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From visionary director Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve) comes a delicious new take on revenge. Everyone said Cassie (Carey Mulligan) was a promising young woman...until a mysterious event abruptly derailed her future. But nothing in Cassie's life is what it appears to be: she's wickedly smart, tantalizingly cunning, and she's living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs of the past in this thrilling and wildly entertaining story. A young woman haunted by a tragedy in her past takes revenge on the predatory men unlucky enough to cross her path. Promising Young Woman Wiki

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Promising Young Woman Movie (2020)

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Promising Young Woman Movie Reviews

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- Best5 star

It's so good

- Easily the Best Film of the past few years!!5 star

It’s so good, no obvious turns, and nothing so ridiculous that it boggles the mind! Watch it, then buy it! I’ve already seen it 4 times and I still get chills..

- Excellent dark movie, a must see movie of 20215 star

Excellent dark movie, a must see movie of 2021. Ending has the best twist, but also very sad, a must see movie 2021.

- Amazing Trailer, Failed Movie2 star

This would be just an, “okay” movie if it was free on Netflix. The trailer makes you think this movie will be amazing; it’s not. The writing is weird, some of the acting is bad, and the scenes and plot aren’t well developed enough. The concept of this movie is GREAT, and it could’ve been a spectacular movie but it falls short and leaves the viewer unresolved, unsatisfied, and wondering why they are watching it. Trust me, don’t waste your money on this, wait for it to be free (it will be) on Netflix.


Thank you for the people who made this movie come to life. I cannot describe how good it felt to watch this movie. This is a movie that needs to be seen by everyone. This is a movie that I honestly believe needs to go down into the list of movies that will be seen forever. What I'm basically saying that this movie should be immortalized. Once this movie becomes available to buy, I'm buying this and will even buy the DVD version of it too. It will be worth every single penny.

- Original screenplay5 star

This is a great thriller that keeps you intrigued from beginning to end. Carey Mulligan does an amazing job. Now I see what all the hype is about.

- Unique and well done4 star

At least it’s a different twist

- Loved it!!5 star

Love this movie so much. Quirky, creepy, and whimsical all at the same time.

- Best of 20204 star

That’s not saying a lot. But it is a good movie. Carey Mulligan was terrific

- Important movie for all to see5 star

Everyone should see this movie. Well done. Amazing!!

- Great thriller5 star

A great revenge thriller with an unexpected ending. Carey Mulligan is superb. I suspect women will relate to this movie and some men will take it as a personal attack instead of an opportunity for introspection as to why they feel that way. These men are likely the one star reviews. : ;

- Best Film Of The Year5 star

Beautifully written, acted and produced. Oscar worthy for screenwriting, director and best actress! So different than any other dark comedy thriller I’ve seen in a long time!

- One of the best movies of the decade5 star

I cannot speak enough about this movie. It’s an incredibly important movie and so well executed! The people who have given this one star, are clearly trump supporters.

- Crap movie1 star

Not sure why this movie got good reviews. Save yourself the nausea and 20 dollars to rent it.

- Baited by the trailers1 star

The trailers made this seems like something that it’s not, the premise is good and it could have been a very good movie but instead it was just uncomfortable and pretty boring

- #equality5 star

After watching this beautiful masterpiece, my emotions were scattered everywhere. Automatically thinking about how there are victims now suffering from situations like the one highlighted in this film. How similarly, their story ended somehow like the story in this film did. Today more than ever we should open our eyes, and be more protective over potential victims and not allow them to fall into any kind of “system crack”. The cast, the music, the scrip, the cinematography. EVERYTHING was done so meticulously perfect. 10/10

- Genius5 star

Watching this film was so cathartic. It is now one of my favorite films. Emerald Fennell is a genius.

- Waste of time1 star

15 mins in I turned it off. Miscast lead and lacks ‘balls’. I’m tired of films that pretend to have attitude but are insipid

- Compelling, honest, brilliant5 star

A light that shines through the shadow of a modern travesty. A graphic example of a tragic ripple in time and its damage knows no bounds.

- Amazing.5 star

Absolutely The best.

- Believe victims5 star

worth the $20 rental. stop victim blaming, raise your sons right.

- This is tough to watch but worth it.5 star

The few critical points I woud make don't really matter so I'll skip'em. That being said, Carrie Mulligan is F*@$!ng awesome in this role. This film should be required viewing for high school kids AND college kids too. Maybe it'll reach a few of them. I wouldn't hold out much hope though. American kids are pretty stupid. As are their parents.

- misleading3 star

expected dark thriller, misleading preview.

- Whoa!5 star

What A Different Movie. Definitely Deserves Many Awards. Still Thinking About It. ExtraOrdinarily Well-Done. Carey Mulligan, Collect Your Academy Award, Please

- So good5 star

Loved this. One of my favorite movies in a long time!

- So timely5 star

This was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Bitingly funny, but oh so true.

- What??1 star

Serioulsy folks. This is a terrible movie. Spoiler alert... nothing interesting happens and the acting is, well, not acting. This reminds me of that time we had a pandemic and new movies were in short supply so I unwisely wasted twenty bucks on an awful flick.

- Not worth the $19.992 star

Decent, nothing special Just wait a few weeks until the rental price drops to $5.99

- Gripping, thought provoking & great soundtrack.5 star

Title says it all. This film was shot and edited beautifully, has a fantastic soundtrack and showcases the plight of the main character in the all of the angst, glory and uncomfortable reality of her pursuit for revenge.

- great message3 star

Enjoyable movie with a dark, sad, biting message. How easy it is to dismiss another's value under the veil of violence and self-gratification. And yeah, the film left me feeling uncomfortable in a necessary way. Carey Mulligan is great...though I felt her american accent wasn't quite right, her acting was amazing. The men are suitably smarmy. Most of the women are suitably "bought into the system." I mean, in some ways it's a mirror house of horrible (and I mean "horrifying") sexual cliches. That for me, though, was the problem. I did not find the film well-written, I'm afraid. ...but that's how I usually find dark comedies, so take my comments with a grain of salt. It's just that I found all of the characters to be too cardboard. None had any depth beyond the message of the film. Except for two characters and the protagonist, all the rest are held up as contemptible. It's never really clear what drives the protagonist beyond her own guilt and anger. The dialog is pretty stilted, and some of the shots were too obviously "arty" for my taste. Ultimately I wanted to like this film more than I did.

- BEST FILM OF 20205 star

A Masterpiece of a movie that will linger on you long after you see it...

- One of the most entertaining5 star

and well written films of the year. The last 30 minutes is intense.

- Disappointing2 star

I had high hopes for this. Me-too meets thriller? Nope, I don't think it worked very well. I didn't find the casting believable and while there were a couple of unique plot twists, we felt it was pretty predictable somehow.

- Killer!5 star

Darkest of humor and jarring, brilliantly done.

- Fantastic, entertaining dark comedy5 star

What an incredible film! Ever since seeing the trailer last month I waited impatiently for this film to be released. The $19.99 rental seemed a little on the steep side but I decided to treat myself and boy, am I glad I did. A very entertaining film -- I never looked at my watch once (which is saying a lot). The revenge theme was thoroughly engrossing. I was sad how it ended (no spoilers) -- very dark -- but all the loose ends were tied up so I was satisfied. I haven't stopped quoting the dialogue -- absolutely brilliant! A+!

- privileged white male 2 cents...5 star

Some can say I'm a "privileged white male" prototype, and I approached “Promising Young Woman” with trepidation. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by "Promising Young Woman". It wasn't a pious "woke" lecture that I see in many recent Hollywood films that bombard the consumer with tedious righteousness and forced representation. Instead "Promising Young Woman" hit the nail on the head in terms of P.T.S., revenge, a corrupted system, the tragedy of being a victim and the futility of trying to find closure and justice. This was wrapped in a tidy cinematic package that was entertaining, surprisingly fun and satisfying. I loved it.

- Very good4 star

Good movie and the end is unexpected.

- Obsessed!!!5 star

This movie was amazing and leaves me loving Carey and Laverne. The ending is EPIC!

- Yasss5 star

I love this movie and I want to watch it again but not pay for it, any suggestions on where to watch it for free??

- Wow5 star

Shocking and unique with an ending that is unforgettable.

- Entertaining5 star

Excellent acting and creative plot. Carrie Mulligan was fabulous. Well-written, directed and acted.

- Worth every penny5 star

Really good flick!!!

- Unexpected twist5 star

A must watch, stunning performance and dark truth, it’s worth the $20 dollar rental.

- Awesome Movie!!!5 star

Go watch it!

- An inconvenient truth5 star

A dark a wonderfully performed masterpiece. Finally women showing their experiences without apologies. I hope to see more of the actors, writers and directors. Bravo

- Wild, twisted and oh-so unpredictable!5 star

Unpredictable is the only true way to describe this viewing experience. It’s an emotional roller-coaster that rolls into a massive gut-punch then ends with you wanting to stand up and cheer. The trailer is NOT what this movie is at all. I was stunned but utterly entertained. Just go into it with little to no knowledge and be ready to be blown away. It’s certainly a movie that made me want to be a better man. It’s!

- Worth every second5 star

I’ve been thinking about this movie for two solid weeks, and it’s not leaving my mind any time soon. It’s easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and its unflinching look at modern society has something for everyone.

- As3 star

Ex😶😶🤗😶😶😶🥴 szs

- Amazing great so new and easy put5 star

This is by far a movie that will get you right on your edge of your seat till the end!!! 😉😉😉☺️😁 couldn’t predicted the ending was so refresing!

- Worth every penny4 star

Great movie. In today’s Covid world, this was money well spent.

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Alan22capu - Excellent5 star

Worth the rental cost

SeaDoo666 - Wow 👌🏼5 star

Trop hot!! Meilleure nouveauté que j’ai vue depuis un moment! Je l’achète dès qu’il sort disponible à l’achat sur iTunes! (Et je l’ai loué à 25$ + tx en version cinéma!)

Gaywoww - Amazing!5 star

This was the best movie I have seen in a long time. The message is strong and makes you realize how often these events happy and why victims should be believed!!!

Carogb - .5 star

Très bon film

Jane Monheit's fan - First real test of parallel release4 star

I think that this is the first real Friday opening night line up type of movie that is released digital totally almost simultaneously as in Theater. I think that this is the first real Digital channel test for movies. Not going to spoil the ending for everyone. But taking off one star.

nicolammora - Absolutely amazing5 star

Everything about this film is brilliant: the casting, color choices, set dec, soundtrack and pacing. Highly highly recommend!!

chdjueuejehd - Waste of time1 star

HORRIBLE... Waste of time

Jax711 - WOW!5 star

Didn’t expect it? But, I should have!

elyse displayed - Young women5 star

Jamie Oliver’s Was the best actress in the world and she was the type she was doing reading and reading to children’s music 🎶 now is time to dance with her and she wants her back in her life she got a new part Beginning being and strong 💪 morning was fun your dinner time for bedtime now bye for now and then go back to with by in the next parter Abbey Reynolds and Andrea Annie And thousands of dollars 💵 50 grand Pounds And never see forever Forget And congratulations The end

shorteedoowop - Pleasantly unpredictable5 star

Great cast, great story, beautiful cinematography

logonono - Best Film of 20205 star

Anchored by a virtuoso career best performance by Carey Mulligan, Promising Young Woman is a sly, gut-punch of a film that explores the ramifications of sexual assault. Highly recommend and the soundtrack is fantastic.

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MarkThePerson - incredible5 star

saw the trailer a lot at the alamo drafthouse when movie going was still at a thing, and was so so hyped for this movie. i'm happy to say that i was not disappointed. it wasn't exactly the movie i was expecting, and it was better for it. carey mulligan's performance is phenomenal and emerald fennell's direction is so good. (as an aside, i don't regret spending 19.99 to rent 'early' because the film was very much worth it, but i wish there was a purchase option for those who wanted to just outright buy it!)

ELK777 - Excellent all around5 star

Can’t believe I paid $20 to rent a movie - but totally worth it. Stellar screenplay followed up with powerhouse acting. Art imitating life, unfortunately. Karma ...

Buhryann - One of my favorite movies iv ever seen5 star

This movie was really well done. It was funny, sweet, haunting and dark. It really shows you how our actions can affect each other and the ugliness inside of people. The movie takes so many twist and turns, and the main character is very complicated and I love that! She makes decisions we can agree/disagree with but we always understand why she feels compelled too. Amazing movie

Big NK - Definition of a BAD MOVIE!1 star

Such movies should be used as a material of how bad movies look like!

idlyby - Surprisingly unexpected, unexpectedly surprised5 star

Must watch. And argue about it with your friends and family. Toxic is so fitting with this movie.

Angelayyeee - Woah5 star

I never leave reviews... but, this film was pure gold. Main actress is phenomenal. Story is strong and relevant. I wanted more.

Kyles ipad12345678901 - Ridiculous1 star

Don’t waste your time with this nonsense. Seriously please don’t waste your time. Honestly can’t believe I paid 20 bucks for this. Repugnant.

gFink-Nottle - Excellent debut; Mulligan is fantastic.4 star

This will likely stay with you for awhile.

sugarsweatandgrit - Love love love5 star

Yes- my favorite movie to date! You can’t explain what happens when someone takes advantage of you- and no one listens. Thank you for making this movie.

getting through it 20201 - Absolutely amazing5 star

One of the few movies I have watched in the last few years that I didn’t want to check my phone. Carrie Mulligan is phenomenal.

App-ser\/ices - The revenge movie we needed5 star

This movie was an absolute phenomenon, start to finish. I was waiting to see this movie for a long time and now I finally have. I’m just sad that it’s not available to buy. That’s the only sad part about this. But 20 bucks to rent this movie is worth it. This brings a real life problem into the’s an eye opener to one of the many problems people face in life. This movie was worth the wait but I’m pretty down about the rent and not able to buy. But I would gladly buy the movie when it releases.

Trashboat32 - Great movie!5 star

Really great cast with great acting definitely recommend it.

danielrrojas - Amazing Film5 star

I was fortunate to see this movie at the theater here in Arizona. I ended up seeing it twice. Such an incredibly written, directed, and acted movie. From a guy’s perspective, this movie is definitely one of the best films in recent years.

candy_70 - Best Movie of the YEAR5 star

You have to watch this movie.... really really good

MWD7584 - Stop Complaining5 star

This movie was a total thrill ride from beginning to end. Stop complaining that it’s $20 rent and not available to buy. It’s on streaming platforms for those who might not be able to go to the theater. I was hoping we’d all catch on by now why some movies are $20 to rent when they first hit iTunes. We’re living in a pandemic. Stop discrediting films because of the cost to rent them. $20 or not, this movie deserves more than five stars.

LuxeBunny - Strong performances and dark truth5 star

A harsh, clever journey that attempts to balance the scales of justice in the wake of loss.

Piokl - Good but horrible4 star

This movie will leave you feeling sick to your stomach.

joelnye - Wow5 star

I wasn't expecting that twist! Good job!!!

RHawk72 - Twisted Enjoyable Ride5 star

Excellent film that keeps you guessing. Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham are both spot on in their roles.

nature23 - Not a thriller1 star

It’s a comedy

David Call - Exceeded my expectations5 star

My girlfriend and I love a good thriller movie, and we got so excited to see this in 2019 as the previews were everywhere and the trailer sold it pretty hard. Everyone loves a good vengeance tale. Then the pandemic hit and the theaters closed and this was one of a few films we were so bummed we wouldn’t get to see. Finally it came out on iTunes to rent and I just have to say.... Wow. I’m floored. I don’t want to give any of this away because this movie wasn’t what I was expecting. But what I will say is that this film was cutting and raw about the realities every woman faces in a world of toxic masculinity, while also thinly hiding (by way of not diving into) the anguish and rage left by the trauma women face and the respect and credence they are denied repeatedly, ad nauseam. The writing was smart, the actors engaging and believable, the colors inviting and interesting, and the pace was perfect. Before this movie ended I thought “I don’t know how this will climax but I have *really* enjoyed the journey” and then the climax comes, and while everything is resolved, it isn’t the way you want it to go, but still provides closure, and my girlfriend and I just sat in silence while the credits rolled, letting the energy dissipate. Five stars. This was wonderful. I’m so, so glad this story is being told, because it needs to be.

Mayor_Daly - Greater? Carey Mulligan or the screenplay?5 star

Carey Mulligan is as great as she always is, but the screenplay is crazy good. The writer feeds you just enough bread crumbs at the right times to keep you on the edge of your seat saying, "Did that really just happen? What is next?"

Bruce Dillable - One of the best films of 20205 star

Deserves Oscar recognition

C.C003 - Promising5 star

A well thought, provocative and carefully planned thriller that asks to basic questions: how far would you go to avenge the ones you love and at what point will you stop?

ColorfulBLVCK - Loved5 star


Superhero145 - Masterpiece of entertainment!!!!5 star

I loved promising young women I saw it the day after Christmas and I was shocked and blown away from this movie even though the ending is gonna split some people but it works when you think of it after a while. Carey Mulligan deliver a stunning performance same with Bo Burnham and the rest of the cast I hope people will give this movie more thoughts into it before judgeing right away especially how it looks some men but the movie make it clear that not all men are bad but there are both men and women are out there that aren’t good and we all should respect what is being done here and understand what this movie is trying to say because I’m a guy and I didn’t think this bother me at all and I’m glad about that because I thought it would. But I definitely recommend promising young woman to anyone I hope this movie get nominations and wins from the awards season because it just that good definite must buy!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PRICE BECAUSE YOU DEFINITELY GET YOURS MONEY WORTH IF NOT THEN DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT IN THE REVIEWS SECTION

Piebite - Should be required viewing for every young male5 star

One of the best films i’ve ever seen. 100% worth the $20 rental price because this is one that needs to be seen again immediately after you watch it the first time.

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