Shadow in the Cloud

Shadow in the Cloud Summary and Synopsis

In the throes of World War II, Captain Maude Garrett (CHLOË GRACE MORETZ) joins the all-male crew of a B-17 bomber with a top-secret package. Caught off guard by the presence of a woman on a military flight, the crew tests Maude’s every move. Just as her quick wit is winning them over, strange happenings and holes in her backstory incite paranoia surrounding her true mission. But this crew has more to fear…lurking in the shadows, something sinister is tearing at the heart of the plane. Trapped between an oncoming air ambush and an evil lurking within, Maude must push beyond her limits to save the hapless crew and protect her mysterious cargo. A WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight. Shadow in the Cloud Wiki

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Every mission has its demons...

Shadow in the Cloud Movie (2021)

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Shadow in the Cloud Movie Reviews

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- Not the greatest2 star

Could’ve been a good movie storyline was OK. But it’s like they just slapped it together to make a movie. overall not that good.

- I went in expecting nothing.1 star

I went into this expecting nothing, and we still let down. This movie isn’t good. Wish we could cancel it.

- Woke.1 star

Men are weak and Women are strong. All this movie is about.

- WOOHOO!5 star

This was great entertainment! You one star reviews need to take life less serious

- Good action movie5 star

If you want to watch a movie just for fun, I recommend renting.

- The worst1 star

Worst thing ever

- Relax5 star

Don’t expect too much from the story but the entire movie is relaxing!

- Lol1 star


- Fun and entirely enjoyable5 star

This movie was great. Don’t listen to the bad reviews. With movie theaters out of business, this is how new movies will be marketed. The cost will be around the same price as going to a movie theater for two people. Get used to it.

- 3.5 Stars3 star

Chloe’s performance was excellent. Had some really cool SFX. Not that much back story on her or where the creatures came from.

- Nah1 star

It’s official. Hollywood has run out of ideas.

- Fun5 star

It was a ride that’s for sure. The low star reviews are just upset because this movie is out of control. But that can be a good thing. It’s a fun movie. I cannot say that to often, so it’s 5 stars from me.

- Terrible1 star

The movie was a TOTAL waste of time and money. What a joke.

- I want my $20 back1 star

A complete waste of time.

- Dumb as F**k1 star

Stupid plot stupid movie...def not worth the extortion price wait for Netflix...TRUMP2020

- Not good1 star

Not worth a $20 rental or a $25 buy.Boring movie.

- Umm, what?2 star

The preview is awesome, the movie is a B but so boring and disjointed. Not giving anything away, but there is no tie-in with the bat thing. The action is good, but everything you saw in the preview. So, think of the preview, and then a lot of talking. The banter is real for the time, but repetitive after the 1st minute. We have movie night just about every night, and everyone (6 people from 14 - 65) did not like the movie.

- Don’t Do It1 star

This movie is so bad I feel as though Apple should refund our money.

- A Disaster after Takeoff2 star

Where do I start? The first bit brought me in. Between the 80's techno-synth vibes, to the dark and unhesitating portrayal of impending aviation doom, this film had so much potential. Afterwards, it turned into something that can only be described as a pure, unadulterated, feminist pitch to destroy and paint some of the most iconic and storied crews of World War II, as a dogmatic, misogynistic, unthinkably sexist group of "dogs." They spent and invested a considerable amount of time to create a feeling in the movie, that made the viewers subconsciously place the Men in the same category as the monster. Completely inept, rapey, flaunting undeniable sexual harassment, while teetering on the edge of sexual assault. Outside the confines of pure destructive storywriting, the script was littered with absolutely unrealistic scenes, from hanging on the bottom of an aircraft going 100+ knots, to being blown back into the turret hold after falling straight down 10-15' by a distant explosion, this "movie" somehow managed to keep me shackled to the seat in hopes it would evolve into something I could speak about—well, it didn't evolve, in devolved into a sad and unforgettable disaster. This movie had great potential—I bought it because I was excited to see the Chloë play in a main role. But, I can't believe they did what they did. I get it, it's a movie—but this isn't a good one.

- Director was not good1 star

The movie was not good. The director really wasted talented people like Chloe Grace Moretz and Callen Mulvey. It is a shame that the movie failed to show the true strength and contributions of women to the war efforts during WWII. Roseanne Liang decided to go on a different, totally unnecessary, slapstick direction. What a plane crash of a movie.

- It's different. In a good way.5 star

Just sit back and let this one happen. Entertaining.

- Good entertainment 💥📺❤️5 star

It’s a fun mindless movie that is perfect for date night. The boyfriend and me had a good time watching it in his bedroom....

- Stay away..1 star

One of the worst movies of the year. The stunts in the movie were so unreal, that at times you felt you watching a cartoon - instead of a movie. The whole bat/ vampire thing destroying the planes engine was a very bad copy / ripoff from a classic episode from the Twilight Zone. Save your money on this one... Hollywood needs to come up with better movie ideas.

- Terrible Movie1 star

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how a professional outfit can turn out such trash. The plot makes no sense. You have a creature from somewhere that serves no purpose and when the contents of briefcase are revealed, there is no connection whatsoever. The acting is second rate, the script and the plot line are disjointed. A waste of 90 minutes.

- Look out James Cameron!4 star

Outrageously entertaining! Boisterous B-Movie energy when it kicks into gear about half way in. Stay with it if you like early Peter Jackson flicks and over-the-top, incredulous stunts - this is the flavor and style to expect going in. Wacky cartoon violence on celluloid. This NZ director has an amazing Hollywood action career ahead of her if the stars align. Congratulations!

- Heavy Metal3 star

This movie looks like it’s based off the bomber portion of Heavy Metal the movie....

- Well there something here!!!4 star

Chloe Grace moretz is the only thing that make this movie works and some stand outs from the rest of the cast but I do think it was very head scratching by the end of the film but it still stupid fun of a action war horror ish thriller I do consider recommending it for people who desperate for a new action film but if you a Chloe Grace moretz fan then you definitely will have a fun time watching it somehow must buy!!!!!


This Based of aviators of the 1920’s & 1940s. During world war 1 & 2. The aviator pilots would Hallucinate From a medical conditions caused by pilots being up 24 to 72 hrs flying in High altitudes. Where are oxygen levels could be extremely low. Which caused them to be fatigued, nodding out & hallucinating from being up for hours to be defend & fly their cargo’s safely & the had to be on high alert to fight enemy aviators in the sky. But maybe gremlins is what I have to Amelia Earhart’s plane. Lol 😂 that’s sarcasm. But When something went wrong with the craft in the skies & there were anomalies they couldn’t figure out at the time. Because that was before we realize that mechanics could just mess up for no reason. Oil, gasoline, electrical issues but Because unexplainable events woild that occurred during a mission it was reported that they seen gremlins & they were to blame! Mostly I think because pilots didn’t want to take responsibility for those very expensive planes malfunctioning.. I’m 38. So I grew up with the cartoons & my mom loved watching old Twilight zone epsiodes They made a bugs bunny episode about it. ( Falling Hare ) bugs bunny 1943 ( Twilight zone 1963) nightmare at 20,000 feet. Starring a young William Shatner. Then they made a movie twilight zones most popular 3 Epsiodes. In ( Twilight zone: the movie 1983. John Lithgow starring in A gremlin on the wing ✈️ So this is based on some real facts. As told in the cartoon at the beginning. So for you who think is just fictional [email protected] Research before you judge. people.

- Plot Disaster1 star

This film pulls you in early on however, as it drags on this film turns into a jumbled disaster. The whole Gremlin aspect of this film makes no sense and feels like the writer and director got lazy after filming the first 20 minutes and just didn’t know how to end it. They had a gem if they just had the Japanese attacking alone and having Chloe’s character bond and interact with the other crew mates. This is the worst film I have seen this year and I have no idea how it could get worse!

- Silly Movie1 star

This flick was pretty silly from the start. Don’t waste your time or money on this. The acting was one dimensional, the story was absurd and the cgi was amateurish. The stunts defied logic and was unrealistic. Chloe’s performance was uncomfortable and awkward. I repeat, don’t waste your time and money.

- Mostly About worry a baby and talker too much.1 star

I excited your movie and watched being and end of movie, unfortunately it was not great movie. Only I laughed at monster's long tail after a woman chopped off monster's tail .. I thought she is best shooter all in one movie.. but nope..felt not excite...

- Want a Refund1 star

I bought it because I just adore the actress. The trailer looked ok. I would say a B. So we got out our popcorn, turned it on and after 20 mins, we all wanted to bail. After sticking it out to the end. We all were praying for that hour and a half back. Watch if your caught up on your tv shows and their is nothing left. Too many plot twists. The fake accents are so bad.

- Waste of time expected more.1 star

Watched the first 30 minutes and then fast forwarded anther 30 minutes into the movie. When I pushed play and resumed the movie I felt like I did not miss anything and it was just a blink of the eye. Watch the preview and you have the whole movie for free.

- Fully entertained4 star

People you need to relax and stop complaining about the price. It’s 19.99 because it came straight to digital so you can watch it in the comfort of your own home. My wife and I would have spent more if we went out and saw it in the theater. So I’m pretty stoked. And Chloe was awesome in this as expected.

- Worst movie ever made1 star

This is by far the worst movie ever made. It’s really laughable to be honest.

- Eeehhhhh.. ok I guess3 star

It was ok. Another movie pushing the girl power crap again, but it wasn’t to woke. It was like an episode of twilight zone.

- Entirely original, feminist take on B-movie Shlock5 star

I encourage you to ignore the negative reviews here. Shadow in the Cloud is some of the most fun I've had with a movie in a very long time. Roseanne Liang has made a genius feminist tribute to Midnight Maddness movies and has perfectly nailed every aspect--horror, comedy, monster movie, action--in brilliant hyperactive fashion. Moretz and Liang seamlessly navigate through multiple purposeful tone-shifts to delivery a final product that is not only the most ADD film I've ever seen in my life (and I say that with love), but also packs a serious action punch, all while giving the middle finger to the accused sex offender from whom the story originated.

- Nope1 star

Won’t even watch this but this was produced? I watched the preview scene of her fall out of a plane and land on another exploding plane and being blasted back into the plane she fell from. I asked myself ‘are people actually paying money to watch this?’

- Not good1 star

I purchased this out of desperation for a good movie and was disappointed severely.

- Fun Movie5 star

Good to see her back kickin a.. again. She is featured in 90% of the film, great job CGM!!!

- Disappointed1 star

Was actually ok in the beginning but when it got to the action it seemed slapped together and poorly planned out

- Bad1 star


- What a movie!!!!1 star

I’d rather give up my first born child than watch this disaster again

- This movie was SO bad.1 star

This is hands down...the very worst movie I have EVER seen. EVER. I’ve never even written a review, but I HAD to for this movie, just to tell people to not even waste their time.

- I literally do not have decent words to describe my disappointment1 star

The movie is total and pure nonsense. The genre is “horror” by some sort of confusion? It is purely a comedy. The very bad one, tasteless and senseless comedy. It is a total joke and mockery to the “strong women movie” trend of recent years. Please tell me it is just a mockery, but not a degradation of the trend!

- Skip it!1 star

Worst movie I have seen all year and I have seen a lot.

- Fun and weird4 star

This is a fun wild ride. This movie is crazy. Like what the heck is going on lol. Get you beers and popcorn and get ready to melt your brain cells lol.

- No está1 star

No está en español es lo malo

- Trash1 star

First review I have ever left for a movie. If a movie could receive negative stars this would be it. I somehow have to make up for 90 minutes wasted of my life.

- Great5 star

It was unexpected and I was imagining a lot of different theories. However, I think this was great. You don’t mess with a mom!

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elyse displayed - Shadow movie5 star

Jessica The future of the world war 3 years ago today and she was only girl She got a part By in Jackson Wayne Cousins And who made this movie for this morning and back in with heather And flames 🔥 on fires 🔥 and very hot 🥵 on the Cookie Monster Laptops 💻 And Mountains 🏔 and ocean 🌊 And windy 🌬 hot day Steam Jelly belly bell And yes And any nominees the best actress Oscar winning leading role in new role model in new ways and ways with cast members and crew with her big talent teams Congratulations Jessica

The Bionic Man - Chloe Grace Mortez5 star

It really was a good popcorn movie however I am still waiting for a stand alone HitGirl Movie or a Kickass 3 revolving around HitGirl. Chloe Grace Mortez is the most understated actor until you examine the HitGirl profile, The Avengers have nothing on HitGirl nor does Bataman, she’s my hero so where’s the movie

Pran001 - Shadow in the cloud1 star

OMG...Not even a B movie. Please give me back my 75min of wasted time. Bad all around, what a waste of $25 dollars. I want my money back....

Trinh_30 - Horrible1 star

Don’t spend your $$$. No plot and didn’t make sense.

blcksunn88 - How stupid!1 star

More dumb fantasy WWII crap! Hollywood has run out of fresh ideas. It is just the same old story told over and over and over ......

Globetrotting Beards - Nice mash-up4 star

Gremlins, feminism and WW2 dog fight all pack into an hour and fifteen minutes. I enjoyed it for what it is, a B-movie nod to the old John Carpenter movies from the 80s. Chloe is great, as usual.

joeschmoe28 - Fun movie4 star

Way more interesting and fun than I expected! The direction was superb and the synth score suited the movie perfectly. Chloe Grace Moretz would be perfectly cast in a Bourne or Mission Impossible style movie!

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Peantubuttercup - That’s the way it should be5 star

Buy or rent is how it should be, anyways fun movie. Watched it on prime as I didn’t see it here at the time.

movie2341 - Good4 star

Good and entertaining but it’s way expensive to rent .

Hyuito - SMH1 star

Have you ever rented something for the group to watch and even watched the trailer and said “that’s it!” Even after watching the trailer I had low expectations going into the movie. However was not prepared for how low it actually was. Biggest waste of time. There was a slither of hope in the beginning that this could be something fun to watch but oh boy, the writers must of been high acids and somehow justified the budget on this movie. All sense and logic of any form of story telling out the window. It’s like several writers and producers had a disagreement on of the story and plot and rather agree on one plot, they all compromised and managed to squeeze everything in and make it work.. but no Sir! It did not. Recommend only if you need something going on the background while you play candy crush.

andresi09 - Jaw Dropping Good!5 star

This film has it all- the thrills, the masterclass in acting from Chloe Grace Moretz (which is only elevated by the stellar cast ensemble), the fun script which feels like an Overlord based spinoff, the incredible action pieces/choreography, the retro epic soundtrack, the beautiful shots/framing and cinematography. All of this is seemlessly tied together and executed by the wonderful direction of Roseanne Liang, who captures the period/nostalgia/thrill/fear/adrenaline and true escapism that Shadow in the Cloud is. There is no better experience when the audience is put into the action and Shadow in the Cloud does that and MORE. If this is the first film release of 2021 I can only say, we are off to a stellar start.

Carrerg - Priced Out!1 star

When you consider the amount of people living in the United States alone being around 325 million people. Let’s say off of them can afford to spend a dollar on this movie. That’s approximately a 165 million dollar opening for a B grade action flick. Now that’s making money! Who in there right mind would spend $19.99 to rent this, yet alone buy it! Give it time, it will soon be a 99 cent rental, don’t feed the beast!

Ogreboy9504 - Unbelievable......1 star

In almost every sense of the word. I can’t believe that someone thought this would be a viable movie when it steals so many of its elements from other movies/stories and mashes them together in a psychedelic blender of poor dialogue, ridiculous action and ...... unbelievable acting. I can only imagine that someone either owed Chloe Grace-Moretz a lot of money or they wanted to tank her career for putting her in an unbelievable chunk of garbage like this.

REG$420$ - Shadow in the cloud1 star

Waste of money, stupid, made absolutely no sense. Do not waste your time this movie was terrible!!!!!

alistairg - Wow. So. Bad.1 star

This is easily the worst movie I’ve seen in a year, and that’s amidst some pretty stiff 2020-covid competition. Avoid at all costs.

Berkeley Rooster - Boring!1 star

Don't waste your time and money: It's very boring. Also, the acting is terrible and empty.

D.N.TN - Is this the only story you could come up with?3 star

Hollywood is getting desperately ridiculous... and lame.

Zerowingx - Fighting evil5 star

I can see being Buffy

Mos313 - Too rich for my blood, too.1 star

will rent when it is $5.00

eastcoastgrrl - So want money back.1 star

This was not entertaining. The cool soundtrack didn't fit the era. Hate when movies do that. The premise was so weak. So disappointed in other reviews here on iTunes. Last time we select a film based on reviews here.

Lightkeeper35 - Great Movie5 star

God it’s great seeing actresses being used finally in popcorn flicks as the lead. Keep it up,

nrose101 - Amazing Film!5 star

In the vein of a classic John Carpenter film or Stephen Sommers’ Deep Rising. Great fun b-rated film. Perfect way to bring in new year!

The OnionEaters - A review for an unseen movie4 star

You rated and reviewed a movie you haven’t seen? Kinda like how I’m analyzing your review even though I haven’t seen the movie either. Amazing.

NecroAether - Great Movie!5 star

This movie was amazing! Chloe is such a great actress all around. Totally worth it. Action packed and great acting from the entire cast.

I love movies, not comics - 20 bucks for a rental???1 star

What happened to 3.99?

nidthehustler - Good movie5 star

Good movie

rls1138 - Great little B movie!4 star

Okay, so it was a GREAT little B movie, well worth your time! It almost goes off the rails in the third act but pulls through and felt like a John Carpenter film, especially with the soundtrack. Chloe Moretz was awesome as always and it had impressive effects for its budget. Recommended!🤠📺🐕

Ground_zero298 - Horrible.2 star

Thought it was going to be a nice change up from the previews. They got me good. Watching this for free would be good at best. Save your money

qwertyuiopjhgvbn - Overall wasn’t bad5 star

The action scenes and acting were all good just wish they’d add more to the plot. Like where did that monster come from and why did it want the baby so bad. Overall I did not like the plot it was built up to be let down

trendingboys - Looks good5 star

Oh yeah

jrjr9292 - Bad1 star


Phouse81 - At Least it’s Original3 star

The first 2/3 of the film are kind hard to watch, as the male characters are so dislikable to the point that it makes you cringe. It does build suitable tension, as the viewer you want to know what is going on as well. The action sequences are pretty good, for a moment it honestly felt like a Mad Max chase, but in the air. I give credit to this movie for being more original than some of the other recycled things we’ve all seen before. The way it was shot, and how so much of the movie took place in a small space was interesting. Overall, not a bad thriller/action film. Chloë Grace Moretz did a really good job as well. Unless you’re so bored with having felt like you’ve seen everything and need something new, I’d say this one could wait until they drop the price by half in a month or so.

5 star

SHADOW IN THE CLOUD (2021): When they did the video game-style introductions of the secondary characters, I thought…

5 star

@RickardReview: Crítica / Review: Shadow In The Cloud #ShadowInTheCloud #Vudu #Critica #Review #Opinion #Reseña…

5 star

Out now: 'Shadow in the Cloud' is an absolute mess, but also a small miracle that it's as entertaining as it is. Ro…

5 star

Shadow In The Cloud was an absolute blast of genre fun! Completely surprised me :) Would be great to double bill…

5 star

Kalau rasa bosan & nak hiburan pi la tengok movie Shadow in the cloud. Terhibur.

5 star

@hefretes @WilburyMax Ya puse todas a bajar. Acabo de terminar de ver Shadow in the Cloud y qué fiesta hermosa, la puta madre.

5 star

クロエが出るShadow in the Cloudは面白そうだな

5 star

* Shadow in the cloud * Não recomendaria nem pro meu pior inimigo.

5 star

#NowWatching Shadow In The Cloud 1st Viewing Movie date with the wife! Film #8 of 2021 #FilmTwitter #Film…

5 star

#名言・名詩集 「For we who grew up tall and proud In the shadow of the mushroom cloud Convinced our voices can't be heard…

5 star

You know I was really enjoying "Shadow In The Cloud" until their twist just turned out to be a be a romantic based…

5 star

@sxsdale2 Watched the Movie "Shadow In The Cloud" might be the dumbest most insane yet entertaining movie in a while lol..

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world war ii image gremlin image female pilot image flying fortress image

Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images
Shadow in the Cloud movie images

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Shadow in the Cloud movie posters
Shadow in the Cloud movie posters
Shadow in the Cloud movie posters
Shadow in the Cloud movie posters
Shadow in the Cloud movie posters
Shadow in the Cloud movie posters
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