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Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When an unexpected sandstorm transports Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters immune to their firepower. In their desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa), whose unique skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the powerful creatures. As Artemis and Hunter slowly build trust, she discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Facing a danger so great it could threaten to destroy their world, the brave warriors combine their unique abilities to band together for the ultimate showdown. A portal transports Cpt. Artemis and an elite unit of soldiers to a strange world where powerful monsters rule with deadly ferocity. Faced with relentless danger, the team encounters a mysterious hunter who may be their only hope to find a way home. Monster Hunter Wiki

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Behind our world, there is another...

Monster Hunter Movie (2020)

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Monster Hunter Movie Reviews

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- Terrible1 star

Terrible movie with basically no story. To top it off there no real ending to the movie. Wish I could give it zero stars.

- Pearlman Killed It.2 star

This movie was cooking along nicely until Ron Pearlman spoke and reminded us all of the low budget nature of this film. Honestly he ruined a good thing. Even Hellboy didn't want him.

- Starts Out Great1 star

Ends with you wishing you never watched it. Not not recommend bothering even if you’re a fan.

- Could you please stop ... ?1 star

Casting your wife in almost every single movie you direct? Dude. You took Resident Evil, wiped your behind with it and then decided to urinate on it and re use it to wipe your behind again. My name is Alice and now I’m hunting Monsters. Work on your scripts. Work on your acting skills. Work on your character development. maybe stop making video game movies??? I give this movie a BIG Negative-10/10

- Mostly stays true to franchise4 star

I enjoyed this movie very much, I am a fan of the monster hunter games and it was awesome to see a lot of characters I know and Ron as the Admiral was dope, wish they wouldn’t have brought in this whole mixing our worlds together plot but because of MH’s story building from the games other universes are canon, still would’ve been much nicer to stick to just the monster hunter universe rather than mixing the two. Great Action Flick, a lot of hope for the franchise

- So Many Fake Five Star Reviews1 star

I hope Apple cleans this up, half these are clearly from the studio/production studio or producers. But from the “honest” reviews, you can tell the movie was okay. It wasn’t great at all, or even amazing—it was 3 stars at best. @Apple please clean up the fake 5-star reviews.

- Gave up at the end3 star

It honestly looks like they gave up at the end of the movie the storyline the effects the dialogue....Although Ron Perlman didn’t seem to ever try... and his hairstylist tried a to little too much.

- Good5 star

This movie was good

- Please don’t listen to people giving it 5 stars1 star

From the get go, it’s bad even as a Sunday afternoon popcorn flick, Resident Evil (Milla) level Bad, don’t waste your money, it’s not even a matter of perspective, it’s just bad acting with poor special effects, an even worse script, with a plainly horridly bad cast, Now if you are a fan of the CAPCOM games, you need to specially heed my words, just don’t go there, like the Resident Evil movies it’s gonna take you away from the source material... fast... and with no apparent excuse, please stop directing video game movies, and please Milla stop @&$%# all over our beloved CAPCOM franchises.

- A Lot of Fun and even more Action5 star

This fun, action packed film could have been an hour longer and I still would love it. It’s not trying to be anything more than what it is, and what it is is just tons of great SFX and a decent story. I hate that it opened during the pandemic, cause it would have made a lot more money. With a budget of 60mil it’s hardly expensive (these days) so I’m crossing my fingers that #2 and #3 will get made after the pandemic ends.

- Its Fun3 star

The movie isn't bad, but nothing special, but it's fun

- pretty good5 star

the movie started off slow but finished with a bang plus one heck of a cliffhanger

- Terrible1 star

I hadn't seen a movie this bad in a while. Definitely not at this price.

- Beyond sucked1 star

I was so excited to see this movie and it sucked. Huge disappointment. Why even produce it. No story line. The suspense was predictable and not note worthy, sucked.

- Literally worst movie.1 star

No plot at all just endless CGI.

- it was alright3 star

I enjoyed it until that Ron Perelman showed up, he is such a bad sterotype, i hope never to see him in film again, boring actor. Mila was just fine, the writing is pretty lame.

- 😍💖💝5 star

Really good movie👏for me the best movie 2021💖💖💖💖💖

- HORRIBLE1 star

Omg what a waste of money and time. A truly awful movie

- One of the worst movie1 star

This is in my 5 worst movie of all time. DO NOT WASTE YOUR money.And I love Milla Jovovick. Waste of money!!!

- Excellent5 star


- 1000000000000/10 💚🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love it 🦂😻5 star

The movie fascinated me, I loved it, it brought back many memories of Monster Hunter 4, it is wonderful and I do not mean the Heroes of (Marvel) if not all those who made this work of art come true all my love and support for the who were behind this project 🦂🐱🐉💚💚💚… Now comes the part that nobody likes, I'll explain myself, I thought the movie was very very very very VWERYY short, it doesn't show you what it really is (Monster Hunters As Game Or The Story) and I understand that it could be very difficult to put all the games in a movie, but for someone who has not played the games or does not know them the (Monster Hunters) movie will be think Is Jurassic World / Park? , my daughter asked me why an ARMY soldier jumps through time towards a dystocic universe and when it makes that jump in time universe begins the war between humans and monsters without having anything of introduction, and the question is so, or are those humans alive oh are there tribes and civilizations like in the games?… .. The movie does not last long and fans need more after seeing this masterpiece ... Xmas 2022 (Monster Hunter 1) What I watch is (Monster Hunters 0.5) We need the story of the game not just the fight against monsters 😻🍫🍀

- Straight Trash2 star

I went in open minded. Being a vet, I let allot of the jargon slide. And then the “action” started and the only thing I can think to say was, what in the Rambo meets old Ripley Scott is going on here? This has to be the worst Milla Jovovich film I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a fan since her action debut. In talking 5th Element. But this debacle of a film should’ve been screened first despite COVID. This is a travesty to the heart, mind, and ear. Tell whoever made this movie to make another one just like it and throw ‘em both in the trash.

- Waste of time1 star

The first 75% of the movie was a waste of time followed by 25% crappy action sequences which were a waste of time. Wait till you can watch it for free not worth renting and DEFINITELY not worth buying. Don’t make our mistake. Go watch Greenland instead.

- Worst movie ever!!!2 star

Waste of Money

- Excellent5 star

Totally recommend

- Nope.2 star

You would think a monster flick with some big CGI would be enough to save this flop. Nope. Don’t do it.

- A little slow2 star

Not what I hoped for...... slow to build up

- Mildly entertaining2 star

It was just mildly entertaining. Not exactly Oscar material on any level. It was just engaging enough to not turn it off

- Moderate2 star

Moderately entertaining. Was it worth $20? Cheaper than going to the movies I guess for a family of four. It satisfied the want for a new movie. But seriously, the acting was terrible the plot even worse. 1.5 hours to cross the desert then 25 minutes to finish the movie and never finish it. Come on!! This movie will never get a sequel, why end it on a sequel possibility?

- Sub par1 star

Acting is not very good movie feels rushed special affects are good however

- Very, very good for what it is5 star

Giant monsters. Scary Spiders. Dragons. Pirate ships that sail on sand. No swearing. My 4 year old loved it.

- Movie Night Fun5 star

Made for an Excellent Movie Night with my boys. The action was solid and jam packed in this movie. The Ron Pearl Man character made have taken away from the whole movie but your talking about 3 minutes worth of shots, so I can not take say it took away from the quality. My boys woke up wanting to watch it again and again!

- Pathetic1 star

Audiences must be desperate giving this anything more than a 1 star. Fight monsters , no character development and really no story. A B movie would have at least been entertaining

- Amazeballs!5 star

Cant wait for more!

- Monster hunter rocks!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩5 star

Yes yes and yes this movie was amazing

- To offset the 0 star reviews for the price5 star

Why would you give it 0 star cause of the price this isn’t a product support feedback rating it’s rating how good the movie is.

- Great movie4 star

Awesome movie ending was a little disappointing but i will get used to it other then that very awesome

- Español estéreo please5 star

Español estéreo please

- Very Sorry1 star

I'm sorry I ever watched this movie. It's so bad.

- Great fun!!!5 star

Reminds me of the game... with a twist! Loved it!

- Gamer’s Opinion4 star

this is actually a 3 star movie nothing to write home about & pretty forgettable... I’m giving it an extra star for the Monsters that are very well realized & Tony Jaa (who the movie should’ve focused on & Milla the side character) the monster hunter games have such rich worlds and tons of lore to pull from and so so many “Monsters” hopefully this movie gets a 2nd chance in a more capable director’s hands... it could be a great creature feature franchise

- Doesn't Work!1 star

Script failure; actors couldn't save the movie. Not worth buying or renting. Predictable and boring. The price of the movie and other movies like it is too high.

- Subbbb1 star

Sub SPANISH!! Please

- Cool5 star

It’s good to watch

- Ummmmmm3 star

It’s ok. Wish there was bit more to the story. Ol Ron pearlman looks a bit ridiculous lol. But it wasn’t too too bad

- So many languages and no Spanish?1 star

No Spanish no buy it.

- 5 Stars!!!5 star

Director Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich brings exactly what they promised! An action packed Monster Hunter Movie. This action packed, sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense movie is, indeed, leagues above many other monster movies due to its smart and tactical rush towards survival, and escape from the perilous. The movie touches enough of the lore as an introduction to the world, so as to not convolute or diminish the franchise. For a first attempt of a live action Monster Hunter movie, and a first entry to what may be a series of storytelling, the movie assures you the right amount of edge while not throwing you too far off into the yet to be explored abyss that is best delivered in a much slower pace. The only thing this movie needs more of is hours and hours of more storytelling. 1 hour and 40 minutes minus simply must be bumped to 3 hours considering the massive amount of detailing needed for each terrain, monster, character, weapon and every other underlying story that needs to be included. To be exact, it would be really ideal for the movie to have at least 4 hours of storytelling. Having watched the movie, I can assure you that whatever roll of criticisms that were launched against the movie are but spiteful bickering by so called "experts" that can't even put up a movie as good as this. One reason I stopped watching critics is because a lot of them are said for and are obviously devising taint tactics to hurt the marketing of movies like these that deserve a chance to fulfill its storytelling. It also encourages the spirit of unity and diversity contrary to what others say. It is a very unifying film. The deep dedication to this film is obviously what will draw you into appreciating the movie even more, which is why it deserves longer 3 hour plus long sequels. The full digital copy of this movie is absolutely worth it as well! It comes with good sum of extra features that will bring you deeper into the film's production. Enjoy this awesome 5 star movie! Don't watch it with popcorn, btw. Get some steak and a bento box instead!

- Excellent! Almost...3 star

The movie was FINE. A solid flick. Until. Ron. Pearl man’s character was introduced. Really? His character cost it a full star. Ridiculously bad casting.

- Monster Hunter ❤️5 star

very nice movie 🥰😊

- Monster hunter1 star

One of the worst movies I have ever seen, didn’t make any sense, the acting was terrible and in conclusion was a horrible experience. Would not recommend, I honestly can’t understand how people liked it.

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jgould6 - A cheap looking blockbuster with outstanding CG2 star

There’s very little plot, intriguing dialogue and damn near no character development at all. It’s equivalent to a child playing with toys... “Now this happens, now this, oh what about this!” Pros- CGI is far better than it has any right being, the effects are truly gorgeous Action is occasionally thrilling Cons- Everything else They barely explore the new world, missed opportunity Ps. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll hate this

Globetrotting Beards - Dope action, Quick and fast-paced4 star

People seem to be reading too much into this movie. It’s fun and fast paced. @Elysedisplayed: What is with all those garbage reviews you leave everywhere ? An experiment ?

pk Atreyu - Satisfied5 star

The movie is good fun all the way through, it’s okay to like things people

HilaryMae - The American perpensity for kill now, ask questions later1 star

Typically American: go to a distant planet and kill off the inhabitants because YOU feel threatened.

1818phil - Not bad5 star

Fast start to the movie but over all not bad movie worth a which👍🏽

I Like Dags - $25.00 to buy the "top rental"1 star

You can only buy this movie. No rental available and judging by the reviews I think I'll pass. Listed as the top rental????

Tristnam - Meh1 star

Was worth maybe half that price at best for the cgi

Jimroybigjim🦍 - Great movie5 star

Worth the money

elyse displayed - Monster hunter5 star

Congratulations on your new show today how that go well today how’s your day going well today did you have fun today bye for now love Adele

EJB20122012 - Hate it1 star


ganjayoda - Boring1 star


Um lame... - ??1 star

$24.99. We all know already that this movie is just gonna be horrible. Don’t be gullible

Manning2072 - Yawn 🥱1 star

Just yawn 🥱

Slinkstar - Not a bad movie5 star

If you are not a fan of the game, this is based on it’s not a bad movie at all.

5578877 - Yu morning and yes I am happy happy birthday happy happy5 star

Good movie

gravle - Dog water1 star

Terrible movie. Spent 17 bucks to see at movies and was EXTREMELY disappointed. Plot dosent make sense. Rubbish

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DMluvsyou - IT IS MONSTROUSLY GOOD!!!5 star

This film exceeded ALL expectations!!! We need a sequel NOW!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Just don't please please!! - If I Can Save One Person1 star

Please do not buy this movie. It is horrible!! The script, acting, directing; everything is just bad. What a waste of money and time. Do not do it. I know there is nothing else out there. Watch a another episode of Buffy or something.

Treyman1994 - Couldn’t be better5 star

Really enjoyed this. Not too intense for kids either. Great monster action and lighting, kind of disappointed the CK line was removed from the Film but considering how sensitive communities can be I suppose I understand. The Film really does have a great message though: we’re stronger together. No matter our differences. Language, ethnicity, back ground. Anyone who missed that wasn’t paying attention. BUY IT.

iBryanB - Bad1 star

Stop giving this guy video game movies to direct.

Seamonkeydown - Enjoy this quite a bit.5 star

I really liked this movie. Although the plot sort of reminded me of enemy mind. Still a good watch. Great action, and effects on monsters impressed me quite a bit. The big one almost resembled a claymation, without the jaggedness motions that claymation typically brings. I also found the it a bit comical at times. Also a big fan of Mila Jovovich. She still got it!

LuckyBenoire - Underwhelmed2 star

I was looking forward to the film’s release. What a disappointment. It took forever to get anywhere where the viewer could guess what happened to the Rangers. What was the pirate cat all about? A total let down.

Garakis - I needed this during COVID5 star

Great nonstop action. Finally some good animation without lame-going-backwards cgi. Some inserted comedy. Don’t expect a complex storyline or the movie not for you. Shut your brain off and enjoy.

storytellerstudios - Popcorn movie with no depth3 star

I had watched the "extras" prior to the movie and had hoped for a good "team" movie with character development similar to Predator or Aliens...but everyone gets whacked early on. I think Anderson sems to really only care about his wife and Tony Jaa. The computer graphics are reasonably well done but the monsters simply move too fast, a problem seen in many older movies. The physical nature of the creatures and robots in "Pacific Rim" should be required viewing for all film students. Nevertheless, the movie is kind of fun and a good distraction in this pandemic winter.

JonnyAndrews - I wished so hard and it was still bad!1 star

I was so excited to see this I spent the full $20. My soul is now weeping. The writing is horrible, the acting is just dull and everything about it is sooooo lame! It’s like a brick of moldy Brie soaked in government cheddar then further dipped in someone’s ancient garbage while being left to “cure” in a hot outhouse. Just don’t. Please don’t do this to your life.

Lemmid - Pretty good for having no expectations4 star

I thought the action and monsters were great. The acting was decent. Worth a watch.

fellaforshort - Honest opinion5 star

This movie was actually really good despite a few things I rather didn’t happen it was perfect for a action adventure monsters where well designed looking forward for a sequel I saw this in the movie theater and didn’t hesitate when I seen it available for purchase

1349506 - LAME1 star

I would wait until it’s 99 cents!!

Rallywrx - Missing major details1 star

Played the game and missing key details, so many monster missed that could have been included, as a fan and player on the game do not watch. Had high hopes for this movie.

minecraft_and_roblox_lover - review3 star

i confess: i don’t know that much about monster hunter (the video games) and i haven’t seen the movie. but judging by the trailer and from what little i know about the franchise, i don’t think it’ll be very good. but then again, what video game movies are actually good?

MFMAGAZU - I enjoyed it5 star

Took my 9 year old and had a blast with him. Obviously, to him, it’s the best movie in the world! With that said we had a lot of fun in the theater, and I actually enjoyed myself.

that007guy - Good and Entertaining Flick!!5 star

I can honestly say, this was a decent video game to movie action adventure flick! Lots of violence and it’s bringing back that “sword and sorcery” vibe again!! It may not be for everyone but if you’re a fan of this style of genre then enjoy!!!

conkers12 - Hi4 star

Spanish plis

halyoder - Loved it5 star

I’m surprised how much I liked it after hearing bad reviews. Hope they do a second one .

Jim Parton California - Awesome! When is Part 25 star

I thought it was great... The best monster movie for sure

trendingboys - Wow5 star

Jawn looks good

jberg918 - Nope1 star

20 bucks to rent nope

Singames - Fun4 star

It’s kinda a mess but it’s a fun time

Kondeki - An Actually Good & Entertaining Film5 star

It's hard to believe a film these days could be both good and entertaining. Thankfully, Monster Hunter is such a film. I think it slows down in one spot, but then the film picks up the pace. Unfortunately, it feels like they rushed to get to the ending. The ending itself leaves off on a cliffhanger. They probably could've spent less time on the spider monsters, that's where it seems to drag on a little too long. Perhaps they could've cut short some of the scenes of them prepping to hunt the Diablos. I also dislike the depictions of what looks like US troops as UN peacekeepers. They likely did that to appeal to international audiences, or perhaps Japan. Anime seems to often depict military units as participating in UN peacekeeping operations, though I've never known the reason behind that. So I'll let that slide, for now. It is also hard to believe firearms would have little to no effect on monsters, but this is an isekai film so I guess I have to let that slide as well. Despite everything I've just said, I think this film is great. It's fun, it doesn't lecture the audience about politics, it seems to take the lore of Monster Hunter seriously and respects it - for the most part. I'm sure Monster Hunter fans reading this review must be curious as to the rating. That's easy, films like this are rare nowadays. Most films have some amount of politics injected into them, they lecture the audience, and share a lot of the same plot devices or twists. They're boring. That's not Monster Hunter (the film), and that's why I think it deserves five stars - despite its shortcomings. Watch it, enjoy it. It's good.

Film Critic 2 - Unbiased opinion4 star

Better than average movie. Plenty of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat ,but there are some funny moments sprinkled in the film also.

Demigodtryhard - Monster hunter1 star

I’m still have it saying preorder

Thecrafter_0 - Opinion for fans4 star

I really think they took their time with the Monster animations and it didn’t make a bad movie. But I feel there wasn’t enough action and there was a bit too much slow motion at the end. But other than that I feel it was a great movie. If they make a second I would recommend going more towards game lore to help others really understand how the monsters would act. And not have half of the movie Hunter vs Ranger

Zerowingx - Please read5 star

The story needs work but the animation was good would have been a lot better if there where more to explore in the world before they started killing off everyone and why everyone we like more then one survivor. Next time let there be more creatures more puzzles more surviving characters and let’s not get stinging on the weapons and armors mods like have your characters glow or something when charging up energy. Other then that looking forward to number two and have them ride some of them I mean come on don’t you think that be cool.

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Monster Hunter movie images
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Monster Hunter movie images
Monster Hunter movie images
Monster Hunter movie images
Monster Hunter movie images
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