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To save his declining business, Chris Cringle (Mel Gibson), also known as Santa Claus, is forced into a partnership with the U.S. military. Making matters worse, Chris gets locked into a deadly battle of wits against a highly skilled assassin (Walton Goggins), hired by a precocious 12-year-old after receiving a lump of coal in his stocking. 'Tis the season for Fatman to get even, in the action-comedy that keeps on giving. A rowdy, unorthodox Santa Claus is fighting to save his declining business. Meanwhile, Billy, a neglected and precocious 12 year old, hires a hit man to kill Santa after receiving a lump of coal in his stocking. Fatman Wiki

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Fatman Movie (2020)

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- Entertaining5 star

Really cool twist to the Santa clause mythology, grounded to what if Clause was a real figure in our world. Great acting, some action, a really different view of Santa Claus that turns out to be a very entertaining movie. My go to Christmas movie moving forward.

- Had my doubts but..5 star

Actually quite a fun movie to watch. Well done!

- New twist and great movie5 star

Loved the twists and turns in this movie.

- Great Film5 star

Lethal Weapon 5 with Riggs in a Santa suit and without that token ignorant and annoying side kick Danny Glover.

- Really liked it!5 star

Gibson and Goggins were great and story worked better than expected.

- Aware, Straight, and Entertaining5 star

Fatman is a movie which has drawn the petty ire of imbecilic, sanctimonious, “Critics” from cesspools such as Buzzfeed, but it is absolutely a movie in which all its actors deliver excellent performances and in which the theme and tone work. It knows what it is and it tells its story well. This isn’t a feel good movie. It’s a story which comments on the diminishing quality of people and values, but it does so with nuance, which anyone paying attention knows is seemingly undetectable by people beneath a certain age or I.Q. If you want an entertaining exploration of a beloved fictional character, seen through the lens of our divided and jaded world, as odd as such a story might seem, this is that movie. Is it a Christmas movie? Sure. However, it’s also just a weird romp through the world of a Kris Kringle who is, this time, wreathed in bitterness and frustration instead of ribbons, holly, and cheer. It’s Santa Claus if he were a real person, though still a magical being, trying to make it in this effed up world in which we all live. Check it out!

- Awesome5 star

A new Christmas annual movie has been born. Loved it!

- Great acting across the board and fun, too5 star

Thanks for funny movie, a true black comedy with great acting. Mel Gibson stands out.

- rewriting history of SANTA!!!!1 star

WTH is wrong with woke culture?! Trying to change Santa's love life?! didn't get past the first 15 after realisng they are trying to be race contious and make Mrs. Claus A BLACK WOMEN??!!!!! WTH!!!!!!

- Eeeek1 star

I couldn’t even finish the trailer. Total cringe.

- Unexpected gem!5 star

Will definitely add this to my Christmas movie rotation. Was pleasantly surprised how good this film was and how much we enjoyed it!

- A New Christmas Classic5 star

OMG! A dark, hilarious, twisted Christmas movie, that has you starching your head and laughing at the same time. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Mel is great! Walton is fantastic!

- Even Santa has had it with 20204 star

Dark, funny, entertaining, and creative. An interesting take on the Christmas characters we all know. I could opine about the lessons contained (children need guidance or they end up bitter adults beyond saving, or that behind every shiny cartoon facade there’s a real person with issues and feelings) but that isn’t why I watched it. If I’m being honest, I wanted to see a grizzled Santa dispatch some Christmas justice and wasn’t disappointed. We also get to see a supportive and loving relationship between Mr and Mrs Cringle giving the movie a break from violence and spectacle while providing some heart. It isn’t classic cinema but I really enjoyed it and will watch it again.

- Huh?1 star

What. Did. We. Just. Watch? I couldn’t figure out the direction or the reasoning to make it Santa related.

- Exciting!4 star

Good for adults, a little violent.

- Tons of Fun5 star

Awesome movie. Leaves room for your imagination. We enjoyed some of the one liners.

- Covid lunacy1 star

If this is considered a good film there must be something wrong.

- Slow and Little Action2 star

Thought I was going to watch a more Xmasy die hard, but there is little action in the movie (bulk of it is few minutes at the end). The plot is slow and not that funny. If you have nothing better to do a maybe at most.

- I would recommend poking your eyes out instead of watching this.1 star

The WORST (I was going to say Christmas but) movie. Maybe I has too high an expectation, thought it was going to be like the movie they’d plan to make in Scrugged but they couldn’t do it. It started and I thought it had to get better so kept watching , it DIDN’T. Got to the end and hoped it would make up for being so bad, IT DIDN’T. I wish I had my 90 minutes back and I read the reviews. Please, DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY and if you can see it for free, find something else to waist your 90 minutes, like practicing holding your breathe, you’ll be glad you did.

- Good movie!5 star

It’s a simple movie very good to follow not not too bad for the kids to watch

- Save your money2 star

I was expecting a “battle of wits,” but the actual fight last five minutes. It’s a nice idea, but poorly executed.

- Worse than horrible1 star

I regret the money that I wasted, yet even more valuable was the time wasted. Horrible acting, amateur storyline that didn’t know what it wanted to be.. action.. no, comedy no.. All the way around.. a worse than horrible movie

- Disappointing1 star

Disappointing , is the best that I can offer on this movie. I had high hopes but none were achieved. Just a waste of my time. Save your money , look elsewhere for entertainment.

- Dry humor funny4 star

At first you think this is a very serious drama. Look beyond the drama, and you will find a lot of humor. It isn’t the Christmas movie we thought we would get for 2020, but it is the Christmas movie we deserved. Mel, Walton and Marianne do a great job of bringing you in and giving you some laughs. Watch for the comic relief, not for the Oscar winning performances.

- A Most Appropriate Line, Indeed.5 star

"Come in, - come in! and know me better, man! I am the Ghost of Christmas Present. Look upon me. You have never seen the like of me before!" Charles Dickens, "A Christmas Carol"

- Surprisingly bad!1 star

What happened to Mel Gibson?? The script/story is atrocious!!! What a dumb movie.

- Great acting.5 star

Fresh angle, great acting made it fun.

- Surprisingly good4 star

I rented the movie vaguely remembering the trailer I saw a month ago, all I remember was the trailer was kinda interesting and funny. So I went in hoping for the best because the last couple of movies I picked for movie night has been bad, and too my surprise this movie exceeded my expectations. The only criticism I would say was that they should’ve leaned into how evil the kid was, I mean if that added a extra 30min to the movie I wouldn’t complain.

- I liked the movie. It was an entertaining take on the old fat man.5 star

It was an entertaining take on the old fat man. Mel Gibson still has it. Movie is kinda like Tarantino does Christmas. 👍🏼

- Don’t waste your money!1 star

I am so sick of people writing crap movies especially regarding Christmas. Can’t we just have a little bit of positivity around a great holiday. This is such a depressing stupid movie and I wish we could get our money back provided a limited amount of information before purchasing such trash.

- Hola1 star

Love Mel Gibson however, I don’t need Hollywood shoving interracial marriages down my throat. Nothing against it but just can’t watch a movie anymore without seeing it.

- Fatman for the win5 star

If you like Mel Gibson, you’ll love this movie. If Christmas is your favorite holiday, you’ll love this movie. If you’ve ever got a lump of coal for Christmas, you hate this movie. You better watch out. Santa has his eye on you

- Massive Miss1 star

Could have been a Christmas classic, won't be. The bizarre, gratitious cold-blooded murder of innnocent peole is matched only by the unrelenting use of the F-word. Completely out of context. It's like the director is yelling, "Cut, we need to use the f-bomb more and kill some more innocent bystanders." Mr. and Mrs Claus were awesome, they have to be horrified with the final product. This is a horrible movie and the only way bollywood stops making stupid stuff like this is by choking off the money.

- Flat out terrible1 star

Could not be less entertaining in every single aspect. Absolutely worthless

- Instant classic5 star

Surprisingly good entertaining, Mel Gibson is excellent.

- Wife hated it.4 star

But I thought it was creative. It’s an adult Christmas story. Will appeal mostly to men. It’s too different for some people and even me calling it a Christmas story is a stretch. It’s kind of a train wreck in places. Pretty good in others.

- Stuck in the middle1 star

Can’t decide if it wants to be a comedy or drama and can’t do either well. Mel Gibson is completely unlikeable-Goggins is the only good part of this awful film.

- I don’t know why everyone likes this movie I had to turn it off1 star

To me this movie was unbearable. It’s a mix of shooting people and Christmas. Not for kids or adults. I didn’t like it.

- Wonderful!!!!!5 star

Beautiful story about the redemption of modern children.

- Ignore the negative reviews.5 star

This movie was really good! Mel’s acting was on point as always. It’s a slow burn but the story and acting were entertaining.

- Quirky and bad.1 star

I like quirky movies. I even like art house movies, but this movie is bad. Even the dark humor lacks any creativity or surprise. For sure not for kids. Waste of $6.99.

- Loved it!5 star

The movie delivers exactly what you would expect from the trailer. Hilarious performances from the whole cast. Expecting to see more of the young criminal mastermind in future. He nailed it! Mel Gibson is great as a disillusioned, kikckass Santa. I also couln't stop laughing at the hitman doting on his fat hamster. A new cult classic

- Dare to be different4 star

Enjoyed The darker side of Christmas and a hardened Santa. A fresh break from the Holiday hallmark movies, this film takes you to a dark place and that is ok. I enjoyed seeing Mel Gibson back on screen. Well worth the watch, not sure what people who gave it 1 star were looking for, perhaps hit too close to home and they too have gotten coal in their stocking.

- Underrated5 star

The movie sets a great, realistic version of Santa. Santa is a man in the real world with real problems and real human reactions. He must deal with evil as well as getting presents delivered.


I may have to add this to my Christmas play list! Mel Gibson does it! Maybe not the holdiday movie I am use to but certainly one I enjoyed!

- Disappointing1 star

Given where we are as holidays approach in 2020, this movie not only was boring but distasteful in the bloodshed and arsenal of firepower. Don’t waste your money! I’ll stick to the holiday classics that offer good cheer and highlight Santa as magical.

- A couple redeeming features2 star

Loved Mrs Cringle and her role in the movie. Twisted take on Santa was intriguing but language and excessive killing were turn offs.

- Perfect ending to 20201 star

Do yourself a favor and seek out some reviews elsewhere before you spend your money on this one. After reading these reviews I watched the movie only to be terribly dissapointed with the story, the acting and that Mel Gibson can't seem to find good work anymore. I sought out other reviews and realized where I had made my mistake. This seems to be the only forum of any kind touting this movie as better than bad. After all, the site hosting these reviews is trying to sell you the movie.

- Absolutely stupid!1 star

A pathetic, political correct movie. Mel Gibson must be in desperate need of money to continue to make movies like this, don’t waste your money! It’s absolutely pathetic!!!

- Not good2 star

Stopped watching 40 min into it. S Slammer

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Wickedabob - This isn’t John Wick, but it’s alot of fun!5 star

Great pacing, perfect casting and a simple yet enjoyable story. The action is quite mild, instead the film relies on its quirky characters to propel the story forward. If you’re looking for something a bit different, this will definitely not disappoint and be a Christmas staple for years to come. Just buy it already!

dgleeds - Needed this in 20205 star

5 Stars!!!!!!!

MDRixon - If I could give it zero I would1 star

By far the worst Santa movie I’ve ever seen and one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Yes it is supposed to be dark but lots of dark movies are well written

Dharby66 - Christmas guns blazing!4 star

Don’t believe the bad reviews. This movie was thoroughly entertaining and fun to watch. Definitely not for the kids. Mel Gibson is the perfect 2020 Santa Claus! Good stuff!

wellhamful - Good movie 🎥 🍿5 star

Didn’t know anything about it before watching. I was very entertained. Good job

Ask&Seek123 - Different3 star

Was a different movie, very drama slow until last 25 minutes or so, then the action kicks in. Go story though.

MikeTheHunter - People should give it a chance5 star

I was one of those skeptics before watching the film that looked at the description of the movie and laughed. My first impression was that this was the weirdest synopsis I’ve ever read. However, after getting about halfway through the movie, I was really impressed with how well they stuck with the theme of the movie. This movie blew my expectations out of the water. If any of you out there are skeptical, please give it a chance, and you might see that it might not be what you were expecting, but maybe better.

pholly - Ignore the Scrooges5 star

This movie is great.

Muleonabike - Goggins steals the show3 star

Walter Goggins continues his climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder. Absolutely steals this movie from Mel.

Too Thankful - Satire5 star

Great story.

Daddypool87 - Santa don’t play no games with you little brats!!! 🤣💯4 star

This movie was pretty awesome it was really story driven not much action sadly until near the end but I really hope we get a sequel it was awesome imo💯

Sleeepeepy - Horrible movie1 star

Don’t watch. Run away. Waste of time and money.

XIIILGN - totally didn't know what to expect5 star

I watched the trailer and said this seems so crazy it has to be good. YUP IT TOTALLY WAS!!!! Great performances, and wonderful pacing throughout. I don't think I'll show this one to my kids but it's firmly in our traditions for watching every year. Give yourself a gift this holiday season and watch this!

jicogujo - Long and boring1 star

This movie seem to take forever and it was only 30 min in that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I powered through and dealt with a crappy plot and poor acting. Not worth the money and wish I could give the movie back.

davevanz - Slow and ok3 star

Liked the different perspective but the movie fell short and could have been so much better IMO. It was just ok. Family all gave it a 6 out of 10

P3faulkner - How Santa would actually be5 star

A great flick. Nice to see a grown up version with a Santa that demonstrates the challenge of being well, Santa. Gruff, stubborn and flawed yes, but good at heart as well as being clear on the mission. Good fun.

O20K - Surprised1 star

I have seen better from Mr. Mel Gibson, much better, boring movie and I didn’t like it at all, it’s not the money worst, sorry.

iTunesDoug - More bizarre than funny2 star

Yes, it's got some funny and dark parts, but we found it difficult to enjoy as a whole. With those key actors, it was very unexpected in a negative way. It didn't seem like a family movie on par with other classics and definitely not as entertaining as other classics such as Home Alone -- but others might be more inclined to a darker style, which is understandable. It is 2020 after all.

Fetti100 - This was her original!5 star

This was one of the most original Christmas films I’ve seen. Very appropriate for 2020 in a great enjoyable cast and performance.

Killbox199 - Fatman has his eye on you, kid!5 star

I don’t know who could even come up with this screenplay, or how this movie was green-lighted, but what a crazy ride! It was almost Tarintino’esque and Gibson and Goggins delivered. I don’t often get surprised by a movie but this redefined surprise. Buckle up and you better be “nice” from here on out.....Fatman is watching......🎅🏼

Sjm7000 - Disappointed1 star

Zero stars. The worse Mel Gibson movie ever. And Walton is usually great, but his character sucked. No one in this movie clicked at all. Zero stars, would love to have my money and my time back!

Mebcaz - Awful1 star

So disappointed! A waste of time and money. ( I am a huge Mel Gibson fan). What was he thinking??? Its horrible.

The_Captain_65 - Fatman is a bomb1 star

I’ve never written a review for a movie before. After sitting through this, I feel compelled to help anyone else from making the same mistake.

Smallmouth210 - Horrible movie!1 star

Mel Gibson might just need to hang it up!

ChubbyCarg0 - Best Santa Movie Ever!5 star

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this movie!

OllieandSon - Beats getting Covid-195 star

Mel Gibson is a hit and miss on his movies but definitely hit it out of the ball park with this movie. It’s definitely not your hallmark Christmas movies but it’s done tasteful without a lot of swearing, gruesome scenes and brings a little little dark humor, toughness, patriotism to Santa Claus and for a little over a hour and half makes you, laugh, cheer and root for the Fat Man and forget about all the chaos, ugliness, going on in the world and the worse case scenario you might have no sense of humor and have expectations of this movie to be like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and in that case I apologize for you spending 5.99 and hour and half of your time. If it’s any consolidation to you, the Fat Man has put coal in my stocking before.

Tcuguy1 - Great freaking movie!4 star

Check it out for the amazing weirdness that is Walton Goggins!

Jarrod Gibbons - FATMAN = Elf + Super Bad with Die Hard sprinkled on top.5 star

It was a solid film. Definitely written in the same vein as Elf but not as fleshed out as Elf was. FatMan had an excellent premise with “what would Santa be like in real life”. I loved the idea. And the jokes landed well. I just think they could have fleshed it out a little bit better. Especially with the elves. (Minor Spoiler: Honestly I think the military should have hired the elves to build guns. And then the guns could have been used later during the finale Santa would have had a small army of gun-wielding elves) Anyways, I really liked the movie. But it just seemed like the writers spent all this time considering what Santa would be like in real life and then maybe stopped delivering the jokes in the third act and mostly switched to just a straight up action movie. I’d recommend it though.

Gary Ralston - A waste of an evening.1 star

Do not waste your money or your time. In the final 10 minutes, you’ll realize why. You may be able to get a refund, but you’ll never get that time back... Fairly-warned.

joshadak - Modern Day Xmas Classic5 star

Not exactly a family movie, but older audiences will appreciate the dark comedy in this holiday action flick. Great addition to the many Christmas movie classics we take out once a year!

Klint2 - Will become required holiday viewing for me5 star

Mel Gibson is magnificent in this unique and fun-filled Christmas movie. Definitely glad I bought it instead of renting.

CasualConsumer - Classic5 star


WillyMongo - See it to believe it5 star

This film defies a conventional review because it’s occupying a story-telling space and tonal range that’s all it’s own, and is certainly worth your time. If you like to be thrilled, if you like to laugh, if you appreciate a wild ride with both feet on the ground and some genre-busting fun, give ‘Fatman’ a GO.

doug432movie - SADDEST ATTEMPT AT A MOVIE!!1 star

Please do not rent/own this “movie “. If you send money to this business, they will make more trash. I like the past “Mel” but surely everyday in the making everyone said “why are we making this lowest of all productions. I was embarrassed the entire movie that I wasted my time and money.

Lemmot - Decent flick4 star

Pretty slow until the end.

Chriscarlino - Awesome movie5 star

Great movie. Smart and entertaining.

HeatAbyss - Awful1 star

Boring and unpleasent mix of violence and a Santa Claus chritmas story. Really bad movie.

reveiw #12 - Um2 star

Kinda funny very bad plot

movie2341 - Wonderful5 star

Great acting by Mel Gibson ,

kalrykh - What the heck5 star

Ignore the low Rotten Tomatoes score. Definitely the perfect Christmas movie for the horrible year that is 2020.

nyctelecaster - Xmas 2020 style4 star

Not quite “Bad Santa” and certainly not a classic family Xmas movie, “Fatman” is an entertaining, well written dark fantasy drama. Post- tirade Mel Gibson gives a solid performance and Walter Goggins almost steals the show as a damaged goods, pathological creep. Chance Hurstfield plays a sort of Trump-child that placed “Fatman” securely in the Xmas movie list, 2020 style. Thumbs up!

A+Chef - Strange Story/ Idea2 star

This movie is not very good. Can’t recommend.

Superhero145 - Shockingly it was pretty good!!!5 star

It was better then the trailer but it could have been far better. Mel Gibson as Santa is really good but also very moody you could understand how this time of the year always stressful for everyone and the movie give that in a commentary way. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a new movie or Christmas movie to add to there collection I couldn’t agree any less must buy!!!!!!

Kobe & Stan the Man - Laughable1 star

10 minutes of action and bad dialogue . Can I get the hour and a half back?

ifyoulikemyopinion788791 - well3 star

it was okay. modern day santa

Nick VanWilder - Mel is Back5 star

Mel is one of my favorite actors and my favorite director. This movie is a good movie, has some funny stuff and good action. Glad to add this to my new Christmas movies to watch each year!

PopsRoy - Hohoho worth it bought it4 star

Strange movie but enjoyed by all of us that watched it.

DadSteel - Mel Gibson is Awesome4 star

Pretty good movie. Interesting story. Fine acting all around. Wish Mel would do more movies. He’s the man.

trendingboys - Twitter @cheese24k5 star


RC82! - Terrible1 star

What a waste of time and money. Whoever wrote this movie should get coal this year. Mel must really need the money.

5 star

If Kaytron were to come to Happy Valley...I’m 100% wearing a Penn State jersey with “Fatman” across the back every…

5 star

Underrated Movie of 2020: - Big Time Adolescence - Antebellum - The Rhythm Section - Holidate - Fatman

5 star

@GovTimWalz The FatMan knows his #Science

5 star

@nathanmhansen The FatMan has allowed local cigar lounge to re-open. You can sit, unmasked, for 90 minutes, indoo…

5 star

@richardmalof @Fatman_32 @humopoderosoDIM Hola Didier @DatoLeopardo nos podría resolver la duda por favor si Los Ch…

5 star

@nisasayu: best friends 🦊🐸🐤🐻

5 star

@IanNelms Plus, #fatman is doing great on the different VOD charts since its release.👍

5 star

Dear laides a hookah it's just a giant flavor cigarette you welcome

5 star

@IanNelms Gratulations - #fatman deserves every Top 10 list spot it gets. A masterpiece!

5 star

Apocalypto is a great movie. Mel Gibson knows how to direct, he's one of the best directors out there. Plus, Gibson…

5 star


5 star

@moreofcee: i can shower in all my jewelry, u not finna talk to me any kinda way😂

5 star

@juniiorxxz: Gotta be this geeked bout ya shawty

5 star

@yashht_: im not the friend you hear from everyday but the friend you can call on any day

5 star

@MMFlint hahahah all the weak kneed thorazine addicts, with the FATMAN spartan,,,the country hate you so called STA…

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