Don't Breathe 2 summary and reviews

Don't Breathe 2 synopsis, summary and reviews

7.264 star

Don't Breathe 2 (2021) Movie Summary

  • R
  • 2021

In the thrilling sequel to the break-out hit, Don't Breathe 2 reprises Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), who has been hiding out for several years in an isolated cabin. He lives with a young girl and has recreated the family stolen from him by a drunk driver. Their quiet life together is shattered when a group of unseemly criminals kidnaps her. Norman is forced to tap into even darker and more creative instincts in an effort to save her.

Don't Breathe 2 Film Synopsis

The Blind Man has been hiding out for several years in an isolated cabin and has taken in and raised a young girl orphaned from a devastating house fire. Their quiet life together is shattered when a group of criminals kidnap the girl, forcing the Blind Man to leave his safe haven to save her.

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Don't Breathe 2 Movie Reviews

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It was good!I liked this one better than the first one. It was different but I didn’t know who I wanted to win until the end sort of like the first he’s a secret baddy..Score: 5/5

Best movie ever!!This movie was the heat. Same villain from the first movie returns with another amazing plot twist. This movie gives SJWs exactly what they are looking for. In this movie a kidnapper, rapist, murder villain becomes a true hero. How you might ask?… by kidnapping again and lying. Oh what a wonderful job Hollywood. I think I’ll go eat a bag of sugar free gummies and turn in for the night..Score: 5/5

Not badThis is something at least semi-entertaining to watch, but would have been much better without the gratuitous gore..Score: 3/5

Interesting !!!!!Movie was intresting. Was very hard to root for the main character but all in all good movie to watch..Score: 4/5

Much better than expected I liked it a lotPart one was just OK so I wasn’t expecting much from this but I wound up really liking it very much way to go and watch it again and even buy it for a bargain price..Score: 5/5

AnotherRentals sure are pricey. World hunger could be solved by now, with all the app fees and rental costs alone.Score: 2/5

Plot bustNot a fan.Score: 1/5

ScaryThere are some crazy twists in the plot of this movie. The acting is good. More gore than the first movie. If you’re in the mood for suspense and gore, this is a good pick. Wait to rent it when it’s been out awhile and cheaper though..Score: 4/5

BlahCan’t believe I spent twenty bucks to RENT this dump truck..Score: 2/5

Don’t breathe 2I love the movie I thought I owned it until I started to say I have 50 minutes remaining iTunes you trolled me and ripped me off I’m no longer going to buy any movies from here anymore you got my last money it was a great movie if there’s any misspelling it’s my iPhone 12 Pro Max 512 GB with 4K HDR OLED Display from Verizon wireless every iPhone is made in China that’s why my phone misspells 1,000,000,000,000%I wish I could get my money back because it did not say renting it said buy it for $19.99 it did not say renting I was purchasing for it to be my movie thanks iTunes for trolling me and ripping me off I’m sure there’s a lot of people like me that are going to do the same thing no longer buy their videos from iTunes 🤬😡.Score: 5/5

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HorribleMan this was bad, terrible acting, mumbling blind old guy. I think the star of the show was the dog.Score: 1/5

WhatJust what an amazing movie.Score: 5/5

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Don't Breathe 2 (2021) Series Cast & Crew

Don't Breathe 2 (2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Stephen Lang (The Blind Man), Brendan Sexton III (Raylan), Madelyn Grace (Phoenix), Stephanie Arcila (Hernandez), Rocci Williams (Duke), Bobby Schofield (Jared), Adam Young (Jim Bob), Fiona O'Shaughnessy (The Mother (Josephine)), Steffan Rhodri (The Surgeon), Diaana Babnicova (Billy), Christian Zagia (Raul), Ron Rogell (Market Manager), all returned for don't breathe 2 movie.

Stephen Lang (The Blind Man)
Stephen LangThe Blind ManScore: 31.3
Brendan Sexton III (Raylan)
Brendan Sexton IIIRaylanScore: 12.1
Madelyn Grace (Phoenix)
Madelyn GracePhoenixScore: 4.4
Stephanie Arcila (Hernandez)
Stephanie ArcilaHernandezScore: 5.6
Rocci Williams (Duke)
Rocci WilliamsDukeScore: 2.1
Bobby Schofield (Jared)
Bobby SchofieldJaredScore: 24.0
Adam Young (Jim Bob)
Adam YoungJim BobScore: 2.3
Fiona O'Shaughnessy (The Mother (Josephine))
Fiona O'ShaughnessyThe Mother (Josephine)Score: 6.2
Steffan Rhodri (The Surgeon)
Steffan RhodriThe SurgeonScore: 7.4
Diaana Babnicova (Billy)
Diaana BabnicovaBillyScore: 2.5
Christian Zagia (Raul)
Christian ZagiaRaulScore: 4.2

Sam Raimi (Producer), Robert Tapert (Producer), Roque Baños (Original Music Composer), Joseph Drake (Executive Producer), Nathan Kahane (Executive Producer), Stephen Lang (Executive Producer), Christopher Landry (Associate Producer), Kelli Konop (Co-Producer), Andrew Pfeffer (Executive Producer), Rick Jacobson (Executive Producer), Pedro Luque (Director of Photography), Rich Delia (Casting), Fede Álvarez (Producer), Fede Álvarez (Characters), Fede Álvarez (Writer), Rodo Sayagues (Director), Rodo Sayagues (Characters), Rodo Sayagues (Writer), Rodo Sayagues (Co-Producer), Novica Jankov (Sound Mixer),

Sam Raimi (Producer)
Sam RaimiProducerScore: 17.2
Robert Tapert (Producer)
Robert TapertProducerScore: 8.5
Joseph Drake (Executive Producer)
Joseph DrakeExecutive ProducerScore: 2.0
Nathan Kahane (Executive Producer)
Nathan KahaneExecutive ProducerScore: 8.0
Stephen Lang (Executive Producer)
Stephen LangExecutive ProducerScore: 31.3
Rick Jacobson (Executive Producer)
Rick JacobsonExecutive ProducerScore: 5.8
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Don't Breathe 2 Trailers & Teasers

'Don't Breathe 2' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of don't breathe 2, the Rodo Sayagues's popular movie. Watch the don't breathe 2 teaser trailer. Rodo Sayagues’s #don-t-breathe-2 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Don't Breathe 2 | Official Trailer | Horror Brains▶ Don't Breathe 2 | Official Trailer | Horror Brains
Dark AF Restricted Trailer▶ Dark AF Restricted Trailer
Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer

Don't Breathe 2 Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from don't breathe 2 movie. Don't Breathe 2 (2021) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome don't breathe 2 wallpapers to download for free.

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Don't Breathe 2 Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Bad things happen to bad people...

Don't Breathe 2 — 2021

Don't Breathe 2 Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie don't breathe 2 - 2021. A poster for Rodo Sayagues thriller movie, Don't Breathe 2! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for don't breathe 2 (2021). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Don't Breathe 2 poster 1
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Don't Breathe 2 Movie Posters
Brain Force

Don't Breathe 2 Movie Languages & Subtitles

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كان الرجل الكفيف يختبئ منذ عدة سنوات في كوخ منعزل واستقبل فتاة يتيمة ليربيها من حريق منزل مدمر. لتتحطم حياتهما الهادئة معًا عندما تقوم مجموعة من المجرمين باختطاف الفتاة ، مما يجبر الرجل الكفيف على ترك ملاذه الآمن لإنقاذها.

български език
Продължението се развива в годините след първоначалното смъртоносно нашествие в дома, където Норман Нордстрьом (Стивън Ланг) живее в тиха утеха, докато миналите му грехове не го настигнат.

Pokračování úspěšného hororu se odehrává několik let od násilného vniknutí do domu, kde Norman Nordstrom žije v tichém ústraní, dokud ho nedostihnou vlastní hříchy z minulosti.

Der Blinde Mann versteckt sich seit Jahren in einer abgelegenen Hütte und hat ein junges Mädchen aufgenommen und aufgezogen, das seine Eltern bei einem Hausbrand verloren hat. Als das Mädchen jedoch von einer Gruppe Entführern mitgenommen wird, ist er gezwungen, seinen sicheren Zufluchtsort zu verlassen, um sie zu retten.

Ο Νόρμαν, που εδώ και χρόνια ζει σε μια απομονωμένη καλύβα, πέφτει και πάλι θύμα επίθεσης. Αυτή τη φορά, οι διαρρήκτες τού παίρνουν κάτι τόσο πολύτιμο, που θα δώσει μέχρι και τη ζωή του για να σώσει.

El ciego se ha estado escondiendo durante años en una cabaña aislada y ha acogido y criado a una niña que perdió a sus padres en un incendio en una casa. Su tranquila existencia se hace añicos cuando un grupo de secuestradores aparece y se lleva a la niña, lo que obliga al Ciego a dejar su refugio seguro para rescatarla.

En No Respires 2, la emocionante secuela del gran éxito, nos reencontramos con Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), quien se ha estado escondiendo durante varios años en una cabaña aislada. Vive con una jovencita y ha recreado la familia que le fue robada por un conductor ebrio. Su tranquila vida se hace añicos cuando un grupo de criminales secuestra a la chica. Norman se ve obligado a recurrir a instintos aún más oscuros y creativos para salvarla.

Läpimurtohitin jatko-osassa Don't Breathe 2 seurataan jälleen Norman Nordstromia (Stephen Lang), joka on piileksinyt useiden vuosien ajan syrjäisessä mökissä. Hän asuu nuoren tytön kanssa ja on luonut uudelleen perheen, jonka rattijuoppo häneltä vei. Kaksikon rauhallinen elämä järkkyy, kun röyhkeä rikollisryhmä sieppaa tytön. Norman joutuu hyödyntämään yhä synkempiä ja luovempia vaistojaan pelastaakseen hänet.

Quelques années après la sanglante violation de domicile qui s’est déroulée dans le premier film, Norman Nordstrom vit en toute quiétude, jusqu’à ce que son passé le rattrape.

Quelques années après la première effraction mortelle au domicile de Norman Nordstrom, ce dernier vit des jours tranquilles et paisibles. Mais ses anciens péchés le rattrapent...

סרט ההמשך מתרחש שנים לאחר הפריצה הראשונית והקטלנית לביתו של נורמן נורדטרום (סטפן לאנג) אשר חי בשקט יחסי, עד שחטאיו מהעבר שבים לפתח דלתו.

Nastavak je smješten u godine nakon inicijalne ubojite provale u kuću. Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) živi mirnim, osamljenim životom sve dok ga grijesi iz prošlosti ponovno ne nađu.

A vak veterán évek óta bujkált egy elszigetelt házban, ahol befogadott és felnevelt egy fiatal lányt, aki egy pusztító háztűz miatt árván maradt. Csendes közös életük összeomlik, amikor egy csoport bűnöző elrabolja a lányt, és arra kényszeríti a Vak Embert, hogy elhagyja biztonságos menedékét, hogy megmentse őt.

Bahasa indonesia
Don’t Breathe 2 ini melanjutkan kembali kisah kehidupan seorang kakek buta bernama Norman Nordstrom yang tinggal dalam sebuah pondokan kecil di tempat terpencil. Meski buta, Norman memiliki kemampuan luar biasa dalam melindungi dan mengenali sekitarnya hanya melalui hembusan napas. Norman tinggal di pondok terpencil itu untuk bersembunyi dan berpikir bahwa tidak ada orang yang bisa menemukannya dan mencurigai perbuatannya. Dalam pondok itu, Norman tinggal bersama seorang gadis yatim piatu berusia 11 tahun. Gadis bernama Phoenix itu dulunya terjebak dalam rumah yang terbakar.

Dopo gli eventi del precedente film, l'ex marine cieco Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) si è ritirato in una capanna isolata tra i boschi, dove vive in pace. Sono trascorsi 8 anni e nonostante la sua cecità, Norman è riuscito a sopravvivere e a ricreare quella famiglia agognata, che ha perso a causa di un incidente d'auto per mano di un autista ubriaco. Insieme a lui, infatti, vive la undicenne Phoenix, rimasta orfana dopo che i suoi genitori sono morti in un incendio. Norman sottopone la giovane ad allenamenti in pieno stile marine per far sì che possa difendersi da sola.Quando in casa irrompono alcuni ragazzi concentrati su Phoenix e convinti che Norman, essendo cieco, non darà loro alcun problema, la tranquillità in cui l'uomo ha vissuto finora vengono meno. Norman è pronto a tirar fuori ancora una volta il suo lato più selvaggio e la sua natura sanguinaria, pur di salvare Phoenix...


პირველი ფილმის მოვლენებიდან რამდენიმე წლის შემდეგ, უსინათლო ნორმან ნორდსტრომი კვლავ განმარტოებით ცხოვრობს თავის იზოლირებულ ქოხში, სადაც ის ობოლო გოგონას შეიფარებს მას შემდეგ, რაც ახალგაზრდა გმირი მშობლებს ხანძრის დროს დაკარგავს. მაგრამ მოულოდნელად მათი მშვიდი ყოველდღიურობა გაცამტვერდება, როდესაც გამტაცებლების ჯგუფი გოგონას გაიტაცებს, ნორმანს კი საკუთარი კომფორტის ზონიდან გასვლა მოუწევს მის გადასარჩენად.

끔찍한 일이 벌어졌던 그날 밤 이후, 비밀스러운 과거를 가진 소녀 ‘피닉스’와 함께 세상과 단절된 일상을 보내던 눈 먼 노인 ‘노먼’ 어느 날 밤, 정체불명의 괴한들이 침입해 ‘피닉스’를 납치하고 소녀를 되찾기 위해 잠들어 있던 그의 광기가 다시 깨어나는데… 그는 과연 소녀의 수호자인가 괴물인가? 9월, 어둠 속 진실이 밝혀진다!

Tęsinys praėjus metams po mirtinos namų invazijos, kur Normanas Nordstromas gyvena atsiskyręs, kol jo praeities nuodėmės jį pasiveja.

De Blinde Man heeft zich een aantal jaren verstopt in een afgelegen hut en heeft een jong meisje opgevangen en opgevoed dat wees was na een verwoestende huisbrand. Hun rustige leven samen wordt verstoord wanneer een groep criminelen het meisje ontvoert en de blinde man dwingt zijn veilige haven te verlaten om haar te redden.

Akcja filmu "Nie oddychaj 2" odbywa się kilka lat po inwazji na dom w pierwszym filmie. Ślepiec (Stephen Lang) przez lata ukrywał się w izolowanej chatce, gdzie przygarnął i wychował młodą dziewczynę, osieroconą po pożarze domu. Ich spokojne życie zostaje zniszczone, gdy pojawia się grupa porywaczy i zabierają dziewczynę, zmuszając bohatera do opuszczenia swojej bezpiecznej przystani, aby ją uratować.

Norman Nordstrom se esconde há vários anos em uma cabana isolada. Morando com uma garota, ele recriou a família tirada dele por um motorista bêbado. A tranquila vida dos dois é arruinada quando indecentes a sequestram. Para salvá-la, Norman é forçado a usar seus instintos ainda mais sombrios e criativos.

Continuação de Don't Breathe 2016.

În Omul din întuneric 2, Norman Nordstrom locuieşte cu Phoenix, care are vârsta de 11 ani; el a recreat familia care i-a fost furată de o şoferiţă beată şi a făcut dreptatea complicată care a considerat întotdeauna că i se cuvine. Atunci când oaspeţi nedoriţi vin din nou la el acasă, de data aceasta concentraţi pe Phoenix, Norman va arăta pentru a doua oară ce zace în el … şi din nou, în noi şi neaşteptate moduri.

Спустя несколько лет после кровавого вторжения Норман обрел покой и утешение, но оказалось, что от прошлых грехов так просто не убежишь.

Pokračovanie úspešného hororu sa odohráva niekoľko rokov po násilnom vniknutí do domu, kde Norman Nordstrom žije v ústraní, kým ho nedobehnú hriechy z minulosti.

Наставак је смештен у године након почетне смртоносне инвазије у кућу, где Норман Нордстром живи мирним животом док га прошли греси не сустигну …

Uppföljaren tar oss till åren efter den första filmen, där Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) lever i stillhet, tills hans synder hinner ikapp honom.

เรื่องราวครั้งนี้ค่อนข้างแตกต่างจากภาคแรกพอสมควร ที่คราวนี้ปู่รับดูแลเด็กสาวคนหนึ่ง คอยฝึกฝนให้เธอเอาตัวรอด แต่เธอเป็นใครนั้นตัวอย่างยังไม่บอกอะไรเรามากมาย แต่วันหนึ่งบ้านของปู่ก็ถูกบุกอีกครั้ง คราวนี้เป้าหมายของพวกมันคือเด็กผู้หญิง และพวกมันก็จับตัวเด็กสาวไปได้ นั่นทำให้ปู่ต้องคว้าอาวุธ ใช้ทุกสิ่งที่มีออกมาตามล่าอีกครั้ง สิ่งที่น่าสนใจก็คือ เด็กสาวคนนี้สำคัญอะไรกับปู่นอร์แมน แถมดูเหมือนว่าเจ้าพวกที่บุกมานี้จะรู้อดีตและความลับของปู่นอร์แมนด้วย มารอดูกันว่ามันจะเกิดอะไรขึ้น

Don't Breathe 2'da, aradan sekiz yıl geçmişken, Nordstrom 11 yaşındaki Phoenix ile birlikte yaşamaktadır. Sarhoş bir sürücü tarafından kendisinden çalınan ailesini böylece yeniden yaratmış ve her zaman hakkı olduğunu düşündüğü çarpık adaleti bulmuştur. Davetsiz misafirler bir kez daha evine geldiğinde, bu sefer Phoenix'e odaklanan Norman, içinde saklı olanı yeni ve beklenmedik şekillerde bir kez daha ortaya çıkaracaktır.

Продовження напруженого екшн-трилеру, який шокував багатьох і отримав схвальні відгуки від глядачів та критиків! Які ще моторошні секрети приховує загадковий будинок на околиці міста?

Tiếng Việt
Sát Nhân Trong Bóng Tối 2 sẽ mở rộng câu chuyện về Mr. Blind Man khi anh đã ẩn náu vài năm trong một căn nhà gỗ biệt lập và đã nhận và nuôi dạy một cô gái trẻ mồ côi từ một vụ cháy nhà kinh hoàng. Cuộc sống êm ấm bên nhau của họ tan vỡ khi một nhóm tội phạm bắt cóc cô gái, buộc anh phải rời nơi trú ẩn an toàn để cứu cô.


上集獨居盲翁一人力戰三名入屋歹徒,憑敏銳聽覺以寡敵眾,於禁室大開殺戒,但他在地下室的「正義」復仇計劃卻意外被歹徒破壞:原來盲翁禁錮了醉駕撞死他女兒的女司機,並想逼她為自己生一個女兒補償! 今集亡命困獸鬥8年後,盲翁已如願重新擁有幸福家庭:他收養了11歲的Phoenix,兩人來到寧靜小鎮避世定居,但這時竟有歹徒闖入他們家中,更擄走了Phoenix。盲翁一人面對更多歹徒、更多武器,再次憑四感在禁室展開血腥殺戮,每一下呼吸都可能是死亡預告!

延續前作故事發生多年後,盲人老兵諾曼(史蒂芬朗 飾)繼續隱瞞身分與一位神祕小女孩同住。這集他對上的並不是缺錢搶劫的年輕屁孩,而是一群為了不明原因企圖綁架小女孩的暴力惡徒。為了自衛反擊,諾曼這次創造了更多令人不安驚恐的氛圍,利用斷電、煙霧彈讓對手置身黑暗,感受他口中「我要讓你們看到我眼中世界」的威脅。

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Don't Breathe 2 summary, synopsis, reviews
Don't Breathe 2Thriller2021

In the thrilling sequel to the break-out hit, Don't Breathe 2 reprises Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang), who has been hiding out for several years in an isolated cabin. He lives with a young girl and has recreated the family stolen from him by a drunk driver. Their quiet life together is shattered when a group of unseemly criminals kidnaps her. Norman is forced to tap into even darker and more creative instincts in an effort to save her.

Don't Breathe summary, synopsis, reviews
Don't BreatheHorror2016

A trio of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

Evil Dead summary, synopsis, reviews
Evil DeadHorror2013

A secluded cabin. An ancient curse. An unrelenting evil. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell reunite to present a genuinely terrifying re-imagining of their original horror masterpiece. Five young friends have found the mysterious and fiercely powerful Book of the Dead. Unable to resist its temptation, they release a violent demon on a blood-thirsty quest to possess them all. Who will be left to fight for their survival and defeat this unearthly force of murderous carnage?

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Serial Thriller, Season 3 release date, synopsis, reviews
Serial Thriller, Season 3Serial Thriller

In this thriller, The Head Hunter, a beautiful seaside city in California is devastated by a series of missing students and hitchhikers in 1972. As the hills and ocean wash up human remains, detectives must find the killer in a frantic bid to restore calm.

Serial Thriller, Season 2 release date, synopsis, reviews
Serial Thriller, Season 2Serial Thriller

In the summer of 1979, Detective Mike Brady is confronted by a grisly body count out in the desert of Nevada and Utah. Two years later, a Texan dental hygienist is held captive by a mysterious couple, and she soon learns about the man's violent past and the secrets that make him so determined to mask his true identity.

Serial Thriller, Season 1 release date, synopsis, reviews
Serial Thriller, Season 1Serial Thriller

In Serial Thriller, the lives of investigators, victims and associates intertwine as the mystery of one of America's most notorious serial killers unravels.

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