Terrifier 2 summary and reviews

Terrifier 2 synopsis, summary and reviews

6.8 star

Terrifier 2 (2022) Movie Summary

  • Unrated
  • 2022

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he begins to target a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween.

Terrifier 2 Film Synopsis

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art's evil intent.

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Terrifier 2 Movie Reviews

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The bestIf you thought the first one was good wow this one was on another level. Lots of gore. This movie lives up to the hype of people been saying about it. It's so gruesome and knarly. Honestly haven't had a movie make me yell in disgust and look away but at the same time keep watching because the make up and everything is really good. Art the Clown is ruthless and doesn't ever hold back. Never speaks either but yet you know what he's saying..Score: 5/5

WowzzzzaSo, I’ve seen my share of b-rate horror movies… and so many gory flicks and This one takes the cake. Likely one of the most brutal and gory films I’ve ever watched. There were multiple people that left the theater specifically after the best friend bedroom massacre. Yes, I think this one outdoes the first. I’d suggest it but not if you have a weak stomach..Score: 5/5

DecentLove the character and the gore was good. Stupid plot though..Score: 2/5

Grindhouse Cinema at its greatest!I wasn’t a fan of the first Terrifier, because it lacked a story and convincing characters, except for Art the Clown. Terrifier 2 is truly a major improvement over the original, and it is definitely balls to the wall gory! Plus, we finally get a fresh new “final girl”, Sienna Shaw. I believe actress Lauren LaVera will be joining the ranks of Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell. As with Art the Clown, he also becomes one of the greatest slasher villains, like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. I believe this is one of the best films of 2022. Highly recommended!.Score: 5/5

TediousI really enjoyed the first Terrifier, it was an intensely gory and mean spirited ride that worked pretty well. I’m not sure why the sequel has such a high score on rotten tomatoes though. No slasher movie should be 2 and a half hours and whatever story they were trying to come up with was totally ridiculous. The sequel ramps up the sadistic gore and misogyny that just about bordered on too much in the first one and it results in tedious overlong snuff-like murder scenes. The scenes are so over the top that at first they are sickening and then they sort of become mind numbingly disgusting and kind of boring. One insanely misogynistic scene involving a young girl who has her bones broken, her back carved open, a scalping, and then salt and bleach thrown all over her bleeding wounds is so vile that I was sort of just wondered what is wrong with whoever directed this and what was wrong with me for watching it. I love some good gore effects and found the sheer nastiness sort of fascinating in a sick way, but I did not need to see a mangled and tortured corpse of a young girl crying out for her mother as she STILL would not die. The violence is supposed to be over the top and comedic but it really just felt icky and excessive in a bad way. The characters aren’t very memorable and there is almost a total lack of suspense, so it just turns into a two and a half hour gore fest that is an overrated slasher flick. Not really looking forward to another entry after this one..Score: 2/5

2022 has been a banner year for Horror…Just wow. What an amazing, home grown, hardcore, gnarly movie. Art the Clown has earned his spot in the horror pantheon and with Terrifier 2, Damien Leone has created one of the best slasher movies of all time….Score: 5/5

Good movie. Not as good as the first one though.I saw this in the theater and, while I liked it, I thought it was way overhyped. The first one and All Hallow’s Eve were much better imo. This one was strange. And the heroine storyline was unnecessary and weird. They tried to create a full feature film movie plot and it’s just not necessary for the Terrifier series. Overall, it’s a good horror film but the creators tried doing too much..Score: 3/5

Do not buyJust gross not scary.Score: 1/5

Terrifier 2Fantastic film far better then Halloween ends.Score: 5/5

BestBest.Score: 5/5

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🤮My emotion during this movie 🙃🤨😟😳🥺😨😰😱.Score: 3/5

Terrifier 2So glad this guy is back, Such a good movie! Love the gore.Score: 5/5

Very gruesome and I love itVery gruesome, violent, unrelenting, gory murders. You would not want to be killed by the Terrifier. His victims clearly suffered before they died. This movies is for all the hardcore horror fans and not the faint at heart. Great horror movie..Score: 5/5

Great old school horrorI love this clown, he’s the best. Very reminiscent of early 80’s horror. It’s a great sequel to the first Terrifier. 🤡.Score: 5/5

Love it!Amazinnnggggg. Super gory. But love it..Score: 5/5

Loved this movieI’m so happy this clown is back I love his kills and this part 2 is way better then the 1st one of you love Gory horror movies you won’t be disappointed with this movie.Score: 5/5

Twisted wicked funSeen this twice, had a blast. Tons of dark fun. Could definitely be a little shorter, but it’s still twisted and wickedly wild..Score: 5/5

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Terrifier 2 (2022) Series Cast & Crew

Terrifier 2 (2022) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Lauren LaVera (Sienna Shaw), David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown), Elliott Fullam (Jonathan Shaw), Sarah Voigt (Barbara), Kailey Hyman (Brooke), Casey Hartnett (Allie), Charlie McElveen (Jeff), Amelie McLain (The Little Pale Girl), Johnath Davis (Ricky), Samantha Scaffidi (Victoria Heyes), Leah Voysey (Clown Cafe Host / Nurse), Christopher Irvine (Burke), Felissa Rose (Ms. Principe), Owen Myre (Sean), Griffin Santopietro (Eric), Devon Roth (Stephanie), Amy Russ (Allie's Mom), Cory DuVal (Coroner), Staci Dickerson (The Principal), Marisa Bertani (News Anchor), all returned for terrifier 2 movie.

Lauren LaVera (Sienna Shaw)
Lauren LaVeraSienna ShawScore: 5.4
David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown)
David Howard ThorntonArt the ClownScore: 10.5
Elliott Fullam (Jonathan Shaw)
Elliott FullamJonathan ShawScore: 2.6
Sarah Voigt (Barbara)
Sarah VoigtBarbaraScore: 1.0
Kailey Hyman (Brooke)
Kailey HymanBrookeScore: 3.4
Casey Hartnett (Allie)
Casey HartnettAllieScore: 3.9
Charlie McElveen (Jeff)
Charlie McElveenJeffScore: 3.3
Johnath Davis (Ricky)
Johnath DavisRickyScore: 0.8
Samantha Scaffidi (Victoria Heyes)
Samantha ScaffidiVictoria HeyesScore: 3.1
Leah Voysey (Clown Cafe Host / Nurse)
Leah VoyseyClown Cafe Host / NurseScore: 0.6
Christopher Irvine (Burke)
Christopher IrvineBurkeScore: 4.0
Felissa Rose (Ms. Principe)
Felissa RoseMs. PrincipeScore: 5.4

Steven Barton (Associate Producer), Jackie Hughes (Makeup Artist), Jackie Hughes (Costumer), Damien Leone (Director), Damien Leone (Editor), Damien Leone (Sound Designer), Damien Leone (Special Effects), Damien Leone (Writer), Michael Leavy (Producer), Michael Leavy (Assistant Director), Steven Della Salla (Producer), Steven Della Salla (Gaffer), Steven Della Salla (Second Unit Director of Photography), George Steuber (Camera Operator), George Steuber (Cinematography), Paul Wiley (Music), Frank Alfano (Stunts), Sadie Rae (Production Design), Jason Milstein (Sound), Jenna Hellmuth (Stunt Double),

Steven Barton (Associate Producer)
Steven BartonAssociate ProducerScore: 1.4
Damien Leone (Director)
Damien LeoneDirectorScore: 5.9
Damien Leone (Editor)
Damien LeoneEditorScore: 5.9
Damien Leone (Sound Designer)
Damien LeoneSound DesignerScore: 5.9
Damien Leone (Special Effects)
Damien LeoneSpecial EffectsScore: 5.9
Damien Leone (Writer)
Damien LeoneWriterScore: 5.9
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Terrifier 2 Trailers & Teasers

'Terrifier 2' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of terrifier 2, the Damien Leone's popular movie. Watch the terrifier 2 teaser trailer. Damien Leone’s #terrifier-2 is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

UK Clip: Honk the Horn▶ UK Clip: Honk the Horn
Theatrical Re-Release Spot▶ Theatrical Re-Release Spot
UK Trailer▶ UK Trailer

Terrifier 2 Screencaps, Images & Pictures

Check out photos from terrifier 2 movie. Terrifier 2 (2022) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. Tons of awesome terrifier 2 wallpapers to download for free.

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Terrifier 2 Movie Screencaps, Images & Pictures

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Terrifier 2 — 2022

Terrifier 2 Posters

All released movie posters so far for the movie terrifier 2 - 2022. A poster for Damien Leone horror movie, Terrifier 2! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for terrifier 2 (2022). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

Terrifier 2 poster 1
Terrifier 2 poster 2
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Terrifier 2 Movie Posters
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Terrifier 2 Movie Languages & Subtitles

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Воскреснув из мёртвых, клоун-маньяк Арт отправляется в прачечную, где встречает похожую на него девочку. А тем временем старшеклассница Сиенна готовится к Хэллоуину и делает костюм по эскизу недавно умершего отца. Хотя ей не терпится в компании подруг отправиться на вечеринку, девушку начинает одолевать тревожное чувство. И не зря. Арт тоже подготовился к празднику, смастерил себе оружие и приступает к любимому занятию — извращённым убийствам.

Depois de ser ressuscitado por uma entidade maligna, o palhaço Art está de volta ao condado de Miles. Agora, ele tenta caçar uma adolescente e seu irmão mais novo durante o Halloween.


악명 높은 마일즈 카운티 대학살 이후 1년, 연쇄 살인마 ‘아트 더 크라운’이 한 유가족을 해치기 위해 다시 돌아온다. 악령의 환영에 이끌린 채, 살인마는 한 십대 소녀와 그녀의 남동생을 노린다. 악몽과 현실의 경계가 모호해질 수록 살인은 증가한다. 남매는 그들을 구원으로 이끌 한 가족의 비밀을 발견하고 ‘아트 더 크라운’의 학살을 멈추려한다.

OPOZORILO! Ta film vsebuje eksplicitne prizore nasilja in brutalne groze. Gledalcem, ki so preobčutljivi, odsvetujemo ogled. Za tiste, ki se boste vseeno odločili za ogled... Bili ste opozorjeni! Minilo je točno leto dni od zloglasnega masakra v okrožju Miles. Serijski morilec, klovn Art, se ponovno vrača, tokrat na noč čarovnic. Z demonsko vizijo tokrat preži na najstnico in njenega mlajšega brata. Ko se meje med resničnostjo in brutalno nočno moro zabrišejo, število razkosanih trupel narašča, brat in sestra odkrijeta temačno družinsko skrivnost, katera ju morda lahko reši in zaključi Artovo vladavino terorja.

Der Horror-Clown Art kehrt im Sequel blutrünstiger als je zuvor zurück. Zusammen mit einem unheimlichen Clown-Mädchen macht er sich auf die Jagd nach den Teenagern Sienna und ihrem Bruder Jonathan. Art zieht eine blutige Spur durch die verschlafene Kleinstadt Miles County und entführt Jonathans. Im nervenaufreibenden Finale lockt er Sienna zu einer verlassenen Geisterbahn.

Po zmrzačení jediné přeživší Victorie Heyes a spáchání sebevraždy při policejní konfrontaci je Art o rok později vzkříšen zlověstnou bytostí a na halloweenskou noc začne hon na dva nic netušící sourozence v oblasti Miles County.

Art le Clown est ressuscité à la morgue par une entité mystérieuse et sinistre. Un an plus tard, le soir d'Halloween, le psychopathe déguisé revient dans le comté de Miles. Une fois sur place il décide d'attaquer Sienna Shaw, une adolescente, et Jonathan, son jeune frère. Le défunt père des deux cibles leur avait en effet légué un livre de croquis plein d'images prémonitoires sur l'avenir d'Art le Clown.

Tiếng Việt
Sau khi được hồi sinh bởi một thực thể nham hiểm, Art the Clown quay trở lại thị trấn nhút nhát Miles County, nơi hắn nhắm đến một cô gái tuổi teen và em trai của cô ấy vào đêm Halloween.

Dopo essere stato resuscitato da un'entità sinistra, Art il Clown torna nella cittadina di Miles County dove, durante la notte di Halloween, prende di mira un'adolescente e suo fratello minore.

في إطار من الرعب، وبعد إحيائه من قبل كيان شرير، يعود المهرج أرت إلى بلدة مايلز كاونتي، حيث يستهدف فتاة مراهقة وشقيقها الأصغر خلال ليلة الهالوين.

Klauna ubojicu Arta uskrsava zlokobni entitet te ga vraća u okrug Miles kako bi ulovio tinejdžericu i njezinog mlađeg brata tokom Noći vještica. Dok broj mrtvih raste, brat i sestra se bore da prežive i otkriju pravu prirodu Artovih zlih namjera.


Después de ser resucitado por una entidad siniestra, Art the Clown regresa al condado de Miles, donde debe cazar y destruir a una adolescente y a su hermano menor en la noche de Halloween.

Después de ser resucitado por una entidad siniestra, Art the Clown regresa al condado de Miles, donde debe cazar y destruir a una adolescente y a su hermano menor en la noche de Halloween.

Miután feltámadt halottaiból, Art bohóc egy kisvárost vesz célba, hogy egy fiatal lány életére törjön.

У цей Хелловін у містечку округу Майлз знову прокидається зло: клоун Арт повертається після воскресіння з мертвих. Щоб зупинити його, дівчина з братом має розкрити секрет Арта і зрозуміти, з якого світу він прийшов.


סרט אימה להאלווין, סרט המשך לסרט מ-2016. לאחר שקם לתחייה על ידי ישות מרושעת, ארט הליצן חוזר לעיירה המנומנמת מיילס קאונטי, שם הוא מתמקד בנערה מתבגרת ואחיה הצעיר בליל האלווין.

'Terrifier 2' handler om den mere end voldsparate klovn, Art the Clown, der jager teenagepigen, Sienna og hendes lillebror, Jonathan på Halloween-aften – undervejs krydser adskillige uheldige den blodtørstige Arts vej, og de må naturligvis lade livet på makaber og bizar vis, så jagten på Sienna og Jonathan kan fortsætte. 'Terrifier 2' er en af nyere tids mest hypede splatterfilm efter at adskillige person har brækket sig eller er besvimet under visningen af filmen i forbindelse med den amerikanske biografpremiere. Der er altså med garanti lagt i kakkelovnen til et splatter- og blodorgie, når Art hugger, stikker, banker og hamrer sig vej gennem filmens cast.

Αφού αναστηθεί από μια απαίσια οντότητα, ο Αρτ ο Κλόουν επιστρέφει στην κομητεία Μάιλς όπου πρέπει να κυνηγήσει και να καταστρέψει μια έφηβη και τον μικρότερο αδερφό της τη νύχτα του Χάλοουιν. Καθώς ο αριθμός των σωμάτων αυξάνεται, τα αδέρφια παλεύουν να παραμείνουν ζωντανά, ενώ αποκαλύπτουν την αληθινή φύση της κακής πρόθεσης του Art.

Nadat hij is opgewekt door een sinistere entiteit, keert Art the Clown terug naar Miles County, waar hij op Halloweennacht een tienermeisje en haar jongere broer moet opsporen en vernietigen. Terwijl het aantal doden stijgt, vechten de broers en zussen om in leven te blijven terwijl ze de ware aard van Art's kwade bedoelingen ontdekken.

Någonting väcker den ökände mordiske clownen Art till liv igen, och snart terroriseras och dödas invånarna i Miles County på de mest häpnadsväckande och grymma sätt. Det hela utspelar sig förstås under Halloween, och målet för hans jakt är en tonårsflicka och hennes lillebror.

Wszyscy myśleli, że seryjny morderca Art the Clown zginął, a świat stał się bezpieczniejszy. Niestety tajemnicza mroczna siła daje mu drugie życie, a on powraca z zaświatów, by siać przerażenie, cierpienie i śmierć. Na ofiary swej potwornej zabawy Art wybiera nastoletnie rodzeństwo Siennę (Lauren LaVera) i Jonathana (Elliott Fullam). Kierowany demonicznymi podszeptami tajemniczej istoty, a może własnej chorej psychiki, Art z precyzją szalonego artysty wprowadza w życie swój potworny plan. Podczas gdy granice między koszmarnym snem, a jawą coraz bardziej się zacierają, a kolejne ofiary giną w mękach, Sienna i Jonathan odkrywają rodzinną tajemnicę, która może okazać się dla nich jedyną szansą na przetrwanie.

Uğursuz bir varlık tarafından diriltildikten sonra, Palyaço, Cadılar Bayramı gecesinde genç bir kızı ve erkek kardeşini hedef aldığı ürkek Miles Kasabası'na geri döner.

پس از احیا شدن توسط موجودی اهریمنی، آرت دلقک به مایلز کانتی باز می‌گردد، جایی که باید یک دختر نوجوان و برادر کوچکترش را در شب هالووین شکار کرده و از بین ببرد. با افزایش تعداد اجساد، خواهر و برادر برای زنده ماندن مبارزه می‌کنند و در عین حال ماهیت واقعی نیت شیطانی آرت را برملا می‌کنند.

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