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Clifford The Big Red Dog (2021) Movie Summary

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  • PG
  • 2021

When Emily discovers her little red puppy named Clifford has grown ten-feet overnight, she turns to her eccentric Uncle Casey for help. But when a mad scientist tries to capture the larger-than-life playful pup, it takes the entire neighborhood to hide Clifford as they race across the city. Get ready for the incredible, laugh-out-loud comedy adventure that is BIG fun for the entire family!

Clifford The Big Red Dog Film Synopsis

As Emily struggles to fit in at home and at school, she discovers a small red puppy who is destined to become her best friend. When Clifford magically undergoes one heck of a growth spurt, becomes a gigantic dog and attracts the attention of a genetics company, Emily and her Uncle Casey have to fight the forces of greed as they go on the run across New York City. Along the way, Clifford affects the lives of everyone around him and teaches Emily and her uncle the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love.

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Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Reviews

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I cried, leave Clifford alone! 🥺When I decided to quit my antidepressants, and my body craved the pills so bad, my dog was the only person that kept me going. Just knowing I had this beautiful creature at home waiting on me to feed, cuddle, and love him. My shadow kept me going forward when I had just lost my mother, he litterily nurtured me when I cried myself to bed. I love dogs they are the real emotional support experts! I found my baby in the streets, took him to the nearest vet, and found out he wasn't chipped. So I took him in, he's been in my life for 6 years now. He is living his best life, it's the least I could do ❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Loved itMy mom use to read me this book a century ago!! Brought back memories and the flick itself made all my emotions come into play. Excellent movie for kids and adults..Score: 5/5

I love Clifford the Big Red DogThis movie shows us that we must love our animals.Score: 5/5

Better than originally expecting!!!!I saw this a day before release at a advance showing and I was in shock SHOCK! On how good this big red dog live action adaptation turned out cus it was pretty good. I really like who they cast as Emily Elizabeth and Clifford did look really right on how he should look onscreen in live action. Tony hale was good and the rest of the cast as well. But I really like the messages that came across throughout the movie good for kids. Is the movie great? No but is it a fun family film? Yes and I do recommend it to families and those who did grew up with Clifford it definitely left a good impression on me at the very end. Must buy!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Bad live actionDarby Camp is too old for this role and she is supposed to be a blonde not a redhead and the CGI is terrible.Score: 1/5

I’ve seen it 20 times……kids. Ya know how it is. I’m not gonna say this movie is Oscar worthy (who analyzes moves like that anyway when they’re clearly just for fun). I give it 5 stars for being a tolerable/fun movie that can be watched over and over with kids..Score: 5/5

Ruining childhoods yet againStop prioritizing money, and ruining beloved classics. The children’s animation should RIP..Score: 1/5

Amazing, why do so many critics hate on this movieI love this movie so much it’s cute, and funny, it’s a good movie.Score: 5/5

Love itIt was so cute my kid loved it.Score: 5/5

Excellent movieIt is a kids movie. The star of the show was definitely Clifford. They did a fantastic job on him. The rest is serviceable,.Score: 4/5

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I pre ordered thisI bought a subscription to Paramount Plus because they said they had this movie. They advertise all over the net. Well, folks, they don’t have it! Not in Canada. It’s false advertising. Do NOT get Paramount Plus! It’s nothing but older stuff or more JoJo Siwa mess, and everything there that is any good can be found on Prime, and or Apple TV. So, on to my review. I can’t review this movie. Because I pre ordered it from Apple TV, and they don’t give a date when it will be available. You would think with covid, and Christmas around the corner …..streaming sites would be kinder, or at least a little more honest! They count on us being stuck at hime, but honestly YouTube could put them all out of business really fast with just a few simple changes. These streaming companies can’t afford a boycott. No one trusts a site that lures people to buy a subscription under false pretences, and false advertising high I believe is still illegal. We need to start holding these streaming services accountable!.Score: 1/5

Pour le filmC’est trop drôle mais tu peux vivre tous tes sentiments dedans ce film.Score: 5/5

That dog too bigClifford The Big Red Dog is a powerful, smashingly effective movie — not a great movie but one that will probably stir audiences’ emotions and join the ranks of such pop-mythology films such as Fern Gully and Home Alone 2. Maybe even Max Keeble’s Big Move. When Clifford is viciously funny, he’s on top of things, and he scores and scores, and illuminates as he scores. When he becomes didactic, we can see that he really doesn’t know anymore about what should be done than the rest of us. The more ‘direct’ Clifford is, the more fuzzy and obscure he is. Who can assimilate and evaluate this giant red canine as he runs amuck amongst the denizens of a modern Big Apple? Even while you’re convulsed with laughter, you’re still apprehensive, because the editing rhythms are very tricky, and the shock images loom up huge, right on top of you, like a large rouge hound. There are parts of ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ that suggest what Eisenstein might have done if he hadn’t intellectualized himself out of reach — if he’d given in to the bourgeois child in himself. Director Walt Becker has diddled over a small idea too long; perhaps intentionally, this is a reductio ad absurdum. The will-he-or-won’t-he game (an intellectualized version of the plight of modern animal adoption) goes on so long that the squeamish hero must rise from strife to protect what she holds dear. The audience is alive to it. Our experience as we watch it has some connection, Clifford The Big Red Dog keeps the audience in a kind of eager, nervous imbalance—it holds our attention by throwing our disbelief back in our faces. To be put on is to be put on the spot, put on the stage, made the stooge in a comedy act. The whole picture is informed with such a complex sense of the intermingling of good and evil — and of the inability to foresee the effects of our love upon our children and big dogs — that it may be the most passionately felt epic ever made in this country. That being said, I’m taking a star of because that dog too big. Dogs not big like truck. Dogs big like goat. This dog way too big. Also dog never red..Score: 4/5

CliffordEstce que le film est en francais.Score: 1/5

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Angry_giftBornposting Holy fuck there's a Clifford the big red dog clickbait thumbnail I'm gonna lose it .Score: 1/5

Now_atsNicholasBastion zSwift__ NewPorkBossa massivetitty whats the name of the dog from clifford the big red dog.Score: 4/5

RedzgoonerWalshswalls Clifford the big red dog.Score: 4/5

Kaylee37739171AlmanME One step closer to Clifford the Big red dog..Score: 0/5

Numbuh1NerdXBratattack_ (although considering that Frankenstein's Monster isn't even antagonistic, it's like getting outranked… .Score: 1/5

Dirtbagemo_ JeansIsAJoke: do y'all have that one friend that does not know how to have fun. you'll say i loved Clifford the Big Red Dog! & they'll….Score: 4/5

Kasplon JeansIsAJoke: do y'all have that one friend that does not know how to have fun. you'll say i loved Clifford the Big Red Dog! & they'll….Score: 2/5

Copacabaaana JeansIsAJoke: do y'all have that one friend that does not know how to have fun. you'll say i loved Clifford the Big Red Dog! & they'll….Score: 4/5

JeansIsAJokeDo y'all have that one friend that does not know how to have fun. you'll say i loved Clifford the Big Red Dog! & th… .Score: 0/5

Lars_teeney nounverbadverb: Stupid hurricane. Stupid postponement. On the plus side, I watched a few minutes of Clifford the Big Red Dog while I w….Score: 3/5

NounverbadverbStupid hurricane. Stupid postponement. On the plus side, I watched a few minutes of Clifford the Big Red Dog while… .Score: 1/5


PolkdesignsEpic transformation on Clifford The Big Red Dog | The floof is real on t... via YouTube.Score: 5/5

SomehaginblackI live for "clifford the big red dog is a monster" jokes. no idea why. just tickles me to pieces..Score: 5/5

Botanical_beechThese chickens are supposed to PRODUCE food but they just keep EATING unfathomable amounts and they're bigger every… .Score: 1/5

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Clifford The Big Red Dog (2021) Series Cast & Crew

Clifford The Big Red Dog (2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Darby Camp (Emily Elizabeth), Jack Whitehall (Casey), Izaac Wang (Owen Yu), John Cleese (Mr. Bridwell), Tony Hale (Zack Tieran), David Alan Grier (Packard), Paul Rodríguez (Sanchez), Horatio Sanz (Raul), Sienna Guillory (Maggie), Rosie Perez (Lucille), Kenan Thompson (Vet), Jessica Keenan Wynn (Colette), Russell Wong (Mr. Yu), Karen Lynn Gorney (Mrs. McKinley), Melanie Chandra (Susan), Russell Peters (Malik), Kevin McCormick (Head of Security), Yasha Jackson (Actor), Siobhan Fallon Hogan (Petra), Alex Moffat (Albert), all returned for clifford the big red dog movie.

Darby Camp (Emily Elizabeth)
Darby CampEmily ElizabethScore: 13.4
Jack Whitehall (Casey)
Jack WhitehallCaseyScore: 13.6
Izaac Wang (Owen Yu)
Izaac WangOwen YuScore: 2.2
John Cleese (Mr. Bridwell)
John CleeseMr. BridwellScore: 15.0
Tony Hale (Zack Tieran)
Tony HaleZack TieranScore: 8.5
David Alan Grier (Packard)
David Alan GrierPackardScore: 9.7
Paul Rodríguez (Sanchez)
Paul RodríguezSanchezScore: 9.7
Horatio Sanz (Raul)
Horatio SanzRaulScore: 5.9
Sienna Guillory (Maggie)
Sienna GuilloryMaggieScore: 27.1
Rosie Perez (Lucille)
Rosie PerezLucilleScore: 8.5
Kenan Thompson (Vet)
Kenan ThompsonVetScore: 10.4
Jessica Keenan Wynn (Colette)
Jessica Keenan WynnColetteScore: 5.5

Naomi Shohan (Production Design), Amanda Mackey (Casting), John Debney (Original Music Composer), Cathy Sandrich Gelfond (Casting), Sig De Miguel (Casting), Susan Lyall (Costume Design), Brad Fischer (Executive Producer), Peter Lyons Collister (Director of Photography), Deborah Forte (Producer), Deborah Forte (Executive Producer), Sabrina Plisco (Editor), David Ronn (Screenplay), Brian Oliver (Executive Producer), Jordan Kerner (Producer), Jay Scherick (Screenplay), Walt Becker (Director), Terry Porter (Sound Re-Recording Mixer), Norman Bridwell (Characters), Stephen Vincent (Casting), Brian Bell (Executive Producer),

Naomi Shohan (Production Design)
Naomi ShohanProduction DesignScore: 2.0
John Debney (Original Music Composer)
John DebneyOriginal Music ComposerScore: 2.2
Brad Fischer (Executive Producer)
Brad FischerExecutive ProducerScore: 1.3
Peter Lyons Collister (Director of Photography)
Peter Lyons CollisterDirector of PhotographyScore: 1.7
Brian Oliver (Executive Producer)
Brian OliverExecutive ProducerScore: 1.5
Walt Becker (Director)
Walt BeckerDirectorScore: 1.9
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Clifford The Big Red Dog Trailers & Teasers

'Clifford The Big Red Dog' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of clifford the big red dog, the Walt Becker's popular movie. Watch the clifford the big red dog teaser trailer. Walt Becker’s #clifford-the-big-red-dog is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Clifford Plays Fetch▶ Clifford Plays Fetch
Official Trailer▶ Official Trailer
Clifford the Big Red Dog - Final Trailer▶ Clifford the Big Red Dog - Final Trailer

Clifford The Big Red Dog Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from clifford the big red dog movie. Clifford The Big Red Dog (2021) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome clifford the big red dog wallpapers to download for free.

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Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Adventure has never been bigger...

Clifford The Big Red Dog — 2021

Clifford The Big Red Dog Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie clifford the big red dog - 2021. A poster for Walt Becker kids & family movie, Clifford The Big Red Dog! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for clifford the big red dog (2021). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Clifford The Big Red Dog poster 1
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Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Posters
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Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Languages & Subtitles

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استنادًا إلى سلسلة كتب اﻷطفال الشهيرة بنفس الاسم، تتركز أحداث الفيلم حول فتاة صغيرة تحب كلب أحمر صغير يدعى (كليفورد)، ومن فرط حبها له يتضاعف حجم هذا الكلب ويصير بالغ الضخامة.

български език
Докато Емили се мъчи да се впише у дома и в училище, тя открива малко червено кученце, което е предопределено да стане най-добрият й приятел. Само че кучето е необикновено... Докато Емили се бори да се впише у дома и в училище, тя открива малко червено кученце, което е предопределено да стане най-добрият й приятел. Когато Клифърд претърпява магически скок на растеж, превръща се в гигантско куче и привлича вниманието на генетична компания, Емили и нейният чичо Кейси трябва да се борят със силите на алчността, докато бягат из Ню Йорк. По пътя Клифърд влияе на живота на всички около себе си и учи Емили и нейния чичо на истинското значение на приемането и безусловната любов.

Emily se snaží zapadnout doma i ve škole a objeví malé červené štěně, které se má stát jejím nejlepším přítelem. Když Clifford zázračně vyroste, stane se z něj obrovský pes a upoutá pozornost genetické společnosti, musí Emily a její strýc Casey bojovat se silami chamtivosti a vydat se na útěk napříč New Yorkem. Cestou Clifford ovlivňuje životy všech kolem sebe a učí Emily a jejího strýce pravému významu přijetí a bezpodmínečné lásky.

Skolepigen Emily Elizabeth støder en dag på en magisk dyreredder, som giver hende en lille rød hundehvalp som gave. Næste dag vågner hun op til, at lille Clifford har vokset sig kæmpe stor, og fylder hele lejligheden. Imens hendes mor er på forretningsrejse, tager Emily og hendes impulsive onkel Casey ud på et eventyr sammen med den store hund. Og de fanger hurtigt hele byens opmærksomhed, for hvem kan misse den store røde kæmpe, der laver ballade.

Als die quirlige Emily Elizabeth von dem geheimnisvollen Mr. Bridwell einen kleinen roten Welpen geschenkt bekommen hat, hätte sie es nie für möglich gehalten, dass sie eines Tages in ihrem New Yorker Appartement neben einem riesigen, drei Meter großen Hund aufwachen würde. Was kann sie nur tun, um ihren geliebten Clifford bei sich zu behalten, platzt doch die „Hütte“ aus allen Nähten? Während ihre alleinerziehende Mutter geschäftlich unterwegs ist, begeben sich Emily und ihr lustiger, aber ziemlich impulsiver Onkel Casey gemeinsam auf eine fantastische Reise, die sie die aufregendsten und coolsten Abenteuer erleben lässt. Gemeinsam erobern die drei New York, und Clifford zeigt der Welt, was es heißt, ein großes Herz zu haben!

Έχοντας μείνει για λίγες μέρες υπό την επίβλεψη του καλοπροαίρετου, αλλά ανεύθυνου θείου της Κέισι, η μικρή Έμιλι θα συναντήσει έναν αλλόκοτο διασώστη απροστάτευτων ζώων και ένα κουτάβι με κόκκινο τρίχωμα, τον Κλίφορντ. Το σκυλάκι θα τρυπώσει στο σακίδιό της, θα φτάσει στο σπίτι της και την επόμενη μέρα θα έχει αποκτήσει γιγαντιαίες διαστάσεις.

Cuando Emily Elizabeth conoce a un rescatador mágico de animales que le regala un pequeño cachorro rojo, nunca se hubiera imaginado que al despertarse se encontraría un sabueso gigante de tres metros en su pequeño apartamento de Nueva York. Mientras su madre soltera se encuentra de viaje de negocios, Emily y su divertido pero impulsivo tío Casey se embarcan en una gran aventura.

Cuando Emily Elizabeth conoce a un rescatador mágico de animales que le regala un pequeño cachorro rojo, nunca se hubiera imaginado que al despertarse se encontraría un sabueso gigante de tres metros en su pequeño apartamento de Nueva York. Mientras su madre soltera se encuentra de viaje de negocios, Emily y su divertido pero impulsivo tío Casey se embarcan en una gran aventura.

دختری به نام امیلی تلاش می‌کند خود را با خانه و مدرسه جدیدش وفق دهد؛ در این میان امیلی به‌صورت اتفاقی یک سگ قرمز کوچک به نام کلیفورد را پیدا می‌کند که پس از مدتی به بهترین دوست او تبدیل می‌شود. اما زمانی که کلیفورد به‌صورت غیرعادی رشد کرده و به یک سگ قرمز غول‌پیکر تبدیل می‌شود، یک شرکت تحقیقات ژنتیکی که بر روی بزرگ کردن حیوانات تحقیق می‌کند در مورد این موضوع کنجکاو شده و…

Emily saa omakseen pienen, punaisen koiranpennun salaperäiseltä löytöeläimiä hoivaavalta taikurilta. Hänen yllätyksekseen hauva kasvaa todella nopeasti - sillä pian yli kolmimetrinen jättiläiskoiranpentu mellastaa pienessä kerrostaloasunnossa! Emily ja hänen enonsa Casey joutuvat vauhdikkaisiin seikkailuihin New Yorkin suurkaupungin melskeessä.

Alors qu’elle cherche sa place à l’école comme à la maison, la jeune Emily Elizabeth découvre, grâce au responsable d’un refuge animal un peu magique, un petit chiot rouge destiné à devenir son meilleur ami. Lorsque Clifford devient soudainement un énorme chiot rouge au beau milieu de son appartement de New York, il attire malgré lui l’attention d’une compagnie désirant créer génétiquement des animaux géants. Emily et son oncle Casey devront les déjouer dans une course à travers New York en prenant une bonne bouchée de la Grosse Pomme.

Emily a du mal à s'intégrer au sein de son école. Par hasard, elle découvre un petit chiot rouge qu'elle nomme Clifford. Par magie, ce dernier subit une poussée de croissance et devient un chien gigantesque qui va attirer l’attention de généticiens cupides...

כאשר תלמידת חטיבת הביניים אמילי אליזבת פוגשת אדם קסום אשר מציל בעלי חיים ומקבלת במתנה גור כלבים אדמדם, היא מעולם לא ציפתה להתעורר בוקר לאחר מכן לכלב ענקי בגובה 3 מטרים, בתוך דירתה הקטנטנה בניו יורק. בעוד האם החד הורית נמצאת בנסיעת עסקים, אמילי ודודה הספונטני קייסי יוצאים להרפתקה שתשאיר את הצופים על קצות הכיסאות בזמן שגיבורי הסרט לוקחים ביס מהתפוח הגדול.

Kad srednjoškolka Emily Elizabeth poželi da njeno sićušno, crveno štene poraste veliko i snažno, ne očekuje da će se u svom malom stanu u New Yorku probuditi pored najvećeg psa na svijetu! U nastojanju da zadrži svog voljenog kućnog ljubimca, Emily namjerava pronaći stručnjaka za životinje za kojeg se nada da će uspjeti vratiti Clifforda u normalnu veličinu. Dok u toj potrazi pretražuje grad zajedno sa svojim neodgovornim ujakom Caseyjem, školskim kolegom Owenom i Cliffordom, glas o Cliffordovoj veličini privlači pažnju zlog znanstvenika koji ga pokušava prisvojiti.

Amikor az általános iskolás Emily Elizabeth azt kívánja, hogy a kis piros kutyája legyen nagy és erős, nem arra számít, hogy amikor felébred, egy négy méter magas kutyát talál a kis New York-i lakásban. Mivel mindenképp meg akarja tartani szeretett kedvencét, Emily elindul, hogy felkeressen egy varázslatos állatgondozót, aki reményei szerint képes visszaállítani Clifford eredeti méreteit. Miközben a várost járja, Clifford méretének híre eljut egy gonosz tudós fülébe, aki úgy dönt, hogy megkaparintja az állatot...

La piccola Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) riceve come regalo da uno stravagante e magico signore (John Cleese), un piccolo cucciolo di cane rosso, che immediatamente conquista il suo cuore. La voce originale del cane è di David Alan Grier. Ma Emily non avrebbe mai pensato che il cucciolo Clifford, al suo risveglio, si potesse trasformare in un gigantesco cane da caccia di oltre tre metri, capace di mettere a soqquadro il suo piccolo appartamento di New York. Mentre sua mamma (Sienna Guillory) è fuori citta per lavoro, Emily e il suo divertente ma impulsivo zio Casey (Jack Whitehall) si troveranno ad affrontare una gigantesca avventura in giro per la Grande Mela.


뉴욕의 아파트로 이사 온 12살 소녀 에밀리. 새로운 학교에 고군분투하는 에밀리를 바쁜 엄마는 출장을 가면서 철없는 삼촌 케이시에게 맡기고 떠난다. 마법 동물 구조 센터를 지나던 에밀리는 운명처럼 작고 빨간 강아지를 만나게 되고, 우여곡절 끝에 함께하게 된다. 하지만 기쁨도 잠시, 작고 빨간 강아지 클리포드는 하루 아침에 3M가 넘게 커져버려 순식간에 뉴욕의 유명인사가 되어버린다. 엄마가 오기 전 클리포드를 되돌리려는 에밀리와 클리포드를 유전학 사업에 이용하려는 기업까지 뒤쫓으며 클리포드는 위험에 빠지고 마는데..!

Įsivaizduokite pasaulį, kuriame jūsų šeimos augintinio dydis priklausytų nuo jam skiriamos meilės. Vieną dieną vidurinės mokyklos mokinė Emilė Elizabetė, besistengianti pritapti namuose ir mokykloje, sutinka stebuklingą gyvūnų gelbėtoją, kuris jai padovanoja mielą bei mažą raudoną šuniuką. Tačiau jau sekantį rytą prabusdama savo mažame Niujorko bute ji išvysta milžinišką trijų metrų „mielą šunelį“, kuriam lemta tapti jos geriausiu draugu – dičkiu Klifordu. Kol jos vieniša mama yra išvykusi verslo reikalais, Emilė ir jos linksmas, bet impulsyvus dėdė Keisis pakliūna į vienos godžios įmonės pinkles, kuri siekia pavogti gražuolį dičkį Klifordą. Tad Emilei ir Keisiui tenka gelbėti savo mielą draugą, o šis parodo mergaitei ir jos keistam dėdei tikrąją besąlyginės meilės prasmę. Tai klasika tapsianti šiuolaikiška širdį šildanti istorija visai šeimai apie tai, kaip žmonės reaguoja į dalykus, kurie yra kitokie nei visi, kupina juokingų išdaigų ir magijos.

Emīlija atrod mazu, sarkanu kucēnu un nosauc to par Klifordu. Meitenei pat sapņos nerādās, cik liels viņš pēkšņi izaugs. Kamēr mamma ir prom komandējumā, Emīliju pieskata viņas smieklīgais tēvocis Keisijs. Kucēns vienā mirklī ir kļuvis par lielu mazajam Ņujorkas dzīvoklim, un par viņu uzzina uzņēmums, kurš nodarbojas ar ģenētiskiem eksperimentiem. Lai nosargātu sunīti, viņus gaida milzīgs piedzīvojums...

Terwijl Emily worstelt om zich thuis en op school aan te passen, ontdekt ze een kleine rode puppy die voorbestemd is om haar beste vriend te worden. Wanneer Clifford op magische wijze een enorme groeispurt doormaakt, een gigantische hond wordt en de aandacht trekt van een geneticabedrijf, moeten Emily en haar oom Casey de hebzuchtige krachten bevechten terwijl ze door New York City vluchten. Onderweg beïnvloedt Clifford de levens van iedereen om hem heen en leert Emily en haar oom de ware betekenis van acceptatie en onvoorwaardelijke liefde.

Ośmioletnia dziewczynka, Emily Elizabeth marzy o tym, aby jej maleńki, czerwony szczeniak urósł i był silny, nie spodziewa się jednak, że budząc się pewnego ranka znajdzie wielkiego psa w swoim małym mieszkaniu w Nowym Jorku. Emily za wszelką cenę chce, aby ukochany zwierzak został z nią. Postanawia znaleźć czarodzieja, który, przywróci Clifforda do normalnego rozmiaru. Na poszukiwania udaje się ze swoim wujem Caseyem i szkolnym kolegą Owenem. Clifford wzbudza powszechne zaciekawienie. Przyciąga również uwagę złego naukowca, który chce aby Clifford został jego psem.

Clifford era um pequeno filhotinho de cachorro vermelho que vivia em uma casa repleta de amor e cuidado. Porém, o amor de sua jovem dona, Emily Elizabeth, por ele é tão grande, que o cão cresce até atingir um tamanho gigantesco.

Quando a jovem Emily Elizabeth conhece um senhor que resgata animais mágicos e este lhe oferece um pequeno cãozinho vermelho, ela não poderia imaginar que, ao acordar, iria encontrar um cão gigante com 3 metros, no seu pequeno apartamento de Nova Iorque. Enquanto a sua mãe solteira está fora em trabalho, Emily e o seu divertido, mas impulsivo tio Casey, entram numa aventura que vai virar a cidade de patas para o ar e que te vai deixar agarrado à cadeira do cinema. Baseado na adorada história dos livros escolares escritos por Norman Bridwell, Clifford irá mostrar ao mundo como é possível amar em grande!

Tânăra Emily primește în dar un pui de cățel roșcovan care se va dovedi un câine magic: cu cât este mai iubit, cu atât el crește mai mare, și mai mare. Nu va trece mult timp până când apartamentul de oraș în care locuiesc va deveni neîncăpător, iar fetița va porni în aventura vieții ei, însoțită de unchiul său trăznit. Film Bazat pe seria omonimă de cărți pentru copii “Clifford the Big Red Dog” scrisă de Norman Bridwell.

Когда школьница Эмили получает в подарок от спасателя животных очаровательного щенка с красной шерстью, она и представить не может, что на утро обнаружит в своей маленькой нью-йоркской квартирке… огромного 3-метрового пса! Мама в командировке, поэтому самые захватывающие и необыкновенные приключения ждут Эмили и ее веселого и порывистого дядю Кейси. Клиффорд научит их — а заодно и весь мир — любить по-крупному.

Keď si ho Emily zaobstarala, bol Clifford malé, roztomilé a červené šteniatko, z ktorého cez noc vyrástol obrovský pes. A keď hovoríme obrovský, myslíme tým, že na výšku meria skoro tri metre. V malom mestskom byte je taký pes veľmi nepraktický. Lenže Emily ho zbožňuje a za žiadnu cenu sa ho nevzdá. Komédia Velký cervený pes Clifford je adaptáciou rovnomennej populárnej detskej knižky Normana Birdwella.

Када средњошколка Емили Елизабет сретне магичног спасиоца животиња који јој поклања малу црвену куцу, она није очекивала да ће се пробудити и пронаћи огромног пса од три и по метра у свом малом стану у Њујорку. Док је њена самохрана мама пословно одсутна, Емили и њен забавни, али импулсивни ујак Кејси крећу у узбудљиву авантуру у којој ће наши јунаци да грицну Велику јабуку. На основу вољеног лика из омиљених књига, Клифорд ће научити свет како се воли велико!

När mellanstadieeleven Emily Elizabeth träffar en magisk djurräddare som ger henne en liten röd valp, förväntar hon sig inte att vakna och hitta en gigantisk hund på över tre meter i sin lilla lägenhet i New York City. Medan hennes ensamstående mamma är borta med jobbet, drar Emily och hennes rolige men impulsive farbror Casey ut på ett New York-äventyr som kommer att få dig att sitta på helspänn. Den stora röda hunden Clifford kommer att lära världen hur man älskar stort!

ในตอนที่เอมิลี อลิซาเบธ (ดาร์บี้ แชมป์) หนูน้อยชั้นมัธยมต้น ได้พบกับผู้ช่วยเหลือสัตว์มหัศจรรย์ (จอห์น คลีส) ผู้มอบลูกสุนัขตัวน้อยสีแดงให้กับเธอ เธอก็ไม่คาดคิดเลยว่าจะลืมตาตื่นมาพบสุนัขยักษ์สูงสิบฟุตในอพาร์ทเมนต์หลังเล็กๆ ในนิวยอร์ก ซิตี้ของเธอ ในตอนที่แม่เลี้ยงเดี่ยวของเธอ (เซียนนา กิลลอรี) ไปทำงานต่างเมือง เอมิลีและเคซีย์ (แจ็ค ไวท์ฮอล) ลุงผู้เป็นคนตลกและหุนหันพลันแล่นของเธอ ก็ออกเดินทางผจญภัยในแบบที่จะทำให้คุณลุ้นสุดขอบที่นั่งในตอนที่เหล่าตัวเอกของเรากัดบิ๊ก แอปเปิ้ลคำโตๆ คลิฟฟอร์ด ซึ่งถูกสร้างขึ้นจากตัวละครในหนังสือที่แฟนๆ ชื่นชอบ จะสอนให้คนทั้งโลกรักอย่างยิ่งใหญ่!

Ortaokul öğrencisi Emily Elizabeth, kendisine küçük ve kırmızı bir köpek yavrusu hediye eden büyülü bir hayvan kurtarıcısı ile tanıştığında, New York City'deki küçük dairesinde on metrelik dev bir köpek ile karşılaşabileceğini hiç tahmin etmemişti. Bekar annesi iş için uzaktayken, Emily ve eğlenceli ama çoğu zaman içinden geldiği gibi davranabilen amcası Casey, heyecan dolu bir maceraya atılacak.

Чарівний пес Кліффорд живе у звичайній родині. Завдяки безмежній любові і турботі маленьке червоне цуценя вимахало до гігантських розмірів. Незвичайна істота одразу привертає увагу жадібної корпорації, яка задумала щось дуже лихе. Разом зі своїми двоногими друзями Кліффорд повинен зірвати їхні підступні плани.

Tiếng Việt
Một cô bé nhỏ đã dành thật nhiều tình yêu cho chú cún màu đỏ đặc biệt của mình và sau một đêm chú cún đã hóa khổng lồ. Cuộc hành trình vui nhộn cùng chú chó đỏ khổng lồ bắt đầu từ đây.

  《鼠来宝4:萌在囧途》导演沃尔特·拜克将执导派拉蒙动画新片《大红狗克里弗》(Clifford the Big Red Dog),CG与真人结合。原著由诺尔曼·伯德韦尔创作,1963年首次出版,此后又连续出版了60多种系列图书,全球畅销1.27亿册。

平凡的中學生Emily Elizabeth(Darby Camp飾),有日偶遇識得魔法的動物拯救員(John Cleese飾),還得到一隻紅色狗仔當作禮物,但Emily發夢都冇諗到,這隻狗仔居然會一夜之間變成10呎巨犬,差點迫爆屋企!趁住她媽媽(Sienna Guillory飾)出外工幹,Emily聯同搞笑又衝動的舅父(Jack Whitehall飾),展開一連串驚險緊張的大冒險,實行玩轉全城!

改編自備受喜愛的經典童書,大紅狗克里弗將會教導全世界如何付出大大的愛!當中學生艾蜜莉伊莉莎白(達比坎普 飾)遇見一名擁有魔法的動物救援者(約翰克里斯 飾),而他又送給她一隻紅色的小狗狗,她絕對沒想到隔天一覺醒來,竟然會在她位於紐約市的小公寓,發現一隻三米高的巨大獵犬。因為她的單親媽媽(席安娜蓋蘿莉 飾)正在出差,於是艾蜜莉和她愛玩又孩子氣的凱西叔叔(傑克懷特霍爾 飾)就在被暱稱為大蘋果的紐約市,展開一場驚險刺激的冒險旅程,保證令人看得大呼過癮。

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