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Totally Under Control Summary and Synopsis

On January 20th, 2020 the US and South Korea both discovered their first cases of COVID-19. However, 9 months later, the novel Coronavirus has claimed the lives of almost 200,000 Americans and caused staggering economic damage, while in South Korea, there were no significant lockdowns and, in an urbanized population of 51 million, only 344 lives have been lost. Where did we go wrong? As the presidential election nears, Americans are increasingly enraged by a lack of clear leadership, endemic political corruption and left to wonder how did the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world manage to fail so thoroughly in its response to a global pandemic? Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, directing with Ophelia Harutyunyan and Suzanne Hillinger, interrogates this question and its devastating implications in Totally Under Control. With damning testimony from public health officials and hard investigative reporting, Gibney exposes a system-wide collapse caused by a profound dereliction of Presidential leadership. It will be a generation before we know the full extent of the damage wrought by this pandemic, but Totally Under Control will stand as the definitive account of the Trump administration’s incompetence, corruption and denial in the face of this global pandemic. This documentary puts a spotlight on the White House’s failed response to the global pandemic and how it could have been prevented. Featuring damning testimony from public health officials and hard investigative reporting, director Alex Gibney reveals a system-wide collapse caused by a profound dereliction of presidential leadership. Totally Under Control Wiki

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Totally Under Control Movie (2020)

Totally Under Control Comments & Critics

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Totally Under Control Movie Reviews

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- Zero stars1 star

Another sad attempt to tear America down and place blame in the wrong place

- Investigate these doctors1 star

This is Globalist propaganda.

- This is alarming5 star

This movie is pro science & pro alerting the public of America’s failure to contain this virus.

- Bitter truth that can’t be ignored5 star

Cases and deaths are still ongoing and so is the poor leadership.

- Fake News1 star


- Voters, not Trump5 star

You have to understand one thing: It’s not Trump that causes the failure. It is the American system and people that caused it. Still a lot of voter support Trump after all this can you believe it? Nothing you can do with voters like these. That’s the price you have to pay for democracy.

- More Leftist Spin1 star

Incredibly biased and disingenuous. I’m perpetually amazed how individuals can create such falsehoods instead of being objective and seeking truth. It’s really indicative of deeper psychological unbalance and pathological lying. I live in NY so I’ve seen how Andrew Cuomo handled this horrendously — over 33,000 deaths and counting — which is DOUBLE the next closest state of California yet with only half the population! Of course, this has been given a permanent pass in the media. Thoroughly despicable and not worth paying for. If I could get a refund I would. This is documentary is shameful, it is not in search of truths, only in search for spins.

- Poorly1 star

Poorly written

- Fake huh????5 star

My relatives are passing away left and right but this is a fake virus??? Fake new??? So where are my relatives, classmates, friends??? Was that fake too??

- Gibney Does it again5 star

Another thoughtful, factual well produced doc that made me feel like I got an inside look at the government response to covid and helped me to understand its actions in a larger framework

- 4 more years1 star

Trump is the best !

- Never trumpers1 star

Lies lies lies. Shame on you apple so predictable. Your ignorance is transcendent .

- We failed5 star

As a healthcare provider I already knew most of this, but definitely not all. It was a bungled response at best, at worst it could have been about $$ and never about saving lives. Obviously trump failed America. God help us if he gets a second term 🙏🏻

- Boring1 star

Don’t waste your time.

- Covid19 is NOT Totally Under Control5 star

Every American should watch this documentary to understand what happened and why we are in the current state of crisis - and what we need to do as a country to get out of it. Excellent documentary. 5 Stars

- Wickedly slanted1 star

This was the Democratic Party campaign trailer for Covid-19. The ending of the film was the cherry on top; the anecdotal heart felt story about how when we use masks we can see people eyes and what’s in their hearts. End credits with some climate change for good measure. Ugh.

- Nothing new, but still worth watching5 star

If you’ve been reading the news for the past 8 months, you’re not going to find anything that you didn’t already know. Having said that, it’s still interesting to see the people involved with everything give their own perspective on it.

- Stunning5 star

This is an amazing documentary about Covid and the woeful response to it.

- Propaganda1 star

Biased at the very least, same ole hearsay comments

- Good movie5 star

If you believe in data and science to prove a point you will like this movie. If you prefer to believe in conspiracy theories and think science is a hoax you wont like it.

- Enough with the apocalypse porn1 star


- What you need to know5 star

There will be people playing politics with this documentary, but the truth is, it’s the truth. It’s fact. Great job on this one.

- Must watch5 star

If You’ve watched the news from the beginning of the pandemic in China (December 2019) it’s nothing you don’t already know. Yet it’s still shocking/chilling to see it all laid out in chronological order from our country’s POV.

- Exposes Failures.5 star

This film exposes the failures with the Trump administrations handling of this pandemic. Horrific loss of life, all due to a complete disregard for the health and safety of the American people. It continues to be mishandled and this will not change under this current administration.

- Accurate5 star

We needed a president who cared about America. Instead, we got Trump and over 200,000 dead.

- Don’t listen to the one star reviews5 star

They are all trump supporters

- Apple push against Trump before election. Wow1 star

I can’t believe the recent push against trump by apple.

- Garbage1 star

I wish I could get my money back.

- Absolute Garbage1 star

If you’re ignorant enough to believe what you’re being told by this documentary, you probably deserve to lead the life it’s pushing you toward.

- Totally biased garbage1 star

Liberal hollywood at its finest. Bending the truth and distorting facts. Anyone can make a documentary, add some dramatic music and put someone in front of the camera who claims to be an expert on said subject...

- Five stars because light beats darkness5 star

1 Star for your intellectual comments, not a proud moment for our country take it how it is.

- Meh....disappointing2 star

Seems like a bit of a political smear. Didn’t dive deep enough into CDC issues. S. Korea is noted in description etc and spent anout 1- minute on what they did. Didn’t really learn new information. While the political slant may be true, it doesn’t show as balanced approach on other issues as I would like resulting in either brain washing or a skeptical hidden agenda.

- Slanted1 star

Seemed very slanted and twists facks.

- More propaganda1 star

Full of half-truths and outright lies, this is just more desperate propaganda the Left is throwing out hoping to sway the election. Save your money.

- Horrible movie1 star

All liberal idiots, just want the votes

- Excellent5 star

Great look at what went wrong.

- Follow the spelling5 star

You can tell who the Trump supporters are in the reviews because they can’t spell or formulate a grammatically correct sentence.

- Tired of these Trump trolls!!!5 star

This film is amazing and if you don’t watch this film and feel as though you’ve been awakened to the truth you are ACTIVELY avoiding it! Trump has mismanaged this pandemic and set America back immensely on a basis of Science and in the world stage. PLEASE WATCH, Don’t be sheeple.

- Accurate and necessary record5 star

A sad tale of arrogance and incompetence. A great job by the filmmakers to use footage of the actual players making statements. Nothing misquoted. Thank you for this record.

- Truth5 star

Our country at least makes for a good laugh to all the other countries

- Very well put together information5 star

Too bad most American’s are too indoctrinated in their death cult to understand the facts.

- Hard Truth5 star

Sad to see that USA no longer deliver not only to the world but it even betrays its own people, resulting in too many needless death, that could actually be avoidable. Sad, so so sad. All of these death just so someone can be re-elected again.

- Just truth5 star

Total absolute truth.

- Leftwing propaganda1 star

Governor Cuomo aka doctor death

- Fair and Objective5 star

This film isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. It’s a clear documentation of why the coronavirus pandemic got so bad in the U.S. There at important lessons to learn no matter what political party you support.

- Trump supporters are triggered because they’re stupid5 star

Sorry morons, you got played. Dummies like you never learn.

- Understanding5 star

To understand the pandemic, this film is a vital piece in the puzzle. Then, if you want to understand the one-star reviews found here, watch (Netflix) The Social Dilemma.

- Fantastic Doc!5 star

Scary to see how this administration has mishandled this pandemic. Doc does a great job at piecing everything together.

- Can’t Stop The Truth5 star

The Trump administration failed us. Vote Democrats 2020!

- Important5 star

I get that there will always be the naysayers who look at films like this as a political film but it’s not. Why science scares so many people is beyond me but if you pay attention to the facts, it’s obvious that we are where we are because of a breakdown in leadership. Don’t dismiss this as left wing propaganda. Think about the step by step facts of what’s happened since the end of January and be honest with yourself. It’s a great film.

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Kil7witch84 - Informative!5 star

A great look inside the failure that is our current government!

Kittykat172 - Ms5 star

I watched this from another country and feel shocked at the way that American people have been treated, how their lives have been put at risk and how those who have come forward to speak out have been treated. Many other countries are sitting back and watching the death toll in the country rise and only feeling absolute horror. This documentary explains so much, the reason that the US has not managed to control the virus like other countries have.

JAKEcloud25 - Trump has graduated1 star

With his usual incompetence and dishonesty applied to a real world situation, Covid 19, Donald J Trump has graduated from madman to murder. Why anyone feels the need to defend the indefensible, or tries the rationalize the man’s insanity, is a fascinating study in “herd mentality”.

MKEDayTrader - Wish there was a zero star option1 star

Fake news on a fake virus. It’s the flu, folks. Plain and simple. Calm down sheep.

seelydan12 - Trump’s Legacy5 star

This is a movie about America finally becoming #1 at something... COVID-19 cases. We’ll certainly have to try to “Make America Great Again” after the Trump Administration is done with it.

Rog3rt123 - Science and fact driven documentary5 star

If you are an anti-science die hard Trump supporter, don’t watch this documentary. You won’t like or believe the contents of this film anyway. For all others it is a good documentary with a factual timeline of the events that led America to where we are today.

Growenlight - South Korea beat Covid!1 star

In february South Korea's official medical protocol included Hydroxycloroquine for patients who are old or have underlying conditions with serious symptoms. Wonder why this fact is not exactly front page news with the extremely low death rate to case rate ratio in South Korea? Maybe, the cause is Trump supported that effective protocol and corrupt interests in America stymied the effort! Watch this movie if you want to watch some boring spin.

mariordo - The top Management failed, period!5 star

Shows why the manager should be fired, without any doubts

believetruth - Very informative5 star

A review by scientists - not politicians- a true timeline of events presented in a compelling manner. Bravo. Cutting through the lies and misinformation. Well done.

Purple poi - Lies1 star

Totally paid by dems

Flup555 - Not that it wasn’t already clear...but...5 star

This puts things into perspective again. A good watch and creditable sources that explain what happened.

Conservative FI guy - Marxist propaganda1 star

Butt hurt never Trumpers decide to make a movie. If you seen one you’ve seen them all. Save your money

Wegenek - Must-watch doc5 star

Meticulously crafted, fast-paced, and incredibly urgent.

Sportyc23 - Must Watch5 star

A thorough, factual, objective as possible account of the response to Covid. A must watch before voting!

Jordan Brawley - Very accurate5 star

This documentary is very informative and spot on with facts.

Aponte360 - Propaganda from the left1 star

If you’re a leftist you’re enjoy this if you’re not you won’t so at the end it’ll nobody’s mind. Don’t waste your time

Modular Disciple - Trump Genocide5 star

These are the proven facts that this horrific Trump administration murdered its citizens through purposeful and gross negligence. They should be on trial in The Hague for genocide.

AlwaysChilly - More cherry-picked spin1 star

And I don’t need all caps to get my point across. This documentary, which also includes a massive amount of political bias and motivation, leaves out sooooo much of the administrations early moves to combat the pandemic, the response they received from democrats and media figures, and captures out-of-context quotes by the president to give what was actually said all new meaning so that it can be used against him. Unfortunately it’s a lot of the same old tricks that have become far too common in their everyday efforts to bring him down. Only problem is, that more and more people are catching on. This documentary is nothing more than their latest attempt to accomplish what they’ve been trying to do for 4+ years......overturn a United States presidential election.

Klint2 - More partisan election season propaganda1 star

Very disingenuous documentary placing the blame solely on Trump whole neglecting to note that 94% of America’s Covid-19 deaths have had comorbidities (not counted as deaths in South Korea). The activist filmmaker also doesn’t mention how Andrew Cuomo flooded NYC nursing homes with stock patients which certainly added to the toll. Remember, Joe Biden called Trump “xenophobic” when he shut down travel to and from China on January 31st.

ZeppoFosterKane - OH NO! NOT FACTS!!!5 star

Alex Gibney— Excellent, and credible documentarian. Terrifyingly real documentary. What’s saddest of all— the exact people who need to see this documentary are going to be the first to dismiss it because evidence. And— because it gives an honest assessment of Trump. - Listen to the SCIENCE5 star

Scientists and doctors are the only people who should be listened to about anything related to science or medicine. Period.

Cynthia-Blair H. - A MUST WATCH 😲5 star

I’ve fact checked much of the content and found the documentary to be extremely spot on. Accurately informative and so nicely done. It’s a must watch in my book. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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