Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 Summary and Synopsis

Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing a wide array of foes including: Max Lord and The Cheetah. Wonder Woman comes into conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the 1980s and finds a formidable foe by the name of the Cheetah. Wonder Woman 1984 Wiki

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Wonder Woman 1984 Movie (2020)

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Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Reviews

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- Garbage1 star


- Dc curse continues1 star

Sadly it seems like the first movie was a fluke. The DC normal has return with poorly written and edited narratives. So much potential in the content, lost because no ones steering the ship.

- Great!5 star

Perfect from start to finish! The ending was perfectly done for the next installments!!

- Wonder Garbage1 star

Use my knowledge... I beg you! Do not waste your hard earned money on this. The mall scene was an absolute disaster. I felt like I was watching a direct-to-vhs 1991 early comic movie.

- LOVED IT! Couldn’t Care Less For February Fake Reviewers...5 star

Obviously there are real Wonder Woman fans out there and then there are the fake ones. The first movie is always going to be the best—just like your first love, your first car, your first...whatever. But if you grew up reading Wonder Woman comic books as a child, and then seeing Linda Carter play the character in the hit tv series Wonder Woman back in the 70s and then afterwards grow up wondering why there are hundreds of super hero action films about men (Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.) but none about a real female super hero from the comic book era, surely a modern day movie about Wonder Woman is a wish come true! So if you’re a true blue fan of Wonder Woman, don’t believe the fake reviews on February 13! You will watch this movie and buy it, too, when it becomes available for purchase. That’s what I’m going to do. It will be another collector’s item on my digital video shelf, because it is that good!

- Bad2 star

DC went the complete opposite direction with this movie. Such a disappointment I really had high hopes for this. Special effects were terrible and the story was just bad.

- Nothing says 1980s like Italian opera???2 star

The storyline was blah...costumes were ok..mostly just bored...but in a decade of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, etc etc etc... you choose an Italian opera whose lyrics only make sense if you ignore the Italian lyrics (if you happen to know Italian) and know the Pride and Prejudice miniseries English lyrics...but still the song while beautiful was soooo loud and made NO sense whatsoever in the film..but then again none of it did. Really can’t get past an all powerful magic stone with unlimited powers that can’t bring Chris Pines character back without possessing someone else but it can do ANYTHING else though no problem.

- 1/3 should be on the cuttin floor4 star

entirely too long ..needlessly.. at this length, it's a directors cut... not as bad as everyone says... fun ride, just a bit heavy on exposition and cgi .... $20 for a rental of a 1st run movie? ok... buy a ticket popcorn and a soda, and you're out more.. With good editing this would be awesome at 2 hrs runtime..

- Not what I was expecting... but okay!4 star

The first WW was a master pierce. From start to finish, I remember the credits rolling and immediately thought, “I can’t wait to see what’s next.” Gal Gadot transforms into Wonder Woman is effortlessly. She was truly born for this role. The cast was great, the story. It was okay, a little hard to believe, but if your a fan, this film will just add some entertainment into your eyes for the next hour and a half. Not the best for a second part, but WW 1984 was fun. Something I was grateful for watching for free on HBO MAXX.

- It’s not good, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad either3 star

I think the first two parts of the movie were fine, but when the riot in the third part happens (spoiler by the way), it’s really messy, that goes to the final battle as well. So I say if you wanna watch it, cool but it not what you think it will be.

- How???1 star

How could this be done so badly?! Whoever approved this should be FIRED I feel bad for Gal, such a great actress for this role and her time to shine is being wasted...

- Glad I saw this at the $5 theater1 star

This movie for Wonder Woman what Batman Forever was for Batman-complete with one villains wanting to just kill the hero only to be saved by something new added by the hero (for Wonder Woman it was the, what is essentially, Hawkgirl armor and for Batman it was Robin), and the other villain wanting omnipotent knowledge. It’s definitely not worth the $20 just to RENT. I did enjoy Cheetah (they probably should’ve made her the primary villain instead of Max Lord) and the Lynda Carter cameo.

- HBO Max2 star

I watched it on HBO Max for free and that all it’s worth.

- What a total letdown1 star

20/20. Given the choice again, I wouldn’t have even watched this movie. First movie set the bar. This fell far far short. Kristen Wiig as a villain? Ridiculous. That’s like casting Cara Delevigne as the villain in Suicide Squad.

- Wish I could give it zero stars.1 star

This movie is terrible. It might be the worst movie I have ever watched.

- Plot holes infested1 star


- Garbage1 star

Worst DC movie ever. From CGI to action to plot is a complete mess. The ending is so bad. Save your time and money. This is nothing like the first movie

- Really?1 star

Apple does realize you can get HBO Max for a month for $14.99 and watch this plus like a million other things, right?

- Wonder-ing...1 star

Why...? I am so glad the subscription is less than the movie and I could go simply move on to better content. All of these actors are really individuals that typically don’t leave me wondering.

- It’s just a movie4 star

Yeesh! Looks like people need to get out of their house more often and get some air. These people are really offended by everything. This movie wasn’t the best, but it did offer some entertainment. The ending wasn’t too bad either especially when we got to see the OG Wonder Woman. This could have been better at some points yes, but just for some entertainment it’s alright. It’s not like Hollywood gives us 90-100% true to the source movies.

- Wonder Woman1 star

Horrible save your money

- Awfully bad1 star


- What a let down1 star

DC did such an amazing job with the 1st WW and just didn’t care for this one. Logic is usually not too much of a factor for action movies but the imagination of a toddle seem like what was used. Extremely predictable and just terrible rather have a party to watch passion of the Christ before recommending this to anyone.

- So bad1 star

Do not waste your time

- $19.99 to rent? Are you kidding me?1 star

What dimensions are we living in now?

- Waste of acting skills2 star

Thought this flix was going to be a block buster...but the story really didn't work, the on screen chemistry didn't work, and Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig's skills were wasted on poor direction and dialogue. Took on too, too much, and had precious little of Wonder Woman at work.

- Movie for the sake $1 star

Just like that, a promising franchise has come and gone...

- Movie was worth it!5 star

This movie did not focus so much on the action but it gave a lot of thought to how the real world works! GREED of human nature is everyone in some way or form. If you can’t understand the plot and the ending of the movie than that is your loss and I’m sorry.

- Just terrible1 star

I had such high hopes for this movie, since the first one was pretty good. But this is just. How do you expect to come back from this. It was boring, it made no sense. The ending was awful. If she woken up and it was all a dream, that would’ve been a by far better ending. I can’t even give this a one star. This deserves zero stars. Save your money and don’t buy.

- Disappointed..1 star


- Ok4 star

🤨🤔🤑😈🐆🧳💵💰📺📊📈📉🛩not awful but still good

- One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.1 star

I’ll keep it short and sweet, this movie is terrible. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Terrible1 star

I am a DC fan and I really wanted this movie to be good and even some parts were watchable. Overall this was a terrible movie. I honestly don’t know how someone could put a movie together, go back and watch it themselves and think that this is a good product. Just disappointing and Terrible.

- Worst movie ever1 star

I thought this would be pretty good but there was hardly any action and then the storylines were terrible what a waste of time do not ever rent this

- Will E.T. #31 star

The 1st one was great, I was Really Disappointed in this one.

- Non-Spoiler review1 star

What happened? I as well as my parents and niece looked forward to this. Parents fans of the original, I a fan of the character from the comics and all tv and the recent movies and appearances, and my kid niece a big fan of the first movie, we all were so excited to see this on Christmas and this was a part of their Christmas present of Apple TV and HBO Max subscription. Loved the opening flash back scene, really loved the next “modern” scene but that was it. No eighties music, a confusing plot, and a waste of the good chemistry the actresses had with each other. Was everyone that made the first one involved with this one? If not, whoever is absent is sorely missed.

- 19.99 for rent?3 star

When will this be for sale. I will never pay 19.99 for just a rental that’s bonkers

- Not great, but still good4 star

The hate on this film is ABYSMAL. I get the first Wonder Woman was amazing hands down, but this film was full of heart and had some great moments. Still enjoyable and not a waste of time.

- Worst dc movie ever1 star

Watched this for free and realized If they pay me I won’t ever watch it again.

- Enjoyed it!5 star

It’s a comic book story so all I’m looking for is entertainment & I thought it was entertaining.

- iTunes Extras5 star

Any iTunes Extras coming soon?

- HBO MAX1 star

Thank god this disaster was on HBO MAX. I wouldn’t guy this movie. All the “best” moments are in the trailers of this 2hr+ movie.

- ❤️5 star

I think I’m one of the few who really liked it.

- Omg it was boring AF1 star

Made no sense. Obviously this was green lit because woke vajajay wrote it.

- Not as good as the first but...3 star

Apple “reviews” are now worse than rotten tomatoes. Everyone writing about the price of the movie during a pandemic when theaters are closed and giving one star. Not even a speck of thoughtful good or bad takes on the movie. Yes, $20 bucks is too expensive. But so is taking a family of 5 out to the theater. I really believe 1/10 didn’t actually buy the movie and just wrote a trash review. As for the movie, compared to the first it was a let down. No doubt. Still it had some heart. I liked seeing a superhero dealing with being vulnerable. Make no mistake, this was a blockbuster. Many do better than others with story but if you want an experience and can get past the price... just chill and enjoy. If you are going to be judging the movie on how much you paid or think it’s worth... skip it.

- Wow1 star

I liked the first Wonder Woman movie. But this was the weirdest comic movie and the worst one I have watched. Some parts (like flying through the sky and the end) were just so random and ridiculous it had to be painful for the actors to even participate in. I would skip this and just know you did something good for yourself. Seriously, don’t even watch it when it becomes free. You won’t get that time back.

- My first review ever1 star

I was so excited for this movie. I loved the trailers and I loved the first WW flick. This movie is awful. All the awful. You’ll probably still see it after reading this. I still saw it despite bad reviews. I love to relax to coming book action movies. It’s great, especially now, to just let go and he entertaining. Do yourself a favor and watch the WW2 New Order trailer again and then put on a Marvel movie, or even watch the original Wonder Woman movie again. Anything but this.

- What a disappointment1 star

Super corny, stupid plot, bad acting, truly not worth it, does nothing for the dc storyline...

- Snowflake movie1 star

Special effects were terribly executed. Villain is defeated by having a heart to heart with the hero. Cringe movie.

- Terrible1 star

We were really disappointed in this movie. We enjoyed the 1st one but this did not hold up, literally had to try & stay awake to finish it. Acting was bad, lines were bad, even some of the animation & the story line...

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LilDagnamet - Utter Trash1 star

A at best okay movie with a ending that was utter trash ending. Not worth your time or money.

BakkFyre - just terrible1 star

i barely was able to finish this movie.. what a waste of my time.

coolgsi - Wonder women ...3 star

Il es tu en français Quan on le loue à 19.99 Sa me tente pas de payer 19.99 si il es juste en anglais je veux savoir si il es en français

IraKatayama - A great time5 star

Light hearted and heartwarming

UV2017 - Interesting Parallel Universe Story of WW5 star

Fascinating character developments, including the immortal and god-like, Wonder Woman, as she faces a personal moral dilemma. Where does her power come from? How was it built? It’s more than her mother’s story or supernatural genetics — it’s about the personal, daily (moral) choices she makes, that defines who she becomes. It’s a choice: sometimes hard choices to become and maintain being Wonder Woman. Yet, it is an enduring question for humanity that many writers have attempted to answer, spanning back thousands of years in the building of cultural mythologies: where does a hero or heroine’s power come from? At what price? Here’s a modern mythology that challenges our senses and sensibilities on unchecked power and its consequences, reminding humanity of what’s truly important at the end: goodwill, and building healthy family and community relationships. Now, that’s an inspiring story-telling, that our world can use right now, during these challenging times.

cv1fubar - What a mess1 star

Hard to believe this movie was created by the previous team or had anything to do with the first movie. Junk. Waste of 30 bucks.

Christian14789 - Nope1 star

Not worth it. 1st movies was so much better.

Филька - Way weaker than #12 star

This was not another Joker...

Axe66688 - This movie was garbage1 star

Had ridiculously high hopes for 1984 considering the last movie was brilliant. This movie though was absolute trash. Hollywood is spending so much time and money investing in these women empowering “movies” that they forgot to actually make them good. If you want a sappy romance film so watch legend of the falls ya bunch of meatballs. Hollywood quit ruining movies it’s time to step up your game!

mannie251 - Très déçue.1 star

seulement la verso audio anglaise

Alvin James P Oogak - Wonder Woman 1984 ⭐️5 star

I am waiting patiently for this movie to come out and buy it. Can you already release this now.

Jeegzz - Illogical1 star

Whoever came up with the story surely thought of two things: 1. Whatever they make is going to be successful and make money. 2. General audiences are brainless sheep, so logic doesn't matter. Overall, a terrible movie for an iconic character.

RLC77777 - WW841 star

I wanted this to be good. I need this to be good. U know when ur mum said if u don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything? Ugh, that’s where I am at.

Njl0930 - Who would pay $30 to rent a movie!!1 star

Who would pay $30 to rent a movie!!

EJB20122012 - Good4 star

Nice fight scenes

the best movie of 2020 - Improve the next Wonder Woman movie5 star

It wasn’t the best they need to improve The movie and the next Wonder Woman movie

StarscreamSAS - Pas de VF1 star

Elle est où la version FRANÇAISE

spyridus - Just alright3 star

No where near as good as the first film, overly cheesy, definitely in the same class as Justic League. The only thing I thoroughly enjoyed was the after credits Easter egg.

ojjive - Wonder Woman ww14 star

Nice movie but expensive to rent!

Haridos - Most people are wrong4 star

Not the best, but enjoyable enough. Honestly do not understand everyone’s big issues.

Philip Keen - Terrible1 star

It’s not worth watching and I loved the first one.

FreddieKant19 - Best Movie of the Century5 star

If you want a classic film with beautiful cinematography and screenwriting, go no further. This is the best! Think Apocalypse Now, but better.

sheezaredhead - Left a really bad taste in my mouth.2 star

After watching I spent the next week revisiting how bad it was compared to the first. The story starts out ok but then just gets silly and Kristen’s character turns into something ridiculous from the show Cats. Super disappointing.

numptyur - Completely nonsensical1 star

This movies plot has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. Without discussing too much spoilers the film breaks its own rules it established numerous times. There are massive logic problems such as The Smithsonian keeping fully fuelled fighter jets with fully fuelled external fuel tanks just sitting around that anyone can jump into and operate, oh and magically a WW1 pilot can fly a modern day jet without any issue, they make Cheetah out to be a villain when she beats up a guy for trying to sexually assault her...for a second time in the movie, and Wonder Woman sexually assaults a man by using his body for pleasure when Steve takes it over. The movie is stupid, nonsensical, full of plot conveniences and holes, and has some gross scenes and bad messages around sexual assault. Wonder Woman 84 is the worst comic book film to be released since The Spirit.

Signal2Noise - Disappointing2 star

Glad we got to see this at home for a fraction of the price of seeing it in the theatre would cost. However, this was just not very good. The opening sequence with young Diana has no bearing on the main film events. The overall story is weak. The CGI is subpar, laughable in some spots. I’d give this one star but I appreciated the opportunity to rent a current theatrical release.

mnhcrtychvjbknp - Worst1 star

I lost so many brain cells watching her swing on lightning 🤨

Teddiesggfss - overall Meh2 star

First was soo much better. this felt childish and boring. definitely wouldnt spend $30 to rent

Bluvarz - Really bad2 star

Total waste of time and money . Such a disappointment this movie

blakee06 - Wonder women 19841 star

DC has no clue what they are doing. I’m a huge super hero fan. This one is pathetic. Don’t watch. So disappointing

The6Lord - I was really disappointed save your $291 star

Big fan of the first movie and finally decided to watch this and it ended up being so bad and laughable. Couldn’t sit threw the entire movie and turned it off & if saw it in theatres would of walked out.

Nikorp - Should be called “Diana 1984”2 star

Wonder Woman is hardly in this. You’d think by the second movie they wouldn’t be keeping the lead lurking around in their normal person alter-ego. But I swear, Wonder Woman disappears for over an hour at one point. This movie is long, silly and very poorly written. However, about 37% of it is really nice to look at.

digital_junkie - Loved it!4 star

I feel this film went way over some peoples heads. Ya’ll were warned like over a year ago what the tone of this film was gonna be. When you’re paying homage to the 80’s, cheesy Lynda Carter tv show and lightheartedness the of the 1980s Richard Donner Superman films yes it was gonna way different than the first film. The comics always show that Diana prefers to use brain over braun to defeat her enemies and that’s exactly what she did. This is a great family movie and I feel the main message of the movie is very much important and relevant to the times we are currently living in. I see a lot of misogynistic comments in the reviews coming from a lot of man babies crying because they weren’t the target market of this movie. My only complaint as a fan was the under use of Cheetah but all the actors delivered with the performances. Director Patty Jenkins to me delivered a fun nostalgic romp of a film. I truly felt I was watching a move made in the 1980’s as a kid.

sermy12345 - Slow and boring2 star

Few interesting parts. But overall nothing much to see here. Definitely wouldn’t spend $30 to rent this one.

crc0427 - Loved it4 star

If you liked the 80s Superman movies, you’ll like this. It was filmed like an 80s movie at the start, then develops into a modern action movie with a big battle and an emotional end.

Bob77 - Meh1 star

It was ok. It really needed a better script. Everything else was fine. Just watch the first one again instead. I’m glad that I didn’t pay $30 to rent it. To those complaining about the $30 rental price at the time of this review, just wait because you know that it will be a reasonable rental price eventually and it will probably end up on Netflix or some other site like it eventually. I’m sure that you can find plenty of other things to watch/do until then. You can find other, grey area ways to watch it if you want to.

Tyco969 - Disappointing1 star

Great actors, terrible script/plot. Worst thing to happen in 2020

Undrgrndkng - Solid 3.5/53 star

Damn, wasn’t as good as the first so it already has a following of haters. Too bad. Enjoyed it way more than BOP minus the cringe worthy mall scene at the very beginning. Movie felt catered to a young generation of women but it was not awful because the story of loss and truth was there. Would’ve liked more action and to actually see Cheetah in the end. Trevor was fantastic here and Maxwell Lord stole every scene. Do people not understand the premium rental price with regards to the early release? Also those crying about consent and politics, gimme a break.

Katycat,,. - Wonder What Happened..?2 star

Thought this film might be the one that would allow me to regain my confidence in Hollywood. Was really looking forward to it as the first one was great and this cast seemed good. All this film did for me was make me hate the 80s even more.

Raapss - So-So3 star

Of course, Gal Gadot did an extremely great job in this movie. The problem I had was the plot and the cinematography. Feels like it went by slow in the beginning, messy and just difficult to comprehend. It jumps to a different scene without resolving what the previous scene was about. It kind of picked up in the middle, then it became interesting. The ending not so much. Villain redemption was rushed. There were so many slo-mo scenes which some, I think are irrelevant and not necessary. Overall, it was ok. But not worth renting or spending your money for. Just save it.

Deedee303 - Fun time5 star

Feel good movie when stuck at home and missing those blockbusters. Though it would be better on Imax, this was a good compromise.

CEK4747 - Spend your money on something else!2 star

Thought both the story and production to be very weak. Especially, since the world has been seeing so many great action and comic book movies lately, from other companies. We really felt let-down by this film! We only kept watching as we spent so much to rent it. Could have spent our $30 elsewhere. Love the actors, but the script was flat and fairly unoriginal. Have never felt the need to leave a downer review, but this was it. Is there a way to have our money returned?

Bobby1642 - This was so bad1 star

I feel sorry for the actors

bzurg - Save your money1 star

Not sure how this made it to production but a very poor follow up to the enjoybale first outing. $30 and 2 hours of my life I'll neer get back. The worst movie I've seen in years.

DoDo Hill - Just not good1 star

There are just reprehensible choices made by the creative team in this sequel. Not going into detail but definitely some poor comments on world politics, race relations and also consent. Gross

astroau - Car crash of a movie1 star

I enjoyed the first film. Can’t believe this got green-lit. Avoid at all costs.

Schnitzelboy - WW84? Should have been called WW201 star

Starts off fine...and then makes you wish it was over.

Captain Firestorm - Weak2 star

Seemed to be geared for kids.. although my kids didn’t like it either. They both left before it was over!

jennmx - Kooky2 star

Really enjoyed the first one and was looking forward to this one! Gal Godot is great as is Kirstin Wiggs but the plot is kooky... just incoherent! Best scene is the opening scene..... after that it tanks!

MC 77777 - Only in english1 star

I didn’t think to make sure it was available in french. My mistake but to be honest, after paying 30$ to rent a movie, I never imagined it would be available only in english. Too bad for my 7 years old son who was so disappointed. iTunes, you could be more considerate to your non-english speaking consumers.

Azadi_53 - Worst DC Movie1 star

The first WW was good, but they really lost everyone with this one. What a waste of your time to watch. I highly recommend NOT watching this movie!

SVBWright - Exorbitant rental price because NO ONE would buy it.1 star

This movie has done the modern equivalent of going "straight to DVD" (or "straight to VHS" for the previous generation). It is so spectacularly bad that that it had me in tears. Mainly for the ridiculous price I paid to watch it through Apple. The writing is SO BAD. The scenes are laughably cliche. The stereotypical tropes (ie the shy bespectacled commoner enthralled by the protagonist, who later develops powers of their own to become a central antagonist - see Batman Forever, Iron Man 3 etc etc etc) are overused and entirely unoriginal. The whole reason the rental price is SO FREAKING HIGH (~AUD$30 vs purchase price AUD$35) is because NO ONE WOULD BUY THIS P.O.S. IF THEY WATCHED EVEN A SMALL FRACTION OF THE RENTAL. Gal Gadot is just lovely though, so she earns the only star.

Tree958 - Amazing storyline!5 star

I’m a bigger fan of Marvel than I am of DC, but I found the storyline very gripping.

MervinMudge - Disappointing2 star

Incoherent and confusing. Silly almost. The first one was ok but this is just nonsense.

5578877 - Hi there we are doing Wonder Woman5 star

Good movie wish is 3 hours long

APPLE IS NUMBER 1 - Not the best2 star

Seen this at the cinemas and I was very disappointed with everything about the movie, special effects, acting and the story. Not sure if I was watching a romantic comedy or a Dc film.

PMC - A wasted opportunity2 star

This film was terrible and a wasted opportunity to continue the WW story. The director should go back to the first film for guidance and recut the film. Hopefully there will be a “Snyder Cut”to restore my faith in WW.

moonlight68 - Loved it5 star

Good follow up sequel. Worth the purchase

zaine walberg - Awful1 star


Mingaz42 - Wonder Woman2 star

It was boring to much talking not enough doing I didn’t like it very much

bundygracias - It was a good movie4 star

It was a good movie which I enjoyed at the movies. However although I want to buy it the price is too much and has stopped me from buying it. I will not be buying a movie that expensive.

endelstevenson - Worst movie ever1 star

Terrrible, one star is too much for this. Zero plot, terrible acting and I'd like my money back thanks!!

Min-kie - A wasted opportunity1 star

Tries too hard to achieve the heights of the first WW movie. So incredibly disappointing: from dwindling shallow plot, absent character development, wasted acting talents to direction. Waited with great anticipation for this movie, only to be disappointed.

6andy6 - Go Woke go Broke1 star

Oh dear they keep digging themselves into deeper and deeper holes with movie 'lectures' and plot holes big enough to drive a truck too. As for the forced 'Loving' scene with Steve in someone else's bodythat didn't exactly give permissionfor it to be used (you know girls, the big 'consent' thing your big about when it's female) in incredible....obviously 'MeToo' only applies to woman.

ducatiboytroy - Worst than 'Tree of Life'1 star

This was without a doubt, the worst movie we have seen in 10 years! Worst than, the 'tree of life' I would give it no stars if I could, as no stars is what it deserves...!

RodHall - Awful 19841 star

Would give it zero if possible. This is a shocker. Nothing to even justify 1 star. Could down as the Covid19 Pandemic Rip Off!

Sir Thax - Clever and fun with a solid message5 star

The action scenes were terrific, the acting superb, the tribute to Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is clever and shows how easily society can descend into anarchy if everyone got what they wanted by using mass mind manipulation through the media. Such a strong message of self sacrifice for the good of others and defeating the enemy by using compassion instead of violence. Loved it and recommend everyone watches it for themselves to judge if it was a good film or not.

Mike81_ - Not great but still watched for Gal Gadot/Chris Paine3 star

The first Wonder Woman was really good and I bought it and have watched it quite a few times on my IPhone. The second one is not so great, in terms of the other characters and storyline it just never reached the heights of the first one, but I still enjoyed watching Diana and Steve’s scenes together in a new era. I’m a bit tight $ wise so not about to fork out $35 to buy WW84, I might if it were considerably cheaper.. by the way to reviewers who say ‘save your money’ or ‘avoid’.. I’ll avoid your review and I’ll make up my own mind thanks very much.

TVlaser - Soo upset1 star

I went to this movie the first day it came out. What can I say, I’ve never paid money to the movies just to sit on my phone for 2 1/2 hrs. Very boring and no action! Don’t watch

Norvern Munky - $35 you are having a laff1 star

No chance of me purchasing this movie at this price. Ever.

C.A.M39 - Very underrated!5 star

I really don’t get the hate for this?! I loved & have watched it several times now! It’s not quite as good as the first, but it’s still a very worthy sequel! Screw the haters!!

Holdee - Not good..1 star

See above - enough said.. wish you could review less then one star..

Thatgeekandy - Unmissable5 star

Absolutely loved this movie! It has some incredible action scenes and great comedy.

PhoenixC.777 - AWFUL!1 star

Ridiculous story, corny acting. A total waste of time.

Jimbo6365732 - Absolutely beyond redemption1 star

What an absolute joke of a movie at a rip off price.

Money.66 - Below Expectations1 star

One time watch barely

Pokemonstopped - So dull and boring1 star

I would not pay $30 to rent this movie. It is bad...really bad. A great cure for insomnia

monny66 - So boring Istopped watching1 star

A poor rehash of the first movie with a bit of role reversal in the dress up scenes. So bide your time and get it when its a $2.99 offer.

Polsy76 - Stop rating the movie based on price5 star

The movie is actually pretty average, but giving it 5 stars after seeing povo ***** lowering the rating cause they won’t pay a fair price for early release entertainment.

Craigy1976 - What Happened?1 star

I dont know what went wrong. But this is a load of Trash.

bashian - Complaining bunch of DUMMlES5 star

It costs extra because it’s been released early. A fantastic movie. Worth every cent.

Spud777 - WW844 star

It was alright, still better than the Joker

Mrjussiej72 - WW84 = brilliant5 star

Loved it! Roll on WW3

ArtXXXXX - Rubbish1 star

Avoid. I liked the first one, but this is embarrassing.

S. Sener - Absolutely terrible1 star

Worst movie I’ve seen for sometime. Bad acting storyline wow. Don’t waste your money not worth it!

Too many ids - $30 rental?1 star

Ah, for real, $30 to rent and $35 to buy? After almost a year without viewing a Hollywood movie, I’m not sure I need you anymore, especially at those prices.

mitch gable - Not what you wished for1 star

I wanted to like this movie as the original was Reasonably good but this was badly written, Poor choices by the director, choppy and disjointed. With enough cheese to make anyone question what was the point. Not worth the money and can’t get a refund on my money or time.

franaskmovie - Heartfelt4 star

Sure it has issues but still an enjoyable sequel that tries something different. Love the homages to Superman and Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman.

shoyuweenie - To everyone whingeing about the price5 star

A full adult SINGLE ticket to WW84 is $24 and more for Gold class. This is early release to watch in the comfort of your own home. At the end of the day you don't have to buy/rent it and can wait till the price goes down but at least its being made available by the studios.

T################# - Rip off1 star

Is the decimal point in the rights place??!!

Costs to much - Cinema1 star

You guys do know that it’s cheaper to go to the cinema than rent this right 🤔

StoneyDom - Rubbish1 star

Don’t bother. No storyline, contradicts itself constantly, just a rubbish movie looking to cash in on the superhero genre.

jamos_amg - Should be a $9.95 release!!! Overpriced!!1 star

Wow, totally overpriced sale and rental prices!!

Dont Bother Watching - Wonderwomen 19841 star

The first Wonder Women was a decent movie, but this was absolute rubish. Poor acting, bad story and even worse special effects. Nothing good to say about this movie, we didnt even make it half way, dont waste your money!!

muddled123 - Very Disappointing1 star

I don’t know what to say.... just don’t. Wait until it’s a 99 cent rental ....

Errrrrrrrr - Haha1 star

Would like to know if anyone actually pays the rental. Cheaper to go to the cinema.

Goran Farkas - Yawn...1 star

It looks boring and I haven’t even seen it!

Daaaangerrr - Awesome 💥5 star

I loved it as much as the first film.

Junix J - Rent for AU$30 — are you crazy?1 star

Nuff said.

NDRA17 - Wonder woman 19845 star

Its really good action and sacrifice of love

WatchItYourself - Idiots5 star

Review the movie, don’t just whinge if you can’t afford to buy or rent it...

Ruskincat - Just bad1 star

Considering how good the first one is, very disappointed with this one, makes the justice league look like a masterpiece

LouisB1810 - Great film5 star

I thought it was a fantastic film, filled with emotion and great acting, however I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cheetah and that aspect of the film but the rest was amazing

Monaldo88 - Horrible. Let this franchise die1 star

One of the worst films iv seen I asked for my money back. 15 pound rental for nothing!!

Dmdmax1972 - Just awful1 star

Bad enough when people were going on about how good the first wonder woman film was (when it wasn’t) only to be followed up by this complete mess. My “WISH” is that someone with knowledge of how to make a film had done it...... completely differently!

dallinas - Nice set pieces but not worth £16 quid.2 star

Not bad but kind of lost steam and the ending was a bit naff, if cinemas where still open I would have seen this on my Cineworld card and chalked it as a bad decision, having paid the same as a cinema ticket and it being so disappointing I’d say wait till it comes out at a sensible price, if you want to see it.

Free 4K Upgrade Victim - Bring back the 1978 TV version :)3 star

Very slow at start with scene setting in a patchy 80's not done well. They turned Wonder Woman from a confident woman into a man obsessed woman often with moments of weakness. Lynda Carter used to act like a human with human emotions instead of a robotic performance here. Why can't they just stick to the 1978 version and just update it with proper special effects and a story. The lasso looks completely fake like a computer animation in this film for start. It was watchable but Wonder Woman will never be Wonder Woman for me unless they keep the big flash when she twirls round to change into her. Its just expected :) Lynda Carter still the best by miles even if let down by corning props and stories at that time.

bob jeff bob jeff billyjoe - Terrible1 star

It started off quite gripping but it was over 3 hours long and nothing at the end of the film made any sense to the beginning plot.

Alexis Lambert - Release to buy?1 star

Why is it not available to buy?

Bushfed - Expensive night in2 star

We rented the HD version on the basis it would have cost us more to go to the cinema outside of Lockdown, thinking we were in for a good show. Not worth it ! But even more relieved we didn't buy 2 tickets to the cinema. Special effects were closer to 1984 than current day (!) and the plot is goofy. Advice : wait until the cost drops or its on DVD

AL6356 - Underrated5 star

Much better than people said

Tenozu1 - It’s really bad1 star

The first 10 minutes were good. After that it was awful. Worse than the first movie. Too long. They should have made Cheetah the main villain instead of an add on. Finally the Wonder Woman armour was a joke. There is no way you could fight in such clumsy armour.

MrPiPPiN - Disappointing2 star

Cheese fest and full of “really” moments

R2tortoise - Not worth the time1 star

After Wonder Woman, I expected great things from this sequel. However, it fails to live up to the original. It feels poorly thought through, seemingly adding random elements for no apparent reason. The screenplay spends far too long on detail that slows the pace and extends what could have been an hour and a half to two and a half hours.

ProgDart - Wonder What?!1 star

Quite possibly the worst sequel I’ve ever seen. It amazes me that people will sit in a room and come up with a fundamentally stupid story that makes no sense and they’re given $200M to do it. Madness. Awful story, poorly directed, shoddy CGI, meh soundtrack, 45 minutes too long. Such a step down from the first film. Gal Gadot in all fairness did her best in a Christoper Reeve Superman IV kinda way. And as for the whole “Steve Trevor & the Body Snatcher” plot. OMG. Then there’s the cat lady. Add in a ridiculous cameo at the end. It’s a recipe for superhero meltdown. Please spend your £15.99 on something else. Like wine.

SGR20 - Decent movie3 star

Well acted film, gets better as the movie progresses but predictable.

AppGuy42 - So bad...1 star

The first one was amazing, but this is just plain garbage.

JLH1989 - A thrilling power punch of spectacle5 star

WW84 is a tremendous blockbuster, from the opening sequence in Themyscira to the climactic showdown and epilogue. A distinct tone from its predecessor, but occasional tongue in cheek humour and visual flamboyance slot well into its 80s setting. Well paced and acted with satisfying character arcs. Strong action sequences, let down by occasional choppy editing. Simple but effective storyline delivers on spectacle, grit, emotion and moral redemption that at times unashamedly mirrors the current world, accompanied throughout with a superb score from Hans Zimmer. First class.

Jasons Reviews - Slow, slap-stick, doesn’t compare to the first film1 star

I was really looking forward to this movie - I’ve been waiting a year to see it! What a letdown! It’s slow and boring. The story is at best a Made for TV story. I have no idea why it was set in 1984. The opening was like a homage to the slap-stick cheap comedy of the old Superman 3 movie. Don’t bother renting this - watch the first movie again. It’s far better!

Slowhandstan - Wait for it to be on Netflix (not worth renting)2 star

This film had some good moments but overall it is very poor and nowhere near as good as the first one. Glad I wasn't able to see this in the cinema and only spent £15 to rent it... Seriously, save your money and wait for cheaper renting / viewing options.

RyanJamesAbbott - People will hate...5 star

People will hate and have their opinion on DC movies. “Wonder Woman doesn’t have much action” etc. etc... if you’re a Wonder Woman comic book reader you’ll most likely love this movie. Diana isn’t about smashing peoples heads in... she’s about doing what’s right. Is the film perfect? No. But I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sonic Sith - Good but not on the level of the first film3 star

To date the first Wonder Woman is my favourite of the DCEU movies, so obviously I was really looking forward to seeing the sequel. The end result; a good movie but nowhere near on the level of the first.

Jeremyfdavies - Awful movie1 star

In theory the story could have worked. But the execution was ham-fisted and mawkish. The plot meandered all over the place and was shallow, I feel sorry for the actors having to try and bring the movie to life which was why probably the acting was characterless and wooden. Not worth the money, and a cringe-worthy insult to the DC legacy.

sfgsgfdg - ww845 star


Boomjunkie - Wow! How did they manage to mess this up?!1 star

Boring, not enough action, poor action, a flying Wonder Woman??! Over cooked with mush and confusing emotional plot lines, lacking in humour, lacking a decent villain, and to top it off, there’s 2.5 hours of this! Do yourself a favour and wait for it to go to the bargain bin, no in fact, I’d miss it out completely as it taints the fantastic first film.

Carlos Lovebomb - Pffffff just one too many super hero movies!1 star

Stupid story line, badly acted, just so bored of these super hero movies........ Seriously people, please save your money, i was bored from the beginning to the end.

Rolo sarah - Amazing sequel !!!!5 star

Loved every minute 😀

maccatag - Too long and too slow2 star

WW84 is really a classic morality tail of greed excess set in 80’s Washington. The opening scene is incredible (with some average CGI) but the rest of the movie is pedestrian and feels like it’s 60 minutes longer than it should be. The plot feels lifted from Superman with a Lex Lutheresque villain but the movie manages some decent action scenes amongst the slowly played (but oh so obvious) story. Watchable but definitely not a masterpiece!

Ryan 333 - Wonder woman 19845 star

up their with my favourite DC movies absolutely fantastic! it took risks by not having as much action and focusing more on the characters but I loved it. With a powerful message and giving people a superhero to actually connect with

RikkiDikki - So Disappointed1 star

I’m a massive fan of the first WW film and the whole superhero genre. But this is dreadful. The 1980s references are terrible - watch Stranger Things if you want to see it done well. Maybe it’s intended that way based on the original TV series but it just doesn’t work. Awful plot, Chris Pine is poor and Kirsten Wiig is a great actress but wasted. Still can’t figure out why she is a cheetah. Avoid and save £15.99.

Iddon97 - Ok but confusing plot.4 star

The cast is as good as expected but the plot is not easy to follow.

Debrick - Tragic1 star

Utter disgrace of film writing. Can’t fault the acting I suppose, but when they watched that film back they should have recognised that it is completely unacceptable. Most of it doesn’t make sense, for example how does a pilot from World War One know how to pilot a modern jet, with zero training? Most of the action sequences are nonsensical. The part near the beginning in the shopping mall doesn’t make any sense. Even my infant children were looking at the screen in confusion. DC just can’t get anything right. I suppose at least they didn’t have to remove a moustache with cgi?

Markie 1984 - I would of paid £20 to own if this was an excellent movie3 star

The problem this film has, its it predecessor its better in everyway, the film is to lame boring storyline, its a shame word of mouth will put people off renting this, its a shame because I wanted to love it....

Sevyboy - What a crying shame2 star

It had almost nothing going for it. Neither the humour, emotion, or alas the action worked well. I got revved up being able to see the Amazonian characters from the first movie reprise their roles, but even that intro scene ended up feeling flat and detached from the rest of the movie. I don't know how the actual comics portray the characters, but the central villain lacked any menace or purpose, with a skimmed through explanation of his childhood near the end that was supposed to explain the motivation for his actions. Pascal's Maxwell just reminded me of a comical Bill Murray characicature. All the peripheral characters including Steve were witless morons. There was none of the fantastically choreographed cool CGI action from the first film. This time it was just clunky and also suffered from the fact that she was not actually fighting against anything worthwhile. And don't get me onto her additional powers near the end which I won't mention. There's superhero powers, and then there is Harry Potter powers. When she started lassooing in the sky..., just, no...

Mr Lucky UK - Utterly disappointing1 star

Where did it go so wrong? About 2 minutes in........ Loved the first Wonder Woman movie, this sadly was just a mess with little or no new ideas.

Ellabonbo7 - Absolutely brilliant5 star

Great powerful film, it did not disappoint. A must watch!

Psycr0w - Dreadful1 star

Had high hopes for this after the first one but they really dropped the ball. Ridiculous story and some of it a little disturbing if you think about it... To think they want you to then rent it for £15.99!? Lol I wouldn’t pay for it if it was 99p.

Renegade Master - ? £15.99 TO RENT ?1 star

How is this £15.99 TO RENT ???

bearman/lovesmovies98 - PRICE!!!!£15.99🤮🤮🤮🤮1 star

The Film was enjoyable!!! But...... The price they charge to rent is awful such a rip off surly making the prices a little bit cheeper would help the film industry draw in more attention and help them make money rather than rip people off and people refusing to pay such stupidly high prices!!!!

carefulsquid - Decent. Bit like Superman 2.4 star

I enjoyed the first 40 minutes but after that the film started to feel less and less good. It reminded me of the 80’s and 90’s sequels. Kind of like the original 80s Superman films in tone. The wish granted/something taken is as old as the hills story wise and this film doesn’t come up with anything really new. Definitely not as good as the first which also didn’t know how to end beyond a punch up. Not sure if I should be concerned for Rogue Squadron? Worth a watch when the price comes down. No issue with the asking price 3 of us would have gone to the cinema anyway.

skinner29 - Wonder Woman 844 star

It's a good clip of the film,it's a bit pricy,for a trailer, and to rent it,you buy this price, for a full film,I'm on benefit.

Bad boy of the world - Don’t bother!1 star

I saw the movie when it first came out on HBO. Very disappointed to be honest. Don’t waste your time and money.

Yuppymike - This film is awful1 star

First WW movie is fantastic. This is an absolute bore. The action is bad and is way too cheesy.

PotterMoose72 - WW843 star

Not enough WW, a bit dull

Beefmagic - Very poor2 star

Just not an entertaining film.

david111066 - 15.99 to rent a movie when the cinema only charges £4.50.1 star

Wow expensive rental. My local cinema when it’s open only charges £4.50. So over 3x as much and a lot more than buying the download normally costs. As rental are normal a lot lest than buying the movies I take it when we can buy it it will cost even more. And I must ask why we can’t buy it now when you can on sky store

real one 4 life - Wonder woman is back 😢1 star

What can you say other than OMG what happened I had high hopes for this franchise and can’t see a bright future from now. On to the movie what a mess you would think it was actually made in the 80s The malls scene is really Wonder Woman on wires there more problems with this film than good things it’s not woke just been put together with sticky tape you wouldn’t think it was the same Director save you money and buy the first 1 on iTunes.

Rbalmforth - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tesrgft - Was good film4 star

Watched with the wife good film

Trepé - Disappointing.3 star

I loved the first Wonder Woman film and really wanted to like this film more but it was just average. It had its moments and was fun in places but mostly it felt overly long and much of it was boring. Much of the story didn’t make a lot of sense either. Switch your brain off for the two and a half hours of its length and don’t think about it all too deeply. The severe lack of action also hurts the film. What little action there is isn’t always filmed well either. I wasn’t always sure what was happening.

Jedidave85 - Wonder Woman 845 star

Great movie

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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drdan68 - Too much SJW1 star

really enough is enough can't we just see a movie to be entertained or must we be preached to?

FlipTheBastard - Junk1 star

This is honestly one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Zac Snyder wasn’t there to hold Patty Jenkins hand this time and the results are striking. That is the only explanation of how the first Wonder Woman was the best of the DC Films, but this was an utter failure. Patty even had two year delay to fix everything and this was the best she could do? Gal Gadot was amazing as always, but she couldn’t save this garbage it was that bad.

Litlrob - Should have been called Dianna not Wonderwoman3 star

This movie does too much with its narrative honestly. It’s about Wonderwoman accepting who she is and that if she could have what she wants it would always cost her. But then it does it with both of the villains in the movie. There a bunch of plot holes and things that should have been delved into and choices narratively that don’t make any sense. Like Chris Pines character coming back in another persons body. Did that man not have a life and did no one go looking for him when he disappeared? Would the world think she kidnapped him when they saw him with her for however long this movie took place? The title character Wonderwoman isn’t even Wonderwoman for more than 10 minutes it feels like because you spend most of the movie with Dianna blending in but catching the eye of everyone while incognito lol. The whole movie is based on a trope we’ve seen time and time again and doesn’t do anything new with it and doesn’t even seem to have any consequences with anything that happens throughout the movie.Wasted villains, wasted time to be honest.


This movie was horrible, you tell Hollywood was smoking a lot of crack before they made this movie, please save your money.

Kdawg876 - Very disappointing2 star

For as good as the first movie in this is equally bad. With such hype behind the movie this underwhelms more than anything I have ever seen. I’d like to see a third movie but maybe someone different in the directors chair. That’s how bad this one is.

jrharvey21 - So bad1 star

Horrible. So horrible

landon 124 - Worst movie1 star

Easily the worst movie ive EVER seen

Max P. Sterling - NFW1 star

Wanted to rent it just to see what it was like. but 19 doller rental is not worth my curiosity

zombie fannnnnnnnnn🙂 - Awesome5 star

I loved the movie and it’s a thing that you should really show your kids

for-denis - Terrible sequel1 star

Save your money, do not purchase it. Especially if you love the first movie.

143 ;-) - Good Movie3 star

Maybe it wasn't great but it was good.

XMRMX - Wonder Trash1 star

After being quarantined to my home all year, the only beacon of light was WW1984. But talk about an absolute terrible film across the board. They hyped up the ‘80s aspect of this film, yet it had almost no ‘80s music. And other than an opening scene at a mall, there was no real indication this movie took place in that decade. The story was terrible, and somehow DC decided to DC this franchise and make a terrible movie.

Ryan Littlefield - What did I watch?2 star

I was super excited for this movie but was disappointed after wasting 2 hours...

10:30hi - Happy4 star

It was a great i though it had barely any fighting but good.

Kay7583 - Perfect Way To End 2020. A terrible movie to end a terrible year,1 star

I enjoyed the first Wonder Woman movie a lot. I would give it a 4/5, and now I was looking forward to this movie. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, not just superhero movies, but in general. The plot was such a long, long drag. We watched this on X-Mas, so about an hour into the movie, we started doing our own thing. The characters weren’t great either. Wonder Woman went from a heroine to someone who spends their life sad about a boy. Steve Trevor is an idiot in this movie, and the villain, if you could even call them villains. The Cheetah is a generic villain, and we don’t even get to her until the 3rd act. Max Lord is basically an Over The Top villain who wants power. That’s totally “original. Also, there is barely any action in this movie. One of the reasons I wanted to watch the movie is the action, and I’m pretty sure you know how I felt. I watched the ending, and it wasn’t that good either, not to mention all the plot holes! So Steve Trevor is in a different person’s body, and Wonder Woman can catch lightning and fly. How does that happen!? Anyways, this is the perfect movie for 2020. A terrible movie to end a terrible year 1/5

Babs the mighty - Bad everything1 star

This film has it all, from two lousy lead actresses to a silly plot and story. Kristen Wiiig looks like a warped and rotten old carrot. Gal Gadot still has no acting ability. If these companies would invest more in developing acting ability and less in overblown and unnecessary special effects, we might have a film worth watching.

butterflies🌺🦋 - WHAT WAS YOU THINKING?!1 star

This movie had so much ads and it was very trash and it didn’t make no types of since

Mr_xoxo69 - Awesome 😊 movie 🍿5 star

I loved 🥰 it thought 💭 it was an alright movie 🎥 Really had no complaints about it. It wasn’t a stand out like 👍🏾 the first movie 🍿 but I loved 🥰 it.

RIDX217 - Pure Woke Trash1 star

Just an overall boring an abysmal film...

scuba_sjm - So disappointing1 star

It was a huge let down.

unclebuck22 - cash grab1 star

DC continues to ruin every movie they make in a desperate attempt at cash grabs.

logan3-1639 - Fake, inauthentic, flat, and lame1 star

Spoiler alert. DO NOT read this if you haven't seen the movie. I saw the first movie and liked it a lot. I've rewatched it at least twice. But WW84 was a major disappointment. Given, it’s a fantasy, but the best superhero movies give us three-dimensional, authentic characters and rise above stereotypical comic books. Not this movie. It was cheesy, and the Max Lord villain was a joke. The whole idea of the wish stone and the way it worked was beyond stupid. Plus, Wonder Woman’s speech that inspired everyone to renounce their wishes felt out of place based on everything that came before it. Her speech, which was obviously “the message” of the movie, had too much gravitas for all of the silliness that preceded it. And, come on, we're supposed to believe that everyone in the world is going to renounce their respective wishes?! Say, for example, a person who wished for their dying loved one to be cured of cancer? Give me a break. I suspect that a lot of these five-star reviews were written by shills.

MorganClan - Had high hopes2 star

Yet another disappointing DC movie. Gal Gadot is a great WW and it’s being wasted.

jeffreythemerman - Great movie ignore the haters of this movie5 star

Great movie ignore the haters of this movie yes it’s not as good as some marvel movies or even Shazam but it’s a fun feel good movie.

R7AA7R - Nope!1 star

The acting is Terrible and the storyline worst!

Growenlight - Wow, not a sequel.1 star

Can't believe Gal Gadot signed up for this. Doesn't have a connection with the heart of the first of the WW productions. No one in my family liked it, female, male, young or old. My seven year old's quote "I told you it wasn’t going to be good!"

afghanmoose - Made no sense1 star

Horrible ending, movie could of just been one whole dream in the end and she wakes up, that would of been better!

Martha Wayne's Boyfriend - Arguably one of the worst movies ever1 star

This was an absolute train-wreck of cinema. I can’t even really put in to words how bad this movie is: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Wolf723 - A step down from the 1st one3 star

While I enjoyed the effects and the nods to classic Wonder Woman lore I found the story to be cheesy and the villains to be poor.

ajw3267 - Absolute garbage1 star

I really enjoyed the first one so I had high hopes for the sequel. Turned it off 50 minutes in...absolutely terrible. Do not waste your time and money

rodney_dollar - The DC Version’s Thor the dark world1 star

First time watching it was okay but now when I rewatched it back in HBO MAX before it left it didn’t really flow well Gal Gadot always does an amazing job as Wonder Woman Patty Jenkins I applaud for coming back to direct this but we knew the biggest issue was the direction and script she was going for

L0RD/D4RK53ID - WW844 star

This one was not as good as the first film, and I was disappointed with Cheetah’s limited screen time, but overall, it was a fun and enjoyable watch. 7 out of 10.

Existential.Pirate - An absolute mess1 star

I hate seeing DC assassinate my childhood heros on the big screen. They did it again. This is a tragic mess of a movie. Wonder Woman is basically a Demi-god and they put her in a bad plot to a Spider Man movie. I’m done with DC.

thoe2390 - I’d give half a star if I could.1 star

Graphics were terrible. Generic plot line.

Undeckedemu - Absolutely Amazing!5 star

This film has a beautiful message and a film everyone should see

gabb123445673882 - Not that bad3 star

This movie was ok. But it’s hard not to compare it to the first one. The first movie was amazing so if you’re expecting it to be like that, then just don’t watch it. I enjoyed the movie but the storyline and the plot was confusing, kind of all over the place. It wasn’t the worst movie ever, that would be an exaggeration, it was just ok. Also 20$ to rent?

Sean32312 - Terrible movie, taking branding to the next level1 star

Bad acting, bad plot, enough said.

Berkeley Rooster - Dull & Slow!1 star

Very, very slow and boring! I almost fell asleep while watching it. Turned it off about half-way through it. Poor script; and it's unbelievable. The actors couldn't save the movie; and the 1984 time-frame doesn't make any sense. Don't waste your time and money.

Archy13 - Archy_133 star

$19.99 can I get what these gys are smoking ? In your dreams!

Lucalain - Make a wish5 star

I wish...Gal is beautiful!

dirty little birdy - Do not bother1 star

What a terribly written movie

gemrob2001 - Fantastic!5 star

There comes a time when the world is in turmoil, filled with hate, jealousy and rage! There comes a time when a heroin is needed! 1984 was that time. Wonder woman was that heroin! Need I say more? The movie was Fantastic. Wonder Woman 1984 will be added to my collection. gemrob

Antairus - Just Tragic1 star

This Movie is beyond Terrible. Just More Wokeness. Really too bad the first one was Amazing.

iammiguell - Amazing5 star

Such a great movie, every actor delivers here.

Happy440 - Terrible plot and movie1 star

Worst scenario movie ever!

Khanvar - I love it5 star


THEBEASTKING109 - I love❤️❤️5 star

Really good

HPDE user - Cannot believe they made this movie1 star

Terrible on so many levels: casting selection, acting and the storyline. It’s not worth your time under any circumstances.

Lucián Alé - Must own!5 star

Entertaining, funny, emotional! It’s is great to see a more experienced Diana try to embrace and enjoy the return of Steve while also fight for what is right against very well crafted villains like Max and Barbara. It could be a bit shorter but it is still a best film own and rewatch many times. Instant classic!

Jake wyler - Don’t watch1 star

This sequel was so bad I don’t know that I’ll be able to enjoy rewatching the first one. And considering how cheesy the villain was I think the actor ruined the mandalorian for me as well. The people who approved this script should be permanently banned from Hollywood.

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