Songbird Summary and Synopsis

In the terrifying thriller SONGBIRD from Producer MICHAEL BAY, the COVID-23 virus has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of lockdown. Infected Americans are ripped from their homes and forced into quarantine camps known as Q-Zones, from which there is no escape, as a few brave souls fight back against the forces of oppression. Amid this dystopian landscape, a fearless courier, Nico (KJ Apa), who’s immune to the deadly pathogen, finds hope and love with Sara (Sofia Carson), though her lockdown prohibits them from physical contact. When Sara is believed to have become infected, Nico races desperately across the barren streets of Los Angeles in search of the only thing that can save her from imprisonment ... or worse. During a pandemic lockdown, Nico, a young man with rare immunity, must overcome martial law, murderous vigilantes and a powerful family to reunite with his love, Sara. Songbird Wiki

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Songbird Movie (2020)

Songbird Comments & Critics

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Songbird Movie Reviews

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- Garbage1 star

Terrible movie. Felt like a propaganda film that other no real character development, predictable plot and a terrible over arching love story that makes you wanna puke the entire time. Predictable over the top sleezeball villain that has a obvious timely death with no real impact on main characters. Everything you would want from a conspiracy theory based Newsmax made for TV garbage movie. Literally no growth to the characters. Huge plot holes (the immune vs not). I suppose if you are the love interest or the “good guy” boss of the main character, that makes you immune to the virus. Makes absolutely no sense.

- 🙃🙃3 star

It was okay if it was made at a different time years from now but it was wrong of them to make now. I love KJ and Sofia in this though.

- Not worth renting or buying2 star

It’s just another basic movie where a guy whom is the main character who is trying to save the one he loves, nothing special.

- ✊🏽1 star

Can I get my money back? I thought I was watching a movie about a pandemic not some love story.

- It was better than expected!5 star

Really good. Super intense and a great story line. I loved it. Definitely recommend!!!

- ....1 star

Conditioning the population for what’s to come!

- Definitely not as bad as early reviewers said4 star

Pretty good movie. Acting was pretty good overall, and some recognizable faces didn’t hurt it. Kept my attention and was interesting story overall. definitely recommend.

- Fantastic5 star

Honestly loved this movie. Well worth the money.

- Bad1 star

The trailer looks great. Save yourself 20 bucks. It’s boring, slow, and bad acting

- Awesome Movie5 star

I wish everyone who didn’t wear masks properly, complains about masks and won’t wear them and conspiracy theorists had to watch this movie.

- It was good5 star

I like it

- The film is about "Hope"5 star

The film was great to watch. Even though it was a depressing, it did have a hopeful ending.

- Songbird5 star

Excellent movie, good acting, good story line, A Nice Michael Bay Produced Pandemic Thriller!

- Apocalyptic movie based on love.. why??1 star

It’s annoying that an apocalyptic movie about the pandemic based the movie on love. It would be a more interesting movie if the movie focuses on more action and more about the Covid pandemic. Stupid move. Don’t watch or waste your money!

- SPOT ON5 star

Please place your POLITICAL PARTY aside! - THINK! "Songbird", unknown to the Director/Producers and entire team- IS the Operational Codename for COVID-19; a virus already in existance given to the Chinese by a collective group of American Executive Politicians. The IRONY is that the movie actually portrays what a Socialist Government CAN and WILL DO and Furthermore - The TRUE POWER of our GOVERNMENT to "Control" and "maniupulate" WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES- with FULL Media Control AND "BIG TECH" at the EPICENTER of how we are tracked, traced and the technologies already "in action" currently in the US and around the Globe, by say GATES and the late JOBS. - Are you ready to be placed in "Factions"; IMMUNE, CARRIER, INFECTED - get ready for a roller coaster as we begin 2021!

- BoringBird2 star

All you need to watch is the's the whole movie in 3 minutes!

- this film will give you Rona1 star

Just look at the stupid trailer. Leftover pan-outs from Transformers...MB go to sleep...garbage

- Dope movie5 star

Dope movie 👍🏼👍🏼

- Better than these crap reviews for sure4 star

Good movie! A little scary w the world headed in this direction. But overall it makes you think what could happen. Love story, action, psychological drama .... it’s worth the watch.

- Horrible1 star

Real bad movie! Stop the insanity

- Movie5 star

People with blinders never see what the movie is putting out until the real thing happens. Open your eyes it’s all coming and it’s ganna come fast when it does. Love the movie

- a great story of hope5 star

While I understand the apprehension of people hesitant to watch this because we are currently living in a pandemic that this movie was based off of, I truly recommend giving this movie a try with an open mind. (I mean the bad reviews mostly are just about the $20 to rent which that’s how many new movies are these days since theaters are closed) The point of this story is that it’s a story of hope, and when you actually watch the movie you see that at the end of the day that’s what kept each character going. ultimately, that’s what keeps us going too. i enjoyed watching this movie and I thought it was great! Sofia Carson was phenomenal.

- Just more evidence that Hollywood is involved1 star

Just more evidence and proof that Hollywood is heavily involved in the spread of this Covid virus because they have been making these movies to "DESENSITIZE" people to what is planned with the Dems and Hollywood for their hostile take over of the country. They have been doing this garbage ever since the first movie "Outbreak" in the 80's and it has been going on ever since. Enough of this garbage and shut down Hollywood and throw ever last one of them in prison!

- Avoid!!!!!!!!!!1 star

Last K J Apa movie was like a Lifetime movie but WORSE. This one is one is a rip-off. Terrible. He is another Taylor Lautner. I would not have it even for free. Ladies there is a butt scene probably worth $1. Also, you can watch it for free on popcorn time.

- Fav5 star

Really good

- Why would I PAY 20.00 TO RENT3 star

Why would I pay this when they're telling you what they have planned

- It was a good movie, IDK what people are complaining about5 star

It was surprisingly a good, interesting movie. Worth a watch. Don’t listen to the negative reviews.

- Don’t waste you money1 star

Had I known how awful this movie is, I would have waited to watch it when it becomes free on television. Spending nearly 20 bucks on this waste of time just irks me!

- Don’t be fooled1 star

This movie had to be conceived well prior to Covid 19, which tells us the movie falls under ‘predictive programming’, just as other reviewers here have stated. Our controllers are telling us what they want to happen next. If you don’t believe this, which is most likely, at least believe this is designed to force you into a more compliant state because you don’t want this type of existence to happen in the US. Please do some research folks and stay vigilant.

- Repulsive garbage1 star

If this is prdictive programing, I guess those in power do not know the mentalty and resolve people truly have. You don't want to awaken the great sleeping American Giant. Disgusting film altogether. I give it a minus 50 stars.

- Sheep5 star

You moronic sheep are all oblivious to what this movie is telling you. This is what is to come if you allow the elites to continue their attack on the population. Stand up. Say no. Go outside. Refuse the masters.

- Good movie.4 star

Really enjoyed the movie all the people talking bad about it are just to sensitive.

- Choices5 star

Outbreak, Contagion World War Z, 12 Monkeys...etc. these are all movies based on pandemics. This type of movie has been done long before Song Bird. So is it insensitive? That’s completely up to the viewer. But the one thing I know for sure is, is that we have a choice whether or not we choose to watch it. So if your hating on a movie all you simply have to do is not watch. Very simple solution. And if you are thinking about possibly watching it. Just watch the trailer first before throwing down $20 just to rent a movie and see if it’s worth your wild. But if you choose to rent it for $20.00 after watching the trailer and are still not satisfied then you knew the risk going in.

- COVID23 🇵🇷5 star

Best covid movie ever ... @cheese24k

- Accidentally rented5 star

I meant to purchase because I wouldn’t pay $20 to rent knowingly. Everyone is hating on this movie but they’re just sensitive. If you want to see a glimpse into the future, watch it. If you like post apocalyptic movies, watch it. If you like Transformers, watch it. If you’re sensitive especially to COVID related topics, you shouldn’t watch it. I’m just going to pirate this movie since I can’t fully buy it here though, I’m not paying $20 for something that ends in 2 days, that’s ridiculous!

- not worth the $20.1 star

For a Mike Bay project? Hugely disappointed. Was waiting for the wow and it never came.

- Terrible acting & a predictable plot...2 star

This movie is getting two stars for finding a creative way to film a movie while social distancing. Other than that, it’s pretty terrible.

- Songbird ? You Mean Same Old Song And Dance ? !1 star

To viewers who may be considering this movie- do yourself and everyone else a Big Favor- FOCUS YOUR MIND AND EMOTIONAL ENERGY ON HEALING, HEALTH AND WELLNESS, PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL PEOPLE. The Mind-Heart (especially the Subconscious Mind-Heart) is a powerful duo!! Put your mind and emotional energy to work for the betterment of mankind and the Earth. PEOPLE ARE POWER and THE OUTCOME of OUR FUTURE on EARTH depends upon HOW FAST WE ALL LEARN TO USE OUR PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE POWER WISELY. LEARN EVERYTHING YOU CAN. You can begin… by avoiding this movie entitled: “Songbird”. Movies with pre and post apocalyptic themes or themes containing the topic of oppression of the masses, loss of civil liberties, etc. avoid them with a passion! Learn about how the Subconscious Mind and Heart are programmed and how to reprogram the Mind-Heart for PERFECT HEALTH AND WELLNESS. On behalf of the 99% of MANKIND AND FOR EARTH’S NATURAL BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY… Many Blessings and The Very Best To All. So BE It.

- Renting digital movies1 star

Will not pay 20$ to rent this movie and if I like it pay another 20 later to buy it. I’ll just wait until it for sale and pay for it then

- Like We Need This1 star

Last thing I need in the world for an escape to watch a fictitious movie about a virus that mutates out of control. Thanks Hollywood.

- Don’t believe the 5star idiot1 star

This is quick cash grab! SAVE YOUR MONEY

- We got played1 star

The preview makes the movie look like a very compelling story and worth watching. But take it from me and all the other reviews. It’s definitely not worth it. If it goes to .99 maybe. But for $20? I feel like I got scammed.

- Wow5 star

This movie is incredible, possibly my favorite movie of all time.

- NoVid1 star

Why would Hollywood think I want to watch this now? Like I haven’t had enough of this depressing crap in real life. The LAST thing I want is to watch a movie about it and have to PAY for the privilege.

- I hope this fails miserably1 star

This my fiends is called predictive programming, it’s the elites way of showing you what’s in store based on their plans. What we are in right now is stage one of these plans. This movie shows what they want for the next stages.

- Agree with the other review1 star

Id gladly pay 20$ to buy this. Why only rent is beyond me.

- Loved it!5 star

Really loved this movie. Well done and wasn’t what I was expecting, in a good way.

- Wow5 star

Movie is really good and I recommend watching

- Atrocious1 star

I thought the negative reviews were due to people being sensitive about the fact they actually made a movie about Covid, but the movie is actually just terrible. I understand this movie was probably rushed so they could be the first “Covid” movie, but my lord this is just a mess. You took an interesting plot and did nothing with it.

- An inappropriate and disconcerting cash grab.1 star

An inappropriate and disconcerting cash grab.

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BD_Fire - Scripting 💯1 star

Another movie pushing a narrative. Society doesn’t need this right now.

Dorian Nord - it could of should of be..but it’s not good1 star


grazer234 - Omg5 star

I am in shock. This movie was amazing. I knew once you cast Sofia Carson in a movie it’s going to be amazing. I only watched this because she was in it🤭❤️❤️

B-Dre - Why can you just charge $30 to purchase?1 star

I have kids during the COVID, can’t really do much to find time to watch this without being constantly interrupted. Not going to pay $20 To rent and risk not getting to watch this. Rethink your sales strategy

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