!5 star

The movie is so fantastic. It is absolutely the best Disney movie I’ve ever seen! All the cast are so fit! Loyal, brave and true, yes!!!Women can also become great warriors!

imxela - Seriously?!1 star

Very unfortunate Disney filmed this in collaboration with xinjian govt suppressing the Uyghurs. How am I going to tell the kids? And $30, SERIOUSLY?

Hookemedward - Different but still great5 star

If you’re holding this movie up to the original then you don’t do yourself any justice because the name might be the same but it does have its differences. All of us loved it as a separate movie but do wish they could have made it like the original. Still great movie though

Hookemedward - Different but still great5 star

If you’re holding this movie up to the original then you don’t do yourself any justice because the name might be the same but it does have its differences. All of us loved it as a separate movie but do wish they could have made it like the original. Still great movie though

the next reviewer - LOL1 star

Ya, like i would spend a cent on this dumpster fire. LOL

Little Kid Lover 4 - Price1 star

In a recession backed by poor employment rate, this is just too much.

Blufalcon1201 - Beautiful5 star

Great remake!

anna20lll - It’s so nice.5 star

It’s so nice, and the actors are so good. Love mulan,love them. Looking forward to yifei’s future work.

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Mulan (2020) movie images
Mulan (2020) movie images
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Mulan (2020) movie images
Mulan (2020) movie images
Mulan (2020) movie images
Mulan (2020) movie images
Mulan (2020) movie images
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Mulan (2020) movie images

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Mulan (2020) movie posters
Mulan (2020) movie posters
Mulan (2020) movie posters
Mulan (2020) movie posters
Mulan (2020) movie posters
Mulan (2020) movie posters
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