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Desperate for a friend, Oliver (Azhy Robertson), a lonely young boy who feels different from everyone else, seeks solace and refuge in his ever-present cell phone and tablet. When a mysterious creature uses Oliver's devices against him to break into our world, Oliver's parents (Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr.) must fight to save their son from the monster beyond the screen. A lonely young boy feels different from everyone else. Desperate for a friend, he seeks solace and refuge in his ever-present cell phone and tablet. When a mysterious creature uses the boy’s devices against him to break into our world, his parents must fight to save their son from the monster beyond the screen. Come Play Wiki

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Come Play Movie (2020)

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- Different5 star

It was different and we enjoyed it. Scary but not traumatic scary. Good plot and twist.

- Good scary fun5 star

This movie was good, unique and scary, reminded me a little of the Babadook in a updated digital version, good monster flick, land definitely some scary parts. Sad to see all the low ratings, this was a good one

- Good4 star

This was a good movie , and for the person who said Antebellum as bad...that just says a lot about ya

- Rented and scammed1 star

I paid for the rental and yet, the app wont let me watch it.

- Not scary at all.3 star

No horror whatsoever...scariest parts can be seen in the trailer. Buy on sale if you’ve got nothing else to watch. Part of my collection now but not a movie I would say I’d watch again any time soon...

- Good movie very creepy4 star

Falls in the new horror category of internet, social media, and apps. Was very creepy but no gore- good watch in the dark!

- Good5 star


- It definitely made me jump5 star

This movie is really creepy with lots of startles! Not many scary movies get to me but for some reason this one freaked me out! The ending is really surprising! It’s a great movie all around!

- Really Great!5 star

FYI: not liking a movie because of the way the story is told is just stupid. And it’s even stupider to give it a bad score for such. Grow up. This movie was great! The acting and the story were awesome and well done. Literally made me cry. Loved this movie a lot!

- interesting3 star

the movie overall was interesting and the malevolent character is definitely creepy, but the movie didn’t turn out to be what I hoped it would. it’s still worthy for a watch if you’re interested in watching something during this pandemic.

- Loved it!5 star

Creepy and unique movie. I am glad I bought this. I will be watching it again. If you like spooky movies you won’t be disappointed

- I really loved it5 star

I loved it it scary and creepy

- A surprisingly good horror movie!4 star

I really enjoyed this movie! It’s scary & full of unexpected turns. I kinda loved it! See it!!

- It is the most scarcest movie I have watched.!1 star

It is in the title.

- It was just Okay3 star

Could have been better. A lot of parts didn’t add up but it was enjoyable I guess

- I’ll never rent a movie for $201 star

$20 is buying a movie kit renting it. So sick of Apple being greedy.

- To offset the “$20 is dumb but I’ve never seen it reviews”5 star

Yeah please stop being a bunch of dummies all of you who rate the movie 1 star just cause the rental price is $20. iTunes doesn’t read movie reviews for product feedback you doughnuts!

- Come Play1 star

Terrible, totally predictive movie. Save your $20, don’t waste your $ or time!!! If I could rate zero stars, I would. Natefargo

- $20 for a RENTAL?2 star

I’d rather buy that crappy Tyson fight

- $20 to Rent?1 star

This is a joke right? I was really interested til I saw that....

- Cash Grab1 star

Who's gonna rent this thing for $20? First Antebellum and now this. Guess they think we're suckers

- Same story as "Z" but much worse2 star

If you want a GOOD killer imaginary friend movie watch "Z". Z is good and got great reviews from all around the world. Now this one... WHAT A MESS! ITS THE SAME STORY AS Z, but the execution is horrific, very very bad. Nothing scary happens here! the evil imaginary friend just threats but doesnt kill almost anybody. The end of the movie was PRETTY NICE i have to tell you that! but until the end, all we have is boredom. I would give it a 2.5 (out of 5) AT BEST

- 55% on RT3 star

Currently has a 55% on Rotton Tomatoes. If crappy PG-13 January horror movies are your thing, at least this one lies atop the corpses of the others and it's still twitching.

- My son5 star

I saw a lot of my son in Oliver. This is the first show I have seen with autism similar to my son’s, and not the savant type movies. Those movies are good, they are just foreign to our experience. When the mom said why can’t you be normal, and the boy got upset. I felt that. When she felt bad, and said she didn’t mean it, I felt that more. The spinning, the moaning type sound. Not being able to talk. Therapies. Minus the monster, this is my life. When the mom said I love all of you, I just broke down. Why can’t you be normal to I love all of you, is a journey I have taken. From that standpoint I definitely recommend this movie. They did their research and and the child (Azhy) played autism wonderfully, beautifully, heartbreakingly, believable.

- Interesting5 star

I doubted the movie at first but as I watched it towards the end. I can see that it had a sad ending which I loved. It’s a yes for me

- Thank you apple5 star

Thank you for $20 for rental, and don’t care that we are in a global pandemic and many people don’t have jobs.

- Great story!4 star

Well it’s a different type of scary movie but it was good. Love how they spot lighted someone with autism and technology. Hope to see a sequel.

- Refreshingly different5 star

The movie moved right along and definitely had some scary moments. The overall message was good and it wasn’t the same old story line it seems most movies recycle.

- wasn’t bad4 star

actually quite decent. i liked it

- Best of 20205 star

Well it’s been a unique year to say the least. As I’m a big movie buff, I was disappointed in most movies that came out this year. This is new, original and good. This movie will keep you interested until the end which makes it a good movie, has good scare scenes, acting was well, not a big plot though a decent one. I rated this 5 stars because it is thee only movie that came out this year that is actually worth watching.

- It was worth the watch5 star

Loved the ending !!!! Overall great movie !!!!!

- Pass1 star

This movie is more annoying than scary and the effects are horrendous.

- Not bad4 star

It has its creepy moments, and the creature is pretty freaky. All in all I liked it.

- Worth a watch5 star

A story that we have seen before and bad CGI of Larry but the film works as a popcorn flick to watch to kill an hour or so. It did have some tense moments and interesting characters. Dad was terrible and bland as possible but over worth a watch. Enjoy!

- Amazing5 star

So good. Very well made and terrifying.

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elyse displayed - Come play5 star

Boys Congratulations are you still winning The supporting actor or director Special video for you guys who made this movie The best hit picture hit on your new life song quest karaoke choir singing karaoke The best actress Oscar winning performance leading role in new musical talent show in theatre 🎭 They are in their bedroom Congratulations

alexandhammy - 1/101 star

Not scary, slow, boring. Cringe in moments. Wasn't a good flick.

critic01010 - N2 star

Too slow.

EJB20122012 - OK3 star

Good but not so scary

Angry_movie_review - Nope.. not a horror film1 star

This is a children’s movie.

look out 69 - Come Play5 star

Good creepy movie for kids

ROY.KYLE90 - Very scary and very accurate to how we live today5 star

I would definitely recommend this movie as one the scariest movies of 2020

Silentblabber - Good movie4 star

Not the best horror film but it was good especially for a family movie night. No sexual content. It gives you the scare but not to the extent of nightmarish scare.

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