Mulan (2020)

Mulan (2020) Summary and Synopsis

Acclaimed filmmaker Niki Caro brings the epic tale of China’s legendary warrior to life in Disney’s Mulan, in which a fearless young woman risks everything out of love for her family and her country to become one of the greatest warriors China has ever known. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father. When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country from Huns, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. She is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. Disguised as a man by the name of Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her innermost strength and embrace her true potential. Mulan (2020) Wiki

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I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

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Mulan (2020) Movie Reviews

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- Beautifully made movie5 star

This movie was very detailed with lots of action. I know many assumed it would be a copy of the animated version. However, I enjoyed this just as much and overall it followed the main plot. Many reviews say it’s crap or bad. I don’t think they really watched it. I mean watched for watch it was. I say bravo to all involved, outstanding 👏🏻

- Watch the original1 star

When I watched this movie on Disney plus it was awful! Mushu, Chang, and Shan you was not in it! Do not ever watch this freaking live action Disney remake! This is trash! I hate this movie. This was freaking slow. This is the worst Disney live action movie ever!

- I got the movie for $105 star

I like the movie, it was entertaining. I was not the same as the cartoon, why would it be? I think it was more relatable as far as a person would feel during that time, in that culture. It was filmed mostly in New Zealand, not some concentration camp in China. I think a lot of Eastern culture is misunderstood by the extreme left or right camps in the west. I could understand the difficultly of the main character, it was communicated. I don’t know if it reflects reality, but it’s a movie, it is supposed to entertain. I have never read the poem, but now I am interested in doing so. No argument about the original price of the movie being overpriced, but I would imagine it may have been priced that way because the Chinese market would pay for it. Too many people think it has to be completely authentic in every mundane detail for it to be a good movie. It is not a historical documentary, it is a movie to entertain, base on a poem. Who cares if the architecture is not correct for the time period. Too bad it was reviewed badly by the people who pirated the movie in China.

- key elements were missing3 star

for the live action movie disney made, there was no li-shang and there was no mooshoo. mooshoo was a key character, not only because of his personality but the “feel good” effect he created. this movie is very serious and has no humor.

- So boring1 star

This movie was everything I was waiting for I paid to watch it and it’s totally not worth it. It’s missing all the good scenes from the original which makes the movie extremely boring

- Worst Disney movie I’ve ever seen in my life1 star

This is NOTHING like the original animated film. The animated film was such a prized Disney possession. But THIS? THIS?! THIS IS HORRIBLE. The Lion King remake was bad, Dumbo, etc.! Just STOP! Aladdin was good because it stuck to everything from the animated film. But Mulan? This was atrocious.

- Great!5 star

It is a great movie! I don’t understand the bad reviews. The cartoon version was more of action comedy and was good! This Mulan movie is just as good’s just a real life version! If you have younger kids let them enjoy the cartoon. If you like a more serious but action packed movie give it a try. Starts off a little slow but picks up as you get further into the movie.

- I enjoyed Mulan 2020 a lot5 star

To the creators of this movie, thank you very much.

- Mulan (2020) is bad1 star

Trying to appeal to both the Chinese and American markets didn’t work, so we got this sort of messed up propaganda soup. Not to mention that Disney thanked the “security” group that are actually just making concentration camps. You couldn’t pay me to watch this.

- It didn’t give the animated movie any justice.1 star

Unbelievable terrible. So much hype for nothing.

- Well...5 star

Not how I guess the real Milan story line should’ve been. Seeing as they also didn’t remake the cartoon exactly itself. But the movie was good. Inspirational overall. 🤍🕊

- Fantastic!5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. I didn’t compare it with the original. I let the movie take me on a visually stunning and emotional journey into the past.

- Chinese garbage1 star

China is garbage and so is Disney.

- Better than expected!5 star

Love this movie! Worth every penny!

- Next time1 star

Also have ur crew be of poc

- No1 star

What a joke. Stick with the Original Animation Movie

- $9.99 is worth it5 star

When it was first on ITunes this one movie was $29.99. A month or so after it went down to 19.99. And anything over 14.99 for one movie is quite a lot. But for $9.99 this movie is worth it. This is probably the cheapest it will be for quite some time

- Filming in Labor Camps1 star

Really bad movie, makeup are all cheep style. Also filming in the Xinjiang labor camps. Boycott Milan

- Worst Movie Ever1 star

Worst movie that I have paid to watch in my life. Bad direction, cheap graphics, no expression in acting from anyone, feels some of the action/war scenes ripped directly from Game of Thrones in a bad way.

- Worse Than The Original1 star

Just watch the original. No idea how this terrible movie was even made or why.

- noice5 star

now that i’ve seen the movie on disney+, i can definitely say that this is great. sure, it’s different from the animated version, but guess what? ITS A RETELLING OF THE LEGEND AND SO IS THE ANIMATED VERSION! some details will be different. the only thing bad about this movie is the absence of mushu.

- Actually really good5 star

I thought this would be a bad movie but it turned out to be pretty awesome! I love it even though there is no singing! Definitely worth it!

- Trash1 star

I watched this movie twice once at my mom snd at my dads. I hated it bc it was not like u would think

- Sad1 star

Squandered all the magic of the original

- Trash1 star

Trash movie. Makes Mulan look like a pick me and doesn’t draw you into the character’s story at all.


Ok, so I LOVE this movie it is AMAZING 🤩 I loved it it has action and all the thing I wanted in the movie I could not talk my eyes off the T.V it was that good and when I look at the other things people say about it I was a little sad that not much people like it so I am just going to say that maybe you should watch it again and then Manet you would like it but I am just saying I LOVE it. it was a big hit for me💗

- I wish they would make more of these.5 star

It is 4 1/2 stasr but apple will not allow 1/2 stars.

- Mulan 2020: Sensitive Cultural Masterpiece5 star

Many reviews I've read indict this film for its release price, but you cannot art based on admission to the art gallery. The film itself is brilliant, well acted and brings a new female lead to American audiences. The director and crew took great care to ensure authenticity in the film, sets, environment. Careful use of music — thank you Christina A. and Mulan lead actress Yifei Liu, who was a rare find who can sing, ride horses, handle weapons and express her emotions brilliantly. The casting was brilliant and allowed Liu to to shine brightest, despite action heros Donnie Chen and Jet Li playing key roles. Well done, Disney. The marketing failed to capture American hearts, but the quality of this film, sets shot in New Zealand are extraordinary. And thank you to director Niki Caro for a sensitive view and guiding hand in this historical film.

- Worth $4.99, not 19.993 star

Meh... Animated version is far better

- This movie was great but a departure from the original4 star

Such a good movie. Disney’s take on a Chinese epic. Not the fun singalong original, but still worth watching with the family.

- No just no1 star

Ok what the heck. First off no Mushu cricket grandma mansion and her love interest is different.

- Don’t waste your time.1 star

If you enjoy the animated version from your childhood. It’s best to stick with the animation. The story line is changed. Characters are missing. I watched the first 30 min of the movie, and regretted Turning it on. You’re not missing out on anything.

- Ok1 star

This movie is ok. They kept somethings from the cartoon. I got confused with the fight scenes. The cartoon is better then the live action. No grandma and cricket. Plus Li Shang was not in the movie. Which made me sad.

- Absolutely Incredible5 star

Justice Was Done. This Film Was So WonderFull! Each And Every Scene, Every Person In The Film... Just AMAZING! Mulan Is BREATHTAKINGLY BeautiFull☀️


Only if I could get 2 hours of my life back but unfortunately I can’t. This movie was so garbage, waste of time; nothing like the cartoon. My family and I are highly disappointed; this movie was developed soooooooooooo poorly. All I can say to anyone reading this statement is save yourself. :(

- Mulan1 star

A 3 star movie and you guys still trying to pry 20 bucks out of our pockets

- AWFUL!! Please read1 star

So before I watched the movie I had already heard many bad things about this movie, but I decided to watch it to see how bad it was. I was very disappointed in this b/c it was made by Disney. The movie barely follows the original movie. I didn’t like the remake at all I stopped the movie 20 minutes into it b/c it was so bad.

- Worst Disney remake ever2 star

enough said.

- Eh1 star

Boring characters with lackluster execution of a story. Heroine was perfect from the start leading to no character development or growth. Would not recommend over the original animated movie.

- Not Disney Material2 star

If you were looking to enjoy something similar to the animated movie we all grew up with and loved, I’m afraid you are in for a BIG disappointment because it’s nowhere near similar. The story is worth giving it a chance but it looses you pretty quick. While people are complaining about the $30 price tag, I think it is a fair price given the fact that a family of 4 will be spending over $50 by going to the theater instead, but I’m glad we all pitched in to watch it because I was completely disappointed with the movie. Even the new generation we had with us watching this movie found it boring and not appealing, to the point many of us simply fell asleep trying to watch this disaster take away 1+ hr of our lives we will never get back.

- Missed out by too much change2 star

The original was 5 star, this was just 2. I loved the cast, and it wasn’t a terrible movie, but the changes didn’t work. It lacked the heart the original had. The point was too forced. And like most movies these days, just visuals isn’t going to work.

- Save your money1 star

Tried way to hard to appease different groups and ultimately left everyone dissatisfied. Mushu disappeared “to make it more realistic” only for there to be a witch who transforms into a hawk or somehow multiple birds at the same time? And Mulan now has chi super powers... there are plenty of scenes that remind you of the original animated movie only in that it is so horribly done you wish you were watching the animated series instead. Wait until this movie is free or if someone you know already owns it or has a bootleg. This was not worth a penny.

- Why?1 star

My children love the old one. The new one was a waste of money.

- Fabulous5 star

This was a very enjoyable movie, both in story, as well as in visual content. Viewers have rated this movie based on price alone, and that is just wrong!!!!!

- Wow5 star

At first I thought I would like it. But as I got through movie realize how amazing it is. What the true story is. The meaning of the words are being said in the movie. LOL. A really amazing movie. It does not have to be like the animated version. This movie is more feasible. Shows True strength. Sure the original/animated version is great but this one is different but yet the same. I will strongly recommend this movie it is very good.

- Awful1 star

No original music. No humor. Bad dialogue.

- Terrible1 star

Bought it for $20 and wish I could have it back and I’m only 15 minutes in. It is utter GARBAGE. From the story, to characters, all the way to the acting. The original blows this out of the water. I’d rather watch the live action Avatar the last air bender.

- Not bad but not great4 star

It’s just OK. A little heavy on CGI in places, but otherwise good. My only other complaint is the fact that it seemed like a Luke Skywalker Turning Darth Vader thing except all girls. In fact, it’s actually medieval Star Wars with swords, bows and arrows, and witches instead of Jedi, Sith, lightsabers, and blasters. So yeah. I think it’s pretty good. It’s not a funny movie and it’s more for teens but it’s good

- Underrated!5 star

First off, there were people rating this movie based on the initial price offering. That is unfair! The initial price offering is a separate issue, and should be taken up with Disney! Lastly, when compared with the cartoon, this movie had a much better storyline, and was worth watching. I give it five stars, and is recommended viewing. You’re welcome!

- Cartoon better2 star

I just thought the cartoon was better. Didn’t care for this movie.

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EJB20122012 - Like it4 star

A lot very good

Alexchsld - So boring1 star

That’s not a real Disney movie

Tayson3166 - Amazing5 star

I really enjoyed it and it had its own good version. Every generation has its own tales. People will always live in the past. Just look at how they treat all the new Star Wars movies and only love old school. Haters hate no matter what. I recommend watching this movie.

Dfvdfgghjjh - Mixed feelings for this one....4 star

The plot was really good, but the ending was a little bland, and I wished we could see more of Honghui. Other than that it was good.

berta369 - My thoughts5 star

I am a big fan of the animated movie Yes it did not fallow that version but they did say in the beginning that this was another version. I think they did an awesome job and i very much enjoyed it!

Kdhann - Loved it!4 star

I absolutley loved this movie so much, that I watched it twice the same day that I bought it. My only complaint, is the typicall overpriced price tag that always comes with Disney movies! That's why I only gave it 4 stars...if it was decently priced, I would have given it 5 stars.

Manning2072 - Is everything China related bad now?1 star

This movie made me want to 🤢 so I did 🤮 not good not even bad just terrible!

Papi12345653 - Horrible!1 star

I can’t explain how terrible this movie was made. Something is seriously lacking from it. It took away from the original movie and didn’t represent it well at all. The actions scene where laughable. Not even worth your time watching even if it was free.

Филька - Enjoyed it very much!5 star

I hope they make a sequel.

blcksunn88 - EeeK!!!1 star

Please go away you animal abusing race! I will not promote an evil communist empire! I hope the profits made on this movie will go towards the cost of all the bankruptcies China caused around the world when you released (purposely) the corona virus on us all .....shame shame on you barbarians!!!

Pasqual Nardone - Ouff1 star

Goddamn $34.99 for that movie... holy cow

haapy go lucky - $35!!!1 star

Well. I can comfortably say I will not be buying this movie. I wouldn’t buy it at $10 let alone $35. In comparison. I wouldn’t buy and expensive hooker or a cheap hooker. I will stick to my right hand.

elyse displayed - Mulan Disney movie5 star

Congratulations congratulations to all of you guys who love ❤️ new songs music songs musicals songs music 🎵 and have a good horse ride Be strong 💪 be brave girl Bye for now Love Adele

BaileyZCrawly - Yikes1 star

Sorry, Disney, I know times are hard due to COVID but your ridiculous remakes will NEVER be worth $34.99 for a single film. SKIP.

HilaryMae - Great film5 star

I really enjoyed this film; great to see after Disney's bastardization of the chinese history of the real Hua Mulan. It's not a Disney movie copy, so don't expect it to be one. This is more in line with the chinese culture, traditions and their history and it's such a shame so many immature and childish people in the comments are disrespectful of the legends of other cultures. Seriously, a lot of you actually think Disney wrote this story...has no one an education? Mulan was not a disney character; grow up and research. I really enjoyed it on the pirate site, but here, ....I won't spend $34.99 on a film.

M15N0M3R - This price is ridiculous1 star

That's how you know it's Disney: it's at least $10 more expensive than other new releases. Honestly a sub-par movie. Most of the live action remakes have been a miss rather than a hit.

JaydeCrystal - What happened to Disney?1 star

No magic, no dragon, no ancestors, no cute grandma...very disappointing way to spend $30+ dollars. Once upon a time did a better job of Mulan and I wish I had just bought the original cartoon now. Don’t pay for this people....

pedro-peter-pierre - Made in Xinjiang1 star

You know what didn’t appear in the film? A disclaimer stating that no Uighurs were hurt or abused in the making of this movie, although the usual disclaimer about horses not being injured was.

-Capt_Jack- - Why so expensive?1 star

Usually Disney movies are already expensive at 25$ but why 35$ for that one???

ketchankookem - Why?1 star

Unnecessary live action remake of the animated original.

Dreamcatcher10 - Piece of trash1 star

Glad to see that this CCP trash was a failure. Don’t support this garbage.

Yoga_Namaste - Great family movie!5 star

My kids loved it and so did the parents!

Mr heartrob - Worst actress and movie!🤮🤮🤮1 star

Waste of my precious time!! 🤬

AmazingWoman/Genius - Bad, Bad, Bad, Movie1 star

I spent $35 to watch this movie and it was a big disappointment. Can’t believe Disney actually made this, such a disappointment.

Oscar JM OXD - Man....2 star

I’m not gonna be biased, because I know that many people have opinions of the actress. I will be reviewing this as a movie. This film really dives far too deep into becoming a traditional martial arts film. As a film that’s supposed to be PG-13, I expected more of a darker tone, instead to trying to be like a 60s martial arts film. The results were not what I was looking for. The production design is stellar, and the music is well done, but everything else falls flat. This is easily one of the worst Disney remakes. Disney, please make more original films or make remakes of underrated films, like Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

🌟💫🌟 - Love this so much5 star

I love the changes they made. Perfect nod to the classic animated movie with all the same morals and beliefs. Made me tear up at the end! Very well done. Also love the fact that Ming Na Wen (the OG Mulan voice) and her daughter were extras in the movie. Perfect little detail!

Jane49 - Worst movie ever1 star

Really a dishonour you the original film

Vita0911 - Really Enjoyed this Movie!5 star

I know a lot of people compared this movie to the original. Why not? I get. But for me personally, I really enjoyed this movie (maybe better than the animated version). I appreciated the work that went into to make this movie amazing. Totally worth the price.

WWFix - Unfaithful2 star

The acting was unconvincing and they took the struggle out of the story.

Anonymous727;@ - Nope, didnt like it1 star


Och.laddie - $35? Filmed in Xinjiang1 star

C’mon! It will be free in Disney+ soon

No Love - Horrible1 star

Some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Did not like this movie at all.

ChiaraX09 - I love Mulan5 star

I have already watched this movie in the theatre. But I still buy it because of the Extras. It's a really great movie for everyone expecially for children.

LoveSailorMoon&Cardcaptors - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 star

I am happy to heard that Mulan (2020) is here on iTunes. I love how the director kept the Chinese heritage to the core.

Mikreh - A Beautiful Film, Please Give It a Chance.5 star

This Film Is a Beautiful Adaptation of the 1998 Classic. Like Maleficent(which was a success), this film contains no songs, Crickee, Grandma Fa, or Mushu, But Definitely Still Contains Certain Elements & Musical Pieces From The Original. The Cinematography, Acting, Costumes, & Music Are Astounding. Definitely Give This Film a Chance.

Kayjay204 - Lots of fun5 star

Beautiful scenery and great action. Loved the new take on an old tale.

Ruiner of fun snapchat - Slave1 star


Ashley Francis1995 - Very good movie5 star

Very well done, I loved it

gnoks - excellent sweeping epic5 star

rich colours, captivating characters and a faithful reproduction of the original cartoon with a twist. crystal liu gives excellent homage to an enduring tale. recommended viewing.

fhsgdi - Watching movie feels sick knowing what the Chinese Government is doing1 star


dean678 - standout hit?1 star

why is this listed in standout hits when it bombed, $200 million budget and it only made roughly $70 million

Blossonanime - $35.001 star

No thanks I wait tell it’s $10.00, you can not rent also it not like we are buy the DVD so why so high in price.

XSceptre - Worth Watching4 star

Very well crafted movie. Not just action but an interesting narrative.

8791091 - Mulan3 star


Tassietom - Tedious1 star

After the whole no cinema release debacle, to the crazy price tag.... I watched it at a friends house. Being shot partially in NZ by a kiwi director, I had high hopes. They were soon extinguished. The story focuses more on her being a cross dresser than anything else. And the whole story was tedious. You never felt a sense of dignity or honour as the trailer showed. I can see it would suit tomboy girls, at the age of 8.

23456jju - well made5 star

A lovely transition between the cartoon and live action capturing the tradition of the story while creating its own mark! Splendid.

xXFOXCRAFTXx - Absolutely Brilliant5 star

What an awesome film! Great acting and cinematography. A feel-good film with heaps of action and symbolism throughout. Possibly not a film for very young viewers but definitely a film that examines the power within. Glad I bought this film - it's a keeper. Hope there is a second film to follow.

Edmundbleakley - $35? hahaha no1 star

someone is taking advantage of people during this time with that price and I wanna know who. thats not worth it.

jubei88888 - Obvious paid reviewers1 star

Movie is ‘meh’, 5 star reviews obviously paid for and not genuine. Did we see the same movie???

Whiting1289 - Don't even buy it.1 star

The movie was made with actual slave labour of an ethnic group that China is actively trying to genocide. Basically buying and watching this is unironically and literally like buying and watching a movie made by Nazis.

SmileyBernice - Mulan2 star

$34.99 for the movie that has been badly reviewed? I will wait for it to be available to everyone on Disney+ without the price tag.

T################# - Dubious1 star

Dubious ethics around production and a price that’s so dubious it can only be called a rip off. No thanks!!

Avinonyx - Marvel Movies are better than this and its only 20$1 star

The reviews are bad and the price is not right.

Dallas Adam - Bad re-imagination of the original1 star

This movie had such potential but like most of Disney new films they are just hoping on the nostalgia train of the original films and they are just poor imitations at that. The acting is ok and some parts of it are just plain awful and the story line is worse if you can imagine. I don’t blame apple for the price of the film it’s what Disney have set it at and apple as to set it at the same but in saying this it’s still a lot of money for just one movie.

pikachuuu____ - Dishonor on Disney.1 star

I was really hoping to like this movie but man, it was awful. There is no emotional connection between the viewer and the main character as you would with the original Mulan film. The ‘chi’ although is a big part of Chinese culture, in the film it made it seem like she had magical powers which gave her a better advantage during the fight scenes. The original Mulan built her skills up from nothing and became an amazing, strong warrior. Anyway I can go on and on but I’m going to cut it short and tell everyone to save on the ridiculous price that Disney had the audacity to put in place. I want a refund 😭

Gypsysoul2 - Poor1 star

It’s ‘ok’ certainly not worth that price. Leave this one until it comes down in price. A lot.

QYYING - Brilliant MULAN5 star

I watched MULAN for 3 time in cinema and every time had different feeling. I was inspired by the inner power of yourself. Look forward to MULAN 2 if it will. YIFEI is such a talented actress! Love her performance!

TT 34k - Mulan5 star

Fantastic movie

Stueyjunior - Fabulous5 star

Best movie I ever watched.

Jeff Homan - DA Man5 star


Tap40 - Cool5 star


V.K.0825 - Exhilarating, fast-paced film5 star

Great casting, excellent stuntwork, magnificant cinematography

NDRA17 - Mulan5 star

Best movie

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Kkrystasmommy - Loved this movie !5 star

I truly loved this movie and it’s soundtrack! It was so nice to see something so different and with a good moral to the story. I don’t see why everyone is saying it’s $30. I don’t see that now.

Goreaxl - Thanksgiving break5 star

Wonderful movie. The whole family enjoyed it! Differs from the original but still inspirational.

ParamR - Sucked royally1 star

This movie was so off. Not enjoyable.

MajesticSpade1 - Trash1 star

Can’t believe they gave thanks to cities that held Muslims and Christians in education camps like the nazis did. Don’t even bother with this movie

a.n7691 - Disaster1 star

It wasn’t the memory i grow up with This was much much much worse I expected more like aladin

Love it :) (: - i really liked it5 star

I thought they did a great job with the new mulan. It was more realistic than the animated one. it was a little different than the original one but still like it.

Kimamaz - Awful1 star

The movie waa so boring without all the things that made us fall in love with the cartoon. Highly disappointed. Disney blew it with this one.

Machokie - Wow, bad1 star


Emeraldtroll - Simply sad.1 star

Remember when that Disney intro meant something? It takes the original, doesn't understand it, and bloats it with big cinematography. If you have seen Mulan, don't even try this. If you haven't seen Mulan, just watch the original. If you want bad, don't get bad by supporting terrible corporations. Never, under any circumstances, give this film (or, rather, Disney) any of your money. Let them go defunct.

BritkBrit1123 - Amazing5 star

First review because I LOVED THIS MOVIE. All the 1stars for price? I would have paid more to watch in theaters. It was simply amazing.

lexi❤️🌹❤️ - horrible1 star

yea it's not good. at all.

131050018576 - Mulan5 star

Great movie!

Dhuswjhsidbr - Bad1 star


Captain Rex 7567 - Unnecessary1 star

Does everything Disney makes need a live action? No. This movie is proof of that

CLIFFTERI - Theater Price4 star

People have short memories, if you and your family went to the theater to see this movie usually 4, at say $9.50 a ticket that alone is $38.00 then concessions. And then you walk out not owning the movie. Do the math people.

Jud0_chop - Pee face1 star

Poop face

mikeymike76 - Cheesy1 star

The animation was better.

Moonphase1018 - Great movie4 star

Honestly this was a really good movie. If you come in thinking this is going to be just like the animation then you’re going to constantly be comparing it and be negative. If you come in with a completely open mind that this is going to be free-flowing, and just enjoy the movie you will have a great time with it. I really enjoyed the movie.

JC2 - Well Done5 star

I expected to not like this movie but I really enjoyed it. A little different and not just a remake like the Lion King (thankfully).

ThePengfulTruth - Not sure what story it’s meant to tell.1 star

Obviously catered to Chinese audience. Too bad it failed to delivery across both sides of the ocean. $20 too much and 2 hours too long.

Isuru_Wick - Solid movie3 star

An honest review without getting into politics or comparing with the original Mulan- this had a good story with little action done at a minimum cost. They didn’t spent a ton of money on costumes nor the action was brilliant. It is definitely not worth $30, but a good movie to just pass time

Harris Huang - worst china movie1 star

i wont spend money on this, worst china movie, the story is modified badly from original.

Xyf95 - Best live action movie5 star

This live action owns best epic war senses and the heroine has beautiful actions. Love it

Tekkaman Blade 2.150 - So?5 star

I pay the same price on Disney+ and you know what, I light the movie so if you’re going to discredit a movie based on his price and see what it has to offer, The nurse is really sad how all of you are going to discredit the movie for that. It’s worth buying.

Blair Ravish - Awful1 star

This movie was absolutely awful. The storyline was dreadfully boring. It’s almost like they gave up a quarter into the film. It’s over loaded with filler scenes, nothing to do with the actual storyline of Mulan. I expected so much more from Disney.

Avidscifan - Horrible1 star

Aweful acting except for Gong Li who did her best with the role.

furrythatisagamer - The animated version is better3 star

First of all, it’s rated PG- 13. This is a CHILDHOOD movie. Second, price is TOO HIGH

tudley - Not for nothing but you NA sayers are a holes4 star

I understand why some people are upset with the 30.00 price but sitting here with my two girls watching this movie was assume. Granted I did wait until it was 1999 to buy. But it was well worth.

Buck_Williams - Disney is no longer Disney1 star

I challenge Disney to come up with a new, completely unique idea.

JoeWayne92 - One of my favorite movies of 2020!5 star

Forgot about the controversy and the negative reviews, I just fall in love with this new live action version of Mulan. It’s a tremendous movie that I’ve ever seen in my life! 😊❤️

HolyDeep - Another animated turned live action cash grab1 star

It is sad to acknowledge Disney can no longer create, and worst to see Disney keeps on destroying all the old classics

tdouglass - Disney STOP1 star

Stop with these live action remakes that have nothing to do with original movies. We don’t want them and you’re just proving you’re out of ideas.

Travis515100 - A lot of fun5 star

My family and I had a lot of fun and enjoyed this movie.

skaterryan - Awful1 star

Was bored out of my mind and the movie just overall isn’t interesting. Lifeless movie to a classic cartoon from the same company.

nwright2 - Don’t spoil your memories of the better movie1 star

The best part of Mulan is that she was just a Normal person who was able to use her wit, ingenuity and humor to overcome the challenges she faced. In this movie she is a super-naturally gifted “chosen” one for who everything comes easy. This makes for zero character growth and ends up feeling rather stale and boring. There’s a fair amount of spectacle and well choreographed scenes, but the story is lacking and characters feel very one dimensional. It’s a shame they did this to a previously-beloved character. Disney is going after the Chinese market very aggressively right now and it shows.

knamceton - Don’t ruin my Mulan1 star

please don’t.

nomaho - Loved it5 star

Loved how they made Mulan reveal her identity as a choice to be true to her oath. It made her stronger and with integrity as she’s supposed to be and at last achieve her dream instead of falling in love. Her character in the movie made more sense.

Meda20 - No1 star

I’m set up a Chinese people anyway, with the Chinese virus and everything, wouldn’t pay $.99 with this crap.

lemusicienne - Can’t afford it2 star

I want to see this movie but $30 is just too much for one movie. Why so much for this one? If the price goes down, I might be able to afford it.

Big-Bad-Dawg - It’s exactly Mulan’s history5 star

Short version, Mulan was one in those days they were considered supernatural who possessed great chi gong and she saved the kingdom. She was considered to be the greatest warrior in Chinese history male or female. I always felt General Guan Ti (Romance of Three Kingdom’s) to be the greatest warrior until I read about Mulan now I understand.

Ken Fricken - Not for 30 bucks.1 star

How much money has Disney lost due to this price. Drop it to 20 and I will buy it. Keep it at 30 and I will sleep fine never seeing it

Combatfisher - Just not worth 30 bucks1 star

With the huge unemployment rate and the entire economy a want to charge 30 bucks ? Seriously? I mean Disney should just layed off a bunch of people...oh...wait is it true this was filmed in a place that is holding basically a whole city of people as prisoners ?

duncneysucks - Disney propaganda1 star

This film is nothing but blatant Disney and Chinese government propaganda that misses the entire point of Mulan in the first place. The whole point of Mulan is to show that any average women can be just as good and skillful as any man if the effort is put and how women and men aren’t so different but instead we get a submissive slave to the government prodigy that reeks of I’m not like other girls stench that teaches girls that If you are not special then you are doomed just like Mulans sister Also they filmed this movie in a concentration camp in China

HaroldnCA - The price5 star

For those complaining about the price... Disney is a business. The movie cost over 200 million to make and they could barely release in theaters. They are trying to recoup some of their money so it’s not a total loss. For those complaining about the price? Wait til December and watch it on Disney Plus when it’s included for the $7/month. Or rent it at Red Box in two weeks. Disney is a business not a charity. Use your brains, people.

S-CapTen - Family Friendly1 star

The story, the acting/action scenes were poor in my opinion. Felt like I overpaid for this movie.

JesusBeenKing - Why and how?1 star

Why did they change what we all loves and this movie and in the world did the end up making it so bad .... it's really a terrible movie. So disappointing.

DaXxIuS - No Thanks!1 star

I was really interested to watch this movie, as mulan is one of my favorite disney movies as a child, but for $30 they can forget it. It's a shame how money hungry Disney is, especially with the economy so screwed up right now from the Pandemic.

ytiijf - Good Movie,Good spirit of pursuing independence and freedom as a woman5 star


Alex Novik - Loved the Music, Picture and Attention to detail.5 star

Excellent. I don't think the movie should be rated by the price or by people who didn't watch it. The amount of work and attention to detail that was put into it is mind boggling. If you have a good sound system and good TV, you will be able to get emmersed into the story, forget what's around you and learn a few good lessons along the way. Thank you for not including perverted scenes or curse words. Our family enjoyed it.

ronnie aka eeshan - Not worth $301 star

It’s a daylight robbery at this price. Got to watch it on a friends Disney subscription at a home warming party. Not worth the money. Wait till it’s priced at least 50% down.

5 star

- Mulan (2020) ⭐⭐⭐

5 star

@eda_seyhan: Don't believe me, believe the prison service's own oversight body. "In our surveys between July and December 2020, 78% of…

5 star

@holardamolar @Yourlifetimebae Mulan (2020)

5 star

@LazybonesInc: I was overly generous to Mulan 2020 when it came out because it just gets even worse in retrospect. It did not deserve th…

5 star

Mo' Reviews: 'Mulan' Is Just Okay, And That's All Right | #Mulan isn't the best interpretation of the Chinese legen…

5 star

I was overly generous to Mulan 2020 when it came out because it just gets even worse in retrospect. It did not dese…

5 star

@DisneySpain: Es Hua Mulán y su deber es proteger a su familia. #Mulán ya está disponible en DVD, Blu-ray™ y compra digital. 👉 Amazon:…

5 star

veel is er over Mulan (2020) eigenlijk niet te zeggen. gewoon zo’n disney-remake. serieuzer, over de top en zonder…

5 star

@Sham10Matovu 2020 best movies 🎥 -Vanguard - My spy - Mulan - Charlie’s Angels

5 star

@roslyntalusan: Niki Caro's retelling of #Mulan gave us a subservient Jedi in an Orientalist war epic. In 2020, the Asian diaspora deser…

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