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Josh Duhamel (Transformers) stars in this wild and hilarious, no-holds-barred comedy. After six lifelong friends have a five year falling out, Bob (Duhamel), aka “The Bobfather”, reunites his pals for the Buddy Games, an insane competition of absurd physical and mental challenges with the chance to win a $150,000 pot. Now all bets are off, as the determined dudes fight, claw, and party for the big bucks in this star-studded bro-fest featuring Dax Shepard (CHiPs), Olivia Munn (Office Christmas Party) and Kevin Dillon (“Entourage”). A group of friends reunite to play The Buddy Games, a wild assortment of absurd physical and mental challenges. In the process, they'll heal old wounds, right past wrongs and figure out the true meaning of friendship...or die trying. Buddy Games Wiki

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Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.


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- Just bad1 star

I laughed like once

- You can’t get that time back1 star

The film depended too heavily on juvenile comedy. I was hoping for something similar to Tag, but I was sorely disappointed. Gave up after 40 minutes. I really tried to like it.

- Funny!!4 star

This movie was really funny! I loved the cast and jokes. It will give you the Tag/Grown up vibes.

- Buddy Games5 star

Stunningly gorgeous

- Thumbs down2 star

Has some entertainment, the ending was absolutely stupid. Not worth watching, rather watch game night instead.

- No No No1 star

Great cast, terrible movie. Definitely a rip off of Tag. Really upset I spent money on this. Kept waiting for it to get good and it never did.

- The best ever5 star

Because I love when people put their nutsacks on other people’s head

- Don’t Do It1 star

The movie isn’t worth it, it’s slow and they try to hard to make it funny.

- What a waste of talent!1 star

I can’t believe how disappointing this movie is. I love each and every one of these actors but this movie does not take advantage of their talent for one minute. When the movie started I felt there was promise for a really funny buddy movie with a great romantic ending(who wouldn’t fall in love with Olivia Munn). The characters are shallow and mean and I couldn’t feel a connection to any of them. Even the friendship between all the guys was forced. And, why talk to the girl in the bar if you aren’t going to have Josh’s character end up with her after Olivia beats him up? I love these kinds of silly humor movies, but just can’t recommend this one.

- :.k1 star


- Wait till it’s free2 star

Not a bad movie but seen it before recently and was called Tag. Wait till it’s on cable or Netflix.

- Was this supposed to be funny?1 star

Terrible movie. That time of my life fe will never be returned and when I’m trying to kill time I’d rather bring it back so I could see how many spit bubbles I can produce in the amount of time I wasted on this crap movie.

- Great cast, bad script.1 star

It’s really bad.

- No laugh out loud moments.1 star

This movie had a good idea it just wasn’t executed correctly.

- Terrible1 star

Save your money and go rent the movie Tag.

- Worth watching4 star

It was entertaining

- Just not good.2 star

It wasn’t terrible, it simply wasn’t that funny or that good either. I have seen worse but I have seen a ton better.

- It’s refreshingly original and funny5 star

I genuinely laughed at some scenes

- BLAH1 star

Not really funny at all.

- Not terrible, but not good2 star

Wish I could give it 2.5 stars. It’s not quite as bad as 2, but also not deserving of 3. There’s a few lines I chuckled at, but for the most part, the script isn’t great. It’s like someone saw the movie TAG and tried to make a funnier, raunchier version of it. TAG was actually a really good movie, with a much better story. This movie just didn’t do it for me. I think the 14 year old me may have liked it more

- Big actors, stupid acting , stupid story1 star

Honestly I wanted to love the movie because it seemed like a cool story line... however it was just plain stupid. The writers made everything so fake feeling that it was just not enjoyable.

- Terrible1 star

Opening credits start with WWE Studios. That means a terrible movie is coming your way. It just wasn’t funny. It felt like someone saw the movie “Tag” and wanted to do something like it. This was poorly cast as well. We’re really scraping the bottom here in 2020.

- It’s TAG, but not funny.1 star

And it’s 127 minutes too long. Too bad too because we all want better movies in this pandemic and there was some good cast members.

- Somebody watched tag2 star

They saw that tag with jeremy renner did well and decided to try their hand at that type of movie

- So yeah ... NO POC1 star

2021 is nearly here. We’re still releasing movies without a single poc actor. So yeah ... no

- Wait for it....2 star

It’s not the worse film. And it has funny moments. But the trailer doesn’t tell the story at all. Wait for the eventually $0.99 rental or Netflix arrival.

- I cannot unwatch this. But I am trying1 star

I thought this would be a silly campy movie. But I was wrong. This is a mind sucking ridiculous movie. The one so-gross it’s hilarious scene is the daiquiri scene. That’s it. One scene. That’s it. This could be a tik tok video but instead they forged ahead and ruined two hours. I wanted to giggle. I wanted to enjoy it. But all I can say is don’t. Watch something else. Do anything else. Just save yourself.

- H2 star

M g Y Hg u oni Cr fb

- Didn't intend to buy it2 star

I hit the wrong button trying to navigae out and bought it instead. Of course I didn't like it. Not that funny.

- Nice5 star


- Great Comedy!5 star

Trailer looked cool. Saw that it had 3-4 actors I really liked so we gave it a shot and it was really funny. Well worth the rental or buy.

- Terrible!1 star

Man, actors are getting desperate. I figured because of the cast this would be good. Nope it was terrible! Come on movie studios please give us some good content!

- No Brothers ?! How come..3 star

This film is pretty similar to TAG. It’s pretty good raunchy comedy, with lots of laugh, but not a single brother in the movie! Really Josh... ?!!

- Meh2 star

There were funny parts but the movie just dragged along. I would not watch it again.

- Missed chances1 star

I gave this a shot bc I like many of the actors especially the one from Veep and the one from Psyche. But, it seems like they had this idea, and the idea could create some funny scenes and situations. But, it wasn’t executed well. The gags weren’t that great, it felt rushed, and there are really no arcs or much of a narrative. It’s a buddy movie that doesn’t have any comradery. Supposedly raunchy, but with no real surprises. It’s simply stale, and edited together poorly, so that it feels rushed. It’s like they had to finish it up half way through and just cut what they could to wrap it up bc it feels like it’s lacking so much between scenes. Funny actors that didn’t get a chance to show it, too bad. Not a good movie at all.

- Disgraceful1 star

Literally only rented this because it showed up in iTunes while we were looking for a movie to watch Thanksgiving evening...with my wife and three teenage daughters. In the first five minutes there is a guy slapping his ball sack on a friends head and then a raunchy sex scene in bathroom. Turned it off and didn’t watch from there. Worst $6 I’ve ever spent. What a disgrace to motion pictures and business.

- What else is there to watch?2 star

I remember hearing about this years ago and it’s just barely coming out? Eh I guess if there’s nothing else to do might as well do it but don’t expect much.

- Funny5 star

I love Nick Swardson

- The Pits2 star

Nothing new here.

- Movie with a lot of laughs.5 star

Loved this movie and all the characters in it.

- Yiy5 star

Ugh yfuy cgxr Iscifyuc

- Worse than expected1 star

I was hoping this movie would be funny and have heart in a way that “Tag” did, but for the most part it was boring and not funny. Most of the characters aren’t likeable, and you don’t know who to root for. Wish I could get a refund and my time back.

- Hilarious!5 star

Hilarious and original!

- Gut busting buddy laughs!5 star

Sat down to watch and couldn’t stop laughing! Perfect movie for the Covid times!

- We all need a laugh4 star

Not up for any Oscars, but if you like raunchy comedies this is worth a rental for sure.

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5 star

@DerekEpiic @heyimstarttt - first impression: wait, he’s blind? How tf he play games. (Sorry bud lmao) - your nickn…

5 star

@TheSanjeshSingh: De'Aaron Fox: 14 points, 3 assists, 1 rebound, 23 mins Buddy Hield: 9 points, 5 assists, 2-9 3P, 29 minutes Abysma…

5 star

De'Aaron Fox: 14 points, 3 assists, 1 rebound, 23 mins Buddy Hield: 9 points, 5 assists, 2-9 3P, 29 minutes Aby…

5 star

@Galaga_1 Anytime buddy, but it's not just me. Others help me out as well. Just been doing other stuff recently and…

5 star

@Mistahbroooooks I kinda expected us to look like this this year. But somethings off cuz we competed the first coup…

5 star

@MetsMinute @NLHTrainer @KendrickPerkins Stats don’t count anymore? Nice I’m sure your a “feel” guy who watches 5 g…

5 star

@yujujk: eunha already had 9 osts so far (2 for games, 7 for kdramas) 👏👏

5 star

@jifferey: I have never been so mad at women in my entire life. I am going to tell a story from my VRCHAT experiences tonight with my b…

5 star

There is laughter in the wild grasses a coyote’s song on the night-air rises the yipping far off from another mou…

5 star

@SenorLauri @PostMan_Pat9 Buddy the heat played with 7 fucking players and didn’t have jimmy butler for half the games before that😂😂

5 star

Ending turns. Buddy and I called it turn 4 of supply drop after he lost his only objective. Tough games but the N…

5 star

@TrenttheOg Watch the games buddy not the stats

5 star

@TheSanjeshSingh Exacerbating the biggest problem from recent games that Ty hasnt been used as the primary initiato…

5 star

@FPLCrypto Yeah m close just need to navigate some funds for players to bring in for future games

5 star

@SweetLMGeezus @Empress_Renee_ @James29379058 @GhostRecon how many other ghost recon games have you played buddy?

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Buddy Games movie images

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Buddy Games movie posters
Buddy Games movie posters
Buddy Games movie posters
Buddy Games movie posters
Buddy Games movie posters
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