Honest Thief

Honest Thief Summary and Synopsis

Meticulous thief Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) has stolen $9 million from small-town banks while keeping his identity a secret. But after he falls in love with the bubbly Annie (Kate Walsh), Tom decides to come clean about his criminal past, only to be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents. Packed with action, Honest Thief is a tale of redemption and one man's mission to make things right for the sake of love. A bank robber tries to turn himself in because he's falling in love and wants to live an honest life...but when he realizes the Feds are more corrupt than him, he must fight back to clear his name. Honest Thief Wiki

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Never steal a man's second chance...

Honest Thief Movie (2020)

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Honest Thief Movie Reviews

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- Crap1 star

Crap movie from a crap actor. Who would want to watch anything this America hating butthead makes. Despises “Americans and their guns,” but makes his living from pretending to kill people! What a loser.

- Really good!5 star

Better than I expected. Great plot and acting! Naturally if he hadn’t stole the money in the first place he wouldn’t have this problem, lol ;)

- Yawn, But Not Forgotten1 star

It’s a given that if it’s a Liam Neeson film, you know how it, and all of its following sequels, will end before you even see the first scene. However, this film does have its purpose. It’s great to help induce sleep during bouts of insomnia.

- Honest Thief4 star

A good movie. Good ending. Not a great movie, but certainly worth watching. I don't understand the one star reviews. The movie is much better than that.

- PATHETIC!!1 star

Stop wasting your time and hard earned money supporting these sorry mental cases in Hollywood that are so desperate to have you bow down to their feet that they are just throwing trash movies out at you. Absolutely PATHETIC!! Liam Neeson, one of Hollywoods biggest names in acting, always acting with a gun in his hand and yet the whole time, HE EXPECT YOU TO BE UNARMED AND A VICTIM!! Stop supporting these fools. Bring on some real and honest actors that live by what they portray, at least.

- Excellent5 star

Great movie!!!

- Almost puked1 star

Ever throw up in your mouth then swallow it back down? If not, watch this movie...

- Awful1 star

Don’t even rent this. Wait to watch it on TV a few years from now. Actually never watch it.

- Liam does it again!5 star

Don’t understand the bad reviews! Though predictable, Liam Neeson brings the same action and thrill that he does to all of his movies!

- Love Liam.5 star

He does sure film great movies. Loved the ending!

- If you’re bored sitting around the house by it2 star

I like Liam Neeson this is not a great movie it’s mediocre at best I don’t know who’s writing this crap it is a movie that I watch once great movies you watched two and three times this one not so much.

- Good movie3 star

Good movie but predictable. Some dumb plot like the woman going to the storage place even though he said get away. Kinda lame plot with the crooked thief giving all his money up because he is love. Yeah okay. Enough action to keep you entertained. Heard of crooked cops not crooked FBI agents .

- Worst script ever1 star

Feels like a really bad TV movie. Wait until you can see it for free, and you may not want to finish watching it.

- Honest Garbage1 star

That was the review.

- Horrible1 star

not even worth a 99 cent rental if it comes to that. Bad story. Bad acting. Totally worthless.

- Good movie!4 star

Great movie! And no I’m not getting paid to give 4stars. Some people expect too much, I recommend watch movie from your favor actors and maybe you will be happy.

- Is this CoVid1 star

I’m writing this review based on the trailer. It looks like they phoned this one in .. literally looks like it’s all digitally put together and the actors aren’t even together making the film. What a waste. Don’t try to fool people

- n2northsiders5 star

Thank you n2northsiders! Your review was a well needed, honest viewpoint. They need to back off the hyped-up reviews and stop misleading the potential audience. You nailed it with your title!

- Can I get my money back1 star

I wanted to like it. The positive reviews sold me, which now that I’ve seen it, I’m puzzled how there can be so many positive reviews. I’m a Liam Nesson fan, but this movie was like how to make a movie 101. Elementary screen writing. No surprises or clever banter. Just blah. Produced badly. Lots of holes. Big disappointment. Would love my time and money back.

- Ehh2 star

It was alright nothing too exciting about this movie

- Truly Pathetic1 star

Can’t believe I sat thru the whole thing. Is Neeson that broke? Take a pass on this one.

- Sad1 star

Shallow script. Not smart at all. Nonsense.

- Good movie5 star

it was an amazing movie .

- Good and clean5 star

This was a relatively clean movie that was easy and exciting to watch.

- Wow, Just plain Bad1 star

Not sure how it has 4 stars movie is just awful.

- Really?3 star

Too much talking and not enough action... And yes there is an annoying woman who is nothing but a setback for this dude

- Not the greatest story3 star

Good if you are bored. Liam is a top actor, story is not great.

- Zzzzzzz2 star

Fell asleep 3 times watching this film. Runs like a lifetime show.

- Epic Liam Neeson4 star

Classic Liam Neeson

- Great actors who phoned it in1 star

Great cast... horrible writing and acting. Was hoping for so much better, but this movie was complete crap, my wife and I were laughing at scenes that made no sense..

- forgettable but…3 star

Liam Neeson is the Tom Hanks of revenge and violence. Like Mr Hanks, if Liam is in it, the movie is passable.

- Not Good1 star

Boring B-Grade movie. Set design was cheap and uninteresting. Script needed more work. Didn't finish watching it. Save your money.

- good5 star

i watched it cause jasmine cephas jones and anthony ramos were in it and i cried a lot when he died but it was good

- Liam Neeson does it again5 star

Love this movie... always outsmarting the evil guys

- So Corny2 star

Completely ridiculous and just ... dumb

- well3 star

ehh it was okay. the story is kinda stupid. Turn the money in anonymousley. Plus some for any damages. Bam! Redeemed.

- Very good!5 star

More down-to-earth and lower key than your typical Liam Neeson action films. Great story line and engaging characters. I love the chemistry between Neeson and Walsh in this one.

- Ok3 star

It was ok. Storyline was a bit out there. But a fun watch if nothing else looks good.

- Good action movie5 star

Liam Neeson never let me down I love this movie ,he’s a great actor this movie have a lot of action and dome good actors ❤️

- You won’t be disappointed5 star

Another great movie of the Taken guy

- Great Flic5 star

The best Liam Neeson movie I’ve ever seen. Very believable. Good action, as always - but a story that will jerk a few tears.

- !!!! Gran película del 2020 !!!!5 star

Una película buenísima de principio a fin , notablemente recomendable

- Really good movie4 star

Liam Neeson does some really good movies

- Garbage1 star

They must be paying people to write favorable reviews. If you’re got money to burn, have at it

- .gitignore5 star

bash chmod rm -r

- Good movie4 star

Little like Taken movies... but storyline & action was great ..

- Decent time5 star

You wont be bored

- Another Great Liam Neeson Action Thriller4 star

I went into this thinking it was gonna another generic sloppy Action movie but it was a pleasant surprise. I went to see this with my dad on his birthday and he had a great time with it and so did I do it was nice seeing him a have good time. Liam Neeson is much more likable than he is in his other movies. And this movie has good amount of action packed scenes

- Enjoyable5 star

Great escapism and some good acting.

- Worth your time.5 star

I usually don’t write reviews but this movie is worth your time. It is an excellent movie. Will be watching it again.

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5 star

@monkey_cinema: Movie Name : Honest Thief ( 2020 ) Language : English Genre : Crime , Action Rating : 6.8/10

5 star

@monkey_cinema: Movie Name : Honest Thief ( 2020 ) Language : English Genre : Crime , Action Rating : 6.8/10

5 star

@monkey_cinema: Movie Name : Honest Thief ( 2020 ) Language : English Genre : Crime , Action Rating : 6.8/10

5 star

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5 star

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5 star

@supermangeek101: @DiscussingFilm Look like Liam Neeson has Taken retirement from action movies & is done with his Non-Stop Cold Pursuit…

5 star

@ID700mi @MovSto Honest thief \ unknown رهيبين مره

5 star

@EsaEsAle Por cuevana puedes ver Croods 2 y puedes ver Honest thief con Liam Neeson

5 star

@Nick5kennedy Honest Thief , mt bomm

5 star

@MadisonU Honest thief was good fun

5 star

I rated Honest Thief (2020) 8/10 #IMDb

5 star

@TheRandyVandy Have you not seen Honest Thief? That is the most epic film ever made

5 star

There’s a new Liam Neeson movie for rent called Honest Thief, I think that might do the trick

5 star

@noahsmom7 Honest Thief

5 star

@ZR0FKSGVN honest thief with liam neeson is good 👍

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Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images
Honest Thief movie images

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Honest Thief movie posters
Honest Thief movie posters
Honest Thief movie posters
Honest Thief movie posters
Honest Thief movie posters
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