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The Exorcist: Believer (2023) Movie Summary

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  • 2023

Since his wife's death, Victor has raised his daughter Angela alone. After Angela and her friend return from a three-day disappearance with missing memories, they begin displaying frightening behavior. Victor's best hope is to find the only person who has seen anything like this before: Chris MacNeil, whose haunting experience with her daughter Regan may be the key to combating ultimate evil.

The Exorcist: Believer Film Synopsis

When two girls disappear into the woods and return three days later with no memory of what happened to them, the father of one girl seeks out Chris MacNeil, who's been forever altered by what happened to her daughter fifty years ago.

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Wow. Even DEMONIC POSSESSION Films Are WOKEYeah, THIS ^^ BUFFOONERY. Holly-Weird is such a dumpster fire in today's world of 'INDOCTRINATE THE SIMPLEMINDED AT ALL COST', that even in films geared at their favourite topic; 'Satan' and Satanic Worship, the AGENDA-MUST BE included. You have the addition of a black girl being possessed...check, you have the tried and FAILED method of bringing back actors, who are revered in the original classic film, for 'Nostalgia Points' ala the dim bulbs who wet their trousers blasting off in them whnever a cameo is made of a subpar actor, like say Hayden Christenson, who played Darth Vader (badly) in the 3 Lucas directed follow ups to the original classic trilogy, that was nothing more than a clinic on how to ruin a franchise with bad actors and too much CGI that didn't hold up well a decade later. Here, in this film, they do the same thing. Try to create a spark by bringing back original cast members for an appearance, and a paycheck, for this rubbish rehash, that NO ONE ASKED FOR or wanted. You know it's real agenda was not to reinvent the original and perhaps, take a shot at coming up with something new, but the task here, was to GO WOKE. When a legendary actress, like Ms. Ellen Burstyn, is given lines where she claims the 2 priests from the orginal film, who, by the way-GAVE THEIR LIVES to save her daughter's, and her lines are to say that she 'HAD NO CHOICE OR SAY in what happened because the priests are part of the PATRIARCHY', then you know what the REAL PURPOSE of this film is to do. Continue the purposeful downgrading and destruction of an entire society by the PATRIARCHY. A bunch of old billionaire white men who have an agenda to depopulate the world and then recreate it in THEIR IMAGE. THEY, are the REAL EVIL here. More so than anything you will see in this waste of film. Do yourselves a favour, yeah? Spend the time, you would surely waste watching this diatribe of deliberate wokeness, where nothing new or exciting or CREATIVE is shown to keep your interest, and spend it with your loves ones, or developing your relationship with God, or simply educate your mind reading some classic horror novels from Stephen King, Clive Barker or Robert R. McCammon, if you're in need of a horror fix. Be well, stay free. Cheers! *Note: Let's see if the woke shills at Apple will post my comment or OMIT IT because giving truthful opinions, based on FACTS, is a NO NO in today's Clown World. Respect your users who keep you all employed Apple Shills..Score: 1/5

SolidIt’s a slow burn but solid. Nowhere near as bad as what the critics have said. 3/5 for me..Score: 3/5

Loved it!!!!!!! Best yetStarts slow but does not disappoint.....Score: 5/5

Stop comparing it to the originalYes, it’s a reboot but like the new Halloween trilogy it’s a new story that carries on after the first. A movie that was never meant to outshine the original so stop comparing it. I enjoyed it in theaters and as soon as it’s released physically I’ll be purchasing it..Score: 5/5

Nostalgic!!!Absolutely 💯 loved it.Score: 5/5

TerribleDon’t fall for the glowing reviews, this movie is a terrible waste of time. Watch the original and stop there..Score: 1/5

It’s okayYeah I don’t think this is absolutely terrible as some suggest. I’ve seen a lot of stupid possession movies and exorcist believer isn’t lame. Having said that though it isn’t great either, it’s mediocre in my opinion. What I believe that it is lacking is eerie atmosphere and it just doesn’t flow smoothly and it seems rushed. The bottom line is no movie to date has ever come close to the original -The Exorcist of 1973. The are some good scenes but the dialogue at times is lame in this movie. William Peter Blatty probably would not be proud. 3 stars….. by the way apple, could you stop being so expensive with a lot of your offerings? I mean 30 bucks for this movie?????.Score: 3/5

👍 💯I would watch it again.Score: 5/5

Utterly TRASHThis movie was a pure disappointment and I’m surprised they even let it go to the theatre instead of direct to Hulu or Max. This movie made no sense and didn’t stick to the core franchise values. Do not waste your time nor money on this. It’s trash..Score: 1/5

GoodNot todo bad.Score: 2/5

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Loved it!Fun horror movie !.Score: 4/5

Take it or leave itCreepy No Threat Could have been 30 minutes.Score: 3/5

Why the hate!This was a creepy, new version of the beloved original. I think it was good. I hope we get the trilogy..Score: 4/5

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The Exorcist: Believer (2023) Series Cast & Crew

The Exorcist: Believer (2023) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Leslie Odom Jr. (Victor Fielding), Lidya Jewett (Angela Fielding), Olivia Marcum (Katherine West), Ann Dowd (Nurse Ann Brooks), Jennifer Nettles (Miranda West), Norbert Leo Butz (Tony West), Okwui Okpokwasili (Dr. Beehibe), Raphael Sbarge (Pastor Don Revans), E.J. Bonilla (Father Maddox), Ellen Burstyn (Chris MacNeil), Linda Blair (Regan MacNeil), Danny McCarthy (Stuart), Tracey Graves (Sorenne Fielding), Celeste Oliva (Detective Konik), Antoni Corone (Father Phillips), Norah Murphy (Hannah), Chloe Traicos (Joda Maxwell), Chandu Kanuri (Daniel), Richard Carr III (Dr. Carr), Malena Cunningham Anderson (News Reporter), all returned for the exorcist: believer movie.

Leslie Odom Jr. (Victor Fielding)
Leslie Odom Jr.Victor FieldingScore: 13.6
Lidya Jewett (Angela Fielding)
Lidya JewettAngela FieldingScore: 9.0
Olivia Marcum (Katherine West)
Olivia MarcumKatherine WestScore: 8.9
Ann Dowd (Nurse Ann Brooks)
Ann DowdNurse Ann BrooksScore: 17.4
Jennifer Nettles (Miranda West)
Jennifer NettlesMiranda WestScore: 6.4
Norbert Leo Butz (Tony West)
Norbert Leo ButzTony WestScore: 4.9
Okwui Okpokwasili (Dr. Beehibe)
Okwui OkpokwasiliDr. BeehibeScore: 2.0
Raphael Sbarge (Pastor Don Revans)
Raphael SbargePastor Don RevansScore: 16.3
E.J. Bonilla (Father Maddox)
E.J. BonillaFather MaddoxScore: 5.6
Ellen Burstyn (Chris MacNeil)
Ellen BurstynChris MacNeilScore: 24.3
Linda Blair (Regan MacNeil)
Linda BlairRegan MacNeilScore: 14.6
Danny McCarthy (Stuart)
Danny McCarthyStuartScore: 3.9

Terri Taylor (Casting), Cindy Carr (Set Decoration), James G. Robinson (Producer), Mike J. Regan (Makeup Effects), Michael Simmonds (Director of Photography), Stephanie Allain (Executive Producer), Danny McBride (Executive Producer), Danny McBride (Story), William Peter Blatty (Characters), Gary J. Tunnicliffe (Makeup Effects), David Gordon Green (Screenplay), David Gordon Green (Director), David Gordon Green (Executive Producer), David Gordon Green (Story), Timothy Alverson (Editor), Jason Blum (Producer), Scott Teems (Story), Mark Riccardi (Stunt Coordinator), David Wingo (Musician), Lizz Wolf (Costume Design),

Terri Taylor (Casting)
Terri TaylorCastingScore: 5.4
James G. Robinson (Producer)
James G. RobinsonProducerScore: 1.0
Danny McBride (Executive Producer)
Danny McBrideExecutive ProducerScore: 22.4
Danny McBride (Story)
Danny McBrideStoryScore: 22.4
William Peter Blatty (Characters)
William Peter BlattyCharactersScore: 3.9
David Gordon Green (Screenplay)
David Gordon GreenScreenplayScore: 13.4
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'The Exorcist: Believer' Official Trailer (HD). First teaser trailer of the exorcist: believer, the David Gordon Green's popular movie. Watch the the exorcist: believer teaser trailer. David Gordon Green’s #the-exorcist-believer is now on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

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Do you believe?..

The Exorcist: Believer — 2023

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All released movie posters so far for the movie the exorcist: believer - 2023. A poster for David Gordon Green horror movie, The Exorcist: Believer! High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 10) for the exorcist: believer (2023). Image dimensions: 2025 x 3000.

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The Exorcist: Believer Movie Posters
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Sequel filmu z 1973 roku o 12-letniej dziewczynce opętanej przez tajemniczą demoniczną istotę, która zmusza matkę do szukania pomocy u dwóch księży, aby ją uratować.

한날한시에 동시에 사라졌던 앤젤라와 캐서린. 기억이 전부 사라진 채 상처투성이 몸으로 돌아온 두 아이는 이상증세를 보이며 날이 갈수록 섬뜩하게 변해간다. 마침내 두 아이의 몸을 동시에 차지한 악마가 존재를 드러내고, 한 명을 살리면 한 명이 죽는다는 충격적인 사실이 밝혀지는데…

Cuando su hija Angela y su amiga Katherine muestran signos de posesión demoníaca, se desata una cadena de acontecimientos que obligan al padre soltero Victor Fielding a afrontar el punto más bajo del mal. Aterrorizado y desesperado, busca a Chris MacNeil, la única persona viva que ha presenciado algo así antes.

Depuis que sa femme a perdu la vie douze ans plus tôt, Victor Fielding élève, seul, leur fille Angela. Un jour, Angela et son amie Katherine disparaissent dans les bois avant de refaire surface 72 heures plus tard sans le moindre souvenir de ce qui leur est arrivé. Dès lors, d'étranges événements s'enchaînent et Victor doit affronter des forces maléfiques. Désespéré et terrorisé, il sollicite la seule personne encore en vie qui ait jamais été témoin de pareils phénomènes: Chris MacNeil.

Od smrti njegove trudne supruge u potresu na Haitiju prije 12 godina, Victor Fielding samostalno odgaja njihovu kćer Angelu. Ali kad Angela i njezina prijateljica Katherine nestanu u šumi, samo da bi se tri dana kasnije vratile bez sjećanja na ono što im se dogodilo, to pokreće lanac događaja koji će Victora natjerati da se suoči s najnižim oblikom zla i, u svom užasu i očaju, traži jedinu živu osobu koja je već svjedočila nečemu sličnom: Chris MacNeil.

والد طفل مملوك يسعى للحصول على مساعدة كريس ماكنيل ، الذي نجت ابنته ريغان من حيازة مماثلة في 1970s.

Tiếng Việt
Phần tiếp theo của bộ phim năm 1973 kể về một cô bé 12 tuổi bị một thực thể ma quỷ bí ẩn chiếm hữu, buộc mẹ cô phải tìm đến sự giúp đỡ của hai linh mục để cứu cô.

Le père d'un enfant possédé demande l'aide de Chris MacNeil, dont la fille Regan a survécu à une possession similaire dans les années 1970.

Cuando sus dos hijas son poseídas por un espíritu demoníaco, un padre desesperado busca la ayuda de Chris MacNeil, cuya hija Regan sobrevivió a una posesión similar en la década de 1970.

Příběh nového Vymítače ďábla začal na Haiti, kde fotograf Victor (na Oscara nominovaný Leslie Odom, Jr.) přišel před dvanácti lety v důsledku katastrofálního zemětřesení o těhotnou manželku. Naštěstí se podařilo zachránit novorozenou dcerku Angelu, o kterou se Victor od té doby vzorně stará. Absolutně ho proto vykolejí, když se jednoho dne Angela nevrátí domů ze školy. Zmizela společně se spolužačkou Katherine v lese za městem a zoufalí rodiče, policisté, vojáci a dobrovolníci po nich marně pátrají. Třetího dne se stane zázrak. Dezorientované a vyčerpané dívky se objeví na malé farmě, daleko od místa, kde zmizely. Bezmeznou radost však záhy vystřídá narůstající znepokojení. Po důkladném lékařském vyšetření jsou sice Angela i Katherine označeny za zcela zdravé, jejich chování ale naznačuje, že si z toho, co prožily, odnesly víc než jen nepříjemnou vzpomínku.

Una ragazza di 12 anni viene posseduta da una misteriosa entità demoniaca, costringendo la madre a chiedere l'aiuto di due sacerdoti nel disperato tentativo di salvarla.

ภาคต่อของภาพยนตร์ในปี 1973 เมื่อเด็กสาววัย 12 ขวบ ถูกสิ่งสู่โดยปิศาจลึกลับ ทำให้แม่ของเธอต้องขอความช่วยเหลือจากสองบาทหลวงเพื่อช่วยเธอ

Az 1973-as film folytatása, amely egy 12 éves kislányról szól, akit egy titokzatos démoni lény száll meg. Kétségbeesett anyja két pap segítségét kéri a lány megmentéséhez.

Quando sua filha e sua melhor amiga são possuídas por um espírito demoníaco, um pai desesperado procura a ajuda de Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn), cuja filha Regan sobreviveu a uma possessão semelhante na década de 1970.

Príbeh nového Vyháňača diabla sa začal na Haiti, kde fotograf Victor prišiel pred dvanástimi rokmi o tehotnú manželku v dôsledku katastrofálneho zemetrasenia. Našťastie sa im podarilo zachrániť ich novonarodenú dcéru Angelu, o ktorú sa Victor odvtedy vzorne s láskou stará. Keď sa jedného dňa nevráti Angela zo školy domov, prežíva strach o dcéru, aký doteraz nezažil. Spolu so spolužiačkou Katherine zmizne v lese za mestom a zúfalí rodičia, polícia, vojaci a dobrovoľníci ich márne hľadajú. Na tretí deň sa stane zázrak. Dezorientované a vyčerpané dievčatá sa objavia na malej farme, ďaleko od miesta, kde zmizli. Ich bezhraničnú radosť však čoskoro vystriedajú rastúce obavy. Po dôkladnej lekárskej prehliadke sú Angela a Katherine vyhlásené za úplne zdravé, ale ich správanie naznačuje, že si zo svojho zážitku odniesli viac než len nepríjemnú spomienku. Skúsený exorcista by na prvý pohľad vedel, že obe dievčatá sú posadnuté.

Seit dem Tod seiner Frau vor zwölf Jahren zieht Victor Fielding die gemeinsame Tochter Angela allein groẞ. Als Angela mit ihrer Freundin Katherine nach tagelangem Verschwinden im Wald zurückkehrt, ohne sich an irgendetwas erinnern zu können, wird eine Kettenreaktion in Gang gesetzt, die Victor zwingt, sich dem abgrundtief Bösen zu stellen. Getrieben von Entsetzen und Verzweiflung, sucht er die einzige lebende Person auf, die selbst solch ein Erlebnis durchlitten hat: Chris MacNeil.

Рівно 50 років тому з'явився один з найстрашніший фільм жаху усіх часів, що зумів шокувати глядачів у всьому світі. Цього року напередодні п’ятниці 13-го розпочнеться нова глава культової історії

自從他的愛妻12年前在海地大地震發生時不幸死於難產之後,維克多菲爾汀(《漢密爾頓》東尼獎得主及《邁阿密的一夜》奧斯卡獎入圍者小萊斯利奧多姆 飾)就一個人獨自撫養他們的女兒安潔拉(Netflix影集《乖乖女》麗迪亞朱威特 飾)。 但是當安潔拉和她的好友凱瑟琳(新進演員奧莉薇亞瑪肯姆 飾)在樹林中消失不見,三天後卻又突然回家,完全不記得自己發生了什麼事情之後,就引發了一連串的詭異事件,迫使維克多不得不面對有邪惡力量作祟的可能性,於是他出於絕望和恐懼,就向唯一親眼目睹這種事卻仍然活著的人求助:克莉絲麥尼爾。

Victor Fielding on kasvattanut tytärtään Angelaa (Lidya Jewett, Good Girls) yksin siitä lähtien kun hänen raskaana oleva vaimonsa kuoli Haitilla maanjäristyksessä kaksitoista vuotta sitten. Kun Angela ja hänen ystävänsä Katherine katoavat metsään kolmeksi päiväksi muistamatta mitään tapahtuneesta, laukaisee se tapahtumaketjun, joka pakottaa Victorin kohtaamaan syvimmän pahuuden. Kauhun ja epätoivon vallassa hän etsii käsiinsä ainoan ihmisen, joka on kokenut vastaavaa aiemmin: Chris MacNeilin.

Две 13-летние подружки после школы пошли в лес, чтобы вызвать дух погибшей мамы одной из них, и пропали. Их семьи ставят на уши полицию и расклеивают объявления, когда вдруг через три дня потеряшки внезапно обнаруживаются в фермерском сарае в 30 км от дома. Родители вне себя от радости, но с девочками что-то не так — обе начинают вести себя очень агрессивно.

Exorcist İnançlı, başlarına gelenlerden sonra şeytanın en kötüsüyle yüzleşmek zorunda kalan bir adamın hikayesini konu ediyor. 12 yıl önce hamile olan karısını Haiti'deki depremde kaybeden Victor Fielding, kızı Angela'yı tek başına büyütür. Bir gün Angela ve arkadaşı Katherine, gittikleri ormanda kaybolur. Herkes onları arasa da kimse izlerine rastlamaz. Aradan geçen üç günün ardından Angela ve Katherine, başlarına gelenleri hatırlamadıkları bir şekilde geri gelir. Onların dönüşü ile bir dizi olay ortaya çıkar ve Victor kendisini şeytanın en kötüsüyle yüzleşmek zorunda bulur. Bu durum üzerine Victor, çaresizce benzer olaylara tanık olan Chris MacNeil’ı arar.

מאז מותה של אשתו ההרה ברעידת אדמה בהאיטי לפני 12 שנים, ויקטור פילדינג גידל את בתם, אנג'לה לבדו. אבל כאשר אנג'לה וחברתה קתרין, נעלמות ביער ושבות שלושה ימים לאחר מכן ללא זיכרון ממה שקרה להן - מתחילה שרשרת אירועים שתאלץ את ויקטור להתעמת עם הרוע הגדול מכולם וביאושו לחפש את האדם היחיד בחיים שנתקל בדיבוק שכזה: כריס מקניל.

Sinds zijn zwangere vrouw twaalf jaar geleden omkwam bij een aardbeving in Haïti, moet Victor Fielding hun dochter Angela in zijn eentje zien groot te brengen. Maar als Angela en haar vriendinnetje Katherine in het bos vermist raken en pas na drie dagen weer opduiken zonder dat ze enig idee hebben wat er met hen gebeurd is, leidt dat tot een reeks gebeurtenissen die de wanhopige Victor ertoe dwingen om de confrontatie aan te gaan met het kwaad in zijn meest angstaanjagende gedaante. Daarom zoekt hij zijn toevlucht tot de enige nog levende persoon die ooit iets dergelijks heeft meegemaakt

از زمان فوت همسرش در ۱۲ سال پیش، ویکتور فیلدینگ دخترشان آنجلا را به‌تنهایی بزرگ کرده است. اما زمانی که آنجلا و دوستش کاترین در جنگل ناپدید می‌شوند و سه روز بعد بدون هیچ خاطره‌ای از اتفاقاتی که برایشان افتاده است باز می‌گردند، زنجیره‌ای از وقایع رخ می‌دهد که ویکتور را مجبور می‌کند تا با نهایت شر روبرو شود و در ترس و ناامیدی به‌دنبال تنها فرد زنده‌ای باشد که قبلاً شاهد چنین چیزی بوده است: کریس مک‌نیل.

Ao notar que sua filha Angela, e sua amiga, Katherine, mostram sinais de possessão demoníaca, Victor Fielding decide confrontar o mal.

自从他的爱妻12年前在海地大地震发生时不幸死于难产之后,维克多·菲尔汀(小莱斯利·奥多姆 Leslie Odom Jr. 饰)就一个人独自抚养他们的女儿安吉拉(莉娅·朱厄特 Lidya Jewett 饰)。   但是当安吉拉和她的好友凯瑟琳(奥利维亚·马库姆 Olivia Marcum 饰)在树林中消失不见,三天后却又突然回家,完全不记得自己发生了什么事情之后,就引发了一连串的诡异事件,迫使维克多不得不面对有邪恶力量作祟的可能性,于是他出于绝望和恐惧,就向唯一亲眼目睹这种事却仍然活着的人求助:克莉丝·麦尼尔(艾伦·伯斯汀 Ellen Burstyn 饰)。

Kūnas ir kraujas. Kūnas ir kraujas. Kūnas ir kraujas! Vienu geriausių visų laikų siaubo filmu tituluojama kino juosta „Egzorcistas“, pasirodžiusi 1973-aisiais metais, pristato tiesioginį istorijos tęsinį, kuriame pasakojama apie 12-metę mergaitę, kurią apsėda paslaptinga demoniška būtybė, priverčianti jos motiną ieškoti kunigų pagalbos, kad ją išgelbėtų. Egzorcizmas yra ritualas. Kiekvienoje kultūroje, kiekvienoje religijoje, naudojami skirtingi metodai, tačiau niekas negali garantuoti išgyvenimo..

Efter att hans gravida fru dog i en jordbävning på Haiti för 12 år sedan har Victor Fielding själv uppfostrat sin dotter, Angela. Men när Angela och hennes vän Katherine försvinner i skogen och tre dagar senare återvänder utan att minnas vad som har hänt dem, tvingar en kedja av händelser Victor att konfrontera den yttersta ondskan och, i sin skräck och desperation, leta upp den enda levande person som har sett något liknande: Chris MacNeil.

български език
След смъртта на съпругата си преди 12 години Виктор Филдинг отглежда сам дъщеря им Анджела. Но когато Анджела и нейната приятелка Катрин изчезват в гората, само за да се върнат три дни по-късно без никакъв спомен за случилото се с тях, това отприщва верига от събития, които ще принудят Виктор да се изправи срещу надиграването на злото и в ужаса и отчаянието си да потърси единствения жив човек, който вече е бил свидетел на нещо подобно: Крис Макнийл.

Μετά τον τραγικό θάνατο της εγκύου συζύγου του στον φονικό Σεισμό στην Αϊτή πριν από 12 χρόνια, ο Βίκτορ Φίλντινγκ έχει μεγαλώσει μόνος του την κόρη τους Άντζελα. Αλλά όταν η Άντζελα και η φίλη της Κάθριν εξαφανίζονται στο δάσος και επιστρέφουν τρεις μέρες μετά χωρίς καμία ανάμνηση του τι συνέβη, ξεκινάει μία σειρά από αλυσιδωτά γεγονότα που θα αναγκάσουν τον Βίκτορ να αντιμετωπίσει το απόλυτο κακό και, μέσα στην απόγνωση και τον τρόμο του, να αναζητήσει το μοναδικό άτομο που έχει βιώσει κάτι αντίστοιχο: την Κρις ΜακΝιλ.

Када његова ћерка Анђела и њена пријатељица Кетрин покажу знаке опседнутости демонима, то покреће ланац догађаја који приморавају самохраног оца Виктора Филдинга да се суочи са најнижим делом зла. Престрављен и очајан, он тражи Криса Мекнила, једину живу особу која је раније била сведок нечега сличног.

Tanner iblis tərəfindən ələ keçirilmiş uşağını xilas etməyə çalışır, ona görə də kömək üçün uzun illər əvvəl cəhənnəmdən olan Pazuzunun təsirində olan Kris MakNeylə müraciət edir.

Ko Angela, hčerka očeta samohranilca Victorja Fieldinga in njena prijateljica Katherine pokažeta znake demonske obsedenosti, to sproži verigo dogodkov, ki ga soočijo z naravo zla. Prestrašen in obupan poišče Chris MacNeil, edino živo osebo, ki je že bila priča čemu podobnemu saj se je podobno zgodilo njeni hčerki pred petdesetimi leti.

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