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Heath Ledger, Academy Award (R) nominee (Best Actor, Brokeback Mountain, 2005), stars in the scandalously funny adventure Casanova. After a lifetime of women falling head over heels in love with him, the world's legendary ladies' man (Ledger) meets the love of his life -- the one woman who thinks he's a total heel. Comic chaos ensues in a hilarious whirl of misadventures, disguises, and mistaken identities as the love-struck Casanova tries to win the heart of the fiery feminist who wants nothing to do with the man she thinks he is. With a reputation for seducing members of the opposite sex, regardless of their marital status, a notorious womanizer discovers a beauty who seems impervious to his charms. However, as he continues to pursue the indifferent lady, he finds himself falling in love. Casanova Wiki

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He won every woman's heart. She won his...

Casanova Movie (2006)

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- Heath is always good but...5 star

This movie is well directed, well written, and the acting was exceptional. I highly recommend it.

- My fav movie ! It's worth every penny5 star

If you believe in magic of love then this movie is for you ! I have seen this move over 4 times ...

- Love itt!!!!5 star

Love it so much i want to buy it please iTunes let there be an option to buy!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

- A Lovely Farce4 star

A very entertaining light comedy about mistaken identify. Diverting in a sort of Shakespearian way - at least after the school of Shakespeare. Heath Ledger speaks excellent British English and takes full advantage of this opportunity to let his genius shine. Yet another reason to regret his passing. The other characters are well portrayed, especially the bumbling Paprizzio. Nice way to pass a pleasant couple of hours; lighthearted and funny.

- Won't download!!!!!1 star

iTunes!!! Please fix this!!!! The stupid thing won't download!

- i love heath.5 star

this movie is amazing i love it, you guys should get heaths movie he did with abby cornish called candy.

- Well...3 star

A good story with a good ending, but kinda boring

- The Key to Heath Ledger4 star

For anyone who wants to really understand why HL is being called one of the greatest film actors ever, this is the key movie to see. It is the Tabla Rasa af Heath; the blank slate which answers the question: could HL do classical roles? With a standard English accent and an ordinary period demenor, HL tosses off this light comedy as if he had spent his entire childhood at the feet of Ralph Richardson. He was about 25 and all of the nuance of classic roles is right there. This is HL at his most confident and relaxed. Put five minutes of the joker or Ennis Del Marr next to Casanova and you can see what a remarkable range this superb actor had and why not being able to watch what would have been an extraordinary progess in the years to come is such a tragedy to movie goers.

- Really Made me appreciate Heath Ledger5 star

WOW. this movie is amazing! I really appreciate heath ledger now. He is a fantastic actor who has made many great movies. This is a sweet and romantic movie. I would reccomend it to anyone.

- i love this movie!!!!4 star

i think this movie is one of my Favorite movies of all time. The best thing about the movie has to be heath ledger because, In my opinion the movie would not be as good with out him in it. The story line is ok but it could be a little better. So in the end if you want to see a really good movie and you want to laugh a little, then you should defiantly watch Casanova.And once you watch it the first time you will want to watch it again!!!!!

- One of the best movies I've ever seen...5 star

Witty and romantic with a kick-the first time's the best though... Super funny and a great buy, recommended to all!

- amazing actor, amazing movie.5 star

Heath Ledger will remain a legend for a his movies. casanova was a cute romantic funny movie. and for a the record people, yes, he did overdose, but it was accidental, he didn't mean for anything to happen.

- Glorious5 star

this is probablyin my top 5 movie list. I love it, its hilarious, and full of twists and turns. you wont stop laughing, doesnt need to be rated "r" more like pg-13, but nothing more, i dont get the bad reviews, there is nothing not to like, i love it, all of my firends do, oh and not to mention Heath Ledger is gorgeous, if thats not incentive enough to watch it listen to everything else i said, its amazing.

- It's good!4 star

Men may not adore it, but I've seen it a thousand times. I am a big fan. No, it's not THE BEST movie I've ever seen, but I watch it because it's sweet, it's fun, and I want to be the one who turns Casanova into a one-woman-man.

- Great Movie!5 star

I rented it, and absolutly loved it! Heathe Ledger is amazing! It is definatly a silly romantic comedy.

- I Miss Heath5 star

at first i only watched this movie because Mr. Ledger is in it but then i found that it was incredibally good and funny! i would suggest it to anyone!

- R.I.P. Heath Ledger: A gifted young star3 star

This movie was...cute i guess. A tale about how to shift from being a lover to actually loving one person. I've never cared for Miller but Heath as always uses that charm to seduce you into a movie. It's worth seeing that adictive smile. R.I.P. Heath Ledger 1979 - 2008

- Really Good4 star

If your buying this movie for your ipod I think you'll enjoy because you need to watch it a few times to actually understand it. Props to all actors who do an applauding preformance. Heath Ledger and Oliver Platt were defenitly my favorite characters!

- casanova5 star

My husband and I watched this movie together. It was funny and entertaining. Heath Ledger is wonderful! I will miss his movies.Our prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace.

- Heath Ledger at best5 star

he will always be remember as the great actor he was.... we miss you!

- Looking at Heath Ledger & Charlie Cox... What more could this hot blooded Italian want?!5 star

I enjoyed this movie & bought it after watching it at a friend's house. It's a light-hearted, fun flick & not meant to be taken too seriously. The chemistry of the cast is believable and entertaining to see. The movie backdrop offers breathtaking views of Venice. Being half Italian, I've wanted to travel to Italy since I was a child, however, I never had much interest in Venice until this movie. Had Heath Ledger not died, I believe he would have been an unstoppable as an actor within the next year or so.

- One of the best movies of all time!!!5 star

If you ever want to watch a really great movie I suggest this one. This isn't a chick flick either, it's for both sexes. This movie really shows the great work and acting skills of Heath Ledger. This is a great movie to remember him by, as are all of his other movies. His movies are great pieces of work. I cheer for Heath Ledger. May he rest in peace.

- Really boring and dumb1 star

Don't waste your time on this one. As a fan of romantic comedies this one failed to deliver.

- *tears*5 star

I have to admit that i have never seen this movie, but i love heath ledger... RIP... :*(

- Heath Ledger5 star


- Rest In Peace5 star

I cannot believe it. I will miss you so much Heath. My favorite movie from of all time is A Knights Tale. Why did you have to overdose!?! RIP!!!!!

- Rest in Peace Heath ledger4 star

I cant belive hes aready gone. He died today January 22, 2008 at 3:26 p.m. May he find peace where ever it is.

- We'll miss him greatly...5 star

He has always been a great entertainer and I am glad to own yet another great work of Heath's. I have never been let down with any performances from Heath Ledger and this comedy is just another fun one!

- One of the best!!!5 star

I love this movie and it has one of the best endings a movie could have. This is a very funny and sometimes deep romantic comedy. I love it!

- love it5 star

this has to be one of the best movies ever!!! i love it so much.

- 33552525252521 star

Upon reading the reviews I thought this would be a great movie, but when I bought it I was extremely disappointed. What a waste! This movie is about a sexaholic loser who treats women like dirt. And it's not even funny!

- It is actually soo good5 star

everyone should definetly buy it. heath ledger is gorgeous and the whole movie is really pretty, as well as funny.

- A really great Romantic Comedy...5 star

I personally LOVED this movie! Heath Ledger is the only guy in the world who could look that hot in a white wig! Seriously though, it WAS a really good movie. Of course, there will always be the people who think its too fluffy and chick-flicky, but hey... it IS supposed to be a chick flick! It has the right amount of conflict between the two romantic interests, and the right amount of humor in the troublesome situations to keep you laughing, but wondering what Casanova will do next. The villians are so laughable in their hypocrisy, superiority, and self-proclaimed omnipotence that you're never really worried that they will get the best of the hero, much like Robin Hood. It's a great movie to see with your girlfriends, but men probably won't like it at all.

- Well done, funny and enjoyable.4 star

A well written and well acted movie, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of scenery and the humor. Excellent performances all around, this movie is good fun and fails only at the silliness of its ending, in true "Disneyesque" fashion.

- Wow...1 star

Quite possibly the worst movie of all time.

- Casanova5 star

Ah, stop giving it bad reviews. It's good for a laugh. Actually many laughs. I watched it with my grandma and cousin, and we did not stop laughing through most of the movie. It's meant to be absurd, that's what many people seem to be missing. The absurdity of it all is the whole point. Give it a chance, won't you?

- I Didn't Get It2 star

I never could quite figure out what was going on. Heath Ledger was apparently a Renaissance James Bond. I was disappointed mostly because the cast was so strong. On a side note, I guess Ledger was covering his bases in case the response to "Brokeback Mountain" went really badly.

- Confusing the first time around5 star

Casanova is one of my favorite movies. The first time you watch it can be a little confusing because Casanova keeps pretending to be other people, so I highly recomend watching it a second time. However, it does seem a little pricey for just downloading it.

- Hollywood yin and yang5 star

Oliver Platt, you are THE yang of Hollywood that makes it worthy of our attention! The whole movie is wonderful, timing great, and beautiful to see Vienna like this. I just love Oliver Platt and his role/work hasn't been mentioned. I would love to see it with Lee Evans as the role of Casanova or somewhere in there : ) No offense to Heath Ledger - He is terrific and versatile and perfect for Cassanova, but the support roles are so vital to the balance that it should be noticed that the greatness of this flick is in the balance of it all. Thanks! I will watch it again and again...

- AWFUL1 star

One of the worst movies ever made. The plot makes little sense, the characters are stupid, the history is screwed. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

- doesn't deserve the extremes presented here3 star

Everyone seems to be posting that this is the best or worst movie they've ever seen. Trust me, it's neither. The movie is light fluff romantic comedy that will hold your interest and make you laugh (sometimes with it, sometimes at it). It's also somewhat cheesy and overdone, has absolutely no historical accuracy (few period dramas do), and the ending is moronic. Overall, it's pretty middle-of-the-road Hollywood fare.

- Another vapid, anti-historical, inaccurate, unentertaining poopfest from Disney!1 star

This movie is boring, historically inaccurate, completely miscast, (20 years ago Jeremy Irons should have played Casanova...Heath Ledger is lightweight, innocent, and not terribly complex), glib, chauvinist, idiotic and pandering. Giacammo Casanova was a profound psychological thinker, not an adolescent, naive, harmless, lightweight like Ledger...... Hallstrom is a good director and should be ashamed for participating in this drivel. Sienna Miller however does have something, she's definately a thinking-man's babe (like a young Julie Christie or Kate Winslet...) However, if she continues to be cast in this sort of excrement then she will completely disappear from the babe-dar screen. BEST SCENE: The pig enters the house and becomes the only actor worth watching until that point. WORST SCENE: Any one with Ledger trying to act the rake.

- Hysterical!4 star

I love period movies, books anything that is set in an interesting time period. And this movie takes place in one of the most beautiful, interesting cities in the world, Venice! The same setting as Shaekspeare's Othello, only perhaps a hundred or so years later... The diologue is very witty and the host of characters includes a wonderfully intelligent woman writing controvercial pamphlets about women's role in society! This movie is smart as well as romantic and funny. Watch it!

- Entertaining feel-good movie4 star

I found Casanova very entertaining. Nice take on this old classic.

- Haha5 star

This Movie has everything! love. adventure. & most of all humor. Its a great buy. I honestly didn’t believe I would ever like this movie because it just seemed boring and well a useless buy. But Its actually an amazing movie. And yeah it’s a chick flick but Even my ex enjoyed it! You guys should really check it out its awesome! :D

- it stinks1 star

boaring boaring boaring boaring

- one of my favorite movies5 star

i absolutely love this movie. its really great if you are looking for a fun romantic comedy.

- One of my favorites!5 star

This is one of my favorite movies ever! Heath Ledger is amazing and all the actors in the movie do a great job. I highly recommend that you see this.

- if i could have given it 0 stars...1 star

Don't waste your time. Neither funny nor romantic. Lame plot with an even lamer ending, all wrapped up in cheap laughs.

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bunny55 - i loveee it5 star

i love this film! its soo well written and the plot is really good! I loe Heath Ledger, he makes a great Casanova! xx definitely recommended


It has Heath Ledger in it, which means it has 2 b 5 stars!!!!!!

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