Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters Summary and Synopsis

Dylan O’Brien stars in this thrilling adventure delivering epic action and laughs. After monsters take over the world, Joel (O’Brien, The Maze Runner) and the rest of humanity are forced to live underground. Believing he’s lost everyone he has ever loved, Joel finds his high school sweetheart Aimee (Jessica Henwick, “Game of Thrones”) living just 85 miles away. Facing unknown dangers that stand in his way, Joel must discover his inner hero as he makes the impossible journey across a monster-infested land to be with the girl of his dreams. Also starring Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Ariana Greenblatt (Avengers: Infinity War). Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson, along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee, who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way. Love and Monsters Wiki

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Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust (2020)

Love and Monsters Comments & Critics

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Love and Monsters Movie Reviews

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- Very fun5 star

Fantastic movie

- Surprising4 star

That was fun

- No one is going to watch this becuase of price..1 star

Whoever made this movie 20 DOLLARS to rent is really not smart ... that means nobody is going to watch

- Entertaining4 star

Am I the only one that finds it annoying that people are upset about the price?? It’s a new movie release, you would probably spend more at a movie theater for two people. These were supposed to get released at an actual theater but covid happened. You take the same risk of watching a bad movie at a theater but in this case this one was actually really good and fun entertainment

- It’s good5 star

I don’t get why everyone is complaining about the price of your too poor to get it stop hating on it and it will go down eventually and I say the price is worth it it is a great movie slow at some points but overall good

- Loved it!5 star

I absolutely loved this movie! There was comedy, romance and a cute dog to make it even better. About to go watch it for the 3rd time!!

- I really enjoy this movie!5 star

For everyone giving it one star because of the price, that’s the stupidest thing ever. Rate the movie on its content, not price. This isn’t the only movie that has its price like this. We’re in a pandemic, what do you expect really? Anyways, phenomenal movie! It had a great story to it. Content to me was very original and had a lot of things that you don’t see in other movies. I really hope there’s a sequel!

- Pretty good5 star

I was entertained by this movie. I really enjoyed watching it from start to finish.

- ripoff1 star

too expensive for the quality

- Nice and fun movie3 star

Nice and fun movie bit does not deserve $24 to own or $19 to rent.

- There needs to be a sequel4 star

Most surprising film of 2020. Great action, beautiful cinematography and great cast.

- For 20$ to rent?1 star

I think i’m skipping

- A surprisingly good movie5 star

I got this movie thinking it was going to be another zombie land type of adventure movie, but I was pleasantly surprised with actual movie. It’s a whole different monster (pun intended) and a safe rental or purchase, even at the early release price.

- Cute and entertaining!5 star

Fun, cute, fast paced family entertainment.

- Just watched it!😳5 star

Honestly ..first movie starring dylon O’Brien I’ve watched , it was pretty good and really hoping there’s gonna be a 2nd? I don’t know . Acting was good the visuals were pretty amazing . Maybe needs a little more action..but wow just ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great YA Post-Apocalyptic Movie5 star

Dylan has yet to disappoint me with his performance. Was a fun movie to watch!

- Ibrahim1 star

1 so Expensive 2 the end is not so good:)

- Not a single reviewer has seen the previous Mo stet movies5 star

It was entertaining reading the reviews, especially the one asking for a sequel when this is the 3rd one made. There is “Monster,” “Monsters: Dark Continent,” & this one “Love & Monsters.”

- Zombieland meets MIB5 star

This movie was awesome from start to finish.

- 🙄 not for kids1 star

$20 was already a lot... but would’ve been nice to know of the insinuated sex scene at the beginning and aalllllllll of the cringing bad language throughout the movie

- Pleasantly Surprised, worth every penny5 star

If you enjoy movies with heart, redemption, dark humor, suspense, and a little bit of gore then you must watch Love and Monsters. I went in with no expectations but loved the trailer. I hoped the movie lived up to what was advertised and was not disappointed. There are some predictable parts but I was able to over look those for the parts that did catch me by surprise. In a world of reboots and sequels, we need more original movies like this. It leaves you wanting more but you don’t feel cheated by the end. One and done is good enough for me.

- Great movie all around!5 star

A great mixture of action, comedy, Science fiction and romance all. I really hope there’s a sequel!

- Really?1 star

Only a moron would pay this much?

- Too good.5 star

I didn’t realize I needed this movie right now until I watched it and realized this is the exact thing I needed right now.

- Very Entertaining5 star

One of the better movies in quite awhile.

- Great Movie5 star

Worth the money to watch, and also the time.

- Totally Worth It!!5 star

Me and my sister just saw it at our local drive in and it’s totally worth it! It has an original story line and the special effects and dialogue are awesome! The only disclaimer I have, is that I am a regular fan of dystopian movies, but this one was comical and sweet and if ever this happened, I would be treated exactly like Joel would, my family doesn’t think I can do anything...anyway it’s really a great movie, come payday, it’s going in my collection! From one Joel to another, definitely try out this movie!

- Excellent movie! Ignore the negative comments!5 star

The negative comments are just about the price, not the quality of the movie. This is a typical Dylan O’Brien movie except he plays a lovestruck character and there are plenty of monsters. So, essentially, this movie should be given 5 stars because it gives exactly what the title says. Way to go Dylan!

- Loved Love & Monsters5 star

Wasn’t sure what to expect from this move, but it was so good. Well acted, effects are great and story is heart felt.

- Rotten Tomatoes Fooled Me2 star

Not great, definitely not 93% on rotten tomatoes. I usually go by rotten tomatoes but they are losing their credentials. Anyways I would give this movie a 56-63% instead.

- Why?2 star

Setting aside the fact that this is essentially a remake of Zombieland with "monsters" and therefore feels dated and lazy from a writing standpoint, the big disappointment here is the worldbuilding. The exposition and explanation for the monsters is barely enough to justify suspending your disbelief. While some of the creature designs were cool looking, they don't really relate to each other in a way that passes a basic worldbuilding smell test. Now of course, this is basically an adventure story with a target audience of about 12 years old, but still, for all the resources that went into it, it felt like a missed opportunity to create a much more interesting and immersive adventure.

- Awesome5 star

Great funny cute movie totally awesome movie can’t complain

- Amazing5 star

Loved it! Truly unique!!

- Like old times at the theater!5 star

I took my three kids to see this and they all loved it! They range in ages 12 to 18. We decided to go to the theater as we were all dying to get out and hopefully have a good time. I hadn’t heard anything about this movie and didn’t even know it was supposed to be released until the day before it came out. So glad we all went to see it! It was fun without being cheesy, but at the same time did not take it self too seriously. Great fun for all!!

- Boring!1 star

Didn't finish it...very boring and predictable. The rental is too expensive.

- So so so so so so good!5 star

Watch it! It’s super fun and the monsters are really cool and stuff. Also, the dog is v cute. Thank you.

- Love and monster1 star

I’m very disappointed 24 dlls plus tax and rent in 19.99 😡 definelly I don’t will buy this movie here I go to eBay or Amazon and I get it next week ..

- Really enjoyed5 star

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s not your classic apocalypse movie. Dylan O’Brien is great in this movie. And I especially love Dog and his two other traveling companions. Oh, and regarding the $$, it’s because you can’t watch in a movie theatre right now. I understand. You can till it goes to video. I enjoyed the movie a lot.

- To high1 star

No way to justify this price, the overhead dropped on this film when they did not have to roll it out to theaters. You people who are defending these prices , need to think a little deeper, you must have money to burn. I guess we got a great economy, well you know who to thank( DT) or else you wouldn’t be able to buy overpriced Hollywood BS. Maybe the gas prices have been to low for the past 4 yrs. Don’t worry you will get high gas prices again if dummy JB gets in. Keep living in your fantasy world and you will not have any money to buy anything.

- Surprised Me5 star

Was surprised how good this movie was. The leading man was hilarious. Highly recommend it.

- Great Movie. Stop complaining about the price5 star

Absolutely amazing movie! For all the people complaining about the dollar amount and leaving a bad review. Shut up. The movie industry is struggling and we should be happy when any format like this comes out. Don’t say anything at all and move on if you don’t like the price.

- Awful1 star

This script is pitiful. I just wasted 2hrs and $20. Save your money. If it wan't for Covid this movie wouldn't be more than $3.99 to rent.

- Great Emotional Performance by Dylan O’Brien5 star

Great visual effects. Love the light-hearted tone and sarcastic humor. The emotional scenes really hit hard.

- Loving it with Monsters4 star

I live in Fairfield, California. It's where the movie supposedly takes place. Though, actually, it is filmed on the Gold Coast--the Florida of Australia. This was a pretty good coming of age movie, in the backdrop of monsters. Was never a fan of Dylan O'Brien, but the guy really carried the movie forward: with his charismatic monologues, one liners and reactions to many actions. I actually bought the movie and I don't regret it. Go watch and enjoy.

- Love it5 star

It did not disappoint

- Excellent movie5 star

Entertainment that really delivers. It’s not trying to be terribly deep, but regardless. Great performance by O’Brien and the other principals, and nice pacing and an original story make a good time spent. I loved every minute.

- Rent for $19.99, is this a JOKE??1 star

I have not seen that movie yet but base from the reviews, it may be a good one to watch. I am just a little bit off about the rent price. There is tons of movie who are better than this movie and the price for renting those movies were at reasonable prices but $19.99, is really a joke. I would rather get it from Netflix kiosk, way cheaper.

- Waiting for more!!!!EPIC!5 star

Awesome movie. Loved it!

- Funny love the hero in this flick5 star


- Great Movie5 star

Great Friday night movie!!

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Get YEETED!!!!!!! - Surprisingly good5 star

Great story line that refuses to take the lazy route when presented the chance. Fun, upbeat fare in a year where it is sorely needed. Will be watching it again before the rental runs out.

Tay D. - Great5 star

Great movie and great story. Nice change of pace. Wasn’t dark or depressing. Would love to see a sequel but that would ruin it. One of the movies where you wish there was a sequel but you know it would be horrible.

Rutherford Crenshaw - Great Movie!5 star


Superhero145 - Great end of the world movie!!!5 star

I had low expectations for this film and man I was surprised on how good it was from start to finish. We had so many end of the world type of movie last today and it does get tiring but thank goodness this actually made me remember they are still good to watch and I want a sequel badly I highly recommend it to anyone who like those types of movies it a definite must buy!!!!

RickStarPhotography - Definitely worth it!5 star

Loved everything about this movie! Never a dull moment!

emagnus - Great fun for the whole family5 star

It was a blast and my kids who can’t watch scary movies, even as awesome as tremors because they have nightmares about grabboys, loved it.

Ghostwalker54 - Seriously folks?1 star

If you only had a brain! In a time of a pandemic you want to rape people by charging outrageous prices for movies ($24.99 to own, $19.99 to rent) and other media. I’d sooner take the next tornado to Oz.

TheArmaniGregory - Amazing5 star

Hooked through the whole movie. Added to my favorites list.

willië_wonka - BLOCKBUSTER!5 star

It has been a tough year, specially with cinema. What an incredible adventure I have experienced watching this movie. Makes me wanna go out and fight this pandemic with all my might!

arturoc14 - Dylan O’Brien is everything5 star


RickBTX - Say what?1 star

$25 to buy and $20 just to rent? What are these people smoking?

Sangester - Great Movie5 star

Surprisingly this is a really good movie. Definitely worth the money!

Wldcatt - Good.4 star

I really enjoyed the first half of this movie, the second half, it really really slowed down. If they would've kept the momentum going all throughout the movie there would be something special here. And just leave out all the teenage love story crap.

jberg918 - Terrible1 star

Anyone giving this a good review is a tad easily entertained I suppose. Absolutely horrible movie from beginning to end luckily I watched it for free since I’m not ignorant enough to pay for such a dumb movie. Save your money.

I love dylan -Jordan - Review5 star

Great movie love the love and adventure and Dylan to.

carneal - Wholesome fun & great monster adventure5 star

I love typical “guy” movies full of special effects, aliens, and monsters. Usually there is a lot of menace and darkness in this genre. So refreshing to have a greatly entertaining sci-fi film with a life-affirming tone and characters being decent to each other. Felt like Spielberg could have done this film. Quality stuff for the whole family.

cat queen 🐈 - LOVED IT5 star

Hoping they do a second one!

MrReader101 - To the person who said that they aren’t Poor...5 star

YOU DON’t HAVE TO BE POOR TO NOT WANT TO RENT THE MOVIE. ITS 20 FRIGGIN BUCKS JUST TO RENT. ITS EXPENSIVE! (I haven’t seen this film yet but I’m sure it’s good.)

Tractorboy89 - Stop complaining about price5 star

Just think how much a movie would cost if you went out and saw it in theatres and frankly if you don’t have a nice huge tv ...get on it they aren’t expensive anymore really geesh

noelazi - Fantastic movie for the family5 star

This movie was sooo fun and was very emotional. I recommend to all

Lesley Music and Purchases - This looks identical to daybreak3 star

Hi so on Netflix a show named daybreak is basically like this with a bomb going off and monsters appear or mutated animals and he goes on a long journey to find his girlfriend basically exact same plot if you haven’t seen daybreak I highly recommend.

snow merry - Love and monsters5 star

It’s great !I loved watching it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Muleonabike - Don’t know what’s worse, the love or the monsters1 star

This could very well be the worst movie ever made. Just terrible.

hdkgkg - Loved it5 star

Loved all of it, worth the watch.

Zafon fan - Great movie5 star

Enjoyed very much. A fun, strangely optimistic post-apocalyptic love story.

Bosedj1234567890 - Wife and I loved it.5 star

Definitely worth a watch.

Ravensend - Great movie awesome concept5 star

Really enjoyed watching this film. For once we have a hero character who really isn’t and a new world creation that really leaves you thinking of the possibility outside of this one story.

mixjelle leobe - AMAZING5 star

I highly recommend, it was fun to watch, had me on the edge of me seat at moments!

arii_marii - So much fun!5 star

Really fun movie. Watched it for Dylan O’brien and he really delivers on this one. Surprisingly moving at times. Would recommend.

Crashoverride55 - Fun.5 star

The movie gives laughs, suspense and action. The movie is fun, don’t look to far beyond what the movie is, simple fun.

dscottmoody - It was Good4 star

Good movie just needed more monsters lol Hope there will be a sequel

JackSkelling - Easily worth the $24.99 price tag for home release5 star

Easily worth the $24.99 price tag to own as a VOD release that skipped theaters!! If you went to the theater to watch this - two people would cost the same - if not more. Here, you get to watch it in your home and own it to watch again. It was a great movie - great creature effects, great storyline for a family to enjoy together with not-too-scary parts!

Katie-26 - Dylan is back4 star

I have been waiting for another Dylan o Brien film to come out and as usual he never disappoints. Ironically set in a post apocalyptic world where monsters have wiped out most of the human race the movie centres around joel(Dylan) trying to reunite with his teenage love by surviving 7 days on the surface to get to her colony and all the adventures that ensues. Well worth a watch

ZoeyyyyyyyAC - Loved it5 star

Very entertaining finally a movie where I don't get distracted by my phone !

RedMenRojo0993 - Awesome5 star

It’s been a while since a saw something new other then heroes and race cars. Awesome movie I wanted more

Jake83c - Love and Monsters5 star

This film was great! It had a little of everything in it and turned out amazing!! The cast really brings this movie together and it has action and humor as well as just a feel good story. Enjoyed it!! Definitely worth a watch. Hopefully they will decide to make a sequel to this.

MasterJediBro - Please watch it before you give it a rating5 star

Honestly this movie was fantastic, the price isn’t crazy. This movie was made on a specific budget and they have to try and make a profit. If you went and saw it in theaters you’d pay 12 bucks or more for a seat, so if you watch it with a few people it’s actually cheaper then seeing it in theaters. Story was fun and had a great premise, it was shot really well and Dylan’s acting made you feel like you were there! Great movie over all!

Mr Offset - To offset the morons5 star

Didn’t watch it but all the morons complaining about the price must not understand we are living in a world where the theaters are not open so movies need to offset the cost

Jaime James - Mildly entertaining3 star

If you ever wanted to see Philip J Fry from Futurama in live action, this is close. The film is disjointed and doesn't really have much character development. Also, Michael booker, the best part of the movie, is barely in it. He, and the little girl, are basically cameos.

Caddisbug1994 - Wasn’t horrible.3 star

Kids loved it. Entertaining but not the greatest movie in the world.

rolf-erik - 20 USD to rent?? That is theft 🤬🤬🤬1 star


Film and television reviews - Zombieland4 star

If you liked Zombieland, you will probably enjoy this. Nothing to mind blowing or original but a fun ride nonetheless. I say it is with the buy since it’s only $5 more to own, $20 to rent is ridiculous.

ppaaauuulll - People complaining about the prize 🤡🤡🤡🤡5 star

Its really good. Well made and entertaining. People just don’t get that a movie that was supposed to be in theaters has to make its money back. They are really dumb complaining about the prize.

Irishdudeeeeee - ORIGINAL5 star

Its a great movie, felt new and unique, loved the little girl in it, i usually hate kids in movies, but she was fab, fun movie, i'm glad i bought it, it is however quite pricey, $25, i understand movies are hurting for money but i wouldn't pay this much in a theater, seems a bit too greedy if you ask me, but the price is no fault to the acting and story that was provided so minus the price its definetly a 5 star movie and worth the watch.

SamanthaJewel - Wow5 star

I watched this for Dylan and i didn’t expect much but this is one of my top faves! This was so well done, from funny, to heart breaking, i just can’t express enough how amazing this movie is! I highly recommend it

Kobe & Stan the Man - Fun and exciting5 star

Great movie, my 68 year old mother enjoyed it. Great for the whole family.

al67654 - Overpriced1 star


Aem5935 - This movie is delightful!5 star

I was a little worried about paying $20 for a movie, but I love Dylan O’Brien. The movie theater where I live has not opened yet, so I thought why not. This movie was EXCELLENT to be honest with you, and worth $20 to rent/buy it. It was funny, heart felt.. made me laugh and cry. Dylan O’Brien and boy are just perfect. Watch it if you are thinking about it!

Daaronclar - Good movie4 star

I’ve wanted to watch this movie since I first saw the trailer about 2 months ago. I like apocalyptic themed movies and this one was enjoyable to watch. To the guy that was upset with the price just wait for it to go to Redbox to rent it. I’m not poor so I bought it and can say I don’t feel like the money was wasted.

Lyonsfam - An absolute blast!4 star

Ignore the dummies who don’t understand why these first run movies are more expensive - though an absolute deal for a brand new movie. Love & Monsters is the perfect escapism for these wild times. Perfect family movie with kids 10 and up. Nothing entirely new but a grade A effort all the way. So much fun with just enough sweetness. Highly recommend

Love and Monsters Images & Pictures

monster image post-apocalyptic future image coming of age image

Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images
Love and Monsters movie images

Love and Monsters Posters

Love and Monsters movie posters
Love and Monsters movie posters
Love and Monsters movie posters
Love and Monsters movie posters
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