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A Marine veteran working as a school janitor tries to mend his relationship with his son after a divorce. When his son is killed by a police officer found innocent without standing trial, he takes matters into his own hands. A Marine veteran working as a school janitor tries to mend his relationship with his son after a divorce. When his son is killed by a police officer found innocent without standing trial, he takes matters into his own hands. American Skin Wiki

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There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.


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- Promoting violence1 star

This film is well made, but is political garbage inciting violence against police.

- Must See5 star

Great acting

- Horrible Message and Twisted Narrative1 star

I wish I could give this movie a negative rating. This has taken away from messages from people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr who called for UNITY, and has become a call to arms, an inciting of violence against other Americans, against law enforcement, just because they are police and not black... this is a bad message. And that’s coming from me being a black man. This is disgusting. I’m glad I was able to get my money back for this. I’ll never support movies that are racially dividing and not acknowledged as such because it was made by a black man. Welcome, 1984.

- Excellent movie for everyone to see 🔥5 star

This movie is a must see for all races!!! (It’s pretty sad looking at the bad reviews you can clearly tell they didn’t watch the movie at all but that was expected)

- Conversation5 star

Definitely worth a conversation! This needs to be seen by everyone. Not being biased on either side, but a great piece to peek inside the minds of different people of every age group, race and nationality.

- amazing movie5 star

This movie was awesome and had a great overall message .

- 🥱1 star

Any idiot that buys in this fantasy story deserves what they get. These mongrels will die in the streets like the animals they are while the woke brigade profits selling false narratives.

- Another movie the promotes hate1 star

People will never learn. Movies that Hollywood make that take advantage of people current situation and banking on it does not help. We need to learn to get past what’s happened but we never will with this stuff being peddled for money

- Great movie5 star

Great movie on illustrating the truth!

- A truth that many are not ready to face5 star

The movie was excellent in showing the reality that black people face daily. However it’s a reality that this country isn’t ready to be honest about...we have seen that play out. They are more willing to just point the finger in another direction. Heartbreaking

- Racist1 star

White liberals really need to stop pushing this false narrative. Mathematically, the numbers simply just dont work in its favor, in fact they tell the opposite story.

- wake up got skin,got God???????????????????????2 star

one world one god all lives matter most of you all have not lived a day in your life knowing what times were back in the 1700s. you are all about to get a dose and then you will be wishing upon a star to be able to watch another fantasy cause history is ready to take your babies yourland your territory and your soul so if this is america,,,,this country and skin color areb about to be erased.this is another FANTASY SO BABIES LIVES MATTER AND YOUR WAY IS COMING. GET RIGHT WITH GOD AND POPCORN AND ANOTHER FILM WILL BE SHORT OF A DOLLAR AND AMERICA CAN DREAFACT!!!YOU HAVE NOT LIVED ONE DAY LIKE THIS AND THIS IS GONNA PAINT A PRETTY LITTLE PIC OF YOUR SOUL BEING TAKEN. NO JOKE....THEY WANT US ALL DEAD NP MATTER RELIGION,SKIN, CREED OR SKIN. TUEF WAR ON A GLOBAL SCALE. UNITY IN NUMBERS IF PEOPLE CAN GET THAT THEN WE AMERICANS ALL LIVES MATTER CAN HAVE A CHANCE..

- Sick of seeing the hate5 star

All of the bad reviews completely missed the point of this movie and is partially the reason why problems like these occur. It’s a beautifully acted movie with graphics to complement and if you actually have your mind open there’s a lot to take from this movie. Very well done.

- Great story4 star

worth the time to watch but wish the acting skills were a little better. This is a sad reality alot of us have seen first hand.

- Could be better1 star

Could be better.

- Propaganda1 star

Feeding into the Marxist BLM movement. This is just more fuel onto the fire and creating further racial tensions. Typical liberal propaganda!

- From the heart.5 star

Great movie! See it from all sides. Bravo!!

- Stereotype 1011 star

White, black...police, citizen...don’t play into stereotypes because they can cut both ways. Judge people for who they are, not what they are. Bad news sells better than good news I guess.

- Those real conversations5 star

An excellent way to put other people in our shoes.

- Describes a Sad Reality5 star

Sad yet tells the story of so many across this country.

- GReat film , real meaningful, real man !!!5 star

If you haven’t watch , then no need to text about it to you !!!👌🏾

- A lot of Truth5 star

I never really understood what the Black Lives Matter movement was about till I saw this movie. I get it! This movie was done extremely well. I love the fact that all sides were heard! This movie should be shown in schools!

- American Skin5 star

Movie that finally give the perspective between all sides of people.

- A Good Conversation5 star

My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. It's dialogue is grounded with emotion and addresses an often too common life changing occurrence that many lower caste people experience. This movie prompts you to look deeper into the real problem.

- Great film5 star

Great film will recommend watching

- BLM 20215 star

Oustanding, informative movie but makes you think. Change starts with conversations, changes to policies, education/training; may we prioritize love, equality and freedom.

- Incredible!5 star

Nate Parker is a genius for this one! Can’t wait to see what he does next.

- Triggering but a MUST see5 star

A much needed conversation about the realities of policing in America. This movie also portrays what self hate looks like, and how experiences & career choices shape someone’s identity. A great reminder that blacks and latinos are not a monolithic group.

- A Taste of Real Life5 star

If you want to get a view of both sides and question your self watch this movie. Let it be know as a American Classic

- Manipulative1 star

You need more than a valid complaint about the outrageous treatment of minorities (especially black Americans) to make a good movie, and preferably not by a filmmaker with a penchant for casting himself in ego stroking savior roles. The trailer alone is heavy handed, over the top and totally unbelievable. If you want an actually well made film that was based on a real story and gets its point across on this issue without the over the top theatrics of this shameless exploitation, then go watch Fruitville Station. The acting, directing, writing and music are all incredibly effective in Fruitville Station and it does it with nuance and truth. Meanwhile this movie plays like b flick fantasy masquerading as an “important film”.

- Didn’t care for it1 star

Just didn’t like it.

- A must see!5 star

This was a moving film that captivated from start to finish!

- Just Watch It5 star

Don’t read the reviews. Don’t take in anyone’s bias. Read this heading. Just watch it.

- Amazing5 star

This film is exactly what white people need to watch to understand the other side. What would you do in his situation? Most people will allow this film and its message to go above their head. This isn’t about violence... this is about justice and understanding what black people in black neighborhoods go through. I dear a white person to walk in our shoes

- Great movie5 star

These are the conversations we need to be having. Loved it

- This is the most gripping movie I’ve ever seen5 star

This movie this cast, this idea it needed to happen. To see it play out even in a movie is powerful.

- Not Great1 star

This is a fantasy, but also not entertaining. Played out content that has no weight anymore, and based on a narrative spun on daytime television. If it was really happening, this would be an exploitation of their deaths, but it’s not. Why don’t you make something about Nate’s sexual assault, that’s a hot button issue that still has some miles left

- Smh1 star

This is promoting violence! Way to heal our country!

- Must see5 star

This was great movie. I’m recommending it to family and friends to watch it.

- The truth hurts.5 star

The movie speaks the truth it’s not spreading something that already in peoples hearts. Some of you 1 star dummies need to wake up.

- More than a movie about Race5 star

I’m not sure why I rented this movie. I guess after watching the reviews I was more intrigued than moved. Being a white male and a retired law enforcement officer. I wanted to see how they were going spin a black male being killed by police. I’ll admit after all the riots this summer and the assault on the police I have became a little jaded. How wrong I was, that’s not what this movie is about. It’s not about attack on the police but on the flawed system and how insensitive we’ve became as a society to the real issues when it comes to racial equality. This is about a 150 years time span where the black people in the this country won their freedom from slavery and yet they are still slaves to equal treatment in America and shouldn’t be having “the talk” with their 12/13 year old son about how to conduct themselves when pulled over by the police. This movie exceeded all my expectations and more, I may never understand what’s it’s like to be a black male and face the challenges they do. I can though support their cause, help educate others, support changes in how we train our law enforcement officers and break the cycle of where black fathers have to have the talk with their sons.

- Brilliant5 star

Brilliant movie , omg best movie and very sad , but it’s the true life .

- Well Made. Bad Idea2 star

While the plot and scenes were well made I am not sure this film was meant to be just a film. Its kind of a call to arms against the police and it makes already heightened tensions with law enforcement worse.

- Left wing garbage1 star

Typical Hollywood playing into the anti-police popularity of the day. Irresponsible and poorly made. God bless the police!

- Wow5 star

This was the heaviest movie I’ve seen in a very long time. I’m in tears right now. Powerful.

- Race baiting delusional trash1 star

Another trash film by a trash director, he gets views by being controversial. Don’t give him your money.


Designed for and by BLM

- Good movie5 star

Spot on!!!!!!

- American Skin5 star

Amazing! So many truths!

- liberal blacksploitation1 star

Prime example of how liberal hollywood types hate black people. A black marine veteran as a janitor? Hollywood's racism doesn't escape anyone, particularly well informed black and brown people like myself. Disgusting film making. skip it

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KaliannMc - Omg.5 star

I’m lost for words. This movie will forever stay with me. I was constantly thinking about this movie for a few days after watching this.

Rileysfreeman - Important story and ignore the critics4 star

I watched this movie and it’s a really good movie. I read some of the reviews by critics when the trailer first came out but the critics reviews show that they rarely ever know what they are talking about. We’re there issues with this movie? Sure but not enough to make this a bad movie. This movie should have hit the 2hr mark. Filmmakers need to really strive for that. No need to rush through a movie. When you have a good or important story, take as long as you need. We enjoy it. I felt every part of this movie even though I don’t experience the level of abuse that you see in America by cops, the pain here is felt everywhere. They debated and argued from both sides on important issues. I do wish they went a little deeper on some of it but this is a solid movie. This film should not be rated any less than 4 out of 5 stars. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise

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kyle byrum - Great movie🤗5 star

Because of the bad trailer I was thinking this was going to promote killing cops but it was far from it . It touch’s on the false and truthful on both sides of this matter and even goes into other matters as well. This should be shown in schools for shure for both sides to learn real facts and what to do and not to do. This was a master peace of a film. But again the trailer was trash only hurting the film sadly.

Pls folloq me plsssss - Ok I’m y Ruth by sky not to j in jjnJi IiJu xiimiI i nin5 star

I MJnJujun iniinij imikjk The killing I kI I io mkknow I Miku Mimi pi iiiii

MrsSmith83 - Honesty Is Heartbreaking5 star

I’m in awe and grief at this masterpiece. There really is nothing I can say except Watch this movie and think about what it means to live in your American Skin.

8490aw - Maybe good but wrong time1 star

The thing is the movie might be good but it’s during a time where this subject is very sensitive to a lot of people. Because of that I feel like it promotes a lot of hate during a time where we need something else.

Klint2 - Racist propaganda1 star

Nate Parker is clearly a racist. Interesting how he can continue having a career after being credibly accused of sexual assault.

LAMovieBuff1986 - This is more of the same2 star

We’ve seen this story before. Nothing new or innovative or insightful. Where is the risk? Where is the thought?

eddiemathmatic - Amazing5 star

This movie tell the story of what black families face with every time a lawyer of the Police Department lets a cop or cops go free. Then the Blue Lives matter chanting start to happen. The chant’er don’t realizing that cop or cops killed a person doing nothing wrong, but living there lives. Racial profiling is a big issue in this country. WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE TREATED THE SAME? SO WE ALL CAN GO HOME.

beenazztee - What a joke1 star

This scenario portrayed in the movie has never happened...... ever!!! This is so ridiculous it is not worth watching if it were free. I am black and educated, this movie stirs up emotions that are real but portrays the people we as citizens call to help as villains. Waste your money if you want. Taking our law enforces hostage and having criminals judge them..... lol that image may seem great to some but our world would never be the same if everyone was on board with that. Move forward and make a positive change, unlike this movie and director. This movie only puts us back another 4 generations

Qrt219 - Great movie5 star

Probably piss a lot of white people off as well as cops

Zeus_The_Great_0620 - !!!5 star

Even if violence is always a difficult choice, but this movie is showing an another side. Now people that are talking about black on black crime, if we saying the system is racist you have to start asking yourself if those data you’ve been using to justify the killing are real . Because if everything was created to force you to not sympathize with them, you will never find a reason too, if they did not want you to sympathize to an other group you would have see the same results. We have to start asking ourselves the right questions, black, white, Asian, Latino, Native American because we are all in this world together for a reason ....

supriece - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥5 star

Excellent movie 🍿 MUST SEE!!!!

yitz1 - American skin1 star

This is just what we need right now as if we weren’t divided enough and it’s just racially biased and false would Hollywood produce a film showing black and n black crime I highly doubt it

critt31 - American Skin4 star

This was a great movie. Understanding everyone has a side is most realistic about this movie. The problem is everyone of color is viewed the same way. We are all not criminals and most of us abide by the law unfortunately in so many circumstances that’s just not enough. This movie bought light to struggles of both sides. This is a must see.

Butchmade - American Skin is a must watch5 star

Great movie that gives different perspectives of America.

a-rizzle - A Must See5 star

Every person in America needs to see this movie. Exposes racial profiling and systemic bias to police training with disregard to the black population. Just goes to prove that there needs to police reform. This may be a fictional movie, but it shows the real daily struggles the black community goes through.

blitzonu - Hate Spreader1 star

This movie spreads the hate and makes seem like white cops are out to kill young black males. Have you guys ever driven thru compton and seen the police riding , most of the are young hispanic police men now, not white police men. Just that blm is spreading the hate to gather power, and people are ignorant and believe it.

Donovan Beckom - The best movie I have ever seen5 star

The movie American skin really taught me about life how police officers really treat you. The ending was very shocking the man did not kill the white officer, he didn’t do nothing to him he just wanted The police officer to feel his pain. The white cop had questions about the life he was living in the ending. Also in the ending the white cop walked the father outside and he still got shot in the head when white cop consistently told them he was unarmed and they still shot. Looking back on that movie I understood the meaning of it he wanted the World to see what he sees in cops. To me this is the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life

yepyepitifititi - THIS IS A MUST SEE!5 star

This movie is so powerful! My black 10 year son has already purchased it twice and watched it several times. He hardly ever cries but he cries every time he watches it. Thank you for this powerful moving movie.

Chri573917382;!;$2&;&393 - We get it already1 star

Just another movie produced to insight fear between people and cops and to divide us and make minorities think they are always in the bottom.

Mannie617 - Powerful movie5 star

It brought tears to my eyes because I have a son and I seen this happen all my live

s_x - Powerful5 star

Strong performances and direction. This is a must film to watch with an OPEN mind.

aws34: - Omg Nate Parker did it again!!!!!!!!5 star

The best movie I have ever seen...the topics were enough....the love that he had for his son—-he was already dead so he got what he needed

Niasharde - Great movie5 star

Must have conversation brought to peoples living rooms.

[email protected] - Powerful5 star

Fantastic movie, must see.

Rayyof_sunshine - Pulls on the Heart Strings5 star

Raw, very real and captivating! 10/10 Film embodies the emotions and tells a story from various angles...

Dayzlikejayz - Didn’t watch but adding 5stars for those that didn’t..5 star

This is a real issue and I face it everyday every second. Having white nyc police harass and follow me every turn I make when driving while black, so scared to do something wrong because if I do.. I may end up on the 6 o’clock news. This is real life, having white nyc police officers laugh and poke fun of me because my hair isn’t “straight” enough with my relaxer. And don’t get me started on the justice system in black communities.. it’s all rigged to support those of a “preferred” color. But two things I will say is, 1. I am definitely watching this movie! 2. Only the true God can fix mankind’s problems.

Anonomous1989 - Nate at it again!5 star

A film that needs to be seen now more than ever. This film handles a stressful and dangerous topic that most filmmakers would stray from or not handle directly. Topical and edgy in a way that expressed arguments from both sides in an environment that allows both sides to express their sentiments.

The 1 Batman - Shot In the Dark5 star

No spoilers. Just watched. Never had heard of it. Timely & educational. Will make you think. Consider your privilege or lack thereof. You might learn something. Might become a better person. That might save a life. Perhaps your own or that of a loved one. Watch not because you WANT to but because you NEED to. But mostly LISTEN. Recommend.

amarshallmba - Great movie5 star

Great movie

ZgoodyLee216 - American Skin5 star

It’s bold and blunt in its message. And very entertaining and fast paste. Should be watch by all as a clear understanding of what people of color have to deal with on a daily basis. I loved it and definitely got me chocked up.

NYCAMA - Really???1 star

Keep painting cops as the enemy and see where that gets us in 10 years.....

JoshuaSons - Zero stars1 star

This is garbage.

Plastiq703 - OMG5 star

Bravo Nate Bravo! I’m making sure all my friends and coworkers watch this movie thank you so much Nate

qkrjlsicuwbwbdjd - Wow. A must watch for everyone!5 star

This movie seemed so real because the events that happened in this movie happens in real life. I was very passionate with what was happening in the movie and this shows the true colors of what is happening in America right now on the subject matter of race and police brutality. This is a good learning movie for those who want to understand the Black Lives Matter movement.

DITRELL💯🔥 - Truth5 star

This movie deserves the upmost credit for capturing the truth. It is a 10 out of 10 for me. It puts everything in perspective. It makes you look at more than just one side. When you look at this movie you have to keep an open mind do you have to see what the message shows you and not try to pinpoint The thing is you only want to see.

Layah.4580 - Incredible Movie ❤️5 star

This movie was so realistic in today’s world

Dev2131 - Must see movie5 star

Top movie of all time

RickStarPhotography - Excellent!5 star

Super intense, powerful, movie with a great perspective, from BOTH sides. Definitely a must see!

Devinair from Ny - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Great film to start the year 2021 off right. Nate Parker writer, director, actor and activist really hit home with this project. I shred a tear for this film and all of us need to watch this to stay aware and on point in life

I oove among ua - Wow5 star



This movie was very real. I experienced every single emotion imaginable. My insides died with every memory I’ve had to then realize the color of my skin saved me from so much more. This movie should be added to the education curriculum History. BECAUSE THE TRUTH MATTERS!!!

Mammabear1201 - Salute!5 star

Thank you Nate Parker for articulating the thoughts of many into a film. Your courage and vision continue impressing me with each body of work.

theycallmeReed - Outstanding5 star

Congrats Nate!

Patriotic Eye - Conversations that need to be had5 star

In this film you get to hear the sides and responses from almost all walks of life. It’s a forceful conversation that needs to be had by all Americans with unconscious biases. A great watch if you are open minded. You’re probably a closed minded fool if you didn’t get the underlying meaning of this movie and gave it a bad rating. Job well done on this film...

AceEtray86 - WOW5 star

This movie had me compelled from beginning to end. It’s dialogue that people need to hear. Nate Parker....excellent job! Typically, I intentionally do not watch movies that are heavy or deep but the trailer hooked me in and rightfully so. Many viewers probably won’t be able to relate...but I’m glad that the world at large gets to see what we already knew. A must see!

Ask&Seek123 - Don’t need to watch1 star

To know that it is selling lies and hatred. Most blacks are killed by blacks look at the facts. Where’s your out cry for Chicago or NY murders every weekend. Want to change this, look at what party you vote bet it starts with D. They have duped black people so much they now have them creating there own segregation. There is only one race ... it’s the human race, your part of it. Just everyone has different features some darker some lighter, etc. Free yourself from the hate.

HazetheDoctor - It’s worth the money!5 star

I will always support the black movement. Very well put together and the concept is something we all need to think deeply about. Must see!

samantha love it - This is how they see us5 star

Spike Lee you outdid yourself with this film it speaks to American skin racial profiling.

Sweetpea360 - A MUST WATCH5 star

I don’t understand why IMDb and rotten tomatoes have this movie such low ratings. I feel like it was really well done and worth watching no matter what your political views are.

EnigMicksz - MUCH NEEDED5 star

The Juror Deliberations was a conversation that needed to be had & seen. This needs to happen amongst our fellow peers & coworkers as well. There are so many different parts of this film that makes everyone have to dig deep & ask themselves certain questions. Very Moving film & nice having Nate Back on such a Great production.

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