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In Blumhouse's continuation of the cult hit The Craft, an eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers. An eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers. The Craft: Legacy Wiki

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The Craft: Legacy Movie (2020)

The Craft: Legacy Comments & Critics

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The Craft: Legacy Movie Reviews

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- Could have been better!3 star

Whoever titled “I bind this movie from doing harm” had me in tears cracking up. This movie could have been better considering how much time has passed since the first movie came out. If there is a sequel you can only go up from here. I would love to see more magical element scenes, scenes that make you jump out of your seat, with a dash of scary scenes, non-obvious twists and turns. Keep the same young cast and build on them.

- The craft legacy1 star

First I would like to say iTunes has been charging me since July $5.00 plus $3. 00 On movies that I didn’t buy or rent you guys better stop or your going to be turned in for fraud I am sick of you stealing money when I am on a budget . People watch your account People are saying this is the craft . No but it’s on here possibly cheaper then what you bought this movie . Or both of them as a set together . This is the craft legacy . Just like the original they copied . And added teens to get their attention . All you have to do is shore them the original and say that ones better It’s awful iTunes charges so much plus they take out extra. Lower your prices to the older dated shows that’s what this is it a ruined movie worth maybe $12.99 but not $24.99 your stupid

- Cuando subtítulos en español ????3 star

Cuando subtítulos???

- Wackk1 star

i thought the movie would be more dark but it was literally just a bunch of girls playing with magic and it didn’t even go into the characters life like the first one did it just sped through everything even the magic it just skipped right ahead to them having powers unlike the first one it just all felt a bit rushed

- Loved it!5 star

It has couple flaws like we don’t see the life or problems from the other 3 witches, but overall I really liked it and it entertained me. I would definitely watch it again ❤️

- I enjoyed it5 star

It’s definitely nothing like the original, but I meant it’s been over 20 years since the original was released so I didn’t expect it to be. The message of sisterhood is strong and I think it’s and important message in today’s age. There were some parts they could have dwelled over more but I’m satisfied with this. I hope they make a third because the ending was definitely left open.

- LOVED IT5 star


- Twist on the original4 star

It was a complete opposite turn. So if you’re expecting more from the original you’ll be disappointed. This is more of the girls backing each other up. It was a cute movie with Halloween spirit. Some of the areas they focused too long on like all the back stories of the girls. And other scenes should’ve been expanded on, like the villain. It was barely shown or explained. But I hope it does well because I’d LOVE to see the merge of both movies into its 3rd piece.

- Never seen it.1 star

And I don’t think I’m gonna. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets spoofed. I only watched the trailer.

- Awesomeness5 star

I honestly never seen the original. However, me being as picky as I am when it comes to movies & storylines. This movie had a lot of great scenes and a lot of laughter. Even my partner, who never wants to watch movies at all. Actually loved the movie. The only bad thing I would have to say would be. I wish the storyline was a lot longer and more detailed. But other than that. Great movie, great actors, and overall great spirit!!

- No where near original..1 star

So disappointed at how the craft was so amazing then this came out and messed it up. Seriously stop making remake movies if you can’t one up the original!

- Horrible.. Stay with Original1 star

So very dissapointed. It could have been a "made for TV movie". The original with Neve Campbell is so much better with an exceptional soundtrack.

- Disappointed 😞1 star

I knew going in, it wasn’t going to top the original (obviously) but I at least expected a lil better. Everything seemed rushed, how they showed them doing magic was so lame. Fire coming out of your fingers...really... 🤦🏽‍♂️

- How does this get approved and available on iTunes1 star

We must burn everyone involved on this project. They ruined this iconic movie and made it into some stupid jest.

- Loved It5 star


- Just wow1 star

I saw someone else say they never leave reviews and that the fact that they took the time to write one for this movie should say something in and of itself. The same is true for me. The Craft Legacy was a complete and utter failure, cannot believe I paid $20 to rent such a disappointing reboot. The original is one of my favorite movies and manages to tell an actual story in only a few minutes more than the reboot’s runtime. It seems like the writer and director couldn’t choose between making references to the original, trying to show that Legacy is for the youth of 2020, and giving the movie any kind of narrative structure. Don’t waste your time, or at least wait until it’s only $2.99 to rent and you literally have nothing better to do

- A woke homage to the original.5 star

Not the original. We knew that going in. New characters and a new plot. Representation matters and the diversity of characters (Trans, Bi, Black, Latinx) make it a win for all. The plot seemed a little rushed.

- Politically correct trash1 star

I want my money back. The original was great, this is garbage.

- Feminist propaganda1 star

Just another crappy movie made by some dumb feminist who hates men

- It could’ve been a series1 star

The story line was good. But the way it was delivered was like they tried to serve you a spoon full still having a full plate! I believe if it was a series on Netflix it could’ve been much much better!!

- Awful - Dumbed Down & Leads to Nowhere1 star

The original made more sense than this mess. There are so many dead ends that the writing in this - don’t waste your time or money.

- It was the stain for me...1 star

*insert aight I’m out sponge bob ✌🏽 meme* didn’t even finish this garbage 🤮

- I bind this movie from doing harm...1 star

For a movie about witches there was absolutely no magic. Let’s write a movie based entirely off Instagram filters. Scenes that went nowhere and had nothing to do with the story. Useless characters. Writing was so weak that the other three witches were entirely forgetful.... seriously don’t know their names. RuPauls Drag Race Mini challenges have had better storylines and plots than this. This is a total embarrassment to the original 90s movie. Change the name and bury it in a landfill.

- Really good5 star

Great performances and script. Very different from the plot structure of the first movie but excellent exposition and nuance. Wonderful casting as well.

- missed the point1 star

The original was about outcasts facing adversity finding strength and it had a sense nof adventure as the girls discovered power. This movie didn't even try to touch on those themes, and I'm not even commenting on the acting or writing. The soundtrack was great though.

- Let down1 star

I was so excited to watch this, I even waited until Halloween night, and all I can say is what a HUGE LET DOWN. Thought about shutting it off several times but left it on in hopes it would get better- unfortunately it did not. 👎🏼

- Cheap1 star

So cheap and cheezy waste of $20

- terrible1 star

man hating movie beware

- Horrid1 star

I love the original film. I was hoping for a faithful revival with effects that would match the technology of 2020... sadly, it was less sophisticated than the original... sporadic... jumped all over the place without telling a story and left you begging for the original. Worst film of 2020 so far.

- A good time5 star

This film was fun some nice twist with the younger male cast member but the final twist and act was week the last last twist will get you excited for a sequel

- Calm down4 star

Half these reviews are men in their 50’s that still that men should rule the world. This movie was solid, it wasn’t the best, but it also isn’t suppose to be a remake of the first one. It’s the legacy of the craft, meaning it’s another group of girls turn to learn it and not abuse it. If you go into this thinking it’s going to be like the original, or has anything to do with the first one, of course you won’t like it, it’s a new modern take on it. And quit complaining about the high prices we are literally in a pandemic and production company’s still want to make money even if there’s no real box office sales.

- Amazing5 star

The way it’s better than the first 💀💀

- The Woke Walkers Struck Again1 star

This movie is rife with Maoist influence. The “woke” left clearly had to ride on the coat tails of an iconic 90’s era movie in an attempt to condition young minds to accept their poisonous ideology because they lack the ability to create an original movie franchise that can actually sell. I guess collectivism has it’s disadvantages. I wish I didn’t buy this movie. The joke’s on me I guess.

- ZERO Stars1 star

That’s an Hour and a half I’ll Never Get Back. The Movie was Beyond Lame. The Actors Were SO bad .. It’s Not Even Close to the Original, I’m Mad that I Wasted Time and a Rental in this Junk. Don’t Bother, You be Disappointed. By the Way, this is my First Review on a Movie. I Wanted to Save You Guys from Wasting Your Time.

- If I could return it I would.1 star

I wish movies would come with some sort of information in the trailer that alerts you to when the story takes a back seat to ideology.

- Loved it5 star

Very different from the original one it had some similarities but had its own different plot. I loved how the beginning you really get to know and like the characters and understand them. I also liked how it kept you on edge a little as it got further in the movie. The ending kinda leaves you thinking there’s a second one coming out which is exciting! Over all good movie and it deserves all 5 stars.

- Refreshing Leap Forward5 star

Movie is a fresh update. It honors the original while not being slavishly devoted. Nice twist on the evil step mother trope even though the characters motivations aren’t flushed out. Free Lovie Simone !

- NOPE1 star

If you want something like the original, this isn’t it. This is a supernatural teen drama you would find on the CW.

- Just no2 star

Just watched it. The original is so much better. Shouldn’t have bothered

- It’s a good movie.🔮5 star

It’s a good movie.😊I still like the original movie better. I love both movies though.❤️🖤

- Great movie for radical feminists2 star

Pretty awful all around. Nothing but radical feminist propaganda.

- Embarrassing.1 star

The whole film paints the picture that all men are evil. We are all SO over this.

- Look pretty but not substance1 star

This movie has all the aesthetics but lacks any detail character development or progression of story I barely remember the characters names but it looks pretty

- Could have been so much better1 star

Writing was terrible, acting so so, David Duchovny was wooden and barely trying. They could have tied in the first movie and created a fantastic script. Huge missed opportunity. This was crap. Super disappointing.

- It had so much potential2 star

This movie could had been so much better but it felt rushed to the end and it was only about one of the four girls the glory of the original was it showed why each girl turned to magic. The ending could had been so much better.

- Lacking charisma and edginess1 star

I really wanted to like it but it just didn’t draw me in like the original and first film did, there was hardly any mystery. The 4 main female actresses, bless them for trying but they just didn’t have the gravitas as the original 4 actresses in the first film. It was just too cutesy and watered down compared to the gritty rawness of the first film. I mean David Duchovny’s acting was atrocious in this film..... and the twist was so obvious....

- Entertaining for what it is.4 star

I didn’t have high expectations for this movie and chose to enjoy it for what it is. I think the writing could have been better and the plot filled out a bit more, but overall it wasn’t bad. The original is better. There were a few instances where I thought “well I don’t where this came from”....or “why are these people reacting this way”. Just seemed forced...and the plot twists just didn’t quite work.

- Bad2 star

This is bad movie.Expected to see a thriller and horror movie but it was just a nother teen movie.

- it doesn’t even exist to me!!!!!2 star

I waited and waited for this movie to come out, it had some okay moments. The acting from the main girls is probably the only thing that floated this movie. Felt cheap and extremely dull, and kind of like they slapped “the craft” on it to appeal to a wider audience for a cash grab.

- Wait..2 star

I think I’ll wait for Video.

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underdogs1 - Wait for it on tv1 star

Don't waste your time on this. Wait for a TV or netflix release. The original is way better. This one is a steaming pile of crap.

Family Tree Maker - Witch says “Watch It!”5 star

So much hate in these reviews! As a practicing witch myself, I loved it. It was a fun movie to watch and will become a cult classic, itself, someday. I think this generation will love it. I’m from The (original) Craft generation and I still loved it. Remaking a movie is an exciting project and I love seeing stories reimagined and remade again. I recommend!

Keenan Greg - Conflicted3 star

Was it worth the $20 to rent? Ehh. The story felt super rushed throughout and especially towards the end and not enough character build... but in my opinion the payout of that surprise ending was amazing (I mean, to me it was a surprise). Hope there’s a sequel to explain more. If you’re a fan of the (1996) movie, don’t walk in with super high expectations. I do appreciate the feeling of sisterhood though and thought these actors do carry the “legacy” well but they need a more of a story arc to do it. If you’re a fan give it a shot but don’t get your hopes up too much. Take the story for what it is and hope the sequel will give you more lol! Good job to the actors!

The6Lord - Wish could give this 0 Stars1 star

The original will always be a classic

Starsia - Butcher a good movie2 star

They took a movie from my teen years that was enjoyable and turned it into a steaming pile. The acting is mediocre at best. The script is confused most of the time. The scenes jump all over and the ending is obviously girl power instead of any kind of plot. You can have girl power and still have plot. Not in this though. The writer doesn’t understand magic or Wicca or try to dip into either wold at all. Instead we are expected to just ignore all the inconsistencies. It watches like a boring teen drama that is under developed. They couldn’t get any A level actors from the original so they went with B team and C team. Which ruined the whole thing. They should have gone remake. Don’t waste your money or time. Yuck just yuck.

-  star

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ChrisDono - A rotten spell1 star

I bind this movie from doing harm, harm against other people, and harm against the original!

R J P H - Crafty1 star

Seems like a very poor imitation of the original even stealing parts of the original script. Do yourself a favour,skip this rubbish and watch the real thing.

Aphwoof - A very modern sequel5 star

The movie is dodgy in certain parts, and has a somewhat underwhelming conclusion, but the cast has absolutely fantastic chemistry, and are just an absolute blast to have on screen, it is great, and definitely worth the watch, I suggest you watch the original, but if your a die hard fan, I’m not sure if you’ll love it as much as casual craft fans would, but definitely don’t watch if you haven’t seen the first movie.

Eddie_Plummer - ⭐️☠️5 star

A new Craft for a new generation 😍

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insider89 - Disappointing sequel that’s really a reboot2 star

No character development except for the main girl. Cheesy special effects. Worst fight sequence at the end.

Mr. X the writer - Not a review, but..3 star

I haven’t seen this movie, but I do wanna say something about this being released to digital and not in theaters and, most of all, its stupid marketing phrase, “Bringing the theater to you.” I hate it. It’s stupid cause its NOT bringing the theater to anyone! This is just watching another movie on digital even if it’s a new movie! This is basically like watching a streaming app original movie (Netflix and Hulu). Clearly the entertainment industry is brainwashed into thinking that COVID is soooooo serious where theaters need to be closed to avoid it! It’s just a normal sickness! Everyone gets sick and it’s not that serious! Screw you, entertainment industry! Also, I’d rather see new movies in theaters cause it’s a much more fun experience.

Blahtoomin - This was bad on so many levels1 star

First let me preface this, I do not write reviews. The fact I took the time to write this should speak for itself. I wish I could rate this less than one, I love the original craft. First off, let’s start of with the fact they look fourteen and they literally explain the four corners afew times in the same conversation. We watched you, we get it. The director has never met a woman. Afew things happen and I’m sorry, that’s not how the female body works. It’s a lot of nonsense and screeching. It’s filled with so much fluff you don’t get a single plot point until there is only thirty mins left. And they don’t really do good but I can’t blame them with only 30 mins to work with. I wish I could go into more details about how much I hated this film but don’t want to involve spoilers.

Pablo 13 - Great sequel!5 star

Loved it! Wanted more Michelle Monaghan!

LoveARTPOP - Very Different...But I Love It !5 star

It was very different from the original but I actually loved it The Perfect movies For Spooky Season

Brando106 - If you like the original... STAY AWAY.1 star

This is NOT The Craft. This is horrible. And this isn’t even remotely a horror movie. I don’t think the makers even watched the original. Please do not waste your hard earned money on this.

Ian Burnsworth - Very good5 star

Didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did

@okiepride - Repent1 star

Witchcraft is real. Do not mess around with it.

ixworks - Deja vu3 star

What’s different from the original? Girls getting revenge using powers they amplified through dark magic.

Daniel Vox - Not Great or Good.2 star

They messed this up - Can I get my $$ back? Everything was super rushed, they didn’t develop ANY of the characters back stories, you literally learn nothing about them. This felt like The Craft meets the CW meets Charmed, filmed as a Riverdale TV episode. The climax was pretty tacky and disappointing. I’m giving this two stars for the small twists that happened which I wasn’t expecting. The ending is meh. . . It makes you feel like they want to see how this goes and potentially have a second one - hard pass. I’m not sure I like the actresses they chose for this either but that’s just my opinion. I think this could have been better if it wasn’t PG and they pushed the limits with an R rating, again if you’re a charmed fan, and you’ve not seen the first you might like this - it’s filmed in that way / comes off like CW’s Charmed only with 4 woman instead of 3. Try trying next time..... develop the characters.

malvaro2011 - Amazing5 star

Great movie

B_Sharp11 - Good sequel to the craft5 star

It’s very different, and that’s ok. It’s a new take of the craft

liljoepr - Give it a chance!5 star

This movie did not disappoint!!! Loved it from beginning to end. The ending was surprising and I hope a 3rd movie comes out!!! I got the bundle of The Craft for $30! Glad to add them to my collection!

Segregated8Ones - The Craft: Legacy2 star

Zoe Lister-Jones ruined my favorite movie! The part where the finally showed Nancy was the only exciting part. I’m SO DISAPPOINTED! If this movie gets a part 3 please get a different director and writer!

Ms. Dirtymuffinburger - Terrible1 star

This film was cheesy!! The lead young actress did well but everything else about this movie was terrible. Watch at your own risk. Yes you can purchase it now and watch it... I’m honestly so happy I didn’t wait until Halloween.

pholly - Shouldn’t exist1 star

This abomination shouldn't exist, it’s terrible in every way imaginable. The writing, the acting and the cast are horrendous, just rewatch the original instead.

ColorfulBLVCK - ...2 star

Change the title and take out some scenes and you have a good teen witch story

KSully54 - Cringe1 star

Designed for a much younger crowd that attempts to coast on sheer attitude alone. This tween revival is conjuring up some stale magic.

JSamuel_ - Enjoyed it4 star

Thought this was a decent update/continuation of the original film. Not as dark or quirky, but still fun enough and different for the modern audience.

jberg918 - Nope1 star

Sure I’ll rent this B movie for $20 👎🏻

Christian718-c - The craft5 star

Can’t wait to see it this weekend ! 🧙

moonledria - 🔮4 star

It’s VERY different from the original film, but still a good and enjoyable one. It’s Charmed meets The Craft.

KatieV622 - Awful1 star

This movie is terrible. I want my time and money back.

C.Lee1990 - We are the weirdos5 star

Since people wanna give it bad ratings before it’s even released I’m gonna give it 5 stars. Looking forward to seeing this movie. Ps loved the original

NecroAether - Yay!5 star

Calm down the movie isn’t even out yet. Some of y’all need to calm down by a million percent.

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