Battle of the Bulge: Winter War

Battle of the Bulge: Winter War Summary and Synopsis

The Battle of the Bulge. Lt. Robert Cappa and his platoon of 2nd Infantry Division soldiers must defend a vital supply depot from being captured by attacking German soldiers. With enemies all around him and allies who are not what they seem. Lt. Cappa must make combat ready decisions in order to slow down and stop the advancing German onslaught of tanks, infantry and artillery. Lt. Robert Cappa and his platoon of 2nd Infantry Division soldiers must defend a vital supply depot from being captured by attacking German soldiers. Battle of the Bulge: Winter War Wiki

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The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Leo Tolstoy (2020)

Battle of the Bulge: Winter War Comments & Critics

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Battle of the Bulge: Winter War Movie Reviews

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- Worst WWII Movie I’ve ever watched1 star

Poor acting, silly lines, slow moving. One fight sequence is shown twice. This movie is so bad it deserves negative stars. Overall a terrible movie - no redeeming qualities or moments of any kind. I know this sounds harsh, and I apologize for that - but this is not a movie that is worth being watched.

- Don’t do it1 star

Save your money this movie is absolutely awful I would give it no stars! If I could!!! Don’t be fooled with Billy Zane and Tom Berenger in the movie! Even their acting is atrocious! I wish I could get my money back! Very disappointing!

- Worst war movie ever made!!!1 star

To be fair the uniforms and equipment appear to be accurate for the time. The acting is terrible, even from the well known actors. The special effects are zero. Seriously think a high school drama/film class could do a better job. I didn’t even finish the movie it was so bad. Wouldn’t watch even if it was free. Can’t stress enough, don’t watch.

- Garbage1 star

Not worth the film, the cartoon gun fire along with bad acting did this classic no justice!!!

- Low grade B movie1 star

Total waste of money ... terrible directing, terrible acting. Turned it off after 15 minutes.

- Horrible1 star

Don’t waste your money. The acting was poor and there was nothing historical about it.

- Pass this one by1 star

Historically inaccurate. Militarily inaccurate. Poor attention to details. Really poor acting. A film school student could have done a better job at making this movie. Do not waste your money on this trash.

- Don’t buy1 star

Worst WWII movie I’ve seen in a while. Bad acting, and effects. Not worth your time.

- Waste of money1 star

I wish i had read the reviews....TOTAL WASTE of money.

- Shame...1 star

They turned the Ardennes Offensive ("Battle of the Bulge") into a petty socio-political critique on race relations... What a disgrace and utterly insulting to the men who fought and died in this great struggle, and to modern audiences.

- Good Good what a waste of money1 star

This should be illegal to charge for this thing. Do NOT rent or buy this thing!!!! Pathetic!!!!

- Save your money1 star

Apple should refund the money if you rented this. If I could give it a zero star I would have.

- Battle of the Bulge1 star

Should be a zero

- Just no.1 star

Horrible writing and poor acting ruined what could have been a compelling story line. Terrible movie.

- Battle of the Bulge Winter War.1 star

The acting was horrible and the slowness of the delivery of the lines were hardly an example of wartime activity especially in battle scenes and impending danger. I do not recommend renting or buying this tragedy of a movie experience.

- Nice to see with $100 & some friends a movie can be made1 star

I think the war on drugs should be refocused and renamed “war on bad films” these guys would get life without. Would rather have seen Tom Berenger in another remake of sniper!!

- Really Bad1 star

Didn't know the sun was shining so brightly durly the seige. No one looked cold and hungry. Clean sharp uniforms Otherr than that worst acting and portrayl ever.

- Pathetic Movie1 star

I'm sorry to have wasted my money and time watching this cheap movie.

- Great work5 star

Looks good, hard to make a super duper fantastic war film with low budget. But the people who write the reviews wouldn’t know that. Keep you head up guys I love this. #independentfilmmakers

- Winter War1 star

Easily, the worst movie I have ever seen and a waste of talented actors (at least I think Tom Berenger is a good actor). Did they not even have opportunity to rehearse their lines? Was the budget so low you had to repeat showing some scenes...or was there just no budget for the cutting floor?

- Looking at the trailer2 star

Just by looking at the trailer alone I can’t get myself to watch this movie because everyone is so clean. No one’s dirty the uniforms are speaking span they’re getting in a fight but everyone looks clean no dirt on uniforms. I’ve been to Afghanistan and Iraq I know what a dirty uniform looks like and the only time it’s clean is if we’re in the rear with the gear.

- Both1 star


- Dont Rent or Buy Read a Book!1 star

I so wanted this to be something to decent to watch after being glued to the news during the election. The story is facinating but the writing, acting, cinematography is appauling. Note to self, read the review befoe you purchase. Does anyone know how to delete a purchased movie from your playlist?

- So Glad I did NOT buy this movie!!!1 star

I could have made a better movie on my iPhone! Literally in the top 5 worst movies ever filmed. Cabin Boy is number one worst...until I saw this!

- It’s not worth to spend 7 dollars on2 star

You can tell it’s a low budget movie. Action isn’t really that great CGI is pretty bad. I know a youtube channel could do better then this. Dialogue is pretty bad. Audio is ever so slightly out of sync. Do not buy

- Battle of the Bulge: Winter War1 star

The worst war movie I have ever seen. It is like a bunch of kids with no military or historical knowledge decided to go to the woods to play war and make a movie. Totally disrespectful of the soldiers who fought this historic battle.

- Battle of the Buldge1 star

Worst movie I remember for the past 10 years. Actors and director have never ever been even close to the army. Waste of Money. And a prove that Apple only hast crap Movies to offer.

- Don’t watch this1 star

It’s zero stars. I really can’t believe Tom Berringer leant his name to this movie. Horrible acting, horrible action sequences and just all around bad. The plot itself could have been interesting but I’m possible to get past everything else that is wrong

- HORRIBLE1 star

Wow bad on every level. It’s like they were trying to make a bad movie.

- Save your $6.99!1 star

Can we give less than one star? Awful. Surprised Berenger agreed to star in such a poor film. The combat scenes are not even close to accurate. Rifles aren’t shouldered appropriately, sounds are not authentic. It’s as if someone made this as a senior film class project. Senior High School film project that is. This should be a free rental. Not worth $6.99, the current rental as of 11/8/2020.

- Battle of the bulge winter war1 star

Not buy it it worst I had seen it

- PO5 star


- Trash1 star

This movie is Trash.

- Total waste of time and money1 star

I can’t believe i wasted my money on this movie. It’s so bad, cringeworthy bad in almost every way imaginable. Don’t waste your time or money!

- Slow1 star

Acting very poor, don’t waste your money on this dog.

- Boring Boring Boring1 star

The acting is poor at best, very little action, war scenes are atrocious, tv shows like Combat from the 60’s had more realistic scenes. Never buying another movie until there are thousands of reviews

- Amateurish1 star

Where to start? Low budget.... surprised to see Tom Behringer in this...... dialogue is pathetic.......action is laughable..... save your time and money.....

- I5 star


- No great1 star

Acting bad very disappointing

- Horrible1 star

I never ever leave reviews for anything but I just had to here. Horrible acting, low budget film charging $6.99 rental?? Really! I wouldn’t watch it for free. Sorry, not trying to be harsh to those in the movie or those that produced it but hopefully this helps you aim for better next tim

- Ugh...1 star

I don’t know what is worse, the acting or the cinematography. In the middle of a war scene, these “actors” can’t muster up a little excitement and nervousness? Flat tones and stale expressions. Plus, you might get motion sickness from the terrible camera work. Save your money.

- Battle of the Bulge: Winter War1 star

What a waste of money. Watched the first 15 minutes and almost fell asleep. Terrible acting and should be a complete embarrassment to those that invested in this project.

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