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Armed with only one word—Tenet—and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Armed with only one word - Tenet - and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Tenet Wiki

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Tenet Movie (2020)

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Tenet Movie Reviews

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- Best movie about time. Ever.5 star

So smart. So creative.

- Great Movie & Too hard to watch3 star

Too difficult to watch, poor dialog, lacks Dolby Atmos support, and just plain confusing. I’d still rent it; a good film to watch. But I regret buying it.

- Boring1 star

This movie was very disappointing I did not like it at all

- Great5 star

A great movie and at first it’s hard to understand however it is very good when you start to think about it.

- 🤯🤯🤯5 star

Took a couple times of watching it to get everything but I loved it!

- 🤯🤯🤯5 star

Took a couple times of watching it to get everything but I loved it!

- Inversion1 star

Can Apple Invert the $19.99 I paid to see this terrible movie! Two and Half hours of poor acting. Tenet is already being called a box office flop. I am assuming John David Washington did not have to audition for this movie. Little Denzel is a D+ actor who puts the final nail in Tents coffin. Christopher Nolan knows better. To heavy on bad stunts and poor actors. I guess CN was looking for a payday not trying to make a good movie!

- unholy mess of gobbledegook2 star

An all-out bland performance by John David Washington guides this unholy mess of gobbledegook. My impression is Mr Nolan didn't bother to try to make time-travel make sense - as long as stuff was exploding and moving backwards.

- Huge Disappointment1 star

The movie isn’t worth renting let alone owning. There’s such a long-winded effort to explain its premise from beginning to end that the general plot becomes clouded and convoluted in an unsatisfying way. The novelty of the time-inverted special effects don’t contribute meaningfully to the plot and wear off and disappoint after the first couple experiences, much like the general choreography and more traditional special effects. Inception was amazing and intentional; this is clumsy and tries too hard where it shouldn’t and doesn’t try enough where it should. It’s a shame I can’t invert time and get my time and money back... unless that was the underlying message and grift of the movie like one mend-bending, corporate gotcha... at which point, bravo, team. Bravo. ...

- Watch multiple times!4 star

I’m a Christopher Nolan fan, but will tell it like it is. This is a challenging film to understand at first watch. The first time I watched it I was completely lost and my head hurt trying to comprehend the concepts introduced (to be clear this is not a film about time travel...it’s time inversion). I had the benefit of watching from home, so not hearing the dialogue, as many seemed to have issues with in theaters, was a non-issue for me. The issue was truly the complexity of this film. You have to watch multiple times, but once you make the connections you realize/appreciate the detail and complexity put into this film. It’s a intelligent work of art and a great addition to the Christopher Nolan catalogue. If you want a film that’s straight forward and doesn’t challenge you then this is not the film for you (which honestly I’m not always in the mood for). If you’re looking for a complex film that forces you to put in some work then this is for you. It’s a James Bond film with Christopher Nolan’s complex spin on it. It has an Inception feel to it, only it’s not as strong in terms of the character development (my only real complaint). JD Washington and Robert Pattinson do an excellent job portraying their characters. I’m not at all a Twilight fan, but I felt Robert Pattinson shined in this film. If you’re not a Christopher Nolan fan this film will not change your position; however, if you are a fan you’ll find this film to be perfectly Christoper Nolan and happy to have more of his work to enjoy.

- Not Nolan’s Best3 star

Very intricate plot line regarding time travel which itself has physical plot holes. It leads to an incredibly confusing and complicated story that is a “blink and you miss it” aspect which could leave you lost. Some of the sound was muffled during crucial dialogue that required me to rewind and rewatch with closed captions to find out what the heck they were saying. The added complexity of time travel doesn’t add a lot of wow factor for me but more “what the heck is going on” factor. The final sequence is pretty intense similar to Inception but still a lot of “what the heck is going on” moments vs “wow” moments. You have to watch this more than once or be ready to rewind certain scenes to fully comprehend the full story.

- head hurts5 star

thoroughly entertaining, great performances, but concepts turn the mind to mush

- I love Nolan but this one is a swing and a miss.3 star

The plot here is too murky and convoluted. The visual efx are just OK compared to the level that Nolan usually delivers. Anyway, even the great masters have a clunker here in there. I look forward to his next film. Kenneth Branagh does give a good performance here.

- Et5 star


- Sci fi fan has no idea what’s going on1 star

I’m not gonna say much. This movie sucked. Sorry. I loved Interstellar and this movie was so hard to follow for me I almost shut it off.

- Please dont watch it1 star

Not entertaining at all. Over engineered and too complex when it could have been better with a clearer story, more simple.

- Best movie of 20205 star

So good! Must-have Christopher Nolan film.

- Wish I Could Go Back in Time2 star

I love sci-fi and also spy movies. And they don’t have to be linear for me to understand or appreciate them as one reviewer suggested. However, this was one of the worse of either genre I’ve ever seen. The supporting cast is impressive and the special effects are great. Many great action scenes with futuristic elements. Two stars for all that. Mr. Washington played the main character so flat and expressionless that he was quite uninteresting. I got to the point that I didn’t care anymore about the story, I just wanted it to end. Wish I could travel back in time to select another movie or do something else with those two hours.

- So good5 star

I love it my kids love it

- Tenet was...3 star

Tenet was a beautiful motion picture. This movie has a medium amount of bad reviews but don’t let that steer you wrong. Well yes tenet is very confusing but if you get pass that its like i said its beautiful just the way they somehow managed to film it in some scenes was excellent and breathtaking. Now let me tell you a bit about the film this film was yes a time travel film a little. Sometimes the movie can get a little frustrating but if you make it to the end it all make sense well most of it even the one character I didn’t like had a major part to play. And yes i say again not every thing in the end will make sense to everyone in fact at the end i was left clueless mostly about all the time travel mechanics . But in the end I wouldn’t take back the twenty dollars spent!

- Great ride4 star

Nolan does Bond, and he does it really well. Tenet is an immersive action film that delivers on its promises of intensity and uniqueness. Minus 1 star for volume (afx sound great; dialogue is often too low). Subtitles recommended. Apart from that? Bang-on.

- Fun watch!5 star

Visually fun to watch. Support the director and creators 100%. I want to see them succeed and be compensated for their work, not be mistreated like Warner media pushing the 2021 slate onto HBO max. Like Nolan said, they went to sleep one night working for the best studio and woke up the next day working for the worst streaming service.

- Just awful1 star

The film was entirely incomprehensible and poorly written. Without the overly-contrived plot of other pseudo-physics it would be a mediocre spy flick.

- Confusing and Poor Production1 star

For as much hype as this movie got, I was severely disappointed, especially when good action sci-fi flicks seem hard to come by these days. Dialogue was muffled throughout with loud "futuristic" music in every scene. Acting by the main guy was not good, while the Robert guy from the werewolf movies was very good, despite what he had to work with. He earned my respect as an actor in this otherwise nonsensical movie. Apparently the director is famous, but I'm not sure why as the storyline was a mess and impossible to follow, and the movie was 2.5 hours long. For no particular reason, timelines start moving backwards just because the main dude stares at an object (bullet, car, puddle). Fight scenes were very slow-moving with long pauses between punches or kicks, and just odd because I guess? at least some of the characters were fighting backwards, and there aren't any of the typical fighting sound effects.. oh and there's a poisonous gas in the atmosphere in certain scenes with no cause or effect. And of course an evil Russian who runs a plutonium syndicate. Also a fraudulent famous artist sketch at the beginning which is never reconciled. In summary, I roughly understand the plot is about a future evil force developing backwards time travel as a weapon, but otherwise why there are two sides and what the good guys want, vs what the bad guys want is never made clear. Characters have no depth, skills, or backstory or meaningful relationships, except that the main character is an awesome fighter sometimes, but then easily overtaken by two weak guys other times. Some cool special effects here and there. Wait for this one to end up at your local Red Box or the bargain bin at Walmart (yes I know those aren't things anymore).

- Great Movie!5 star

Awesome movie

- What?3 star

This could have been a great movie - but it wasn't. Special effects were outstanding, basic premise for story is solid, acting is good. The problem is simple - while trying to "get into the movie" you find yourself always catching up... complicated scenes going by very quickly make it a intense contest to understand what you are looking at. You understand the basics but that's not enough to correlate to scenes. Unfortunate.

- Good but second watch needed.5 star

Definitely action packed and has you wondering what is actually going on until things are explained/demonstrated. I got the concept from the first watch but will have to watch again to fully understand.

- Pretentious2 star

Boring,hard to follow movie . Stoped watching after 15 mins.

- Worst $20 I spent this year1 star

I’m a geek’s geek when it comes to sci-fi movies and alternate reality movies. I mean I can typically follow along and appreciate the twists, turns and paradoxes of a decent time travel movie. But this film was downright non-sensical! From beginning to end there was little to no rationale or explanation for any of its sequences. At the end I was just as confused and confounded as I was in the middle of the movie. And that is to say nothing of the premise at the beginning of the movie as to why objects were moving backwards. This is one that Nolan should have tested with some focus groups before releasing. Maybe the perplexed looks on their faces after watching it would have let him know to go back to the editing room.

- Fail.1 star

The audio was off and they blamed it on COVID19 but why not wait. The plot was beyond confusing. If you have to go back to watch a movie 2-3 times understand then it’s too much.

- Thank you Nolan.5 star

Tenet was a wild ride. This is a movie you have to pay close attention to. No phone, no distractions. Give it your full attention. I was very intrigued and confused during the first half, but towards the end of the movie, everything starts to make sense. I was pretty amazed by Nolan’s creativity and the extent of his imagination running amok throughout the film. It really makes me wonder what he’s gonna do next.

- Disappointing1 star


- Terrible acting2 star

Robert Pattinson was by far the best actor in this film.

- Bravo5 star

Christopher Nolan always leaves me speechless...then contemplative at the end. Bravo!

- Oh Nolan you crazy SOB!5 star

So TENET won’t surpass The Dark Knight or Inception or Dunkirk in the Nolan Filmography but it’s still solid nonetheless! The performances of John David Washington,Elizabeth Debicki and Robert Pattinson were B Level at best, It’s the visual FX that very much eclipses everything though of course The Action scenes are a distant second! This was a punch in the face of Awesome! 🤯🤯🤯🤯

- If I walk backwards can I forget this movie?1 star

If not hopefully MST3K will review this movie in the future and make it watchable. See it as a comedy and it’s quite good...

- Wait to rent not worth 20 bucks1 star

Nolan has lost it. No character development no nothing just a bunch of random action. The dialogues also felt like they weren’t going anywhere. Rent it don’t buy.

- His best so far5 star

People who don’t like this movies. Have the attention span of a rock or they like to scroll through the social media while watching or there flat out stupid that they would have a hard time following the directions on how to put together a book shelf from Walmart. Everything about this movie a genius!!!

- Amazing!!!5 star

If you like Christopher Nolan films - you will love this one. Don’t listen to the naysayers... they likely just didn’t understand this fast moving film!

- Great film.5 star

Wish it would of came out not during a pandemic

- Don’t listen to the negative reviews, Tenet is awesome!5 star

Just don’t try to understand everything unless you are well versed in physics, especially entropy. Otherwise it’s a great Bond or MI movie that is high concept and very well executed, bravo Mr. Nolan!

- Okay2 star

Weirdest movie and overrated. Sorry just saying. All over the place. Not a twilight past actor fan. See I don’t even know his name. Yet he is the next Batman. Yeah I pass. Team Christian Bale. Best Batman ever. Nipples on the Batman suit. Yeah case close. Who does that? Joel Schumacher. Worst director to ruin a franchise. Would be like Craig Daniel, best Bond ever.

- I lost 2 hours of my life...1 star

And I’ll never get it back. Really loved Inception and was looking forward to this movie. John David Washington was HORRIBLE. Completely unbelievable in the role, lines were dumb and poorly delivered. Story was way too convoluted; too clever by half...They did sneak in climate change messages though, so there is that (sarcasm). This is the new Hollywood and God help us. My daughter walked out 30 minutes in and my son fell asleep. I should have turned it off and watched the grass grow. Don’t waste your time!

- I hate this amazing show3 star

The planning and storyline deserves a five star review. How they implement the storyline deserves a 1 star review, so I compromised with 3. The characters talk so quiet throughout the show that you miss important details that they only mention once. These details are said in a sentence and if you don’t hear it. You are confused the rest of the show. Once I watched an explanation on YouTube, I had extreme respect for what they made. I just didn’t know what was happening as I watched it. I kept thinking that I knew what was happening then the movie pulled a 360 on me, and I was confused again. This happened about 10 times before I was left with a splitting headache wondering why this movie existed. 😁

- No one you care about1 star

Christopher Nolan's conceit in naming the main character "Protagonist" should be a clue to viewers that this will be an exercise in style and action with no regard to character. There's not a single person in this movie that shows true human emotions. John David Washington is a talented actor who is fun to watch in BlackKlansman yet in Tenet he is given no chance to be anything but a pawn on Nolan's gameboard. Same grim fate for Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and even poor Michael Caine. We're subjected to lectures by East Indian cyber Priya that are without wit or narrative drive. Every chance that Nolan gives himself to add anything besides his own obsession with time shifting foolishness is wasted. Example, Protagonist and Neil execute a cool skyscraper entry/exit and upon completion land in a teeming Indian market where no one cares, notices or reacts. Imagine if Spielberg were directing this moment: the action would have been just as good but the payoff would have had humor and that really important element of humanity. Nolan has admitted (bragged) that he loves games and making movies that are more concerned about problem-solving than storytelling. To those who say "you have to be smart to appreciate Nolan's genius", I disagree. You have to allow yourself to be pummelled by spralling action that carries no emotional weight and call it profound, when it fact you've just been tricked by Nolan into thinking it's entertaining.

- Confusing...beautiful...too smart for its own good.2 star

The story is difficult to follow. The plot line is pretty basic. The how and why don’t ever really come to light and the action is delayed to a point where I was losing interest. The acting was solid and the cast was overall very good. It was well shot and the action (when it came) was pretty cool...albeit still confusing. This had a potential to be amazing..but instead seemed like a film trying to be too smart without realizing it would have been better served being a notch dumber. I love Nolan films, he’s a very talented individual. Yet this seemed to be him trying way to hard to hit a grand slam when it would have been better off as a home run.

- Another Nolan Gem5 star

Great, great movie. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. One of his best movies yet.

- Finally!5 star

With the bar set so high, anything original may fall short for some. This movie goes from 1st gear to 2nd with a few surprises you won't see coming. Not at all what I was expecting. Watching multiple times.

- Ugh!!!!1 star

I wish I had my 19.99 back and had paid attention to the reviews that I couldn’t believe to be true! This movie is absolutely horrible!

- Girl! This movie is a hot mess!2 star

Very cool to look at but this movie ain't nothing but a souped up, contrived Back To The Future! Takes itself way too seriously. Chris Nolan is so precious she needs a crown. Should’ve just rented this mess. If you like Inception and Back To The Future, then just watch those two movies cause Tenet is crap. Boo hiss!

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ojjive - Tenet (Review)1 star

The movie is a disappointment. I thought it will be better. I was expecting it to be more interesting

Globetrotting Beards - A lot of 1 stars here must have seen a different movie5 star

Get good speakers. If you can’t hear the dialogue, activate the subtitles. I saw this one in IMAX and it was a blast. Looking at all the 1 stars here is unbelievable. This movie needs to be seen.. don’t listen to the haters. Who listens to a Nolan movie with headphones ? Jeez what’s next, a review of how poorly it looked on your iPhone 7. The scenery is amazing, the soundtrack is earth shattering and the action is something you have never seen before. Great acting by Washington and Pattinson. Elizabeth Debicki was also amazing but we knew that from her role in Widows.

rockozzz - Audio is a mess2 star

I love all Nolan movies, I must preface this. However I lasted 45 minutes with Tenet due to the incredibly bad sound mix. I own over 200 ITunes movies and this is by far the worst. The voices are so difficult to understand, even with Dolby atmos. I’m actually shocked that this passed quality control. Really disappointed.

streetdee - Terrible1 star

Over-hyped, terrible story, bad sound, no continuity. Total waste of money

gradford52 - Audio problems?2 star

I had such a hard time understaning what was being said, and adjusting the volume up and down incessantly, that I think I missed some important dialogue that explained the concept of this film. Or, it simply had poor audio and a lame concept. I wish I hadn't bought it!

/b/lair - Beautifully shot, albeit somewhat convoluted5 star

Wonderful film, spectacular effects, and an intriguing plot line.

dillusioned - Should be titled “mumbles”1 star

The audio is a mess, the lead couldn’t deliver a syllable with any emotion and the story is silly at best. Take an obscure idea and try to build a world saving story? Sorry, it doesn’t work. The story is delivered via actors who can’t act by dialogue you can’t understand.

speedviolin - Going down2 star

I love everything from Nolan. This director is unique and intellectual but this « Tenet » is a mess. I really understand the general idea but the story around ut is really simple and kind of lame. 2/5

Mapquestjones - Great5 star


No Love - Ummmm1 star

Way too confusing!!! Have no idea what I just watched. They saving the world some how ? I’d watch it again to try and figure it out but really not worth my time. The trailers make this movie look awesome but it’s boring and confusing. Not even worth renting. Think I spent more time on my phone then actually watching it. I’d stay away from this one !

frankie20072007 - Zéro crédible. Trop complexe1 star

J’ai décroché. Trop n’importe quoi. Se mêle et s’entremêlent dans un grand n’importe quoi. J’ai eu l’impression d’écouter un film Netflix original avec des dialogues pour étourdir le spectateur. Très ennuyeux. Un ramassis de séquences invraisemblables montées bout à bout pour remplir du temps.

Way2manypeople - Brutal...1 star

I thought the movie would have more of a point... I don’t understand how you can captivate an audience to believe that they were actually saving the world... I feel like I lost a part of myself by watching this movie. I will never be the same again. ! Samtsirhc yrrem ...

Angry_movie_review - Meh1 star

Don’t kid yourself, this movie is not meant to be over analyzed. Don’t think about it to much.. that said, it’s still overhyped.

JayBiggSPR - Bad audio mix3 star

As others have said, there's something wrong with the audio mix on this film. The dialog gets drowned out throughout the movie and you can't understand what people are saying half the time. I watched it with headphones. The film itself is not one of Nolan's best, in my opinion.

GuyQC - Excellent film5 star

Un autre très bon film de Christopher Nolan.

Revykid2007 - Tenet5 star

Another great Christopher Nolan movie

PS-RagE - Muddy Audio3 star

Sure seemed like an interesting story but we could hardly make out what was anyone was saying (iTunes version). Too much compression on the center channel maybe? Hopefully, this is cleaned up before we try again.

B. Eric - Once was enough1 star

This movie is a complete mess. Overhyped.

omega7791 - Exceptional5 star

If you suffer from ADD or have a low iq this isn’t for you! If you loved The Matrix, Inception etc then you’ll appreciate this work of art 🖼 which gets better with repeat viewings! Well worth the money and wait! Pls make the Sequels Mr Nolan, I’m invested!!

blcksunn88 - pretentious1 star

Looks totally dumb and pretentious. Didn’t like inception so I will pass on this mind control garbage.

FluidicDigital - Top Tier!5 star

Nolan is a god! Everything he does is next level and truly top tier. This movie is such a mind mess that repeated viewing is a must.

elyse displayed - Tenat5 star

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Jax711 - Amazing5 star

I kept wanting for a sequel to Inception...Tenet is not a sequel, but just as trippy!

movieloverforever - Epic Mind Bending blockbuster5 star

This is an awesome movie that needs multiple viewings I dont think most will get it Tenant has great action and the movie moves at a very fast pace The opening sequence is riveting Highly recommended

Marco Grenier - Stunning5 star

Another Masterpiece from Nolan

Undrgrndkng - Yay5 star

Another sweet [email protected] from Nolan.

Icantbelieveitsnot.... - Loud and my brain hurt!5 star

Saw this in the theatre opening weekend back in August. Couldn’t wait to finally see a film in a theatre thanks to the VID-19 and especially this one that had been talked about as such a marvel! Being built up so much there was room for disappointment. But only initially because I hadn’t understood the concept. Once you do, and you understand the flow, and begin to appreciate the ingenious of it all.... it hurts your brain but you love it. John Washington is again fantastic (blackkklansman was amazing with him at the helm) but albeit wooden. It seemed as if the actors didn’t have much ability to flow in this film. Twilight man/future Batman who I vowed to never like in a film.... was great. He was a bit more relaxed as a character but again, once it all comes together it makes more sense. No spoilers, nothing to ruin. Just go into the film and pay attention as fluidity here is key as you go forward and backward. A lot of it you could figure out on you own but is still fun. Just don’t see it in an empty theatre if even any are still open... the sound effects are booming and you need some people to bounce the sound off of I guess. We were the only 7 people in the seats once things had reopened... loud and almost ruined it. But the brain futz this film gives is worth it!! You will enjoy! !yojne lliw uoY. Racecar racecaR! Tenet teneT!

Lingy25463 - Great5 star

Difficult to understand and figure stuff out but still a great intense thriller!

Fun on the iPod - Don’t bother1 star

Don’t understand the hype. A totally confusing plot with average acting

CJR292 - Average3 star

Just ok, couldn’t say more.

Mr big and bigger - Good flick4 star

Was a good movie. Might need to watch again to completely understand. Great action. Should have paid more attention in physics class to get what was going on. Still good movie

Bigred(joe) - 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️3 star

If you watch this film make sure your fully watching it without being disturbed because it’s confusing and way too long.

Casspa66 - Trash1 star

Don’t buy the hype. This is a really bad movie.

SallyIS - Utter rubbish1 star

Nonsensical and unengaging.

1234_92 - Meh1 star

Lost interest quickly. I pick up my phone to entertain myself on various facts about the movie, then my attention is drawn back to the screen as something provokes my interest, and in 5 seconds I am lost again in this very confusing, superhero based storyline. Meh.

navyblue28 - Pseudo Intelligence on display by Mr. Nolan1 star

The concept is great but the execution is so poor. The characters are poorly developed and their motivations make no sense. Nolan has gone and done it this time by making a film so monumentally stupid that it's laughable!

NightRanger73 - Too far2 star

Nolan went too far with overcomplicating the plot. With a movie its better to make simple stories with complex characters and issues. Inception was a really easy to follow story about a complicated subject. Well executed. Tenet’s problem is that it doesn’t let you in enough. Protagonist and Neil are great characters its just that we are presented with too much information and not enough conclusions - unless its all intentional for the sequel which i feel its set itself up for.

sky764 - Denying yuhhgDdttdddrdttc5 star

Tdt We Hi mate

Cowesmome - Ugh! That was painful1 star

I hate movies that throw names and places at you rapidly leaving you feeling lost and annoyed. It’s a great sci-fi idea but They made this movie much more complicated than it needed to be.

Arcus Cloud - 100%001 Matrix stuff ~ just took my breath away5 star

What a big rush, a little bit like the Matrix trilogy. I'll give it a rating of 100%001 ~ having just watched this movie. It has all the bells and whistles of Temporal quantum mechanics aka ~ the differential variant being a quantum mirror of sorts that isn't a quantum mirror ~ or is it, this being a paradox of recurring twisted plotlines within even more weird and twisted recurring temporal plotlines down pat and perfected to a T because if you are not confused then it's just no fun. That's the point of creating a movie like this, it keeps you guessing. Really enjoyed just going along for the ride and not having to think too much about it all and just enjoying it for what it is. This movie is great with the momentum of " Aliens " and the strangely different twisted and puzzling Matryoshka doll plotline of " Inception ". Just strangely brilliant. Can't wait for a sequel/s. The musical score really made the movie a joy to watch in a big way adding lots to building the atmosphere putting you right in the zone. 👍

Stephen Doherty - Dialogue inaudible1 star

Loved the movie but the dialogue is awful and the soundtrack is OTT. Gets in the way of such a great story, cast, and experience.

EugeneSmythe - Outstanding!5 star

Has it all! An instant classic.

James1198 - It’s overrated but it’s worth seeing3 star

This is my second time watching it since the cinema. Its the kind of movie where it looks cool but it doesn’t really make any sense. I don’t hate it. It’s worth a watch at least once I had to watch it twice to see how I felt about it. It has good acting, the issue I had with it is the writing.

Alena Stone - This movie has it all5 star

If you’re looking for a spy thriller that can also deliver good, subtle jokes, watch TENET! Mind blowing, fantastically executed and worth the 2 hours 30 minutes ride!!

Nicknamerfgh - No Dolby atmos?4 star

I expected this movie to be released in high quality Dolby vision and atmos.

TimCake - So great!5 star

Tenet, I loved it. Exciting and intriguing, filled with stunning visuals and fascinating ideas. Amazingly executed action scenes and I wet my bed in anticipation for its release!

Sweet as bulla g - Brilliant5 star

This is not a movie you watch once and walk away feeling happy and nice. This is a movie that leaves you feeling dazed, with so many questions you just want more. The prologue is up there with Nolan’s best one yet in my opinion

deano27xx - Awesome!5 star

Loved this film. The soundtrack and cinematography is next level. Love the mind of Christopher Nolan. Another class act!

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MohadesehNajafii - Still in love with the ending5 star

It may not be as good as the other movie’s he’s made but it was worth it.

billi rubin - well....2 star

Great mind-twister, great cinematography, great editing, great effects, great sound.........but so terribly boring!

f nb gh - READ IT !!!!!!!!!1 star

Worst movie ever if you want to get confusing movie that you have to watch five times to understand finally been rented but if not don’t buy this it is so wasteful some confusing and it is just bad it’s the Time Machine it becomes kind of stupid watch I wouldn’t if you want to go buy a movie for this price just go by the rocky series Or space jam Or if you like action just watch a Rambo

king_arthur513 - Incredible5 star

Honestly. This movie is worth the buy/view. Great action and story. And you can clearly Nolan's ability to highlight important bits here and there throughout the film that ultimately together by the end. JD Washington and Robinson were stellar.

Ahmed12223 - Disappointing1 star

Chris Nolan is my fav director and this is the worst movie he has ever made! You are not attached to the characters therefore you’re invested in the story or the mission they are going on. The acting was ok and the story had a lot of plot holes. Really bad movie

JLX63 - A genuinely intelligent masterpiece5 star

This movie definitely makes you think. It makes you have to pay attention to detail and see how the different pieces fit together like a massive puzzle. This movie definitely is one that is made for repeat viewings. Wonderful creativity and direction by Christopher Nolan! Actors were phenomenal in it. This movie rivals inception in how much it’ll make your brain tickle! In the most pleasing way possible.

Nameless, (: - Wait till it’s on hbo max1 star

We’ll wait till it’s on hbo Max

Ghostface Dermatologist - Don’t watch if you love Michael Bay movies!5 star

If challenging cinema isn’t your thing, then this film won’t be for you. If you think Marvel films are masterpieces, spend your money on mudflaps for your truck instead of renting/buying Tenet. Heady cerebral filmmaking as its best, Nolan delivers another thought-provoking romp through yet another expose about the limitations (and possibilities) of the human mind and where it intersects with theoretical physics. This time, instead of the inner workings of the mind and dreamscapes, Nolan points his pen and lens at entropy and the theoretical implications of reversing its properties in various objects, including bullets and, of course, humans. Buckle up and pay attention, and don’t expect to be spoon fed plot points. And be sure to turn your device’s subtitles on.

JGPo2477 - Save Your Money - A Confusing and Disappointing Film1 star

I just finished Tenet. As a big Chris Nolan fan I was excited to see this movie at the theatre, but didn’t get a chance to because of Covid. Where to begin? This movie is an utter dumpster fire of confusion and chaos. It is incredibly hard to follow...and I don’t mean that in a “you have to pay close attention to understand it” kind of way. This movie is truly and utterly confusing, and tries incredibly hard to be clever, and not in a good way. The plot is poorly laid out and convoluted. The actors try their best, but given the source material they often seem as confused as the viewer. When this was being made there were reports that the actors didn’t even know what it was about - and I can understand why. The plot? A group of secret government agency folks are trying to disrupt a global nuclear attack which harnesses the power of time, causing lots of things to move in reverse. I honestly can’t give you much more than this. Plot holes, murky details, and cliche character situations abound. The final act is true B-level cinema on a large budget. It ended and I didn’t understand what happened for sure, only a hunch. This went for the rest of the group that watched it with me. A great looking movie stylistically, but with a terrible sound mix that makes action scenes incredibly loud and dialogue quiet. Get ready to constantly adjust the volume throughout the film to understand what the heck is going on. Don’t believe the fanboy reviews who are saying this is a great film. It isn’t....at all. I’m shocked that this movie was that disappointing given how much I looked forward to it, but save your money and don’t buy it, or if you need to see it only rent it.

Fighthegoodfightnow - Huh?2 star

I have no idea what this movie is about. Well, ok.......maybe a little......something about introverted, isolated time travel (since when is rewinding film a special effect worth emulating) on a story I truly wanted to connect with but never did. Sorry, but the premise is ridiculous and I was never worried about the world ending. It’s a mind meld I never allowed in. Maybe next time Mr. Nolan. But can you help me go back in time and get my money back? That would make an awesome movie!

machine3code - Thumbs up5 star

An enjoyable movie reminds me of the matrix but this movie is different the past meet up with the futures as they try to stop a mad man from using a bomb.

Christopher Nolan is my dad - Great5 star

This movie is really good If you like Tim traveling best Christopher Nolan movie yet

Ultimate Warrior 1990 - Huge disappointment2 star

I’m a huge Nolan fan. I really wanted to like this film. The premise is interesting but the movie fails because the characters are one dimensional. They’re likable enough but there’s just no reason to care about what happens to them.

Mickyimp - Piece of art5 star

All I have to say is present, the past and the future.

Confusedartists - Can’t hear a thing2 star

Looks great, seems like great acting but can’t make out a word anyone says half the time. I have a Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound system on one TV and a 2.1 on a sound bar on another and the sound track on this movie is so loud it makes it impossible to understand half of the dialogue in this movie on either system. Love Nolan and his films but this is absolutely aggravating.

lovly345555 - Tenet is so far THE WORST MoVIE I HAVE SEEn IN MY LIFE1 star

Like I said tenet is the WORST movie in the universe!So get ready because this is going to be a long review. 1.tenet is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life that I can’t even capitalize it! 2. The producer or the person who came up with this stupid idea better feel ashamed. 3. I missed a BIRTHDAY PARTY for this dumb movie. 4. Plus the party had a jumper! And yes I’m 9 what’s your excuse? 5.I bet you no one can understand this stupid dumb movie! 6.I may be a child but I’m not afraid to say this why is this movie so long. We have to watch about 3 hours of stupid! 7.this movie is so dumb I can’t even tell how dumb it is. 8. I have a few words for the producer stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid x10000 no times x 1000000000000000000000.what ever that number is. 9. And this is the worst movie in the universe and😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. 10. If you had a torture chamber instead of body stretchers use this movie will ya? Look I would keep going on and on and on about how awful this movie is but I don’t have time to talk about this movie all day it’s to awful. One more thing if you make a second one I will scream for years and punch the producers in the face so it looks as bad as this movie. Because they deserve it.😡😡😠😒this movie makes me sick!🤮🤢🤒😷🤕

Carrerg - What??1 star

This was one of the many worst movies that Christopher Nolan has done. The undeserved credit Nolan gets for movies that are slow and boring is a mystery to me. He has ideas that must seem exciting in his mind, but on film are just not executed correctly, therefore look like poor special effects. This is one of those films of his that drags on and on. This motion picture would have had a poor box office even if Covid wasn’t around. It’s time for this Director to rethink his ideas or go back to film school. One star people!

GxIlllinois - Boring1 star

Very boring

Bigdunn22 - Really?1 star

Not a good story, poor acting, and even the action is time traveling stupid. What a disappointment.

se7rover - Trash!1 star

Wow what garbage. Please dont ever spend money on this trash. Its awful.

Daniel1483369 - Incredible!5 star

Nothing short of a modern masterpiece in my opinion! The amazing visual effects paired with great acting create an epic work of cinema that, in my opinion, is one of Nolan’s best works! Highly recommend!

Etchosts - Should have been rated R3 star

The movie is pg-13 its good but they deliberately dont want to show killing it takes away from an otherwise great film.

Eijh - Too cerebral for average person?5 star

I have to admit, if I was watching this in the theater without the ability to pause and digest, I probably would have been somewhat lost as well. But when you understand it, you really appreciate the attention to details, consistency both forward and back in time, and the palendromic story line. It was an artful master piece.

Cgpbrandin - Nolan’s best yet5 star

I know I know, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception etc. but this was epic! Awesome!

dawg.40cal - Horrible!1 star

First, the sound quality of this production is the WORST. You can barely understand the words being spoken unless the volume is on 80 (seriously). Next, it is so confusing that an hour and a half into it, I no longer cared what happened because I never understood why it was happening. The Plot - what plot?! There’s never a time in the movie when you remember why the movie is taking the direction it is. SO DISAPPOINTED. Really wanted to like this movie.

Rev. Chuck Currie - I really wanted to like this movie...3 star

This film isn't terrible. But it certainly isn't worth risking your life in a movie theater to see (what film is?), and it wasn't worth the rental price. If you want to watch Tenet, what for it to become available as a rental.

iShootnRaw - Good entertainment4 star

They did a weak job with story building and background stories. Almost like a fill in the blanks movie. Why it can get a bit twisted... this Is a movie you have to pay attention to. Every detail counts. May have 2 watch it twice. Weird it’s a long movie but not much background story to it but if you like movies like Inception edge of tomorrow even deja vu, I feel like this film grabs bit from all of them. Solid acting, great fight scenes. Definitely worth a watch.

Johnathon Wayne - Incredible!5 star

Thank you Christopher Nolan.

Piaba - Don’t take life so serious, you’ll never make it out alive.5 star

I don’t know about you. I don’t have the time or money to make a movie, so I sit down in my home theater and escape for whatever amount of time I’m given. Enjoy it for what it is. I loved it because it’s just entertainment, it’s not real. I love that I can watch it several times and get more out of it each time. That means it’s well spent time to me. I don’t think people would enjoy if someone came to their job and ripped them a new one on matters of opinion. A movie is art and expression. Don’t take life so seriously, otherwise you won’t make it out alive.

allis - Worst Nolan Movie2 star

It just doesn’t make any sense. There’s no resolve to the convoluted and vast theories of time travel- it’s just lazy story telling expecting the fan base to do the heavy lifting of making sense out of this mess. The second star is because Nolan’s movies always look good, and the reverse fight scene is very imaginative- otherwise it’s one star for terrible storytelling and poor logic.

PG879 - AMAZING!5 star

I just loved it! If you have an open mind you will enjoy it.

Wldcatt - Super slow paced1 star

There is a time that I want to study a movie like I'm in a school class but now it's not the time I just want to be entertained. And the lead actor is so petite, hard to believe such a small man can beat people up. Do you have two hours of Tech talk and 20 minutes of cool intense action.. also you have to turn on the close captions because you cannot hear a thing they are saying.

ATMMD - Thrills and Frills4 star

Constant action, and thrills at every corner. Enjoyable to watch, but you might get a headache if you try to make sense of this movie. Because there aren’t any! Just the usual Hollywood B.S, but on steroids.

Patriccio - Dialogue is unrecognizable1 star

Conversations between actors are difficult to hear and understand. I'm not sure if this was a filming error or merely intentional. Whatever the reason, it makes for a very unsatisfying experience for the viewer. And largely a forgettable one. Don't waste your money.

ChrusKelly - A mind bender with stiff dialogue.4 star

A mind bender with stiff dialogue.

Lost Tropical Coconut - 10/105 star

Brilliant film.

PommeVerteMagritte - Awful and incredibly boring1 star

A lukewarm movie the whole duration...

Buhryann - More like 4 1/2 half stars4 star

Wel done film with great action and an original premise. But sadly the audio mixing in this movie is pretty horrid. I literally couldn't hear about 50-60% of the dialogue because of how loud the background is. Which made the already hrs to follow premise even harder to understand. I watched this movie with my husband and brother in law and we rewinded about 3 times in certain parts because we literally couldn't understand a full 10 minute scene but still barely heard the dialogue. Definitely use the subtitles option, but it's a fantastic movie. The last hour made the make more sense and also such a great payoff. Liked this Alot

JC1973 - Visionary, poignant and beautiful5 star

A masterpiece of filmmaking, strorytelling, craftsmanship, honor, duty, friendship. This is Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious and mature film.

Berkeley Rooster - Weird1 star

It doesn't work because the plot is too inconsistent. Actors couldn't save the movie. Watched it until it became oveerwhelmingly boring. Then, I turned it off. Don't waste your time and money.

OccamsTaser - Rise to vote sir.5 star

This is the way minds are meant to be bent. It is beautiful and polished dissonance and resolution.

Lando Calridisn - Great movie5 star

Best movie I’ve seen in a long time, great action and acting

wev/ The - Tenet1 star

Good luck! Better burning the $20.

willië_wonka - Not like the rest of Nolan’s creations...5 star

Unlike all the other mind twisted masterpieces Christopher Nolan has created, this one is the one that you truly end and can’t piece together. You have to watch it multiply times - in my opinion- to understand the film and its crazy interesting plot. Believe me, you will be jumping around your chair with how intense some parts get. Your mind will be blown at the crazy sequences Nolan creates. The actors all play their parts beautifully, especially the protagonist who is believably chosen to play a character to lead such a fast-paced mind-bending film.

willië_wonka - Not like the rest of Nolan’s creations...5 star

Unlike all the other mind twisted masterpieces Christopher Nolan has created, this one is the one that you truly end and can’t piece together. You have to watch it multiply times - in my opinion- to understand the film and its crazy interesting plot. Believe me, you will be jumping around your chair with how intense some parts get. Your mind will be blown at the crazy sequences Nolan creates. The actors all play their parts beautifully, especially the protagonist who is believably chosen to play a character to lead such a fast-paced mind-bending film.

willië_wonka - Not like the rest of Nolan’s creations...5 star

Unlike all the other mind twisted masterpieces Christopher Nolan has created, this one is the one that you truly end and can’t piece together. You have to watch it multiply times - in my opinion- to understand the film and its crazy interesting plot. Believe me, you will be jumping around your chair with how intense some parts get. Your mind will be blown at the crazy sequences Nolan creates. The actors all play their parts beautifully, especially the protagonist who is believably chosen to play a character to lead such a fast-paced mind-bending film.

Hampserg25 - Boring and flat storyline2 star

I rented this movie on Redbox but I couldn’t really get into this movie. I found it boring and the storyline was flat. The only good thing was the musical score was good. I would recommend only renting.

micb23 - EPIC!5 star

Great spy film with lots of replay value... Christopher Nolan’s incredible attention to every detail combined with great performances (Especially by Kenneth Branagh and Robert Pattinson)makes this a film you can watch a dozen times and still find something new!

ppaaauuulll - Really good5 star

One of Nolans best

Bamf1208 - Fun but Complicated4 star

I had read you really need to pay attention so I did the best I could...and I still didn’t get everything. It was really fun in the action scenes, but not being positive on the “why” made it less exciting. It is a fun movie, but be prepared it is very complicated.

5 star

Tenet. Bra rulle!

5 star

TeneT Finally, watched it

5 star

two actual lines in Tenet are “hey whoa where I’m from you’d have to buy me dinner first” and “if I can’t have you no one can”

5 star

แงงง อยากกินป๊อบคอร์นชีสผสมคาราเมลด้วย ไม่ได้ไปโรงหนังนานมากตั้งแต่ Tenet กะ มู่หลาน

5 star

I am not ashamed to say this: I didn’t get Tenet. And I was deprived of a Hans score.

5 star

If you watch Tenet twice, both times with subtitles but the second time ur high....it’s a pretty good movie

5 star

queria que tenet passasse no fortnite só pra eu finalmente ter a experiência cinematográfica que o nolan sempre fala

5 star

To pensando se devo ou não fazer um vídeo sobre tenet pro canal, mas acho que vou sim

5 star

@consmdlg Tenet

5 star

Rumor: El #Batman de #ChristopherNolan podría regresar pronto a las pantallas. 🦇 El director lo está considerando t…

5 star

The bad guys in Tenet, unsurprisingly, are our class. And no surprise either, our existence is denied throughout th…

5 star

@andihiyat Tenet (2020) & AVA (2020).

5 star

@globeandmail So they go from one wingnut symbol to another? I thought the separation of church and state was a core tenet of the US.

5 star

Esta noche veo Tenet.

5 star

Nak kata takde jasa, ada je jasa, tapi apooo kebajikan rakyat tak terjaga pun, tenet slow, banjir pun takde plan na…

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