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From ACADEMY AWARD-WINNING director Bryan Fogel (ICARUS), The Dissident is a critically acclaimed edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline-filled thriller that plays out at the highest levels of power, exposing the labyrinth of deceit behind the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Featuring never before seen surveillance footage and unprecedented access to a wealth of other damning information previously unavailable to the public, Fogel weaves a story of courage, money, power, tyranny, love, and technology run amok. The Dissident is the untold story of the crime that shook the world. When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, his fiancée and dissidents around the world are left to piece together the clues to a brutal murder and expose a global cover up perpetrated by the very country he loved. The Dissident Wiki

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The untold story of the murder that shook the world...

The Dissident Movie (2020)

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The Dissident Movie Reviews

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- Excellent Expose on the Khashoggi Murder5 star

I hope the whole world sees this documentary.

- Amazing!!!5 star

A must see documentary!!

- What do you know ?1 star

That movie made for political agenda , everyone is interested about Saudi Arabia specially politicians and they ignore their own country when a politician tell you to look away from your country when you know something about to happened to you , thanks God I am from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

- Good choice.5 star


- Eye Opener5 star

I thought it was a bit slow in the beginning, but I waited. I’m glad I did. It was an eye opener. I hate that no streaming service will buy this documentary, so more people can access it. Also, beware that many of the bad reviews on here are trolls.

- Amazing film5 star

This one hits hard. Well worth watching. Look at all the bad reviews they are all from the Saudi propaganda machine. It’s comical.

- Mafia5 star

From what I saw I think Al-Saud family is the Middle East mafia.

- Excellent Documentary5 star

We are stuck in Middle-east, Power at any cost!

- Speaking truth to power5 star

A remarkable and guy-wrenching film. Celebrating those willing to risk their lives for the sake of truth is more important than ever. I recommend this film to all, masterful.

- Awful1 star

Cannot even understand

- Perfect5 star

Best documentary I’ve seen in a long time if not the best. Period.

- Powerful5 star

Saw the director on a podcast and had to watch it. I’m glad I did. Eye opening.

- This is really bad.1 star

I am very interested in the subject. It is very badly done. Documentaries do not have to be paint drying.

- WOW5 star

I mean just wow. What an absolutely enthralling and powerful documentary. Absolutely chilling though.

- Many wrong facts1 star


- Excellent5 star

Very well done documentary; straightforward, pointed and on point. Definitely recommend watching. #justiceforjamal.

- Fake1 star

Long live Saudi

- Not real1 star

My review about this movie is all about lies and what it is about the propaganda that Thay have about KSA

- A Must See Documentary5 star

This documentary was both eye opening and beyond disturbing. I suspect those writing poor reviews have been dispatched by the same people in power who didn’t want this film released. A great, informative film that everyone meets to watch immediately. It really paints a troubling portrait of MBS and his willingness to kill and torture those who oppose his rule.

- The movie is based on a lie story1 star

I don’t recommend it.

- Bad movie1 star

Not good at all

- Sobering and important documentary for Free People of the world.5 star

Shocking and far more insightful than what the media covered. To see how the Saudi king unleashed his wrath on innocents is beyond words. Even what he did to Bezos was despicable. An important documentary for freedom loving people across the world. We’ve lost a great hero to a very dark force in this world.

- Very good. Would highly recommend.5 star


- Bryan Fogel did it Again!5 star

Shows the power of Twitter and a constant dream for democratic Middle East one day!

- Truly well done, and so poignant ~No Spoilers5 star

First impressions lead you to believe you’re about to go down the international true crime rabbit hole, slowing unraveling the truth behind Jamal’s mysterious disappearance. You quickly begin to realize that Jamal’s embassy ~incident~ was just the last thing in a culmination of years wrought with dissent, blackmail, self exile vs love of home and a tangled web of Saudi royal family members. A truly suspenseful, eye opening and mind boggling dive into the world of a prominent journalist’s (Jamal) epic journey from trusted confidant to the Saudi royals (including MBS himself), to being MBS’s public enemy #1.

- Powerful and Credible5 star

Fascinating and compelling work from the filmmaker of the Oscar-winning documentary, Icarus. Fear of political retribution from the Saudis meant it almost didn't find distribution. It's a gut-wrenching story, and a cautionary tale against autocratic control. Highly, highly recommended. Beware of the negative "reviews" here, which appear to support the accusations in the film of a government-backed online troll army; note that they don't actually discuss the documentary, but attack its subject instead. Maybe they should watch it first.

- X5 star

Wow just wow!!

- Oh my5 star

Watching this from the USA. Really mind blowing that this happened!

- Epic5 star

Just heard of this from Joe Rogan's podcast and rented it. Crazy stuff!!!

- Not for everybody5 star

This isn't a happy documetnary. This is a real life tale of power, technology, love, and murder that wil leave you shocked. Bryan Fogel you have done it again! Excellent work

- well done5 star

So glad there I live in the USA. We are going through something here not as bad as there but a real reality check honestly.

- It is what it is5 star

The truth came out. Seriously great documentary. Must have been tough making this

- Great Documentary!5 star

Wonderful movie. Top notch in every way. Everyone should watch!

- Excellent5 star

A lot of factual information and interesting topics brought up that really makes you understand the situation and puts you into perspective well done

- LIES.1 star


- It’s all lies1 star

This movie is filled with lies , also shows Omar how much he hate his own country

- Meh1 star

It’s like saying Hitler escaped to Argentina; full of suspense but no evidence.

- Award Winning5 star

I rented it and it's totally worth it. Such a detailed documentary about something so tragic. The Saudis must not be happy about this.

- Ignore the false negative reviews. This documentary is a MUST WATCH!5 star

This incredible documentary is packed with riveting true details about the barbaric murder of acclaimed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The false negative reviews are EXACTLY why everyone needs to see this film as soon as possible.

- Seen it5 star

Heard about it on a podcast so I had to watch it. Really deep and well done documentary. Gave me the chills honestly!

- Woah5 star

Everybody should watch this at least one. Relatable even in the USA with things going on here also. Peace

- Like Icarus powerful film Oscar worthy5 star

Like the documentary Icarus I think it's a powerful film you could be an Oscar contender. Could it be the trolls refer to in the film have given this movie all these bad reviews. Yeah the price is high but perhaps it's because he couldn't get the support for the film yet hope for including streaming on main stream platform like Icarus did? I am a victim of violence, threats including one over the phone by an NYPD detective, online A lawyer using a fake account threatening me with retaliation and using the "c" word. I sent it to the NYPD who acted on the threat. The city of New York protected all crimes along with the Manhattan DA and enabled even more crimes. Years so before I had reported Jeffrey Epstein for stealing my yard I called the NYPD spoke to detective 1996. When I had a letter published in the New York Times about holocaust start battle over the mural of pain I xeroxed it and wrote a letter on this rock say the Manhattan DA. The year before I had a letter in the financial times about basic human rights women's rights how women are seen the male gaze --I can tell you as someone who cannot get justice and continues to be a victim of terrible wrongdoing human rights violations civil rights violations and a victim of a pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the 1st Precinct One Police Plaza Internal Affairs --obstructing justice in with the city of New York cheating to win lying in court that I was not coerced when I was withholding my attackers letter threatening me with a second false cross complaint... I can tell you while we have this Twitter.... I can't stand social media and they have used gaslighting or people on their behalf have over eight years trying to convince me it's my fault... so how do you imagine I feel about this film? The media has been killing news on Epstein and Maxwell and my case. I refer people to the film "spotlight" when they ask me how could this go on including judges protecting all crimes and civil rights violations etc.

- Why is is so expensive?2 star

This is a ridiculous price for a movie. I want to watch it but I'm not paying for that. Also, watch out for the bad reviews. Most of them are Spams from the Saudis.

- Fantastic5 star

Fogel has some serious stones for this one, this was intense.

- worth it5 star

A little expensive but totally worth it!

- United we stand5 star

Jamal We will never forget you, and will always fight for freedom and justice.

- Bro what2 star

The all this money for the movie was not worth it and it seemed like all the people murdered thousands and all too sus while he plays dumb

- Now I know4 star

Well done doco. I did hear about Jamal Khashoggi in the news here but didn't know the real reason behind it or what was really going on in Saudi Arabia. Detailed and straight to the point.

- Truth Seeker5 star

An insightful documentary on the murder of Jamal Kashoggi. I'm really impressed by the investigative journalism and storytelling.

- Really well done5 star

This is an absolutely terrific documentary on the murder of Jamal Khoshoggi! They got some real extensive and exclusive access to key figures in the story and the events that took place in the Saudi Consulte.

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truthseekeer - Deep5 star

So sad to see this. If your a documentary buff like me you need to rent or buy this asap. A real eye opener. Bryan Fogel never disappoints.

pdshepherd - Price2 star

Lower the rental price

Chickiboom21 - Thought Provoking5 star

It's finally here!! I was really looking forward to this and to be actually on here.. kuddos to Apple. The Dissident is one of the best documentaries out right now. Support this and get the truth out there.

nikkiefatal - The truth5 star

A really insightful documentary on the murder of Jamal Kashoggi, that is absolutely worth seeing. Also talks about one important thing that I'm concered about and that's cyberwar. Informative and to the point. Well done to the director.

Travismaine - Loved it5 star

5 stars! A real reminder to all of us about free media and free speech.

filmbuffer303 - Watch It5 star

Worth the rent. So deep and suspensful, this is really well done and I hope Fogel gets a oscar for this.

Nsnshfjebzncnsb - Great Doc5 star

It’s a shame no streaming service would pick this documentary up. It’s almost like big tech money didn’t want to upset their Saudi friends.

Evo 8 ur v8 - Excellent5 star

Good pay to 24

IM 2468 - ...1 star


Jasonm47 - Must watch.5 star

This film nearly didn’t see the light of day. It takes courage for a streaming platform to distribute such a powerful film criticizing one of the largest investors in the world.


Full of exaggeration

robinsc1 - Price is excesive1 star

Would consider watching but not at this price.

Mohd Amjd - Good documentary to feed heaters1 star

Despite all the hatred around him. His existence and actions out weigh all possible sins

>> BiG A << - stupid lies1 star

stupid lies 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

delta2021 - Great documentary5 star

A great documentary illustrating events with a crime.

rjcooker - Did the Saudis set the price for this movie?1 star

Cause no one is going to watch it for 25 bucks. That’s insane, it’s probably good but no one will ever know.

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